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Seriously Social

Seriously Social

By Keith
Each episode, Sociallyin founder and CEO, Keith Kakadia, interviews leading experts in social media to gain insight into social trends, techniques, and upcoming shifts in the market. The listener gets a behind the scenes look at how some of the biggest brands in the world market their company.
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Turning an Internship into a Career
Greg McCarthy took one of the first college-level social media classes offered back in 2013 and from there his career took flight. Listen to Greg discuss how he turned an internship into an opportunity that set his career on the path he is on today. 
October 12, 2020
Reaching the Five Thousand: An In-Depth Glance at Social Media From a MegaChurch Perspective
Alana Sharp dives into the ins and outs of being the social media director at Church of the Highlands in the latest episode of the Seriously Social Podcast!
September 28, 2020
Even Non-Profits Need Profits: Utilizing Social Media Marketing for Donations
In this episode, Director Of Marketing and Communications at NTI, Mike Sanders, discusses the innovative ways NTI has developed an online presence. From influencer engagements with Portugal the Man and the cast of Breaking Bad, to more traditional medias like TV and radio, Mike has leveraged it all to get the word out about NTI. 
September 14, 2020
They may develop video games, but when it comes to social media, Schell is not playing around
Dive into the video game marketing landscape with guest speaker Dwayne Waite Jr. of Schell Games on the latest episode of the Seriously Social Podcast. Find out what Dwayne’s day-to-day life in video game marketing looks like and how he approaches the landscape in an innovative way. You’ll get a glimpse of the strategies behind the release of new titles on social and how Dwayne takes it all in stride with a plan to reach customers all around the globe. Listen now!
August 31, 2020
Putting the Focus on Funds: Raising Money on Social with The American Cancer Society
After spending over a decade in the social media space, Laura DePeters of the American Cancer Society is sharing her incredible social media insight, including a wealth of information about how the American Cancer Society is utilizing social media for brand awareness and fundraising through a global health crisis.  In this episode, Laura also gives us a glimpse into how the American Cancer Society has structured their social media profiles and communities to effectively reach their audience around the globe. 
August 18, 2020
Sip happens: How this Birmingham bar is pivoting their social media strategy to stay relevant in 2020
Biomedical Neuroscience PhD Candidate turned bar owner, Rylie Hightower, reveals her motivation behind opening a space where educational and professional development is encouraged! Hear about how Rylie tackled the complicated world of social media marketing to pack the house and turn Lumbar into a Birmingham staple.  0:15: Introduction of our guest: Rylie Hightower 0:50: Rylie's background in social media and how she got involved with Lumbar.  5:05: How Rylie has made the space effective as a collaborative environment, perfect for idea cultivation.  7:30: Why Rylie has chosen to stay closed inside during COVID-19. 8:25: How Rylie is utilizing social media marketing for Lumbar and how her strategy has shifted over the last couple years.  9:55: Sticking to the basics on social to avoid confusion during lockdown. 11:30: Rylie talks about paid advertising and the frequency of her posting. 14:10: Rylie's take on the best approach to social media management. 16:19: How Rylie handles photography for Lumbar. 18:45: Tiktok and Lumbar: How Rylie wants to embrace the TikTok platform as an outlet for creative energy through marketing. 19:45: Rylie's favorite social media platforms. 21:40: Conclusion
August 03, 2020
Global Marketing Campaigns Explained by an Expert in Social Media
From copywriting for brands on Myspace to becoming Experian's first social media manager to running global campaigns, Mike Delgado has done it all! In the episode, Mike delves deep into the challenges of marketing and social listening amidst a global health crisis and in the face of outward racism on social platforms. Mike also reveals the details of Experian's global marketing strategy, how they structure their different accounts, and how to utilize different languages to communicate in a native way with international audiences. 
July 20, 2020
How to market one of the largest universities in the U.S.
Take a look inside the mind of the woman behind the social media for the University of Michigan, Nikki Sunstrum. The University of Michigan is among the greatest academic institutions in the world. Attracting top-tier faculty and researchers, Umich stands out as a leader in biomedical science, engineering, medicine, law, business, economics, political science, psychology, and so much more!
July 07, 2020
How Samford University Rode the Rise of Social Media
The United States' 87th-oldest institution of higher learning tackles the newest form of communication - Social Media!  Social Media Manager, Charissa Carnall, goes into detail about what it takes to build and run a well-known university's social presence. From strategy, to different platform voices, to seasonal engagement changes; Charissa gives a comprehensive view of Samford's approach to the ever-changing world of social media. 
June 22, 2020
How e.l.f. Cosmetics got over 3 Billion views on Tik Tok with the “Eyes, Lips, Face” challenge
Seriously Social's first guest is the incredible Samantha de Castro - the Social Media Manager for e.l.f. Cosmetics! In this episode, Samantha talks about what it takes to get to where she is today, what it's like working with a brand like e.l.f., and discusses the details of the brand's VERY successful "Eyes, Lips, Face" challenge on Tik Tok!  You can view this episode with video at  0:05: Opening Comments/Introduction  5:10: How marketing and business professionals can get involved in social media marketing 6:20: What a day looks like in social media working for a company like e.l.f. 8:00: e.l.f. getting involved with paid advertising on TikTok 8:30: Establishing a community 10:50: Samantha explains the details behind their recent TikTok hashtag campaign 12:10: How TikTok influencers are different from influencers on other platforms 12:30: How e.l.f. took advantage of TikTok's platform to meet the perfect influencers for their #eyeslipsface challenge 14:10: How TikTok is growing and why the algorithm is affecting the number of people who are moving over to TikTok from Instagram 16:10: e.l.f.'s strategy on Instagram 18:15: How e.l.f. is fostering UGC by reaching out to influencers across Instagram 19:20: e.l.f. takes advantage of Stories on Instagram 21:20: Samantha explains e.l.f.'s social media strategy going into 2020 21:50: Closing comments (This episode was recorded in 2019, so Samantha's comments on e.l.f.'s strategy moving into 2020 were pre-COVID-19 and have since likely been adjusted) 
June 08, 2020
Meet Keith - Founder and CEO of Sociallyin and host of the Seriously Social Podcast!  Be on the lookout for a new episode of Seriously Social every 2 weeks starting Monday, June 8th! 
May 29, 2020