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The People of Digital Marketing with Kenny Soto

The People of Digital Marketing with Kenny Soto

By Kenny Soto
The People of Digital Marketing is a podcast made for new marketers. In each episode, I interview marketing experts from around the world. Marketing leaders from Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and startups share their career advice, challenges they're facing, and roadmaps for how to keep growing.

If you want to lead a marketing team one day or if you just need some expert perspectives on the world of marketing—this podcast is for you!
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Interview with Mark Stouse - Defining A Recession-Proof Career & Things To Know As A New CMO - Episode #93
“Just like you need to understand the business, you need to help them [the c-suite] understand the realities of marketing…” Mark is the CEO of Proof Analytics, a marketing analytics platform that helps CMOs and CFOs bridge the ROI gap by providing cause-and-effect analytics that shows marketing and sales true business impact and financial worth. The company's 'Proof Business GPS' guides through the whole marketing lifecycle, and provides a complete picture of a company's marketing efforts. Their solution enables planning, budgeting, and optimization of marketing in all channels. An award-winning B2B CMO and CCO, Mark is one of the first leaders to connect all types of marketing investments to revenue, margin, and cash flow impact in complex, long-cycle companies. Questions and topics we covered included: The story of how Mark built upon the Honeywell brand, in a sector within a slow sales-cycle industry (aerospace), How Mark approaches building marketing teams today (including how to pick out the right VP of Marketing/CMO), Why do investments in brand always get seen as wastes of money (by leadership) and how to fix that, How Mark defines the T-shaped marketer, What is the biggest enemy all CMOs will face in their career? Why forecasting is such an important skill for CMOs to know (so they can keep their jobs), Who should ultimately own attribution in a marketing team? How can marketers at all stages in their careers remain recession-proof? What is the OODA loop and why does it matter in data science? And more! You can say hello to Mark via LinkedIn: Tweet to him at:
September 23, 2022
Interview with Léandre Larouche - Should You Write a Book? - Episode #92
“The art of persuasion lives in the craft of writing…if you want to catapult your writing skills, write a book.” Léandre Larouche is an author, speaker, and writing consultant based in Toronto, Canada. He is the author of Hétérochrome (2017), Write a Book That Matters (2021), The Architecture of Grammar (2021), and The End of Nonsense (forthcoming). Léandre is a writing activist. He believes that writing is the most powerful skill in the world and that writing well isn’t hard with the right mindset and approach. Questions and topics we covered in this episode include: Léandre’s obsession with writing and how he learned to become a writer with English as his second language. Using a book to build authority in any industry. How to start writing a book? What are the some popular “best practices” that Léandre doesn’t agree with? The right writing habits to keep. Léandre’s approach to editing. When is the right time to request feedback on a book? When should you hire a ghostwriter? Self-publishing or going through a publisher—which is the right path? And more! Connect with Léandre via his: Website - Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter -
September 15, 2022
Interview with Jacob Warwick - How Your Career Narrative Can Help You Become a VP - Episode #91
Jacob Warwick is the CEO of ThinkWarwick, an executive leadership and career growth firm. He's on a mission to help more people love what they do. Prior to starting his own business, he grew into c-suite marketing and product roles in Silicon Valley and was the CEO of a multi-million dollar a year career management company. Questions and topics covered: What the transition between marketing tactician to marketing leader looks like. How can marketers who are trying to grow, make themselves recession-proof? What is a career narrative and why is it important to have this clearly defined? How Jacob has created a newsletter that actually helps grow his business. The advice Jacob has for anyone trying to grow their LinkedIn audience this year. Is it possible to become a CMO without a personal brand? And more! Connect with Jacob on LinkedIn: And check out his articles on executive leadership here:
August 17, 2022
Interview with Kaleigh Moore - Launching A Freelance Marketing Business - Episode #90
Kaleigh Moore is a freelance writer and consultant for eCommerce and SaaS companies. She also owns, a podcast repurposing service, and is the co-host of the Freelance Writing Coach Podcast. Her clients include Stripe, IBM, Shopify, AT&T, and more. She also writes about retail, DTC, and sustainable fashion for publications like Vogue Business, Forbes, Glossy, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company. Questions and topics we covered include: The story of how Kaleigh jumped into the world of freelance writing for SaaS companies, How to know if freelancing is the right career path for you, How Kaleigh’s constructed her team to help grow her business, The 3 marketing tactics a freelancer can use to get new clients and how Kaleigh has evolved past them all, What is the best way to qualify clients before getting the work started? Kaleigh’s strategy for getting impressive by-lines (there’s a reason why she’s been featured in so many business publications), The writing mistakes that annoy Kaleigh, How to use Twitter to grow your career… And more! You can say hi to Kaleigh on Twitter: If you have a podcast and you’re not repurposing your audio content into written articles, definitely don’t forget to check out! Your content will be in good hands.
August 09, 2022
Interview with Jeff Large - Listen to This if You Want to Build a Podcast- Episode #89
“Success can look drastically different, you don’t always need a lot of downloads…” Jeff Large is the CEO & Founder of Come Alive Creative, a podcast production company. Clients hire Jeff to produce their podcasts and to develop strategies for their content marketing. Jeff spends most days actively learning about goal setting, writing narratives, collaborating with others, and producing amazing audio. Questions and topics we covered: Jeff’s home office setup (the most impressive setup I’ve seen to date). What made him shift from teaching and being a musician to becoming a podcast host? What’s his process for helping his clients produce podcasts on a consistent basis? Is a launch plan necessary for podcasts? How should hosts approach this? The common mistakes most podcast hosts are making right now. When looking at podcast analytics, what metrics actually matter? What gear and studio setup do you recommend for new podcast hosts? The most straightforward way you can repurpose podcast content, over and over and over again. And more! Fun fact: Jeff has been podcasting since 2012. You can learn more about Come Alive Creative here:
August 05, 2022
Interview with Harry Morton - How B2B Companies Need to Approach Podcasting - Episode #88
“Podcasting is not inherently viral…” Harry Morton is the founder and CEO of Lower Street, a podcast production agency specializing in creating shows for agencies, startups, and enterprise clients. Harry and his team of producers, audio engineers, and marketers have launched more than 50 podcasts and produced thousands of episodes. Harry is also a happy father of 2, an avid mountain biker, and an occasional music producer. Questions: The story of how Harry grew his marketing agency. What does it take to create a B2B podcast that generates revenue? What’s the business case for creating a podcast? What are some unexpected challenges businesses face when launching a podcast? What are the best practices for driving audience growth? What should someone consider when pitching themselves as a guest? The smart tactics to use when repurposing podcast content. And more! You can say hello to Harry on Twitter here -
July 26, 2022
Interview with Saarim Asady - Growing Your Business On LinkedIn - Episode #87
Saarim is a recognized LinkedIn expert and consultant who has helped thousands of people master LinkedIn for client acquisition. Today, multiple people have credited Saarim with helping them to get their businesses 6 & 7 figure levels. Today, Saarim has coaching programs specifically focused on client acquisition using LinkedIn. For all things LinkedIn & getting clients - Saarim is the guy to go to! Questions and topics we covered include: How to grow a blog from 0 to 1 million readers in 2022. Why Saarim chooses LinkedIn as his area of expertise. The common mistakes people make when trying to promote themselves on LinkedIn. The best content format for LinkedIn. What makes LinkedIn different from Instagram in terms of client acquisition? How do you design a LinkedIn profile to attract clients? What are the 3 principles for getting clients on LinkedIn? (Traffic, Content, & Relationships) How to create an actionable content strategy for LinkedIn in 2022. What kind of content attracts buyers the best on LinkedIn? And more! Say hi to Saarim on LinkedIn here:
July 18, 2022
Interview with Sara Pion - Navigating The Startup World as a New Marketer - Episode #86
Sara Pion has spent the last 4.5 years growing her career in B2B Saas, starting in technical support and moving into Growth and Demand Generation marketing across high-growth companies like Drift, Alyce, Voiceflow, and now Dandy. She has a proven track record of fostering community within a customer base, scaling teams, and acquiring and activating users. Outside of work, she has an amazing podcast on personal and professional growth with her co-host Bridget called “Self Control & Cheese”. When she isn’t working, Sara likes exploring Denver and boxing. Questions and topics we covered include: When is the right time to leave a job you used to love? Sara’s take on the age-old debate of starting off as a specialist or generalist. Why should candidates applying to startups ask companies questions about their financial security? The pros and cons of joining a startup at seed, series A, B, and so on. And, how can marketers determine if startups in general are the right type of company for them to join? How to say “no” to too many ideas. What does a toxic job offer look like? The skills any marketer should learn as they try to become an expert in their industry, channel, etc. Why does internal marketing become more important as a marketer gets more senior roles? Check out her podcast Self Control & Cheese here - Say hi to Sara on LinkedIn - Find Sara on Twitter - Sara also has a job board you can check out here - Here’s my favorite episode of Self Control & Cheese if anyone wanted to get a good episode to start with -
July 12, 2022
BONUS Episode: Interview with Daniel Botero - Listen To This If You’re Looking For A New Job
Daniel Botero is a career coach, best-selling author, and top-rated podcast host who helps international STEM students land their dream jobs (and helps them get a company to sponsor the H1B visas). His proven system helps students obtain their dream tech roles within 90 days of graduation, without having to apply to hundreds of companies. To say he's a job search and career expert is putting it mildly. Notable organizations he's helped his clients jobs at include: Amazon, Apple, Google, Tesla, Disney, Salesforce, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Boeing, Deloitte, and many more. Questions and topics we discussed include: The common mistakes job candidates are making today when they’re applying for work. Does a college student’s GPA matter? What are some essential questions candidates should be asking during an interview? Is it common to get ghosted during an interview process? What mistakes are recruiters and hiring managers making right now when it comes to how they craft their candidate experiences? What were some of the early challenges you faced when building out your podcast? Some of the early challenges Daniel faced when first started his podcast. The tips Daniel has for people interested in growing a personal brand on LinkedIn. Say hi to Daniel via LinkedIn -
July 11, 2022
Interview with Derek Osgood - Your GTM Strategy Needs a Makeover - Episode #85
Derek Osgood is a former marketing exec turned founder, building Ignition – the collaborative GTM platform helping Product and Marketing teams to get new products to market faster and more effectively. Prior to founding Ignition, he was an early hire at Rippling where he stood up the Product Marketing function and helped scale the company to $20M in ARR. As a Product Marketing leader everywhere from startups to major brands like PlayStation, Derek has launched over 100 products and his products have generated over $1B in revenue. Now he’s building the platform he wished he had along the way. Questions and topics we covered include: The story of how Derek spearheaded one of the largest announcement campaigns Sony has ever done—the launch of the video game franchise God of War. Why should early-stage companies invest in documentation? What makes GTM strategies succeed? What are some common pitfalls early-stage companies make when executing a GTM strategy? Do these pitfalls exist with bigger companies? The qualities Derek looks for in job candidates who apply to Ignition. How companies should approach launching products on Product Hunt? One aspect of marketing remains a consistent challenge for Derek. Why is brand/creative the most important part of any marketing department? And more! You can say hi to Derek via email at - Or you can visit his company’s website -
June 27, 2022
Interview with Maya Grossman - The Career Advice You Need If You Want To Be A Marketing Leader - Episode #84
“You just want to make sure you’re joining a rocket ship, not a sinking ship…” Maya Grossman is a marketing executive with over fifteen years of experience taking products to market and driving growth for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Google, as well as fast-growing startups. She is a career coach, the best-selling author of “Invaluable, an unconventional business book for employees who want to deliver exceptional results,” and the creator of the Career Success Secrets Course, a transformative program that generates quantum career leaps. Questions and topics we covered included: ✅Maya’s story of how she created her first marketing job. ✅Maya’s advice for any marketer who wants to get promoted this year. ✅Why does imposter syndrome creep up at any stage in a marketer’s career? ✅The common lessons and experiences Maya gained from each of her previous executive positions. ✅What are some mistakes a new marketing leader might make when building a team for the first time? ✅What are hiring managers looking for in marketing candidates this year? ✅What’s the best way to come up with new ideas for LinkedIn content? And more! Say hi to Maya on LinkedIn - Check out her website for more info about her - She also has a free playbook to help you start making huge leaps in your career! You can get that here -
June 20, 2022
Interview with Yisrael Segall - Marketers, It’s Okay To Be A Generalist - Episode #83
Yisrael Segall, Yiz for short, is an engineer at heart. As a kid he has always loved to take things apart, learning how they worked and putting them back together. His passion is knowing how things work, how businesses work, and what drives successful people. Yiz currently serves various clients as a Fractional CMO and is a mentor on the GrowthMentor platform. Questions and topics we covered include: How Yiz uses marketing automation to help him work better and faster. What led him to take a generalist approach in his career. What makes for a good campaign funnel? What are the essential elements of one? The qualitative metrics marketers should actually care about. Why are content engagement metrics important and in what context should marketers use them? Is Quora still a good channel that marketers should consider? What are some tactics that you like to use? Can it be used as a research tool? And more! You can say hello to Yiz on LinkedIn - Or his email -
June 17, 2022
Interview with Darshan Mehta - You Have Your Insights, Now What? - Episode #82
Darshan is the founder of, a platform that allows users to quickly extract insights from consumers throughout the world, and, an app that allows users to make instant connections and take part in engaging interactions. Drawing from more than 20 years of marketing strategy and research experience, Mehta has also authored a book, “Getting to Aha! Today’s Insights Are Tomorrow’s Facts,” to help business leaders understand and leverage changing consumer preferences. Questions and topics we covered include: What are insights and what are they supposed to do? Why does marketing strategy (how we approach it) change so much? What can we do to help ourselves adapt to change? How have business presentations changed since Darshan began teaching this as a professor in two universities? What is the best way to facilitate the question-and-answer section of a business presentation? And more! Say hello to Darshan via:
June 06, 2022
Interview with Lea Pica - Using Data & Storytelling To Spur Action - Episode #81
WARNING: This episode is only for marketers who use data to make informed decisions. Lea Pica is an industry-acclaimed data storytelling advocate, international keynote speaker, and instructor. She began her career as a data analytics practitioner with over 15 years of experience building digital marketing practices for companies like Scholastic, Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren, and Prudential. Today she teaches presentation, data visualization, and her signature data storytelling methodology, the PICA Protocol, to tens of thousands of data practitioners all around the world. Lea also hosts the Present Beyond Measure Podcast, and is authoring her first book, called “Story-Driven Data,” publishing later this year. Questions and topics we discussed include: How Lea made the leap from in-house marketer to a business owner. What drew her towards data and data storytelling? How can hiring managers evaluate a marketer’s ability to be a data practitioner? What is data storytelling? Why is it important? What is the PICA protocol? (Bonus - Lea shares the story of how she created this framework) What usually causes a lack of action after a data presentation is shown to a team? Should presentation slides have words on them? How many words are too many? What skills did you need to learn to become a great public speaker? And more! You can find links to Lea’s work below: Lea’s free online assessment on the top data presentation silent killers - Lea’s podcast, (The Present Beyond Measure® Show) - Her upcoming book waiting list - Her amazing MOZ Whiteboard Friday video (PICA Protocol: A Visualization Prescription for Impactful Data Storytelling) -
May 31, 2022
Interview with Adam Steele - From Marketer to COO & The Basics of Link Building - Episode #80
“Links plus content equals profit.” Adam is the co-founder and COO at Loganix, a fulfillment house for SEO. Notable clients of Loganix include Backlinko, FreshBooks, and Drift (now they are making a shift to working primarily with agencies). Adam spends most of his days building links and SEO products for agencies and in-house marketers. Questions and topics we covered include: What qualities does Adam look for when hiring team members? What skills are needed to create and grow an agency? When does an agency begin to mature? Why is link building still a valid way to grow a presence online? What are some common misconceptions new marketers have when it comes to link building? You can say hello to Adam on LinkedIn - And you can say hello on Twitter -
May 16, 2022
Interview with Sarah Talbert - So You Want To Be A Copywriter? - Episode #79
“I write words that sell for people…” Finding the voice of ideal clients for business owners across the US and Canada, Sarah Talbert is the copywriting strategist trusted by six and seven-figure business owners alike. Founder of Sandbar Marketing, Sarah has developed a proven research process to truly dig out the language of an ideal client, research their behaviors, and turn it into copy for everything from websites to social media. With her expertise, Sarah changes the lingo from various industries into common, everyday words. Certified by CopyHackers, Sarah enjoys working creatively with business owners in a variety of industries. A loving mother of three, Sarah and her entrepreneurial husband enjoy boating and living life with their family on the coast of Florida. Questions and topics we covered include: The core differences between content writing and copywriting. Can a content writer learn to be a copywriter? Why is copywriting an important skill to learn and why is it so difficult to master? The things Sarah has seen brands do wrong when it comes to their copy. What skills are needed to be considered a good copywriter? (Preview: one of them is being a good researcher) How important is it for copywriters to development documentation on a brand’s voice and copy guidelines? How to qualify clients before starting a project. And more! You can connect with Sarah via her website -
May 04, 2022
Interview with Sean Work - How To Actually Grow Your Website Traffic This Year - Episode #78
“Most businesses…they haven’t finished their site.” Since 2005, Sean Work has been the go-to internet marketing consultant for startups, universities and many other businesses. Additionally, as Marketing Director, Sean grew the Kissmetrics blog (its business-to-business publication) to over 1 million readers a month. Sean's extensive knowledge of search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, copywriting, site architecture, and company building, makes him an invaluable adviser for any new venture or existing business looking to increase its numbers. Questions and topics we covered included: What does it take to get 1 million dedicated blog readers a month? The dangers marketers face by becoming the “yes person” to the CEO. What are the essential elements of a successful website? What are some noteworthy challenges that Sean's faced while working at Crazy Egg? His thoughts on how to stand out during your job search. Do blogs still work in 2022? What are some common misconceptions when it comes to keyword analysis? His process for identifying opportune keywords. How he aligns opportune keywords with content ideas. And more! You can say hello to Sean via his Twitter -
April 11, 2022
Interview with Will Haire - Growing Your Business On Amazon - Episode #77
Will Haire is the co-founder of BellaVix which is a full-service Marketplace Marketing Agency for direct-to-consumer retail brands who want to grow sales on the world’s largest marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. Will has worked with eCommerce businesses in leading the strategic planning, implementation, and tactical execution of marketing strategies for products across all Amazon business segments. His portfolio includes companies like Instant Pot, Pyrex, Derma E, Think, and Outward Hound. Questions we covered on the show: What are the basics marketers should know about before selling on Amazon? Should businesses hire in-house to scale their Amazon marketing or should they hire an agency? What are the ins and outs of Amazon SEO? What are Will's favorite Martech tools? How similar is Walmart advertising to Amazon? What are the notable differences? What other marketplaces does Will explore with his clients?  What thinking goes behind developing a buyer persona for an eCommerce business? What should a marketer consider? How will Amazon Live is going to change the online shopping experience and how can marketers capitalize on it? And more! You can say hello to Will via LinkedIn here: If you enjoyed this episode, check out my interview with Dr. Travis Zigler. We do a deeper dive specifically on Amazon PPC basics. Here’s the link:
April 05, 2022
Interview with Sarah Snyder - What It Takes To Be Good At Press Relations - Episode #76
“I think everyone is interesting in some way…” Sarah Snyder is the CEO of Connection Enthusiast, a strategic public relations firm. Snyder has a vast array of experience representing both high net-worth individuals, start-ups, and budding entrepreneurs. Her expertise and talent have been the catalyst for clients securing deals in excess of 100K per client acquisition. Media placements for her clients have included numerous local and national media outlets, including Forbes, Huffington Post, Cheddar TV, Dr. Oz, and so on. In addition to being a self-earned business maverick, Snyder’s drive, interpersonal skills, and compassion in times of pressure while working with the media come from her previous background and experiences. Snyder is a licensed professional counselor and has helped develop a nationally recognized $25+ million dollar pilot program involving emergency crisis response teams and managed residential treatment programs for trauma survivors. These traits help drive her creativity and unique style, as does her sense of humor under pressure. Snyder’s goal-oriented focus and strength-driven approach are also evident in her personal life. Snyder has played women’s professional football and been ranked as one of the strongest women in the US. She believes connections are the key to a thriving business and has built her business off this belief. Questions and topics we covered: How being a counselor helped Sarah thrive in the PR field. Should business owners hire an internal PR-operator or hire an external partner to manage their PR? How can PR help with a company’s growth? What are some common struggles people face when doing media training? How can PR professionals help their clients ease their way into this for the first time? Sarah’s thoughts on the (somewhat over-used) buzzword “Personal Branding”. How can PR professionals make their clients seem more interesting to journalists? What are some pain points that journalists experience and how can publicists leverage them to secure more stories? Do PR news wires work? What are the essential parts of a media kit/press kit? And more! You can connect with Sarah and learn more about her stellar PR services via -
March 28, 2022
Interview with Tommy Walker - Your Content Marketing Efforts Need An Upgrade - Episode #75
Tommy Walker is the founder of The Content Studio, a content marketing consultancy for Fortune 1,000 companies and fast growing B2B startups. Prior to founding The Content Studio, Tommy was the Global Editor-in-Chief at QuickBooks, and the first marketing hire at Shopify Plus. Questions and topics we covered : The story about how Tommy was living on a couch for $100/month when he was 20. How do communications silos in marketing departments develop? How can junior marketers alert senior leadership about the emergence of silos in their teams? The skills that help Tommy be the best content marketer and business owner that he is today. How Tommy approaches “serializing” the content he makes for his clients. What does the ideal content team look like? You can say hello to Tommy via LinkedIn -  Resources mentioned: Airtable’s Marketing Trends Report -
March 21, 2022
Interview with Branko Kral - Building Your Own Content Marketing Business - Episode #74
“I wanted my income to be free from my physical location…” Branko has lived in seven countries and speaks four languages fluently. His passion for language, analytical thinking, and desire for efficient systems lead him to co-founding Chosen Data, a content and SEO consultancy for successful MarTech companies. With a global team, Branko splits time between California and Slovakia. When away from the computer, he spends time doing mountain sports or socializing. Questions we covered: Is remote work a suitable way of working for everyone? What is Chosen Data and how would he describe his role in the team? How did he come up with the name Chosen Data? Why did he decide to start his own business vs getting a high-paying job? During the early days of Chosen Data, how did he get new clients? What are some of the management challenges he faces working with a global team? Are there any specific marketing challenges that you face trying to acquire clients from all over the world? How does he systemize marketing ops? How does he hire for his company and how does he assign teammates to specific clients? Why niching down your services is extremely important… What are some things hiring managers are looking for in marketing candidates this year? What questions can marketers ask prospective employers to evaluate if the job is right for them? How to generate backlinks for your clients? Does guest posting still work? Say Hello👋🏼 to Branko on LinkedIn - Say Hello👋🏼 to Branko on Twitter - Chosen Data has a free content optimization guideline that you can get on their homepage here -
March 11, 2022
Interview with Lila Schneider - Managing Your Own Marketing Agency - Episode #73
“I learned more being on my own…” Lila Schneider is a NJ native with an extensive background in marketing. Before starting her own marketing agency, Lila worked at PR agency managing big clients such as Neutrogena and Aveeno. After a few more years of work, she realized the world of PR was not the right fit for her and shifted her focus to starting her own business. She established her own agency, Let’s B Media in March of 2018. Focusing on guiding businesses through the digital landscape, Lila prides herself on transparency and providing a seasoned marketing solution for the everyday business owner. Questions we covered include: What was her experience like promoting big brands like Aveeno and Neutrogena? What inspired her to actually create her own agency? How does she approach outsourcing her work to other freelancers and how does she hire new team members? What were some of her early challenges when she started her agency Let’s B Media? How does she qualify prospective clients? How does she onboard new clients? How does she set expectations with clients? What are some of the go-to tools that she uses to manage her remote teams? Who are her favorite digital marketers? You can say hello to Lila via: Her website - Her LinkedIn - Her Instagram -
March 08, 2022
Interview with Margie Agin - The Ins and Outs of B2B Product Marketing - Episode #72
“Product marketing is thinking not just about lead gen and awareness but, all the way through the funnel.” Margie Agin is an award-winning marketer who helps B2B tech companies discover what makes them unique and find the words to say it. She is the founder and chief strategist of the marketing agency Centerboard Marketing and is the author of “Brand Breakthrough: How to Go beyond a Catchy Tagline to Build an Authentic, Influential and Sustainable Brand Personality.” Before founding Centerboard Marketing, Margie led demand generation efforts for the education technology company Blackboard, a digital marketing tool for video conferencing leaders like Tandberg and Cisco. Questions we covered: What’s the difference between product marketing and product management? How can marketers bridge the gap between high-level branding and product-level messaging? How can product marketers become advocates for their customers’ point of view? What are the key advantages to consider when comparing the benefits between a user community versus a customer advisory board? How can marketers use content marketing and product marketing for sales enablement? What are some of the must-have content assets that are needed for marketing and sales enablement? What are Margie’s favorite social listening tools? And more!!! You can connect with Margie via LinkedIn - You can view her services at - 
February 25, 2022
Interview with Alexander Billington - Growth Frameworks From A Former Soccer Player - Episode #71
Alex is a former professional soccer player turned growth marketer and now works as a community growth manager at Funnel, a marketing data platform with over 1500 customers including Adidas, Samsung, and Havas. Prior to Funnel, Alex worked agency-side at Brainlabs building cross-channel digital growth strategies for brands such as Digicel & MARS. Questions and topics covered: The story on how he became a Growth Marketer. Why did he join What are some of the weekly and monthly challenges Funnel’s marketing team faces? What is his approach for testing several different marketing channels? What are some go-to mental frameworks that he uses to help him develop and refine his marketing strategies? What are some of Alexander’s marketing resources that he can’t live without? Alexander’s list of favorite MarTech tools. Characteristics he likes to see in job candidates. You can connect with Alexander on: LinkedIn - Youtube - Resources mentioned: “How to Build an A/B testing Framework – Our VICE Framework Revealed” - The Knowledge Project hosted by Shane Parrish - The Digital Marketing Podcast by Target Internet -
February 18, 2022
Interview with Aazar Ali Shad - How to Use Twitter the Right Way & the Basics of Launching a Podcast - Episode #70
Aazar Ali Shad is a Growth Marketing Lead at, an online games-based academy started by Elon Musk and Chrisman Frank. He has a podcast called Growth Marketing Stories where he tells unconventional growth stories. He also has more than 10 years of marketing and sales experience. Questions we covered: Why did he make the transition from sales to marketing? What’s been the hardest challenge in regards to growing his personal brand on Twitter? For someone who is interested in starting a podcast but, they need help—what’s the best way to start? What are some things they can do early on to help them succeed? What worries him and excites him about growth marketing in 2022? And more! Here are some amazing Twitter threads that Aazar has written: Aazar’s list of favorite marketing podcasts - Aazar’s list of favorite marketing professors -
February 08, 2022
Interview with Foti Panagiotakopoulos - Getting Into Growth Marketing - Episode #69
Foti graduated with a degree in finance in 2007 but, quickly pivoted into digital marketing a year later as the first non-engineer hire at the managed hosting provider, EuroVPS. Fast forward a decade and in 2018 he launched his startup called GrowthMentor which helps founders and marketers connect with vetted mentors. Questions we covered include: Why did he create GrowthMentor? How would he describe his job as a founder? What are some of his weekly and monthly challenges? What resources would he recommend to someone who’s new to growth marketing? What new marketing skill is Foti learning right now (PREVIEW: it’s a skill with three letters)? When is the right time for a business to hire a growth marketer and do they need to be a full-time employee? What interview questions should entry-level growth marketers know how to answer? What are his favorite MarTech tools? Why does he think people are too obsessed with personal branding? You can connect with Foti via LinkedIn - Demand Curve’s slack channel (I’m in here too by the way) - Neil Patel’s advice on why you need to STOP studying digital marketing - And here’s another great episode about growth marketing that you can check out, the guest is Agata Krzysztofik who recommended me to Foti -
January 28, 2022
Interview with Michele Linn - Level Up Your Content Marketing Using Original Research - Episode #68
“You want to make sure your survey questions result in stories.” Michele Linn is the founder of Mantis Research where she helps content and community managers conduct surveys so they can learn about their audience and publish compelling, original research findings. Prior to Mantis, Michele was head of editorial at Content Marketing Institute, where she led the company's editorial strategy and helped grow its audience to more than 200,000 subscribers. Questions: What are some of the benefits marketers can get from doing original research? When is the best time to do original research? What’s a simple step-by-step process marketers can use to conduct original research? What are some suggestions for marketers who want to conduct original research projects, but who don’t know how to propose these projects to their managers and business leadership? What are some common misconceptions about original research that annoy her? What are some incentives a marketer can use to get people to respond to surveys? What it is like working for Joe Pulizzi? What skills did she learn from working at the Content Marketing Institute? And more! You can connect with Michele via: Her LinkedIn - Her website - And here’s the article I mentioned regarding community-building as a marketing strategy (definitely something worth reading more than once) - If you’re looking for another wonderful interview with an expert content marketer who also talks about original research, check out the episode I did with Andy Crestodina here (it’s episode #43) -
January 19, 2022
Interview with Jimmy Zona - E-commerce Marketing Lessons From a Pro - Episode #67
“[E-commerce marketing] is so difficult now because anyone can open up a Shopify store, you collaborate with other brands and sell [their products], you can drop-ship, there are just so many stores and everybody is just trying to make it…” Jimmy Zona is the Director of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing for Turbie Twist. At Turbie Twist, he created and scaled the company's digital presence in order to become the market leader in its category. In this episode of the podcast, we talk about all things e-commerce: ads, SEO, cross-channel marketing, email marketing strategies, and more! Questions and topics we covered include: How did Jimmy get into the hair care industry? What lessons did he take from his tv producing experience while transitioning to a full-time marketer? Why is scaling an e-commerce business difficult? Is it difficult? What's the single best way to re-engage users who abandon an app/website? How is Jimmy handling email updates with iOS 15 rolling out? (Hint: he’s focusing on SMS marketing) When is it the right time for an e-commerce business to run ads? What are the best examples of cross-channel marketing? What are the similarities between building an affiliate marketing network and scaling PR hits? How does e-commerce and SEO come together? Do e-commerce businesses need an SEO strategy? What are the main reasons why he doesn’t use influencer marketing? What’s the hardest part about marketing products on Amazon? Should e-commerce marketers focus on DTC-only, Amazon as the main focus, or a mix? You can connect with Jimmy via LinkedIn - And for anyone interested in a deep-dive on Amazon PPC tactics and strategies, check out this episode I did with Dr. Travis Zigler -
December 20, 2021
Interview with Maddy Martin of Smith.AI - Growing a B2B Company The Right Way - Episode #66
“You should be speaking truth and focusing on honesty in marketing…” Maddy Martin is the VP of Marketing for, which provides 24/7 communication & intake services for businesses, by phone, website chat, text, and Facebook Messenger. She has spent the last decade growing tech startups from New York to California, and has expertise in digital marketing, small business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, SEO & content marketing, social media, co-marketing, and event marketing. Questions I asked her included: Why do email open rates no longer matter (Hint: iOS 15)? What’s the best way to use branding guidelines? Do leads/prospective customers really read e-books? What is the ultimate goal for any B2B company? What is a “leaky” lead funnel? How do you “plug it”? What role do chatbots play in a business’s SEO strategy? Connect with Maddy via: Email - LinkedIn - Twitter -  And here's a FREE and wonderful eBook from the team, How to Use Virtual Receptionists for Small Business Growth -
December 06, 2021
Interview with Deirdre Tshien - Discussing User Acquisition and Influencer Marketing for 2022 - Episode #65
“When you are a business owner—you’re a digital marketer. That’s the bottom-line.” Deirdre is the creator of The Viralocity Formula, author of The Traffic Formula and founder of Growth Boss, a leading mentorship and Virtual CMO program for e-commerce business owners wanting to scale to multiple- 6 and 7 figures using the power of tribe-building, virality and human connection. Questions I asked her included: What is a virtual CMO? What do they do? Why shouldn’t you discount Instagram as an acquisition channel in 2022? What is your definition of a tribe? Why are Facebook Groups still the best option for building a tribe? How should marketers go about lowering Cost of Acquisition? What tips can you provide? What are some proxy metrics that can help improve CAC over time? (She discusses reach/impressions as the key to measuring creative assets and CTR for measuring copy👀) When is it the right time to tap into influencer marketing? When is a business ready for this? How can a business evaluate influencers? You can connect with Deirdre here: Instagram - The Remarkable Entrepreneur Facebook Group -
December 02, 2021
Interview with Kathleen Booth - Why Marketers Need to Understand Cyber Security - Episode #64
Kathleen Booth is the VP of Marketing at, the market leader in digital engagement security solutions used by businesses looking to optimize their revenue and buyer experience by taking back control over third-party code on their websites. Prior to joining, she spent 13 years in the digital marketing agency world, first as Owner and CEO of Quintain Marketing and then as VP of Marketing at IMPACT. Kathleen is the host of the long-running Inbound Success Podcast and was named by TopRank as one of the 50 Top B2B Marketing Influencers of 2019. Questions I asked her: Does a marketer need an MBA to succeed? What are the benefits of joining an advisory board? Why is 1st party data important for marketers? What are the differences between 1st-party, 2nd-party, and 3rd-party data? Why is cyber security important to marketers? What are the 3 categories of cyber security vulnerabilities? Your tech stack, your website, and your team… How does cyber security play a role in the world of e-commerce? What are client-side injections and how do they affect consumers and marketers? How do browser extensions (like Honey and Capital One Shopping) interfere with revenue attribution reports for online retailers? Do e-commerce businesses actually benefit from using coupon codes? How do they affect conversion rates? You can say hello to Kathleen via: LinkedIn - Twitter - Resources mentioned: CISA Homeland Security (cyber security education) - On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King - Check out episode #62 if you want another related episode about MarTech with expert Dan McGaw:
November 22, 2021
Interview with Mary Anderson - Designing With A Purpose - Episode #63
“The adventure starts when things go wrong.” Mary is a designer, brand strategist, and founder of Vitality Creative Studio. She believes in the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) and that creativity can be the catalyst for change. From her mobile studio, she collaborates with social and environmental change-makers on projects from sustainable design to digital media and everything in between. Questions we covered: What are the challenges that come from being a digital nomad? What tools are essential to her daily work? How does social impact play a role in her career? What does it mean to have an ethical brand? Why is this important for a Gen Z consumer audience? Why is graphic design “easy”? Why is this an under-appreciated skill? What is one challenge when it comes to owning her own business that she wishes people knew about before starting? Is her career path something that anyone can get into? You can say hi to Mary via: Instagram - LinkedIn - And her website - If you enjoyed this episode, check out episode #54 with Maria Bryan (who recommended me to reach out to Mary). We talk about non-profit marketing in that episode and it ties really well with this one! You can find that episode here:
November 10, 2021
Interview with Dan McGaw - You Can Build The Ideal MarTech Stack! - Episode #62
“The average company spends 25% of their operating budget on technology, they spend 24% of their budget on advertising.” Dan McGaw is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and the CEO of, an analytics and marketing technology consultancy and SaaS platform, In addition, Dan also finds time to be a 500 Startups Mentor, and has previously started the first business accelerator in Orlando, FL. He’s also a thought leader in the MarTech world and a CXL instructor on the topic. Having spoken at leading marketing conferences and online events, his expertise lies in helping businesses extract and interpret the right data to grow their revenue exponentially. Questions and topics we covered: Dan’s story about his first marketing job promoting a band! How does Dan qualify leads for both of his businesses? How does Dan leverage automation to scale his service-based business? Why is building a MarTech stack so difficult? What are some ways that marketers can cut costs when building a MarTech stack? (Hint: don’t use HubSpot) How can a business get a full inventory of the tools in their stack? What are the categories of MarTech tools? What are UTMs and why are they vital to a marketer’s success? Is Google Data Studio a tool that all businesses should add to their stack? If Dan could mold the ideal marketer, what skills would he want them to have? You can say hello to Dan via: Linkedin - Resources mentioned Text “Martech” to 415-915-9011 for a free copy of Dan’s book “Build Cool Shit” (this is to help business owners build a great tech stack) “Ego is The Enemy” by Ryan Holiday - “Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Marketers” by Al Ramadan, Christopher Lochhead, Dave Peterson, and Kevin Maney - Effin A/B Test Calculator (Chrome Extension) -
November 04, 2021
Interview with Julian Ivaldy - Discussing “Pirate Marketing” - Episode #61
“There’s no dictionary for marketings strategies…when you work in a marketing team, if you’re going to keep trying what other people are doing—it’s not going to be productive. You have to do is be open to your market and your customers and talk to your customers.” Julian is the Co-Founder & Head of Growth at 🗝 a crew of serial entrepreneurs, with a pirate mindset, and secret co-founders of over 10 startups. Julian fell into entrepreneurship by selling computer scripts online at the impressive age of 14 years old. Over time he quickly developed a digital side-business studio, called SideFounders. He’s also co-founded an import-export company with a Chinese partner, exported machines to Africa and Europe, and sold thousands of masks during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic last year. His main focus right now is managing growth at The Secret Company. Questions we covered: What is “Pirate Marketing”? How do you define a “North Star” metric? What are some of the growth secrets he’s learned from starting several businesses? Can you describe Human Market Fit and how it differs from Product market fit? What makes for a good growth marketer? Why he looks for marketing experts who aren’t marketers? And more! LinkedIn: Medium: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: If you’re interested you can join the Pirate Marketing movement by joining Julian’s community group:
October 27, 2021
Interview with Agata Krzysztofik - Want to Win as a Growth Marketer? Have a Growth Mindset - Episode #60
Agata is a growth mentor and a marketing leader with +10 years of experience in developing and executing growth strategies at companies like Google, Groove, and Piktochart. Currently, as a VP of Growth at Piktochart, she is leading a 100% remote marketing, sales, and product team. Together with her team, Agata is on the mission of empowering people to tell great visual stories that stick. Questions: Lessons she learned from her 7 years working at Google. Why is it hard to become an SEO expert? What is one of the hardest parts of managing a 100% remote team? How can managers measure the performance of their remote teammates? What should a content marketer focus on first—finding the right channels or discovering the right content format? What is an often overlooked metric that content marketers need to pay more attention to? What makes for a great Instagram ad in 2021? Should social media marketers have some sort of experience using Google Analytics? What does Agata look for when she is hiring new team members? Why is Product Hunt important? For any businesses launching on Product Hunt, what advice would she give them? Why are mentors essential to a marketer’s career growth? You can say hi to Agata via Linkedin: Resources mentioned⬇️ Backlinko (a great SEO learning resource): For a deeper dive into how OKRs help marketing teams, check out episode #56 of the podcast with Sarah Bond: Agata’s blog post on the CUTENESS ad formula for Instagram: If you need a Growth Mentor:
October 12, 2021
Interview with David J.P. Fisher - How to Become a Trusted Marketing & Sales Expert - Episode #59
David J.P. Fisher (D. Fish) is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, sales trainer, and business coach focused on bringing empathy and the human touch back into sales, social media, networking, and entrepreneurship. He is also the author of 9 books including the best-sellers “Hyper-Connected Selling” and "Networking in the 21st Century". And lastly, he is the host of "Beer, Beats, and Business", a podcast that shares his casual conversations with leaders in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Questions I asked David include: How does David grow his personal brand as a “soloprenuer”? What are the benefits of being a published author? Any tips on how to market a book in 2021? What are the biggest mistakes sales professionals and marketers are making on LinkedIn? What strategies and tactics have you used to grow your personal brand? How has public speaking changed in 2021? What is a Sales Sherpa? You can learn more about David and say hello via LinkedIn - And his website -
October 07, 2021
Interview with Forrest Dombrow - Sales and Lead Generation Go Hand-in-Hand - Episode #58
Forrest Dombrow is a sales consultant at Solve Sales, a marketing and sales consultancy firm helping agencies get new leads and more clients. What makes them different is that they’ve walked the walk and have been contracted by brands like Amazon and Costco. Forrest was also named one of the Online Marketing Institute’s Top 40 Digital Strategists in Marketing and has over 17 years of experience as a sales consultant in this space. Questions we covered: How would he describe lean generation to a 10-year-old? Why inbound strategies and tactics work better than outbound (e.g. cold emails)? Does someone need to be an extrovert to be successful at sales? What are some changes that have occurred in the world of lead gen this year? What are some pitfalls businesses make when trying to coordinate a sales team and marketing team to work together? Why should B2B marketers attend sales calls? How does someone scale their agency from their 1st client to their 20th? You can learn more about Forrest at or Or via LinkedIn:
September 28, 2021
Interview with Moe Abbas - Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career - Episode #57
“The most valuable skill that I’ve ever picked up is the ability to learn.” Moe Abbas is the Co-Founder and CEO of Acadium, a revolutionary company that enables just about anybody to launch a career in digital marketing - for free. Acadium has raised $1M from top angel investors like the ex-CEO of Expedia, and it has launched more careers in digital marketing than any other learning platform (which is saying something, let me tell y’all). Questions we discussed: Why is having some understanding in sales and buyer behavior useful for marketers? How did he come up with the idea for Acadium? How does someone launch a career as a freelancer or independent digital marketer? How can a marketer identify their strengths? What are the most in-demand skills marketers should know in 2022? What is the main difference between a digital marketer and a growth marketer? Where is the best place for marketers to learn more about unit economics? What are some of the challenges in marketing an EdTech business? You can connect with Moe via: Twitter: And Instagram:
September 23, 2021
Interview with Sarah Bond - Lessons in B2B SaaS Marketing and CRO - Episode #56
Sarah is the Senior Director of Marketing Strategy at Lucky Orange, a software company that helps businesses around the world improve website conversion rates. She is responsible for leading all aspects of marketing and communications including product marketing, brand positioning, market research, pricing strategies, and communications. Prior to joining Lucky Orange, Sarah grew her knowledge of marketing, communications, and brand strategy through roles with a Fortune 1000 health care information technology company, a marketing agency focused on higher education, and an Air Force public affairs office. In this episode we talked about: How often should a marketing team review their strategy documents? How should a marketing team use OKRs (Objects and Key Results) and goal-setting frameworks to leverage their strategy documents? What is Lucky Orange? How does Lucky Orange (the team) use Lucky Orange (the tool) for conversion rate optimization? How often should a business leverage giving out a free trial? What’s the difference between product-led growth and sales-led growth? How can B2B SaaS companies optimize their onboarding funnel? What’s the best way to build out experiments? What is a Product-Qualified Lead (PQL)? How often should a marketer experiment? And more! You can say Hi to Sarah via email - Resources Mentioned: Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs by John Doerr -
September 21, 2021
Interview with Michael Wieder, Co-Founder at Lalo - Picking The Brain of a CMO - Episode #55
“Write playbooks, don’t follow them.” Michael Wieder is Co-Founder, President and CMO at Lalo, and most importantly, dad to 18-month old Jemma. Utilizing his diverse experience helping build world-class brands, Michael oversees all of Lalo’s marketing and consumer engagement efforts. Prior to founding Lalo, Michael held various leadership positions, including Head of Brand Marketing and Partnerships at WayUp. He also gained valuable entrepreneurial experience, having founded a fitness-tech brand and a music management and event production firm. Michael graduated from the University of Michigan and currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife, daughter, and dog. In this episode we covered: The unique challenges involved when marketing to parents. How are the decision cycle and customer journey different? How has Lalo achieved product-market fit? How Lalo provides the emotional benefit their customers are looking for? The first year of Lalo’s growth and how they went about testing acquisition channels. The importance of creating a council of power users/power customers. Why creative > audience targeting is the way to go and is the best unlock to great marketing performance. Why a low-CAC or high ROAS isn’t necessarily a good thing. What Michael looks for when hiring marketing talent. Why’d focus more on organic growth vs paid growth in the early years of operating Lalo. And more! You can say hello to Michael via Twitter -
September 13, 2021
Interview with Maria Bryan - Enter the World of Nonprofit Marketing - Episode #54
“People are more emotionally attached to people than they are to entities…when nonprofit leaders share their stories, it humanizes the nonprofit’s brand.” Maria Bryan helps founders create thriving nonprofits by marketing on purpose. She provides practical strategies and empathetic coaching to nonprofits ready to amplify their mission and their message. Maria is a firm believer that storytellers make the world a healthier, safer, cleaner, and happier place. Maria gave a lot of great answers to questions like: 1️⃣ How would you describe your role as a Nonprofit Marketing Strategist? 2️⃣ What are some of the unique marketing challenges nonprofit orgs face that other businesses don’t? 3️⃣ What makes up a good story? 4️⃣ Why should nonprofit leaders tell their own stories on social media? 5️⃣ If a marketer wanted to volunteer their time for a nonprofit, where should they search? And more… Connect with Maria through her website: Or through⬇️ Instagram: Twitter: The Digital Marketing Hive | For Small Nonprofits & Businesses:
September 02, 2021
Interview with Nicholas Scalice - How Can I Become a Growth Marketer? - Episode #53
With over 12 years of digital marketing experience, Nicholas runs a conversion-focused growth marketing agency specializing in landing page optimization and marketing automation. He’s also the host of a top-rated podcast called Growth Marketing Toolbox and he writes a weekly marketing newsletter read by over 4,200 subscribers. In this episode we talked about how Nicholas manages his content marketing for two brands, the core differences between webpages and landing pages, how businesses can leverage a newsletter to grow community, the best certifications to get as a budding marketer, how businesses can vet Martech tools before purchasing them, and more! If you want to say “Hello” you can find Nicholas on LinkedIn, Tiktok, Twitter, and through his website: Other resources mentioned: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition by Robert by Robert B. Cialdini (book on psychology every marketer should read) (marketing swipe file) (marketing swipe file) (marketing swipe file) (landing page software) (landing page software) (landing page software)
August 23, 2021
Interview with Cara Meiselman - The Power of “Reverse Franchising” + Growing Your PR & Content Skills - Episode #52
Cara Meiselman is the Director of Strategic Content & Performance at Slice. She is a seasoned marketing leader with 10+ years of experience working at high-growth startups. Cara has experience leading brand strategy for several large companies as well as creating custom training for corporate clients and their employees. Cara is a frequent speaker at conferences including INBOUND and Social Media Week and has featured blog posts on sites such as Mashable, Inc. and Forbes. In this episode we talked about Cara’s journey from law school to the marketing world, the unique challenges from marketing a B2B2C business, the hardest part about managing a content calendar, how to major a brand strategy’s impact, how to reach out to journalists and influencers, how marketers can get their writing featured on major publications, and much more! You can say Hello by visiting her website or her LinkedIn profile.
August 17, 2021
Interview with Arpit Choudhury - Data Isn’t Scary: A Discussion About Product-Led Growth - Episode #51
"Being data-led is core to becoming product-led…” Arpit is a non-engineer who loves data and APIs and believes that everybody, irrespective of their technical chops, should gain data literacy to stay relevant. He likes to spend his days thinking, writing in simple terms, and answering questions about data. He also firmly believes in the power of delayed gratification. In this episode we talked about how Arpit refines his ideas through writing, the importance of product analytics tools for growth marketing, what is product-led growth, the four core elements of a “data stack,” his definition of “data spaghetti,” and much more! Here are four keywords to reflect on after listening to this episode: collect, store, analyze, and activate…That’s how marketers need to use data to make it worth something… You can say “Hello” to Arpit via Twitter, LinkedIn or visit his website.
August 13, 2021
Interview with Maurice Bretzfield - The Man Who Introduced Me to Digital Marketing - Episode #50
“Digital marketing is a blessing and a curse…” Maurice Bretzfield has been a lifelong Dodger fan, a raconteur, traveler, and a connoisseur of matters of the tongue, ear, and eye. He's also a blue water sailor, dad, granddad, Digital Marketing geek, consultant, mentor, and teacher. Maurice has been practicing Digital Marketing since the release of the first Web browser, Netscape, in 1994. This episode is near and dear to my heart. I don’t know how my career would look like today if I didn’t meet him—good thing I did! We talked about how he got into digital marketing, how he became my mentor, common mistakes small business owners make when trying to transition into a digital-first business, why he loves Martech, why personal branding is important, and more! Want to say to Maurice? Google his name! Or you can visit or say hi on LinkedIn. Resources Mentioned: 
August 10, 2021
Interview with Heather Bennett - Want to Improve Your Career? Start with Your Personal Brand! - Episode #49
"It has to be true to you—it has to be real." Heather H. Bennett is a marketing strategist and personal brand coach that lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Drawing from over 20 years of experience in brand marketing, research & development, and personal branding, Heather brings a unique spin to understanding how a personal brand can impact business and personal goals. Her social media strategy expertise has been used by professionals and entrepreneurs in areas as diversified as financial wealth management and law to non-profit and professional speaking, education and consumer products to technology and start-ups. Heather's latest book is “Fun and Fulfilling Careers One Question at a Time: A Step-by-Step Guide to Thriving in Your Personal and Professional Life” In this episode we spoke about the hardest part of getting an MBA, how she defines personal branding, why all professionals (regardless of their industry) need to establish a personal brand, why a personal brand is important for doing the job you already have, common mistakes people make in the early days of personal brand development, how ageism affects a personal brand, and more! You can connect with Heather via her website or on LinkedIn!
August 06, 2021
Interview with Tracy Sheen - Leaning Into Tech & Tackling Technophobia - Episode #48
“At the end of the day, your business is your database.” Tracy Sheen is recognized as a Certified Practicing Marketer by the Australian Marketing Institute. She is a speaker, small business digital coach, and the author of “The End of Technophobia: a practical guide to digitizing your business”. With over 30 years of experience in marketing, sales & small business technology, Tracy works with businesses to up-skill their digital understanding. She has facilitated over 2000 workshops and webinars and is one of a handful of federally approved small business advisors. Tracy is a regular on judging panels for various Australian industry awards including the Australian Marketing Awards and the Australian Podcasting Awards. In this episode, we talk about the challenges with hosting and growing a podcast, why CRMs are vital to small businesses, why your website is your true “digital real estate,” what digital overwhelm means to her, the challenges with marketing a book, how technophobia affects small business owners today and how it could potentially affect Millennials and Gen Z professionals 30-40 years from now, and more! You can connect with Tracy on LinkedIn or her website (just remember to tell her you are coming from this podcast)!
August 03, 2021
Interview with Jennifer Hartmann - Mastering UGC & Community Building - Episode #47
“No one on social follows a brand to be advertised to.” As Director of Public Relations and Enterprise Social Media, Jen is responsible for protecting and improving John Deere’s reputation by leading an enterprise social media and public relations strategy for the company. Jen has over 25 years of experience in public relations, communications, and marketing with 12 of those years at John Deere. In this episode of the podcast, we talked about John Deere’s 100+ year old content marketing history, why UGC is important to incorporate into a marketing strategy, defining a community and how UGC helps with community building, how she manages JD’s social media profiles in 54 countries, her advice to entry-level marketers who want to move up in an organization, and much more! You can say hello to Jennifer on Twitter (let her know you’re coming from this podcast).
July 30, 2021
Interview with Will Berkowitz - The Unique Challenges with Growing a B2B2C Startup - Episode #46
“What we do is we start small and we start today…today, now is so much better than tomorrow.” Will is an operator, advisor, and investor for early-stage companies. He has spent a decade leading strategy and ops at start-ups in NYC across a wide variety of industries. He is currently the VP of product and strategy at Rhino ( and an operating partner at Lakehouse ( In this episode we discussed why Will got into the world of startups, why he has stayed at Rhino for more than 4 years, the challenges with operating in a Business-to-Business-to-Consumer business model, how Rhino grew with no revenue for the first 2 years of operation, why CAC is the North Star for startups, how to network to find the right job opportunities, and more! If you want to say “Hello!” you can connect with Will on LinkedIn and on Twitter.
July 27, 2021
Interview with Sarah Bedrick, Founder of HubSpot Academy - What Are Your Marketing Principles? - Episode #45
“If I feel like I am getting close to perfection, it’s almost too late…will it work even it is not perfect in my eyes?” Sarah Bedrick is a marketing advisor and former VP of Marketing. She's spent the last 13 years working in SaaS startups and scaleups. Her journey includes most recently co-founding Compt, an HR software company, and building the business and marketing engine from scratch. One of her biggest career wins was starting the HubSpot Academy team and growing it into a world-class educational institution for marketing, sales, and customer success professionals. Sarah is also a new mom, loves to explore by bike, and is a life coach to fellow people in tech. In this episode, we discuss inbound marketing, what makes HubSpot Academy a great resource for marketers to get new skills, how she built Compt and Compt’s marketing engine, why she left the company she co-founded, her marketing principles, universal challenges all marketers face when launching a campaign, and more! Connect with Sarah at LinkedIn or at
July 23, 2021
Bonus Episode: Round #2 with Todd Wheeler!
“Belief drives behavior.” Here’s a bonus episode where I interview Todd Wheeler for a second time. If you have not listened to episode #37, do that first and then listen to this one. Topics we covered are below: Tell us a story about your most difficult client, how did you navigate that situation? What would you do differently today? What makes someone a good leader/manager? Why is consistency an important leadership trait? What litmus test or criteria can someone use to know if they should even attempt to move up the corporate ladder? When is someone ready for that coveted leadership role? Why is executive coaching helpful? When is the right time to seek an executive coach? What is the difference between engagement and compliance? Say hi to Todd via email:
July 21, 2021
Interview with Shana Bull - Creating Relationships and Storytelling is How You Win - Episode #44
“No one’s talking about how more brands should be having more fun on social media.” Shana Bull is a best-selling children's book author, freelance writer, and digital marketing educator based in the Bay Area. She is passionate about low-alcohol wines, elaborate cheese boards, and traveling on food adventures with her husband and redheaded son (the co-author of their children’s book - Randall the Blue Spider Goes Surfing). With over 12 years of social media marketing under her belt, she had a lot to share on the pod! In this episode we talk about Shana’s writing process, how she created her first children’s book, the importance of finding a mentor, how to get into creating Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, why you need to outsource the tasks you don’t want to do, and more! You can connect with Shana on Instagram, Twitter, or at
July 20, 2021
Interview with Andy Crestodina - Understanding Digital Empathy with The MASTER of Content Marketing - Episode #43
“Our job in content marketing is to show deep expertise on all the related topics…Our job in that case is to simply be active enough to be consistently visible…” For those of you who have listened to my episodes with Araminta Roberston and Dennis Shiao, you would have heard today’s guest mentioned in both episodes! My guest today is Andy Crestodina. Andy’s the co-founder of Orbit Media, an award-winning 40-person digital agency in Chicago. Over the past 20 years, Andy has provided digital marketing advice to 1000+ businesses and written 500+ articles on content strategy, SEO, visitor psychology and analytics. He’s also the author of Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing. In this episode we talk about why seeking projects leads to more work than seeking a job, his definition of content strategy, the importance of original research as the best form of content, how he has developed his personal brand, and much much more! You can connect with Andy on LinkedIn and on Twitter. Resources mentioned: The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer If you want to support this podcast go here:
July 16, 2021
Interview with A. Lee Judge - Let’s Jump Into Content Marketing - Episode #42
"You should take a T-shaped approach..." A. Lee Judge is the Co-Founder and CMO of Content Monsta, a digital content agency. Focused on B2B marketing for over 20 years, Lee is both a digital marketing practitioner and creative content entrepreneur. He is a leading LinkedIn video creator, Forbes Agency Council member, and engaging event speaker providing training on digital marketing, content creation, social selling, and sales enablement from the Marketing point of view. In this episode we talk about the fundamental principles of marketing, how to take a T-shaped approach to learning new skills (a fresh look into the specialist vs generalist argument), understanding your audience when making an agency, his advice for college grads in 2021, and more! You can connect with Lee via his website or through LinkedIn (make sure you let him know that you discovered him from my podcast). If you want to support this podcast go here:
July 13, 2021
Interview with Erik Newton - How to Scale Your Marketing Career: Lessons From a Former Senior Marketer from Netflix - Episode #41
“It took me many many jobs to figure this out—you are in a support role…marketing is a support role. ” Erik Newton is the VP of Marketing at Milestone Inc. Milestone helps companies organize and amplify their digital information to reach the right audiences with advanced technical solutions for content and SEO. He is a growth marketing executive who takes a full-lifecycle view of customer acquisition, experience, and retention. Prior to Milestone, he was the VP of Growth Marketing at BrightEdge. Early on in his career he spent 6 years in Japan and earned his MBA there and then started his career at Dentsu agency in Tokyo. Erik has worked in tech marketing for more than 20 years at Adobe,, Netflix, and TiVo. He has published more than 175 blogs on SEO, is an accomplished speaker, and wrote a book called Hack the Corporate Fast Track. In this episode Erik provides a great historical narrative of his career and the Silicon Valley scene in the 90s (he had met Andrew Grove and Steve Jobs in the same week), we talk about his experiences at Adobe and Netflix, the different roles and paths marketers can take today, how to speed up your career growth, and more! You can connect with Erik on LinkedIn or via Email (make sure you let him know that you discovered him from my podcast).
July 09, 2021
Interview with Dennis Shiao - The Art of The Career Pivot: Going From IT to Marketing to Freelancing - Episode #40
“Being out on my own is so amazing that thinking about a full-time role again…being in one job is hard for me to think of…” Dennis Shiao is the founder of Attention Retention LLC, a marketing consultancy that works with Silicon Valley technology companies. Dennis consults with clients on content marketing, product marketing, and social media marketing. We talked about his IT background, how he got into marketing, how he defines a “successful webinar”, his strategy for growing a personal brand, and more. You can connect with Dennis on Twitter and LinkedIn. Resources mentioned: Andy Crestodina (a marketer that Dennis follows) Andy’s book is “Content Chemistry: An Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing” For learning about SEO, visit and follow Rand Fishkin on Twiter(the former Co-Founder and SEO expert).
July 06, 2021
Interview with Araminta Robertson - Let’s Jump Into The World Of Fintech Marketing - Episode #39
“There is not enough education about finance or money…People are hungry for information. ” Araminta is a marketing consultant at Mint Studios where she helps fintech companies acquire and retain customers online with content. She's also the host of the Market Like a Fintech podcast, publishes her own blog and newsletter, and is a partner at the Fintech Marketing Hub. She loves talking about everything fintech and content. In our interview we talk about the unique challenges fintech companies face, her top 3 favorite fintech companies that are killing it in marketing, the importance of a founder’s personal brand, how she scales her own personal brand, and more! Connect with Araminta via Twitter, LinkedIn, or through her blog. Resources mentioned: Andy Crestodina (a marketer that Araminta follows) Andy's book is “Content Chemistry: An Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing”
July 02, 2021
Interview with Andrew Capland - Prepping For Your Career in Growth - Episode #38
"Growth is defined differently at every company…” My guest for today’s episode is Andrew Capland. Andrew has worked at B2B startups for just about 14 years to-date. During his career, he’s worked at several amazing companies including HubSpot (early team member), Wistia, and most recently Postscript. Now he runs a coaching/mentoring/advising business—“Delivering Value” where he helps other growth leaders at early-stage SaaS/product-led companies. You can connect with Andrew on Twitter and LinkedIn, if you say hello don’t forget to tell him where you discovered him (cough cough). Resources mentioned: to learn about growth (hint: reach out to the instructors to get advice via LinkedIn and Twitter) is an advanced growth school Growth experts to follow are Andrew Chen and Brian Balfour And Dave Gerhardt as well!
June 29, 2021
Interview with Todd Wheeler - Does a Business Win without Discovery, Priorities, and Focus? - Episode #37
“KPIs are soulless numbers and a lot of people focus on KPIs…” My guest today is Todd Wheeler. Todd makes the complicated understandable, to help companies not only grow but to thrive. With almost 50 years of business building experience, from startup companies to Fortune 500 giants, Todd has taught business leaders how to understand the causes of critical issues in the business environment. Todd was engaged by 25-year-old marketing agency to help them identify issues that kept them stuck. He was able to identify that the team had the right people but, they were in the wrong positions. This is just one of many examples of how he was able to change a company for the better, by helping them to discover and reveal their own hidden wisdom, creating a path to success. He would summarize his job as, “helping people become the best versions of themselves.” Say hi to Todd via his email:
June 21, 2021
Interview with Erica Maurer - How to Host & Promote Virtual Events, The Right Way - Episode #36
“When you’re doing virtual [events], depending on how complex this technology is that you’re using—some people may not event make it through the ‘door.’” Erica Maurer is an entrepreneur, owner, creator, event planner, speaker, and licensed therapist. She is a Partner at EMRG Media, a leading events, marketing, production, and creative agency. Erica is also a Partner and Producer of The Event Planner Expo, New York City’s largest events and hospitality industry trade show. Erica and her team fully adapted their business when the pandemic hit to service the corporate, social, and non-profit sectors with custom virtual event experiences. You can learn more about Erica using the links below⬇️ EMRG Media: Email: Instagram: LinkedIn: Free downloadable resource for how to market virtual events: Psst… If you want to listen to more episodes on marketing for virtual events check out episode #6 and episode #33!
June 05, 2021
Interview with Jeroen Corthout - Creating A CRM That’s Actually Useful - Episode #35
“Most CRM software comes with the expectation that you’re this perfect person who fills out the CRM at every step of the way…we found that that didn’t work for us. That doesn’t work for anyone and that doesn’t make sense…most CRMs don’t work because they are dependent on people.” Jeroen is co-founder and CEO of Salesflare, an intelligent CRM system built for SMBs selling in the B2B space, mostly popular with agencies and SaaS companies. Salesflare itself was founded because Jeroen and his co-founder wanted to manage the leads for their software company in an easier way. They didn't like to keep track of them manually and built Salesflare, which pulls customer data together automatically. It's now the most popular CRM on Product Hunt and top-rated on review platforms like G2 for its ease of use and automation features. You can connect with him on LinkedIn at: Or you can say hi via email: Just tell him you found out about him via my podcast! Thanks for listening.
May 28, 2021
Interview with Amanda Goetz- Sleep, Sex, & Stress: Selling CBD to Help Women Live Better Lives - Episode #34
“We go about speaking to people about the end result, versus trying to educate them on the hemp plant.” Amanda founded House of Wise after realizing the potential of CBD oil in her life. Despite what you might assume, she wasn't always totally on board with CBD. Until recently, she had never used any cannabis products. Amanda was born in a conservative Midwestern home and is a former group-fitness instructor, marathoner, and overall health nut. Over the past two years, she has navigated a divorce while being a mom of three children and working as a VP of marketing at a major wedding industry brand (The Knot Worldwide). Amanda turned to CBD out of desperation, and it has truly changed her life. Much of the world still has a stigma around cannabis products (aka CBD and THC). Amanda wants to change this while empowering women to control their sleep, sex, stress, and wealth with House of Wise. In this episode, we talk about why Amanda is moving to Miami, her biggest failure as a founder, how she markets through the stigmas that are associated with cannabis products, the regulatory constraints behind marketing cannabis and sex products, why she didn’t go with the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) strategy to sell her product, why founders should be using Twitter to promote their businesses, her work at Teal HQ, what a fractional CMO is, and more. Connect with Amanda on Instagram, Twitter or on LinkedIn. If you're interested in the 8-week lesson series for marketing careers, hosted by Teal HQ, click here to learn more about the program.
March 12, 2021
Interview with Lindsey Bancroft - A New Experience: Learning About Experiential Marketing - Episode #33
“What you thought was cutting-edge yesterday is already outdated or been done 20 times over by the next day…I find that to be the biggest challenge and the most rewarding part of this job.” Vowing to create the ultimate consumer experience out of anything she touches, Lindsey Bancroft has spent more than a decade producing activations for top brands including Jeep, ViacomCBS, PepsiCo Foodservice, and Hulu. Leaning on her background in touring logistics, large-scale event production, and sponsorship management Lindsey loves the challenge of turning wild ideas into incredible Experiential programs. She is also a founding Partner and VP of Client Services at Be The Machine. In this episode we talked about the similarities and differences between digital and experiential marketing, the distinct challenges experiential marketers face in 2021, is Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising dead, and much more. If you’re interested in learning more about marketing in general, not just digital marketing, this episode is for you! If you’d like to say hi to Lindsey, you can find her on Linkedin here.
March 05, 2021
Interview with Miruna Dragomir - Marketers Need to Focus on the Big Picture - Episode #32
Miruna Dragomir is the Head of Marketing at Planable, a content collaboration platform for social media teams. For the past three years, she’s been leading growth efforts at Planable. They’ve grown 30X in revenue in these past three years and continue going up. She was previously a part of Uber’s Marketing Team and Oracle’s Social Media team. In this episode we talked about the biggest mistakes teams make when collaborating on social media marketing, what it takes to be a CMO or Head of Marketing, why her company published their product roadmap on their website, and more. If you enjoyed listening to this episode, please send me a message via any of my social media channels (they can be found at If you want to connect with Miruna, you can find her on LinkedIn.
February 26, 2021
Interview with Navindra Kewal - Let’s Talk About Product Management - Episode #31
Navindra Kewal is an explorer of all things digital and physical. We both are from the same graduating class at CUNY - City College and he’s a former entrepreneur, co-founding a hardware startup called Ekick Technologies which aimed to keep skateboarders safer at night. Currently, he’s a Product Management Fellow at the Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. His current project under the Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity is When he’s not doing that, he’s either hiking or working as a Product Manager at Lens: Snap & Share a photo-taking app for which he is a co-founder. In this episode we talked about… 1. Why did you get into product management and product marketing? 2. What's one of the main challenges of working in your field? Why would developing products for the public sector be a difficult endeavor? 3. What is product-market fit and how does a business know if they have achieved it? What metrics and tools do you use to measure this? 4. What are the core skills you currently have that you consider to be your main strengths? How would you relearn them in a faster way—knowing what you know now? 5. What's one prediction you have about 2021 that you think no one else cares about but—they should? And more! Connect with Navindra via LinkedIn or his website. The three product management books he mentioned: Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love by Marty Cagan How the World's Hottest Innovation Factory Builds Bold Ideas That Make It to Market How to Kill a Unicorn by Mark Payne Cracking the PM Interview: How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology (Cracking the Interview & Career) by Gayle Laakmann McDowell and Jackie Bavaro
February 12, 2021
Interview with Pierre Lechelle - ACTIONABLE Advice Every Budding Marketer Needs in 2021 - Episode #30
Pierre has been focused on growing B2B SaaS for the past 10 years with Growth and Account Based Marketing. He's passionate about Sales & Marketing Alignment and he recently launched a newsletter on the subject ( In this episode we talked about how he started designing websites at the age of 10, what made him get into B2B and SaaS marketing, why soft skills are more important to marketers than technical skills, how teams should be thinking about data implementation, how he stays up-to-date on digital marketing with the help of online communities, and more. You can connect with Pierre on Linkedin. Resources mentioned in this episode include: The Revenue Collective The most impactful book for Pierre’s Career: Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim Winning By Design book list ICE (Impact, Confidence, and Ease) Scoring for strategy and project management
February 05, 2021
Interview with Craig Zingerline - Mastering Growth in 2021 - Episode #29
Craig Zingerline is a 6-time founder with 4 successful exits and he has helped dozens of companies scale their growth. He is currently the Chief Product Officer of Sandboxx—past roles include Head of Growth at Upside Travel, CEO of Votion, Head of Growth at Red Tricycle, and VP at New Signature. Craig built Growth University to help other professionals learn the growth strategies and tactics needed to scale their companies and to create a structured and organized way for people to get started with growth. In this episode, I got to speak to him about what growth actually is and how it differs from digital marketing, how marketing in military tech provides its own unique challenges, the skills needed to be great at product management, and more! You can connect with Craig on LinkedIn and Twitter.
January 22, 2021
Interview with Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO of Lately - Creating an AI That Makes Engaging Social Content - Episode #28
Kate Bradley Chernis is the Founder & CEO of Lately, which uses AI to automatically transform long-form content like blogs, podcasts and videos into dozens of "smart" social posts. As a former marketing agency owner, Kate initially created the idea for Lately out of spreadsheets for former client, Walmart, and got them a 130% ROI, year-over-year for three years.  Prior to founding Lately, Kate served 20 million listeners as Music Director and on-air host at Sirius/XM. She’s also an award-winning radio producer, engineer, and voice talent with 25 years of national broadcast communications, brand-building, sales and marketing expertise.  In this episode, we spoke about why all of her growth staff does sales, customer service and marketing, the importance of marketing to your internal team to build trust with your customers, how Lately works for social media and content marketing, how she’s leveraged 15 years of remote work during a COVID-19 economy, and more. Connect with Kate at or on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Books and resources mentioned:  Art of the Start 2.0: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything by Guy Kawasaki  Beyond Product by Jill Soley (Kate is featured in this book) The Alchemist, 25th Anniversary: A Fable About Following Your Dream by Paulo Coelho (Kate and I talked about this book at the end of the episode)  Funding For Female Founders Stalled at 2.2% of VC Dollars in 2018 - Fortune Magazine  This Week In Startups: the most interesting, outrageous & illuminating stories from the world of entrepreneurship hosted by Jason Calacanis
January 01, 2021
Interview with Irina Poddubnaia, Founder of TrackMage- The Basics of Project Management - Episode #27
Irina’s changing the world one entrepreneur at a time by helping to create self-managing teams. She's an executive coach and IT project manager. She’s also the founder of, a shipment tracking software for eCommerce businesses. And she is a certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Needless to say, Irina is a master of project management. In this episode, we discuss the differences between Agile and Lean project management, the common theme that leads to all challenges in project management, what is a knowledge base, the story of how she started her company while living in China, and more! Connect with Irina on LinkedIn or at You can also get a free report at: Resources mentioned: Lean Six Sigma Here’s a great YouTube video that explains Agile Methodologies in more detail Notion: One tool for your whole team. Write, plan, and get organized. This is the knowledge base application that Irina mentioned. Jira [Project Management Software for Developers] ClickUp (a personal favorite of mine when it comes to project management tools) A book that wasn’t mentioned in this episode but, one that I have found to be immensely useful is “The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses” by Eric Ries. If you want to start your own business or work specifically in a start-up environment, I recommend reading this first!
December 29, 2020
Interview with Vince De Benedetto - Getting Started With Marketing Automation & Chat Marketing - Episode #26
Vince is the Founder and CEO of the marketing automation firm, Automated Dreams, in Portland, OR. Vince helps businesses scale their positive impact in the world through automation, conversational marketing, and mentors leaders to work smarter not harder. Vince is also an avid world traveler, visiting more than 40 countries (and counting). His passion for travel and world cultures has allowed him to excel at leading large multicultural teams for the last 5 years. He currently leads a team of 22 people, serving 50 clients. In this episode, we talk about the basics of automation and the benefits a business can get from leveraging automation, how to personalize chat marketing, the #1 error businesses make when creating a chatbot, where to find digital marketing certifications that actually get you clients, and more! Connect with Vince on LinkedIn: Resources mentioned in this episode: Google Dialogflow IBM Watson Ontraport Certified Expert Program Manychat’s automation course (FREE) School of Bots
December 18, 2020
Interview with Dr. Travis Zigler - The Basics of Amazon PPC - Episode #25
Dr. Travis Zigler is a recovering optometrist turned eCommerce entrepreneur. He is the founder of Eye Love,, whose mission is to heal 1,000,000 dry eye sufferers naturally. Dr. Travis and his wife, Dr. Jenna Zigler, use the profits from Eye Love to fund free clinics in Jamaica and the US through their charity, the Eye Love Cares Foundation, Due to the success of Eye Love (over $4 million per year as of 2020), others have asked if Dr. Travis would help them grow their business online, and more specifically with Amazon, which is one of his superpowers. Dr. Travis and his team have helped hundreds of clients. Learn more here: We talk about the easiest and most effective Amazon Ad you can create, the basics of Amazon keyword research, which metrics to consider when managing and creating your Amazon PPC campaigns, this easiest Amazon ad to launch, why sponsored product ads are the most important type of Amazon PPC ad, and much more. Connect with Travis at: The Amazon PPC Pros YouTube Channel and The Amazon PPC Pros Facebook Group Resources mentioned: Amazing Selling Machine The 13 Best Metrics To Watch With Amazon PPC blog post
December 11, 2020
Interview with Chris Dickey, CEO of Visably - The Basics of Search Engine Visibility & Marketing a SaaS Company - Episode #24
Chris is a veteran marketer whose career has spanned public relations, in-house marketing direction, and publishing. Chris ended up pivoting his PR agency to start using PR to create powerful brand visibility where SEO and SEM tactics were falling short. Chris is the Founder + CEO of Visably, a new Software as a Service (SaaS) business that marketers can use to measure their brand’s footprint across all channels that appear in search. Using machine learning to classify over 100 million domains and websites, Visably is poised to be an indispensable tool for PR and Digital Agencies. So far, Chris has raised more than $700K to date for his company. In this episode we talked about what he’s learned from his 17 years of marketing experience, why he started Visably, the marketer’s dilemma, how affiliate marketing works, and much more! Connect with Chris on LinkedIn. Resources Chris mentioned: The Marketing Brew Newsletter from Morning Brew Ad Age and Ad Week Newsletters
December 04, 2020
Interview with Katie Dooley - Starting a Design & Branding Business - Episode #23
Katie Dooley is the Founder of Paper Lime Creative, a branding and design agency in Edmonton, Alberta. Her love of design and art took shape at a young age, and since then, she’s been soaking in as much knowledge about art, business, and design as she can. Connect with Katie Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and at Katie’s favorite designer is Chris Do and his Youtube channel, the Futur is a great resource for anyone who wants a deeper dive into branding and design. Here’s a pricing design work video that Katie recommends you watch (I’ve used this video to price all of my freelancing services).
November 27, 2020
Interview with Filippo Stefanelli, CMO of StashAway - The Challenges of Marketing in Fintech & in the APAC Region - Episode #22
Filippo manages marketing for StashAway, the leading digital wealth manager in South-East Asia. He is responsible for all marketing and growth channels with the goal of empowering people to accumulate and manage wealth for the long-term. Before StashAway, he co-founded a successful creative agency in Italy. Additionally, he lectures at universities and hosts seminars on brand positioning, promotional strategies, and effective communication. In this episode, we talk about why he shifted from agency-life to working on the product side of marketing, the challenges that come from marketing in the financial technology space, considerations to think about when marketing in the APAC region, growth loops, what it takes to become a CMO, and more. Connect with Filippo at: Educational resources that were mentioned in this episode: Andrew Chen’s growth hacking newsletter Lenny Rachitsky’s product marketing and growth newsletter Brain Balfour's growth, strategy and user acquisition blog The Reforge career accelerator program  Seth Godin’s altMBA
November 20, 2020
Interview with Eric Jorgenson - Writing a Book about Naval Ravikant, Startup Life, and How to Grow a Blog - Episode #21
“I write to find out what I know and what I don’t know, like writing is thinking to me.” Eric Jorgenson is a startup growth guy and writer. He is on the founding team of Zaarly, and has been publishing online since 2014. His business blog, Evergreen, has educated and entertained over a million readers. Eric is on a quest to create (and eat) the perfect sandwich. He tweets at @ericjorgenson and publishes new pieces and projects on And he is also the author of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A guide to wealth and happiness. Get a copy of Eric’s book here: Connect with Eric at: Find him on Twitter: Read Eric’s business blog: Other books mentioned by Eric: Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins The Jobs-to-be-Done Handbook: Practical techniques for improving your application of Jobs-to-be-Done by Chris Spiek and Bob Moesta Demand-Side Sales 101: Stop Selling and Help Your Customers Make Progress by Bob Moesta The essential list of books written by Clayton M. Christensen Poor Charlie's Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T Munger Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio Other blogs mentioned by Eric: Startup world essays by Paul Graham (my personal favorite and one that I’ve read several times is called “Wealth”) Venture Hacks, Naval Ravikant’s Blog 25iq by Tren Griffin Wait But Why
November 13, 2020
Interview with Jerry R. Louis - Copywriting Essentials and Ad Agency War Stories - Episode #20
“People buy what they remember.” Jerry Louis is a seasoned marketer with 6 years of experience and he is currently a senior creative at The SpringHill Company. As a copywriter, he has worked with several amazing clients—Jordan, Sprite, FOX Sports, McDonald's, Pepsi, and Best Buy to name a few. Additionally, he is also a fellow alum of the city college of new york and a good friend of mine. In this episode, we talk about the fundamentals of copywriting, the purpose of advertising, how to harness your creative energy, how to get into a copywriting career, books that can help you with your writing, and more. Jerry’s work portfolio: Jerry’s LinkedIn: Jerry’s Instagram: Books he mentioned to get better at copywriting and advertising: The Advertising Concept Book: Think Now, Design Later by Pete Barry Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads by Luke Sullivan Junior: Writing Your Way Ahead In Advertising Kindle Edition by Thomas Kemeny If you have a specific request for future episodes, please contact me at:
November 06, 2020
Interview with Damon Burton - The Basics of SEO & The Benefits of Writing a Book - Episode #19
Damon Burton is the owner of an international search engine marketing company, SEO National. After founding the company 14 years ago, he has worked with NBA teams, Inc 5000 companies, and Shark Tank featured businesses. As a search engine marketing expert, Damon writes for Forbes, has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, BuzzFeed, and USA Weekly. He is also the author of the book Outrank: Your Guide to Making More Online by Showing Up Higher on Search Engines and Outranking Your Competition. In this episode, we talk about how he got into marketing, his experience as the owner of an SEO company, the usefulness and advantages of SEO, how to hire an SEO agency, his process for implementing an SEO strategy, and much more. Damon’s LinkedIn: Damon’s Website: Damon’s SEO book: His company: Other books he’s mentioned: The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Tim Ferriss His recommended resource for SEO beginners: SEO tools mentioned in the podcast: SEO Power Suite, SEO spyglass, and site-auditor tool from for backlink auditing Content creation tools mentioned:
October 30, 2020
Interview with Professor Martin Waxman - How Does AI Relate to Marketing and PR? - Episode #18
“When you think of it the AI is just another intermediary that a marketer has at their disposal…” Martin Waxman is a LinkedIn Learning Instructor and he is a social media and digital strategy adjunct prof. Although his roots are in PR and the creative arts, Martin also conducts AI research. He is also the co-host of the Inside PR podcast, a past-chair of PRSA Counselors Academy, and a past-president of CPRS Toronto. Lastly, Martin is a published novelist and storyteller, the founder of three agencies, and an ex-journalist and ad copywriter. In this episode, we talk about Martin’s professional background, how marketing has changed throughout the decades, how his AI research helps his marketing, what he recommends marketers should be learning to prepare for the future, and more. LinkedIn Learning free Digital Marketing Certificate/Learning Path: Martin’s Master's Thesis (at the top of the blog post summarizing it, you'll find a link to a PDF of the paper). Subscribe to his Digital Marketing Trends newsletter. Book on AI that Martin mentioned: You Look Like a Thing and I Love You: How Artificial Intelligence Works and Why It's Making the World a Weirder Place by Janelle Shane Connect with Martin on Twitter, LinkedIn, and at Connect with me at: Send requests for specific topics to be covered to my Instagram!
October 23, 2020
Interview with Brian Honigman - How to Create a Career as a Marketing Consultant - Episode #17
Brian Honigman is a marketing consultant helping NGOs, media brands, and tech companies succeed with their strategy around digital marketing, content marketing, and social media. Brian is also an adjunct professor at New York University's School of Professional Studies, an instructor at Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning, and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Next Web. Named a "digital marketing expert" by and a "top social media pro" by Social Media Examiner, Brian delivers strategic consulting, coaching, and training for marketers and leaders at the United Nations, the Weather Company, Medium, Asana, NATO, People Magazine, Taboola, Sprout Social, Percolate, Wix, Adobe and others. We go over what it means to be a marketing consultant and how people get started on launching this often under-appreciated career path. This episode is a personal favorite of mine and I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed interviewing Brian. Connect with Brian at: Connect with me at:
October 16, 2020
Interview with Lindsay Peragine - The Basics of Pinterest Marketing in 2020 - Episode #16
Lindsay Peragine is a business coach and marketing specialist that is particularly obsessed with Pinterest. She is the owner of the digital marketing agency, Key Lime Media, host of the Caffeinate & Create podcast, and the founder of the Chaos to Clarity Accelerator, where she helps take overwhelmed entrepreneurs from confused to crushing it with simplified, profitable offers and a killer marketing plan in 90 days! She confesses that she is a lover of coffee and good books, with a weakness for ice cream. As a wife and mom to two little ones, her passion is to help other female entrepreneurs grow their businesses without feeling overwhelmed, no matter what season of life they are in! In this episode we talked about all things Pinterest marketing! If you have a Pinterest account for your business or are thinking of using the platform for promoting your products or services, definitely check this episode out! Connect with Lindsay at: Her Pinterest Calendar tool: Her Pinterest: Her Instagram: Her Facebook: And here’s a link to Tailwind, the Pinterest scheduling tool Lindsay uses: Connect with me at:
October 14, 2020
Interview with Stacy Angela Magallon - How To Get Started In Design & Creative Work - Episode #15
“Do things that you have no idea how to do because that is what’s going to make you into an asset in the future.” Stacy is a creative director at First Tech Fund, a non-profit dedicated to supporting NYC students from low income and underserved backgrounds, to ensure they have access to technology that will empower them to close the rampant digital divide gap. She also worked at VaynerMedia and M Booth, serving clients like Google, NIVEA, Lime-A-Rita, Johnson & Johnson's, and more. If you’re looking to learn more about marketing, graphic design, and what it means to be a high-performance creative, this episode is for you! We talked about how she got started in marketing, with her first professional gig being at VaynerMedia, the best practices for working in an agency-setting, how she keeps her creative design skills in tip-top shape, and more. Connect with Stacy at: Her Twitter: Her Instagram: Her LinkedIn: Connect with me at:
October 06, 2020
Interview with Liz Scully - Could A Mastermind Group Elevate Your Marketing? - Episode #14
“A funnel in essence is just a very simple way for people to get to know you.” - Liz Scully In today’s episode I am interviewing Liz Scully. Emmy award winning Liz Scully is a strategist that believes business should be ridiculously fun as well as highly effective. She runs Mastermind groups for herself and other well known coaches. She also trains coaches to run effective Masterminds. Bringing skills from over 20 years working on big Hollywood films, she helps brilliant minds achieve more together rather than alone. She's Irish, nomadic, and as confused as everyone else as to why she has an English accent. We talk about what a mastermind group is, what types of businesses benefit the most from mastermind groups, and how to promote them. You can connect with Liz at: She also has a Facebook group for anyone who wants to learn more about MasterMind Groups: Masterminds for Fun and Profit -
September 29, 2020
Interview with Matt Lebris - Starting a podcast, personal branding, & how to start a speaking career - Episode #13
“There’s a difference between having a resource and being resourceful.” - Matt Lebris Matt LeBris is a born and raised NY'er who inevitably caught the hustler's spirit that fills his hometown streets. After working with Daymond John of Shark Tank for 3 years, Matt launched his own podcast, Decoding Success, and an NYC-based branding agency, 1B Branding. On the Decoding Success Podcast, Matt has been able to interview amazing guests like Grant Cardone, Dean Graziosi, Nicole Lapin, Dan Lok, and more. In this episode, we go over how Matt pitches to big-name guests, his definition of personal branding, how he got the opportunity to work for Daymond John for three years, and more. This is definitely my favorite interview to date and I hope you get as much value from it as I did! Connect with Matt at:
September 19, 2020
Are you in the business of doing something that other people want? - Episode #12
“Nearly all companies exist to do something people want.” — Paul Graham You can find his essay here:  In today's episode I announce the beginning of my own company (a one-man-show at the moment) and I go over a crucial question to think about as the core of any digital marketing effort: Are you in the business of doing something that other people want? As always, you can connect with me at
September 11, 2020
Interview with Khandker Ahamed - Remote Work, Project Management, & The Future of Work - Episode #11
“You need to differentiate yourself. That is how you dominate.” Khandker is a purpose-driven leader, who’s passionate about the future of work and building meaningful connections through empathetic and compassionate action. He is also the Co-founder of Kids Ivy Tutors, an educational organization on a mission to teach the future of work by connecting passion, mentorship, and in-demand 21st-century skills free of charge in schools. Through his work, Khandker has served over 2,000 students. Currently, Khandker is a project manager at Accenture. In today's episode, we talked about the challenges of remote work, getting a remote job, digital marketing as a universal skill for all professionals, and more. Connect with Khandker: Find your SCORE chapter if you own a small business: Additional resource for remote work:’s FAQs on remote work ( Task Management Software tools we mentioned: Microsoft Teams, ClickUp, Trello,, Asana, HeySpace, Slack, Infolio, ToDoIst, Airtable
August 23, 2020
Interview with Scott Harward - Ads, Automation, & The End of 3rd Party Cookies - Episode #10
“It doesn’t matter how much you know—it matters whether you know more and whether you’re willing to help.” Scott is a data-driven marketer that focuses on profit rather than impressions. He specializes in digital marketing, analytics, and automation. With over ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Scott has worked heavily in Google Ads and Facebook Ads, along with several other platforms. He cares deeply about helping people learn and grow to become successful. Connect with Scott on LinkedIn: To learn more about SEO: To learn more about automated rules Google Ads: To learn more about Google Ads scripts: Free Scripts for Google Ads: To start learning Google advertising’s and gaining Google ads certifications: Here's an article that covers the BIG NEWS that was mentioned at the end of the episode: "The Death of the Third-Party Cookie: What Marketers Need to Know"
August 13, 2020
Interview with Bertrand van der Berg - Digital Marketing for Photographers - Ep. #9
“Don’t let your gear be an excuse…” — Bertrand van der Berg In this episode of the podcast, I interview Bertrand van der Berg. Bertrand is a professional photographer, qualified mechanical engineer, and mostly rehabilitated web developer from South Africa. His career went from designing products, to marketing the products, to developing websites for these products to professional photographer. Through most of his life photography was a passion, but not his main income. That has changed over the last few years and he happily spends his time behind the lens now. His paid and published work includes fashion, beauty, editorial, portrait, and product photography for various publications both print and digital and he also does street photography. He has published photographs with established brands including The Sunday Times, Channel24, GoDaddy, DKNY, and Dior. View his photography at: Want more nuggets of wisdom? Here’s a link to a related blog post on what we discussed:
August 11, 2020
Career Design & Collecting Skills - Episode #8
Today I talk about career design and how you can use this job-hunting tactic to prepare yourself for the "next step." COVID-19 has certainly helped me reconsider a lot of things and it has helped me hone in on what I need to do to grow. Hopefully these thoughts I've been think help you. Let's connect at:
August 08, 2020
Why YOU Need A Website & How To Start - Episode #7
Today I talk about the importance of a website and how to start making one. I mention where to get your domain and hosting, how much of budget you will need to start with, and some plugins that you can use (if you're building using WordPress). If you enjoyed this episode, let's connect at
August 02, 2020
Interview With Sam Hysell of NOX Media - Mastering Virtual Events - Episode #6
Hello everyone and welcome to episode #6 of Kenny Soto’s Digital Marketing Podcast. I’m your host Kenny Soto, and today we have our first podcast guest—Sam Hysell Now, this is when the podcast gets SERIOUS! Today’s guest is Sam Hysell. Sam is the founder of NOX Media, an agency that helps artists, entrepreneurs, and brands grow and convert audiences online. Sam is also the co-host of the Music Business Podcast and has experience working with and consulting a range of Fortune 100 companies, venture-backed startups, and industry titans/entrepreneurs. In this episode, we talk about digital marketing in the music industry, Instagram Reels and Tik Tok’s political issues, core skills a digital marketer needs to have in 2020, and more. You find Sam at: Listen to his Music Business Podcast at:
July 29, 2020
Are You a Writer? - Episode #5
In today's episode, I talk about writing... Writing is an essential skill that deserves its own podcast episode because it's an important skill for digital marketers and business professionals in general. I discuss where to find side-gigs to get started as a copywriter, how to become a better writer, blogs and experts to follow, and more. The book I mentioned this episode is On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King, which I highly recommend that you read if you want to take your writing more seriously! If you enjoyed this episode, let's connect at
July 28, 2020
Digital Marketing Skills to Learn - Episode #4
In today’s episode, I discuss the core skills needed to EARN a career in digital marketing, where to learn the skills for free (or at least for less than a college degree), and why these skills are important (generalization versus specialization). I mention various resources like Coursera’s Global Skills Index, Lean Six Sigma Project Management, Google Skillshop, SEMrush’s free courses on SEO, Facebook Blueprint, Shopify Academy, Marketo’s certification courses, and TrailHead by SalesForce. If want to read more on the topic of career design and gain the right skills in the digital marketing industry, check out this blog post. Here’s Scott Adam’s career advice blog post I mentioned, it discusses the “skills stack” and why being in the top 25% in two things is better than being in the top 1% in one thing. Thanks for listening and as always, share this episode with a colleague you think could also benefit from listening! You send questions and feedback here:
July 21, 2020
How To Get A Job In 2020 - Episode #3
Episode #3 of the podcast goes over how to get a job in 2020... In this episode I discuss: How did we to get a job before the internet, How the internet changed seeking employment, What are recruiters and hiring managers doing before considering you (Google + ATS), Who are you competing with, Personal branding + your resume, What I did to get a job at VaynerMedia, MyBest, & FreeUp, And how to get a digital marketing job with no experience (what I would do now)! Thanks again for supporting and listening to this podcast. I am truly grateful for your time. Let's connect at:
July 19, 2020
Who Is This Podcast For? Who Am I Speaking To? - Episode #2
In today's episode I answer two questions: Who is this podcast for? What is digital marketing? It's important that these two questions are answered now because it will help inform future listeners in how this podcast began and how it evolved over time. I'm really excited to go through this journey with you and share what I've learned (and what I'm learning) within the world of digital marketing.  If you want to connect with me, ask a question, or provide feedback, reach out to me at: My Instagram My LinkedIn Thanks again for taking the time out of your day for listening and I look forward to learning alongside you!
July 18, 2020
Welcome to My Podcast - Episode #1
This is episode one of my digital marketing podcast. I'm going to develop as I go but, if there's one thing I'm NOT going to do is make it boring. 😉
July 17, 2020