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Keep Yourself Well

Keep Yourself Well

By Kalli Youngstrom
Host Kalli Youngstrom aims to bridge the gap between mental and physical fitness with an emphasis on ketogenic nutrition and lifestyle optimization!
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Ep. 39 - Bringing Your Lifestyle Along Over Summer

Keep Yourself Well

Summer Refresh: Does everyone need therapy? -- with Georgia McCusker
Kalli is away on a much needed vacation so we are revisiting some highlights from her favourite conversations. In Episode 28, Kalli and therapist Georgia McCusker talked about if everyone *really* needs therapy. 
August 07, 2022
Ep. 48 - Tirzah Cooper's Breast Cancer Battle
It was surprising to Tirzah Cooper how common it is for women under 40 to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Cooper was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in June of this year. In this episode, the 36-year-old mom of two shares with Kalli how she found it, how she's coping, and why she's sharing her story so openly. 
July 31, 2022
Ep. 47 - The 411 on Exogenous Ketones
Do you need exogenous ketones to stay in ketosis? Do they help? How do you know which ones are worth the investment? Kalli gets into the basics around ketone supplements to help you decide if it's something you might want (or need) in a ketogenic lifestyle. 
July 24, 2022
Ep. 46 - Naturopathic Health with Melanie Garrett
Sometimes when we look at our health on paper, everything seems fine. But what if you don't feel great? Melanie Garrett is on her way to becoming a naturopathic doctor and in this episode, her and Kalli dive into the practice and how it can be helpful for people, both on its own and in combination with Western medicine. 
July 17, 2022
Ep. 45 - Mid Year Goals Check
Are you still chasing the goals you set for yourself at the start of 2022? In this episode, Kalli invites you to look back at the goals you set for yourself in January and to check: are they on track, or do they need some refocusing? Have your goals changed entirely? Some great food for thought as we roll into the back half of the year.
July 10, 2022
Ep. 44 - Manifestation, Movement & Privilege with Taylor Chetty
In this episode, Kalli chats with victim services responder Taylor Chetty about movement, manifestation, mindfulness, the privilege of wellness, and the cult of spin classes. 
July 03, 2022
Ep. 43 - The Pros & Cons of CrossFit
There are memes, jokes and die hard believers -- but what is CrossFit actually like? In this episode Kalli shares how she went from a doubter to a believer, along with some of the pros and cons of the sport. 
June 26, 2022
Ep. 42 - Pride & Mental Health with Jeffery Straker
Spending more than 100 days on the road each year, living in two different provinces, while balancing a successful career, a committed relationship, and a busy social life, musician Jeffery Straker spends a lot of time juggling priorities to keep himself well. In this episode, he and Kalli get into Pride Month, men's mental health, and why people always bring baking to his concerts.
June 19, 2022
Ep. 41 - Maximizing Enjoyment of the Season
Put on the bathing suit, play with your kids, enjoy the summer season! In this episode, Kalli plants the seed for adjusting goals and victory targets for the season of life you're living in.
June 12, 2022
Ep. 40 - Indigenous Advocacy & Motherhood with Lawyer Larissa Burnouf
Larissa Burnouf says she’s been on a ride that she was never supposed to finish, but she did -- the former journalist and mom of two is now a Saskatchewan lawyer specializing in civil litigation. In this episode, she and Kalli get into the inspiring road it took to get there. 
June 05, 2022
Ep. 39 - Bringing Your Lifestyle Along Over Summer
How do you want to feel when you get back from the weekend? From that trip? Later this year? As we approach the summer season that includes patios, camping, road trips and nights around the fire, Kalli has a pep talk and some  reminders that will help you stick to your lifestyle through the summer season, including some great tips for eating on the fly.
May 29, 2022
Ep. 38 - Keto As A Prescription with Dylan Youngstrom
Kalli sits down with her brother Dylan who manages his Type 2 Diabetes with a ketogenic lifestyle. They talk about the how, the challenges, and the why.
May 22, 2022
Ep. 37 - Your Physical Retirement Fund
Kalli gets into her pillars of a what you should be investing in your physical and mental retirement fund and the true cost of health and wellness.
May 15, 2022
Ep. 36 - Life Coach Courtney Quinn
Kalli and life coach Courtney Quinn talk about finding and maintaining habits and routine, being consistent, and knowing that life does not (and should not!) look the same for everyone. They also dive into cycles and birth control, hormones, babies and pregnancy, personal expectations, and, who exactly, benefits from a life coach.
May 08, 2022
Ep. 35 - Ask Kalli Anything (AMA)
What do you know about host Kalli Youngstrom? She's an entrepreneur, athlete, podcast host, ketogenic nutrition expert, cat mom, and so much more. After a social media call out for ask me anything (AMA) questions, Kalli reveals more about herself and her motivation in this episode.
May 01, 2022
Ep. 34 - Mindfulness with Scotty Butcher
What is mindfulness and what does it have to do with your physical wellness? In this episode, Kalli and physical therapy professor and mindfulness expert Scotty Butcher look at the connection and how it can help you.
April 24, 2022
Ep. 33 - Foundational Habits: Sleep
In this episode, Kalli digs into why your sleep is the foundation of your health and one of the key habits you can improve to optimize your life. And of course, she provides some tips and tricks to help you get more shut eye during the week.
April 17, 2022
Ep. 32 - Following Up with CJ Hollett
After hearing his personal journey in Episode 30, Kalli follows up with established Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach and business owner CJ Hollett to hear more about his journey through business in both the athletic and retail worlds.
April 10, 2022
Ep. 31 - Navigating Alcohol
In this episode, Kalli invites you to look at your lifestyle goals and to have a conversation with yourself about the role alcohol plays in achieving those goals. 
April 03, 2022
Ep. 30 - Sport & Rehabilitation with CJ Hollett
His was on a path he didn't like, but CJ Hollett didn't know how to change it. It took a serious offence and some jail time for the then-teenager to course-correct his journey. In this episode, Kalli and the established Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach talk about his path, his present, and what he hopes for the future. 
March 27, 2022
Ep. 29 - Keep Showing Up
Kalli sits down to discuss coming out of retirement as a competitor, and how her mindset and approach to competing has changed over the years -- regardless of the sport. 
March 20, 2022
Ep. 28 - Getting Curious With Therapist Georgia McCusker
Why do we burst into tears or see red in a fit of rage? What is going on inside our brains that our big emotions show up the way they do? In this episode, Kalli and therapist Georgia McCusker get curious with emotions and take a closer look at how therapy works. 
March 13, 2022
Ep. 27 - Game Changers: Therapy & Routine
Kalli discusses how to implement counselling and routines in busy lifestyles, and how it can be done in small steps instead of an overwhelming overhaul. 
March 06, 2022
Ep. 26 - How Keto & Therapy Helped Chance Lorinczy Lose 300lbs
On July 2, 2019, Chance Lorinczy started a physical and mental health journey that would save his life.  Sixteen months later, after a lot of therapy and adopting ketogenic nutrition, he lost more than half his body weight. But the battle isn't over. Kalli and Chance look back and forward, and dig deep into how Chance found himself at his heaviest weight, how he pulled himself out, and where he goes from here. Content warning: conversation includes discussion of depression and suicide.
February 27, 2022
Episode 25 - Consistency: The Secret to Success
Chances are, if you've mastered something, you've put in the time to get good at it. But the road to success can be a long one, with few rewards. In this episode, Kalli shares a recent personal victory, the path to getting there, and where she goes from here. Spoiler alert: it all comes back to consistency. 
February 20, 2022
Episode 24 - Expressing Emotions with Jolissa Henriksson
What do you do when you feel big, uncomfortable emotions? Do you express those feelings or do you bottle them up inside? In this episode, Kalli and art therapist Jolissa Henriksson dig into mental health, neurology, and movement. Their conversation looks at how we cope with our feelings, stress, and trauma, and how we can manage things better moving forward.
February 13, 2022
Episode 23 - The Impact of Sports on Women & Girls
In honour of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, Kalli goes through her journey through sports from the age of five years old, how athletics impacted her nutrition, confidence, leadership skills, and what she's loved and learned about the differences, the processes, and the community of it all.  
February 06, 2022
Episode 22 - MMA and van life with Jesse Boldt
Could you give up most of your possessions and your home and willingly live in a van? Building grit and practicing stoicism are a big part of what makes Jesse Boldt tick. The professional MMA fighter and coach, social media master, dog dad, and podcaster chats with Kalli about training, coaching, mindfulness, and why he chooses #vanlife.
January 30, 2022
Episode 21 - My COVID-19 Experience
It happened -- despite the best of intentions and following all public health orders and recommendations, Kalli came down with COVID-19 last week. In this week's episode, Kalli pulls back the curtain on her personal health and shares what the experience was like for her.
January 23, 2022
Episode 20 - Financial Goal Setting with Mandyy Thomas
If paying down debt, growing your wealth, or just getting a better understanding of your financial situation is one of your goals for 2022, this episode is a must-listen. Financial coach Mandyy Thomas sits down with Kalli to talk about the connection between money and mental health, and delivers some practical tips and tricks.
January 16, 2022
Episode 19 - How I Really Feel About New Year Resolutions
In this episode, Kalli gets into the bad rap of New Year Resolutions, why we need a language shift, and more on the one book you need read this year 
January 09, 2022
Episode 18 - Dr. Ryan Lowery
In this episode, Ryan Lowery, the CEO behind and co-author of the Ketogenic Bible, chats with Kalli about the importance of improving our metabolic health, what science and his research is telling us about keto, how he deals with social media backlash, and why he insists on surrounding himself with the best people (and why you should too).
January 02, 2022
A Holiday Greeting
Time to take some of my own advice and take a little time to recharge. A thank for you for a fabulous 2021 and a preview of what's to come in 2022!
December 24, 2021
Episode 17 - Goal Setting for 2022
In this episode, Kalli reveals her formula for goal setting. The process of looking to the future with her circle of life assessment also involves looking back and reflecting on what’s been accomplished in the past year. A step-by-step plan to help you go into the new year on the right foot. 
December 19, 2021
Episode 16 - Building Boundaries with Ashley Breland
There’s a saying that goes, if someone is offended by your boundaries, that person is probably the reason you need them in the first place. Last week’s episode was a primer, this week we are really digging into setting personal boundaries and having hard conversations with social worker Ashley Breland. 
December 12, 2021
Episode 15 - Setting Boundaries Around the Holidays
Kalli offers you a quick primer to help you start setting your mindset as we head into socializing season, including how to set boundaries around food, alcohol, your time, and conversation topics. 
December 05, 2021
Episode 14 - Alex Brown
What do we really know about the people who bring us the news in the morning? In this episode, Kalli and CTV Morning Live Saskatoon host Alex Brown get into the intense hours the career requires: yes, that 3am alarm clock is real. After finding her way to self love, Brown is a body inclusivity advocate and passionate about mental health. In this episode, she shares her personal journey to wellness and how she found joy on TikTok. 
November 28, 2021
Episode 13 - 8 Lessons From 8 Years in Business
Being an entrepreneur was not Kalli's original plan while navigating her undergraduate education, but it became her path afterward. In honour of World Entrepreneur Day this week, Kalli sat down to reflect on how her health business has morphed over the years and lays out a few non-traditional life and business lessons she discovered along the way. 
November 21, 2021
Episode 12 - Jessica Buettner
The road to an International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) world record is a hard one. Saskatoon powerlifter Jessica Buettner holds a few of those records. Her path to barbell domination is a complicated one. Over the last eight years, she's built her strength while navigating Type 1 Diabetes, something she was diagnosed with at 11 years old. In this episode, Jess and Kalli get into mindset and motivation, nutrition, recovery, social media, and the strategy around how she conquered worlds. Strap in, this is a good listen.
November 14, 2021
Episode 11 - Balance, Burnout & Defining Personal Success
In this episode, Kalli looks at how much we give of ourselves in the various facets of our lives. Where are you putting too much effort, and what is lagging behind and suffering? What is your priority and what is your purpose? As one human, you cannot give 100% in all areas. If you're killing it in your career, but have no family life or socialization time, are you fulfilled? Taking a look at how you balance your time and effort may help you both be, and feel, successful.
November 07, 2021
Episode 10 - Adriana Johnsgaard
It was not one, but two cancer diagnosis that changed the personal and professional path of Saskatoon's Adriana Johnsgaard. A self-proclaimed bio hacker and life enthusiast, this non-practicing physician is now a cancer "thriver" and is board certified in functional medicine. In this episode, her and Kalli get dig into the road Adriana is on and how she got there.
October 30, 2021
Episode 09 - The Art of Starting
Whether you do or you don't, the time will pass anyway. In this episode, Kalli gets into why you should be setting goals, trying to learn new things, and pushing our personal development, regardless of your age. And, if you're considering flipping the switch, and trying something new, Kalli will tell you why you should do it. And, she has some tips on how to commit to following through in uncomfortable experiences with some advice on how to flex your embarrassment and failure muscles.
October 24, 2021
Episode 08 - Dr. Kurtis Gryba
"I learned I cannot tie my identity to what I do." -Life is what happens when we're making other plans. A former athlete, Dr. Kurtis Gryba found his way to the healthcare system after a very serious knee injury. In this episode, Kalli and Kurtis get into his athletic history, his shift in identity and his road to becoming a chiropractor, the holistic theory of his practice, and how he helps his guide patients through recovery into a resilient body and mind.
October 17, 2021
Episode 07 - Holiday Health Hacks
"I will never tell you that you can't have pie." Navigating the holidays can be a challenge when it comes to maintaining personal goals, enjoying time with family and friends, and sticking to your nutritional goals. But, this episode isn’t about how to avoid gaining weight over Thanksgiving (or any other food-focused holiday). Instead, Kalli names her Top 10 tips to help you feel your best mentally and physically over Thanksgiving. Her intention is to help you dodge obstacles and to set yourself up for success so you can be present and create fond memories with your loved ones.
October 09, 2021
Episode 06 - Brooke Johnson Isaak
The myth of having it all is just that: a myth. Brooke Johnson Isaak is a proud feminist, and she's happy to tell you why. She's also a new mom, criminal lawyer, lecturer, blogger, and fashionista. This week, she and Kalli get into motherhood, gender roles, the challenges of inequality, and that always looming imposter syndrome.
October 03, 2021
Episode 05 - My Journey to Keto
The road we end up on is not always the path we intended to take. As a nutritionist, Kali has made a name for herself as specialist in ketogenic nutrition. But she did not set out for it to be that way. In fact, when she started changing her own diet about a decade ago, she didn't realize she was actually eating in a ketogenic way. Now, with the education and certifications to back it up, Kali shares how she found her way to keto, and why it's the lifestyle she chooses to champion.
September 26, 2021
Episode 04 - Jason Cain
Getting to the top of the pack at the CrossFit Games is no small feat, but Jason Cain has accomplished that, and so much more, while also balancing real life challenges. In this episode, Kalli digs into entrepreneurship, athletics, nutrition, goal setting and much more with the Saskatoon-based business owner and athlete. 
September 19, 2021
Episode 03 - Permission to Rest
We know that we can all be our own worst critics, especially when it comes to the expectations we put on ourselves for personal performance, whether that is personally or professionally. During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, U.S. superstar gymnast Simone Biles got the world talking about mental health and boundaries when she withdrew herself from a number of gymnastics events. In this episode, Kalli digs into the expectations we put on ourselves, how we can all feel similar pressure in our daily lives, and how we can give ourselves permission to rest -- let's just call it the Simon Biles effect.
September 12, 2021
Episode 02 - Kaleb Dahlgren
When we talk about people being resilient, Kaleb Dahlgren's name should come up in the conversation. A survivor of the 2018 Humboldt Broncos bus crash, Dahlgren has been looking adversity in the eye since he was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic when he was four years old. Now, an accomplished best selling author on the road to a career as a chiropractor, Dahlgren sits down with Kalli to talk about diabetic health, traumatic brain injuries, nutrition, and the jams that get him pumped out for a workout. This is one you don't want to miss. 
September 05, 2021
Episode 01 - Welcome!
Surprise! I'm Kalli Youngstrom and this is the latest labour of love in my KY Wellness family. What is Keep Yourself Well? Well, have a listen to learn a bit about me and to find out what you can expect in upcoming episodes!
September 05, 2021