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thoughts & heart talks with kelsea

thoughts & heart talks with kelsea

By Kelsea Macnamara
A podcast focused on helping you create a good, healthy loving relationship with your Self & more!
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episode 5 - thoughts on motivation
A deep dive episode to get to the bottom of our seemingly lack of motivation and how to create it!  Connect with me via instagram: @kelseadarling  or you can find me here: Leave me a note to tell me what you thought :)  xo
March 28, 2022
episode 4 - about me & my journey
Hi Everyone!  This podcast was really tough to make, It's not easy to be vulnerable...  This episode covers the majority of how I got here! Saved for future episodes will be my weight loss journey, spirituality and more about my work as a coach.  As always thank you for listening, reach out and tell me something that resonated with you so I don't feel so naked putting myself out there 😅 🤍 Much love,  Kel  
January 21, 2022
episode 3 - choosing yourself
Hi everyone :)  The show today is about how we can choose our Self, what this means and what it can look like. There are of course so many more ways this can manifest itself, but for the sake of time I wanted to keep it simpler.  This is all a part of trusting our Self and knowing our Self and this is really what I want to touch on in this podcast as a whole.  Here's the link to my coaching calendar if you want to get in touch and see how we can work together! :) Reach out on insta @kelseadarling , tag me with your thoughts & things that stood out or let me know what you think! I want to hear from you! Much love!  - Kel P.S. I'm still tripping over my words and getting the hang of it so thanks for being patient with me
January 16, 2022
episode 2 - my tips on intention setting
Happy New Year everyone!  Today we're going over my tips (and lots of bonus tips) for setting intentions!  Thank you so much for listening, I hope this helped & you enjoyed the episode. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns- I'm all ears!  My coaching calendar: The gratitude app mentioned: All my love,  Kel
January 06, 2022
episode 1 - the intro
Hi everyone, this is episode 1!  You'll get an intro to who I am, what this podcast is all about and when you can hear from me next!  If you're interested or excited to continue listening, subscribe and leave me a comment- I would love to hear from you!  *this is my first podcast and I'm just getting the hang of editing so apologies for the editing at times!
January 02, 2022