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The Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship Podcast

The Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship Podcast

By The Official KFFSC Podcast
The Commish and Co Host Robby Fetcher dive deep into the emerging news and trends in the high stakes fantasy football world. Focusing on the ins and outs of the KFFSC Main Event and Ancillary leagues celebrating our 20th season in 2022 with a $25,000 Grand Prize retaingin our title as the largest live fantasy football draft events outside Las Vegas. Drafting never stops in the KFFSC.

Live Main Event August 26th - 28th in Louisville, Sunday August 21st in Cincinnati and drafting Online July 1st - September 3rd.
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Fetch & Ferrell Start The KFFSC Countdown
   The Commish and The Trophy Husband reunite for the first in a series of Summer Podcasts.    The KFFSC Duo examines WR's on the move and their early effect on the Draft Boards. Fetch weighs in on many of his favorites while surprising the Commish with his take on two high profile moves.    Shout outs to many KFFSC Vets are included as Fetch throws down challenges league wide in the race to the $25000 Grand Prize in our 20th year.
June 25, 2022
KFFSC Super Sunday Podcast
Fetch and Ferrell talk KFFSC and early drafting teams on the first podcast of the season.
February 10, 2022
KFFSC Podcast: Fetch & Ferrell Say So Long to Week 7
KFFSC Main Event week eight fantasy preview from Fetch & Ferrell. The Commish reviews individual lineups from several top ten teams. This week's Top Ten (prior to the SEA v NO matchup) includes lineups supplemented by shrewd Free Agent moves and a couple that were drafted with care and foresight to battle week seven. The Trophy Husband applies a "Grade of D" to his free agent moves in week seven despite the successful acquisition of D'Ernest Johnson. Ferrell claims that grade is severe and points out that Johnson, along with several other week seven acquisitions will continue to pay dividends in the 2021 season.
October 25, 2021
KFFSC Podcast: Week 7 Waiver Wire Wisdom
   Don't let week seven byes spook you! KFFSC waiver wire will provide the help you need.    Fetch & Ferrell return to the podcast this week with a marathon show. Early conversation centers on the elite players who will be missing from fantasy lineups in week seven.     The best laid plans of KFFSC managers may be compromised by injury woes, COVID, IR, or uncertain play time from your bench players. The Commish and the Trophy Husband attempt to allay your fears discovering free agents still available and points waiting to emerge from your bench.    With a review of each game in week seven our duo gives its best effort to fight the bye week blues. 
October 19, 2021
KFFSC Main Event Louisville Recap on Roster Cut Down Day
The Commish and Robby Fetcher get together to recap a weekend full of drafting at the KFFSC Main Event Louisville. With roster cut down day in full effect the duo discuss one of the bigger names to find themselves on waivers as teams reset their rosters with their final 52. Fetch & The Commish tip the cap to all who joined over the weekend and look ahead to the final week of Online Main Event Drafts in the coming days.
August 31, 2021
KFFSC Louisville Main Event Week Podcast w/ Eric Albright
The Commish and League Veteran Eric Albright review the Cincinnati Main Event at the Hard Rock and highlight players to target in this weekends live drafts at Caesars Southern Indiana.
August 24, 2021
KFFSC Podcast FPI's Brad Petri & Darren Larson In Studio w/ The Commish
   The 2020 Champs join the Commish before heading to the Main Event at the Hard Rock Casino in Cincinnati. We discuss their Championship team which was drafted from the Browns division in Cincinnati and ended up being a perfect example that you don't have to draft "the perfect team" to win it all.
August 11, 2021
KFFSC Podcast: Afternoon Debates and Important Dates
Fetch joins the Commish for an afternoon podcast that celebrates the closing spots in the 2021 Checkered Flag Championship. Our duo discusses league happenings with a peek at July's upcoming schedule. When the talk turns to players Fetch champions the future of Jaguars running back James Robinson while the Commish focuses on another Jaguar likely to improve this season. Buffalo receivers in the news lead our duo to the AFC East to focus on the Bills depth at the position. It wouldn't be Fetch if we did not discuss Matt Ryan and you might be surprised at his ADP and why you should draft him. The NFC South conversation moves on to New Orleans where quarterback and the number two Wide Receiver are the topic of discussion. Fetch cheats on his man crush Andy Reid by extolling the virtues of Saints Head Coach Sean Payton, avoiding controversy the Commish stays quiet. Fetch further agrees that we know what to expect from Alvin Kamara, proving that remedial corporal punishment works.    Upcoming July and early August Dates: Thursday July 8th: Bluegrass Bound $99 Classic One of the best primers for the KFFSC Main Event, the Bluegrass provides and attractive prize package for the 2022 season. Thursday July 15th: The Earliest possible Main Event start, the Slow Drafts feature a six hour clock and a two hour clock, each pause between 2:00 AM and 8:00 AM. Join these slow drafts today and set the pace for the 2021 Main Event. July Tournament The Commissioners office is currently developing a July Tournament to appease popular demand, stay tuned for updates. Thursday August 5th: Hall of Fame Game Party 1710 E. 10th St., Jeffersonville, IN 47130, Your are cordially invited by league member Mike Benfield to the Online Gamblers Club for a viewing party. Celebrate the return of football with your KFFSC competitors. The event is BYOB, mixers, ice, pizza, hot dogs, and snacks will be provided. Click the link above for more information about the OGC. Please RSVP with the Commish if you plan to attend, or (502)523-5057
June 22, 2021
Justin McCord Returns to the KFFSC Podcast
Justin McCord returns to the KFFSC Podcast with our trio off and running with an hour of draft, individual player, and KFFSC Event Updates . Early action centers around Fetch who for some odd reason does not feel he can count on production from Alvin Kamara. Justin mumbles some type of lukewarm agreement and the Commish dishes corporal punishment to both. Raider hate is evident when the Commish ponders a vastly improved 2021 result for Derek Carr prompting apoplectic responses from both. Fetch expounds on the Lions backfield and agrees that RB Swifts steep draft board decline is warranted. Our crew wishes all a great Memorial Day weekend, congratulates the teams that will draft in two Checkered Flag Divisions and tips its collective hat to league members who are contributing to the  Fantasy Football Podcast world with broadcasts of their own.
May 28, 2021
The Commish & Fetch Ring In Memorial Day Week
Fetch and Ferrell kick off the holiday week with talk of new KFFSC happenings.
May 25, 2021
KFSSC Post Mother's Day Podcast
   Fetch and Ferrell meet for a mid day podcast and were amazingly able to get a half hour show in with limited interruption! The KFFSC duo review the effect of a possible Aaron Rodgers move to a new team. Fetch comments on early draft trends with special emphasis on Kadarious Toney's home with the New York Football Giants.    Wednesday nights Millionaires Row brings a successful close to our second annual Run To Daylight Championship. Thanks to everyone who drafted and promoted the league this spring.
May 12, 2021
Happy Easter from the KFFSC
Its been in the can for a week but stands the test of time as Jesse releases Fetch & Ferrell's latest discourse on the fantasy world. Be forewarned, Fetch and Ferrell agree on many topics in this edition which certainly lowers the credibility of the content!
April 04, 2021
KFFSC Fetch & The Commish Review The Week's Drafts
   Fetch and Ferrell review this weeks drafts, the Combine Clsssic, a 20 rounder that timed in at a near record  1:25, starting at 9pm and ending at 10:25, and Draftmaster II that closed out slow draft action on Friday after a two week run.    The Trophy Husband and the Commish uncover many late round sleepers at Bargain Basement draft positions. A discussion of free agency landing spots and trade rumors following as we approach NFL free agency starting Monday. Draftmaster III goes live when the last three drafters push us over the top. Get a head start on free agency and fill your 28 round roster with undeniable talent!
March 13, 2021
KFFSC March Madness Classic Podcast
   Fetch and Ferrell move late into Tuesday night with an hour long discussion of the draft boards posted in the KFFSC. The Commish drops in draft boards from his early FFPC play and discovers that without third round reversal spots 9-12 are rough going.    Uncovered on this episode Fetch fears injuries are to be expected from 49er backs due to offensive attack, Ferrell scoffs, moves Mostert further up his list. Agreement is made that Carson Wentz will return to prominent fantasy relevance in Indy but Fetch and the Commish channel disagreement on the future of a Indianapolis institution at WR.    Broncos receivers lead the conversation of underappreciated jewels of  2021 but our due debate one late round QB that Draftmaster players should covet at QB Three.    Speaking of Draftmasters the Six Hour Slow drafts await with a stellar line up. $39 could deliver a KFFSC Main Event team in 2022 and prove to be the best prep for your run to the 2021 Grand Prize. Join our first SLOW if the year and with strategy and deliberate speed build your winner!
February 25, 2021
KFFSC Big Valentines X's & O's Podcast
   Fetch and the Commish go late to discuss upcoming KFFSC events and players that should be drafted in them. Fetch announces that he is locked and loaded for a future classic while focusing much attention towards Tuesday nights "Snowed In Play In" Draftmaster.    Fetch reviews the draft of last Mondays Big Game Week Classic focusing on Quarterback valuation.    The Commish shines the light on three rookies you may not know while Fetch sticks to the chalk in his evaluation of talent likely to find an NFL home in the first round.    Fantasy action burns bright as Big Valentines Classic's field is complete for February 15th. Dont be a "wish I had", the Combine Classic awaits!
February 14, 2021
KFFSC Kicks Off 2021 Drafting
The KFFSC 2021 is off and running with a sold out Big Game Week Classic draft Monday Feb 8th at 9pm. Fetch and Ferrell direct you to the website so you may register for the early action in our our next classic. Fetch and Ferrell discuss QB MOVEMENT and its effect on some of our favorite fantasy draft picks. Ferrell targets an AFC West WR to match Stephon Diggs 2020 production while leading teams to the winners circle. Fetch calls for an NFC East QB to take the helm of his beloved Colts while Ferrell loves Waller and Kelce so much he can't remember Kittles name. A review of important league happenings plus shout outs to many league players follow in the Big Game Week Thursday Night Podcast.
February 05, 2021
KFFSC Podcast Conference Championship Weekend
Fetch and Ferrell burn into midnight of Championship weekend with a preview of what fantasy players can expect from Sundays games. The Commish makes several announcements; - When KFFSC Drafters can return to action - A new date in Cincinnati - & Where you can make your plans to spend Super Bowl Weekend, February 5th & 6th 2022 . Fetch brings us up to date on his girls and his role as math teacher to his youngest. Ferrell worries about the child's future when Fetch errs in reporting the Buffalo/Chiefs undisputable information. Fetch responded with a surprise pick to advance to the Super Bowl. All this and more in the KFFSC Conference Championship Weekend podcast!
January 23, 2021
2020 KFFSC Main Event Review
   Fetch and Ferrell go late into night with a review of KFFSC's top Five 2020 teams.  Each teams roster is open to commentary as Fetch defines the different roster elements that made the difference.  The Commish gives asides and commentary about each owners history with the league giving special attention to FPI and legendary playing partners Petri and Larson.    Attention is turned to the NFL Wild Card weekend and the lineup you should (should have) entered to win the FFPC Playoff Challenge.
January 09, 2021
KFFSC MNF Podcast Ravens Vs Cleveland
   The Oracle of Madisonville, Sean Ligon, joins the Commish to break down tonights Cleveland Vs Baltimore tilt. The Commish mentions how far down the list of Championship hopefuls he has to go to find a team starting Lamar Jackson and Sean is not shocked. A tip of the cap from the Commish to new frontrunner Jeremy Brock but will his lead hold with Tony O'Conners looking to build on his already stellar score. The Duo get ahead of themselves and foresee big fantasy points for all Chargers heading into their Matchup with the Raiders this Thursday.  All this and so much more on the KFFSC MNF preview podcast...
December 14, 2020
KFFSC Podcast: One on One with Chad Schroeder
   The Commish returns to the KFFSC Podcast featuring a week 14  One on One with 2019 Champ Chad Schroeder. The duo discusses "Cocktails and Dreams" stellar cast of WR's that have elevated the team to the first seed after 13 weeks.    The conversation turns nostalgic in its true ancient Greek derivative of home and pain as the Champ recounts his 2008 trip to the Bellagio and the its fate bending result.    With many chapters still to write,  fantasy football's most successful player catches us up with his latest moves and discusses some of his future plans with the Commish.
December 11, 2020
KFFSC MNF Preview Rams Vs Buccaneers
The "Cash Money Brotha" and the Commish take to the airwaves this Monday afternoon to break down this potential NFC Championship preview. Mike Evans must overcome the toughest corner in the business in order to produce points for fantasy managers, can he overcome Ramsey Island? Sean enjoys the role reversal Ronald Jones and Leonard Fournette have experienced since joining the NFL after both players were pegged by scouts as one dimensional in the passing game. Will Rams Wide Receivers finally see paydirt or is the Running Back room still the safest start in Los Angeles? All this and more in this MNF preview...
November 23, 2020
KFFSC Podcast TNF Preview Cardinals Vs Seahawks
The Commish and the "Cash Money Brotha" return to the airwaves for a whale of a game on Thursday Night Football as the Arizona Cardinals travel to Seattle to face off against the Seahawks. Sean sees value in KFFSC Cincinnati constant "Never Dead" Fred's nephew Carlos Hyde as he takes the lead in Seattle's backfield. The duo ponder whether Patrick Peterson will repeat his lockdown performance against D.K. Metcalf who was held to two catches for 23 yards in their week seven matchup. Fantasy football implications are abound in tonights Thursday Night Football preview.
November 19, 2020
KFFSC Podcast MNF Preview Bears Vs Vikings
The "Cash Money Brotha" Sean Ligon joins Robby Fetcher and The Commish to break down the Bears Vs. Vikings on Monday Night Football. The Commish never slows down as today's podcast takes place from on the road. The trio break down the talented Wide Receivers playing on either sideline and decide who among them is primed for a big game.  Get the scoop in this weeks quick hitter MNF preview.
November 16, 2020
KFFSC Podcast TNF Preview Colts Vs Titans
The "Cash Money Brotha" Sean Ligon joins the Commish to talk about this evenings matchup between the Colts and Titans. This matchup represent the most competitive football our duo has had the pleasure of discussing in a month of Thursdays. The Commish continues to question Phillip Rivers and his negative effect on Colts fantasy players. Our duo are even confident that they'll get many of their predictions right this week, all this and more in todays TNF preview podcast.
November 12, 2020
KFFSC Podcast MNF Preview Jets Vs Patriots
The Original "Cash Money Brotha" & The Commish are back to breakdown this weeks Monday Night Football matchup between the Jets and the Patriots. The duo agree that when the schedule makers put this together they had higher hopes for both of these teams. Sean Ligon has high hopes for several rookies but doesn't expect much while Adam Gase is still at the helm. The Commish has high expectations for several Patriots and sees more optimism in tonights matchup than his co host. All this and a peak way ahead into 2021 Draft Boards in todays KFFSC Podcast...
November 09, 2020
KFFSC TNF Preview Packers Vs 49ers
Ferrell and Sean discuss the new players that fantasy managers may be reliant on in tonights game. Sean says don't turn away from the Niners due to Quarterback Mullens as the drop off from Jimmy G is not that large. Both see potential in the young return man from Green Bay taking his added opportunities and running with them (ahem... ahem). This and more in todays quick hitter preview of tonights contest.
November 05, 2020
KFFSC MNF Podcast Buccs Vs Giants
   Sean Ligon and the Commish shine the spotlight on tonights Monday nighter. The Cash Money Brotha defends his long held belief that the New York Football Giants roster a successful running back in waiting. Our  duo compares tonights Tight Ends and WR while predicting fantasy points for the Buc Marquee QB.    The audience is spared the long winded explanation of why Mike Evans has not been 2020 fantasy magic when the connection is lost, probably for the best. Monday nights preview is a click away...
November 02, 2020
KFFSC Week Eight Breakdown
The Commish and Rob Fetcher are back at it burning the midnight oil to bring you all the most pertinent fantasy information to make you confident in your lineup decisions. Once again rosters will be without the likes of Aaron Jones, Joe Mixon, and Michael Thomas the duo goes into whom you can set in your lineup with confidence in place of these fantasy studs.  The duo see a strong week ahead for Joe Burrow and the Bengals as long as they can keep Derrick Henry from ruining their plans. The Commish questions whether you can put your faith in Big Ben against an even more fearsome Baltimore Defense with the addition of Ngakoue. Fetch is excited to see which Raider receiver will step up this week and wouldn't be surprised if it happened to be the new look "Nelly" Agholor. All this and so much more in this weeks KFFSC Podcast!
October 31, 2020
KFFSC Week Eight Thursday Night Football Preview
   The Original " Cash Money Brotha" Sean Ligon joins the Commish for their biweekly roundtable and go in depth on this evenings Thursday Night Football tilt with the Panthers taking on the Falcons. Sean suggests several fantasy Quarterbacks he'd be more comfortable starting over Matt Ryan. The Commish, again, pats himself on the back for drafting Robby Anderson everywhere. The duo express doubts that the Falcons defensive woes show any sign of letting up against a talented Panthers offense but see both squads putting up points for your fantasy teams. All this and more in the KFFSC's TNF preview for week eight!
October 29, 2020
KFFSC Monday Night Podcast Bears Vs Rams
The Commish and the "Cash Money Brotha" dig in for tonights Monday Night Matchup between the Rams and Bears. Sean chooses his fifteen point play from the LA receiving core while Ferrell gets a little defensive and leans further on an resurgent reliable to save your fantasy week.
October 26, 2020
Sean Ligon & The Commish Take Aim At Thursday Night Football
   The Commish is joined by "The Oracle of Madisonville" Sean Ligon to break down the key fantasy football matchups in this evenings Eagles Vs Giants contest. The Commish sees big things coming from Carson Wentz despite his depleted Wide Receiver room, Sean agrees but doesn't imagine a high enough score to truly benefit fantasy managers. The duo both agree that the hot streak will continue for the Eagles surprise stud Travis Fulgham. Listen in and share your thoughts and predictions on the KFFSC Facebook page.
October 22, 2020
KFFSC Podcast Will Week Seven Bring Lady Luck?
As KFFSC players hope for a lucky roll in week seven Fetch and Ferrell greet game day Thursday with a preview of the weekends most relevant fantasy matchups. Our duo celebrates the many things they got right while  they also take humbling assessments of best plans gone bad . All this and more as we prepare for the fates of week in our latest podcast.
October 22, 2020
Sean Ligon & The Commish Tackle Monday Night Doubleheader
Sean Ligon and the Commish preview Monday Night's doubleheader with fantasy implications throughout all four rosters. Our duo discuss waiver wire winners in week six and think perhaps Monday Night will boost fantasy points in an otherwise low scoring weekend. All this and more in this afternoon's KFFSC Podcast.
October 19, 2020
KFFSC Week 6 Podcast October 16th, 2020
Fetch and Ferrell take on week six, if they can ever finish reviewing week five. It's a defensive league and week five proved it. 10 Defenses put up negative scores including some surprising squads like Kansas City, Buffalo, New Orleans, San Francisco and the LA Chargers. Fetch and Ferrell tell you how to avoid these traps and more in this weeks podcast
October 16, 2020
KFFSC Podcast One On One with Sean Ligon
The Commish and the original "Cash Money Brotha" join in the first of KFFSC gameday review. Sean & Ferrell take a deeper look at the Chargers Vs Saints. The Duo is bullish across the board over the wealth of fantasy options available in tonight's contest. Sean challenges numbers from the desert while coming to a surprising decision at QB.
October 12, 2020
The KFFSC Rides Again
Week five kicks off with Fetch & Ferrell presenting the the first KFFSC Podcast since the Main Event. Our duo quickly catches up while spending more time looking forward than back. Ferrell asks Fetch to examine players who have yet to contribute to fantasy scoreboards but may provide  value in week five and beyond. The Commish announces a new Waiver Wire schedule for our second bid period beginning this week. Fetch joins the Commish in reminding all players to start an active defense as the Trophy Husband reviews winning roster construction strategies for 2020. All this and more as the KFFSC returns to the air with greetings and congratulations offered to the greatest fantasy players of all time  and their 576 Main Event Teams. Sincerely, The Commish
October 09, 2020
The Commish Joins Brad Taylor on ESPN Radio's The Bottom Line
The Commish and Brad Taylor discuss up and coming relevant fantasy issues including why you should not live in fear, the NFL is here!
August 15, 2020
Sports Illustrated's Shawn Childs Joins The KFFSC Podcast
The KFFSC Pod Crew welcomes's Shawn Childs to Friday Night's spectacular. The Commish sets em up, Fetch and Justin hammer home questions with our special guest. Childs hold nothing back in sharing the expertise that makes him a premier pundit in fantasy football. Shawn will find a home online in his return to the KFFSC Main Event.
August 15, 2020
The Commish Joins Brad Taylor on ESPN Radio WLXG The Bottom Line
Brad Taylor has returned to Kentucky in 2020, now positioned as the voice of the ESPN Radio WLXG's "The Bottom Line" where cashing tickets is the number one order of business.  After contracting WLXG, Brad's second order of business was plotting his return to the KFFSC. Brad has locked down drafting spots in Sunday's Main Event and will follow up with his second draft at the Sunday Afternoon Big Payback.
August 09, 2020
Fetch & Brad Taylor on ESPN Radio
A Short clip of Fetch and KFFSC Vet Brad Taylor on ESPN Radio 1300 Lexington.
August 04, 2020
The KFFSC Podcast Kicks Off Main Event Month
Experts Fetch and Justin join the Commish tonight for our first draft month Podcast. Discussions of Kyler Murray, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Keenan Allen, and DeAndre Hopkins are memorable. Justin reveals no respect for the Bengals while Fetch and Ferrell have higher expectations. Many league announcements follow a cursory review of Friday nights Big Payback Play In Draftmaster. All this and much more in tonight's episode...
August 01, 2020
The 2020 NFL Season Has Arrived
The full crew of Justin, Fetch, and The Commish answer the Dog Days of July's heat with celebratory flair as camps greet players all week. Our experts agree that Adams acquisition changes little in an overall assessment of Seattle. The Commish reserves comment but thinks Fetch and McCord should consider Pro Bowl Adams will join 1st rounder Jordyn Brooks, and 2nd round Tennessee Volunteer edge rusher Darrell Taylor in their assessment.
July 28, 2020
KFFSC Podcast: Brad Petri & Darren Larson Join The Show
FPI Speads The Wisdom The home office duo from Marshall Illinois join the Commish and Justin for the latest KFFSC Podcast. Petri and Larson dig deep into what makes a successful drafting team in High Stakes competition. While FPI 's swagger is a KFFSC constant it becomes quickly apparent that FPI operates with an appreciation of the competition and offer humble assessments of their spectacular 2019 season. Amazingly FPI has increased their territory in 2020. After a 2019 schedule that saw these two competing in a record number of drafts  , Petri and Larson have doubled down this year. With participation in all eight divisions of this springs" Checkered Flag " and "Run To Daylight " contests , a full slate of Classics , Draftmasters , and other Ancillaries competitive instincts have been running hot . Stepping on the gas in August for the Main Event FPI will draft at every available time slot in Cincinnati and Louisville  bringing the slate to an astounding 55 Teams . WR BREAKDOWN FPI and KFFSC Champ McCord compare value at the Wide Receiver position bringing on a spate of differing opinions. Spoiler Alert ...Brad remains solid on Cole Beasley while McCord continues to disparage Mike Evans.  Darren finally renounces his appreciation of his 2019 sleeper pick . All this and much more in tonights podcast!
July 09, 2020
KFFSC Podcast: One On One with Trevor Holt
   The conversation follows a road map of Holt's Corona's at Del Mar entry. The Commish learns that Trevor actually took leave from fantasy football for a few years before learning of and joining the KFFSC. A rookie season in 2016 planted the seeds of success for Trevor. What would follow in the next three years include the bitter sweet reality of a Main Event runner up finish. Firmly planted in the KFFSC family Trevor has expanded his territory impressively while introducing the league to friends and family, most notably pops Tony Holt, the Holt's plan a full attack on the league. The duo have hit a grand slam by drafting in all KFFSC Events, Louisville, Cincinnati, Online and Ancillaries.
June 29, 2020
KFFSC Podcast: June 11th, 2020
Fetch and Justin join the Commish for another late night exploration of the KFFSC. Fetch dons his prognosticators cap and begins a quest to see if the desert sages can shine light on the fantasy prospects . The Trio agrees that Fetch should liquidate the girls college fund and take the over on LeVeon Bell.  Our experts disagree on the numbers for Lamar Jackson which to Commish finds incredulous consider that Cardinal blood runs deep. The Jameson is shelved and a new libation is requested by James Bednar. Justin will never be the same . All this and more in this weeks Podcast...
June 18, 2020
KFFSC Podcast: Bobby Sangerman One On One With The Commish
The Commish goes ONE ON ONE with league vet Bobby Sangerman in tonight's edition.  Bobby and the Commish review his history in the KFFSC  including his successful run up to his 2019 Fifth Place finish, his love of live drafting and we discover that no crew will log more road miles in travel to the KFFSC than the Sangerman Brothers and Bruce Able!
June 15, 2020
KFFSC Podcast: One on One with Eric Balkman
A real treat awaits KFFSC members as league mate Eric Balkman makes his contribution to this summers podcast.   Balky impressively shares his in depth knowledge enhanced by drafting several KFFSC teams this spring, including his upcoming Brave New World Dynasty start up. His hosting duties at the "High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour" round out our guests formidable depth on all aspects of the game.   The Commish and Balky review QB Values arriving at decisions which will likely disrupt some drafters comfort.   Our duo reviews " Team Wisconsin's" league history as they approach their 12th KFFSC year. We discuss the competitiveness within the group and a moment of football history with a concrete hard nose tackle of Wisconsin High School fame.   All this and more as the Commish goes ONE ON ONE with Balky.
June 05, 2020
KFFSC Podcast: One on One with Vince Staffilino
Quant it up or Follow Your Instincts? Vince Staffilino combines both as he preps for another year of success in the KFFSC. V Staff lit the victory cigar in 2019 with cash wins across several league formats including two Classics and the Main Event as Championship of the Spread Division. Vince will make his first trip to Louisville for live drafting in 2020.
June 02, 2020
KFFSC Podcast: One on One with Jason Conn
Tonights podcast intro's an additional format in the KFFSC'S podcast offerings when league players join the Commish for discussion of the 2020 season and their personal history in the league. In tonights episode Jason and Ferrell discuss the 10 year history of Team Shocker and the cast of characters who continue to contribute to the groups winning ways. A breakdown of ADP across Checkered Flag and Run To Daylight drafts are focused on players from the Chicago Bears and the Tennessee Titans. All this and more including a special challenge to join the Checkered Flag's last four  divisions...
May 20, 2020
KFFSC Podcast: Kicking Off The Checkered Flag Championship
   Fetch and Ferrell welcome back 2011 Champ Justin McCord and the trio immediately turns its attention to a review of the Checkered Flag's 1911 Division.  IRA Berman, FPI and Johnny Lincoln teams receive the most commentary while league Rooks Jeremy Brock and Curtis Hirsch are welcomed to the league.    Johnny Lincoln turned to youth with some high risk/reward picks and his picks are reviewed with great success in mind. Fetch continues to receive support from the Commish regarding Dak Prescott as QB four although he back pedals a bit here. The Commish believes our two expects miss on Golladay and Gronkowski and places May 14 in a circle for Memory Lane. Banalities of comparative review coupled with ageism cloud the Champs judgement while Fetch is a permanent under on all veteran TE's. Weekly reviews will be in order through 2020.    Justin is in and Fetch is prepping a forthcoming Checkered Flag League announcement as to when and  where you can join and compete  with the Trophy Husband . All this and more in tonights edition of... KFFSC PODCAST!
May 15, 2020
Schedule Release Day Means Were One Step Closer To Football
In tonights podcast Fetch and Ferrell take an early look at the NFL Schedule. Fetch wails as the Buccaneers and Panthers are saddled with week 13 byes prompting Ferrell to drag his co host down memory lane. Fetch claims not enough offense to feed everyone in Oakland but Ferrell says a healthy QB will provide to all, even TE Witten, prompting Fetch to protest. The bus down memory lane rumbles again. Fetch, under Commissioner inquiry comes clean regarding FPI. The duo discusses the over under totals of rookie WR's while Fetch makes an impressive proposal and encourages drafters to consider later round Wideouts. The Commish reviews his conversation with reps from both host Casinos of August live events and previews some of the new steps we will take to make the KFFSC drafts safe for all. Updates on RACE TO THE CHECKERED FLAG and a look back at what we learned from RUN TO DAYLIGHT plus a quick look at the Cincinnati Lineup availability close out todays podcast .
May 09, 2020
KFFSC Podcast 2020 NFL Draft Special (Rounds 1 to 3)
The crew gathers for a late Friday discussion of winners and head scratchers from the first two day of the NFL Draft.
April 25, 2020
KFFSC Podcast April 18th 2020
   A grateful commish begins tonights show with a tip of the cap to the 45 players who locked down an early sellout of all 96 teams in the Run To Daylight Championship.   Justin McCord and Fetch join the Commish to review our latest Saturday Strut DraftMaster from April 18th.   Fetch opens with a review of WR's on a roll through early drafts. McCord gives insight that makes the Commish believe that the 2011 Champ may return to the winners circle this year.   See if you agree...
April 20, 2020
KFFSC Podcast April 16th 2020
Fetch and Ferrell spend a late night discussing the outlook for second year breakthroughs in this episode. Fetch brings us up to speed on the ADP of volatile young draft picks while the Commish digs deep into his bag of sleepers. Justin McCord sits this one out but Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Williamson are insured the bar is open. All this and more in this weeks KFFSC PODCAST.
April 17, 2020
KFFSC Podcast April 9th, 2020
This weeks Podcast weathered the wind and rain from last night to deliver commentary on Wednesday's DM mini. Among the highlights are:   The Commish celebrates Johnny Lincoln as the first of 2020 to grab Michael Thomas at the number two slot. The draft continued to flow in the Irish Cowboys favor and Justin and Fetch comment accordingly.     FPI continues to receive accolades for drafting prowess this spring from competitors and casual observers alike. You may review all of the Draftmasters at the KFFSC Facebook page to review ADP .
April 10, 2020
KFFSC Podcast April 1st, 2020
Tonights podcast reviews players drafted in real time from Wednesday nights $39 DRAFTMASTER. The KFFSC  Podcasts own Rob Fetcher drafted from the 11th spot drawing commentary from Justin and the Commish that ranged from respectful to incredulous with many stops in between. This and so much more, no April fools here...
April 03, 2020
KFFSC Podcast March 27th, 2020
Justin McCord and Rob Fetcher join the Commish for the second episode of the KFFSC season. The trio take an in depth look back at Fridays Fiesta. The Commish ponders why Adam Thelen continues to drop to the late third and even fourth round of drafts with the departure of fellow pro bowler  Diggs. Fetch asserts the Vikings only wish to rush the ball but perhaps we see a return to 2018's 10 Thelen targets per contest. Fetch drafted a strong team in this contest and makes a strong case for his seventh road pick of Tyler Boyd. Justin returns to Big Valentine's draft and demands an explanation to a certain Saints QB/WR/ TE taken by Fetch in the 17th . The crew celebrates a full weekend of drafting, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Williamson are assured the bar is open, and the boys from the home office in Marshall Illinois are present and more
March 29, 2020
KFFSC Podcast March 24th, 2020
The Commish and Rob Fetcher return to the mic just in time to announce five new drafts this week. Fetch and Ferrell talk about all the comings and goings of the first week of Free Agency and celebrate the NFL's new CBA allowing both players and owners to take part in growing the league we love to greater heights.  In addition to the $39 Draftmaster leagues we debuted over the weekend we've added a $59 Draftmaster with a larger cash prize pool for those looking to get a little more bang for their buck.  This Sunday March 29th the Victory Classic kicks off at 8:00 PM ET. These classic leagues provide season long managed contests to those seeking the advantage of an early draft. Both the Draftmaster and the Classic leagues hold substantial value in preparing drafters for the Live Main Events come August. Not only providing the most up to date ADP but allowing drafters to set trends in motion instead of just watching as they happen. All this and so much more...
March 25, 2020