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Lets Have This Conversation

Lets Have This Conversation

By Kevin McShan
Multimedia Journalist and Motivational Speaker Kevin McShan brings you a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional YouTube Podcast called: “Let’s Have This Conversation. The intention is to provide a large assortment of diverse content in all facets of our news cycle. From news, sports, business technology, fitness, lifestyle, entertainment and politics. McShan hopes to bring the viewers an informative, thought-provoking experience. Stimulating careful consideration or attention on the issues making news today. Let’s Have This Conversation.
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How to Achieve Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life with Terry Tucker

Lets Have This Conversation

Gord Grace Discusses the State of University Athletics in Ontario
When college athletics make their return following the Covid-19 pandemic in Ontario, Ontario University Athletics will play a significant role in making sure everything is done safely. The OUA provides leadership, stewardship and policy direction for university sport and governs sanctioned interuniversity sport competition in Ontario on behalf of its member institutions. There on a mission to develop student-athletes through academics and athletics to achieve excellence in life. Gord Grace is the President & CEO at Ontario University Athletics (OUA). He joins me this week to tell me how the OUA is going to ensure a safe return to play Twitter: @OUAsport Instagram @ouasport For more information: Email Gord:
March 6, 2021
A Teacher’s Prospective on Business with Sara Torpey
Are you a teacher who has a hunger for entrepreneurship and are seriously considering taking the plunge? To turn your passion project into a business. Would you benefit from a steady guiding hand which can show you the ropes? Sara Torpey is a business coach and teacher with nearly 20 years of experience working with both business owners and teachers. At Torpey Coaching, she works 1:1 with business owners to create thriving, profitable businesses by keeping things simple, creating smart systems, and leveraging everything that is already working to create even more growth. “I'm a multiple business owner, a teacher, a mom and a wife, so I understand what it’s like to wear all the hats and build an amazing business you actually enjoy at the same time.” She joins me this week to tell me more. For more information: Facebook @TeachersinBusiness Listen at: LinkedIn: @SaraTorpey
March 5, 2021
The Business of Basketball and Women’s impact with Stephanie Rudnick
With more than two decades of basketball and sports industry experience there is no better person to pose the question of how the game of basketball has grown for women across Canada than Stephanie Rudnick. She is the founder owner of Elite Camps, one of the largest basketball organizations of its kind in Canada, serving 6,000 athletes annually. She also serves as the lead business consultant of Dream Chaser. Where she shares lessons and solutions to offer that will save you time and money for anyone looking to begin a training program around basketball. She joined me this week to tell me more. For more information: Facebook: @EliteBasketballCamps Email Stephanie: Instagram: @elitecamps By the Book
March 4, 2021
Redefining the Definition of Dance With Lindsay Duncan
Lindsay Duncan has always had a passion for the performing arts and dance Lindsay started as a tv/film actor and dancer and continues to work today in various radio and voice jobs. In 2017 Lindsay's side hustle of teaching dance became increasingly more important as she grew tired of the typical dance studio experience (which has traditionally included closed-door price negotiations, secretive training with no way for parents to watch kids in class, stuffy, ugly, stale waiting rooms with no coffee (!?!) , zero access to online registration, outrageously expensive costumes, payments or any technology and unreasonably long commitment requirements of 9 months or longer) More concerning than all of that was the ongoing perpetuation of gender stereotypes that just didn't seem to be going away. She, along with her business partner decided something needed to change. By applying the simple concepts of service-based industry and combining them with real-life, high-quality dance training, Lindsay created "The School". A beautiful space where families can experience the arts together. She joined me this week to tell me more. For more information Facebook: @theschoolcreativearts Instagram: @theschoolcreativearts
March 4, 2021
Pioneering Connections Between Business and Technology with Dr. Kendrick Carroll
Business innovation is an ever-evolving discussion which can take on many different forms to advance your business forward. Dr. Kendrick Carroll is the President and CEO of BSI Solutions. He is 34 years old and he’s an expert in business innovation. His passion is pioneering the connection between business and technology with innovative solutions. He holds four degrees: Associate of Science in Computer Applications, Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Doctorate in Business Administration specializing in strategy and innovation. He joined me this week to discuss the advancements we’ve made in business innovation. For more information visit us at Facebook: @BSI Solutions Twitter: @Bsis_Nc Instagram: @bsis_nc
March 3, 2021
Ontario Football Ushers in New Leadership with Aaron Geisler
There is a new era of leadership being ushered in at Ontario Football. Aaron Geisler is the new executive director of the organization. And he has clear vision of how he wants to lead Ontario Football into the future. “The biggest thing for me and for the organization,” said Geisler, “is to create a sense of alignment across the board. To bring people to the table to say, ‘How do we solve any of the issues we have in front of us.’ Obviously, the pandemic being one, but there are a variety of other issues that face the organization and it’s about, ‘OK, let’s have an open and frank discussion of how we move forward.’” He joined me this week to discuss the organization’s strategic priorities moving forward, and how he hopes to grow the organization’s mission successfully and effectively. For more information visit Facebook: @ontariofootball Twitter: @ontariofootball Instagram: @ontariofootball Executive Director Aaron Geisler Phone:519- 719-2322 Email: Twitter: @Aaron_Geisler
February 27, 2021
The Career Toolkit with Mark Herschberg
Career exploration doesn’t come with a how to manual, or a step-by-step process it’s the diversity of opportunities which leads to the great adventure of discovery. However, Mark Herschberg wants to do his best to point you in the best direction Possible. He’s the author of The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You. From tracking criminals and terrorists on the dark web to creating marketplaces and new authentication systems, Mark has spent his career launching and developing new ventures at start-ups and Fortune 500s and in academia. He helped to start the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, dubbed MIT’s “career success accelerator,” where he teaches annually. He joined me this week to tell me more. Amazon: LinkedIn: @MarkHerschberg For more Information
February 20, 2021
Achieving an Inclusive work Culture with Keith Murley
Business diversity and promoting an inclusive culture is the best and most proven method to achieve competitive capital and advantage over the competition. For Keith Murley, his mission is to unify and present new opportunities to a wide array of entrepreneurs in order to have a more robust conversation in business and advancement. I am skilled in client experience, business mentoring and development, team building and leadership development, business financials, project and vendor management, strategic relationship building, marketing, and branding, strategic technology initiatives, and much more. --Keith Murley CEO MAAPPEN ( ) He joined me this week to discuss his view on technology, business diversity, inclusion and more LinkedIn: @KeithM.Murley
February 19, 2021
The Recruiting Trail and Covid-19's impact with Lisa Strasman
Did you know More than 180,000 students use sports scholarships to help finance their educations every year,  according to the NCAA, the organization that oversees sports programs for more than 1,000 colleges and universities. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted athletes ability to have any type of cohesion to their athletic or academic future. Lisa Strasman, president of Next College Student Athlete, a recruiting network that helps student-athletes looking to play collegiate sports, said COVID-19-related restrictions on in-person evaluations have had the largest impact on the recruiting process. "Typically, the spring and summer months are prime recruiting times where college coaches are traveling to these camps and tournaments and recruiting events to watch kids play, and that hasn't been happening," Strasman said. Strasman joined me this week, to dive deeper into this very subject. For more information: Facebook: @NCSAsports · Twitter @ncsa Instagram: @ncsa_sports Email Lisa:
February 19, 2021
Advancing Diversity for Black Actors with Jordan Stafford
We continue to strive for equality in several different areas of our societal conversation of acceptance. This continues to be the case, as it relates to advancing forward opportunities for African American Actors to advance in today’s entertainment industry. How far have we come and how far do we still need to go? I posed this question to Jordan Stafford. He’s a black actor based in Kansas City. He joined me this week to share his spirited views of the current state of the entertainment industry for black actors everywhere. Visit: Facebook: @RealJordee: Email: Twitter: @RealJordee Instagram: @realjordee
February 18, 2021
Financial Stability of Young entrepreneurs with Tracey Bissett
Strategic direction for success could apply to many aspects of life. When we examine young people especially entrepreneurs this mantra is particularly true. As Chief Financial Fitness Trainer of Bissett Financial Fitness Inc., Tracey Bissett educates and empowers individuals, notably young adults, and entrepreneurs to take control of and live their financial lives with confidence. As a former executive at TD Bank, one of Canada's Big 5 Banks, Tracey has worked with and in support of thousands of individuals and entrepreneurs to secure the financing they needed. This hands-on experience coupled with her formal financial education, Master of Business Administration and Chartered Financial Analyst designation, position Tracey uniquely to coach about all things money. She joined me this week to tell me more.   LinkedIn @TraceyBissett   Instagram: @bissettfinfit   For more information:
February 18, 2021
Mindfulness, Basketball and Holistic Health with Solomon Berezin
Individual love for athletics can often manifest itself into a transferable interest and desire to pursue other passions in life. Once you decide you’re playing days have reached their conclusion. For Solomon Berezin he played college basketball and studied business before deciding to pursue a career in health and wellness. One of the main inspirations was, what he thirsted for in the game, the flow state which he would occasionally arrive into while playing. He now, hosts a podcast called Ebb & Flow, where he engages in conversation with influential leaders in physical, mental, and spiritual health. He also is a certified transformational health coach and have been assisting a few individuals with nutrition, mindfulness & meditation, and applying these into basketball training for athletes. He joined me this week to tell me more. For more information Instagram: @king_solomon8 Facebook: @SolomonEzraBerezin Subscribe on YouTube @SolomonBerezin
February 13, 2021
Keeping Corporate Moms Physically Fit with Allison Jackson
Corporate and busy moms are always on the go and tending to the needs of others. Balancing work, home life while also maintaining your physical fitness can often prove to be a Herculean task. If you find yourself in this situation then Allison Jackson wats to extend a helping hand. Founder of Allison Jackson Fitness, Allison is passionate about all thing’s health and fitness, but she really loves sharing her knowledge and expertise to help corporate moms get lean eating foods they love so they can be at their best. She knows exactly how hard it is to work full-time, take care of the kids and try to fit in working out, eating right, and taking care of herself, too! Allison has spent the last eight years training and competing in figure competitions -- even winning three pro cards in one year -- so she has a crystal-clear picture of what it takes to get to your ideal weight and stay there. Now she’s ready to share what she’s learned and experienced. She joined me this week to tell me more. Learn more at   Instagram: @allisonjacksonfitness   Facebook: @allisonjacksonfitness  LinkedIn @AllisonJacksonFitness
February 12, 2021
Connecting , Fitness Nutrition, Mental Fortitude with Matan Gavish
Having military experience is a valuable commodity and asset to have when transitioning to entrepreneurship. For Matan Gavish he helps people “Master success by connecting personal wellbeing, fitness and nutrition, and mental fortitude to every aspect of your life & business.” He is a Former Israeli special ops commander turned entrepreneur, Matan Gavish is founder and CEO of FIT HIT, a combat fitness school and lifestyle program. Matan has trained a wide variety of professionals including the NYPD, military officials, celebrities, and pro-fighters. Matan empowers men and women alike with self-defense techniques that build fitness, mental fortitude, and self-confidence. He joined me this week to tell me more.  Instagram: fithitofficial  Instagram: matansmethod  For more Information
February 10, 2021
Optimizing your Online Earning Potential with David Bogue
Approximately, one in four Americans made money over the last 12 months by using their personal computers or other devices connected to the internet. The Pew Research Center, an independent research group in Washington, found that people are using the Internet to find extra work. They go online to sell things such as used books and furniture or they offer to provide services such as babysitting, house cleaning or computer repairs. The Pew Center asked people if they make money from the Internet or computing devices, and, if so, what they do to earn their pay. The answers provided the findings of Pew’s new report on what has been called the “Gig Economy.” Pew found that income earned on the Internet can come in many forms. Many Americans said they used their computers to do extra work. About five percent of Americans said they did online computer work over the last year. For David Bogue, his superpower is showing anyone how to build a Highly Profitable Audience for their products, services, and offers Fast! This has coined him the “The Audience Growth Expert" I was able to reach over 130,000 people with a brand-new Startup in less than 2 weeks with my proprietary system that I now would love to bring to the world. He joined me this week to tell me more.   For more information Visit  Facebook @David Bogue   Instagram @limitless_clients   To learn more about the Clubhouse App visit
February 10, 2021
Will Jared Goff Succeed with the Detroit Lions? With Jake Riepma
If you have to convince yourself, Jared Goff is truly excited about his new lease on his football life with the Detroit Lions, after an unceremonious exit from the L.A. Rams, no one will blink an eye at your hesitancy. However, if you listen to Goff himself, he is looking forward to the chance to reinvigorate his career with the Lions in the Motor City.  "I'm just excited to be somewhere that I know wants me and appreciates me,” Goff told "I'm moving forward and couldn't be more excited to build a winner there." "I'm excited about Dan (Campbell) and the whole staff," Goff told  Can this new marriage work between two parties who are motivated to make this work? Friend of the Program Jake Riepma Sports Talk Host, Sports Update Anchor, & Producer at 97.1 The Ticket WXYT joined me this week to dish on Goff, the Lions and how the puzzle pieces of this new marriage will come together.  You can follow Jake on Twitter and Instagram @jake_riepma Be sure to subscribe to Jake’s new podcast Michigan State of Sports @MichStofSports
February 9, 2021
NFL Headlines Blitz With Chris Bumbaca
Super Bowl LV is now in the books and the NFL offseason is now in full swing. From quarterback situations still in need of answers, coaches trading places and taking over their new teams and players getting set to be on the move in either free agency or the NFL Draft. There is plenty of NFL news and notes to discuss. For some insight and prospective I turned to Chris Bumbaca who covers the NFL for USA Today Sports. You can follow Chris on Twitter @BOOMbaca
February 9, 2021
Creating Viable Career Pathways for Young People with: Josh Sabo
Turning career passion into realized potential is what gets Josh Sabo out of bed in the morning. He’s the founder and CEO of The INDUSTRY. A program for young adults that helps them discover their perfect fit career! By helping them build confidence, purpose, and a Life Plan, I've launched hundreds of young adults into their true purpose and “perfect fit Career”. I could go on about my credentials and accomplishments but would rather inspire OTHER people to build their own. “My mission is to see the world living in their full potential.” Sabo joined me this week to tell me more. You can learn more information at:  @learntheindustry
February 4, 2021
Building effective Leads with Jennie Wright
Do you need help generating effective leads and building effective lists for your business? Jennie Wright is the perfect person to ask for help. She is a List Build & Lead Generation Strategist and Expert. She specializes in helping authentic entrepreneurs build highly engaged email lists and then expertly sell their programs and services to them. She also co-hosts a podcast with her biz bestie Alyson Lex called System to Thrive which is rated globally in the top by Listen Notes. She joined me this week to tell me how businesses of all sizes can make effective lists which lead to prosperous lead generation to affect your bottom line.   For more information Visit:  Follow on LinkedIn @JennieWright   Follow on Twitter: @JennieVW
February 3, 2021
Maximize your Serial entrepreneurial potential with Jeff Morrill
If you’re a Serial ethical entrepreneur and want to know how to hire then Jeff Morrill co-founded Planet Subaru and businesses in retail, telecommunications, real estate, and insurance, is the person you want to talk to. He’s also the author of Profit Wise: How to Make More Money in Business by Doing the Right Thing.” He Joined me this week to share how as a serial entrepreneur you can maximize both profit and success. For more information visit
January 30, 2021
Professor Amber Godwin on: Today’s Social Justice issues and History
Social justice issues today have dominated the headlines and our public discourse. Which will undoubtedly change the arch of history and how it is viewed decades from now. Exploring the relationship between this moment in social justice and history is an intriguing conversation in which to engage in. Amber Godwin, PhD is a Assistant Clinical Professor at Department of Teaching & Learning College of Education at Sam Houston State University. She enjoys using history as a medium not only to explore ideas of social justice, but also to develop self-awareness. She also appreciates Social Studies as a medium to develop reading comprehension, support good communication skills and to encourage critical thinking. She joined me this week to explore the relationship between how today’s social justice issues will impact the arch of history. You can follow Professor Godwin on LinkedIn @Amber Godwin
January 27, 2021
Dave Birkett on Stafford, Lions and What Comes Next
It’s the end of an era in Detroit. After a dozen years in the Motor City Matthew Stafford’s time with the Detroit Lions is over. In an arrangement the two sides have discussed and mutually agreed upon, Stafford is expected to not return to the Lions this offseason, with Detroit listening to trade offers starting this week, according to multiple reports. Therefore, the logical question becomes what’s next for the Lions? Dave Birkett covers the Lions for the Detroit Free Press and he joined me this week, to discuss what comes next for the Lions and Stafford as both sides agree to part ways.  You follow Dave on Twitter @davebirkett
January 26, 2021
One- on- One with: Gus Frerotte
Gus Frerotte made the most of his journeyman tenure in the NFL. Spending 15 years under center, as an NFL Quarterback. He had the good fortune of playing with some iconic players and he knew how to get them the deep ball. Currently, he hosts Huddle Up with Gus podcast on and all streaming apps. He joined me this week to discuss his NFL career and so much more.  To learn more about the podcast visit You can also follow the show on Twitter @huddleupwithgus
January 23, 2021
Ryan Shekell’s Story of Courage and Strength
In life we never know all of the time with great certainty, the magnitude of the challenges we will face. However, if were determined to confront them with great resolve we can conquer any obstacle presented in our path towards prosperity. For Ryan Shekell, having cystic fibrosis (40% lung) capacity he overcame adversity by 50km ultra run, business success, kids via IVF and leaving money on the table, for happiness. He joined me this week to tell me more about his truly transformational story of triumph. For more information visit  Follow on Instagram @rpshek
January 22, 2021
Jake Riepma Discusses the Next chapter of Detroit Lions Football
The Detroit Lions have taken the next steps in their latest attempt to catapult their franchise into relevancy and steer them towards a winning culture. With the hiring of their new general manager Los Angeles Rams director of college scouting Brad Holmes. Furthermore, it appears the team is on the precipice of hiring their next head coach in New Orleans Saints head assistant and Tight Ends coach Dan Campbell. Will this latest incarnation and reboot in leadership lead to brighter days for a franchise which has one playoff win since 1957? Jake Riepma Sports Talk Host, Sports Update Anchor, & Producer at 97.1 The Ticket WXYT & WWJ News Radio 950 returns to the program to dish on what these moves mean for the future of the Lions. You can follow Jake on Twitter @jake_riepma You can also follow The Michigan State of Sports @MichStofSports
January 21, 2021
Nick Gryniewicz dishes on Urban Meyer to Jacksonville
"I'm ready to coach the Jacksonville Jaguars," Meyer said in a statement. "Jacksonville has an enthusiastic fan base, and the fans deserve a winning team. With upcoming opportunities in the NFL Draft, and strong support from ownership, the Jaguars are well-positioned to become competitive. I've analyzed this decision from every angle -- the time is right in Jacksonville, and the time is right for me to return to coaching. I'm excited about the future of this organization and our long-term prospect for success." With the deal now done the Jaguars have a prominent face leading their franchise. With one of the winningest coaches in college football history now making the jump into the pros the question is will it work? Nick Gryniewicz is a Syndicated Talk Host: Live, Local and Loud – Host on WDBO 107.3 FM & AM 580 in Orlando and ESPN 690 AM in Jacksonville that focuses on local and national sports news. He joined me this week to provide his opinion on the Meyer hire, and what it means for the future of the Jaguars. You can follow Nick on Twitter @GetNickG
January 20, 2021
Making Leadership Easier with Jason A Hunt
It was his second year serving as the principal of an 800-student middle school, when Jason A. Hunt, was freaking out. He was scared. “Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing, and this resulted in me hiding in a portable classroom, wanting to find the exit sign for this job as fast as possible.” He’s got several stories of failure. Also, he says he’s got a few stories of tremendous success. Most importantly, he’s developed many simple, relevant, and practical tools that can help you make leadership easier. He joined me this week to tell me more. To learn more about i²: Eye Squared Leadership visit You can also connect on Twitter @JasonAHunt
January 20, 2021
Developing a Winning Mentality in Athletic Sales With Larry Long Jr
Do you have a winning mentality when it comes to succeeding in, athletic sales? Do you know how to build an effective sales team, to win the day an ultimately propel yourself towards a successful career story? Are you open to mentorship in this area? Larry Long Jr. is the Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks. Where they provide an innovative cost- and time-saving software solution to nationally ranked NCAA and professional teams in leagues such as the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS and MLL. In addition to their primarily athletic team customer base, Teamworks’ technologies are also used across a broad spectrum of professional organizations to streamline and optimize their daily workflow. At Teamworks, they strive to continually innovate in both product and service to help teams and organizations around the country operate as efficiently as possible. Long joined me this week to tell me more.  To learn more about Teamworks visit You can also follow Larry on Twitter @larrylongjr
January 18, 2021
Seth Pearson When Everyone in the World Loves Themselves
For Seth Pearson life can be summed up by a simple yet profound motto. “I am an impeccable, innovative leader. I live the belief that when everyone in the world loves themselves, all challenges melt away.” He describes himself as a Self-Love Warrior. He is the host of the Love Amped Podcast and facilitates events and life coaching sessions in the Seattle area. He helps people understand that anything is possible. He is an expert in compassionate communication and effective boundary setting. Creating relationships that last a lifetime. He is also seasoned in psychedelic experiences. Seth is making the world a better place through self-love, education, and coaching. His impact is quickly spreading both online and in the real world. He spent some time this week engaging in conversation with me about his journey, his view on life and so much more. Follow Seth on Instagram @loveampedseth You can also visit for more information.
January 17, 2021
Reaching your Full Potential with Tina Brigley
Do you need an extra incentive to maximize your fullest potential? If you answered yes, then Tina Brigley wants to step to the head of the class to help you reach this objective. She is the Co-Founder and Breakthrough Results Coach at High Performing Coach, an international coaching company that trains and develops coaches to become top performers. As head of social influence at HPC she is a firm believer that Storytelling Marketing is the most authentic way to deeply connect with people. She joined me this week to tell me more. To learn more visit can also follow Tina on Twitter @BrigleyT and LinkedIn @TinaBrigley
January 16, 2021
Technology can improve your work culture with Dr Justin Velten
The advancement of technology has positively contributed to the growth and prosperity of many different aspects of life. The relationship between your work culture and technology is the primary core focus of Go Culture International. Their core philosophy insists You have what it takes to make it a better place to work, study, and serve. Go Culture can help by bringing 47 years of research, development, and testing in diversity, equity, inclusion, and intercultural competence. Don't be known as the leader who did nothing about DEI. Be the hero they need you to be. Partner with Go Culture to bring research-based, proven, and on-demand mobile-based assessment, training, and certification in DEI to your organization today. Go Culture: Software for a Better Workplace. Dr. Justin Velten Ph.D. is the Co-Founder & CEO of Go Culture International, he joined me this week to discuss, his company’s mission and how technology can assist in improving your work culture. For more information visit
January 15, 2021
Dealing with the Financial Wreckage of the Coronavirus in College Sports
College sports marketing directors all across America are asking themselves this one fundamental question. “How can we pivot to connect with our fans while still turning a profit, in the age of a pandemic?” With college athletic departments still cutting sports and ending seasons short in a cost-cutting move, the financial wreckage caused by the coronavirus is clear. This isn’t even taking into account the projected $4 billion loss in revenue athletic departments would’ve seen if the 2020 college football season wasn’t played. So, how are athletic departments across the country absorbing this financial pinch? Josh Remington is the director of sports marketing for SMU Athletics. He joined me this week to discuss how his department is dealing with the economic shortfall. You can stay connected with SMU Athletics by visiting You can also stay connected with Josh via email
January 15, 2021
Employment Pathways for People Returned Home From Incarceration
The Center for Employment Opportunities provides immediate, effective, and comprehensive employment services exclusively to individuals who have recently returned home from incarceration. Their vision is that anyone with a criminal record who wants to work has the preparation and support needed to find a job and stay connected to the labor force. They believe everyone, regardless of their past, deserves the chance to shape a stronger future for themselves, their family, and their communities. Nina Hicks is the Detroit Director of the Center for Employment Opportunities. She joined me this week to discuss the Center’s mission and the impact the Center continues to make in the Detroit Metro area.  For more information visit
January 14, 2021
Pushing Humanity Forward with Jake Myles
Conversations with likeminded individuals is what pushes humanity forward. Storytelling is so very powerful in my eyes. --Jake Myles Its under this sentiment I engaged in conversation with Jake someone who describes himself as an energetic guy with a big heart. Fundamentally his core beliefs centre around the notion of creating community, around his true passions to connect and inspire. Whether it be through someone's hardships, victories, or anything in between. He is also the host of the Mountain Movers Podcast, a platform he created to amplify the voices of people chasing their dreams, living their truth, and inspiring themselves and those around them along the way, he chats with remarkable individuals on a journey towards their mountaintop. He joined me this week to tell me more.  You can follow Jake on Instagram @jake_myles You can also subscribe to his podcast  @mountainmovers or by visiting
January 14, 2021
How to Achieve Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life with Terry Tucker
If your fortunate enough to live a fulfilling life you will experience a full range of experiences and emotions which will cause you to appreciate all facets of life. For Terry Tucker he appreciates every aspect of his life’s journey. In many ways, “I believe I am just like any of the billions of people existing on this planet.”  “I have reinvented myself frequently over my professional career.” Now “I will teach you how to achieve your uncommon and extraordinary life when everyone else just seems to be getting by?” He joined me this week to tell me more.  You can follow Terry on Twitter @terrytucker2012
January 13, 2021
Reigniting the Workforce with Yalanda Taylor
Total nonfarm payroll employment declined by 140,000 in December, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 6.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in December. With the virus still raging Human Resources directors now have an essential role to play in helping to get America back to work. Yalanda Taylor is a Human Resources Manager for Central Louisiana Technical College-Alexandria Campus and the recruiting partner and owner of a virtual recruiting platform, She joined me this week, to talk diversity, inclusion, and human Resources role in promoting both. You can connect with by visiting You can also follow the platform on Instagram @cruitscout
January 11, 2021
Channel Your Visions and Passions into Power with Rebecca Irey
Rebecca Irey is redefining the term multitasker. She’s a compelling and charismatic mom to 7 and foster mom who is a serial entrepreneur for strategies and wisdom throughout life and business. She has this question for you. Are you a visionary entrepreneur? Got an idea every minute - a BIG idea? Somehow you never get anything done and none (or very few) of your ideas become reality and even then, you struggle? The worst thing a visionary entrepreneur can do in any given day is NOT make money! I got you! “I work with visionary entrepreneurs to channel their visions and passions into POWER! I am the Queen of Radical Accountability. My clients find their flow and channel their power to revolutionize their life. “ She joined me this week to share more. You can follow Rebecca on LinkedIn @RebeccaIrey or on Facebook @blueskyebusiness
January 9, 2021
Become the Hero of Your own Story with Michael Anthony
Overcoming obstacles in life happen to all of us, and the response on how we absorb these challenges build the content of our character. For Michael Anthony he was born to a hyper-abusive drug addict mother who cut his finger off at 4 years old, a stepfather you pray you never have, and a racist grandmother that pushed him into an identity crisis. By the time he was 9, his family was in poverty and often homeless all while being members of the Mormon Church. At twelve, he was adopted by his grandmother and quickly turned to drugs and alcohol to survive the continuing abuse. Despite multiple learning disabilities and not graduating high school on time, Michael found success in Corporate America in his early twenties. Learn more about his inspirational story this week we he joins me to discuss how he defied the odds and using his experiences to now, coach, mentor, and is an educator for adult survivors of child abuse. Michael spends his time helping other survivors get out of "The Vortex" to become the hero of their own story and take their lives back.  Be sure to visit  Follow him @michaelunbroken
January 8, 2021
Mission Six Zero and Warrior Rising with Jason Van Camp
Finding your true purpose in life comes in many different shapes and sizes for all people. For Jason Van Camp there are two causes which are close to him and which cause him to exhibit the most passion and energy. He serves as Chairman of Mission Six Zero is a leadership assessment and development company that draws on a highly unique system architecture to give YOU a cognitive edge over any adversary. “Our process was created by United States Special Forces Operators (Green Berets, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, CIA, FBI), refined through scientifically proven methods developed by our human performance and sports psychologist PhDs, and reinforced through our unconventional training.” Furthermore, he also is the Executive Director of Warrior Rising which is a 501c3 non-profit that empowers U.S. military veterans by providing opportunities to create sustainable businesses, perpetuate the hiring of fellow U.S. military veterans, and earn their future. He joined me this week to tell me more about both endeavors.  For more information on Mission Six Zero visit and Warrior Rising
January 8, 2021
The Relationship Between Entrepreneurship and Music with Garrett Gaudet
Garrett Gaudet describes himself as a Canadian serial entrepreneur, content creator, DJ & podcaster. He is best known as the host and resident DJ with the EDM Weekly podcast. In 2013, Garrett unveiled the electronic music podcast EDM Weekly with Garrett Gaudet. As of January 2021, he has produced 360+ episodes and reached #1 on the Apple Podcasts Music Commentary charts. He also possesses a passion for marketing, business, design, and content creation. Garrett founded the creative agency Strobe Creative. As the Creative Director of Strobe Creative, he works with entrepreneurs & brands to build websites, create content, and generate effective marketing strategies to grow their business. He joined me this week to discuss more about his entrepreneurial journey and love of music. You can follow Garrett on social media @GarrettGaudet You can visit Garrett’s website
January 7, 2021
The Evolution of Esports with Ben Feferman
According to the data gathered by the source, 64 percent of the Canadian population aged six years and older, was a gamer in 2018. These numbers have certainly increased over the past couple of years and this is certainly a profession which has gain steam and notoriety across Canada. Ben Feferman is the CEO of Amuka Esports, Canada's leader in esports. He also runs EYZ Mode here in Windsor-Essex.  He joined me this week to discuss the evolution of Esports nationally and locally in Windsor. To get connected with EYZ Mode visit  You can follow Ben on Twitter @5Kfef
January 7, 2021
Defining the true meaning of Grateful with Tommy Dahlborg
2020 was a crazy and unpredictable year which has caused all of us to pause and reflect upon what is important in life, I know it has for me. Cherish every moment friend’s life is so intensely precious. I’ve been thinking a great deal, about the true definition of being grateful. It’s a subject I tackled with my friend Tommy Dahlborg Jr. the host of the Strength Thru Vulnerability Podcast who joined me this week to dive deeper into the true meaning of what it means to be grateful in the age of Covid-19 and bring peace to our life. You can follow Tommy on Twitter  @tommydahlborgjr You can also check out his podcast here:
January 5, 2021
Steve Sarkisian Headed to Texas with Rex Castillo
Tom Herman’s tenure leading the Texas rebuild and Renaissance is over. Texas announced Saturday it has parted ways with Herman after four seasons, The Longhorns have hired Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian as his replacement and have finalized a deal with him. What does this move mean for the future of Texas Football? How should we view Herman’s tenure at Texas? Rex Castillo is the Sports Director/Anchor @WRBLSports he joined me this week to react to the coaching change at Texas. You can follow Rex on Twitter @rexcastillotv
January 4, 2021
Triumph Over Tragedy with: Jessie Diaz
Adversity is a test of your mental wherewithal to overcome the darkest of challenges and find your sense of enteral purpose. For Jessie Diaz he is a true testament of strength and perseverance. At the age of 15 he learned quickly how short life is. He lost his mother in a car accident with him sitting right next to her. He was a mess until he turned 28 years old. “I quit my job and pursued a career in fighting and coaching.” Two-years later, he had an amateur record in MMA 2-0 and Muaythai Thai 1-1. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic he had to press pause on fighting and decided to pick up a mic and produce his own podcast the hassle of hair. He joined me this week to tell me more.  You can follow Jessie on Instagram @jessethehasslediaz  You can listen to his podcast here
January 4, 2021
Joe Hawley discusses the adventure which changed his Life after Football
At the conclusion of a long career playing professional football its imperative, you find purpose and meeting in your life after football. For Joe Hawley he retired from the NFL after eight seasons with both the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Following his retirement, he felt both excited to explore his freedom and a little unsure about who he was without football. Therefore, he decided to go on an adventure which would change his life forever. He gave away most of his possessions, rescued a dog named Freedom, bought a converted van, and hit the road, documenting the entire adventure on his social media platforms and through his blog - ManVanDogBlog. He now spends his time running "The Härt Collective," an exclusive, conscious community of former male professional athletes looking to connect on a deeper level, find purpose outside of sports, and create a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities. He joined me this week to discuss his transition away from football and how he discovered his true passion in life. To learn more about The Härt Collective visit
December 24, 2020
Empowerment through Education with Holly Jean Barrett
Empowerment through Education, change your food, change your life. This is the motto which Holly Jean Barrett has utilized to build a successful career as a “Experienced Podcast Host. Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Holistic Wellness Educator. Self-Sabotage & Mindset Coach.” She joined me this week to detail her career, life, and practical experiences. To learn more about Rabbit Hol.istik  visit /
December 22, 2020
Tools for Effective Communication with Roseann Galvan
Are you someone who struggles with communication and effectively delivering a message of unity to the audience you’re attempting to reach? If you answered yes, then today you’re in luck. Roseann Galvan earned a master’s degree in Communications; she is a trained commercial mediator and holds a California Real Estate Salesperson license. Over the years she has worked with companies ranging from Apple, Pepsi, and Clorox to scrappy start-ups. She hosts a podcast about talking and relishes the chance to help people improve their communication skills. She joined me this week to provide some actionable information to improve the quality of your workplace and life communication. Be sure to follow Roseann’s new podcast Communications Czar Podcast by visiting
December 22, 2020
What does Chris Spielman’s Return mean for the Detroit Lions?
A beloved Lions legend is joining the franchise's front office as it attempts to revitalize its national and local perception and chart a brighter future. Former Lions linebacker Chris Spielman has elected to return to the organization as special assistant to Rod Wood and Sheila Ford Hamp the team’s chairman and president and CEO, the full-time role will see Spielman report directly to president and CEO Rod Wood, and will include Spielman in interviews for the team's vacant general manager and head coach positions. What does this move mean for the future trajectory of the franchise moving forward? Jake Riepma Sports Talk Host, Sports Update Anchor, & Producer at 97.1 The Ticket WXYT & WWJ News Radio 950 returned to the program this week to give his take on the move. You can follow Jake on Twitter @jake_riepma
December 22, 2020
ESPN's Eric Woodyard Talks Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Contract Extension
Giannis Antetokounmpo, has taken home League MVP honors twice and now he has the opportunity to pad his bank account after signing a multiyear extension with the Milwaukee Bucks, the team announced. Antetokounmpo's agent, Alex Saratsis, told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski that it will be for the full five-year, $228 million supermax, including an opt-out after the fourth year. What does this news mean for the state of the league and the future of Milwaukee and fear the Deer? Eric Woodyard covers the NBA for ESPN he joined me this week to discuss Antetokounmpo’s extension and more.  You can follow Eric on Twitter @E_Woodyard
December 21, 2020
ESPN’s Eric Woodyard on the Future of James Harden in Houston
The Houston Rockets culture in the  James Harden era, which spans  two owners and now four head coaches, might be best summed up by a former staffer's three words: "Whatever James wants."  However, now they seem to be at an impasse. And progress towards a solution appears to have hit a stalemate at least for now.  Therefore, the question remains how will this situation with Harden end?  ESPN’s Eric Woodyard provides his take on the state of affairs between the Rockets and Harden. You can follow Eric on Twitter @E_Woodyard
December 21, 2020
ESPN’s Eric Woodyard provides his take on the state of the Pistons.
For the Detroit Pistons this season is about development and seeing what this young team has to offer. Killian Hayes is the centerpiece of the rebuild  but there are also some more younger pieces who have the opportunity to aide in this Reclamation project.  Sprinkle in some veterans i.e. Blake Griffin and Derick Rose you have the making of a potentially interesting and intriguing team to watch.  ESPN’s Eric Woodyard provides his take on the state of the Pistons. You can follow Eric on Twitter @E_Woodyard
December 21, 2020
Women to Live with Balance and Sustainability With Maverick Willet
Maverick Willett is an a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutritionist, former army ranger and former collegiate basketball player with a passion for helping women and mothers lose weight and regain control of their bodies. He works to empower women to live with balance and sustainability, especially those that have a family and kids.  His goal is to go beyond giving a guide – he teaches women WHY they should eat certain foods and give them the tools to succeed long term. He joined me this week to tell me more.  You can follow Maverick on Instagram @maverick_willett
December 19, 2020
Courageous Conversations with Jonathan Mahan
Are you someone who struggles with having in-depth and revealing conversations about: race, religion, politics, and societal issues in general? If you answered yes, then you should spend some time with Jonathan Mahan. He is the host of Courageous Conversations. A podcast where, he engages in these difficult conversations on LinkedIn Live. He also has three fundamental principles which he lives his life by and hopes to accomplish before he dies. He joins me this week to tell me more.  You can follow Jonathan on LinkedIn,
December 19, 2020
How the Pandemic has effected Sports with Jeremy Altshule
The COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of 2020 impacted the sports industry hard. Many professional leagues across the globe suspended their seasons and hundreds of thousands of jobs were put at risk as public sporting events across the country were cancelled. Analysis suggests that an estimated 2.2 billion U.S. dollars of national TV revenue for the sports industry could be lost because of the crisis, according to Statista. Jeremy Altshule is a graduate of CSUDH in Business administration and the host of Going Deep with Matthew and Jeremy a multifaceted sports podcast which covers the latest news and notes in sports. He joined me this week, to discuss some of the latest sports headlines, how the pandemic has affected the industry and his own personal career journey. Be sure to follow Jeremy on Instagram @therealjeremyaltshule
December 19, 2020
Corporate Culture Growth and Diversity with Janelle Abela
As a proud, racialized person, Janelle utilizes her privilege and experiences to fortify powerful changes in education. Her mission is to innovate instructional strategies to integrate the diversity present in the learning environment. As an educator, Janelle works to nurture the value of diversity by expanding content and current approaches in education. By doing so, Janelle's efforts increase equity and representation, promoting success for all learners in our globalized society. She joined me this week to tell me more.  To learn more about Diverse Solutions Strategy Firm you can visit
December 17, 2020
Finding Purpose Through Fitness with Christopher Rabideau
Using fitness as a motivator to demand the most of yourself, to aspire you to be the best version of yourself can be a real powerful statement. For Christopher Rabideau he grew up obese, sports were what helped him fall in love with fitness. He overcame an environment filled with neglect which led to those unhealthy habits. While he dabbled in sports, football became his true love, and he played it up until he left college. From there he started his fitness career, he joined me this week to tell me more. To get connected with Chris you can visit  You can also follow Chris on Instagram @rabideaufit
December 16, 2020
Breaking out of isolation and into acceptance with Christopher Decker
Christopher Decker is “On a mission to transcend barriers and empower 100 million people to break out of isolation and into acceptance.” "Trust God, Clean House, Help Others is a simple formula which Chris attempts to live by. But it was not always this easy. At the age of nine, his mother attempted suicide by driving her car off a cliff in Malibu. Fortunately, she survived however, was now unable to care for her and his siblings and Chris and his siblings were given up for adoption. Over a decade later, it took him hitting rock bottom as an entrepreneur, in his personal and professional life before he got on his knees and began to pray to a god, he had no relationship with. He joined me this week to tell me more.  To learn more about Chris’s podcast Age of  Authenticity visit
December 16, 2020
Spirit Equip intended to equip, train your spiritual life for success
Spirit-Equip is intended to equip and train your spiritual life for success, one small step at a time. They would be delighted to come alongside of you to help equip your spiritual life and ministry. Rev. Dr. David Chotka, is the founder and director of Spirit-Equip ministries. He joined me this week to tell me more.  To learn more, you can visit
December 11, 2020
The Impact of the Black Vote and Increasing Diversity in Local Government
The American people sent a clear message, during the 2020 presidential election. They wanted a change of course of leadership at the top of the American government. 81,271,249 voters or 51.4% of people voted for Vice President Joe Biden. Pushing Biden over the top was the participation of African American Voters. Black voters made up 11% of the national electorate, and 9 in 10 of them supported Biden, according to AP VoteCast, an expansive survey of more than 110,000 voters nationwide. Both figures are about on par with 2016, when Democrat Hillary Clinton also overwhelmingly won Black voters’ support but fell short of winning the White House, according to Pew Research Center estimates. How can Biden keep his promise to have the backs of black voters once he gets sworn in as president on January 20, 2021?  Dr. Sharon Wright Austin is a professor of political science at the University of Florida and a former associate professor of political science and black studies at the University of Missouri. Her teaching interests are in American Government, Urban Politics, and African American Politics and her research interests are in African American mayoral elections, rural African American political activism, and African American political behavior. She joined me this week to discuss how the black community impacted the election and how we can increase diversity in positions of leadership in local governments.
December 10, 2020
Beyond Disability Network Centralized information Sharing
The non-profit Beyond Disability Network was established in 2010 to address issues relevant to those living with a chronic disability in Windsor, Ontario. They are a collaborative community network enhancing the quality of life for persons with a chronic disability by establishing a centralized information sharing hub, raising awareness of disability issues, and partnering together to make positive change. Beyond Disability has evolved since its inception, and the focus is now on providing central access to information and resources for adults and their caregivers; collecting and sharing information and resources; providing referrals to fellow members; social networking to create a sense of community among those with disability; peer support; and advocacy. Arla Peters and Melanie Gardin both serve on the Board of Directors for the network. They joined me this week to tell me more about it. To learn more about the Network visit
December 9, 2020
A hypnotist’s view on Mental Health with Doug Sands
Doug Sands describes himself as a hypnotist, adventurer, and mental health advocate. He runs the Making Meaning Podcast; a show about how adventurous people have overcome struggles to reach their dreams. As a hypnotist, he focuses on assisting clients with mental health battles such as anxiety and depression. He’s faced both of these, so he is equipped to provide some expertise on this subject and its his personal mission. As a traveler, he focuses on outdoor adventures i.e. hiking, climbing, skiing, and more. As a Buddhist and philosopher, he’s been examining the big questions of life for decades. That's where the name of his podcast comes from - he believes we all make our own individual meaning out of life. He joined me this week to tell me more.  You can follow Doug and his podcast on Instagram   @makingyourmeaning
December 9, 2020
Is This the Beginning of the End for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan?
Is this the beginning of the end for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan? The Michigan Wolverines and head coach Jim Harbaugh must have an honest discussion and assessment with themselves as it relates to their collective future together. The program is in shambles and shackled by uncertainty. With the defense looking lost and the offense void of any consistent or reliable quarterback play. With the status of the program in flux. My old friend Adam Biggers who these days is a Michigan Football writer for joined me this week to give his take on the current state of the Maze and Blue.  You can follow Adam on Twitter @AdamBiggers81
December 8, 2020
Life and its Lessons with Dai Manuel
Dai Manuel is a Certified Lifestyle Mentor & Executive Performance coach. He’s on a mission to positively impact one million role models around the globe to lead a FUN-ctionally fit life through education, encouragement, and community. He joined me this week to tell me more. To learn more about Dai’s work visit You can also follow on Instagram and Twitter @daimanuel
December 5, 2020
Matthew Verderame Reacts to the Firing of Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn
The Detroit Lions are once again preparing to hit the reset button. As they search for yet another fresh start and positive direction for their franchise. Amid another lost campaign of a season, Lions head coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn have both been fired. The news broke two days after a disastrous loss to the Houston Texans on Thanksgiving dropped the Lions to 4-7 this season. Detroit also got worse with Patricia as its coach. Jim Caldwell was fired as Lions head coach after back-to-back 9-7 seasons, and now Patricia has taken over for Caldwell and taken the Lions to three consecutive losing seasons. Now the Lions will get to work on rebuilding a franchise which has been run into the ground. Matthew Verderame is a national NFL reporter for FanShield he joined me this week to discuss what’s next for the Lions. You can follow Matthew on Twitter @MattVerderame You can read Matthew’s work here
December 5, 2020
The Easy Part is Over, What Comes Next for the Detroit Lions?
The easy part is over, mercifully, and thankfully. The Detroit Lions axed head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn on Saturday after two straight seasons under .500 and a third season which saw the team was trending in the same direction, at midseason. Patricia's record was 13-29-1 since taking over as the Lions coach in 2018. Quinn had been the team's GM since 2016, and the Lions were 31-43-1 during his tenure. Therefore, now the question is, what comes next for the franchise? As they are once again searching for answers and a solid footing on which to place the future. Jeremy Reisman the managing editor of PrideofDetroit and online publication dedicated to covering all things relating to the Detroit Lions joined me once again to help the Lions put together a game plan for the future. Visit to get your latest Lions news.
December 4, 2020
Smart Money Management with Jim DeGaetano
Do you need help saving your money for retirement? Or for that matter in general? If you said yes then Jim DeGaetano, CFP®, CPA, MBA is just what the doctor ordered, He is the author of The Fruitful Retirement and Larry The Bunny Saves His Money, the President of Diamond Wealth Advisors, and a keynote speaker on the topics of strategic planning, retirement, and relationship capital. He joined me this week to share best practices on all these topics and so much more. To learn more about Dimond Wealth Advisors visit
December 3, 2020
Painting Murals to tell Entrepreneurship Stories with Alexander Leonard
There are many ways in life and in business to tell a story. For Alexander Leonard he is passionate about creating videos and painting murals through his company AL Media. award winning creative company that specialize in video production and graphic design for non-profits and social-enterprises looking to share their story. Alex is a talented videographer, business owner, graphic novel author, weekly radio broadcaster, public speaker, mural artist and environmentalist. He most recently is finishing a Masters in Environment and Sustainability at Western University and has now continued working in the environmental sector for Sustainable Forestry Initiative as his primary career focus. As a co-founder of Pollinator Pathways Project and board member for the London Urban League, he is committed to improving the environment and fighting against climate change. He joined me this week to tell me more. To learn more about Alex’s  work visit You can also follow Alex and AL Media on Instagram  @alexleonardmedia
December 3, 2020
Advancing the work of Black journalists and media professionals in Canada
Founded in 1996, the Canadian Association of Black Journalists’ (CABJ) mission is to increase representation through education and inspiration. They believe Black journalists must work collectively to diversify newsrooms, to increase the number of Black media professionals in management positions in Canada and to educate and inspire a new generation of young Black journalists. Nadia Stewart is the Executive Director at Canadian Association of Black Journalists she joined me this week to tell me more about the association’s mission. To learn more about the CABJ visit
December 2, 2020
A different approach to food and fitness with Heather McDaniel
Heather McDaniel believes every woman deserves to know and feel on their own how strong and powerful they truly are. She is committed to leading_ the way and show you how to lose weight, get stronger, and more confidence without following the latest trends and quick fixes. She joined me this week, to share more. To learn more about Heather’s work visit
December 2, 2020
Unspoken yet significant problem that’s plaguing our healthcare system
Did you know: • 14% of US healthcare costs are attributed to manual tasks that could be automated? • $6B is spent annually on managing recalled medical devices and implants in the US? • 80k patients have died in the US du7e to implant quality issues within the last 10 years? The problem? Many patients (and most healthcare providers) are simply unaware that breakdowns in communication between the FDA, manufacturers and healthcare facilities result in putting patients at risk every day, and even worse, can be easily avoided with the right technology solution. As the Chief Operating Officer and a patient safety advocate at Xcelrate UDI, Dawon Hawkins is dedicated to raising awareness of this silent-but-deadly healthcare problem as his company sets sights on international expansion. He and the CEO of Xcelrate UDI, Joan Melendez joined me this week to tell me more.  To learn more about Xcelrate UDI, visit
December 1, 2020
Carving a pathway to prosperity for women in sports with Aggie Dent
Aggie Dent is breakdown barriers for women in sports. Aggie Dent is a senior at New York University majoring in Sports Management with a concentration in Organizational Management and minoring in Studio Art with a concentration in painting. Aggie has a passion for sports and art and seeing the two overlap. She has worked with some of the top sports brands in the world including Formula E, FC Bayern Munich, and the Sydney Sixers. Growing up Aggie participated in softball, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, baton twirling, swimming, and many others. Her love for sports came at a young age. After several injuries, she was no longer able to compete and therefore decided to take on the sports industry from the business side through her studies. Aggie hosts a podcast series called Adventures with Aggie to interview sports executives and professional athletes. The podcast recording sessions are open for college students to ask questions and meet the guests. The show is published on seven platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. She joined me this week to tell me more about her impressive life and her greatest hopes for her future.  You can follow Adventures with Aggie on Instagram @adventureswithaggie
December 1, 2020
Marketing Industry Through the Eyes of a Millennial with Parker Mayes
Parker Mayes is a “Driven college student passionate about connecting high performing young leaders with each other.” He’s a junior at NC State in Raleigh enrolled in the business administration program with a concentration in marketing. After launching his podcast, Taking A Breath, in May of 2020, “I realized that I wanted more than just a conversation, I wanted connection”. As a result, he built an accountability community for 18-24-year-old leaders with over 50 members from 5 countries. When he’s not building his personal brand, Parker works with Dale Carnegie Training and the Impact Leadership Village at NC State. He joined me this week to discuss the marketing industry through the eyes of a millennial.  You can follow Taking a Breath Podcast on Instagram @takingabreathpodcast
December 1, 2020
Homes For Our Troops Enables Veterans to Regain Their Independence
Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) is a publicly funded 501(c) (3) non-profit organization which builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans, to empower them to rebuild their lives. The majority of their Veterans have sustained injuries including multiple limb amputations, partial or full paralysis, and/or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). These homes restore some of the freedom and independence our Veterans sacrificed while defending our country, and enable them to focus on their family, recovery, and rebuilding their lives. Since its inception in 2004, nearly 90 cents out of every dollar spent has gone directly to our program services for Veterans. HFOT builds these homes where the Veteran chooses to live and continues its relationship with the Veterans after home delivery to assist them with rebuilding their lives.   Brigadier General USA Retired Tom Landwermeyer is the President and CEO, of Homes for Our Troops. He joined me this week to highlight the important work of the organization and how you can get involved. To learn more about the organization visit You can also follow the organization on Instagram @homesforourtroops 
November 23, 2020
Turn the Mess into a Story of Unexpected Breakthrough with Keith Wilson
For Keith Wilson he’s laser focused on building an advantageous environment to promote a positive workplace culture. “As a professional consultant my sweet spot is building workplace culture and working with struggling teams and organizations. When people problems are driving you mad and team members are dropping like flies, I can help you turn the mess into a story of unexpected breakthrough.” He’s trustworthy, engaging and he loves meeting and hearing from new people of all backgrounds. He’s confident and inspiring as a speaker and loves helping people turn their greatest struggles into their own preamble. He joined me this week to tell me more. To learn more about ScrogginsGrear visit
November 21, 2020
Holistic Health Coaching Session with Jim Burdumy
Jim Burdumy is a Holistic Health Coach, father, and husband. He’s always trying to be a stronger, healthier, and better Dad, husband, family member, and friend. In addition to working with clients, he is the host of the Warrior Dads Podcast, which is tailored to helping Dads become the best version of themselves. He believes strongly the man is the protector of the family and should be fully capable of doing so. He asserts having good physical fitness, a strong mindset, situational awareness, and know some form of self defense, is essential to accomplishing this objective. He has a passion for assisting and coaching people to enhance their lives through living a healthy lifestyle and find balance in the areas above. You can follow Jim on Instagram  @jimburdumy You can also checkout the Warrior Dads Podcast here
November 19, 2020
Reconnecting Distant Couples with: Juan Santos
Are you in a relationship on the brink of divorce or collapse? Are you looking for an effective way to communicate and solve your problems with your partner? Are you hopeful for a fresh start? If you answered yes, to any of those questions then enlisting the help of Santos Counseling PLLC may be just want you need. They assist couples who are feeling emotionally distant or disconnected.  Licensed Counselor Juan Santos specializes in helping distant couples, struggling parents, and a little bit of everything in-between. He joined me this week to provide some help for distant couples and to provide some words of encouragement to persevere through adversity. To learn more about Santos Counseling visit
November 19, 2020
The Entrepreneurial Story of Colin C Thompson
For Colin C. Thompson Living in Shanghai, China – “I am fortunate to be able to, on a daily basis, live my dream of working with the next great disruptive technology - Blockchain; while also being able to fulfill my true passion of building Oligye Enterprises - and helping individuals through business training/facilitation and Personal Development and Career Transition coaching.” In his free time, he loves competing in marathons, triathlons, and supporting his wife Kay, in her Arborist activities such as ISA and International Tree Climbing Competitions. He joined me this week to tell me more. To learn more about Oligye LIFE Coaching and Training visit
November 18, 2020
Dropping it all to follow your passions with Dallen Reber
The profound impact of the written word can spur others towards a compelling call to action and cause them to reach for the highest heights of their career and life aspirations. While also being potentially left with a tremendous sense of vulnerability but yet tremendous promise. For Ex collegiate baseball player & former Sports Scientist Dallen Reber, amidst working with professional athletes, “I dropped it all to pursue my passion.” He joined me this week to discuss, why it was so important to drop a career he was successful in to follow what truly makes him happy, and the positive example he hopes it sends to his kids about following their dreams and ambitions. You can follow Dallen on Twitter and Instagram @@DallenReber
November 17, 2020
The Freedom to Call your own Shots in Business with Jeff Heyer Jones
Leaving the corporate world, to call your own shots can be a liberating feeling and can provide you with a sense of positive empowerment and a flood of different emotions. For Jeff Heyer-Jones, he left the corporate world a year and a half ago, to start his own consulting firm focused on helping small to midsize businesses grow through being a fractional COO. Jones is a serial entrepreneur as well as having experience in the insurance and financial services sector. He joined me this week to discuss what the key to sustainable success is professionally. Also, to tell me how to succeed once you determine charting your own course will accelerate your path to prosperity. To learn more about SparkEvolve visit
November 17, 2020
The Evolution of Sports Science with Eric Madia
The advancements in sports science have fundamentally changed the way we train and develop athletes to reach their peak level of performance. What’s the key to prolonged sustainability and advancement in this field? To take a deeper dive into the subject Eric Madia the head of Sport Science - NJ Sport Performance Lab and Head of Sport Science - New Jersey Titans Hockey joined me this week to discuss the evolution of sports science. He also claims he’s had a lifetime of experiences in 30 years on this planet. “Between sports, fitness, music, and anything in-between, I’m an open book!” He joined me his week to tell me more. To learn more about NJ Sport Performance Lab  visit
November 14, 2020
Setting the Rules of Dating with: Donna Meador
Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Did you know you can set the rules? The successes of life often rise out of adversity. After a stretch of Chronic Fatigue in the 90's, Donna Meador sought after a life of love, happiness, and abundance. Not only did she find herself alone, but now she was dating in "mid-life" and jobless. Putting yourself out there is frightening, and she rapidly discovered she had no idea what she was doing. Dating, it seemed was a mystery and no fun. To comprehend how to have fun, she started sharing her ideas with others and became so consumed with wanting women to understand their value and own self-worth, she wrote a book about it. DATING: It's Not Personal. She joined me this week to tell me more. Also be sure to check out her #dailydoseadonnavideos on social media. You can follow Donna on Instagram @dailydoseadonna
November 13, 2020
Accelerating Past Adversity with Loz Antonenko
Arriving at prosperity isn’t always easy or occurs in a straight line. Often the need to overcome adversity is a necessity From an early age, Loz Antonenko knew she was going to live an extraordinary life. She thought she would uncover some magical mystery of the universe or catch a rocket to outer-space – whatever it was, she knew it would something that would impact the lives of others. Upon graduating from high school, Loz was accepted into university on a scholarship and planned to graduate as an engineer. Half-way through her tertiary studies, however, she grappled with the sudden onset of severely chronic ill-health and was forced to reassess her future career pathway. Developing a keen interest in social science and commerce, In the final year of her undergraduate degree, Loz went into business and she continues to oversee the success of her growing health-focused enterprises as CEO over a decade later. Despite battling a sea of emotional and physical obstacles, including the suicide of her first husband and the discovery of a congenital hole in her heart in her 30s, Loz has overcome a lifetime’s worth of challenges that have lead her down a path of self-discovery, self-love and ultimately, fulfillment and gratitude. She is a true believer that life happens for you, not to you. She joined me this week to discuss her inspiring journey. You can follow Loz on Instagram @lozantonenko
November 10, 2020
Convert those leads into sales with Kelli Kelley
Leaving corporate America to start your own journey is always intriguing experience for all entrepreneurs. It can also be empowering and give you the avenue to assist others. Kelli Kelley began her career in communications nearly 20 years ago serving as Public Relations Coordinator for the Wal-Mart brand Faded Glory in their New York office. Over the next 15 years, Kelley would go on to work with several successful organizations across the US in various marketing roles before deciding to launch her own agency: brndMethod Media Group. brndMethod is a digital marketing agency focused on identifying qualified leads for their clients and then creating digital content to help convert those leads into sales. The company’s service offering includes digital strategy and consulting, content marketing, podcast production and website design. brndMethod is MBE certified and actively pursues opportunities to partner with minority/women centric causes and organizations. Kelli Kelley joined me this week to share her story. To learn more about brndMethod visit
November 10, 2020
Cutting the Healing Time after Emotional Ruptures with Joana Lopez
Have you ever ended a relationship a still had the emotional baggage attached to moving on? Would you benefit from some direction and feedback on how to turn the page? Joana Lopez is a relationship coach a divorce and Breakup Recovery Coach with a background in Neuroscience, Clinical Hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). She has been a relationship expert for over 7 years and have then specialized in cutting the healing time after emotional ruptures. The interesting part about her practice, compared to regular therapy, is that she works with the 90% of the brain, known as the Unconscious Mind. So, healing happens faster and at a deeper level than when we work with the rational part, which is only 10%. She has put together a program that uses different therapy techniques and scientific knowledge and tools to accomplish this kind of healing. She joined me this week to tell me more. You can follow Joana on Instagram @thebreakup_recoverycoach You can also find out more about her work by visiting
November 8, 2020
What does the Hiring of AJ Hinch Mean for the Detroit Tigers? Jake Riepma
The Detroit Tigers believe they’re ready to take the next step in their rebuilding process. With the hiring of Ex Houston Astros Manager AJ Hinch. With the hiring of Hinch how will it affect the development of Detroit’s young Talent and how will the culture change in the Motor City? Jake Riepma Sports Talk Host, Sports Update Anchor, & Producer at 97.1 The Ticket WXYT & WWJ News Radio 950 returns to the program to provide some objective prospective.  You can follow Jake on Twitter @jake_riepma
November 3, 2020
Protecting your financial futures with: Jennifer Woodbeck Thompson
Jennifer Woodbeck helps professionals plan and protect their financial futures. She spent 17 years in healthcare, and "I have never seen something as profound as this. I hope everyone is staying safe and taking the best care of themselves." She also recognizes that now is a time when people start to evaluate their financial life, their debts, and the legacy they will leave. Too many people are not properly protected or rely on work benefits to support their families when they are no longer able to. Too many people assume they are properly protected by realistically don't understand their debt or what will happen when they become ill. She is on a mission to provide financial education and understanding to many." I don't want to see the tragic events that occur because of lack of education." She joined me this week to tackle the subject in greater detail. To learn more visit You can follow Jennifer on Instagram @jenniferwoodbeck
October 31, 2020
Workplace Inclusion for People with Disabilities with Jonathon Shanahan
Diversity of opportunities is critically important for the full integration of individuals with disabilities within the workplace. October marks National Disability Employment Awareness Month. An occasion for everyone within the business world to take full stock on how we can strengthen possibilities for advancement in the workplace for the special need’s community. To ensure they are presented with a consistent pathway of possibility and prosperity. Jonathon Shanahan is the Southwestern Ontario Regional Business Development Manager at Agilus Work Solutions. He joined me this week to discuss how his agency is positively contributing to the advancement of individuals with disabilities in the workplace. To learn more about Agilus Work Solutions you can visit
October 29, 2020
Kyle Porter Most business owners suck at talking about what they do
Are you really good at providing services to your customers as a business owner but don’t know how to market yourself above the competition? If you answered yes, then you should meet Kyle Porter. He says “Most business owners suck at talking about what they do so that customers care. I help them create clear marketing and tell a better story.” Porter is the owner of GuidePost Marketing. They help business owners grow their companies with simple, clear, effective messaging and marketing. He joined me this week to discuss how he and his team help other businesses put their best foot forward. To learn more about GuidePost Marketing visit You can also follow Kyle on LinkedIn
October 28, 2020
NFL Chalk Talk with: Brenden Deeg
It’s not hyperbole to suggest where in the middle of one of the most unique NFL seasons in recent memory. Were in the middle of a global health crisis which has limited or excluded fans, we’ve already seen an NFL Head Coach in Bill O'Brien get fired, we’ve had a rash of season-ending or significant injuries and we’ve only played a fifth of the season to this point. Therefore, the question is what is on the horizon what we need to keep an eye on for the rest of the season. Brenden Deeg is an NFL writer for The National Football Post and the Co-host of The Double Doink Podcast. He joined me this week to tackle the latest NFL news and notes. You can follow Brenden on Twitter on @eaglestalk_
October 28, 2020
KISA Public Radio Celebrates Inspiring Journalism with: Lisa D. Tinsley
In today’s 24/7 news cycle finding objective, non-bias and inspiring news which makes an impactful difference can be challenging. KISA Public Radio is attempting to change this narrative. They believe their stories should inspire you to uncover your potential and awaken you to do more in this world. Their mission is to share dynamic audio journalism and stories from our exceptional journalists that will educate and inspire you to make change within your community. Lisa D. Tinsley is the Program Director for KISA Public Radio, she joined me this week, to discuss the new media platform and how its working to inspire others. To learn more about KISA Public Radio you can visit You can also follow KISA on Instagram  @kisapublicradio
October 26, 2020
Building Purpose through the Digital Age with Dylan Ogline
If you think you can’t succeed after obstacles knock you down in life listen to this story. Dylan Ogline is a high school dropout from a small country town in Pennsylvania. He started his first business when he was 14 selling cell phones. In 2016 he scrapped 10+ business projects and started focusing on one single thing, digital marketing. Tired from struggling getting no progress and working from his freezing basement, not to mention nearly a Million dollars in debt - it was an uphill climb. Turns out, focus was the key. 4 short years later he has built Ogline Digital into a 7-figure agency generating over a million in sales three years running. Dylan is now a leading expert in direct response advertising and business growth. He has now turned his focus to helping other people start and grow their own hyper profitable digital agency. Dylan undoubtedly believes that anybody can start and build their own digital agency that will allow them to have more freedom and live a life with purpose and meaning. He joined me this week to tell me all about his journey and why he his on the road to greatness now. To learn more about Ogline Digital you can visit You can follow Dylan on Instagram  @dylanogline
October 26, 2020
Travis Swanson: Discusses his NFL Career and Life After Football
Travis Swanson spent five years, in the trenches along the offensive line in the NFL for the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins. Swanson like most athletes was also orchestrating a post career plan to help him ascend to greatest heights following his NFL career. He joined me this week to dish on his time with the Lions, in the NFL and his life after football. You can follow Travis on Twitter@Tswan64
October 23, 2020
Heart of Hollywood providing hope for Entertainment Industry survival
The Covid-19 Crisis has hit the entertainment industry hard, and many in the field have had to reinvent themselves to stay viable and afloat. Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures and entertainment company in Los Angeles California is no exception. Due to COVID-19 Heart of Hollywood created the Heart Of Hollywood Virtual Red Carpet supporting fashion, cinema and our global community. Heart Of Hollywood’s CEO Giovanna Salas, a Filmmaker Consultant joined me this week, to discuss the virtual red carpet event, the future of the entertainment industry itself and how Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures successfully reinvented itself in order to stay viable.  To learn more about the Heart of Hollywood Virtual Red  Carpet event visit You can also follow Giovanna on Instagram @giovannasalasofficial
October 23, 2020
Belle Niba: Talks African Culture Self Sufficiency, Business and More
Belle Niba a consultant/coach, digital marketer, and editor-in-chief of African Vibes Magazine. She’s originally from Cameroon, and her passion is to promote Africa, overcoming “colonial hangover” and how we can build self-sufficiency on the continent. She joined me this week to tell me more and how she is using her story to inspire others.   To learn more about African Vibes Magazine visit You can also follow Belle on Instagram @belleniba
October 22, 2020
Business Models Can Lead to Dramatic Business Transformations
Joseph Sudhip has one mission in his professional career. To fulfill Business Owners dreams, build unique business models, solid revenue streams and provide growth, to empower all those on a mission - to create a lasting contribution. The Business Model Coach has helped multiple companies to build great businesses. Sudhip joined me this week to break down his approach to ensuring businesses are placed on the correct path and given the correct resources needed to succeed. You can follow Joseph on Instagram @joseph_sudhip
October 20, 2020
Cleveland Hughes Healing Mitts Intentional Boxing Training™ System
Cleveland Hughes was introduced to boxing in 2009 after a therapist encouraged him to try boxing and this was one decision which changed the course of his life. Boxing has allowed him to regulate his emotions, has continued to sharpen his mind and has given him confidence in his ability to overcome any obstacle. He's committed to elevating his skills as a boxing coach, to give people, the same opportunities I have received from the sport."  He is the founder of Healing Mitts Boxing gym. Its not your regular boxing gym. I incorporate the Healing Mitts Intentional Boxing Training™ system and philosophy. Overall health consists of more than physical fitness, but mental health and awareness as well. Cleveland's goal is to bring healing through boxing to his clients. He joined me this week to tell me more.  To learn more you can learn more by visiting Be sure to  follow Cleveland  on Instagram
October 19, 2020
Career Direction Through Passion and Purpose: with Zack Ballinger
Do you have a passion and purpose in life which you are hoping to unlock? If so Zack Ballinger is someone you ought Zack is a motivational speaker, author, and career consultant. He speaks on a variety of topics including: career development, job interviewing, passion & purpose, overcoming obstacles, leadership, and sales. His experience spans over 14 years and he’s helped high schools, colleges, non-profit organizations, corporations, and companies reach their true potential and discover purpose & passion. He’s spoken to thousands of students and professionals at conferences, colleges, companies, seminars, and training events. Featured regularly at The University of Tennessee, Zack has also been featured by the Huffington Post, NBC, CBS, Tri-City Times, Morgan County News, Jane Jackson Careers, and several other key outlets. He's a dynamic speaker that can relate to anyone from students to working professionals needing a boost of energy. Zack holds a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Tennessee. He has 14 years of experience in sales, leadership, motivational speaking, training, and career development. He resides in Atlanta, GA. He joined me this week to tell me more on how we can turn our passions into purpose. To learn more about Zack and the impact he’s making to help people discover their career passions visit
October 19, 2020
Assessing What’s Next for the Detroit Lions with Jeremy Reisman
For the Detroit Lions their defensive performance throughout the first quarter of the season has been abysmal. Leaving them little chance to compete and win. The team sits at 1-3 and continues to be mystified on how to stop the run and get off the field. Meanwhile the offense and quarterback Matthew Stafford have regressed and haven’t been as consistent as one would’ve preferred. Making it abundantly clear Head coach Matt Patricia hasn’t been able to fix what troubles the Lions. Conventional wisdom would tell you his job should be on the line if the next 12 weeks continue to go south. However, the Ford family as done everything from a non- conventional way. Despite the fact, they gave this regime including general manager Bob Quinn the mandate they must be in contention this season. With all of this information in our bank of knowledge the question remains what is the future of the Lions? Jeremy Reisman is the Managing Editor of Pride Of Detroit and online publication dedicated to covering everything associated with the Detroit Lions. He joined me this week to discuss the current state of the Lions. You can follow Jeremy on Twitter @DetroitOnLion and Pride of Detroit @PrideOfDetroit
October 15, 2020
How should we Assess President Trump’s Impact On American Politics?
Regardless of how you view President Donald J. Trump he has been one of the most polarizing commander and chiefs in modern American history. Thus, how should we view his overarching impact on American politics? Robert (Ted) Gutsche Jr. is an Assoc Prof (Senior Lecturer); Media Commentator on Trump, Media & US Politics at Lancaster University. He joined me this week to provide some insights and prospective on this issue.  To follow Robert’s work in the media visit
October 15, 2020
How Rugby Helped develop an entrepreneurial spirit for Tony Caine
Tony Caine spent a decade of his life playing professional Rugby. Playing as part of high performing teams in high pressure situations enabled him to develop his collaboration and lateral thinking skills.  He learned sports and leadership principles which he applied throughout his entrepreneurial journey, building high performing teams & positive team cultures. Tony now is the Managing Director and Head Coach at Tony has a methodology that his clients use to improve their lives, maximize their business success, and build wealth. He joined me this week to talk Rugby, entrepreneurship, and his family life.  To learn more about Tony Caine Business Coaching visit
October 15, 2020
Examining The Good Party’s influence on American Politics
According to, Farhad Mohit, founder of The Good Party: Both major US political parties have been corrupted and heavily influenced by money and special interests. Therefore, the rules that Congress makes are rarely good for the people. Unless we fix this pathological corruption in Congress, no other good ideas matter. Mohit joined me this week to explain how this political concept works and whether it will have any sustainability. To learn more about the Good Party you can visit
October 14, 2020
Scott Bartnick dishes on building a Sven-Figure PR Agency in Quarantine
Scott Bartnick made the best of his time in quarantine. He built a seven-figure PR agency, Otter Public Relations, in six months from home during COVID quarantine. He has a degree in industrial and systems engineering, specializing in public relations. Bartnick describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, published author, and successful business owner. He has widespread and diverse experience with eCommerce consulting, operational excellence, public relations, sales, and marketing. Bartnick works with large corporations to create new sales channels, build brand awareness, and increase credibility. Bartnick has helped over 300 brands grow their reach. Bartnick continues his career in eCommerce and public relations consulting. He joined me this week to detail how he has been able to maximize his full business potential. To learn more about Otter Public Relations visit
October 14, 2020
Introverts can be wildly successful with Nick Shelton
Best Selling Author and Air Force veteran Nick Shelton is convinced: It is possible to be an introvert and be wildly successful in a world which is built by and for extroverts without compromising your integrity or your energy. His book An Introvert's Guide to World Domination demonstrates introverts a way to access their best life and upgrade their lives and lifestyles through communication and networking techniques specifically designed with the introvert's needs in mind.  Introverts are NOT extroverts and shouldn’t have to try to become one or act like them in order to get ahead and have access to their best lives.  By breaking the process down into bite-sized steps, Nick Shelton offers practical, reliable strategies for forming lasting connections with others. Allowing introverts, shy and socially awkward people to improve their confidence, strengthen their relationships, and gain access to people and opportunities they've never had before. Shelton joined me this week to explain. You can learn more about Nick’s efforts by visiting
October 13, 2020
Bill Rabinowitz Discusses the Return of Big Ten Football
The return of Big Ten Football is quickly approaching with less than two weeks remaining until college football returns to the Midwest. What’s behind this reversal of fortunes for the fate of the sport in the conference? Bill Rabinowitz has covered Ohio State football for The Columbus Post-Dispatch since 2011. He joined me this week to discuss the Big 10’s return to the field and what it means for the future of college football this season. You can follow Bill on Twitter @brdispatch
October 13, 2020
Kyle Essery "Movement Equals Medicine"
For personal trainer and fitness professional Kyle Essery, he lives by one simple motto as it relates to his fitness career. Movement equals medicine. Essery takes this mindset into every consultation he has with his clients. He joined me this week to discuss his Healthy Solutions wellness coaching initiative and his passion for fitness. You can follow Kyle on Facebook at and Instagram @kjessery
October 10, 2020
Balancing Business, Motherhood and Marriage with Gaby Israel
Alongside her husband Mike, Gaby Israel Grinberg is the co-founder of a remote B2B digital marketing agency, based in Minneapolis, MN. She started my company after a family crisis: the premature birth of my daughter Lana at 24-weeks in 2015. After losing her job shortly after her birth, the trauma of a NICU journey, the challenges that come with raising a child with medical needs, and my husband Mike losing his job when our daughter was shy of her 2nd birthday, they decided to forge ahead into entrepreneurialism and started a company with a family-first and people-centric viewpoint, inspired by all that we've been through. Her company Proofpoint Marketing specializes in digital strategy, marketing analytics, performance content and performance media. They help B2B tech companies know their customers and drive profitable growth. In addition to leading Proofpoint's Client Services and Marketing practices, and while not taking care of her daughter or spending time with her husband outside of work, Mike and Gaby also co-host a podcast called Mixing Business with Pleasure, in which we interview couples who also work and/or own a business together. She joined me this week to detail her compelling business and personal journey.  To learn more about Proofpoint Marketing you can visit
October 8, 2020
Does Matt Patricia deserve more time to Fix the Detroit Lions? Jake Riepma
Were a quarter of the way through the Detroit Lions 2020 season and Matt Patricia’s team is still searching for answers on defense, as opposing teams continue to score at will.  The level of culpability is high however, the leaders of this organization refuse to step to the forefront and accept accountability for this collective and massive failure.  Sheila Firestone Ford Hamp is now leading the charge in Detroit and something must change to save this disaster of a season and from this ineffective regime of Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia.  Quarterback Matthew Stafford is now in year 12 with the Lions without any tangible progress on the field in terms of advancing forward and taking the next step. Simply put the Lions are at a crossroads as they enter their Bye week. Jake Riepma is a Sports Talk Host, Sports Update Anchor, & Producer at 97.1 The Ticket WXYT & WWJ News Radio 950. He joined me this week, to discuss the current state of the Lions and where they go from here. You can follow Jake on Twitter @jake_riepma
October 7, 2020
Jake Riepma dishes on Detroit Tigers Managerial Search
The Detroit Tigers season is over, and there were some positive early season signs before the club tailed off towards the end of the season. Now the team’s rebuild will include a search for a new manager. Ron Gardenhire’s tenure with the team is over, choosing to retire rather than wait to find out whether he would be back, to focus on his health. Which direction should the Tigers go in their search for a new manager? Also how is the rebuilding process going under general manager Al Avila the executive vice president of baseball operations and general manager of the Detroit Tigers? Jake Riepma is a Sports Talk Host, Sports Update Anchor, & Producer at 97.1 The Ticket WXYT & WWJ News Radio 950. He joined me this week, to discuss the Tigers managerial search and the state of the franchise. You can follow Jake on Twitter @jake_riepma
October 7, 2020
Human-Centric Leadership Approach with: Robert Greiner
Paying it forward and leaving a positive future for the next generation is something we all have to be cognizant of during these interesting, challenging and unprecedented times For Robert Greiner, leaving a brighter future for his kids is all he is concerned about. Robert is the vice president of Pariveda Solutions Information Technology & Services. He is a technology executive and enterprise architect with over 14 years of diversified IT leadership, strategy, business development, cloud transformation, alliance management, delivery, and consulting experience. He has demonstrated success designing and implementing strategic initiatives at some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world. He believes strongly in a human-centric leadership approach. Very few initiatives fail because of a lack of aptitude. Rather, the people involved are not effectively mobilized to succeed. Building and cultivating strong teams, paired with effective relationship management and communication are the foundations of lasting success. He has extensive experience delivering compelling and engaging content across a wide range of subjects like Personal Productivity, Financial Independence, Leadership, and Team Building. He’s presented to audiences of all shapes and sizes. He joined me this week to share his story of leadership and how he hopes to make an impactful difference. To learn more about Pariveda Solutions visit
October 6, 2020
Cork Bros Share their Business Failures and Successes
Can close friends go through a business failure in one industry and have the commitment to learn a new space and launch their collective careers?  When certain obstacles present themselves to blocks one's way or prevents or hinders progress, can you have the vision to overcome such hurdles on the road to success?  For Andrew McCorkle and Michael Corkrum two friends, they have experienced climbing mountains of struggles to reach the pinnacle of success. They are the co-founders of Cork Bros Studios. @ thecorkbros   They started their journey back in January 2018 when they decided to be restaurant consultants. Now they are a digital marketing agency that focuses on creative and strategic visual solutions. They create dynamic photos and videos for businesses that elevate their social presence. They run the social media accounts for businesses to increase brand exposure, build a loyal following, and generate more leads. They joined me this week to discuss their journey in business and life.  To learn more about the Cork Bros you can visit
October 3, 2020
Keys to Financial independence with: Ericka Young
Financial independence can be achieved and formulating a budget doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Ericka Young is the president and founder of Tailor-Made Budgets which she opened in 2005 after she and her husband Chris climbed their way out of nearly $100,000 in debt. She became a certified financial coach by Dave Ramsey’s Lampo Group in 2006 and combines her passion for helping people with creative debt reduction techniques so everyone can have a path to financial freedom. Ericka is a recognized financial expert who inspires people to significantly improve their finances, family, and their future with a solid plan. She joined me this week to provide some insights on how we can all achieve financial freedom. To learn more about Tailor-Made Budgets  you can visit
October 2, 2020
The Advancement of Accessibility with Dylan M Rafaty
Paving the pathway of accessibility, belonging and inclusion is a continuous journey which individuals with disabilities embark on every day of their lives. With the hope one day the flood gates of opportunity will open for everyone to fully contribute to society at large. Employment is a great equalizer for the special need’s community. It provides this segment of our population with the quality of being able to be reached or allow them to enter the field of possibilities. Dylan M. Rafaty is the Founder & Chief Navigation Officer at DylanListed Executive, Head of Accessibility Strategy & Partnerships at C-Hear, Inc. He joined me this week to have an extensive discussion on how we advance forward the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all facets of life.  You can follow Dylan on Twitter @DylanListed  Or you can visit
September 29, 2020
Andrea Wilson Woods: on Her Mission to End Liver Cancer
Each year in the United States, approximately 33,000 people get liver cancer, and about 27,000 people die from the disease. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For Andrea Wilson Woods she is on a mission to end Cancer and has dedicated her life to the mission on ending Liver Cancer specifically. She is a writer who loves to tell stories, and a patient advocate who founded the nonprofit Blue Faery: The Adrienne Wilson Liver Cancer Association. Andrea is the CEO and co-founder of Cancer University, a for-profit, social-benefit, digital health company. With Cancer U, Andrea synergizes her talents of coaching, writing, teaching, and advocacy. For over ten years, Andrea worked in the education field as a teacher and professor for public and private schools as well as universities. Andrea obtained her master’s degree in professional writing from the University of Southern California; her nonfiction writing has won national awards. Her new book, a medical memoir titled Better Off Bald: A Life in 147 Days, is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in multiple categories. Find out more about her inspiring and courageous story as she joins me this week to share her mission in life.To learn more about all of Andrea’s efforts to cure cancer and her persona life you can visit
September 28, 2020
Should People Feel Confident Heading Back to the Gym?
Twenty-Five percent of Americans will never be returning to gyms even once the pandemic is over, according to new research. A survey of 2,000 Americans who exercise at least twice a week surveyed respondents on their attitudes toward gyms in the "corona age" and found 24 percent are over them, with one in three saying they will be likely to go less than before. However, four in 10 remain undeterred by COVID-19 and said they will be returning to the gym at the same rate or more once it opens back up. The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of LIFEAID Beverage Co., also found many active Americans are turning to at-home workouts. Forty-two percent of those polled said they have a home gym set-up that they prefer over their membership gym. Todd Turner started Team GUTS in Ferndale, a non-profit housed in an 11,000-square-foot facility dedicated to offering fitness classes, strength training and sports camps for children and adults with disabilities. He joined me this week to discuss the reopening of fitness facilities and gyms across the state of Michigan. To learn about Team Guts you can visit
September 28, 2020
The State of the Detroit Lions with: Dan Miller
The Detroit Lions are off to an 0-2 start and looking for some consistent direction and results. With the season in the balance what’s the key to an expeditious turnaround? Dan Miller is the play-by-play voice of the Lions and he joined me this week to provide the current state of the franchise in Detroit. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DanMillerFox2
September 25, 2020
EmployU Empowers Individuals with Disabilities by Putting them to work
Inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workforce is essential paramount to ensure a diverse approach to conducting business and maintaining equality. In central Florida EmployU is a non-profit employment service empowering customer with the knowledge, connections, and confidence required to embark on a new sustainable career. They are partnered with The Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, and the American Dream Employment Network. There company is structured as a one-stop-shop offering adult employment services, youth programs, employability trainings, paid work experience, and a variety of assessments. Our services enhance a customer’s ability to successfully achieve independence by establishing a lifelong career. Keith Bourkney is the Executive Director at EmployU and he joined me this week to discuss the efforts of EmployU as they work to facilitate employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Central Florida. To learn more about EmployU visit
September 25, 2020
Michigan Fitness Foundation Inspiring People to lead active lifestyles
In 1994, the Michigan Fitness Foundation (MFF) was established as a 501(c)(3) private non-profit organization to collaborate with the Michigan Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports. MFF plays a critical role in promoting the health of Michigan’s citizens by working in conjunction with the executive office and state agencies plus other non-profits and corporate partners. The mission of the Foundation is to inspire active lifestyles and healthy food choices through education, environmental change, community events, and policy leadership. Mary McGuire is the foundation’s Communications Manager. She joined me this week to discuss how the work of the foundation is helping to lead to a healthier Michigan.  For more information on the Michigan Fitness Foundation visit
September 23, 2020
The Power of Vulnerability with: Tommy Dahlborg
When you open yourself up to be vulnerable, you discover your greatest flaws but it also allows you to champion the possibility of a growth and improvement mindset. Yes, its the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. However, if you don’t explore the side of yourself which is less secure the chances of maximum productivity are diminished. For Tommy Dahlborg he knows this journey all too well. He is someone who has struggled with anxiety their entire life, he reached a point where he knew the only option, he had was to seek professional assistance. The journey of seeking professional help led him to become tremendously educated about his brain, how to manage his anxiety, and he even discovered he has obsessive compulsive disorder. Armed with the knowledge, he learned and a desire to help others in a similar space as he, Tommy knew he wanted to help others who had mental health challenges, but he wasn’t sure how. Then, it all clicked. He honestly believes in the power of vulnerability and the importance of sharing the things that are challenging us with someone we love and trust. He knew how helpful it was to find out that other people struggle with the same things he did. He also knew how empowering it was to know that it’s okay to seek professional help! Therefore, with a passion for letting people know that they are not alone, the Strength thru Vulnerability Podcast was born. He joined me this week to discuss his journey, the ups, the downs, and everything in between. To learn more about Tommy you follow him on Twitter and Instagram  @tommydahlborgjr You can also keep up with the Strength thru Vulnerability Podcast
September 21, 2020
Small College Basketball Unites People's Passion for College Basketball
For small colleges and universities and Division II and III college basketball, can serve as a galvanizing force for good and inspiration. Small College Basketball is an platform and initiative intended to inspire people to spread kindness, seek happiness and follow their passion. They exist to UNITE all people with a passion for small college basketball and to SERVE as ambassadors of the game. John McCarthy is the founder of Small College Basketball. He joined me this week to tell me how this endeavor is providing access to opportunities to athletes and communities. To learn more about Small College Basketball visit
September 21, 2020
Prioritizing your Business and Life Priorities with: Holly Jackson
Are you a business owner who could use some strategic direction to get your business back on a positive track of success? Or could you use the expertise to take your business to the next level? If the answer is yes to either question, this week you’ve come to the right place. Holly Jackson assists entrepreneurs and business leaders to love their life and business again. With over a dozen years of technology and business experience, she helps business leaders get their groove back physically, mentally, and emotionally. She accomplishes this through a combined approach of both coaching and consulting providing practical and actionable results. She also helps end fear and frustration with technology. Holly also teaches her clients to remember self-care is essential, not optional. And that community is critical to success.  You can get connected with Holly by visiting
September 19, 2020
Cameron Campbell “Inclusion is really what makes America Great”
Entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset. It's an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. This is certainly the philosophy of and when it comes to the story of Cameron Campbell “Coach Cam”. He strongly believes in partnership. More than the commercial success, Coach Cam prides himself on the impact of his work in the community. He developed the FLAG (Football League All Girls) program to break inequality barriers. He led the Clinton Foundation initiative Access to Sports Coalition, which sought to eliminate sports deserts in the Houston Area. He served on Harris County Sports Authority committees that brought awareness to the World Corporate Games and Scotland vs USA rugby match in 2018. In 2019 Coach Cam was recognized as a finalist for the Upstart Business Award (Greater Houston Black Chamber), he was honored to receive the Hustle Capacity Award (Urban CEO), Most Stylish Houstonians of 2019 (Houston Style Magazine). In 2020 Coach Cam was accepted into the NAACP NextGen Leadership Program. While 2020 has handed the world lemons, Coach Cam is producing the world’s finest lemonade. In 2019 Coach Cam published his first book, Alpha:REDEFINED 12 Servant Leadership Principles of Legendary Leaders. 2020 finds Cam at the helm of Texas Athletic Construction and Coach Cam. As far as current projects, mid year Coach Cam released the E-Course Win the 1st Quarter of Your Day: Playbook for Wealth, Health, and Success. He   joined me this week to discuss his Entrepreneurial spiritual journey, his passion for athletics and motivating people. Be sure to follow Cameron on Instagram @coachcamcares
September 18, 2020
Ready, willing and Able Develops Inclusive and Effective Labour Markets
Employing individuals with intellectual disabilities isn’t only good for business it helps in improving productivity, increasing morale and diversifying your workforce to represent all people of all abilities. In Canada, we have an untapped market in unemployed and underemployed individuals with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Experience-based evidence from organizations around the world proves that organizations can build engaged, efficient and high-functioning teams through inclusive hiring. Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) is a national partnership of the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL), the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance (CASDA) and their member organizations. Funded by the Government of Canada and active in 20 communities across the country, RWA is designed to increase the labour force participation of people with an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As a national strategy to develop inclusive and effective labour markets, how does RWA work? Meggie Stewart, Siobhan Costelloe and Jackie Moore are all Labour Market Facilitators from Community Living Ontario and Kerry’s Place respectfully, they all joined me this week to discuss how the program works and the benefits it has.  To learn more about RWA you can visit
September 17, 2020
Teamsmile Provides Children in Need with Quality Dental Care
Maintaining quality oral health in children in underserved and underrepresented communities can prove to be a challenge, with often scarce resources. That’s where TeamSmile hopes to lend a helping hand. The mission of TeamSmile is to provide children in need with a life-changing dental experience through the power of sports. John McCarthy is the Executive Director of TeamSmile and he joined me this week, to discuss the impact Teamsmile has made in the area of oral healthcare for children.  To learn more about TeamSmile by visiting
September 17, 2020
Baker Boy A Manufacturer of Premium Bakery Products
Baker Boy is a manufacturer of premium bakery products for food service, bakery, C-store, and private label customers, they make our word their pledge and their handshake is there commitment. Their staff at Baker Boy is a team of customer-first experts dedicated to your success. Dustin Monke is a former long-time journalist and short-time government employee now happily hawking donuts and bakery products for Baker Boy, one of the Midwest's largest bakery manufacturers. Monkie serves as the Marketing Manager for Baker Boy. He joined me this week to chat about Baker Boy and his former life as a journalist. To learn more about Baker Boy you can visit
September 16, 2020
Talking Women Wellness and Good Health with: Amy Ballantyne
Women and single mothers often put others ahead of themselves and their health. Amy Ballantyne is a Holistic Health Coach | Health Accountability | Lifestyle & Freedom Mentor. She is Your Health Cheerleader. With over a decade of experience coaching individuals in their health, lifestyle, leadership, and mindset; Amy has learned an essentially critical lesson both personally and professionally, every day is a gift to embrace, cherish and live fully.  She coaches women to put the pieces of their health together, with less guilt and more self-love. She joined me this week to share how she helps women take full control of their health. You can learn more about Amy’s work by visiting
September 14, 2020
Audley Stephenson Talks Growing the Popularity of Basketball in Canada
The National Basketball League of Canada plays a pivotal role in the expansion and growth of basketball in Canada. Working to promote avenues of exposure to a diverse collection of people. There granted a unique opportunity to carry out their message and join the national conversation during this time when the NBA is at the forefront of the social justice movement. Therefore, how do you interconnect the need for expansion of opportunities and lending a voice of support to the NBA? Audley Stephenson is the Deputy Commissioner at National Basketball League of Canada. He joined me this week to discuss the steps the NBLC is taking to grow the league’s exposure and what role he believes the league must play in supporting the NBA’S mission of criminal and social justice reform. You can follow the developments  of the National Basketball League of Canada at
September 10, 2020
Matthew Swope Dishes on: Building a winning culture at Maryland
Matthew Swope knows all about building a winning baseball culture. As a young assistant coach and a player, he has played a pivotal role in the rise through the ranks for the Men’s Baseball program at the university of Maryland. He is currently in his third season as assistant coach and eighth season overall on staff at Maryland.  He has been immersed in a winning culture as a part of the four winningest seasons in Maryland history as a player or staff member (2015, 2014, 2017, 2002). Swope has played an essential role in Maryland’s rise to national prominence, as the Terps captured 233 wins and advanced to three NCAA Tournaments during his time on staff. During Swope’s time in College Park, Maryland has accounted for nine All-Americans, two academic All-Americans and 32 Major League Baseball draft picks. The Terrapins advanced to their only two Super Regionals in school history (2014, 2015) and advanced to two conference tournament championship games. He joined me this week to discuss his transition from a player to a coach and his impact on Maryland Baseball. You can follow Matthew on Twitter @MattSwope19
September 9, 2020
Exploring the Vitality of the Non-Profit Sector With: Christopher Fredette
The Non-Profit sector in Canada serves a critical purpose in maintaining the vitality of our local communities. Often acting as an essential lifeline for those in need. According to There are approximately 86,000 Canadian registered charities $251 billion in total revenue for Canadian registered charities. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected everything in every sector and Non-profit’s usual spirit of giving to others has seen a shift in these challenging times. Christopher Fredette Associate Professor, Management and Strategy at the University of Windsor join me this week, to shed some light on how our local non-profit sector, will be shaped once the pandemic is over, and the current state of the industry as it stands today.
September 5, 2020
Lenica Stephen discusses the benefits of a strategic business partner
Implementing a strategic and competent business strategist can help your business achieve the highest height of success if you’re willing to make this prudent investment in your business. Lenica Stephen is the Founder of Interactive Business Optimization Services (IBOSS) Inc. who partners with businesses to provide business planning, team leadership, project management, business systems and workflow management. Her goal is to help business owners accomplish their vision quicker and more efficiently. She joined me this week, to discuss how having someone in your corner as a business owner can make all the difference and help your business scale. You can learn more about Interactive Business Optimization Services by visiting
September 4, 2020
Collin Mitchell A Simple Shift Made a Huge Impact
Collin Mitchell has an impressive story of perseverance. He started his first business out of a one-bedroom apartment and had to fight for everything he received. He and his family shifted from ABC (always be closing) to ABH (always be helping). A simple shift made a HUGE IMPACT. And now he grew to $5 million in 26 months. How did he do it? He joined me this week to reveal the steps he took and how it transformed his life. To learn more about Monster VoIP you can visit  You can also get up to speed on SalesCast by visiting
September 3, 2020
Darrell Puckett: College Football is Good For the Country
The Southeastern Conference still wants to roll the dice and attempt to preserve college football in the south this fall. There also hopeful the Big 12 and ACC will join in the fun this fall as well. How plausible is this stance? Does it make for an argument or statement seeming reasonable or probable? Darrell Puckett is a weekend sports anchor and reporter at Alabama News Network he joined me this week to provide some insight. Be sure to follow Darrell on Twitter @DarrellPuckett
September 3, 2020
Repairing Broken Connections Between Curiosity and Creativity Pete Sena
From his college dorm room over 15 years ago, where he founded Digital Surgeons (DS), Pete Sena has been obsessing over repairing broken connections between curiosity and creativity. As CEO of his own brand Digital Surgeons, a global innovation company, he’s helped countless partner-clients think forward through experience design, creative marketing, and digital business model transformation. He joined me this week to give me the skinny on how it all works. To learn more about Digital Surgeons you can visit
September 2, 2020
The Digital Detox with Andrew Ryder
Are you someone who is obsessed with making sure your social media accounts are constantly up-to-date? Are you someone who lives on every like, comment or reshare from your peers? Are you in need of a digital detox? If this sounds as if it may be you, you should become acquainted with Andrew Ryder. As Andrew describes it as “My life was like the Adam Sandler movie Click. I spent nearly 15 years on fast-forward, trying to get to the day when I "made it" and could kick back and live the dream. But the pursuit of freedom pushed me in the opposite direction. It created immense pressure to get more done and it ruined all the time I spent with the people I love. It wasn’t until I did the opposite that I found fulfillment and purpose in my life. Now I want to equip online coaches to do the same by sharing compelling stories that help them to lead their tribe out of the darkness”  He joined me this week to discuss how he regained control of his life and how he hopes to help other online influencers do the same Learn more about Andrew’s impact on online coaches and influencers at .
September 1, 2020
America's Inflection Point with Tiara M. Tucker
The American consciousness is in a fragile state with the presidential election nearly 2 months away. The country’s public image to some is in tatters and the country is crying out for leadership and direction. From the coronavirus, social unrest, and election security there are many issues on the minds of Americans today. Tiara M. Tucker is an empowering and passionate keynote speaker, a mental health advocate, a social justice activist, an engaging event host, panel moderator, and virtual show producer; a life coach; and the visionary founder and CEO of Tiara PR Network, LLC and Speak That! Movement. On top of that, she has a 16-yr career in Corporate America working as a Public Affairs Corporate Communicator for a Fortune 50 company. She joined me this week to discuss the inflection point America finds itself in. You can follow Tiara on social media at:
August 31, 2020
Bobby Macey: “For me Balance is such a key to life”
Maintaining a positive decorum behavior in keeping with good taste and propriety. Is indeed possible while also retaining a positive productivity moto within your business.  Bobby Macey launched a business to become more self-reliant, both monetarily and emotionally. Now, he lives a much more fulfilling life. He believes strongly in positive thinking, having a growth mindset, and he’s a mental health advocate. He’s building a business through personal branding, being vulnerable, and the philosophy that "Nice guys DON'T finish last." He joined me this week to discuss his positive stance when running a business and more. You can follow Bobby on social media.
August 29, 2020
How will Kamala Harris effect the 2020 Presidential Race?
Regardless of your politics the selection of Senator Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate is a consequential decision. What should we make of the selection? What it means for the election and American history? Abdallah Fayyad is an opinion writer and Editorial Board member at The Boston Globe. He was previously a researcher at The Atlantic and holds a degree in economics from American University. He joined me this week to discuss Harris’s selection and what it means for the 2020 presidential race.
August 27, 2020
Corporate America isn’t for everyone with: Lorraine Ball
Today’s Corporate America culture isn’t for everyone. Especially, those who have a knack for creativity, and helping others chart their own path to glory. Lorraine Ball drew tired of the demands of the corporate life, and said sayonara to the bureaucracy, glass ceilings and bad coffee. Today she stays busy at Roundpeg, a digital agency in Carmel, Indiana, building smart marketing strategies for businesses who want to use internet marketing tools to grow. Lorraine is also the host of More than a Few Words, a marketing conversation for business owners. And the founder of the Digital Toolbox, and online community for small business owners. In her spare time, she loves to travel, and take photos. You can see her photos at She joined me this week to break bread on her time dealing with the corporate elites and how she pivoted to a more rewarding lifestyle as her own boss. To learn more about Roundpeg or to keep up with Lorraine on social media visit:
August 25, 2020
Sleep is a Skill with: Mollie McGlocklin
According to One in four Americans develop insomnia each year: 75 percent of those with insomnia recover. Summary: About 25 percent of Americans experience acute insomnia each year, but about 75 percent of these individuals recover without developing persistent poor sleep or chronic insomnia, according to the study. Therefore, I ask you what are the top three ingredients to a great night’s sleep? Mollie McGlocklin is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill. Sleep Is A Skill helps to optimize sleep through technology, accountability, and behavioral change. You can learn more by visiting She joined me this week to discuss all things sleep and how getting a quality night’s sleep is a key factor which effects every aspect of your life. Stay connected with Sleep is a Skill on social media.  Follow Mollie’s work:
August 24, 2020
Ryan Gallagher is on a relentless Mission to Tackle Mental Health Issues
According to Canadian Mental Health Association National, in any given year, 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness. Mental illness affects people of all ages, education, income levels, and cultures. Approximately 8% of adults will experience major depression at some time in their lives. Ryan Gallagher wears many hats on any given day. His most important job is being a father, a husband, and a firefighter. He is dedicated to improving the well-fare of people. He is a member of the City of Burlington Peer Support program and he’s helped raise more than $100,000 for charities in his community over the last three years. Ryan is also enrolled in the Professional Addiction Studies program at McMaster University because he wants to recognize and understand people’s struggles and act as an olive branch of support. Ryan has a personal connection to struggle. He lost his father when he was 16 and used alcohol to help him cope. Through his own journey, he discovered the importance of opening up about your problems and realizing how many people around you are dealing with similar struggles can go a long way in helping you overcome life’s challenges and become a stronger person. He joined me this week to have a candid discussion about mental health, shed some light on how he overcame his own challenges in order to help those in need. Be sure to subscribe to Ryan’s podcast  Mental Edge Lifestyle Podcast by visiting
August 24, 2020
Former NFL Offensive Linemen Shawn Harper Talks Life After Football
Former NFL offensive linemen Shawn Harper successfully pivoted to a life after football, after his seven seasons in the league. As of 2004 he has owned and operates American Services and Protection, a multi-million-dollar security services firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. His journey from the grit and sweat of the NFL locker room to the corporate culture of the boardroom proved that he could be successful in both environments by using many of the same principles and strategies. He is a powerful, nationally recognized motivational speaker, Shawn Harper has inspired countless individuals and corporations such as Dow Chemical, Northwest Mutual, Beach Body, and Goodwill Industries to maximize their resources, harness their potential, and manifest their vision. Growth and reproduction in the areas of leadership, capacity, teamwork, adversity, and communications are the hallmarks of winners. He joined me this week to discuss his NFL career, life after football, business and more. Stay connected with Shawn on Social media: • Instagram: • Website: • Twitter: @shawnharper075 • Facebook:
August 19, 2020
Abilities Centre Building inclusive and Accessible Communities
Providing pathways of endless inclusion and acceptance is a driving force for the programs and services offered at the Abilities Centre in Whitby, Ontario. It’s a facility dedicated to building inclusive and accessible communities. Using their multi-award winning, fully accessible 125,000 square foot facility as an inclusion incubator, they develop evidence-based programs and services that can be scaled locally, provincially, nationally and globally. There driven to improve quality of life by positively impacting health & wellbeing, social inclusion and economic participation for persons of all ages and abilities, Abilities Centre delivers programs and services in the areas of education, employment, sport, recreation & leisure, research and life skills. Abilities Centre augments the quality of life and citizenship for individuals of all ages and abilities by providing inclusive programs and services of the highest quality and value. They give people the power to achieve their goals through sports, arts, life-skills programs, and research while providing a welcoming, positive, energized environment in a state-of-the-art facility. Stuart McReynolds is the President and CEO of the Abilities Centre he joined me this week to discuss the important and positive work performed at the centre, and how their work is making a truly impactful difference. To learn more about the Abilities Centre visit
August 18, 2020
Did the Big Ten Conference Make the Right Decision Cancelling the 2020 season?
The Big Ten Conference has decided to pull the plug on the 2020 Football season choosing public health over college football Saturdays. Leaving many to wonder was it the right decision and where is the consistent leadership in college football? The conference is hopeful of playing in spring 2021. With this decision, the Big Ten has become the first Power Five conference to decide not to play this fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pac 12 conference decided shortly after the Big Ten announcement to proceed in the same direction, axing their football season out west too due to the pandemic. Big Ten coaches -- including Ohio State's Ryan Day, Michigan's Jim Harbaugh, Penn State's James Franklin, and Nebraska's Scott Frost -- publicly advocated for playing the 2020 season. However, their pleas and those of Big Ten players were not enough to change the collective minds of Big Ten leaders. Therefore, simply stated what’s the future of college football at large. Harold Shelton III is the Manager of Research at the Big Ten Network. He joined me this week to discuss the situation in further detail.
August 18, 2020
The Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association Works to promote inclusion for people with Cerebral Palsy
Founded in 1985, the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association is a non-profit organization passionately dedicated to helping individuals with cerebral palsy or a related disability access quality sport and recreation activities. They do this through program delivery, education, advocacy and partnership. Physical activity and the pursuit of excellence in sport can be rewarding for everyone. They believe people with cerebral palsy should have the opportunity to develop their full athletic potential with the support of trained, knowledgeable coaches. Peter Leyser is the executive director of the Association he joined me this week to discuss the Association's mission and how they are working to increase opportunities for athletic competition for people with cerebral Palsy. Get Connect with the CCPSA: • Facebook: • Twitter: @CP_SportCanada • Ingram: • Website:
August 17, 2020
James Roberts Shares his Inspiring Journey as a Paralympian
James Roberts was born with a congenital disability called femoral dysplasia of the left leg; also known as Proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD) or as Congenital Femoral Deficiency (CFD), is a rare, non-hereditary birth defect which affects the pelvis, particularly the hip bone, and the proximal femur. The disorder may affect one side or both, with the hip being deformed and the leg shortened. As well as a floating hip and scoliosis of the spine.  It took him longer to learn to crawl, to walk with the aid of an artificial leg that was fixed at the knee and with the support of a zimmer frame at first, and "to be able do things my able-bodied peers took for granted."   He struggled to come to terms with his disability as a teenager, whereby in the hot spring and summer months in high school, he wouldn’t wear shorts. Even though I wore shorts in PE. It wasn’t until it dawned on me that the only person this was affecting was me, so something had to change. James joined me this week to detail his inspiring personal journey which ultimately allowed him to win in later life & go on to represent my country at 4 World Championships as well as 2 Paralympics." Keep up with James on Social Media: Facebook:  Instagram:  Check out his Podcast:
August 17, 2020
Mitch Schoenman Discusses Building Strong Brand identities
Mitch Schoenman is the co-founder of the creative agency, Showtime Media. Mitch co-founded the company with his wife Kait in early 2018. Mitch handles the sales and operations at Showtime Media and is very skilled in sales management and sales and marketing alignment. Mitch and Kait have established a mission at Showtime Media to help companies establish powerful brand identities that make them memorable within their space and allow them to grow effectively. "Build your brand and your business," is one of the tag lines that Mitch has created. When it comes to sales, marketing, and branding Mitch loves to get into the weeds. He is obsessed with self-improvement and will tell anyone who asks about his view on work, which is very unique. Mitch joined me this week to discuss the best way companies can build their brands. To learn more about Showtime Media you can visit
August 17, 2020
What’s the key to building effective websites? With Justin Rule
One of the fastest ways to build a quality reputation as a business and draw in traffic to consume your products is to build an effective website. Justin Rule is the lead creative and partner at Sparrow Websites. A web design shop that started partnering to bring a new approach to website design with options for small business owners and entrepreneurs. They serve over 250 small businesses. The goal is to be a provider of excellent website options that empower owners to own, manage, and grow their brands online as much as possible. There resources, guides, and boot camps are like a magician telling their secrets; it helps demystify and explain how things work so they can be empowered and avoid someone else pulling the wool over their eyes and then sending a bill. Justin joined me this week to discuss how to build effective websites to maximize business profits, discuss his personal journey overcoming cerebral palsy at birth and being declared clinically deaf and more. Connect with Sparrow Websites · (717) 537-1311 · · 336 Locust St. Columbia, PA 17512
August 12, 2020
How to identify your life's purpose with: Brandon Walker
•Brandon Walker took a leap of faith. He dropped out of college at 19 to become a sales intern for a start-up beer social media company, Untappd. He rapidly became Senior Vice President of Sales and remained with the company until its exit in March 2020. During his five-year tenure at Untappd, Brandon managed a sales force of 45 people and saw the company grow from 8-120 people. The highlight of his role was being afforded the opportunity to assist his employees, to transform their personal and professional lives with the goal of becoming high performers. Following his time at Untappd, Brandon started his own company, Beanie & Blazer. It’s a lifestyle engineering company that teaches people how to identify their life's purpose and to offer them the education, community, and support necessary to live a life in pursuit of their self-identifying values and goals. Brandon joined me this week to discuss his journey in life, career and tell me how his company is making a measurable difference in the lives of others.   You can connect with , Beanie & Blazer By: • Visit their website:  • Go from restless to relentless:  • Follow Brandon on Twitter: @bwalk_12
August 11, 2020
Helping people Live a More Intentional Life with: Ryan Bennett
What Does it mean to live intentionally? Ryan Bennett has made this his life’s mission to help people be very international about their lives and what we want out of them. He’s created A Proven Guide for Intentional Growth.  He got my start in business by operating a tech startup in Silicon Valley. After a few years of iterations and modest growth, he ended up in a familiar position as so many failed businesses, when he had to shutter the company. As he had an opportunity to intentionally reflect on that experience, he realized that the business can only go as far as I can lead it. Just like he would iterate a business, he needed to iterate himself first. This experience has changed his life and he committed to personal and professional development. After this experience, he was asked to be a founding team member of a tech Startup company again. He applied all he learned from my previous experience to help make this company a success. Over 7 years, Ryan helped to intentionally built Idle Smart from just an idea into a successful, venture backed brand with Fortune 500 clients. Taking what he learned from both my failures and successes, he now get to teach others how living intentionally is the only real way to turn failures into success. He joined me this week to discuss his journey and how he helps people live intentionally.  You can connect with Ryan by visiting and you can purchase his book at:
August 11, 2020
Dr. Denise Fournier Talks Supporting Foster Care and LGBTQ Communities
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, there are currently m ore than 400,000 children in foster care in the United States. They range in age from infants to 21 years old (in some states.) According to Each year, roughly 20,000 youth will age out of the foster care system when they turn 18 or 21, or when they finish high school (depending upon the state in which they live.) These children are at increased risk of poor educational outcomes, experiencing homelessness, and being unemployed. Dr. Denise Fournier, LMHC is a psychotherapist, coach, facilitator, and adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University. Over the last 15 years, she's worked in numerous mental health settings, guiding several hundred people on their own unique growth journeys. Currently, Dr. Fournier owns and operates a private therapy practice, Evergreen Therapy, in Miami, FL. In addition to her work with clients, she also writes for Psychology Today and facilitates integrative healing events for diverse audiences. Her work, as well as her writing, center on the Eastern traditions of Buddhism and Taoism, which encourage a balanced, open, and accepting approach to life. She joined me this week to discuss the best way we can support adoption across America, giving foster kids a chance to succeed and we also tackled ways we can support the LGBTQ community.  To learn more about Evergreen Therapy you can visit:  Connect with Dr. Denise Fournier at and Instagram @dr.denisefournier
August 10, 2020
How can Businesses Maximize their potential Online? With: Dan Portik
Best Selling Author Daniel (Dan) Portik was born in a rural area outside of Cleveland, Ohio. At an early age he found himself drawn to music and then later on in life added sales and marketing to his skill sets. As a Christian business owner for over 3 decades, Dan has had extensive experience in running successful marketing and video production companies. Dan has relentlessly focused on helping companies maximize there full potential online and in the social media space. Over the years, Dan has sold millions of dollars in advertising/video production services and has worked with some of the largest companies in the world to help develop marketing elements that have garnered measurable results. He joined me this week to discuss the best ways for business to succeed on social media, effective digital marketing strategies and more.  If your interested in learning more about the services Dan offers, purchasing some of his best-selling books or learning more about him personally you can visit   You can also follow Dan’s social media channels.
August 7, 2020
Shifting your self image with: Sandy Rutherford
Your self-image is controlled by your programming. You have everything you need to be amazing. You can achieve everything you want. According to Sandy Rutherford Co-Founder and Partner, Coach at RF Success Academy. RFSA is a special journey for people desiring higher successes in life and committed in making it happen. It is a journey whereby clients are immersed in an immensely powerful, possibility oriented and achievement driven environment of guidance, mentoring, masterminding and accountability. Sandy joined me this week to discuss how to promote a positive self-image within ourselves.  You can learn more about  RF Success Academy by visiting You can also connect directly with Sandy by email at: You can also follow the Academy on Facebook at on Instagram
August 6, 2020
Your Sports Talk Soup with: Kelly Walker
The WNBA’s tribute and dedication of their season to Brianna Taylor is a powerful symbol of a call for justice. Overall, the message which athletes are attempting to deliver is consequential. Meanwhile, the need to grow girl’s participation in sports remains a high priority as we attempt to diversify women’s sports. Furthermore, baseball could be in jeopardy, after 12 Miami Marlins players tested positive for Covid-19 and the NFL looks for a path to keep there players safe from the virus, as training camps are set to start, and a trickle of players are opting out for safety concerns. Kelly Walker covers local pro sports teams for and enjoy learning and talking about baseball soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, cheer, and anything having to do with competition and an athlete or coach's journey. She’s also a parent of 2 athletes, the wife of a rec athlete, and still plays some sports herself, even in her 40s, when she isn’t at the fields with the kids. She joined me this week to tackle some of the hot button issues in the sports world. You can follow Kelly on Twitter @kelly_walker_TX.  You can also check her podcast by visiting
August 5, 2020
The Intersection of Business, Politics, and Education with: John Stricklen
The intersection of business and politics can often lead to fiery and passionate debate, no matter which side of the aisle you happen to reside on. Along with the impact of sending kids back to school in the fall, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. John Stricklen is a professor of Business scholar. He joined me this week to have a wide-ranging lifestyle discussion
August 4, 2020
How to live your best life from a Fitness Prospective with Laurent Amzallag
Laurent Amzallag is the creator of Yala Fitness and international fitness expert. He helps all of us live our best life from a fitness perspective. He joined me this week to provide us positive words of affirmation to help us keep us all on a track with our fitness goals. Laurent Amzallag wants to help you stay committed to your fitness goals.  He’s invited you to join his free fitness classes.  Join him by visiting  You can also learn more about Yala Fitness by visiting
August 4, 2020
What Makes an Effective Business Leader? with; Jason Melim
Jason Melim is immensely proud of his San Diego roots and the California native is a 2020 San Diego Business Leadership award recipient, currently working in the Real Estate industry. To provide innovative solutions to their partners to promote business growth. He joined me this week to discuss what makes an effective business leader, some real estate trends developing across America and he is also a huge sports fan therefore, I asked him to weigh in on the impact the Chargers leaving San Diego, had on the community a year after their departure.  He also opens up about his personal life outside the office. 0 Comments SORT BY Add a public comment...
August 4, 2020
Kim Willis Discusses Mental Health Resources Available in Windsor-Essex
Supporting individuals who are dealing with mental health concerns is critically important. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association: • In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experiences a mental health or addiction problem. • In any given week, at least 500,000 employed Canadians are unable to work due to mental health problems. • The economic burden of mental illness in Canada is estimated at $51 billion per year. This includes health care costs, lost productivity, and reductions in health-related quality of life. Kim Willis Director, Communications & Mental Health Promotion at Canadian Mental Health Association - Windsor Essex County Branch, joined me this week to discuss mental health resources locally and more.  If you’re dealing with some mental health challenges or know someone who is, and need some assistance please visit Or call   (519) 255-7440
August 1, 2020