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Keep Them Coming with Open the Doors Coaching

Keep Them Coming with Open the Doors Coaching

By Kristen Thomas
Your weekly dose of relationship and sex talk. Hosted by Kristen Thomas, a Certified Sex Coach living in the Midwest, who takes a look at love, lust, and everything in between. You'll hear personal stories from her and her guests about steamy sex, broken hearts, BDSM, community activism, recovering from trauma, and so much more. Listener discretion advised (18+).

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Ep. 40 - The A stands for Asexual

Keep Them Coming with Open the Doors Coaching

Ep. 94 - Q&A: Staying wet, uncut guys, and sexy initiation
Today's episode is a Q&A session. I've had people write in questions they'd like answered, including: "What are some of the ways to stay wet? I get wet easily but can't stay wet after we've started." "How is sex/blow jobs/hand jobs different when a guy is uncircumcised? What do you have to do differently to work with the extra skin?" "How do I say it (initiate sex)? The only way I can truly think of is 'wanna go upstairs'?"  Mentioned in the episode: Text me at 339-900-2304 to ask me anything privately with #AMA, ask a question to be answered on Keep Them Coming with #podcast, or subscribe to updates with #subscribe. Powered by Texty. Sign up for the SFW or NSFW Dirty Bird email lists. 
July 30, 2021
Ep. 93 - Jesus Stole My Power with Stephanie Carey
Her book is forthcoming, but Stephanie Carey joined me to share a glimpse into her story behind Jesus Stole My Power. She shared how she changed from a sheltered purity-culture riddled girl to a women who's learning more and more how to stand tall and own her life and especially her sexuality. To anyone out there who ever worries they are "being punished" for being a sexual person, you'll want to hear this interview.  Mentioned in the episode: The Pitch Kansas City, Linda Kay Klein's Pure
July 14, 2021
Ep. 92 - Do these 13 things if you want a great sex life!
In this solo show, I explore some of the things I've found in practice are characteristics of couples who aren't feeling connected in the bedroom. There are ways to build a great sexual connection that has you and your partner craving more. Want to have a better sex? Do these 13 things according to The Gottman Institute.  Mentioned in the show: Dipsea - try the Audible of audio-erotic 7 days for free.  My upcoming online workshop - C*ckworship! Get your tickets for the July 29th, 2012 virtual workshop that will change how you approach sucking a D! 
July 07, 2021
Ep. 91 - Dungeon Etiquette with Mistress Elliot
Mistress Elliot is well known in our community, and we can call her the Queen of Naughty. She owns a private dungeon The Black Dog, so of course I needed to have her on Keep Them Coming! I've talked before about BDSM and kink on the show, but Mistress Elliot provided some great insights into several kinks, as well as dungeon etiquette. She explained some of the old and new protocols AKA the rules, so that people understand better what they may be in for, and into. If you want to explore BDSM, you need to listen to this episode!  I enjoyed getting to know more about her story - swinging, her midlife meltdown, letting go of body shame, hard realizations, how she healed her trauma, owning two good boys through her "benevolent dictatorship", and why we love doing couples/relationship work with clients. I can't wait to go to her dungeon and roll around on the red velvet furniture while I watch some scenes. I admit it - I'm a voyeur!  Check out the book Tribe by Sebastian Junger Find Mistress Elliot at or on FetLife look up Mistress Elliot or The Black Dog in Kansas City. Email her at
June 23, 2021
Ep. 90 - Pandemic Porn Stars Pt 2 with Johnny Araña
I enjoy releasing episodes on June 9th! I mean it's 6-9. It's my favorite day of the year. Happy 6-9 if you happen to be listening on release day, if not, I hope you got to enjoy the day properly! My guest today is a friend of mine. His name is Johnny Araña. He tells a lot of stories of course, about what he's had going on with this pandemic porn star lifestyle, how he got into it... He's just like doctor, girlfriend. He didn't just do this because the pandemic MADE him. Certainly he's made some great money off of it and being able to pay his bills, but he wanted to do this before the world shut down. It wasn't just the pressure of the world changing, his story really is just one of capitalizing on talent and opportunity! He also tells some hilarious stories about being a bull in the swinger lifestyle. He's also a former lover of mine, and he's one of the few people out there who can give me two thumbs up on my skill level and what I bring to the table, and I think he said something along the lines of like, ah, yeah, you are exactly the person who should be teaching a workshop about c*ckworship. If you missed my last workshop, Johnny Araña gives me the full vouch. Find Johnny Araña on Twitter @JohnnyAranaXXX
June 09, 2021
Ep. 89 - International Whores' Day with Kaytlin Bailey
I'm so excited to have Kaytlin Bailey return to the show. You can check out her first episode, The Oldest Professional with Kaytlin Bailey on Ep. 79. Kaytlin's back for a second time because today is Sex Work Day, also known as International Whores' Day. Kaytlin provided me with a bit of a legislative update, letting us know what's going on around the country, and she discussed how her organization is helping promote sex work and the decriminalization of sex work across the country through art. Ultimately this podcast episode is just a good conversation between two people who like talking about sex and are confident in our support for sex workers. Find Kaytlin on Twitter @OLDPROinc or sign up for The Old Pro newsletter. Check out her fabulous show The Oldest Profession Podcast too! 
June 02, 2021
Ep. 88 - Pandemic Porn Stars Pt 1 with UrChaoticGf
My show today is the first part of a two-part series that I am doing about Pandemic Porn Stars. So I was really happy to welcome UrChaotic Girlfriend, AKA Dr Girlfriend, to the show. She's a Twitter friend who I watched make a transition. You know, when the pandemic hit, a lot of people had the office jobs, the 8-5s, but that shit wasn't working for everybody, not just the idea of going into the office, whatever the pay was, things like that. A lot of people decided to just make a change. And, you know, I love to tell people's stories, especially when it involves sex and intimacy! So of course I wanted to find out what it was like to make that switch to doing online sex work. We talked about what it's like to have your nude photos leaked online and to get doxed, and how she took control of the situation after that. You may also be surprised to learn how much work it actually takes to be an online sex worker. We got into some of the nitty gritty about how she's built her business, because legit, it has a business, no matter what you think It's a fucking business. Find her on Twitter @urchaoticgf
May 25, 2021
Ep. 87 - Moving on from a pandemic divorce with SelfCareCEO Kristin Summers
My interview today is with Kristin Summers, who is the CEO of MindStar health. That is a self-care app that she's developed. She had a divorce at the beginning of the pandemic. So we talked about her post divorce, sexual awakening, and you know how she navigated those waters during the fucking global pandemic. She learned a lot about herself while dating. She's like a lot of people who didn't do a lot of dating before she got married. A lot of people in the Midwest settle down young and you know, then your thirties or forties, it should be all about exploration, but a lot of people struggle with that.  I hope you find some inspiration from Kristin's story. I think one of the more important aspects of our conversation was talking about authenticity and how you not only have to learn about yourself and you've got to learn how to show yourself to other people - You gotta learn how to show up.We talked about the law of seduction and how she's done some online sex work. That's gotten quite popular since the start of the pandemic and it's probably not what you think it is. Yes, it's a long episode, but worth it! Find MindStar through Instagram as she get's ready to launch.
May 11, 2021
Ep. 86 - Can you be a kinky feminist? With Lida Rubanava
On this episode of Keep Them Coming, I am joined by Lida Rubanava. Lida was born in Belarus, but is currently in New Jersey and sits on the board of Body Politic - a queer feminist wellness, collective and patient advocacy hub. Lida herself is a feminist, activist, and sexologist in training. She believes that the personal is political and wants to help you authentically integrate both in and out of the bedroom.  We discussed how many people struggle with being 'okay' with their sexual identities or kinks because of society/conditioning/shame, and how integration can help work through what your true beliefs and boundaries are. We asked and answered the question - can you be a kinky feminist?  Find Lida Rubanava at and on Instagram @fearlesslida
April 17, 2021
Ep. 85 - Visibility Matters with Suzanne Wheeler
My guest today is Suzanne Wheeler. I have been after Suzanne for a while! I wanted her on my show pretty much since I started it. In fact, she was on my list that I compiled when I was thinking about potential early guests. So here I am now episode 85 and it is Transgender Day of Visibility, and I finally have her on the show. Suzanne is the Executive Director of the Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce, the only Transgender Woman leading a Chamber nationwide, but she is so much more than that. Suzanne is an ambassador for the gay community here in Kansas City, making sure that businesses are represented and promoted and has even had a hand in some national policy. We discussed her transition, some of the interesting work that she's done in her life, and we talked so much about all that stuff, we didn't even get around to TDOV, which this year is being on March 31st. Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual awareness day, celebrated all over the world and it's dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of transgender and gender non-conforming people, while also raising awareness of the work that still needs to be done to achieve trans justice. (Via You've heard me say it on my show before, but if you're a new listener, here's what I think... I am here to help with sexual liberation and there can be no true and full sexual liberation without racial, social and economic justice. Trans justice is a part of that. A little bit of news for myself. I'm on new social media platform. Catch me on TikTok @coachKristen.
March 31, 2021
Ep. 84 - Painful Sex No More
I truly want people to have painful sex no more. By the way , to the male listeners of this show, this is going to be good information for you to know as well so that you can know how to support your partner, or if you yourself have pain during intercourse. If this is something you or your lover has been ignoring, and it's time for solutions. In this episode, I will walk you through steps for reducing pain or eliminating it all together.
March 31, 2021
Ep. 83 - Living unLESHed with Alesha Bowman
I was thrilled to have Alesha Bowman, Owner of unLESHed+, on this episode of Keep Them Coming! Alesha is founded her brand in 2017 to cater to the lifestyle of a plus sized woman. She is way more than just a clothing resale store! We discussed events she's hosted like Trap Burlesque, Poolpalooza, and her plans for a weekend festival celebrating all things for bigger bodies. Of course I asked her about dating! We got into some deep topics about race, dating, authenticity, going Dutch, and fetishization of black and plus sized bodies. "There's a fine line between admiration and fetishization," she says.  Find Alesha Bowman and her shop unLESHed+ at 4243 Troost Ave, KCMO again beginning March 19th, 2021 or online at, Facebook, or Instagram. 
February 27, 2021
Ep. 82 - Can't Buy Me Love with Darcie Elizabeth
Think your relationship is strong enough for anything? Two things that drive couples apart most often are sex and money, and I've wanted to have someone on Keep Them Coming to talk about this for a while. Today I am joined by Darcy Elizabeth, who is an energetic money consultant. Just like with sex, there are things we learn from a young age that we carry into adulthood - attitudes that don't serve us, negative beliefs around money, and thinking good sex and wealth are just for other people. We talked about what could be holding people back, The 5 Why's, and transforming your relationship in more ways than one.  You can find Darcie on Instagram and Facebook, as well as her website. Her book, "More Money More Power?" is available in March. Visit her website to pre-order your copy. 
February 20, 2021
Ep. 81 - Filter Off with Zach Schleien
I don't know any single person that's tried internet dating that isn't frustrated with most of their experiences on swipe apps. Enter a totally new experience for you to try! I'm joined today by Zach Schleien from Filter Off. Filter Off is a totally new way to approach those first dates. It's virtual speed dating, so rather than swiping you get to video chat with your potential matches. When was the last time you got 5 first dates in a night while hanging at home?  Find Filter Off at, or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 
February 12, 2021
Ep. 80 - Sensate focus and the power of touch with Gigi Chaurand Kammerer
Connecting through touch is important for both solo and partnered play. This episode dives into the power of touch, how to ask for what you want, and what really is sensate focus all about. How do you get your mind and body ready for better experiences? How do you ask your partner for something different and get what you really desire? Gigi Chaurand Kammerer, a yoga teacher, Reiki master and fellow podcaster, joined me for a conversation all about how to apply sensate focus in practical ways.  Find Gigi at Her podcast Portable Magic is available anywhere you listen to podcasts. 
February 04, 2021
Ep. 79 - The Oldest Profession with Kaytlin Bailey
The Oldest Profession, or sex work, is something that has fascinated me ever since I wrote a paper about Mata Hari. Guest Kaytlin Bailey and I discuss some of the ways sex work is portrayed vs how it is in the real world, what decriminalization means for sex workers, how we can work to decrease exploitation in our culture, and much more. She's a stand-up comic too, so you're in for some serious laughs!  Kaytlin Bailey is the host of The Oldest Profession Podcast and Founder of the #OldProProject. Keep with her work on social media @kaytlinbailey, @oldpropodcast, and sign up for the Old Pro Newsletter. Go to the website to get your tickets for the January 25th event mentioned in the episode.
January 17, 2021
Ep. 78 - An Honest Conversation about Pregnancy & Sex with Dr Kelsey Beach
Dr Kelsey Beach is back for her third appearance on Keep Them Coming! This time, she's preggers! As one of my most fun and real guests, I knew she's talk about the not so Instagram worthy aspects of being pregnant. While there can be many wonderful things about expecting a baby, there's a lot that people don't talk about, that your doctor doesn't understand, and your friends are afraid to tell you. So tune in to this episode for the good, the bad, and the ugly about what to expect. We discussed bodily shifts, vaginal secretions, libido rollercoasters, and boobs. Lots of boob talk on this one.  Find Dr Kelsey Beach at Encore Therapy, or on Instagram. 
January 13, 2021
Ep. 77 - Mom, sex, and the pandemic
The pandemic has changed many things, and one of them is how mom's are operating. Many of them have left the workforce and find themselves taking on more of the responsibilities for child care, remote schooling, and much more. Let's say it - they are tired, and one of the first things to go is their libido. How do women maintain a healthy sex life through the stress and changes? Have a listen to Kristen's top tips to get through this time. 
December 18, 2020
Ep. 76 - What's next for burlesque with Petite Renard
Fangirling can pay off. I reached out to a burlesque dancer I've admired on Instagram for a while and Petite Renard was more than happy to chat with me on Keep Them Coming. We dished about some of the behind the scenes drama, the drive to create a sexy yet intellectual show, and what's next for burlesque in COVID times and beyond. Whether you've never been to a show or you miss supporting your favorite local dancers, this episode will give you some insight, make you crave live entertainment again, and perhaps get you a little turned on.  Find Petite Renard on Instagram @petite_renard
November 19, 2020
Ep. 75 - Read Me with Dr Lanae St. John
I'm joined today by Dr Lanae St. John. She's a sexuality educator and an author, and I was so pleased to be able to host her on my show and talk about her book. I know Dr Lanae because of our affiliation with Sex Coach U.  This was such a wonderful conversation about how do you have "The Talk" with your kids. This wasn't a how-to guide about ages and stages. This is really about some key pillars that she feels are necessary for parents to be able to first process themselves - things like communication, consent, respect, pleasure, and fantasy. We also answered it a listener question -one of my listeners found out that her twelve-year-old even after they had a talk about it has still been looking at porn. This is not the first time I've had people reach out to ask the question of what do I do about my kid looking things they really shouldn't be looking at? And especially with as much screen time is some kids are getting right now with lockdown, maybe you're needing to have some awkward conversations.  We need to talk about how to prepare them for real world relationships one day. How do they build respect with other people? How do they understand pleasure? All these things and more... you'll seriously love this episode. And even if you don't have kids listen to learn more about yourself or how to help young people that you have in your life.  Mentioned in the episode: Dr Lanae St. John can be reached by email or on Facebook and Instagram. Her Book "Read Me: A Parental Primer for 'The Talk'" is available at local bookstores and online retailers. Go to her website for more information.  Want to try DipSea? Dipsea is the first audio platform for sexual wellness. They’re working to put healthy sexuality into the same sentence as exercise and meditation when we talk about living a whole, happy life. Our mission? Empowering you to tap into your sexuality on your own terms. Go to for 25% off an annual subscription (they offer a standard 7 day free trial you will be able to use before committing).
October 12, 2020
Ep. 74 - The Paris of the Plains is kinky AF
Today's episode is all about Kink in Kansas City aka The Paris of the Plains. Yes, for a long time, KC has been known for it's wild side, and Vicky joined me today to help me learn more about what's available for people. Whether you're just getting started moving from fantasy into play, you're curious about kink but don't know what's what, or maybe you're already into it and you don't know where to go for a dungeon or community. She's got the answers for you. So just check the show notes below for all the groups she mentioned in this episode. Consent Kansas City – Created to provide education and fun to the community. Hosts KC’s largest munch- Why Not Wednesday, monthly parties on 3rd Saturdays of the month, semi-annual Fetish Pop-Up Shop, Community Kinky Campout and more! Fetlife: consent_kc (page) / Consent Kansas City (group) AHS Kansas City – Alternative Human Society D/s lifestyle resource & support group since the early 90s. Monthly meetups 3rd Fridays, monthly parties on 1st Saturdays, annual community Kinky Campout. Fetlife: AHS Kansas City BKKC – Black Kink Kansas City – Love and encouragement of people of color. Increasing visibility and inclusivity in KC. Monthly meetings 4th Friday of the month. Fetlife: bkkc816913 The Hellfire Club KC – Provide an environment in which people can openly discuss and practice protocols. All welcome to attend. Monthly meetings 2nd Friday of the month. Fetlife: The Hellfire Club – Kansas City Petplay Corral – 1st Friday of the month. All welcome to participate or observe. Fetlife: Message IX Kansas City & they will connect you with the current team CG/l Kansas City – Littles group for all Bigs, littles, ABDL, etc. All welcome to participate! Monthly parties 3rd Friday of the month. Fetlife: CG/lkansascity Poly Discussion Group – anyone curious/practicing ethical non-monogamy. Usual meetings 3rd Sundays Fetlife: Message FeistyRedGoddess and/or ZKiltedFlogger MAsT – Masters And slaves Together – Interested and/or practicing Power Exchange. All are welcome. Monthly meetings last Wednesday of the month. Fetlife: MAsT: Kansas City KC Pioneers – Levi-Leather club in Kansas City,MO. They promote the leather lifestyle through social events and community service. Regular meetings, education nights, and parties.Facebook: KC Pioneers. Website: Fetlife: KC Pioneers RSG of KC - Rope group that holds occasional events and an annual Rope Camp. Fetlife: Rope Study Group of Kansas City Scouts of Submission - Designed to provide an outlet for s-types to develop life skills & lifestyle skills and serve the community. For anyone identifying as an s-type. No gender restrictions. Can be a badge seeking scout or just a attendee of classes/events. Semi-regular meetings Fetlife: SOS_KC Subspace_KC – Forum for support and education of all s-types and bottoms. A mission to create a safe space for all s-types regardless of their label to find support and community engagement. Regular meet-ups. Also have an active chat group on Dischord: message sassmissive for link. Fetlife: subspacekc The Meat Locker - It is a group for gay/bi men to  socialize, learn, and be around others like them in the kink community. Message Consent Kansas  City to receive a link to the dischord chat.
September 29, 2020
Ep. 73 - Let's FINALLY talk about sex
 It is pretty common for couples to not talk about sex. But why? Why is it so hard for some people?! Kristen dives into a few of the reasons why, and how to get past it, especially if you've been together a while and never had The Talk. 
September 04, 2020
Ep. 72 - Tap that feminine energy
Tapping into feminine energy isn't just for female identifying folks, it's for everyone. This episode with Dave Witcher is about feminine energy and its ties to sexual energy, creativity, and much more. He left the tech sector 5 years ago, and we talked about his journey to living the life, from a dark night of the soul to finding peace. Dave and Kristen's talk about how to use this energy to empower your entire life. 
August 26, 2020
Ep. 71 - Expanding your position repertoire
What do you do when you're stuck doing the same positions in the bedroom over and over again? How do you talk about it with your partner? In this episode, Kristen explores why it's important to change it up, how to get past the awkwardness of discussing sex, and how to keep it interesting without feeling like you're constantly coming up with new ideas.  Mentioned in the episode: SFW email newsletter for the curious. You can put any email address here you like. The Dirty Bird NSFW email newsletter. This should be your personal email because it will definitely have adult content.
July 25, 2020
Ep. 70 - How does race affect your dating life?
Keep Them Coming is back after a brief summer break! Monique Waters LMT joins me to have a conversation about dating and race. In this very frank talk, we share experiences, fears, red flags, and so much more. We discussed the fetishization of black and brown bodies, what it means when you exclude races from your dating profile, and how to have talks about race with your partner, especially when you have different backgrounds.  I believe that talking about race - the nuances of our experiences, the day to day realities, the what ifs, the lessons left to be had - is very important, now more than ever. I was so glad to have Monique on the show to talk about what her life is like as a black woman who is single in the Midwest. Find her at or on Facebook.  Also in today's show, I gave a review for a product at the end! You can find the Lisenwood Wedge Pillow set from several online retailers. 
July 15, 2020
Ep. 69 - The Joy of 69ing
From the history of the the phrase to how to better enjoy the position, no matter what's between your legs, Kristen has information and advice to help you get the most out of 69ing. It's June 9th, what better day to talk about one of her favorite sex positions?  Mentioned in the episode: Anne-Josèphe Théroigne - Female French Revolutionary who had an interesting life and coined the term soixant-neuf. 
June 09, 2020
Ep. 68 - Celebrating self-pleasure during National Masturbation Month
It's my masturbation month episode for 2020. May is National Masturbation Month and some people have asked me, "how did that get started?" There's certainly a month for everything these days, so I researched and shared it's origins. I found this sex toy company called TENGA who does research into masturbation and I divulged some sexy deets from their 2019 Self-Pleasure Report. I also discussed sex toys to make masturbation more fun, especially for men, lube, and some thoughts on what parents can do to help their kids understand self-pleasure.  
May 16, 2020
Ep. 67 - Releasing through rope play with Bird Girl
I was incredibly honored to have a new friend that I made on the internet on my show today.  Her Instagram handle is @KCBirdGirl, but just for short, we'll call her Bird Girl.  Bird Girl participates in rope play. She shared some of her experiences at a recent roleplay conference happened before the shutdown, of course. And she talked about having to really show up and be present and just be her true self. She had to work through some imposter syndrome. She shared how she finds that rope can be very meditative and actually mentioned using mindfulness techniques during her sessions, during her , what we call, scenes. We also tried to debunk some myths, especially when it comes to sexuality and BDSM. I think you will be just as fascinated by this conversation as I was because I don't really participate in road place. This was all new to me.  A couple of quick things I want to mention.  First off, I have a new service offering. I am now going to be offering not just hour long sessions, but also 30 minute sessions. So, if because of the shutdown, you're looking for some support, some help with your sex life, send me a message.  It's also National Masturbation Month! I'm sure my next episode is going to be about masturbation, but if you can't wait until then, you can actually go back to my second episode, which was almost a year ago. That's right! I have been doing Keep Them Coming with Open the Doors Coaching for a year.   If you'd like more of my content besides the podcast, follow me on social media. I invite you to please join my email newsletter, especially my not safe for work newsletter, The Dirty Bird. Please remember to subscribe, rate, share this show.    Mentioned in the episode: NARIX or North American Rope Innovation Exchange - A rope conference
May 06, 2020
Ep. 66 - Stay home and masturbate
We are still under a stay at home order, so the CDC has politely asked us to stay home and masturbate.  Not just the CDC, several state agencies have put out requests for people to be more cautious with their sexual activity. Right now, a lot of people are not staying at home currently with a partner, so that has had some effects on people's buying habits. And of course, specifically what I'm talking about is sex, toys. Vibrators, dildos, sex toys, all the things are flying off the shelves. I don't really know anybody at any of the big toy manufacturers, but I do know a Pure Romance consultant, so I had my friend and neighbor, Kelly Jackson on again. This is her second appearance on Keep Them Coming and we talked about what she has seen during this lockdown. We also talked about mutual masturbation, some of the health benefits of masturbation, as well as how to introduce toys into the bedroom, especially if your partner's not quite so keen on having a toy during intimate times. And we had a moment in our fields where we talked about what we hope to see as far as some cultural shifts after COVID.
April 28, 2020
Ep. 65 - The Walk Must Go On: How the 32nd Annual AIDS Walk KC manages change during social distancing with Eric Thomas
 Eric Thomas is the Board President of the AIDS Service Foundation. He came on the show to tell me more about the Foundation as well as AIDS Walk Kansas City. With COVID-19 and Kansas City's stay at home order, we're certainly not going to get thousands of people together for an in-person walk. We talked about the pivots that they're making to still be able to service their organizations that help people in the region, not only with their diagnosis, but with living full healthy lives with HIV and AIDS.  We also talked about how there is such a different understanding between generations of HIV and AIDS and some of the stigma as well as the U = U campaign and what that means for our new understanding of living a life with HIV. I couldn't help with what's going on in the world discuss some of the things that I wish could have happened in the early days of the HIV epidemic. It's kind of strange talking about one pandemic when you're in the middle of another one.  I hope what you'll get from this episode is that there is a lot of hope. There's been a lot of research over the last few years, and there are people in the community who are out there dedicated to making sure that there is prevention, there's treatment, and that there's resources for everyone in our community. I hope you not only learn something about this organization, but you learn something about HIV and AIDS today. There's still a lot of stigma. There's still a lot of misinformation, miseducation, and just a lack of education , and of course, educating people about STIs and human sexuality is what I am here on the planet to do, so I hope you enjoy our conversation.
April 20, 2020
Ep. 64 - Vegan sexuality, cannabis, and thriving in high stress times with Shelley Fritz
You might notice that today's episode is a little longer than normal, and that's for good reason. I did the interview with Shelley Fritz originally in February, and life's changed a little bit. So what I have at the end of today's episode is a followup interview. I've never done this before, but I thought it was worth it because Shelly had discussed some things that she had coming up with some workshops, and obviously life's changed. Shelly is a holistic healer. She's a coach. She focuses on helping people find clarity. She's also cannabis coach. She's writing a book. We talked about, of course, two of my favorite topics, which is sex and cannabis . We discussed how it can help post-menopausal women, uh, people who have painful intercourse, painful periods. Cannabis can absolutely add to your sexual experiences and we talked about some of the ways to do so. And we got into talking about the difference between using cannabis as a drug to get high versus a medicine. Shelly is also a vegan, so we discussed ways that a plant based lifestyle can enhance your sex life. This conversation was phenomenal. So I think that you're going to want to listen to the entire thing, break it up into a couple sessions if you need to.  Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear back from you, is my email or send me a direct message on any of my social media channels. Please rate, like, and subscribe this podcast and share it with anyone that you think might benefit from hearing it. I always love and appreciate hearing from my listeners, especially right now when we're all practicing social distancing... Call it physical distancing. We can still keep socializing. We just got to find different ways to do it. So if you want to reach out, please do so.  For anyone that is interested in coaching sessions with me, I am now offering 30 minute and 60 minute virtual sessions. I can coach you from anywhere thanks to technology. I work with couples and singles. Again, shoot me an email if you would like some more info. Mentioned in the episode: Shelley Fritz can be reached at or Russel Brand and Brené Brown interview on YouTube Mic the Vegan and Female Erectile Dysfunction The Game Changers – Film about plant based eating and athletes Weed The People – Available on Netflix T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies
April 10, 2020
Ep. 63 - Courting is back : Tips for phone and video chat dates
I want to talk about how courting is back! Basically, unless you are married or living with your significant other, everybody is in long distance relationship mode. So this episode is for you, whether you are single and you are on the dating scene, or you are in a relationship but you're currently separated, this episode is to help you all out. 
April 01, 2020
Ep. 62 - Cancer and the Kinky Girl
This episode is special to me. I interviewed one of my oldest and dearest friends and we just went completely off the rails talking about whatever just is kind of came to mind. You're really gonna feel like a fly on the wall between two best friends just go into town and telling sex stories -  some that are hilarious, some that are cringe-worthy, some that were just really good learning lessons. But the main topic I had Kelly come on to talk about today was her experiences with cancer. She's had a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy, and I really wanted someone's perspective on what it's like to keep your sexuality going after you've had surgery and change like this in life.We talked about femininity, kink and BDSM, and what dating was like when she was going through treatment. And it didn't necessarily slow her down, but she definitely had to alter her thinking and gain some perspectives that she could move forward as a sexual being after all of this.  Mentioned in the episode: You can support Keep Them Coming via Patreon
March 25, 2020
Ep. 61 - Getting busy during a state of emergency
I live in Kansas City, Missouri, and on Thursday 3-12-2020 our Mayor declared a state of emergency. Any events of a thousand people or more are banned, canceled, whatever. Who knows how  far this is going to go, but  we like to party here in Kansas City (it's also known as the Paris of the Plains), so a friend of mine is going to host a party at his office today. And of course he posted in the event on socials, "Will Kristen be talking better sex stuff in small groups? Come find out." Someone asked, "Will she be teaching us how to safely have intercourse with our sick partners? I'm asking for myself in hopes that I meet a man with a cough." I like a girl with a good sense of humor. Thank you for that question and I'm happy to answer in this episode. Mentioned in the episode: You can support Keep Them Coming via Patreon
March 13, 2020
Ep. 60 - Pegging, Part 2: a female perspective
Pegging, Part 2: a female perspective. This episode was a hell of a lot of fun to record. I learned so much. My guest, HardToHandle is going by a pseudonym because while we are talking about pegging, she's also going to talk about her cam work, as she does live cam work online. That was a really fun conversation talking about some of her experiences with camming and how she is building that into a side hustle. We told some funny dating stories, some good, bad and ugly ones, including some stories about oral sex gone wrong and a story about champagne and anal play. So, I know you're going to enjoy this episode. Mentioned in the episode: You can support Keep Them Coming via Patreon
March 11, 2020
Ep. 59 - Pegging, Part 1: A male perspective
My guest, Tim, came on this show to discuss a lot of aspects of his sex life, his marriage, and his relationships outside of that. We talked about pegging, rimming, and basically all things anal play, non-monogamy, amateur porn, BDSM, and so much more. I've said on my show before that I do not believe that monogamy is the only way to structure a relationship. So, if you are a monogamous person, I would simply encourage you to approach this episode with an open mind. I am not here to judge how anyone lives their lives. I am simply here as a facilitator for honest conversations about what we actually do in the world when it comes to sexual expression and gratification. Let me know what you think about this conversation with Tim. You can email me or DM me on any of my social media channels, but I think you'll enjoy this conversation as it really is an honest and unique look at what it's like to find fulfillment for something that you really enjoy when your partner simply isn't into it.  Mentioned in the episode:  You can support Keep Them Coming via Patreon
March 04, 2020
Ep. 58 - Let the bra revolution begin!
With a title like "let the bra revolution begin," you might think that this episode is just for the ladies, but let me tell you, it is not just for breast owners. Gentlemen, I think you'll enjoy this episode because, I mean, come on... We talk about boobs, a lot, about boobs, a lot about tits. I even strip down and get fitted for a bra on this episode. So if you want to hear me talk about my tits, you'll enjoy this episode. But beyond that, Kerry Phillips is an entrepreneur. She has started her own fashion business, Firebrand Revolutionary Bras. We talked about the history of bras and their evolution, how you can make your own, how to make a bra fit properly, and we discussed an upcoming event called Bra Couture KC.  I know you will enjoy this episode if you like talking about boobs. Feel free to send me anytime about episodes at
February 28, 2020
Ep. 57 - Sitting with pain with Victoria Henderson
My guest today shared some very personal stories of abuse while brief and short on detail, some listeners should consider this their content warning. Victoria Henderson is a burgeoning life coach, a trauma survivor, and a student of the universe. I gave her that moniker. She did not give that to herself. I think that thats that's a great way to describe her. And I think you will too, after you listen to our conversation, she dealt with abuse from both family and partners, but the bulk of our conversation focused on healing and moving forward. I want to thank her for telling her story so perhaps, you know, for some of you listening, you can hear the hope in her words . I want to thank Allen Little, who is a life coach who introduced us. Mentioned in the episode: Find Keli Jackson at You can support Keep Them Coming via Patreon
February 20, 2020
Ep. 56 - Pageantry and transparency with Miss Black Trans International Nyla Foster
Nyla Foster is a youth advocate, community leader, and political activist. She is the reigning Ms. Black Trans International. She sued the state of Kansas and won, making national headlines and she helps LGBTQ youth in crisis in Kansas city. We talked about her trans experience, what good sex is like, sex parties in Atlanta, and staying in her feminine energy. This is not a conversation to be missed! Mentioned in the episode: You can find Nyla at, Facebook as Nyla Foster, or Instagram as @AfroPrepster You can support Keep Them Coming via Patreon
February 13, 2020
Ep. 55 - Sex and dating after divorce with Timmy Gibson
Timmy Gibson, who is a fellow life and relationship coach here in Kansas city was on this episode of Keep Them Coming. I asked about his perspective about something - since he used to be a clergy person, I asked him what he thought about post-divorce celibacy. It was just an interesting topic to explore with someone who used to be a minister. We talked about divorce, building new lives altogether and even some of the stigma that that can hold for us as relationship, dating, and for myself, a sex coach. We talked a little bit about our perspectives on failure versus things just ending. Mentioned in the episode: You can find Timmy at
February 06, 2020
Ep. 54 - Clearing For Launch with Jennifer White
Have you ever felt completely stuck? As in, just paralyzed with fear and indecision, whether it’s about your relationships, your business, or both? Jennifer White is a fellow coach and entrepreneur and her focus with Clearing For Launch is not on launching new companies, but rather helping guide people through decision making to get some forward motion. We discussed ways we think gaining clarity can help your sex life and relationships. We also chatted about what effect relationship quality has on entrepreneurs and lessons learned from being intentional over the holidays. Mentioned in the episode: Jennifer and her company Clearing for Launch You can support Keep Them Coming via Patreon and hear exclusive content from this interview.
January 29, 2020
Ep. 53 - Mojo Rising with Jessica Rousseau
Ayurvedic health counselor and entrepreneur Jessica Rousseau came on Keep Them Coming to talk about sex! Sexual energy is such an integral part of relationships for most people. We talked about seasonal cycles of our intimate lives, how pelvic floor therapy and coaching helped her overcome vaginismus, and we revisited the notion of the patriarchal mother (Ep. 48 Mama Sutra with Natasha Ria El-Scari). Mentioned in the episode: Find Jess on her website or on Instagram @vedajess or Facebook
January 22, 2020
Ep. 52 – Resolutions for your Relationship
As you head into a new year, a new decade even, there are some things you may want to consider before setting goals for you and your partner. Assessing the state of your relationship takes care and compassionate communication. I walk you through how to not let it turn into an argument, how to pick your priorities for a stronger relationship together, and how to keep that change going well beyond winter time. Mentioned in the episode: Mating in Captivity – Esther Perel The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman Hold Me Tight – Sue Johnson The Power of Vulnerability – Brené Brown Come As You Are – Emily Nagowski Small Changes Big Shifts and Dr Michelle Robin –
January 15, 2020
Ep. 51 - Let's talk about sacral chakras, baby!
Christi Clemons Hoffman is a lifetime intuitive, teacher, and consultant whose passion is connecting people with their spiritual team. She’s a Reiki master, does hypnosis, and lives in Kansas City. We discussed our sacral chakras and how we often hold a lot of tension in that area due to shame and trauma. We also talked about how you can pull energy from your lovers, how you need to find someone who’s energy matches yours, as well as what akashic records are. You can catch Christi speak at the Good Living Expo ( or find her podcast on her website at Radiate Wellness (, which is on iTunes, Google Podcasts, and more.
January 08, 2020
Ep. 50 - Advocating for Authenticity with Cici Glasgow
Cici Glasgow is the Outreach and Education manager at the KCAVP. This non- profit organization provides dedicated services and advocacy to LGBTQ+ victims and survivors of violence. She is also a member of Alpha Psi Kappa fraternity which is an organization for masculine of center lesbian women in various identities. She is also one of the hosts of Lez Be Real, a queer women identified podcast. CiCi has dedicated her life to liberating her community in any facet possible. Freeing herself from her traumas while dedicating her life to eliminating oppression in others’ is what she’s all about. Mentioned in the episode: Lez Be Real on Stitcher Wrestle Yur Friends Electrosexual
January 02, 2020
Ep. 49 - Making Moves with Karla Martinez
Friend, fellow single lady, and total boss babe Karla Martinez joins me on the show today. She’s the co-host of Domingo-ing, a Spanglish podcast, creative writer, and strategic decision maker AKA corporate strategist by day, so of course we had to dissect some things like making the first move and qualities that we find desirable in a modern man. We also talked about what makes us swipe left or right, why it is so difficult to talk about sex and sexuality to our parents, and how to maintain friendships with the opposite sex. Mentioned in the episode: You can support Keep Them Coming via Patreon and hear exclusive content from this interview.
December 18, 2019
Ep. 48 - Mama Sutra with Natasha Ria El-Scari
In this powerful conversation about parents, kids, and sexuality, I was joined by author, poet, feminist, and all around super badass Natasha Ria El-Scari. She recently wrote a book called Mama Sutra, Love and Lovemaking Advice to My Son. Her son came to her and helped her see she should write about the honest and detailed discussions they had, because children are little sexual beings who will one day grow up to be fully functions sexual beings, so long as they are given the tools to be good lovers. Her book is filled with practical sex advice that some people learn the hard way, such as clipping your nails, what's penis size all about, and grooming of body hair. We discussed releasing taboos, dismantling the patriarchal mother, and coming to peace with the freak in side of us all. Seeing a mother as a sexual being, one that kids can learn from, teaches them agency, consent, desire, and how to give and receive pleasure.  Mentioned in the episode: Natasha Ria El-Scari can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Visit her website at for more information about her work and how to contact her for readings and events.
December 12, 2019
Ep. 47 - Finding Love During the Holidays
Some people think it’s a terrible time to try to date. However, as a dating coach, I disagree! Have a listen for ideas about where to meet people, how to date during the holiday season, and what do do if you’re in a new relationship.
December 05, 2019
Ep. 46 - Dating app year end review with Miss Ugly Shoes
She's back! Lauren AKA Miss Ugly Shoes joins me again for a review of all the top dating apps and sites out there. She even shared some stats that one of the sites sent her. She totally nerded out with her research, and I was glad she came on to share what she found, along with some personal experiences. Of course I tell some stories, too! We got a little tipsy enjoying some eggnog together, so have fun laughing along with us, or at us, whichever.  Visit my Patreon page to become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching.
November 27, 2019
Ep. 45 - Mark your calendar if you want more intimacy
Many couples struggle with having the amount of sex and intimacy that they want. But how do you start having more sex? I offer a simple perspective to shift your mindset about scheduling sex.  Visit my Patreon page to become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching.
November 22, 2019
Ep. 44 - Nudity is not synonymous with sex with Bellatrixortreat2
On this episode, I interviewed Bella, aka Bellatrixortreat2 on Instagram. What you're going to find out from Bella is that nudity is not synonymous with sex. The internet right now is ripe with censorship and it's the lack of consistency that is really bothersome. Women, women of color, black women, trans and non-binary folx, all these content producers are forced to highly censor themselves online, and many peers who do not fall into those categories are not held to the same standards by the platforms, forcing many to turn to Patreon and Twitter.  Mentioned in the episode: Find Bella Donna on Instagram @Bellatrixortreat2 Support her work by visiting her Patreon Page You can support Keep Them Coming via Patreon as well.
November 20, 2019
Ep. 43 - Do Your Sex Life a Favor with Kristine D'Angelo
I'm joined by a fellow Certified Sex Coach, Kristine D'Angelo, from Portland, OR. I wanted to have her on because I wanted another Sex Coach's perspective on the work we are doing, and current events. She's also the Coach I'm partnering with for a Couples Intimacy Retreat in Jamaica. She is doing amazing work to help make it a more sex positive world, one with less stigma, more normalization, and more pleasure.  Mentioned in the episode: Couples Intimacy Retreat at Couples Tower Isle, Ocho Rios, Jamaica Kristine D'Angelo can be reached via her website:, Instagram @SexCoachKristine, Facebook Kristine D'Angelo Certified Sex Coach Sex Coach U - Find more information about enrollment at Sex Coach U's website. Visit my Patreon page to become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching.
November 13, 2019
Ep. 42 - Barrier Babes are on a mission!
On this episode, I’m joined by two of the Barrier Babes. They are bringing sexual health to the Midwest! This organization was founded because Kansas City has a high STI rate and low budget for things like education or resources like condoms. I’m joined by CEO Madison Womack and Enviromentral Educator Michaela Mathiesen and we talked about condoms, period products, purity culture, the fallacy of the Magnum condom, and so much more. They also may have *finally* convinced me to try a menstrual cup. It is no small feat they are trying to accomplish, but Barrier Babes are trying to change the landscape of sexual health in our city while being inclusive doing it. Mentioned in the episode: Barrier Babes is hosting Flowvember at Third Thursday at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Contact for more information Visit my Patreon page to become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching.
November 06, 2019
Ep. 41 - Everyone gets a happy ending with Sierra Simone
Have you ever read a romance novel? This weeks guest is Sierra Simone, a USA Today Bestselling Former Librarian who spent way too much time reading romance novels at the information desk. She lives in Kansas City with her husband and family. We talked about what it's like being a romance author, how queer romance is taking off thanks to more diversity in the genre, but there's ways to get even more diverse voices, especially for women and men of color. Yes, men (15% of readers are male identifying)! We also broke down 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' and how 'good girls have to resist' their sexuality in society. Our conversation about this $1 Billion industry, which is the single largest genre, examines work to be done along with how romance and erotic books can spark the imagination and the libido. 
October 30, 2019
Ep. 40 - The A stands for Asexual
You've heard LGBTQIA, and sometimes people don't know what the last letter stands for. Courtney Lane joined me on this episode of Keep Them Coming for Asexualtiy Awareness Week. A self-described professional weirdo, she's a Victorian hair artist, historian, and an Ace (short for asexual), as is her spouse, and I was so grateful to have her on the show to help dispel myths, give some great perspectives, and to share resources. I feel way more informed after talking to her and I'm sure at the end of this episode, you will too. 
October 23, 2019
Ep. 39 - It's called foreplay because it's supposed to happen BEFORE you PLAY
Foreplay is not just for early in the relationship before you have sex. Foreplay helps you connect, relax, and experience better pleasure. Today I'm discussing some of the reasons it's important, and a refresher on many of the ways you can use foreplay with your partner.  Mentioned in the episode: Visit my Patreon page to become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching. – take a look for different ways to explore a woman's body. 
October 21, 2019
Ep. 38 - Deleting Diet Culture with Jennifer Martin
Yoga teacher, life coach, public speaker, and author of Emotionally Bankrupt, Jennifer Martin joined me to tell her story of how she overcame eating disorders through stepping into her own worth. She now helps teach others by focusing on helping show them how worthy and loved they are so they too can overcome diet culture. Jennifer is trying to change the narrative around workplace dress codes as well. We talked about our personal coaching philosophies, including how self care is often about radical self love, and what daily practice of that looks like.  Mentioned in the episode Jennifer's website:  My Patreon page:
October 16, 2019
Ep. 37 - Want them to swipe right? A how to guide for your dating profile
A good dating profile matters, but what really makes you stand out from the crowd? How do you showcase your personality in under 400 characters and 6 pictures or less? I'm giving you all my best tips for making your profile catch people's attention.  Visit my Patreon page to become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching. Find Sensatia Cabaret at
October 14, 2019
Ep. 36 - Lubrication has a bad reputation
There's a lot to consider when it comes to picking the right lube, that's why I've got Kelsey Beach, DPT back on. We are talking about a lot of information that you need to know about lube that is not on the bottle. She and I agree on one thing - lubrication has gotten a really bad rep. Everyone should be using lube!! It doesn't matter your gender or orientation, there's information on here that you need to know!  Mentioned in the show:  Visit my Patreon page to become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching. uberlube  Foria Awaken  Slippery Stuff  Ah Yes  Jo Lubes  Lube launcher   Dan Savage's Hump Fest
October 09, 2019
Ep. 35 - Cuffing season is here
Cuffing Season! What is it? Should you participate or not? I took gave it some thought, took a stance, and offered suggestions for this fall and winter.  I also took time to thank Dr Patti Britton and Sex Coach U as I have completed my program and I'm now a CERTIFIED SEX COACH!! Woot woot!!
October 06, 2019
Ep. 34 - The Perfect Pelvis with Katy Rush
My guest has been a Physical Therapist for 21 years, and she's done a little bit of everything, but Katy Rush decided to be a Pelvic Floor Therapist 16 years ago because she realized how underserved this part, our inner core, really was and how much it effects other areas of people's lives and health when something is off kilter. Did you know it takes a woman an average of 8 years to get to the point where she sees a pelvic floor therapist for her issues? This is why I'm having 2 on in a month's time because this issue is so important. And gentlemen, don't turn this episode off just because I'm talking to a pelvic PT, we talk about things you really need to learn about too! Men need to know about periods. You could learn something that helps you support the ladies in your life.  Mentioned in the episode: Katy's website is
October 02, 2019
Ep. 33 - Behind The Camera with Boudoir Photographer Booker T Brown
Most people would call Booker a boudoir photographer, but he's so much more. His work with intimate portraiture helps women, and even some men, with things like self acceptance, body positivity, and something that makes my heart happy, sex positivity! It's still World Sexual Health Month, so I am happy to round out the month with my friend Booker. We discussed the process of doing a shoot, why and when you should do one, and what he's seen from his clients after. "Sexiness cannot be given," he said during the interview, but it can grown inside you, and a shoot like this can be a catalyst for that. I talked about my own personal experience with a boudoir shoot a few years ago. We also discussed why you should wear sexy panties daily, what you can learn from burlesque, and what you should do if you're wanting to learn more about the BDSM scene here in KC. 
September 25, 2019
Ep. 32 - Lube Q&A and School is almost over
I had someone ask me about why I made a recommendation on a lube, and since I'm super slammed finishing school with Sex Coach U, I gave a list of what I'm reading, watching, and listening to.  Mentioned in the episode: Reading: Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown Watching: Euphoria on HBO Listening to: Call Your Girlfriend on any podcast platform
September 21, 2019
Ep. 31 - Intimacy and curiosity with Jessica Nickels
LPC and personal trainer Jessica Nickels joined me for this weeks show. She's such a sex positive counselor I would love to just replicate her! Since it's still World Sexual Health Month, we discussed what sexual health means to her, how sexual illiteracy is playing out in issues with intimacy and healthy sexual expression, and that intimacy is more than intercourse. Hallelujah, Jessica! You're singing my song. 
September 18, 2019
Ep. 30 - There's more than one way to be non-binary
Since September is World Sexual Health Month, I hosted Max Sheffield-Baird on Keep Them Coming this week. They shared a lot about their journey, including healing past trauma, exploring kink, why pronouns matter, and how the power of story can transform us. A night of incredible storytelling by Amanda Palmer at her June concert got both of us in the feels. AFP said, “If you can share your story, you must.” So thank you to Max for sharing their story with all of us.
September 11, 2019
Ep. 29 - What's in a pronoun?
There is no magic wand that will change the world overnight and make it a safe place for trans folx. However, we have to start somewhere. What can allies do to learn more, to grow, and to create acceptance for trans and non-binary people in their lives and networks? One small action we can take is to start talking about our pronouns – She/Her/Hers, He/Him/His, and They/Them/Their, and I explain why it matters for cis gendered people. 
September 08, 2019
Ep 28 - Celebrating World Sexual Health Day with Pelvic Floor Therapist Dr. Kelsey Beach
Two things you probably didn’t know before listening to this episode – there’s a World Sexual Health Day, and that there’s such a thing as Pelvic PT. I talked to Kelsey Beech, DPT of Foundational Concepts about why people need to think about their pelvic floor health. She explained what pelvic floor therapy is all about. Take note – this conversation is not just for women! Men have pain in their genitals too that can be solved by seeing someone like a pelvic floor therapist. Kelsey even taught me to do Kegels correctly! We also talked about what our parents think of what we do (hint: her mom was shocked when she found out sometimes she has to put her finger in someone’s anus or vagina), how a whole generation of women were done a disservice by having unnecessary hysterectomies, her work with MTF Trans patients, and how we are owning what we do respectively for people’s sexual health. Mentioned in the episode: Find Kelsey Beach, DPT and other practitioners from Foundational Concepts via their website, Instagram and Facebook.
September 04, 2019
Ep. 27 - Listener Q&A: Down there hair care and a small member
Today I'm answering listener questions! The first was about what to do about body hair removal, so I reviewed lots of options, which includes maybe you don't remove it at all! The second listener question was from my first piece of "fan mail". The listener asked what they should do about a very awkward topic - the dude she's dating has a small penis. I love answering listener questions like this! Keep them coming by emailing me at  Mentioned in the episode: The Womanizer - You can find all the models they make at their website
September 01, 2019
Ep. 26 - We're All Bad in Bed with Shelby Simpson
Ever wake up and think, "I just need to write a book about all my embarrassing sex stories"? Well, Shelby Simpson did, and then she turned her book tour into a stage performance that was absolutely delightful, funny, and oh so relatable. We talked about her journey to becoming an author, her travels around the world, why women talk about our embarrassing sex stories (and men don't) how she's not considered a "sexpert" and invited to talks that also happen to involved panels about dildos on a stick and your first threesome, and most importantly, how she's embracing what she bring people - freedom and empowerment.  Mentioned in the episode: We're All Bad In Bed by Shelby Simpson, who you can find on Twitter and Instagram
August 28, 2019
Ep. 25 - A little dirty talk goes a long way
Your mom may have said to you before to "watch your dirty mouth". The only time I want you to watch your dirty mouth is when you're practicing how to say something sexy to your partner in the mirror.  Dirty talk can actually enhance your experiences in the bedroom for a number of reasons, and if you're not any good at it, you can practice with Slutbot. Yes, there's a bot that can text you and practice with you so you can get really good at dirty talk without ruining the moment with your partner.  Mentioned in the episode: Get Slutbot from Juicebox by texting 415-233-4603
August 23, 2019
Ep. 24 - Relationship Anarchy!
As promised, here’s another perspective on poly life. Rose Hinsz AKA Rae AKA Self Care Siren is in the health and wellness industry like I am, but hey since this is a podcast about sex and relationships, she was on KTC to share more about ethical non-monogamy, and what she practices which is called relationship anarchy. We discussed her journey into this, because it’s not like she just woke up one day and decided she could love more than one person. Mentioned in the episode: Enbyby Wild Flower Sex   Find Rose/Rae on Instagram as Visit my Patreon pageto become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching. 
August 21, 2019
Ep. 23 - FLR requires some TLC
If you’ve been considering a female led relationship (FLR), there are a number of things to consider. I discuss what it is, who it may be right for, a wide range of how this can be expressed and practiced, WIIFY, potential pitfalls, and how to avoid them.  Mentioned in the episode: Yes, No, Maybe list: Download the PDF from Books about FLR – A Woman’s Guide To a Female Led Relationshipby Victoria West Visit my Patreon pageto become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching. 
August 16, 2019
Ep. 22 The Imperfect Therapist: Healing through somatic therapy
Jaree Basgall is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a trauma-informed yoga teacher. Jaree offers an integrative approach to therapy, incorporating methods supported by neuroscience, including EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Yoga, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, inner child healing, and mindfulness. Jaree has over 7 years of experience helping individuals who have been impacted by trauma, anxiety, and depression. Jaree’s primary intention is to provide a safe space where individuals feel seen, heard, and supported in their journey of healing and growth.  Topics included understanding what somatic therapy is, ways trauma stays in our body and methods to unleash it, why women disconnect during sex, transgenerational trauma, how perfectionism can manifest in procrastination, and overcoming bad sex advice. Jaree also did a great job highlighting who in the medical field could benefit from trauma-informed training. She’s out there doing her part, like I am, to help people heal and live their very best sex lives.   Mentioned in the episode: Find Jaree Basgall at www.jareebasgall.comor Instagram @The.Imperfect.Therapist Brené Brown – The Gift of Imperfection Visit my Patreon pageto become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching. 
August 14, 2019
Ep. 21 - Tuning in to your gut when it says 'Yes' or 'No'
Many of us are not accustomed to tuning in to what our body is saying in situations. It’s often the first thing to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ before we utter a word. Our bodies are constantly giving us signals, and some people call that their gut instinct. This brief exercise will help you become more attuned to what your body is telling you. With practice, you can learn to recognize physical signals and use them to make better decisions.  Visit my Patreon page to become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching. 
August 09, 2019
Ep. 20 - Grown Up Sex Ed
Keli Jackson is a sexual health educator who has her own Pure Romance business. She’s been in the industry for over a decade. She helps women explore the most intimate relationships in their lives – those with their partners and those with themselves. That’s a really fancy way of saying she likes to help people have waaaay better sex! We talked about sex education, the orgasm gap, the hookup culture, why men often fear sex toys in their relationship, LGBTQ representation in her industry, and of course, pleasure products. Or sex toys. And lube. We talked about sex toys and lube…a lot.  Visit my Patreon pageto become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching. 
August 07, 2019
Ep. 19 - Heartache and healing: A bereaved mother's story
Emily is a wife, mom, educator, and a listener of KTC. She and her husband lost a a child this year, and she reached out to me about being on the show. Content warning – we do talk about some heavy topics surrounding their loss, but there is a lot of beauty and healing in her story. We also discussed emotional intelligence, empowerment around childbirth, fertility issues, and even strayed into talking about some humanist principles.  Visit my Patreon pageto become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching. 
July 31, 2019
Ep. 18 - On stage with a Magic Wand
Ever stand on stage next to a vibrator and talk about sex? Well, I did! During a storytelling performance of Shelf Life called Guilty Pleasures, hosted by David Wayne Reed, I told a room full of strangers a story involving sex toys, religious upbringings, purity culture, and finding inspiration.  Mentioned in the episode: Sex Coach U Hitachi Magic Wand Visit my Patreon pageto become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching. 
July 26, 2019
Ep. 17 - Being a healthy influence
She may not like the title of “influencer”, but Teresa Maly surely is one! She’s a social media entrepreneur and blogger who focuses on health, fashion and body image. She really seems to try to help women from all walks of life love what they’ve got and feel good, in and out of their clothes, no matter their budget. Her story of growing up in a working class family in rural Iowa really shaped how he moves through the world, and we talked about her recovery from disordered eating, as well as being open about mental health.  Mentioned in this episode: Her Instagram is @teresamaly  Kansas City Fashion Week  It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell Rachel Hollis from Girl, Wash You Face Central Exchange Visit my Patreon pageto become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching. 
July 24, 2019
Ep. 16 - Crossover episode with KTC and Neandertalk Podcast
I talked with Ryan Westa of Neandertalk Podcast. He's the one that got me to finally start my own show! We talk about a lot...this is a long episode but we just couldn't stop chatting. He shared his perspective on dating as a single dad. I educated him a little about pelvic floor therapy, which is not just for women. Ryan asked about those gas station pills, you know, the "extenders". And while talking about my experience at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, I talked about my first LSD trip.  Mentioned in the episode: Neandertalk Podcast - find him on Instagram or YouTube where you can watch our interview.  Eat Read Love - tarot reader on YouTube The Realennials, Rich Dad Roundtable, Startup Hustle, and Open Belly are some of our favorite KC podcasts 
July 17, 2019
Ep. 15 - Hold up a sec...WTF is polyamory?
Since my last episode, some listeners have emailed me and said they wanted to know more about what the f*ck we were talking about with all this polyamory stuff. Here's a sort of beginners guide to ethical non-monogamy.   Mentioned in the episode: The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy More Than Two by Franklin Veaux
July 12, 2019
Ep. 14 - A Poly Perspective
Have you ever heard of polyamory? It's a term that's gaining prominence in today's lexicon, but what is it? My guest Marcel Wilson and I discuss some of the nuances of this relationship structure, because for some it's anything but structured, other's it's highly regimented.  If you'd like to reach out to Marcel about Sex Positive KC, you can reach him at   Mentioned in the episode: The Ethical Slut by Janet W. Hardy and Dossie Easton Psychosexual Somatic Therapy  
July 10, 2019
Ep. 13 - Help! I lost my orgasm!
On today's show, I'm addressing two listener concerns; One female listener is struggling with achieving orgasm, and one male listener doesn't know what to do with he and his partner's mismatched libidos.  Visit my Patreon page to become a supporting patron of Open the Doors Coaching.  Betty Dodson's website has lots of information to check out. 
July 05, 2019
Ep. 12 - Your bedroom needs attention
Self-described former corporate addict turned entrepreneur, Robyn Stevens became certified in feng shui in 2012, and founded her business, Robyn Stevens Feng Shui, in 2013. She is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild, frequent TV guest, and sought after speaker. Robyn works with residential and business clients through one on one consultations, workshops and private events to make sure their space is ready for love and prosperity. I learned so much about how to make sure my space is inviting to love, as well as some energy shifts I could make to let go of the past.  Visit me on Instagram to see some of the changes I made to my office space after this episode. 
July 03, 2019
Ep. 11 - A sign in my face
Signs are all around us, right? Sometimes, it’s a bit more literal. As someone who recently took one to the face, I found a lesson in this particular accident. I’ve always run into things, just ask my mother. This time, the words I said to the stranger witnessed my mishap have become a new mantra to help me move on from the past. 
June 28, 2019
Ep. 10 - Sexual Health Optimization AKA Get your junk fixed
Jonathan Salter is the founder and owner of EVRNU Clinics. I got to donate my vagina to science when I got to be the recipient of a Viveve Treatmentwhen they did their training sessions before opening, so we discuss what it is, what it does, how it works (Psssst…it’s vaginal rejuvenation). We also discusses some procedures for men that are out there like Gainswave, and why a penis pump is actually something all men should have at home. 
June 26, 2019
Ep. 9 - Joel Speaks Out
Joel Barrett of Joel Speaks Out is an LGBTQ writer, speaker, and gatherer. As a business mentor, he supports entrepreneurs from a wide variety of backgrounds. As a queer advocate, he brings people together to socialize and support one another. We talked about bi invisibility, his upbringing as a fundamentalist Baptist, his time in ex-gay therapy (AKA conversion therapy) , and he shared some fun stories about Presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  Mentioned in this episode: Risk Podcast episode featuring Joel’s story Correction: The Daily Mail story about Joel’s coming out  UMKC Small Business Development Center Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce
June 19, 2019
Ep. 8 - Wanna go backstage? A guide to trying anal
Listener question: "Can you please explain to people how to start engaging in anal play? I talk to a lot of people, men and women, who are scared because they don’t understand how to work up to it and the various ways you can engage in anal play without jamming a huge dick or toy in your ass.” That's a direct quote! And, of course, I’m more than happy to talk about anal intercourse and play. I'll talk about solo play, how to talk to your partner, breathing techniques, and lube do's and don'ts.  Mentioned in this episode: Couples Intimacy Retreat in Jamaica: I’m co-hosting a retreat to help couples grow closer, physically in emotionally. If you and your partner are thinking about a getaway to rejuvenate your intimacy, visit Travel Unrivaled. You can find sex positive, ethical erotica, and educational DVDs at Alexander Institute. If you're interested in knowing more about becoming a sex coach under the mentorship of Dr Patti Britton with Sex Coach U , visit the site and sign up for a vision call to see if it's the right program for you. 
June 07, 2019
Ep. 7 - The Cam Girl Next Door
With years of experience in the online porn industry through cam work and running an amateur porn website, Crystal has done a complete 180 from her sheltered Midwestern upbringing, where sex was a taboo subject. Crystal has learned that sex and sexuality don’t have to make you feel dirty, and can help you learn a lot about yourself and what you want out of life. Through exploring BDSM, fetishes, sugar daddies, and swinging, she’s come to accept that sex is an important part of life, no matter what you like. 
June 05, 2019
Ep. 6 - Getting back into dating after a long term relationship
On today’s episode, I answer a listener question about what I recommend for people who are looking to get back into dating after ending a long term relationship. This is an area I support clients with often, so I shared some of my best advice for getting back out there on the dating scene. 
May 31, 2019
Ep 5 - Bi and single and ready to mingle!
My interview with Lauren Caldwell. She’s single for the first time in her adult life after two back to back long term relationships, and now she’s diving head first into the dating world. Some of our topics included digital dating, our favorite condom, dating deal breakers, masturbation because May is National Masturbation Month, and fangirling over Queer Eye.  Mentioned in this episode: Follow Lauren @missuglyshoes on Twitter for more of her dating mis-adventures.
May 29, 2019
Ep. 4 - Why isn't sexual health included when we discuss self-care?
This topic has been on my mind for a while. As someone who has become more active in the health and wellness community the last few years, I’ve found that sexual health and wellbeing is often ignored when many practitioners talk about self-care. I discussed what sexual health means, why aren’t providers talking about sex as part of self-care, and how I believe we can change this.  Mentioned in this episode: World Association of Sex Coaches Code of Ethics World Health Organization definitions of sexual health
May 24, 2019
Ep. 3 - Gender Reveal Party with Jay Pryor
Jay Pryor is an Executive Coach, Owner of Jay Pryor Coaching, and is an LGBTQ+ activist from Lawrence, KS. For Jay (they/them), being an activist is about more than raising awareness, it’s about helping kids see they are not alone. We talked about neuroscience, how the coaching approach works, what their journey through transitioning was like, being an activist, why visibility matters, intersex people “are superheros”, gender reveal parties are problematic, bathroom bills in state legislatures are bullshit.  They have a book called Lean Inside: 7 Steps to Personal Power that helps companies change their culture.   Mentioned in the episode: GLSEN is an organization that works in K-12 schools to create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students.  The Gender Reveal Party – Jay’s one human show coming soon! Visit for more details. 
May 22, 2019
Ep. 2 - Happy National Masturbation Month!
On today’s minicast, I’m talking about masturbation because May is National Masturbation Month! This one is a little more for the ladies, but hey, guys can gain some insights by listening, too.  Young women often don’t learn much about masturbation. They think there are right or wrong ways to explore their bodies, or they have received negative messages about self-love. This episode aims to help dispel some myths, provide resources, and reduce shame around masturbation. Also – don’t judge your partner for masturbating! We all need to get off on our own to maintain our sexual health.  Mentioned in the episode:– take a look for ways to explore your body by learning about other women’s experiences. Interactive masturbation on your iPad is a thing! Betty Dodson– Grandmother of Masturbation. Her site shows videos about all sorts of masturbation techniques.  Mutual masturbation – ever laid next to your partner and played with yourself? I explain how to do it, and why it can help you learn more about you and your partner’s body. 
May 15, 2019
Ep. 1 - Have you ever tried VR porn?
In this inaugural episode of Keep Them Coming with Open the Doors Coaching, host Kristen Thomas discovers virtual reality (VR) porn for the first time. She and guest Steven Fuller discuss the pitfalls and the potential uses of this kind of pornography. They discuss the long history of porn driving tech, as well as what the future could hold for this industry. Happy National Masturbation Month!  You can learn more about Kristen's coaching practice by visiting her website at or find OTDC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She's a relationship, dating, and sex coach, and yes, that's a real thing. 
May 02, 2019