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Self-Care with Kelsie

Self-Care with Kelsie

By Kelsie Bentley
Are you tired of fluffy self-care tips that end up feeling like one more thing to check off your list? If you're ready to learn how self-care can go way beyond bath bombs, manicures, and crying it out, I'm here for you. In this podcast, I'm giving you bite-sized self-care tips and tools that will actually help in the moments you need them most. (You know, when you're trying to avoid rage-crying in the bathroom at work.) Join me every week to see how your life can change and improve with simple self-care tips.
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3 Types of Self-Care Content and Why Two of Them Are Failing You
In this episode, I talk about the three types of self-care teachers on the internet and why two of them may be contributing to your failure instead of helping you. Grab the Not Today, Satan Workshop Here Follow me on Instagram Here
August 18, 2021
Healing from Trauma to Create Healthy Relationships with Meleah Rose
Connect with Meleah on Instagram eBook: Get Your FREE Ticket to the Summer Self-Care Summit (Get the Self-Care Healing eBook for FREE when you upgrade to an All-Access Pass!)
July 23, 2021
Finding Your Inner Zen with Sandi D.
Episode with Sandi and Kelsie on All Things Relax Podcast (Apple): Episode with Kelsie and Paulette on Self-Care with Kelsie: Inner Zen Bundle (Use Code ROCKSTAR for listener discount!): The Mastermind with Faith Mariah:
July 2, 2021
Healing Toxic Shame with Megan Griffith
Shameless program for healing toxic shame: TikTok:  Instagram:  Blog:  Podcast:
June 25, 2021
Being Yourself, Yoga, and Self-Care with Anna Berardo
Free Permission to be Me Workbook: Find Anna on YouTube: Shift Your Gaze Blog:
June 18, 2021
Creativity, Capitalism, and Childlessness with Paulette Erato
Waitlist for Unleash Your Maker Mindset: Website: Social media: - IG: @petitefont - Facebook:
June 11, 2021
Inner Work and Emotional Blocks with Rebecca Forst
Free training on May 17th: You Unleashed Program: Instagram: Bio: Rebecca is a certified mindset coach helping women uncover and remove the hidden barriers holding them back so they can become empowered and unleashed in their minds, lives, and businesses. She spent nearly 2 years on her own unleashing journey and has now made it her mission to help like-minded women do the same. Enneagram Tri-Type Quiz: 
May 14, 2021
.09 How to Shed the Past and Move Forward
Are you holding on to a past identity that's keeping you from your true potential? In this episode, I talk all about the (surprisingly emotional) process I went through recently to let go of some old beliefs, habits, and identities that were keeping me stuck. Get started digging into who you're ready to become with my 30-Day Self-Care Journal!
March 19, 2021
.08 - 3 Ways to Combat Troll Thoughts
Grab my FREE Get Out of a Rut Workbook and get 40% off the 30-Day Self-Care Journal!
March 12, 2021
.07 5 Self-Care Tips for Stress Management
Sign up for my FREE Get Out of a Rut Workbook and get 40% off of my 30-Day Self-Care Journal! In this episode, we cover 5 tips (+1 bonus tip) that will help you use simple self-care for better stress management.  
March 5, 2021
.06 5 Books I'm Reading to GROW in 2021
Join my mailing list HERE to get 40% off my 30-Day Self-Care Journal I've always been about personal development (even as far back as a struggling-in-school third grader!) This year, I'm taking some targeted action toward my growth by reading these 5 personal development books. You can grab any of them on Amazon below (affiliate links provided) Think Like a Monk - Jay Shetty We Should All Be Millionaires - Rachel Rogers How to Stop Feeling Like Shit - Andrea Owen The Gifts of Imperfection - Brene Brown Chase the Lion - Mark Batterson
March 2, 2021
05. Grinding Coffee Slowly
This episode was originally recorded as an Instagram live but the info was too good not to share! In it, I cover:  - The beautiful gift my husband made for me, and why I almost didn't use it;  - What happens when we don't slow down and pause in everyday life;  - How you can create more time to take a pause when you need it! Also, you can grab your free Digital Detox Guide here! It doesn't even require you to give up your phone or social media!
February 26, 2021
04. 5 Self-Care Ideas That Take 10 Minutes or Less
In this episode, I talk all about the actual definition of self-care and 5 self-care tasks that you can do in 10 minutes or less!  Create more time for yourself to do these tasks! Grab Your FREE Digital Detox Checklist HERE
February 19, 2021
03. How to Digital Detox WITHOUT Giving Up Your Phone
In this episode, I talk about the importance of creating healthy boundaries with your phone, what got it started for me, and 7 simple steps you can use to digital detox without having to give up your phone or social media. Get the Digital Detox Checklist Here 88 Things to Do Instead of Reading Internet Comments (Blog Post)
February 16, 2021
02. Start by Putting on Your Socks
Self-care doesn't have to be some big, extravagant thing! Sometimes we idealize someone else's "perfect" morning routine, but we don't realize the steps they have taken to be able to have that.  In this episode, I discuss how self-care should be treated a lot more like putting your socks on before you can actually run a marathon. Read more about this topic on the blog HERE Click here to grab my FREE digital detox checklist!
February 12, 2021
01. Your Eye Cream is Worthless if you Hate Yourself
Find me on the Blog:
February 8, 2021