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Reboot Alberta

Reboot Alberta

By Ken Chapman
This is a place for Pragmatic politically Moderate Albertans can engage and share, as Citizens, not Partisans. Our mutual concern is about the future of Alberta. We in a state of Flux with a changing economy, overwhelming ecological responsibilities, and eroding social cohesion. Now we have to step up and fix our broken political culture. It's all about taking positive action and Press for Change as, together, we strive to build a Better Alberta.
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Citizenship Before Partisanship in Building a Better Alberta.

Reboot Alberta

Lessons Learned From the Federal Election
Many have complained about the ünnecessary, expensive, and expensive" Federal election. As an Engaged Citizen with lots of concerns, I think it was a worthwhile and even timely exercise in applied democracy. We all learned some things and valuable lessons.  The Party Leaders learned they had to deal with pandemic politics and personal attacks. The Candidates learned that campaigns matter volunteers are key to winning and getting out the vote makes the difference. Citizens learned that we have power to make changes, even if that means reaffirming the Liberal Minority government. Citizenship Power is especially potent at election time.  that's when Parties and Candidates truly pay attention to you. They are after our attention and approval so the power shift from the Party-Bound MP to the Individual Citizen. We learned that apathy is boring and indifference is debilitating and together they are dangerous to a robust and sustainable democracy.
October 1, 2021
It's Time for an Alberta Vaccine Passport
Albertans are vexed and the Kenney cash-for-a-jab scheme to bribe bad faith anti-vaxxers to get vaccinated. They are not going to change their vehement and vile attitude against vaccination for a mere hundred bucks.  They will believe that Kenney is desperate and that they are winning the Conservative Culture War when It comes to COVID.  And they are! the Unvaccinated are clogging up our hospitals, ICUs, overwhelming our caregivers, and preventing responsible citizens from health care.  They are costing taxpayers unnecessary additional health operating costs and undermining our economic recovery. Coddling with carrots must be over.  Their bad-faith fabricated farce about "Freedom" is not being taken away.  They can still refuse to get vaccinated but now with consequences. A comprehensive and forcefully applied Vaccination Passport will respect their choices but not allow them to add to the COVID risk to the rest of us.  The rest of us have Rights too, and ours are in the Charter. It is time for Kenney to put away his Libertarian Ideology and do the right thing for a change.  Consider what is best for all Albertans, not just policies that pander to the radicals in his Political Base.
September 9, 2021
Schools Are Reopening. COVID is Ready. Are Schools?
Min of Education says that starting in September students will have "...a normal school year." Normal! Really? How so as a 4th Wave of dramatically increasing COVID infections are overtaking Alberta? There is so much wrong going on here due to ideologically wilful blindspots of those responsible inside the UCP government. Parents, Students, and Teachers are Fearful Uncertain, and Doubtful. What will be the consequences of ill-advised, unsafe, and poorly executed in-person school-based learning? We will know soon. It's not likely to be good.
August 23, 2021
This is Reboot Alberta
The What and Why of Reboot Alberta. A place for Effective Informed Citizenship to help Build a Better Alberta.
August 22, 2021
Thinking Inside the Box...the BALLOT BOX
It's election time.  If you what things to change, and who doesn't, it's not nearly good enough, as the old cliche goes, to merely think "outside the box."  Election time is when citizens must "think inside the box...the BALLOT BOX. The ultimate focus of the power of citizenship is at election time.  The people who run our political systems are never more attentive to citizens than at election time. The political power shifts from the partisans to the citizens. Your personal agency of citizenship, and your vote is the applied expression of that power.   You have to think about what message you are sending when you mark your ballot and put it INSIDE THE BALLOT BOX.  The Federal election is the next best opportunity to express and suggest where you want to Press for Change. Use it wisely, but use it. What is going to drive your vote?  What is your Ballot Box question, issue, or concern? Will it be conveyed clearly when you vote? How do you get your intended message across in the election to the candidate, leader, and party of your choice? This podcast covers ways to think about that as well as what you are voting for and why. Don't make the mistake of thinking only about whom you will be voting for. Don't be gullible, duped, or manipulated.  Make them prove they are worthy of your support and can be trusted with your consent to govern.  It's a very short campaign so best get at figuring out how to apply the power of your vote.
August 16, 2021
Taking Citizenship Seriously
Citizenship.  We all have it and we mostly take it for granted.  We don't understand the breadth of our Rights nor the depths of our Responsibilities as Citizens.  Nor do we appreciate the power of citizenship to purposefully press for change.  Too many citizens avoid participation in civic life because they equate it with partisan politics.  Everyone knows that is full of vile, malevolent, and abusive people who are self-centered and self-serving..  Who in their right mind would want to engage and encourage such behavior. This is especially true of those comfortable, content, complacent, and too often compliant people in the Centre of the political spectrum.  There are strong ideological drivers of identity politics that define and motivate those on the Left and the Right.   There are tribal instincts that give a sense of self and place and even purpose.  Labels like Socialist and Capitalist define the adversarial power struggle mostly directed toward defeating  the "Other."   Our political culture is broken.  The old ideologically binary hobbles of Left versus Right political options is oversimplistic. It is proven to be inadequate in the face of the complexity, magnitude, pace of change, and enormity of the consequences of poor political judgment on the challenges Albertans face.    Citizenship, not partisanship, is the energy source available to bring forth positive, inclusive, just, and pragmatic political change.   Continued insolence, arrogance, and indifference by Moderates to the responsibilities of citizenship and the duty for political engagement is not an option The admonition for the majority of Albertans, who are in the Moderate Pragmatic Center, is attributed to Edmund Burke who allegedly said "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." The time has come for the majority of Albertans in the Moderate Center to become radical if we are going to repair and rebalance our political culture.  We need to wake up, show up, clean up and, yes,  grow up as we take up the challenge of complexity and causes.     If you are ready, willing, and able to take up the challenge, Reboot Alberta is a place for you.
November 29, 2020
Citizenship Before Partisanship in Building a Better Alberta.
What is the difference between Citizenship or Partisanship in political culture? Is there something better than the Left versus Right zero-sum gamesmanship of contemporary party politics? Can caring compassionate empathetic citizenship become more engaged, or even dominant, in deciding new directions and better destinations for the Next Alberta? I find guidance and insight in exploring this question in a famous quote by Martin Luther King Jr  He said:  "Power without Love is reckless and abusive. Love without Power is sentimental and anemic. " Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love." Are you ready for the next step of Engaged Citizenship?  Start by joining the Reboot Alberta Facebook Group and subscribe to the website at
November 19, 2020
November 18, 2020
November 18, 2020