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By Kevin M. Miles
NewEarth2020 is a podcast for people who want to learn how to elevate their level of awareness of themselves in relation to the manifested world they find them selves navigating . The work is based on what the Founder Kevin Miles learned while perusing
his path over time .
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Social-Ref Podcast Episode 1
The Social Ref gives an overview of how the world finds itself at a fork in the road . One leads to Freedom, and the other to Slavery . Social Ref lays out the problem and the solution : “Truth & Reconciliation.” Listen and share to do your part to help preserve Freedom for future generations.
December 17, 2021
The Elevator of Consciousness, a free flowing expression in truth. #awakening #ascension
Kevin M. Miles the founder of NewEarth2020 founder Kevin M. Miles, shares insights gained from his lived experiences and study of Paul Selig’s “I am the word”, a channeled work by guides who also refer to themselves as “Melchizedek”. Dedicated to my sister, Anna. KMM. #Iamtheword #consciousness #ascension #knowing #spirituality #love
July 28, 2021
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all from New Earth 20|20 “The perfect moment is now”.
Review of key concepts in how to monitor levels of awareness. What to do when you want to have higher awareness . Description of the experience of operating from a higher level . Words to say to align to the higher self .
December 20, 2020
Why folks in Elon Musks circles think the Universe is mandating massive change based on energetic signals & the Chaos in the world.
Founder Institute Alum Kevin M. Miles, MBA reviews Founder of FI, Adeo Ressi’s powerful theses “On Impact in 2020” on the future of innovation and how the Universe is Co-Impacting & Influencing Humanity’s energetic expression including tech start up Founders . Free flowing discussion on how BeachLogic’s re-imagines consumer solutions as humanity rises in consciousness in the wake of an unsettled US Election , the week following the election .
November 11, 2020
What is the “small self” and why does it matter? What is the “true self” and why does it matter?
Topics include tools for how to navigate life and how to be empowered by the unlimited strength that you will discover as you release the “frames” or beliefs that are blocking you from knowing this. It’s not complicated, just follow the teachings found in “I am the Word” By Paul Selig & the Guides whose work is discussed here by the founder of New Earth 2020 Kevin M. Miles, MBA
October 24, 2020
Inaugural Podcast of “NewEarth2020™️”
Entrepreneur and Truth seeker shares his “spiritual hack” or efficient way, of growing your awareness in KNOWING . That means if you want to learn how to know Source energy in your daily life, this is a fun place to learn how to do so.
October 21, 2020