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Klezmer Podcast

Klezmer Podcast

By Keith Wolzinger
Interviews, Music, and News from the world of Klezmer and Jewish music.
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Klezmer Podcast 134- Louisa Lyne
Yiddish and Klezmer from Sweden     Klezmer Podcast 134- Louisa Lyne. Louisa Lyne is a wonderful Yiddish singer from Malmo, Sweden. She performs with her group Di Yiddishe Kapelye and have been on the scene for several years. Her latest album is A Farblondzhete Blondinke a collection of well know favorites and original songs. We get to … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 134- Louisa Lyne"
December 15, 2017
Klezmer Podcast 133- Ori Kaplan of Balkan Beat Box
Balkan Beat Box In Hollywood   Klezmer Podcast 133- Ori Kaplan of Balkan Beat Box. Balkan Beat Box was back in Los Angeles and put on a wonderful show. Ori Kaplan was kind enough to spend a few minutes with me before the show to talk about the latest happenings with the group and their … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 133- Ori Kaplan of Balkan Beat Box"
July 23, 2017
Klezmer Podcast 132- Amos Hoffman and Yale Strom
The Desert Caravan Concert featuring Amos Hoffman and Noam Lemish This episode features and interview with Amos Hoffman and Yale Strom, just prior to the Desert Caravan concert at San Diego State University on April 12, 2017. A Guitar and Oud player, Hoffman has teamed with Pianist Noam Lemish for a new project of jazz-influenced … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 132- Amos Hoffman and Yale Strom"
June 02, 2017
Klezmer Podcast 131- Mike Anklewicz of KlezFactor
New Album Europa From KlezFactor Mike Anklewicz is a well-known Toronto area musician and composer, and leader of KlezFactor. His latest album Europa is a collection of original Jazz-infused compositions recorded by band members in both Canada and Germany. Check out the track Naftule Strikes Bach and prepare to be taken on a wonderful journey … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 131- Mike Anklewicz of KlezFactor"
December 07, 2016
Klezmer Podcast 130- David Krakauer and Fred Wesley of Abraham, Inc.
Funk Meets Hip-Hip Meets Klezmer Clarinetist David Krakauer and DJ Socalled have been great musical collaborators for many years. But the move to add Trombonist Fred Wesley sent them on a new trajectory to a new sonic landscape. Abraham Inc. blends Klezmer, hip-hop, and Funk in a way that creates a new genre that sets … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 130- David Krakauer and Fred Wesley of Abraham, Inc."
November 16, 2016
Klezmer Podcast 129- Paul Green
Klezmer Meets Jazz This episode features an interview with Clarinetist Paul Green, who has released a new album of Jazz/Klezmer, Music Coming Together. Green does a great job of blending the two genres, particularly on the Klezmer tunes Der Gasn Nigun and Papirosen. But he also is comfortable going the other way, too, as seen in … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 129- Paul Green"
May 25, 2016
Klezmer Podcast 128- Lenka Lichtenberg
Yiddish Music From Genghis Cohen Lenka Lichtenberg is a vocalist based in Toronto, Canada and is always finding new ways to create Jewish music. Her latest album, Yiddish Journey, takes us on another musical adventure. Lenka has a unique style that blends traditional elements with cross- cultural influences, such as using Oud and Tabla instruments. … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 128- Lenka Lichtenberg"
April 04, 2016
Klezmer Podcast 127- Sasha Margolis
Klezmer From New York Sasha Margolis is the Violinist of the band Big Galut(e) of New York City. They have released a self-titled debut album, consisting of traditional Klezmer tunes, along with some originals, including one of my new favorites The True Story Of Carmen, a Mickey Katz- inspired parody of the famous Opera. We … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 127- Sasha Margolis"
December 13, 2015
Klezmer Podcast 126- Alicia Svigals
Alicia Svigals Klezmer Violin Alicia Svigals Alicia Svigals is a New York- based Violinist who has been a fixture in Jewish music since the early days of the Klezmer Revival. I met up with Alicia after her workshop/concert at the New York Klezmer Series, where she performed with Lauren Brody, Aaron Alexander, and Marty Confurious. … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 126- Alicia Svigals"
November 05, 2015
Klezmer Podcast 125- The Spike Orchestra
Radical Jewish Music   Eastmond Sam Eastmond of The Spike Orchestra is a composer, arranger, and Trumpet player in London, UK. The latest album GHETTO is an exploration of WW II life in the Warsaw Ghetto, through a suite of pieces comprising a 20- piece big band, a 10- piece Spiketet, and a Trumpet/Voice duo. Eastmond describes the … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 125- The Spike Orchestra"
August 25, 2015
Klezmer Podcast 124- San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir
Klezmer Podcast 124- San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir Kochi: A Musical Journey Celebrating The History Of The Jews In India This episode features an interview with Ruth Weber, Director of the San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir. Their latest album, Kochi,  was released today, and blends Jewish and Indian music. This is a new … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 124- San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir"
August 08, 2015
Klezmer Podcast 123- Litvakus
Klezmer From Belarus Klezmer Podcast 123- Litvakus. This episode features an interview with Zisl Slepovitch of the new band Litvakus, from Brooklyn. They have just released their first album Raysn- The Music of Jewish Belarus. Zisl is a great musician, singer, musicologist, and Yiddishist. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, he brings the music of that region … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 123- Litvakus"
March 18, 2015
Klezmer Podcast 122- Zebrina
Klezmer Jazz From Canada Klezmer Podcast 122- Jonathan Feldman. From Ashkenaz Festival, Jonathan Feldman and Zebrina performed music from their latest album Hamidbar Medaber. Here, Jonathan talks about the album and more about the band. We hear the track Higher Power. Run time: 30:00.
March 15, 2015
Klezmer Podcast 121- Simja Dujov
Simja Dujov Klezmer, Gypsy, Cumbia, Surf, etc.   Klezmer Podcast 121- Simja Dujov. Another episode from the 2014 Ashkenaz Festival, my guest is Simja Dujov of Argentina. There is a diverse Jewish music scene there, and Dujov pushes the limits with his DJ mix of Klezmer, Gypsy, Cumbia, and Surf music. He puts on a … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 121- Simja Dujov"
February 25, 2015
Klezmer Podcast 120- Steven Greenman
Klezmer Violinist Steven Greenman Klezmer Podcast 120- Steven Greenman. This episode features an interview with Violinist Steven Greenman. Steven is a long time Klezmer musician who is also a master of Gypsy/Roma and Classical music. Here Steven speaks about his recent projects such as a collaboration with Chinese Pipa artist Gao Hong. He also performs … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 120- Steven Greenman"
February 24, 2015
Klezmer Podcast 119- Zion80
Zion80 at Ashkenaz Festival   Klezmer Podcast 119- Jon Madof. Continuing with the series from the Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto, my guest is Jon Madof of the band Zion80 from New York City. The powerhouse 11-member band plays Afrobeat influenced Carlbach repertoire. We hear the track Asher Bara from their self-titled album Zion80. Run time: … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 119- Zion80"
December 12, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 118- David Buchbinder
David Buchbinder at Ashkenaz Festival 2014   Klezmer Podcast 118- David Buchbinder. Canadian Trumpeter Devid Buchbinder returns to Klezmer Podcast as part of my series from the 2014 Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto. David is involved in several projects, and his Odessa/Havana group has released their second album, Walk To The Sea, a continuation of his … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 118- David Buchbinder"
December 09, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 117- Briga
Klezmer At Ashkenaz 2014     Klezmer Podcast 117: Briga This episode begins a series of interviews made during the Ashkenaz Festival 2014 held in Toronto. My guest on this episode is Brigitte Briga Dajczer of the band Briga, based in Montreal. She has released several albums to date, and here we listen to Filipovtsi … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 117- Briga"
November 20, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 116- Isle Of Klezbos
Klezmer in New York City   Klezmer Podcast 116- Isle Of Klezbos. This Podcast episode features Eve Sicular of the Isle Of Klezbos, based in New York City. Their latest album is Live From Brooklyn, and features a wide range of Klezmer styles, from traditional to jazz and reggae. The band has a lot of … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 116- Isle Of Klezbos"
July 30, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 115- Golem
Klezmer Podcast 115- Golem. This episode features an interview with Annette Ezekiel Kogan of the band Golem. The band has released a new album, Tanz, and we hear the title track. Run time: 23:40.
May 12, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 114- Estelle Goldfarb
Klezmer podcast 114- Estelle Goldfarb. This episode features a two-part interview with Violinist Estelle Goldfarb. Estelle talks about her new album Naissance, and her musical journey from classical to hip hop, acoustic to electric. We hear the tracks Tchek and 10h22. Run time: 41:39.
May 06, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 113- Sarah Aroeste
Klezmer Podcast 113- Sarah Aroeste. This episode features an interview with Sarah Aroeste, a Ladino singer specializing in music from the Sephardic tradition of Greece. We hear the track Gracia, from her album of the same name. Run time: 22:19.
May 03, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 112- Judith Cohen
Klezmer Podcast 112- Judith Cohen. The interview guest on this episode is Judith Cohen, an Ethnomusicologist from Canada. Judith specializes in Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) music. We hear the track Ester Mi Bien from her album Canciones De Sefarad. Run time: 16:50.
April 27, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 111- Tiembla El Moehl
Klezmer Podcast 111- Tiembla El Moehl. This episode features an interview with the band Tiembla El Moehl, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They play a lively, upbeat style of Jewish/Klezmer, and keep very busy with Jewish events around the area, plus touring around South America. We hear their track Shuster. Run time: 27:43
February 13, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 110- Klezmerson
Klezmer Podcast 110- Klezmerson. On this episode my interview guests are Benjamin Shwartz and Dan Zlotnik of the band Klezmerson, from Mexico City. Klezmerson blends Latin rhythms and Klezmer to create a unique musical style all their own. We hear the track Augmented from the album 7. I caught the band at Skirball Center in … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 110- Klezmerson"
February 12, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 109- Jaffa Road
Klezmer Podcast 109- Jaffa Road. This episode features an interview with the members of Jaffa Road, while they were in residence at Kleztival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We hear the track Avre Los Ojos from the album Where The Light Gets In. We also hear from Aviva on her track Chadesh Yameinu from the … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 109- Jaffa Road"
January 31, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 108- London Klezmer Quartet
Klezmer Podcast 108- London Klezmer Quartet. This episode features a return visit with Ilana Cravitz of London Klezmer Quartet. LKQ have released their second album, Welcome to Butterfield Green N16. The album features both classic klezmer pieces and new works composed by Cravitz and band members Susi Evans and Carol Isaacs. We hear the track … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 108- London Klezmer Quartet"
January 29, 2014
Klezmer Podcast 107- Nicole Borger (Klezmer4)
Klezmer Podcast 107- Nicole Borger. This episode features an interview with Nicole Borger of the group Klezmer4, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Besides her own music, she is involved with the Brazilian Jewish Music Institute (Instituto Da Musica Judaica Brasil), and Kleztival, a Jewish music festival. We hear Nova Cancao/Dos Naye Lid from the album … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 107- Nicole Borger (Klezmer4)"
September 20, 2013
Klezmer Podcast 106 – Gaston Mohadeb
Klezmer Podcast 106- Gaston Mohadeb. This episode features an interview with Gaston Mohadeb of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gaston is the leader of Sherbamate Productora, which produces his bands Orquesta KEF and La Gypsy, among other acts. From KEF we hear El Majamedlei from the album KEF, … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 106 – Gaston Mohadeb"
September 19, 2013
Klezmer Podcast 105- Shir
Klezmer Podcast 105- Shir. My interview guest on this episode is Ivor Goldberg of the band Shir, based in london, UK. Shir have released three albums, play in Klezmer, Israeli, and Sephardic styles, and sing in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino. We hear two tracks, Shecharchoret and Silver Wedding, both from the album Ashk’farad. Run time: … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 105- Shir"
June 03, 2013
Klezmer Podcast 104- Daphna Sadeh
Klezmer Podcast 104- Daphna Sadeh. On this episode of the podcast my guest is Daphna Sadeh. Daphna is a musician and composer originally from Israel, and now living in the UK. We discuss her most recent work, Born In Parallel, a four- movement piece combining elements of Middle Eastern, Jazz, and Baroque Classical styles. We … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 104- Daphna Sadeh"
May 31, 2013
Klezmer Podcast 103- Klezmer Kollectiv
Klezmer Podcast 103- Klezmer Kollectiv. Among the new crop of Klezmer bands in the UK is Klezmer Kollectiv. They’ve been spreading the joy to young audiences in clubs around the London area, and have garnered a loyal following. I met up with three of the band members: Adam Cross-Clarinet; Jacob Shaw-Sax; James Hulme-Cajon. We hear … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 103- Klezmer Kollectiv"
April 23, 2013
Klezmer Podcast 102- Zebrina
Klezmer Podcast 102- Zebrina. This episode features an interview with Jonathan Feldman, leader of Zebrina, a Toronto-based Klezmer/Jazz fusion band. Jonathan explains his Jazz roots and how he came to Klezmer through his association with John Zorn. The Jazz is straight-ahead, and be sure to check out Jonathan playing the Rhodes keyboard. Zebrina’s latest … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 102- Zebrina"
March 20, 2013
Klezmer Podcast 101- Jenni Alpert
Klezmer Podcast 101- Jenni Alpert. On this episode we take a break from the Klezmer scene and go in a new direction, with Pop singer/songwriter Jenni Alpert. A Los Angeles native, Alpert has been writing her own material for quite some time. She has a smooth sound with a touch of jazz. The interview was … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 101- Jenni Alpert"
March 13, 2013
Klezmer Podcast 100- Trans Siberian March Band
Klezmer Podcast 100- Trans Siberian March Band. Welcome to the 100th episode of Klezmer Podcast. Since it began in January 2007, I have met amazing musicians from around the world, and have made friends with so many of them. The fans have been wonderful as well, and I appreciate your support. While in London recently, … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 100- Trans Siberian March Band"
February 04, 2013
Klezmer Podcast 99- Heather Klein
Klezmer Podcast 99- Heather Klein. There is a growing number of Yiddish singers around the world these days, but there are only a handful performing Yiddish Art Song. Heather Klein is among this small circle of performers, and from listening to her new album, Heather Klein’s Inextinguishable Trio presents: Shifreles Portret: A Yiddish Art Song … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 99- Heather Klein"
January 28, 2013
Klezmer Podcast 98- Bubbeleh
Klezmer Podcast 98- Bubbeleh. By an act of random coincidence I found myself at a performance of Bubbeleh, a wonderful Los Angeles- based band. They perform a good deal of original material, making the band sound fresh and exciting. I met up with band member Max Kutner after the show, and had a conversation outside … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 98- Bubbeleh"
December 01, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 97- Klezwoods
Klezmer Podcast 97- Klezwoods. There are many bands sprouting up around Boston these days, and Klezwoods has been bringing their own style to the scene for a few years now. I sat down to visit with Sam Dechenne to get an idea of what is happening with the band. We also hear the track Egypt … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 97- Klezwoods"
December 01, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 96- Hankus Netsky
Klezmer Podcast 96- Hankus Netsky. On this episode, I visit with Hankus Netsky of the New England Conservatory. We talk about his latest project, Eternal Echoes: Songs And Dances For The Soul, a collaboration with Itzhak Perlman and Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot. Netsky was Co-Producer and Musical Director for the album, and we hear what … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 96- Hankus Netsky"
November 29, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 95- Shpilkes
Klezmer Podcast 95- Shpilkes. On my recent visit to Paris, France, I met up with Eleonore Biezunski of the band Shpilkes. Eleonore is a wonderful Violinist and Vocalist, who has performed with several groups around Paris and has participated in several Klezmer and Yiddish workshops. We also hear the track Hoffman Mazel Tov from their … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 95- Shpilkes"
November 09, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 94- Gefilte Swing
Klezmer Podcast 94- Gefilte Swing. While visiting Paris, I was able to catch a performance by Gefilte Swing, a band that specializes in Swing-Era Yiddish song. They have great energy, and have a real love for this music. We hear the track Besarabye from the album Yidl Mitn Swing. … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 94- Gefilte Swing"
October 08, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 93- Roberto Rodriguez and Orquesta Sarabia
Klezmer Podcast 93- Roberto Rodriguez and Orquesta Sarabia. One of the things I like most about Roberto Rodriguez is that I never know what he will do next. It is always a surprise and a delight to discover his music, in whatever form it takes. And Orquesta Sarabia is no exception. An exotic blend of … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 93- Roberto Rodriguez and Orquesta Sarabia"
October 05, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 92- Alon Nechushtan
Klezmer Podcast 92- Alon Nechushtan. This episode of the podcast features Jazz with a Jewish twist from Alon Nechushtan and his group Talat. The band is based in New York, and blends contemporary jazz with Jewish melodies. Run time: 16:32.
September 10, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 91- Balkan Beat Box
Klezmer Podcast 91- Balkan Beat Box. My interview guest on this episode is Tamir Muscat of Balkan Beat Box. The band was in Los Angeles recently, on tour for their new album Give. We hear the track No Man’s Land. Run time: 15:30
August 30, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 90- Kabbalah
There has been an increase in the number of bands coming out of France, and Kabbalah, from Marseilles, is the latest to break out and visit North America. Their style is Yiddish DaDa, and has a vibe that you cannot resist. We hear the track Elephant Mentsch from the album Boxes, Bagels & Elephants. Run time: 27:17.
August 29, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 89 – Golden State Klezmers
Klezmer Podcast 89- Golden State Klezmers. My guests on this episode are Zinovy Goro, Richard Bernard, and Vic Koler of Golden State Klezmers. Zinovy Goro came to America from Ukraine, where he was not allowed to play Jewish music. His story is fascinating, and he has put together a great band. We hear GSK live, performing 7:40. After that, we hear a new track, Meshuge, from David Kleinman's Yiddish Dub Project, from France.
May 29, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 88- Mostly Kosher
Klezmer podcast 88- Mostly Kosher. The interview guest on this episode is Leeav Sofer, leader of the band Mostly Kosher, based in Long Beach, CA. He is very enthusiastic, and put out a lot of great energy in his show. We also hear the band in live performance. Run time: 23:10.
May 09, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 87- Yaeko Miranda Elmeleh
Klezmer Podcast 87- Yaeko Miranda Elmaleh. On this episode of the podcast I visit with Boston-based Violinist Yaeko Miranda Elmaleh. She recently released her self-titled debut album. The music is gorgeous and the audio quality is superb. We get to hear the track Waltz From The Hills Of Manchuria from the album. Run time: … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 87- Yaeko Miranda Elmeleh"
February 26, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 86- Benjy Fox-Rosen
Klezmer Podcast 86- Benjy Fox-Rosen. One of my favorite Klezmer friends is Bassist/Vocalist Benjy Fox-Rosen. He is in great demand on the Klezmer scene, and recently launched his first album as a Klezmer bandleader, Tick Tock. It is a great album, and features many top performers in the genre. We hear his track Hudl Mitn … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 86- Benjy Fox-Rosen"
February 22, 2012
Klezmer Podcast 85- The Shpil
Klezmer Podcast 85- The Shpil. This episode features an interview with The Shpil, a band from Los Angeles. They performed at Genghis Cohen, and we hear their live performance of Samuel Goldberg Variations. The band performs traditional Klezmer and Yiddish styles, plus other styles that have been given a Klezmer treatment. Run time: 20.28.
December 23, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 84- Geoff Berner
Klezmer Podcast 84 features an interview with Geoff Berner, recorded at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles on 30 September 2011
November 11, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 83- London Klezmer Quartet
Klezmer Podcast 83- London Klezmer Quartet. This episode features an interview with Ilana Cravitz of London Klezmer Quartet. The group has released their self-titled debut album, The London Klezmer Quartet. The band plays in a traditional style, but have added a few original tunes of their own. We get to hear one of these originals, … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 83- London Klezmer Quartet"
September 13, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 82- Mames Babegenush
Klezmer Podcast 82- Mames Babegenush. The interview guests on this episode are Emil Goldschmidt and Bo Rande of Mames Babegenush, from Denmark. The band has a new album titled My Heart Aches When The Angels Dance. The band plays both traditional Klezmer as well as their own original compositions. It is an exciting sound that … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 82- Mames Babegenush"
July 13, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 81- Isra-Alien
Klezmer Podcast 81- Isra-Alien. This episode features an interview with Gilad Ben-Zvi and Oren Neiman of the band Isra-Alien, from New York. They are a Guitar duo playing Mediterranean-influenced music on Nylon-string and Steel-string guitars. They have released a self-titled album, Isra-Alien. From the album we hear Santorini Sunsets. Run time: 38:58.
June 16, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 80- Breslov Bar Band
Klezmer Podcast 80- Breslov Bar Band. This episode features an interview with Binyomin Ginzberg of Breslov Bar Band, based in the New York City area. The band has released a new album, titled Have No Fear. The band explores traditional and contemporary musical expressions of the Breslov Chassidim. We also listen to the track B’motzoei … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 80- Breslov Bar Band"
June 11, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 79- Polina Shepherd (Skovoroda) and Merlin Shepherd
Klezmer Podcast 79- Polina Shepherd (Skovoroda) and Merlin Shepherd. Polina’s recent album is titled Civilization, featuring songs in Yiddish and Russian, accompanied by Merlin with Fanfara. On this album Polina explores her musical roots through Jewish, Tatar, Ukrainian, Cossack, and Russian songs. She talks about the Islamic influence of growing up in Tatarstan. Merlin talks … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 79- Polina Shepherd (Skovoroda) and Merlin Shepherd"
March 24, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 78- Yemen Blues
Klezmer Podcast 78- Yemen Blues. This episode features the new band Yemen Blues. The band has a self-titled debut album, and is on their first North American tour. My interview guests are bandleader and Lead Vocalist Ravid Kahalani and Trumpet player Itamar Borochov. We hear the track Om Min Al Yaman from the album. Run … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 78- Yemen Blues"
March 10, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 77- Balkan Beat Box
Klezmer Podcast 77- Balkan Beat Box. This episode features an interview with Ori Kaplan and Tomer Yosef of Balkan Beat Box, the worldwide phenomenon that crosses cultures and genres and has become a big hit with audiences of all generations. We talk about their latest album, … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 77- Balkan Beat Box"
March 02, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 76- Yiddish Princess
Klezmer Podcast 76- Yiddish Princess. On this episode we get to hear from New York-based Yiddish Princess. Yiddish Princess stands feet firmly planted both in the folk poetry of Yiddish song and the enticing sounds of 80s and 90s rock music. We hear the track Ver Vet Blaybn … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 76- Yiddish Princess"
February 19, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 75- Joel Rubin
Klezmer Podcast 75- Joel Rubin. This episode features an interview with Joel Rubin. Joel is a Clarinetist, ethnomusicologist, and is on the faculty of the University of Virginia. This is his second appearance on the Podcast. His group, The Joel Rubin Ensemble, has a new album on Traditional … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 75- Joel Rubin"
February 18, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 74- Molotow Brass Orkestar
Klezmer Podcast 74- Molotow Brass Orkestar. The interview guest on this episode is Reimar Walthert of Molotow Brass Orkestar. The group is based in Switzerland and plays a blend of Klezmer, Gypsy, and Swiss folk music. The self-titled album is available from WM Recordings. We hear … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 74- Molotow Brass Orkestar"
February 12, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 73- Jake Shulman-Ment
Klezmer Podcast 73: Jake Shulman-Ment. This episode features an interview with Violinist Jake Shulman-Ment. Jake is from New York, and studied with Alicia Svigals and Bob Cohen. Besides leading his own band, he is a member of Romashka. His album is titled “A Wheel” or … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 73- Jake Shulman-Ment"
February 03, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 72- Electro Morocco
Klezmer Podcast 72- Electro Morocco. For this we have Assaf Spector and Roy Gurel of Electro Morocco. Originally from Israel, these Brooklyn-based musicians bring a fresh sound to their songs. Their style of electro-pop, rock, and middle eastern sensibilities blend together to make a sound that is truly unique. After the interview watch the music … Continue reading Klezmer Podcast 72- Electro Morocco →
January 31, 2011
Klezmer Podcast 71- Jim Guttmann
Klezmer Podcast 71- Jim Guttmann. My guest on this episode is Bass player Jim Guttmann. He is probably best known for his work with the Klezmer Conservatory Band, but also leads his own ensemble. His debut release is “Bessarabian Breakdown” from Kleztone Records. He discusses his involvement with Klezmer music, his work with KCB, and … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 71- Jim Guttmann"
December 04, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 70- 8th Day
Klezmer Podcast 70- 8th Day. This episode features an interview with Chasidic rock band 8th Day, featuring the Marcus Brothers. The band has a great sound, and mixes rock, reggae, and spirituality. We hear the song Tracht Gut from their album 8th Day Live. Run time: 18:26.
November 09, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 69- Babayaga
Klezmer Podcast 69- Babayaga. On this episode my interview guest is Yann Le Glaz, Saxophonist and leader of Babayaga, a band based in France. The band plays an eclectic mix of traditional and modern Klezmer with some Balkan influences. Yann talks about his interest in Klezmer, a new Vocalist for the band, and an … Continue reading "Klezmer Podcast 69- Babayaga"
September 23, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 68- Red Hot Chachkas
Klezmer Podcast 68- Julie Egger. On this episode, I talk with Julie Egger, leader of the Red Hot Chachkas, based in the San Francisco area. The band has released a new album, Beats Without Borders. The band has been branching out from their local area, and has started touring. They will be appearing at this year’s … Continue reading Klezmer Podcast 68- Red Hot Chachkas →
July 17, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 67- Jon Madof
Klezmer Podcast 67- Jon Madof. My guest for this episode is New York-based Guitarist Jon Madof, leader of the Jewish power trio Rashanim. He also leads a larger group, Circuit Breaker.
July 07, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 66- Maxwell Street Klezmer Band
My interview guests are Vocalist/Bandleader Lori Lippitz and Violinist Alex Kauffman. The band is known for its Chicago-style American Klezmer.
June 17, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 65- Pitom
The guest is Yoshie Fruchter of the New York- based band Pitom. The band describes itself on their website as “Punkassjewjazz.” I couldn’t describe it any better. It’s all instrumental rock with a Jewish sensibility.
April 28, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 64- Sound Off For Haiti
This episode is dedicated to the earthquake victims in Haiti. A musical response to the earthquake was the Sound Off For Haiti festival, organized by Jessica Valiente, a New York City- based musician of the band Los Mas Valientes. We also hear from Metropolitan Klezmer Band members Eve Sicular and Debra Kreisberg.
April 22, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 63- The Shpil
Violinist Claire Bergen is the leader of Los Angeles-based The Shpil. The band plays a mix of traditional and original music, plus some Klezmerized covers of other songs.
March 10, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 62- Shetl Band Amsterdam
On this episode I am very pleased to welcome Michiel Ockeloen (Accordion) of Shtetl Band Amsterdam. He talks about discovering Klezmer music, his experience at KlezKanada, and performing original songs in a traditional style.
February 19, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 61- Sergiu Popa and Jessica Gal
Sergiu (Accordion) and Jessica (Violin) are Montreal-based musicians who play a wide variety of Eastern European music including Klezmer, Gypsy, Russian, Turkish, and Balkan.
February 16, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 60- Eric Stein
This episode features an interview with Eric Stein, leader of the band Beyond The Pale, based in Toronto. The band has a new album, “Postcards.” The music is an eclectic mix of Klezmer, Folk, and Jazz.
January 13, 2010
Klezmer Podcast 59- Dan Blacksberg
This episode features an interview with Trombonist Dan Balcksberg. Dan has been very active in the east coast Klezmer scene and has appeared with many well known groups.
December 02, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 58- Klezfactor
My interview guest this week is Mike Anklewicz from the band Klezfactor, based in Toronto, Canada. The band’s latest album is Klezmachine.
October 15, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 57- The Sway Machinery
Klezmer Podcast 57- The Sway Machinery. My interview guest is Jeremiah Lockwood of The Sway Machinery.
October 07, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 56- Klezmania
Klezmer Podcast 56- Klezmania. My guest on this episode is Freydi Mrocki of the band Klezmania, based in Melbourne, Australia. We chat about Jewish life in Australia and the Klezmer/Yiddish music scene in Melbourne.
September 30, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 55- Edouard Kagansky.
Klezmer Podcast 55- Edouard Kagansky. I met so many interesting people this year at KlezKanada. One of them is Edouard Kagansky, an Accordion player originally from Moldova, now living in Canada.
September 18, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 54- Watcha Clan
Klezmer Podcast 54- Watcha Clan. My guests are the members of Watcha Clan, who performed in Los Angeles on 17 July, 2009 on their North America tour.
July 24, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 53- Balkan beat Box
Klezmer Podcast 53- Balkan beat Box. My interview guests are Tamir Muskat, Ori Kaplan, and Tomer Yosef of Balkan Beat Box. Their music is a mix of Mediterranean/Balkan, electronica, and punk rock.
July 11, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 52- Pharaoh’s Daughter
Klezmer Podcast 52- Pharaoh’s Daughter. My interview guest is Basya Schechter, leader of Pharaoh’s Daughter. Basya discusses her approach to the music, the cultural mix of the music, and what is next for the band. We hear the track Kah Ribon.
July 08, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 51- Watcha Clan
Klezmer Podcast 51- Watcha Clan. In news this week KlezKanada is open for registration. It will be held 24-30 August, 2009. My interview guest is Clem from the band Watcha Clan, based in Marseilles, France.
April 23, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 50- Ljova And The Kontraband
Klezmer Podcast 50- Ljova And The Kontraband. My guests on this episode are Ljova and Inna Barmash.
April 16, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 49- Oi Va Voi
Klezmer Podcast 49- Oi Va Voi. Interview gusts are Oi Va Voi band members Nik Ammar and Stephen Levi. They discuss musical influences from Spanish/Flamenco/Klezmer/Gypsy/Rock/Hip-Hop/Hazzanut.
March 25, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 48- Jewlicious Festival 5.0
Klezmer Podcast 48- Jewlicious Festival 5.0. This is an extended episode with special coverage of the Jewlicious Festival 5.0 in Long Beach, California. We get a backstage and behind the scenes look at some of the performers and the Festival organizer.
March 18, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 47- Max Pashm
Klezmer Podcast 47- Max Pashm
February 05, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 46- Municipale Balcanica
Klezmer Podcast 46- Municipale Balcanica. Municipale Balcanica is a wonderful band from Italy that plays a mix of Klezmer, Gypsy, and Eastern Eurpean music with an Italian flair. Their new album is Road To Damascus.
January 29, 2009
Klezmer Podcast 45- Hanukkah
Klezmer Podcast 45- Hanukkah. This is a special episode of Klezmer Podcast focusing on the Lights: Celebrate Hanukkah Live In Concert program airing on PBS Television during the month of December, 2008.
December 21, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 44- Mitch Smolkin
Klezmer Podcast 44- Mitch Smolkin. This episode features an interview with Toronto-based Vocalist Mitch Smolkin. He has released a new Yiddish/English CD, A Song Is Born. 
December 11, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 43- Roberto Rodriguez
Klezmer Podcast 43- Roberto Rodriguez. My guests on this episode are Roberto Rodriguez and Gilad Harel from the band Sexteto Roberto Rodriguez. The band plays a combination of Jewish/Klezmer and Afro-Cuban music.
December 04, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 42- Extreme Klezmer Makeover/Hot Pstromi
Klezmer Podcast 42- Extreme Klezmer Makeover/Hot Pstromi. These interviews were recorded on Sept. 14, 2008 at McCabe's Guitar Shop. Joellen Lapidus from Extreme Klezmer Makover; Yale Strom and Elizabeth Schwartz from Hot Pstromi are the guests.
December 02, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 41- Konsonans Retro
Klezmer Podcast 41- Konsonans Retro. The brass band Konsonans Retro from Ukraine is the guest. There are six band members from Ukraine, plus Christian Dawid, Clarinet; and Guy Schalom, Drums. The band's CD is titled "A Podolian Affair."
November 14, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 40- Aaron Alexander
Klezmer Podcast 40- Aaron Alexander. This episode features an interview with Aaron Alexander, one of the best known Klezmer drummers. Aaron talks about his wide range of musical experiences, the many bands he has performed with, and some upcoming projects.
November 12, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 39- Harmonia
Klezmer Podcast 39- Harmonia. In this episode I interview Harmonia members Steven Greenman and Walter Mahovlich. The band is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The plays music from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, and Macedonia.
September 26, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 38- JUMU
Klezmer Podcast 38- JUMU. Claude Szwimer of JUMU Music is the interview guest. JUMU brings New Jewish Music artists to the attention of both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences in France. 
September 03, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 37- Matt Temkin
Klezmer Podcast 37- Matt Temkin. KlezKanada is coming up 18-24 August. I interview Matt Temkin of Matt Temkin's Yiddishe Jam Band. New CD will be out shortly. Matt talks about the album, the great musicians in his band, and his take on independent music. 
August 07, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 36- Klezmafour
Klezmer Podcast 36- Klezmafour. Wojtek Czaplinski is the Clarinet player in Klezmafour, a new band based in Poland. The music is full of energy, and Wojtek talks about the band, playing Klezmer music in Poland, and their hopes for attracting a wider audience.
July 18, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 35- Metropolitan Klezmer
Klezmer Podcast 35- Metropolitan Klezmer. This episode features an interview with Eve Sicular of Metropolitan Klezmer. The band's latest release is entitled Traveling Show. We listen to portions of Miracle Melody and Baltic Blue from the album. 
June 05, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 34- Odessa/Havana
Klezmer Podcast 34- Odessa/Havana. In the news, I was interviewed in the April edition of NewVoices magazine in an article entitled "Jewish Podcasts That Don't Suck;" added Sameach Music Podcast to the Jewish Arts and Culture Station on Podango.
May 02, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 33- Fern Lindzon
Klezmer Podcast 33- Fern Lindzon.  In news this week I mention several upcoming concerts and Festivals; interview with Fern Lindzon, piano and vocals with Sisters Of Sheynville and The Lithuanian Empire.
April 18, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 32- Tom Puwalski and The Atonement
Klezmer Podcast 32- Tom Puwalski and The Atonement. In this episode I talk to two members of The Atonement, Tom Puwalski and Bobby B. There are also two songs that will be heard. Tom and Bobby describe their sound as Gypsy Swing or Country and Eastern.
March 21, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 31- Brian Bender
Klezmer Podcast 31- Brian Bender. In news this week, I talk about the Klezmer Festival in Furth, Germany, Balkan Beat Box, and the Jewish Music Festival in the San Francisco area. I interview Brian Bender of Little Shop Of Horas and discuss his new CD Eyn Velt.
March 17, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 30- Westchester Klezmer Program
Klezmer Podcast 30- Westchester Klezmer Program. In news this week, I talk about the upcoming Jewish Music Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area, from March 22-30, 2008. In the interview segment I talk with Eric and Mindy Zaidins, and Kenny Green.
February 27, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 29- Yiddishe Cup
Klezmer Podcast 29- Yiddishe Cup. In this episode I interview Bert Stratton of Yiddishe Cup from Cleveland, Ohio. The band was formed in 1988 and plays frequently in the local area, as well as touring internationally. Their latest album is Meshugeneh Mambo.
February 12, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 28- Oy Division
Klezmer Podcast 28- Oy Division. In news this week, I am joining the Podango network. I did an interview for the March issue of New Voices magazine. My interview guest is Assaf Talmudi of Oy Division, a Klezmer band from Israel. 
February 02, 2008
Klezmer Podcast 27- Elaine Hoffman Watts
Klezmer Podcast 27- Elaine Hoffman Watts. Elaine is a longtime Klezmer drummer in the Philadelphia area. She has been a mainstay at KlezKamp and KlezKanada for many years. She recently received a Lifetime Honor National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment For The Arts.
December 30, 2007
Klezmer Podcast 26- Red Hot Chachkas
Klezmer Podcast 26- Red Hot Chachkas. Julie Egger is the leader of Red Hot Chachkas. The new album is titled Spice It Up! Julie discusses forming the band; her musical background; many original songs on the album; her association with KlezCalifornia.
December 13, 2007
Klezmer Podcast 25- David Krakauer
Klezmer Podcast 25- David Krakauer. On this episode David Krakauer stops by for a live in-studio interview. David discusses his current tour, performing Osvaldo Golijov's The Hopes And Prayers Of Isaac The Blind; his new project, Abraham Incorporated.
December 08, 2007
Klezmer Podcast 24: Sisters Of Sheynville
Klezmer Podcast 24: Sisters Of Sheynville. On this episode I interview Lenka Lichtenberg and Isabel Fryszberg from Sisters Of Sheynville, an all-female group that performs Yiddish Swing-Klez in the style of the Barry Sisters. Their new album is titled Sheynville Express.
December 02, 2007
Klezmer Podcast 23- Kenny Ellis. Hanukkah Swings!
Klezmer Podcast 23- Kenny Ellis. Hanukkah Swings! is the big band swing album from Kenny Ellis, with arrangements by Harvey R. Cohen. Kenny grew up listening to big bands like Count Basie and Frank Sinatra. He had an idea to bring this style to the Hanukkah repertoire.
November 15, 2007
Klezmer Podcast 22- The Lithuanian Empire
Klezmer Podcast 22- The Lithuanian Empire.  The Lithuanian Empire is a Klezmer band with members from Canada and the United States. They have released a new album, the self-titled "The Lithuanian Empire." 
November 09, 2007
Klezmer Podcast 21- Eric Stein
Klezmer Podcast 21- Eric Stein. Eric Stein is well known as the leader of Beyond The Pale, and this year has become the Artistic Director for the Ashkenaz Featival, held in Toronto. 
October 26, 2007
Klezmer Podcast 20- Frank London
Klezmer Podcast 20- Frank London.  In new this week, I ask for donations for California fire victims. Donations can be made at the American Red Cross, San Diego Jewish Federation, and Orange County Jewish Federation. Frank talks about his new show A Night In The Old Marketplace.
October 25, 2007