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Strive For Strength podcast

Strive For Strength podcast

By Kendall Strampel
Welcome to the strive for strength podcast. Where we take personal development to the next level. You'll find al thing to help motivate you in health and wealth. Listen to the stories of incredible people as they turn there struggles into strength
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Stop the guess work in your coaching business and client delivery with Josh Pierce

Strive For Strength podcast

What qualifies a coach ? With Meagan Hayes
In this episode me and Meagan go over what qualifies a coach! Questions we answer: - what makes a coach credible? - How having a coach makes you a better coach?  - How having a coach can lay the foundation for mentorship and build credibility!  Being in the client seat is one of the most incredible things that you can do as a coach, no matter how educated you are. Meagan is a prestigious and success coach in the space who coaches, coaches and is  constantly learning and evolving and sharing her knowledge!  Follow meagan on Instagram  -> meagans frist coach and referance: Britt_chownstrength JOIN OUR FREE BIZ TIP FB PAGE 
August 30, 2021
Shiny Object Syndromes holding you back in your fitness business
Are you a victim of shiny object syndrome? This is one of the things I personally have struggled with so much throughout the last few years of stepping into the world of online coaching! It's so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing or what the next best thing is, that you don't complete what you're currently working on, and make it absolutely remarkable. In this episode of talk about ways to drop your ego and become better at avoiding shiny object syndrome, working more efficiently and getting shit done JOIN OUR FREE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR COACHES
August 30, 2021
The pillars of starting your online fitness business with Zakk Colburn
I have the honor of going live with one of my best friends and incredible business coaches Zakk colburn.  Zakk is an incredible online business coaches for fitness coaches. He he the founder and CEO of The personal Trainers Incubator ( PTBI) On this live / podcast we talk about zakks philosophies on the pillars of business and how important it is to set up the foundation with the key pillars that he's found have a propelled his clients from 0 to 10 K months, and continuously excel in their life and business! Listen in as we chat about this from one of our old Facebook lives! Leadership Marketing  Lead Gen Sales Client delivery Facebook group, you can click here to see other resources we have film together and daily business tips.
August 19, 2021
Why your A+ effort isn't working in your fitness business.
Do you find yourself procrastinating? Putting off daunting task or things that you've been wanting to pursue? A lot of this comes down to perfectionism. Perfectionism is one of the easiest ways to procrastinate. It's one of the easiest ways to avoid steer of failure and put off the burning desire that you have to create a massive impact on this world. Listening to this episode has to give you some tips on how to push through procrastination and perfectionistic tendencies, and start making a bigger impact in this world Be a better leader. Listen in. Join our free fb group for coaches Follow your host COACH KEN
August 16, 2021
How to execute in your business
This might come as a surprise to you! What do you really need to push through completion in your business? what is the foundation of being able to show up DAILY. Its not the steps, its what comes before the plan. Its the way you make decision, its WHY you make decisions. And its all about dropping your ego. Join our coaches facebook group  Follow our Biz tip IG  Follow your host, coach ken
August 12, 2021
What I believe every successful entrepreneur has
Want to level up and succeed in your business, after reflecting, THIS is my biggest takeaway of 2021 thus far. FOLLOW US ON IG JOIN OUR FREE FACEBOOK GROUP
July 17, 2021
The Key to credibility as an online fitness coach
Want to build credibility as an online coach? it all starts with the belief that YOU IN FACT, ARE A GREAT FREAKIN COACH. Join our free Facebook group Follow me on IG 
June 21, 2021
Stop the guess work in your coaching business and client delivery with Josh Pierce
You arent broken! You just have to quit doing the guess work in your business ! Listen in as Josh pierce, a successful online fitness coach of 3 years shares his story on the way to the top ! In this episode Josh shares: - Leaving "stability" for online coaching  - How to stop the guess work and make money online -How to have a better coach to client relationship -how to cultivate a community and generate more leads Josh's  IG: @thejoshpierce FB Group: Fit To Be Fierce With Josh Pierce Podcast: Fit To Be Fierce With Josh Pierce Listen on Apple  FOLLOW COACH KEN ON INSTAGRAM
June 15, 2021
Whats happening in FTF; We started two new businesses?!?
Want to hear whats goin on in FTF ? Listen in as I share the two new businesses we are building to help support our clients and create more jobs and work for people who want to work remotely ! Want to work with our agencies and scale your business? APPLY TO WORK WITH US HERE  Check out our Instagram page APPLY to become a VA APPLY to become a consult specialist
May 17, 2021
WHEN/WHAT/WHO: Making hires in your online fitness business.
Are you an online coach? You are stuck at a point where you know you need to scale but you have no idea what steps are next? It's likely that you need to start making hires and bringing on people who could help support your vision and help you grow! This can definitely be difficult-> Finding out what hire you need to make When you need to make that hire Who you should be hiring? In this episode of cover what order you should likely be making hires in your online fitness business, what point you should be at to make those hires and where you can find people to hire in these positions that are professional and can help you grow! Check out our free facebook group Follow us on IG -> you can also apply to become one of our in house VA's or Consult specialists here -> links in bio !
May 6, 2021
Breaking past $10k months in your fitness business
Hitting a 10K month in your fitness business is such a beautiful mile stone! I see so many coaches get stuck there as soon as I get to this point… So how are you able to break through, what mindset do you need to step into? What hires do you need to make? And in what order do you need to make those hires? Don’t let me yourself bye wedding see her get in the way In this episode I go over what steps you need to take to break past 10 K months and hit those consistent in $20k,$30k  $40k and even $50 K months in your  Online Fitness business Episode sponsored by cured nutrition Code " KENDALL" 10% off Hit us up on IG with a DM "SFS podcast" for a free three day course on scaling your business ! OUR IG
April 29, 2021
When should you reverse diet ?
This is for  anyone wondering why they might be stuck and have no idea where to turn in their fitness journey Coaches this may serve you, working with your clients ! What we cover: - Briefly what a reverse diet is - When you may need one/ key indicators APPLY FOR A FREE CALL to see how we can help! 
March 22, 2021
Stop Glorifying your Busy
Stop glorifying a full packed schedule. Tune in here for some key pointers and a kick in the butt for you to thrive in your business Follow me on IG Follow for daily Biz tips 
March 22, 2021
How to handle a retention/ resign call with your clients!
Fumbling over your words when it comes time to resign a client? Here is how i handle ever retention call with my clients, as their programs come to a close ! In this episode i go over: - when to book the call - How to direct the call - How to offer the most reasonable resign offer Follow me on ig  Follow us here for daily Biz tips !
March 19, 2021
Vulnerability took me to seven figures
Afraid to share who YOU are .. what if i told you this is the key to becoming more attractive and relatable to your audience. LETS MOTETIZE Follow me on IG  Follow our business page on ig Join our free facebook group
March 15, 2021
How to Close your sales call
This is probably not what you thought i would talk about BUT.. how to we get people to even show up to calls now How can you get leads to: - Show up to calls -Transition to sales calls -Close them on the phone ALL IN THIS EPISODE ! Join our free facebook group with 1000 other Coaches
March 1, 2021
Stop Wasting Your Money
Have you invested in mentorship or thought about it ? Lets talk about why someone may be bashing their mentor, or why they may not be seeing as much success... Here are steps you should be taking to be able to get the MOST out of your mentorship Join our free three day course - 
February 26, 2021
One Thing. For the Online Fitness coach
Those few coaches you follow who are crushing it? Are you learning from observation? AMAZING.. but do you need to implement all of the things they're doing? Lets talk about the ONE THING you should be doing right now Take our free three day course to start your online fitness biz Join our free facebook group Follow me on IG
February 16, 2021
Master your Client Protocols
LOOKING TO LEVEL UP AS A COACH? Show up more confidently and get your clients better results? LISTEN UP ! we have an amazing webinar happening February 26th 2021 ! Here is who its for.. Coaches who 👉 Know what they’re doing with training but are lost when it comes to nutrition 👉Have clients ghost them shortly after they get their protocols 👉Do not get client results from lack of adherence 👉Know what worked for them but don’t know how to teach other people 👉What to retain clients longer term 👉Want to show up more confidently and educated 👉 Want to generate more leads I know that this is frustrating. I am going to break it all down and make it super simple for you with TONS of actionable takeaways that you can implement RIGHT after you hop off of this webinar to resolve these issues. What you will get from this webinar: 👉Set your client’s protocols 👉Create effective habit shifts 👉Promote sustainability 👉Boost client retention 👉Get client transformations 👉Transition a true beginner into tracking macros SIGN UP FOR THE WEBINAR HERE Apply to work with us -> 
February 14, 2021
When Do You Quit Your Job and Go Full Time Online?
Looking to go full time on line? When is it the right time to fully commit and step away from your 9-5 or in person training clients ? In this episode I cover 1. When to quit 2. How to use time efficiently 3. How to overcome the fear of quitting " stability" Follow me on IG Enroll in our free three day course
February 3, 2021
How to Get Your Clients to Get better Results and Generate Leads For You
The foundation for a coaches success, lead generation, social proof etc relies on their community. Want to have your clients to generate leads for you ? Want to create a group of people who feel safe, loved, an always feel safe asking questions, lending to a better transformation? CULTIVATE A COMMUNITY In this episode I discuss: 1. How FTF was built on community  2. How to cultivate a community 3. Why your need a community Enroll in our free THREE DAY COURSE Join our free facebook group
January 29, 2021
When Should Online Fitness Coaches Hire a Mentor
***DM me " podcast" on IG to receive a free 3 day course on how to start/ scale your online fitness biz** Telling yourself you need your CPT first? or to grow your following before you invest in a business coach to help you scale? TRY AGAIN! in this episode i discuss WHY and when getting a mentor is important for scaleability and professionalism ! Have you gone back and forth in your head about wether or not you want to invest in mentorship..?  What if you could scale faster? Help more people? And do it sooner.. without feeling lost, confused, or second guessing your every move ?!? Follow me on IG  Check out elevate the accelerator
January 22, 2021
Why More fitness Coaches need to be like their Clients
***DM me " podcast" on IG to receive a free 3 day course on how to start/ scale your online fitness biz**   Ever thought about how strong the mindset of your clients are ? They show up for calls, make the investment in you, commit to payment, follow protocols. More fitness coaches need to practice what they preach. The best coaches show up with an abundance mindset. They commit to calls, and arent afraid to take the leap on mentor ship! Listen in to hear how you can be a better online fitness coaching Check out the Accelerator Follow me on IG 
January 18, 2021
I lost 21k followers in 2020, But wait till you hear this..
Stuck thinking you need to have 100k followers to have a successful online coaching business?! Some of my most successful clients who are Online fitness coaches generate 6- multiple 6 figure incomes annually.. and have under 1k followers.  Tune in to hear how even though i lost 21k followers in 2020, my business quadrupled !  JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY CALL FRIDAYS Join our FREE facebook group with over 1000 online coaches 
January 11, 2021
Do you need a full program to start as an online fitness coach ?
The burning question.. what do i need to get started as an online coach? Holding yourself back because your stuck thinking you need to have it all together?? I'm here to tell you to get out of your own way and REALLY help you understand what you need to be a successful online fitness coach.. Here is what we cover in the episode: - GIVEAWAY WOOT WOOT - Where to start? - What your program needs? - What to charge starting out Apply for our accelerator JOIN OUR FREE COMMUNITY WEBINARS ON FRIDAY 
January 3, 2021
A goal you NEED to set in 2021 as an online coach
I see so many coaches being afraid to set monetary goals in their business. What if i told you this could be the key to you getting more clients, and helping more people ! Let's learn how to reverse engineer ! Join our free facebook group Follow me on IG Enroll in our free three day course !
December 27, 2020
The Foundation to Signing Clients as an Online coach
Find yourself in a place of scarcity ? Writing the story that December is a slow month? That no one is watching your stories..? If you do a CTA no one will apply? THEN THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU! Follow me on ig Join our FREE facebook community  apply for business coaching
December 22, 2020
Becoming a Solutionist Reef coleman
Reef has such an incredible story of resilience and persistance. Reef built himself and his business from the ground up my becoming a solutionist. In this episode we cover what entrepreneurship REALLY is and how to innovators come out on top. Reefs story is one that needs to be shared ! What do we cover ?! 1. reefs story  2. Becoming a warrior of your circumstance 3. being and innovator  4.buying back time in entrepreneurship  Follow Reef on ig  Want ti work with a top teir VA with. we assist ? CLICK HERE 
December 11, 2020
What Controls Your Success As an Online Coach With Zakk Colburn
All my new online fitness coaches.. aspiring coaches.. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU. Zakk is an incredible business coach. In this episode he drops so many gold nuggets on what it TRULY takes to step into the world of online business and be SUCCESSFUL. In this episode we cover: 1. Zakks story from broke table busser to multiple six figure coach 2. Do you need a certification to be an Online Coach 3. Who/ What Determines your success as an Online Coach 4. How to show up and Plug Your offer 5. Breaking through your limiting beliefs Go give Zakk a follow Follow Coach Ken Join our free facebook page for Free daily Biz tips 
December 4, 2020
Calling Out All Aspiring and New Online Fitness Coaches
Are you wanting to start your fitness coaching journey? Feeling like a chicken with your head cut off? I. have some solid tips on what you can be doing RIGHT NOW to start building trust and rapport with people ! In this episode we cover: 1. How to use Ig features to build trust / rapport 2. Types of content to be producing 3. How to be vulnerable and share YOUR story FOLLOW ME ON IG
November 23, 2020
Making sex Talk More Comfortable For Women With Alex Bayne
LADIES, lets talk about something important. SEX, its a special part of a relationship, life, pleasure and HEALTH. Its time for us to get more comfortable, stop the shaming, and ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT! n this episode, Alex and myself discuss: Combatting Fear of judgment ? How to feel more sexy when your not happy with your body ? How to be more direct about what you want ! Having more open communication with your romantic partner? Talking about sex with friends and what to get out of those conversations Follow Alex on IG  FOLLOW HOST KEN We would love to be a safe space for yoou to open up about your experiences!! While we are not professionals, and can not consult/ give advice, we are an ear for women !  here are some cool Ig accounts to follow to learn more about the conversation on sex
November 20, 2020
How to Set up An Application For Online Fitness Coaches
Are you wanting to posture yourself better? Weed out the " non ideal" leads ! Make your application SOLID with these tips ! In this episode I gave you the 1-10 questions you should ask to hit the pain points ts of your ideal client and make them STOKED to hop on a call with you and start your program! HERE IS OUR APPLICATION Join our FREE facebook community ! Follow Me on IG 
November 17, 2020
Three Things I see in Successful coaches
You want to be an amazing coach, have an amazing business? Here are three KEY implementations I see in successful coaches ! Want to implement? Learn the ropes, and build your systems in Elevate Coaching academy  Join our FREE coaching community for coaches Reviews are appreciated !
October 6, 2020
Master your Ig profile and attract Your Ideal client
Want an ideal client to come to your page and say " THAT IS MY COACH" ?!?! LISTEN UP ! Your profile is the FIRST indication of who you are and what youre about ! So in this quick 10 minute episode I cover the key pointers for your ig profile ! 1. master your mission statement 2. make your coaching a NECESSITY 3. Building an ON BRAND profile Want to join our free 3 day challenge too help you take the FIRST steps in your online business ? ENROLL HERE
September 24, 2020
Building a Successful Online Business with a Small Following w Guest Kayla Diamond
Kayla diamond is an absolute BEAST in the online space ! Currently generating six figures in her online coaching business and one truly started 8 months prior to this episode ! Kayla shares her story on how she got started as an online coach and what systems she uses to help her generate leads ! In the episode we cover 1. Answering  the " where do I start" Question. 2. Getting over the fears of starting  3. Lead generation strategies to grow your business Check out ELEVATE Online Coaching Academy: designed to help new coaches, establish structure, systems, lead gen, and clients delivery when starting their online coaching business Follow me, Coach Ken Follow Kayla 
August 17, 2020
How to be a Good Hang and Attract a Dope tribe with Sean McDevitt
Having friends that are willing to pour into you is one of the most incredible things in the world... But how do you gain the confidence and mindset to attract a tribe of leaders and givers? Sean moved so much throughout his life.. and no matter where life took him, he managed to find a tribe of people always willing to pour into him, while he could do the same, right back.  Sean and his wife Dala, now run a Seven figure fitness business, that has served over 1000 people, and has a Team of 17 members supporting its back bone. They attract their ideal clients, have an incredible team and amazing group of humans surrounding them. On this episode we discuss some incredible topics that will help you attract you tribe, so you can feed off their energy, ideas and be a GOOD HANG ! Here is what we discuss with actionable take aways: 1. What are some good ways to reach out / connect  with people in a new space? 2. How can making connections benefit life and business? 3.What growth have YOU seen from connecting ? 4. what does it mean to have MEANINGFUL relationships/ how to manifest them? If you loved this episode, feel free to leave us a review ! FOLLOW Sean FOLLOW Host COACH KEN 
July 21, 2020
Female Fitness coaches.. This one is for you!
In this episode me and my co-coach Sam collins are covering, our new NEXT LEVEL program, The BOSS B*TCH  intensive ! We have designed this 10 week intensive program to help women creat an impactful, profitable and powerful business. We want to put ethical AF fitness coaches into the health and wellness space ! So some of our major topics throughs the 10 week intensive mastermind include : - Consistent alignment/ ideal client identification -Bringing leads to you consistently - Nailing client delivery ( ETHICALLY AF) - Creating scaleable AF systems  - Mastering sales and feeling organic AF doing it. READY  to go from $500-$2k months to $5k-$10k months? APPLY HERE Who is it for ? Women who want to feel fully aligned and show up confident AF for their people Women looking to never burn out, and constantly have content to serve with Women looking to have consistent lead generation Coaches who want to create systems to free up their time and take on more clients Women who want to create the BEST client deleriable Women looking to learn how to retain client after finishing a program Women looking to make more passive income in their coaching business Women who want to have a group of other female entrepreneurs to LEVEL TF UP WITH Women who want to work through limiting beliefs so they can BOSS TF UP. Join our free coaching community 
July 14, 2020
Your Money Mindset Is Preventing You from Making Impact and Income.
Want to know one of the MAJOR things I see holding Fitness coaches back ? THEIR MONEY MINDSET ! You not living in abundance can actually be the one things holding you BACK from making more money, serving more people and scaling your business ! Chloe otherwise known as Deeper.Than.Money on the gram, comes on to dish out how you can improve your money mindset, and BOSS UP ! We cover: 1.  What is Your money story  2. How can you rewrite your money story 3. resources to be smarter with your money  4. How to grow with investing  FOLLOW CHLOE FOLLOW KENDALL CHECK OUT ELEVATE COACHING ACADEMY JOIN OUR FREE COACHING COMMUNITY
July 8, 2020
Leave Your Ego at The Door; Outsource Your Fitness Business with CEO Dala McDevitt
Dala Mcdevitt is the CEO of DLDNation, a 7 figure fitness coaching team ! In just under 3 years she has built a team of 17 members and served over a thousand clients  with her team ! From a labor & delivery nurse to a BOSS AF SHEO. Dala is dropping the heat for coaches who have an established coaching business.. but are looking to take it to the next level and start delegating, outsourcing, and making Hires to scales to multiple 6 figures ! What do we Discuss in this Episode 1. Getting over imposture syndrome and DOING THE DAMN THING 2. The importance of investing in your business 3. When do you need to outsource? 4. How to get over the Fear of hiring and delegating. Ready to outsource? CHECK OUT CHAD MOLYNEUX & DALA McDevitts  APPLY HERE-  NLCA High- level coaching academy !   Not ready to outsource? just gettin started ? Then check out ELEVATE COACHING ACADEMY ! FTF's self- guided study course to help you take the FIRST few steps in setting up your online business. 
July 1, 2020
What EVERY coach Should be Doing to be More Impactful & Profitable : Dm outreach
Hate the thought of DM outreach? Then you hate the thought of helping people. and creating connection.. Because, sis.. THE TWO GO HAND IN HAND. In this episode me and my CO-coach Sam collins Go over the importance of Dm outreach and more importantly,  HOW to do it and still feel aligned AF ! Key points/ actionable take aways ! 1. What is DM outreach 2.Why should we do it ? 3. Best way to approach it 4.CONVERSION  Want to work with me and Sam in the BOSS B*TCH intensive.. JOIN OUR WAIT LIST  FREE COACHING ADVICE DAILY  FTF BIZ TIPS INSTAGRAM 
June 28, 2020
MY Incredible old client and friend sat down with me to tell her story and bring the world some incredible insight. Kat worked with me as a fitness client for over a year. in this time I watched her take owner and confidence as who she was and what she wanted out of life. Married with 3 kinds.. She didn't want to live a lie. She wanted to be WHO SHE IS AND EMBRACE WHAT SHE LOVES. In the episode Kat sheds light on her story of opening up about being gay. The wisdom, knowledge and lessons in this episode are incredible ! TAKEAWAYS: 1. WHAT IS COMPULSIVE  HETRO SEXUALITY 2. LEARN TO LIVE YOUR TRUTH 3.HOW TO HEAL YOU BODY THROUGH MINDSET SHIFTS AND SELF- AWARENESS 4. EXERCISES TO LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT Some incredible resources Kat has provided us with: Book( understanding encaged  internalized misogyny) :Untamed by Glenn on Doyle Support group: COACH KATS PAGE  Kendalls Page  Join our free support group for online fitness coaches
June 24, 2020
Building a Six figure business with less than 5K Followers: How my co-coach Sam Collins did it!
Small. following? Does NOT mean you wont be able to make big bucks. In fact some of the most lucrative of coaches earn more money and help MORE people. Don't be phased by a big following. Some of your favorite influences are BROKE. Sam is my co-coach for business coaching and a GENIUS. Listen in as she give you the FIRST few steps you need to build a BOOMING online business while having a small following ! 1. Steps to take with a small following 2. the ass kicker you didn't know you needed 3. creating meaningful connections 4. How to set yourself a part from the rest  FOLLOW SAM FOLLOW COACH KENDALL join us in a live master class training Fridays at 9am PST 
June 21, 2020
The Question EVERY Online coach asks me.. ANSWERED
I get this question MULTIPLE times a day from people looking to step into the world of online coaching. ITS TIME I ADDRESS IT.  FREE DAILY TIPS TO BECOME AN ONLINE COACH  WEEKLY ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS
June 19, 2020
How to Save time/ Sign more clients for online fitness coaches
As an online coach, you should want to help MORE people ! Create a bigger income and simultaneously you'll make more money ! BUT avoid burnout by having systems ! Systems allow for you to 1. FREE UP TIME or 2. FREE UP TIME TO TAKE ON MORE CLIENTS In this episode I go Over the strategies and systems I use to give my clients the best deliverables and retain them by giving them a more professional experience!  1. Client delivery 2. On boarding operation 3. client check in 4. Retention  LOVE THIS EPISODE ? Leave us a review for a chance to get your instagram audited for free by coach ken on the next episode! just leave a review and your ig handle !  FREE INFO ON COACHING DAILY ELEVATE COACHING ACADEMY 
June 14, 2020
Do you ever just open up your Instagram story, sit there for five minutes, and realize you have absolutely nothing to talk about… Absolutely no caption to write? The reason isn’t because you’re not educated. It’s simply because you don’t know who you’re speaking to, your ideal client, or their pain points. When you understand the depths of your ideal client, you will never fall short of a caption. You will understand what they need to hear it that day. And you will be able to speak to their habits, behaviors, and educate them! DAILY TIPS TO GROW YOUR ONLINE BIZ ( and connect with other coaches)  Elevate Coaching academy Enrollment  FOLLOW ME ON THE GRAM COACH KEN XOXO
June 1, 2020
5 reason Why In Person Trainers Should Make the Switch To Online Coaching
In person PT? THIS IS FOR YOU! I have been there ! I want you to understand the depths of online coaching and how much more freeing it can be. As well as help you understand how amazing it can be for your own health, flexibility, time, finances, and happiness ! Want to see hoe I help other PT's transfer to the world of online coaching ? JOIN MY FREE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR DAILY TIPS ! FOLLOW ME ON IG 
May 21, 2020
Legalities of Starting a business; Book Keeping, Taxes, LLC? W/ Jose Zavala
THIS IS THE EPISODE EVERY COACH NEEDS TO START WITH! Are you wondering what the back end looks legality wise ?? Jose is a professional advisor who work predominantly in the online space! He serves up SO much value on this episode and even provides a resource for you to get on top of your tax game  and get onto of your quarterly tax payments. Topics in this episode: - When to establish yourself as an LLC -When do you need to become an S-corp  - What is book keeping, How and why you should do it ? - What is a write off?  - What are quarterly taxes.. Should you pay quarterly taxes? - How can you save money in your business? - MORE  Jose was awesome and provided an amazing resource that we talked about to pay quarterly taxes ! It shows you where to go to pay your estimated tax payments: GO FOLLOW JOSE  MY INSTAGRAM  WANT TO BE AN ONLINE COACH ?? CHECK THIS OUT 
May 13, 2020
Why Every Online Business Needs An E-mail List: How I Use Mine To Get Paying Clients.
Wondering how you can sell more of your services and products? Want to make a bigger impact and sign more clients? GET AN E-MAIL LIST! I grew my email list to over 5K in as little as a year! I now use it to nurture m audience, build trust and convert them into paying clients so I can help them transform for life, and level up in their biz! In this episode I cover - Why you need an E-mail list - How to get people to opt in  - What an Opt-0in Should entail - How to lead your Email list into a free facebook community - How to do a call to action for your email list  Want do learn from observation? CHECK OUT MY EMAIL OPT IN HERE  MY FITNESS EMAIL OPT IN 
May 6, 2020
Conquering imposture syndrome with Hannah Deindorfer & Wladi Montoya
These two incredible coaches go above and beyond investing in their own persona development, as well as nuetuting their clients. Hannah is an online business coach and Wladi is a relationship coach. In this episode they give so many gold nuggets and so much encouragement for any coach struggle to just SHOW TF UP and START! if that is you, or even if youre stuck in limbo asking " who am I to be coaching x,y,z" ever THIS IS FOR YOU ! GO follow these beautiful humans  HANNAHS IG  WLADIS IG  AND YOUR HOST KENDALL
May 4, 2020
It Shouldn't feel Like A Sale
Online Coach ! Are you looking to build your client roster ? Then sales is just something you have to master. In this podcast I give you the confidence and tools to walk into each sale with a new and different perspective. To feel confident. To create curiosity and transformation! FOLLOW ME  JOIN THE ELEVATE FACEBOOK GROUP
April 30, 2020
The Power of One; show up even when no one is watching
Feel like no on his watching? SHOW UP. its your duty to show up even for that one person who joins your live, asks a question in your question box. Because the power of one is so beautiful!  Apply to work with me 1:1 The BEST course for coaches JUST starting in their biz  join my free Facebook group to connect with other coaches
April 25, 2020
How to Recession Proof Your Business; Get more clients, And Change More Lives, During the COVID Pandemic.
YOOO online coach.. Were struggling to get clients even before this pandemic? Well in this episode I'm keeping it real and letting you know WHAT you need to do in order to recession proof your business and fill up your client roster ! As always I don't waste anytime, this episode is short and sweet and gives you actionable take aways for you to  change lives during this pandemic, as well as grow your monthly income! JOIN OUR FREE ELEVATE FB GROUP APPLY TO WORK WITH ME 1:1 @GHOSTLIFESTYLE green available April 22nd 2020 code "Kendall" 20% off As always friends, reviews are welcome ! Coach ken xoxox
April 21, 2020
How To get More Clients On Your Roster: Launch Strategy With Em Haas
Have you been having trouble signing client? This could be one of your missing pieces !Building hype around your program and offer is VITAL. offering incentive is MASSIVE ! In this episode Em gives her 5 step system to launch your product/ service and bring in more people ! Join My FREE facebook group  Get my free 5 Step system to sales  Em Haas Instagram COACH KENDALLS INSTAGRAM
April 20, 2020
How Instagram Stories Can Grow Your Online Business
In this episode I not only touch on the importance of instagram stories, but also elaborate on how you can utilize them to target your ideal client. IG stories are where it is AT to build your know, like and trust factor ! You have to have the confidence to show TF up for your audience, to attract them, and perfect calls to action! The IG story features many different ways for you to get your audience to engage and create true, authentic connections ! Take aways from the episode: - The importance of IG stories - How to use instagram stories for growth -How to use instagram stories for sales - How to start an authentic connection through instagram stories - How to post on your Instagram stories to gain traction _ varies way to do Calls To Action on your instagram story Click here to join our free community of bad as online entrepreneurs  FIND ME ON INSTAGRAM  WORKOUT WITH ME 
April 13, 2020
How importantly really are SALES as an online fitness coach? W Chad Molyneux
Big thank your to chad, for coming on and giving some of his top tips to get you started and kicking things into gear in your online business!  In this episode we cover many topic that include actionable take aways! Some include - The importance of having a coach -Dm out reach - How to get comfortable with sales - What is a Niche, and how do you find one? - SALES; why its important, how to get comfortable with sales. CHADS INSTAGRAM Coach Kendalls instagram Apply to work with coach Kendall 
April 5, 2020
The first step as an online coach
The bread and butter. Its the small steps that SO many coaches avoid and end up being a cookie cutter coach. and cater to the same audience as 90% of other coaches in the fitness space. 1. IDENTIFY YOUR IDEAL CLIENT 2. RECOGNIZE THEIR CURRENT DAY 3. BREAK DOWN THEIR PAIN PONITS 4. DO MARKET RESEARCH 5. SHOW UP CONSISTENTLY If you want to hear more about ELEVATE coaching academy and working with me 1:1 email me at WANT TO JOIN THE FREE WEBINAR CLICK HERE to be informed
March 20, 2020
Preventing Leads and Clients From Falling Off
Hope you guys enjoyed the episode ! if you want to know when ill be posting stay up to day on my instagram ! For free workouts, grocery lists, tips ETC join our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP Fitness coach- learn how I built my biz and how you can build your too! join this Email list to get my TOP tips on creating an online coaching biz! Will be doing a review of the podcast every time I upload so I would love for y'all to drop some heat on reviews and give any recommendationsHope you guys enjoyed the episode ! If you want to know when ill be posting stay up to day on my instagram !
February 10, 2020
Be affirmative AF and Take action with Melissa Ebling
Hope you guys enjoyed the episode ! if you want to know when ill be posting stay up to day on my instagram ! For free workouts, grocery lists, tips ETC join our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP Fitness coach- learn how I built my biz and how you can build your too! join this Email list to get my TOP tips on creating an online coaching biz! Will be doing a review of the podcast every time I upload so I would love for y'all to drop some heat on reviews and give any recommendationsHope you guys enjoyed the episode ! If you want to know when ill be posting stay up to day on my instagram ! MELISSAS IG 
February 7, 2020
Leveling up - My top take aways from 2019
Hope you guys enjoyed the episode ! if you want to know when ill be posting stay up to day on my instagram !  For free workouts, grocery lists, tips ETC join our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP  Fitness coach- learn how I built my biz and how you can build your too! join this Email list to get my TOP tips on creating an online coaching biz!  Will be doing a review of the podcast every time I upload so I would love for yall to drop some heat on reviews and give any recommendations
January 14, 2020
Tackling Young Female Entrepreneurship with Kathryn Nash
Kathryn is a 23 year old female entrepreneur absolutely crushing it. In this podcast we discuss her story and how she stepped into the women she is today and how she scaled her online coaching business. Some important topics we cover are -Kathryn Motivational story  - Scaling your online business -The effects of social media - Mentorship and Hiring coaches  Follow Kathryn on instagram  Follow My Instagram  Download Greatat  APPLY FOR ELEVATE COACHING ACADEMY 
March 18, 2019
From Depressed to Boss Babe CEO w Alyssa Shifrel
Alyssa's story is amazing. In this episode, we dive into her story of how she let her struggles  turn into a motivating strength for her ! Not only is Alyssa a resilient warrior, she also shows up as her true authentic self on social media, and it has had a massive impact on her life and the impact she has on the lives of others ! APPLY for ELEVATE Coaching Academy  Follow Alyssa on Instagram  Organize the links in your Bio GET Great at ! FOLLW ME 
March 10, 2019
Feeling Confident and mastering your sales call with Daniel Gauranga
Daniel G owns the number one sales agency in Canada. He I trains World-Class sales professionals then outsource them to entrepreneurs! He is truly a master in sales and here to help you feel confident and  give you tips master your own sales !  In this episode Daniel drops some pure knowledge bombs on the physiology behind sales. Not only that, but he also gives actionable take aways for you to apply to every time you hop on the phone with a potential client, or start the process of a sale !  Find Daniel Here ! Instagram | Twitter |  My socials Youtube | Instagram |Free facebook Community CHECK OUT GREAT AT 
January 28, 2019
The Repercussions Of Overexercising and Under eating On the Gut With Sarah Kay Hoffman
Sarah Kay Hoffman is the founder of A Gutsy Girl and the creator of The Gutsy Girl's Bible: an approach to healing the gut. As a Certified Health Coach (CHC) from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Sarah is a wellness expert specializing in food allergies/intolerances, digestive health, and women’s issues. She is passionate about discussing and helping women so they never have to walk the path alone. Southern Minnesota is home to Sarah, her husband, and three children. You will find Sarah Kay Hoffman hanging out mostly on: The A Gutsy Girl Blog   In this episode Sarah shares her journey to a healthier lifestyle and gut ! We talk about the phases of overexercise and under eating we both went through. Sarah offers actionable take aways if this is something you have experienced or if gut health is just a priority for you!  Find Sarah : Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook. Find me !  Instagram | Youtube | Facebook 
January 21, 2019
Giving your Clients The Best Experience with Tony Stephan
In this episode with Registered Dietitian Tony Stephan we discuss not only how to give your client the best experience, but how AS a client you can get the most our of coaching! Some steps to take in the process of structuring your coaching as well as the mentality work that needs to go into going into making your client team the strongest possible, so you can help more people and make more money! Tonys Instagram - My instagram-
January 14, 2019
Taking the Leap to Start an Online Business With Alaina Sanders
Conquer your fear of starting your business and finally start making an peoples lives ! In this episode alien shares her personal story of starting her own online fitness business, as well as her transformation into an online business coach for female entrepreneurs. Not only do we discuss the mentality behind getting started, but after you get started how to actually monetize the following that you have and make money while helping others with your services ! Alainas instagram - my instagram - Thank you for all the love and support  xoxo
January 7, 2019
Balancing Your health and Your relationships With Stefanos Sifandos
Ever feel like you seek a significant amount of control when it comes to our health? Does it effect your relationships? Both intimate and friendships? Stef, works to help people find their full potential and find their inner balance to construct and nurture relationships that with thrive, authentically. He works to assist individuals in actualising the fullness of their potentiality; to relate consciously to each other with authentic love. In this episode we talk about the importance of communication to balance a healthy relationship. Ever further we discuss HOW to approach your relationships to keep them healthy and balanced !  Stefanos Instagram - Stefs website- My instagram -
December 31, 2018
Level up Your Business: Mistakes to Avoid when stepping into entrepreneurship With Vince DelMonte
Vince Delmonte has been in online business for over a decade. He helps entrepreneurs create six AND seven figure businesses.  In this episode we discuss the TOP mistakes entrepreneurs make when stepping into the world of Online Business.  Vinces' Instagram My Instagram Transform for life Application Is open!
December 24, 2018
Self Love Vs. Selfishness With Brendan Lund
Brendan lund has lots of knowledge and wisdom to throw your way! in this episode we talk about his discovery and true meaning behind self love. We establish what true self love really is and how to achieve it. Brendan has helped hundreds of online fitness coaches build their businesses, and also helped hundreds of people build their bodies. Through all of this, his self discovery was incredible, and now he is sharing it with the world. Apply for transform for life one on one coaching - My instagram- Brendans Lund -
December 17, 2018
Balancing Life, Hormones, and Health After Competing with Marie Wold
Marie has such an amazing story and fitness journey. From a volleyball play, to NPC national bikini competitor, Marie has accomplished some incredible things,unfortunatley they came with some repercussions for her health. Listen as marie shares her post show experience, and what she does to fight her auto immune disease- Hashimotos - and rebalance her health, and hormones. @ghostlifestyle "Kendall" my Instagram- My free facebook group - Marie's IG -
December 10, 2018
The Importance Of Wellness as an Entrepreneur with Brian Decosta
This episode spoke volumes to me. Sometimes we don't realize the reality behind actually being an online coach. What really goes into becoming a full time online coach, and business owner. Brian speaks from experience, and about his journey to a multiple 6 figure business, all while maintaining a balance for himself. FTF monthly Membership Site - Brian Decosta Instagram- My instagram- @fearstofit youtube-
December 3, 2018
Resilience: Let Your Past be Your Motivation With Drew Canole
Drew is truly a warrior! From growing up being fostered to manifesting an incredible business and tribe. His business is now over a 200 million dollar company. He continues to touch the hearts of thousands of people every day! Get your free guide!- Follow Drew- My instagram - Shop @Organifi - Code "Kendall" 20% off
November 26, 2018
Building a Personal Brand on Autheticity with DESB
Des has built a thriving business, and following off of her authenticity and how she shows up. Not only that but her story is so compelling. Bringing together a true tribe, building a business and thriving. FIND DES- My IG-
November 19, 2018
Create A 6 Figure Business By Making An Impact With Lauren Tickner
Lauren is on the way to build an empire and revolutionize the online coaching space at just age 21! Listen in to hear exactly how she takes the steps and doesn't let her circumstances stop her from building her online business.
November 12, 2018
The Strive For Strength Podcast - Where It All Started.
Welcome to the strive for strength podcast! as a 20 year old my main goal is to mobilize and educate this generation, through my own experiences and the experiences of others! So lets rise together, and break traditions! instagram - youtube- Apply for fitness coaching -
November 12, 2018
Introduction To The Strive For Strength Podcast
Welcome to my first podcast ! I hope to take you on your journey to finding your strengths! I share my story to give you some insight into how you can turn struggles into strength and thrive! this podcast series will bring on guests to discuss fitness and nutrition, mental health and business! thanks for listening and im so excited for what is to come ! Be prepared to have some awesome people on here to help show you how you can strive for strength.
December 6, 2017