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Perpetual Good

Perpetual Good

How does it feel when you hear a story about something good happening? Does it do more than just tug at your heartstrings? Does it make you want to tell your own story? To find some good to do yourself? Look at how often a simple story or video gets rebroadcast, and you will agree that people thrive and rely on knowing that good things are happening. The problem is that we don't hear enough about all the good things that are going on. This journey will be to uncover good things that are happening, and not only giving the ability to rebroadcast what others are doing, but spur us to our own good
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Episode 5: The Good of Community - Part 1

Perpetual Good

Episode 8: Champions of Good - Part 1
Champions are not born. They are forged in the intensity of deep trusting relationships and lives of sacrifice, and upon the shoulders of those who have gone before and paved the way. Last week we saw the benefit of paying it forward - this week we look at those who paid it all to bring others to the forefront and make them succeed.  This episode is part 1 of a conversation with Vince McCastle, founder of Urban Champions, an organization designed to turn disengaged and ineligible athletes into student athletes, and to help them to succeed in areas other than sports.  Credits: Theme music: Wild & Windy, by BledJon –  Transition Music: Strawberry Sands, by Elijah Ray
October 22, 2020
Episode 7: The Good of Paying It Forward
Life is full of unexpected things: Flat tires, washing machine goes on the fritz, a diagnosis that changes your outlook on your future. But what if the unexpected is a welcome surprise? The person ahead of you paid for your lunch, or you find a bag of groceries on your doorstep with a note that says, “just because”? What if, as you are standing in line, trying to figure out what to put back, the person behind you says “put it on my card”? These are definitely unexpected, but guess what? They happen all the time, and they are easy to do. Paying it forward has so many benefits outside of how it makes the giver feel. Often it leads to a series of selfless acts that benefit not one but many. In this episode, we look at the traditions of doing for others at Bethune-Cookman University with Ja’Liyah Durham and Javian Jones, Taylor Thomas, an 8 year old giving hope and value to critically ill children, and the giving hearts of Chadwick Boseman and Denzel Washington, and how one selfless act can lead to a number of people being positively affected over many generations. Credits: Theme music: Wild & Windy, by BledJon – Transition Music: Strawberry Sands, by Elijah Ray
October 9, 2020
Episode 6: The Good of Community - Part 2
Show up... Listen... Pay attention... Use what you have... Being a person who helps build community is not hard. It may take time, resources and presence, but there is not a complicated formula to help. It just takes being willing and  taking the step to get out and get involved. Nate Frazier, founder of SwellPDX and discusses not only how he has gotten involved, but how he leveraged his community of friends, entrepreneurs, founders and others to bring needed change and benefit to Portland and beyond.  Credits:  Theme music: Wild & Windy, by BledJon – Additional sounds: Smooth Baseline, by Zagi2, provided by In Community, by Sailing to Windward, provided by a kids book about racism, by Jelani Memory
September 27, 2020
Episode 5: The Good of Community - Part 1
At no time in human history is the following phrase more apropos: No man is an island. - John Donne, 17th century English poet It may take a special person to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and make a name for themselves, but those people rarely make great superheroes. Real superheroes are always focused outward, on those in their community, and do whatever they can to make the community better. This week, we focus on stories of good, of people who are doing just that, and you get to hear part 1 of my conversation with Nate Frazier, founder of SwellPDX, founder of and CoBaCares. He will tell you though, he is just a guy who loves people and loves to share. That is what community is all about. Credits Abby the Superhero, c/o Black Culture News - Robert Paylor's Journey - Counting by 7's, Holly Goldberg Sloan - Hospital Security Guard Spreads Joy, c/o CNN - Theme music: Wild & Windy, by BledJon - Additional sounds: Smooth Baseline, by Zagi2, provided by
September 19, 2020
Episode 4: The Struggle for Good
It would seem to be an easy thing to talk about the good things that are happening, but many times, it is a struggle. Facing the complexities of a world in conflict, it is very easy to be dragged into negative thinking and fear, and think that it is worthless to pursue good. Good, however has to be a choice - it is the tough sacrificial choice, and the one that must be made if we are to see any change in our communities.  I start this episode with the epic poem, Still I Rise by none other than Maya Angelou, broadcast May 28 2014 on NPR radio. I think it so encapsulates the challenge and struggle that we must take. Knock me down, hate me, talk about me, kill me with your words, and yet I will rise, with Good.  Credits: Theme music: Wild & Windy by BledJon Still I Rise - Maya Angelou
September 5, 2020
Episode 3: Celebrating Good
In this episode, we look at a number of stories of people who apply their passions to the situations they are experiencing, and by doing so are able to do good for their family, friends and their community. If you are wanting to do something but are not sure what or how, start with the basics: what is in your heart, and what do you love to do.  The stories show us that it doesn't take much, as long as it's done with a lot of heart.  I hope you are inspired by the stories of good, not just for what the individuals are doing, but that you are inspired to reach out and do good for your own community.  Credits: Celebration - Kool & The Gang Antony Cauvin story - published by The Independent Drexell & Honeybees Restaurant - Willie Ray's Q Shack - Kits Cubed - Theme music by BledJon - Background sounds -
August 28, 2020
Episode 2: Defining Good
Put 5 people in a room and ask them to define anything, and you are likely to get 5 different answers to the question. Defining the concept of Good is no different, but there are some things that can be considered when you are defining good, especially because good may not always look "good"... at least initially.  In this episode, we will tackle good vs. great, "feel good" good, and pursuing goals.  The journey for good continues.  "How Do You Define Good", by Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein  “Wall of Moms", by Guardian News  Theme Music: "Wild & Windy", by BledJon 
August 20, 2020
Intro - Getting Started with Perpetual Good
When all that seems to be published is gloom and doom and bad news, hearing something good can be a breath of fresh air. But if it stays as just something we hear, it can last just as long as that breath. I have seen evidence of more good in the community and the world, much of it happening without fanfare or camera coverage. I felt it was time to not only share these stories, but to see how we can perpetuate it... use existing good to prompt us to do even more. This is the beginning of a journey to uncover that good, and challenge us to do more. 
August 9, 2020