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Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women And Water

Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women And Water

By Kenton Geer
On this podcast we will tiptoe across the smallest creeks, yet submerge ourselves into the vastest seas in search of what makes fisherman feel alive. A romantic yet very real look at the life of being a fisherman. The darkest nights at sea and the back alleys. The ones that got away both upon the water and the land. A brutally honest look into the depths of sport fishing, charter fishing and commercial fishing. Follow host Kenton Geer as he does his best to navigate the world of fishing. Fishing is not always pretty, but it's a beautiful life.
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Setting the Benchmark
 Captain Chris Donato is the owner and operator of the 37' Merritt by the name of Benchmark based out of kona Hawaii.  Chris not only runs his own charter boat business in Hawaii, but also owns and operates a world class surf resort in Samoa.  Chris tells us the tale of how an unlikely surf trip at a young age forever changed this East coast boys course in life.  We spend a lot of our time talking about Samoas large marlin and surf.  Chris tells us about not only breaking the Samoa record for largest marlin every caught not just once, but twice!  The second time with Samoas first grander marlin.  A record that still stands present day.  Chris is a mans man and someone I'm proud to call my friend.  This was a shorter then normal podcast, but I'm sure we'll be having him back on the show in the future
March 09, 2022
All around legend with Video
Moving forward for season two, all of our in house guest will not only be audio recorded but video recorded as well for Spotify video podcast.  This is the video from our last guest Will Lazenby's Livestream from my YouTube account Kentonocean.  If you've already listened to this podcast you might enjoy putting a face to a voice and if you haven't heard or seen Will in action yet here's a great place to enter into the world of the Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women and Water podcast.  Meet Captain Will Lazenby. Commercial fisherman, sport fisherman and all around man's man. Will is the latest guest on the Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women and Water podcast. Come have a listen as we follow Will's incredible life from living on a light house to traveling to Vietnam on a ammunition ship during the height of the war. Will has countless amazing stories from living along the Kona coast, both on and off the water. I loved doing this podcast. I didn't have to say much, because Wills stories spoke for himself. The thing I really took away from looking at Will's photo albums after the podcast is that despite the recording going over 3 hours, it probably wouldn't have gotten boring even after 3 days. #fishing #offshore #tunafishing #sportfishing #seafood #hawaii #marlin #marlinfishing #angling #deepseafishing #worldtravel #adventure #memoir 
January 09, 2022
All Around Legend
Meet Captain Will Lazenby. Commercial fisherman, sport fisherman and all around man's man. Will is the latest guest on the Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women and Water podcast. Come have a listen as we follow Will's incredible life from living on a light house to traveling to Vietnam on a ammunition ship during the height of the war. Will has countless amazing stories from living along the Kona coast, both on and off the water. I loved doing this podcast. I didn't have to say much, because Wills stories spoke for himself. The thing I really took away from looking at Will's photo albums after the podcast is that despite the recording going over 3 hours, it probably wouldn't have gotten boring even after 3 days. You can find this podcast wherever you listen to podcast and the live stream recording can be found on my YouTube channel Kentonocean. #fishing #fishingpodcast #fisherman #biggame #seafood #sportfishing #gamefishing #hunting #flyfishing #tuna #tunafishing #marlinfishing
December 09, 2021
Further Down The Stream
This is the first published Youtube live stream from my channel Kentonocean along with an additional 25 mins of side ranting about life and my thoughts on tuna handling.    Today's guest is Jerry Gillgren a Hilo Hawaii based commercial fisherman who originally hails from California.  Jerry is a wealth of Knowledge on many subjects, but particularly audio and visual.  Jerry has been instrumental in helping improve the overall audio experience and is a key reason I'll be able to expand and improve my content both on this podcast in via YouTube.  Jerry is a very well spoken guest and I think you'll appreciate his honesty about the difficulties that often face charter and commercial fisherman.  As well as anyone who enters into a new field or business.
September 14, 2021
Salty Dreams Of Crabs
The European Green Crab is a troublesome invasive species, that was brought to the United States via the ballast water of shipping vessels. The Green Crab population has become an increasing problem in many areas. Not only causing devastation to many native species such as soft shell clams, but also causing environmental damage such as erosion with their aggressive burrowing. I first met @thatsaltyblonde_ @thevikingdiver and @hybridfishingnhunting in the parking lot of the Hampton River Boat Club in Hampton, New Hampshire. Mere steps from where I painted my first boat bottom nearly 27 years before. A lot has changed around Hampton since I was a teenager, but the biggest change I was interested in witnessing was the Green Crab fishery that has emerged since the time I've been gone. This threesome was more then accommodating taking the children and I aboard their vessel. I felt very honored that they let me witness the inner workings of their fishery. If the invite on the boat wasn't enough they took us in for dinner like family. An absolute great group of people. I invite you to listen for yourself about the fishery and this great cast of characters on the latest Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women and Water podcast. Learn all about this fishery, hear about @thevikingdiver favorite bar, about the secretive @hybridfishingnhunting behind the camera and why despite your wild fantasies @thatsaltyblonde_ won't be viewing your unsolicited dick pic you sent her. I really enjoyed my time with these guys and I'm sure you will to. Delve deeper then what you think you know about people by judging a picture. This team is the real deal. #fisherman #fisherwoman #fisherwomen #crabber #crab #crabs #crablegs #crabfishing #green #greencrabs #fish #fishing #deadliestcatch #harvest #grundens #grundensusa #ocean #sustainability #invasivespecies #bait #workflow #dowhatyoulove #newengland #seafood #freshcatch #fishingpodcast #podcast #viciouscyclepodcast #newepisode #newepisodealert
August 02, 2021
Southbound And Down
Please like, review and follow! Host Kenton Geer answers more questions from listeners as he departs Honolulu Harbor and heads southbound. Questions range from ice making to drag settings for blue marlin. As usual Kenton goes on some side tangents about drinking to much and hookers.
June 26, 2021
Allwood The Aussie
Young, passionate, hard working and enthusiastic are just a few words I'd use to describe my friend Joshua Allwood. I'd also use the terms dumpster fire and train smash. Over the years my home has become a living reality show, housing rogue fisherman from all around the globe. This young Australian is one of the those characters. On this podcast we hear about how Josh became a full time long line fisherman at the mere age of 15. We discuss his unforeseen transition from commercial fishing into sport fishing following a family holiday in Hawaii. I also shamed him into telling an incredibly embarrassing story that happened while back packing in Panama. The story involves a confusion over what was meant by a gentleman's invitation for Josh to "come over for a drink" and that same man's penis. All ribbing aside Josh truly is a passionate and hard working fisherman. I find his passion for both commercial and sport fishing contagious and I think you will to. #sportfishing #biggame #biggamefishing #marlinfishing #marlin #tuna #sharks #sustainablefishing #seafood #life #blackmarlin #cairns #australia #travel #fish #fishing #outdoors #viciouscycle
June 15, 2021
The Pride Of Indiana
Jared Jeffries once called the pride of Indiana. Is a former Big Ten player of the year and an 11 season NBA veteran. On this podcast you'll come to find Jared is not only a karaoke bar all star but a true hardcore fisherman. Jared is the host of the show Modern Fishing With Jared Jeffries and an all around great guy. At moments in this interview it was hard to remember I was talking to someone who played professional basketball for over a decade and not someone who was a professional fisherman during that time frame. Jared talks the talk and walks the walk on and off the court. What I loved about this interview was how down to earth and honest Jared was about both playing professional basketball and fishing. Jared is definitely the kind of guy you would want to go fishing with and that's probably the reason his good friend and fishing buddy is no other then Michael Jordan. In this podcast we hear about just a few of Jared's numerous amazing fishing adventures and fishing with MJ. If you like basketball or sport fishing your not going to want to miss this podcast. Jared leaves us with inspiring words both for future fisherman and other future basket ball players. He connects the dedication it takes to be a professional athlete and top tier fisherman. I'm not going to lie I loved doing this interview. #nba #fishing #jaredjeffries #professionalbasketball #basketball #basketballplayer #sportfishing #biggamefishing #mj #michealjordan
June 10, 2021
Mike Hennessy
Mike Hennessy is a world renown globe trotting fly fishing guide, surfer, big game fisherman and our latest guest on the Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women and Water podcast. On this episode we talk about the incredible fishing at Namotu Island Resort, a fishing and surfing resort Mike is currently managing down in Fiji. The resort has a plethora of fishing and surfing options from tackle busting Giant Trevally in the shallows to wide open yellowfin tuna action just off the near by ledge. The resort offers family friendly waves at its door step and is located only one mile away from the infamous surf break Cloud Break. We discuss the value of changing up techniques and Fluorocarbon fishing line. To top it all off Mike tells us arguably the greatest fishing story I've ever heard before running out the door to go fishing. If you love fishing your going to love this episode.
June 09, 2021
Bruddah Trav
On our latest episode we catch up with Trav Myking captain of the Honolulu based pelagic long liner the Maria M. I was lucky enough to snag Trav for about a half hour before he had to rush off to see a girl. As I write this bruddah Trav is steaming offshore to do what he loves, go fishing. Trav was born and raised into the local Hawaiian fishing industry. Hear about Trav's early days aboard his family's boat and the summers he spent in the far reaches of the North West Hawaiian islands catching lobsters. Trav talks about his beloved Hawaiian tuna industry and the foreign caught product in our stores he despises. I wish he had more time to talk, but I felt very fortunate to be able to nail him down for a least a quick interview. Trav like many of my guest is not only a great fisherman but a even better person. #fishing #fish #food #cheflife #healthyliving #seafood #sushi #dowhatyoulove
May 27, 2021
Diamond Dave
I first met Diamond Dave while he was working the deck of different game boats in Kona. Dave had recently moved to the Big Island from Maui in pursuit of his dreams of capturing large marlin. Although you could catch large marlin off Maui, the frequency of it is few and far between compared to the same effort spent off the Kona coast. Diamond Dave was seventeen years my elder. He had salt-and- pepper hair and vaguely resembled a slightly overweight Brett Favre. He spoke in a heavy, drawn-out California accent that followed him from being raised in the San Fernando Valley. He called North Hollywood his home. He spoke loudly, yet humbly. He spoke simply, but full heartedly. He inherited his nickname from a skipper named Skillet with whom he had worked in Maui. The name referenced that some days the Diamond shines and some days the Diamond does not. The Diamond is a simple man with a fifteen-pound heart. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and leaves himself vulnerable to people who take advantage of kindness. He has simple thoughts about what’s right and wrong and often gets hurt by people who don’t have the same morals he maintains. He is generous to a fault. On the same level, he routinely makes himself his own worst enemy with certain dealings. You will also find how truly beautiful he is in cut and dry simplicity. I really enjoyed this podcast, Diamond Dave is humble and honest. Listen to Diamonds tales of big fish, sobriety and honoring Kona traditions. I think anyone who listens to this podcast will understand why I love this guy. #fishing #marlin #diamonddave #fish #hawaii #hawaiifishing #tuna #sportfishing #flyfishing #biggame #hunting
May 24, 2021
The Ten Thousand Dollar Hand Job
Host Kenton Geer shares his account of his recent accident which resulted in being rescued and airlifted off his vessel by the United States Coast Guard. This podcast is not only a retelling of the story but a letter of gratitude to all the participants that helped Kenton get on the road of recovery. #rescue #uscg #unitedstatescoastguard #bestsellingauthor #fishing #whiskeywomenandwater #grateful
May 04, 2021
Life Of Gratitude
Host Kenton Geer takes a moment to thank his listeners and supporters. Who made his dream of being a best selling author a reality. Kenton talks about the recent release of his new best selling book. Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women and Water. A book thanks to you the amazing following went from number one best new release in the fishing category all to the number one best seller in the fishing category within 24 hours of release. All of this is possible because of you listeners and supporters, so thank you very much!
April 25, 2021
The Vicious Cycle Continues
Just a quick check in with host Kenton Geer as he heads offshore for the first time in a month. Kenton also answers a few questions from listeners before getting outside of phone range.
April 14, 2021
Mr. Goldfish
William Goldsmith known for the better part of his life as "Willy Goldfish" is now all grown up. I first met Willy when he was a 14 year old patron aboard the charter boat Bunny Clark out of Oguinquit Maine. When I first met Willy he hadn't quite grown into his body yet. He was goofy, inquisitive, well spoken, sharp witted and above all passionate about fishing. Willy still possesses all of those traits except he undoubtedly has come into his own. Willy is smart, well traveled and extremely knowledgeable about the fisheries. Willy is a Harvard graduate and holds a PhD. Willy has worked on capital hill, run a satellite tagging program for Bluefin Tuna on the East Coast and satellite tagged White Marlin. Willy is a passionate angler who can almost always be found fishing when he's not working on fishery related issues. Willy was even a deckhand for a couple trips on the Vicious Cycle many years ago who brought recreational fishing gear on the boat that forever changed the way we do business to this day. Willy is the current director of the American Saltwater Guide Association (ASGA) where he is currently placing all his effort on Striped Bass related issues. I learned a lot from this episode including the fact that recreational anglers are responsible for 90 percent of all Striped Bass Mortality on the East Coast. I would have never guessed that. It won't take long listening to realize Willy is highly intelligent, knowledgeable, accountable and passionate about fishing. Willy tried to weasel out of a few of my direct fishery and fishery management questions but over all he takes them all on the chin and rebuttals with common sense answers. I really enjoyed this interview, if Striped Bass are meaningful to you or your business you're not going to want to miss this interview. If you want to hear more about Willy's mission you can follow him at (, follow us on IG @saltwaterguidesassociation (or The American Saltwater Guides Association on Facebook), and check out out his podcast The Guide Post, on iTunes and Spotify #stripedbass #bass #fishing #stripedbassfishing #science #management #fishing #fish #marlin #tuna
April 10, 2021
Vodka Boy
Taylor Rasmussen is a beloved reoccurring character in my life. Known for his hardworking and hard drinking ways, Taylor has earned the title "Vodka Boy"! Vodka Boy has worked on and off with me for almost fifteen years. This is a very real interview of a person I hold close in my heart. We talk openly about severe drinking and the effects it's had on his life. We discuss relationship issues offshore fisherman face. We discuss being thrown out of bars by midgets and a plethora of other things that come with fishing when your living the vicious cycle. #drinking #whiskey #women #water #fish #fishing #fishingpodcast
April 09, 2021
So You Want To Be A Rockstar!
Carey Chen is a absolute rockstar in the world of big game fishing. Carey Chen is a world-renowned artist famous for his amazing paintings and breathtaking murals. Carey's gifted hands paint amazingly accurate depictions of the still frames of his mind. We're other artist may work from reference photos and books Carey is able to paint these masterpieces just from the memories he has witnessed. Carey is the real deal he's not just a incredible painter he's a true hard core fisherman as you will hear. Carey travels from one exotic location to another fishing on the top sport fishing boats in the world. Carey talks about big money tournaments, good looking women and huge days of fishing. Carey takes us all over the world with him including the record shattering day aboard the Bad Company when they remarkably caught and released 330 striped marlin all certified by a IGFA observer. Although he tried to dodge the question more then once I finally got him to answer the question we all wanted to know in the end. Who would win in a arm wrestling match him or Guy Harvey. Carey was a great sport and tolerated all of my ridiculous questions. It was a huge honor to have him on the podcast so thank you again Carey. I walked away from this interview thinking that man really is whiskey, women and water! #artist #fishing #rockstar #travel #dowhatyoulove #adventure #marlinfishing #fisherman
April 08, 2021
Mighty Whitey
Brett Jamison is better known in the traveling marlin circuit as "Mighty Whitey". A nickname he inherited from a particularly special White Marlin capture that we will hear about on this episode. Whitey is a world traveler, a best friend, sport fishing boat captain, spear fisherman, former commercial fisherman, fish wholesaler and a recent shark attack survivor. Whitey tells us about his horrifying ordeal involving a ill fated spear fishing trip in the Bahamas involving a aggressive Bull Shark. The aftermath and his current recovery. We talk about Brett's extensive world traveling in search of fish. We touch on subjects like why he left the Hawaiian long line fishery despite his overwhelming success in landings. We talk about our time hand line fishing together as well. Brett is my former business partner and after listening to him talk you'll understand why we were such a great team. I really enjoyed catching up with Brett and hearing his thoughts on a lot of the subject I hold close to my heart. #fishing #spearfishing #shark #tuna #tunafishing #sportfishing #marlinfishing #sushi #seafood
April 05, 2021
Seaspircy From The Eyes Of Sustainable Fishermen
Host Kenton Geer answer a number of questions from his Instagram account @viciouscyclefishing concerning his thoughts and feelings on the trending Netflix documentary #seaspiracy Kenton also reads a few pages from his upcoming book Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women and Water in reply to a followers question about what it felt like on his first trip as a boat owner. #fishing #fisherman #seafood #food #chef #tuna #tunafishing
April 04, 2021
The Little Hands That could
Joe Byrum is a man with a heart a hundred times larger then his hands. Joe unselfishly and routinely donates both his time and art for charities. Despite Joe often times finding himself short handed I've never once heard him complain about anything other then our mutual friend Chris. Joe is a constant reminder to do better. Beneath his assorted tie dyed t-shirt collection you will find a true heart of gold. What Joe lacks in hand size he makes up for with an infectious smile among other things. I truly enjoy fishing with Joe. We've been lucky enough to catch some big fish together in Australia and have hung a money fish in Kona. He's a world class photographer and even more so a world class friend. We have had some fantastic fishing together and some absolutely horrible fishing together. However regardless of fishing conditions the outcome is always the same we always have fun. I can think of no person I rather go marlin fishing with when enjoyment is on the line. Joe is hilarious, gifted and kind. Joe is another person I'm very proud to call my friend. Joes hobbies include couponing, basket weaving, Interpretive dance, taking photos of kittens in baskets and picking on me. You can follow Joes remarkable adventure and fantastic photography at @jayblesphoto If your thinking you've read this description of Joe on my Instagram account before you'd be 100 percent correct. Why post it again you ask? Well the last time I posted it Joe was on a multiple day binger and he either didn't see it or was to fucked up to care. So I figured what the heck it's new to him and it saves me a little work since I'm slightly hungover myself from interviewing him last night for our latest Vicious Cycle Podcast. Joe truly is a legend, listen on as he tells us about his career in the film industry he left behind for the pursuit of what lives beyond the oceans horizon. Joe answers many hard hitting question such as who parties harder celebrities or fisherman. Joe is always worth a listen but come hear the origin story of the super hero who walks amongst us today. #fishing #seaspircy #marlin #tuna #showbiz #sportfishing #travel #photography
April 02, 2021
Feeling Depressed Grab A Gun
After the sudden and unexpected passing of her beloved mother Maddie Anzivino found herself struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. In her darkest of moments she purchased a gun with her mother's inheritance money. Fortunately the gun she purchased wasn't a firearm but a type of surfboard. In perhaps the most unlikely of places she again found her will and desire to live. That place was in the clenches of oceans true fury. Maddie's story of how she rediscovered herself in the world famous waves of Waimea Bay is both humbling and inspiring. Maddie is a North Shore lifeguard, big wave surfer and my girlfriend. Listen to our greatly differing opinions on how we met. ( I say she stole a fish from me, she claims I gave it to her). Maddie addresses questions about the reality of being a lifeguard verses the portrayal I grew up watching on Bay Watch. Maddie also talks about the steps to becoming both a lifeguard and a big wave suffer. However perhaps my favorite story Maddie shares is the tale of the Hockey mask and apron wearing serial masturbator that still walks the beaches of Waikiki to this day. This interview is definitely a lot less fishing based then all the previous podcast episodes so far, but it won't take long listening to realize Maddie is as equally connected to water as some of the saltiest old sea dogs. #surfing #depression #motivation #depressionawareness #girlswhosurf #surfergirls #bigwavesurfing #hawaii #hawaiisurfing
April 01, 2021
The Old Man Of The Mountain, Live Free Or Die
Though one might immediately think this episode is about the Granite State. Our story takes place about as far away from New Hampshire as one can possibly get and still be in the United States. Joe Dettling at nearly 76 years old is the longest running sea mountain fisherman and the earliest pioneer of the Hawaii based fishery. Joe tells us about his first trip to the sea mountain and how he came to invent what is commonly known as danglers around Hawaii today. Joe educates us about how Carbon Monoxide treated fish have became common place in our restaurants and stores. Surprisingly and remarkably the process was actually accidental discovered in Kona Hawaii on Yellow Fin Tuna fillets Joe himself caught! Joe also explains what he believes are the historical mistakes that our governing bodies made which lead to not protecting inshore fisherman and allowing DOB ( Detained On Board) crewmen into the Hawaiian fishing industry. Joe also takes on hard subjects very honestly about Hawaii's fisheries of today. We talk about the bad reputation Hawaii is beginning to see in the market place in regards to quality. We also discuss the over fishing of the critically threatened Western Pacific Striped Marlin stock. This interview ended up being nothing like I thought it would be before I started it. What I thought would be wild tales of giant fish and limitless seas was anything but that for the most part. Most of Joe's story is a sobering reminder of how just how far down today's fish stocks are compared to thirty years ago. This interview is long, but there is so much gold in it I couldn't see cutting it down. Joe passionately speaks of his fishing career but tells a cautionary tale of how far down a fishery can become. Most of this interview I just listened which is my recommendation to any young fisherman when a man with this much experience opens up to you. Even if you think you know Joe Dettling you probably don't know this side of him. I'm incredible grateful that he took the time to sit down with me and tell his story. I think this interview is perfectly timed with the trending Netflix documentary #seaspiracy
March 28, 2021
One Page At A Time
Host Kenton Geer answers more questions from followers including advice on how to write a book and whether he'd prefer a mind changer or a time machine. Kenton also speaks about appreciating the fact that everyone has a worthy story and the passing of another beloved fisherman in our fishing community. Kenton touches on mental health in the fisheries and a upcoming webinar on the subject listeners may want to attend .
March 23, 2021
The Cost Of Paradise
Our latest guest on the Vicious Cycle podcast is a local fisherman and real estate agent based out of Kona, Hawaii. We talk briefly with Ryan O'Halloran AKA the Million Dollar Man about the reality and struggles facing first time home owners in Hawaii. Ryan offers some possible steps inspiring home buyers can do to help prepare themselves for buying their first home in the ridiculously expensive Hawaiian marketplace. After a quick talk about real estate we talk about the thing that draws so many of us to the islands fishing for Marlin. Ryan tells us the storybook like tale of catching his father a grander Blue Marlin off the Kona coast. As well as a perfectly timed trip in Australia that found him sliding a 1200 Black Marlin through the transom door while fishing the legendary tuna aggregation far off the Great Barrier Reef.
March 22, 2021
Tiny Man Giant Fish
His name might be Tiny, but his personality and the fish he catches are anything but small. Jason "Tiny" Walcott is a larger then life character both figuratively and literally. On this episode we follow Tiny chasing world record fish off the coast of Africa onboard some of the worlds most famous sport fishing mother ship operations. We join Tiny on his pursuit of the elusive grander marlin (a marlin that weighs over a 1000lbs) and the tale of the day that dream became a reality. We travel to a lot of beautiful places on this podcast, but perhaps the most beautiful place we witness is the special place he holds in his heart for his beloved mother. We cross several oceans only to eventually find our way back to Jason's humbling introduction to marlin fishing in the Florida keys. Jason is not only a great story, but a great friend. I feel very lucky I was able to get Tiny on my show and I look forward to having him back on again in the future.
March 21, 2021
Fishing Is For The Birds
Host Kenton Geer answers followers questions from his Instagram inbox. Questions range from lure selection, looking for birds and fishing life in general.
March 19, 2021
Master Of Trickery
Elias Allen is the lovable host and mastermind behind the Tricks Of The Trade Podcast. A podcast that not only showcases small business, but also shines a light on the behind the scene aspects few will ever see beside fellow small business owners. Elias was my main inspiration to make my podcast a reality and not just another aspiration. I recorded this podcast immediately following a interview I did for his podcast last night. We talk shop in the beginning, but eventually find ourselves, eating local seafood and out trolling for marlin. Listen on to a inspirational person who takes on his work with the same passion of even the saltiest of fisherman.
March 17, 2021
Lost And Found At Sea, the sea giveth and taketh
Ive always thought of my crew as family and arguably no man has been a bigger part of the Vicious Cycle family then the man pictured above. It's perfectly fitting that he's seen here with my seven year old daughter Vera since he was the captaining the original Vicious Cycle 138 miles offshore as I held her only moments after she was born. Locally born and raised on the big island of Hawai’i, Gus Johnson is not only one hell of a fisherman, he's one hell of an all around great guy. This podcast probably could have been forty hours long with the amount of history we have together, but I did everything in my power to keep it in a tight 2 hour package. Even at that we found ourselves on a few tangents which is often the case when a bottle of Jack Daniels is the catalyst for remembrance. The first hour, we get a little lost on memory lane, and probably talked to much about tackle and technics. Fortunately we are able to bring it all together in the final hour in a solemn, yet inspiring tale of the tragic night that forever changed his course in life. The ominous November night his twin brother Devin went over the side of the boat and was forever taken by the arms of the sea. Despite damn well knowing the pain the ocean can possess listen on as Gus passionately speaks about the life of being a fisherman he loves. Gus is one of my favorite people and I'm sure he will be one of yours as well by the end of the podcast. Listen on to a tragical yet someone how beautiful tale that is truly the Vicious Cycle of fishing. Gus is the focus of Episode 3 and 4 both currently live and recorded last night after I put the kids to bed. Join us in a whiskey or whatever your favorite beverage of choice may be and meet us catching ahi in the offshore waters of Hawai’i. We only scratched the surface with Gus and I'll definitely have him back again on the show, god and sea willing.
March 16, 2021
The Man Who Always Smiles
When I walked up to veteran long line crewmen Sylvester Hadley on Sunday afternoon he possessed his signature endless smile and zero knowledge of what the hell a podcast was. To me that seemed like the perfect person to give a impromptu interview. Another quick off the cuff podcast, phone in one hand and cold beer in the other. Come join us for a little dock talk.
March 15, 2021
Broken Down, Not Broken
The introductory episode of the Vicious Cycle: Whiskey, Women and Water podcast. Your first listen to host and author Kenton Geer's unscripted thoughts about fishing and the fishing life in general. This episode also covers the direction Kenton plans to take listeners inside the uncharted world of fishing in the forthcoming episodes. A raw and real look into the life of being a fisherman.
March 14, 2021