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Keming Profiles

Keming Profiles

By Keming
We talk to Design practitioners in tech about how they approach their craft and level up in their careers.
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Episode 3 - Olivia Truong

Keming Profiles

Episode 3 - Olivia Truong

Keming Profiles

Episode 4 - Brian Hershberger
Today you’ll hear our conversation with Brian Hershberger, who cut his teeth at a boutique startup at New York before working at the world’s biggest fashion brands like Michael Kors and Alexander Wang before landing at the Digital Product Design team at Nike. We talk about the importance of designer-engineer relationships, dealing with imposter syndrome as someone who is largely self taught, and the benefits of getting out of your head and staying focused on the work. If you’re looking for more advice and resources, subscribe to our Substack at — we run a weekly newsletter where we curate all the best resources to help you get a foothold and level up in your design career. Find all our links here: Follow us on Twitter: And LinkedIn: Thoughts on the podcast? Email us at
March 01, 2021
Episode 3 - Olivia Truong
Today, we speak to Olivia Truong, Lead Product Designer at Hopper and author, creator, and curator of the Product Designer Starter Kit — a compilation of resources intended to help junior talent more confidently navigate the world of design. We get to learn how her willingness to share her experiences and find new ways to help those entering the industry helped boost her confidence and her profile. Though she's incredibly humble about both! In other exciting news — we started a Substack! Find us at and subscribe for a weekly digest of recommendations for everything from interviewing tips to combating imposter syndrome. Resources: Product Designer Starter Kit
February 02, 2021
Episode 2 - Jon Wood
In this episode, we interview Jon Wood, Product Designer at Liferay. We discuss his choice to enter the field after several years as a classroom teacher, how to seek mentorship and growth opportunities during the interview process, and a call to rethink how to achieve long-term career goals.
October 24, 2020
Episode 1 - Lily Ngo
In our first interview, we speak with Lily Ngo, a Product Designer at Macy's. We discuss her transition from pharmacy to design, and a combo of relentless networking and seeking mentorship helped her get where she is today.
August 07, 2020