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Key & Me!

Key & Me!

By Team Happiness
Key is a studio famous for its emotion-filled visual novels like Clannad, Little Busters!, Rewrite, planetarian, alongside famous anime like Angel Beats! and Charlotte. Key & Me is a podcast about the people behind the community that these series have created. We talk about life with Key and the way we live life ever since discovering Key works and series, and what we do in life because of them. Sometimes it's buying merch related to the series, all the way to attending concerts, cosplay, and deep discussions about Key. This podcast was made for the 2018 Kazamatsuri Winter Festival.
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Living with Key (Pilot Episode)
Originally broadcast on December 18, 2018 for the 2018 Kazamatsuri Winter Festival. Key news C95 Key Goods Announced!  The Steam winter sale 2018 dates: when does it begin? Sources: Here's The Autumn and Winter 2018 Steam Sale Dates  Little Busters 10th Anniversary Specification Car on Auction for 21 Yen  The K.E.Y. Returns as Key20th International Fan Book!  Main topic: “Living with Key” Guide questions: What’s changed in our daily lives ever since discovering Key works? How have we changed mentally or physically because of discovering Key works? What are the things we’ve done or doing now thanks to Key works? Additional links: (grooven’s recommendation) (Madekuji’s merch) Hosts: Madekuji, grooven, adeptArcanist See the show's description and origin at
March 12, 2019