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Fundamentals of Freedom

Fundamentals of Freedom

By Kelsey Furlong
Fundamentals of Freedom Podcast features conversations about the nature of consciousness, breaking free and living intentionally. Hosted by Kelsey Furlong, entrepreneur, philosopher, flow seeker and community builder. Creativity, mindset, flow, biohacking, social justice, relationship, wealth, mental health, business, spirituality & entrepreneurship are among the FOF Podcast favorite topics.
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13: Confronting White Narcissism in "Conscious" Communities ft. Grace Havnaer

Fundamentals of Freedom

13: Confronting White Narcissism in "Conscious" Communities ft. Grace Havnaer
In Episode 13, Grace Havnaer and Kelsey share a conversation about how white imagined supremacy permeates conscious communities in covert ways. We discuss virtue signaling, learning to be OK with being wrong, equal energy exchange, authenticity as a requirement for intimacy/connection, and how we can be doing better in the pursuit of social justice as healing. JOIN THE FREE DISCORD COMMUNITY: // KELSEY'S IG: // KELSEY'S BLOG: // FOLLOW GRACE HAVNAER & ENROLL IN HER COURSE: @gracehavnaer 
March 31, 2021
12: Feminine Productivity Looks & Feels Different Than Masculine Productivity
As we work to become more collectively free, the movement to end hustle culture is missing the mark; in this episode, I'll tell you why that is. The way we live and work is evolving, and it will continue to do so. It's time to quit fighting and simply redefine what it means to be productive, starting with our relationship to ourselves. Productivity is the result of how we manage our being, doing, and having. It’s the result of how we manage ourselves in relation to our resources; our energy, time and space. A person’s productive capacity is not the result of how much they do it's how they do it, it's their efficiency and focus and the way that they exist in relation to the doing and the having. For women, efficiency and conscious creation looks very different than it does for men, and in our pursuit to achieve the proverbial "working smarter, not harder," it's essential that we understand and integrate this wisdom. FUNDAMENTALS OF FREEDOM FB GROUP: KELSEY FURLONG INSTAGRAM: SHOP KELSEY'S COURSES/WORK WITH KELSEY:
February 10, 2021
THE FOUNDATION is open for enrollment! My signature 6 month Entrepreneurial Mindset Mastery program for women who want to master the most efficient path to freedom & flow through conscious business ownership. This program will teach you to master the proverbial "work smarter, not harder". Get your biz off the ground or expand your existing one. Enroll In episode 11, Kelsey is sharing her forecast for the month and how to make it the most expansive experience possible. Are you creating intentionally or are you going through the motions with your ego convincing you you can't slow down? February is the month of integration and divine inner union. It's time to realign; reconsider and re-concentrate how we spend our energy in order to expand our capacity and increase our efficiency. Remembering that what we did to get us to where we are is not what we will need to do to get us to where we want to go. Where are you out of alignment and therefore not creating as consciously as you could be? DM me on social, share and tag your takeaways! Shop Kelsey's courses, join the free Facebook group follow on IG
February 2, 2021
10: What I wish I'd known my first two years in business
THE FOUNDATION IS ENROLLING NOW. My entrepreneurial mindset mastery program for women who want to master the entrepreneurial path and create next level freedom through entrepreneurship. Includes my Signature 5E Mindset Mastery Method plus an inside-out education on the foundations of growing a business. In Episode 10, Kelsey discusses going back to work you hate after time away and creating a solid foundation on which to build sustainable work. She shares what she wishes she’d known/had in her first years; how she spent her first 4 years hemorrhaging energy trying to figure it out on her own , and why mentorship is so essential to breaking through. FUNDAMENTALS ENROLLMENT: Email or DM on Instagram  // SHOP ALL OF MY COURSES/INFO:
January 7, 2021
9: How to navigate the bleed cycle to be more in touch with our needs throughout each phase
In this episode Kelsey answers a question about navigating through each phase of our cycle so that we can be more in tune with our needs throughout each phase, and changing the timing of our cycles to align with the new or full moons. This episode was recorded live in my membership group, The Portal. To attend the next Q+A and have your questions asked, or just listen, subscribe to The Portal Follow Kelsey on IG: @Kelsey.furlong
November 27, 2020
8: How to create balance between social time and being reflective; how to not get sucked into everyone else's emotional shit; how to generate biz leads
La Puerta Q+A. Kelsey talks about digging into your inferior traits to create integration and balance; disentangling yourself from the emotional experience of others, and not using cold-emailing strategies to build your new business. Get your questions answered by subscribing to La Puerta or buying a drop-in ticket to the next Q+A at
November 4, 2020
7: Why Women MUST Invest In Themselves in Order to Evolve with Integrity featuring Lyndsay Lee
In this episode, Lyndsay Lee and I are discussing the critical importance of women changing the way we relate to each other and to money, and to understand why it is so important to actually invest in yourself, to not just ask or constantly seek free advice. We talk about getting over our bullshit stories about not being able to invest in ourselves, and why it is so, so integral to our evolution that we cultivate confidence by jumping into the unknown. Connect with Kelsey: IG @kelsey.furlong // Find Lyndsay on IG @LyndsayLee
July 10, 2020
6: If this is sanity, I don't want it featuring Rebecca Altman
Discussing mental health, being misdiagnosed, connection, and the universal wounding of not enough-ness. Check out Rebecca's work and sign up for her epic newsletter in which she explores the meeting of plants, our bodies, and our psyches Connect with Kelsey (+ sign up for my newsletter) // @kelsey.furlong
July 3, 2020
5: Healing Our Witch Wounds + Radical Feminine Embodiment for Social Change with Annette Muller
"How much time am I wasting on the fucking dick when I should be out protesting?!" Annette Muller lives in Cape Town, South Africa. She identifies as a witch, writer, rebel, model, guide and bridge. As an embodiment guide, she invites you back to your first home, your body, so you may learn to trust your own innate wisdom and become the healer you seek. Annette and I talk about unraveling our patriarchal, white supremacist conditioning and how we, as a collective, heal and do better going forward. Connect with her @annettemuller //  Connect with Kelsey @kelsey.furlong // @thepolitiwitch // (#NOPANDERING ✌)
June 26, 2020
4: Fully, Wildly Woman (Bleeding + the Full Moon in Scorpio)
Not sleeping; moon is too potent. Was going to upload this one later, but it needs to go up now. WHAT IF our approach could be radically different? This is the rawest.
May 8, 2020
3: Spoiled Rotten + It's Time to GO
Nonsensical wisdom regarding moving into the unknown, breaking through limitations, and experiencing everything life has to offer. Connect with us: Sarah @ohthatsjustsarah Kelsey @kelsey.furlong
May 3, 2020
2: Unpopular Opinions with Kelley Knight pt. 2
Continuing conversation from part 1 where we get into the law of attraction and manifestation. Follow Kelsey @kelsey.furlong  Follow Kelley  @ModernMystic_Shop
April 28, 2020
1: Unpopular Opinions with Kelley Knight pt. 1
A conversation full of unpopular opinions with Kelley Knight. Pt. 1 Is this nirvana? Ego death, mastering the polarized gemini mess, privilege and navigating spirituality in the current climate. Follow Kelsey @kelsey.furlong Follow Kelley  @ModernMystic_Shop
April 28, 2020