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Women with Stories

Women with Stories

By khaoula Bencheikh
I believe that we are all born with a purpose , we are present in this life to enjoy it and to be a better version of ourselves , we have the power to change , this podcast will help you look at life in a different way by hearing real stories from real women
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Episode 3 : How to fight body image with Cliona byrne

Women with Stories

Episode 44 : Living Your Juiciest Life Ever! with Kate Unger
Welcome back with a new episode of the women with stories podcast, In this episode, I chatted with Kate Unger, she is a speaker, artist, Healer , vocalist and podcaster, she shared her journey about finding purpose and bringing happiness into her life  In this episode, we cover multiple  topics and much more  How joyful your life can be from selfless to self hope  Taking care of yourself is not selfish  how to nurture yourself  To keep up with the podcast follow us on @womenwithstoriespodcast  To keep up with Kate, follow her on @kate.Unger 
April 09, 2022
Episode 43 : Lessons I learned in 2021
Hi beautiful people from all over the world  I am back to give you real talk and keep you posted about the podcast journey  Not everybody will understand you and that is okay! How I started Working out daily  The importance of unplanned trips and accept the randomness of life  Morning habits  Effectiveness Over efficiency   3 important keys for the new year: Learning, launching, relationships  Please support us on apple podcast or Spotify  To keep up with us on Instagram 
January 22, 2022
Episode 42 : How to move abroad with Cynthia Lechat
A new week and new inspiring episode on women with stories podcast today we  discussed an important topic  about moving abroad, the importance of coaching, how to execute your plan and take more risks  Cynthia is a happiness coach she helps  unfulfilled expat women find clarity & become their happiest selves, she spent 8 years traveling in different countries to finally find her path in England and to start her career as a happiness coach  Keep up with Cynthia: on Instagram @cinthyalechat website: To keep up with us: @womenwithstoriespodcast support the podcast by rating it on Apple podcast 
November 14, 2021
Episode 41 : The power of dancing with Natsumi Sophia Bellali
 Welcome back to a new episode we are back to inspire you with new stories by inspiring people, I have chatted with an incredible performing artist she is an energetic woman with a very diverse culture, she was born in Montreal Canada, raised by her Morrocan father and Japanese mother, she was exposed to a multitude of ways of expressing herself as a dancer. In this episode, we talked about  The power of dancing  The importance of spirituality/religion  Dancing careers  Not all advice is a good advice  To keep up with Natsumi  Visit her website: To follow her page: To keep up with the show:
October 26, 2021
Episode 40 : Can women have it all ? with Zunaira Sajid
We are back with a new episode, I had a discussion with Zunaira Sajid, she is an entrepreneur in finance, she is passionate about dancing, performing art, and cooking she was interviewed by the BBC  during the lockdown where she shared her parenting style during difficult times  In this episode, we talked  about   Entrepreneurship  How we can take care better of our finances  What does it mean "women can have it all"  To keep up with Zunaira and find out more about her financial services: Linkedin: To keep up with us: women with stories podcast 
September 08, 2021
Episode 39 : lessons I have learned from lonliness
Welcome back to a new episode, in this short episode I am  sharing with you my experience with solitude and how I used some concepts to overcame lonliness and create meaningful conversations  to support us and connect on Instagram or Facebook: womenwithstoriespodcast  
July 18, 2021
Episode 38 : Entrepreneur at heart from Cali ,Paris to Morocco with Katie
We are back with another inspiring interview with Katie  who is a very ambitious woman, she owns her sustainable design company that focuses on sustainable design, she is creating from quick fresh decor to large scale projects and focus on secondary reuse architecture She opened up about her journey as an entrepreneur, Expat, and her relationships  To learn more about Katie: To keep up with us:
June 03, 2021
Episode 37 : 4 Key Life Lessons I Learned in My 20s
we are always back to share valuable life lessons and inspiring stories  Here are my 4 key life lessons I learned  1. Pay attention to your surroundindgs  2. Make the difference between a job and a career 3. Follow your instincts first& be careful who you took advice from 4. Pick a mentor for yourself To support us  On Instagram  @womenwithstoriespodcast
May 09, 2021
Episode 36 : how to start working on yourself with Alice avril
We are back and stronger than ever, have you ever wondered how you can start working on yourself or discovering more of what you can do? in this episode, I had a chat with Alice Avril self-confidence and mastery coach who spoke about practical ways to start discovering yourself and the importance of meditation  Alice Avril is a french  vibrant and creative woman, passionate about personal growth and travelling, her mission is to inspire a world of meaningful connections , she is a self confidence and mastery coach , she empowers man and women to be fulfilled and master their life with confidence  To know more about Alice : Website: Facebook : To keep up with us : Instagram: Womenwithstoriespodcast
April 18, 2021
Episode 35 : I am not a feminist
We are back with a new episode on women with stories where I talk about my experience with the word FEMINIST  Here are the 4 reasons I explained in this solo cast  1.Word feminist was invented by a man  2.Women should respect their nature  3.Stable unit for better productivity  4.Myth around "women can have it all"   To support us on Instagram and facebook:@womenwithstoriespodcast
March 14, 2021
Episode 34 : Better done than perfect with Satu mäkinen
A fresh start and a new episode on women with stories,  Satu shared her story of traveling abroad and talked about the importance of natural products  and how natural ingredients are the luxury of today, she is the host of the Nordic natural beauty award where she celebrates the best natural cosmetics made in the Nordic countries  To know more about Satu mäkinen on Instagram:@nordicnaturalbeautyawards To  support us on Instagram:@womenwithstoriespodcast 
January 07, 2021
Episode 33 : 6 lessons learned from 2020!!
2020 what a great year, I have learned a lot of things, had big challenges and thought about what really matters to me in this life  Make sure to follow us: @womenwithstoriespodcast
December 31, 2020
Episode 32 : How can women lead with Alexis Kanda-Olmstead
We are starting Season 2 stronger than ever, have you ever wondered why we lack women's leadership in this world and what type of skills do women need in order to lead successfully, Alexis shared great insights about this topic and we discussed real issues that women have to face in today's society What you will hear from this episode Women tend to internalize their problems, blaming themselves instead of the world around them. The world is not set up for women to succeed so we must recreate it. Self-acceptance, self-love, and self-compassion are revolutionary acts for women gender diversity. To know more about Alexis check her work: Check her Ted Talk: to support us subscribe on Facebook /Instagram:
December 24, 2020
Episode 31 : Why you don't need to fit in
New solo cast episode to talk about how society made us think that we need to fit in and follow the crowd and how being weird is a good way  A great book to read from Susan Cain: Quiet in a world that can't stop talking  Instagram: Facebook:
December 20, 2020
Introduction : Season 2 Women with stories
Here we are launching our next season for women with stories podcast stay tuned for the next episodes 
December 20, 2020
Episode 30 : Saudi Arabia’s First Women Driving Instructors | Shoroq Erikat
A new day and a new story today I chatted with the first lady driving  instructor  in Saudi Arabia, she is from Jordan, she has created a project to help women to gain their confidence in driving, she created many projects one of them was to help women from poverty in the desert area, unfortunately, the pandemic and the global crisis  affected her projects however  her strength and personality won't back her down to get back to her mission and restart again  To support Shorooq and contact her on Facebook: Linkedin: Email on To keep up with us on Instagram or Facebook: @womenwithstoriespodcast
December 06, 2020
Episode 29 : Why women's voices are still missing from today's society
have you ever  thought about why women's liberation and equality is non-existent in the media or why no one is talking about it in 2020  We still have the activist on the ground they were fighting for so long for women's equality and things still that bad, its because misogyny manifests itself in all part of the world? or the media does not focus on this issue ? or we as women don't unite and talk about it as much. statistics sources : To keep up with us :  Instagram: Facebook:
November 27, 2020
Episode 28 : Hapiness and success follow a formula with Soraya Ontiveros
New episode and a new story of a powerful Mexican woman, she is a life designer coach and she shared her story about  Divorce, coaching career, and how her mindset has shifted during her journey  To know more about Soraya: follow us on
September 27, 2020
Episode 27 : Traveling solo , Pandemic , here are 3 lessons I learned
Do you fear taking the first step to go alone somewhere  or booking your first solo trip here are 3 tips that could help you to make the first step  To keep up with us :  Instagram: Facebook:
September 07, 2020
Episode 26: Do you take your pleasure seriously ? with Sutanya dacres
Welcome back to a new episode we are back with a great story  In this episode, I chatted with a food lover, writer and a podcaster for "Dinner for one", Sutanya has shared great insights about how she found herself again after marriage and how  living alone in Paris helped her to be more confident and stronger  We talked about marriage, breakups, relationship and of course podcasting Keep up with Sutanya on Instagram: Keep up with us:
August 15, 2020
Episode 25 : 5 unexpected lessons I learned during the lockdown
We are back with a new episode to finish season 1 on women with stories  I 've been thinking yesterday as one danger part in our personal growth journey is we learn important things and then move on without applying it in our real-life  I've listed 5 unexpected lessons and self-realization because it's important for me to look back to the lockdown time  and think about what truly I need to work on, improve and lead a healthy lifestyle  to keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram: @womenwithstoriespodcast 
August 05, 2020
Episode 24 : Traveler's Mindset with Diana chen
We are back with a new episode on women with stories  Today's episode is all about how you can understand a traveler's mindset and how Diana made important decisions at a very young age to travel. She is originally from Taiwan and she moved to New Zealand at the age of 7 without her parents  , she is now living in France  she is a passionate language professional with a varied background in multiple sectors including import-export, international sales, tourism, health, education, and entertainment To keep up with Diane :  La Rochelle Free Walking Tour With Diana @LaRochelleFreeTourDiana To Keep up with us on Instagram or Facebook:  @womenwithstoriespodcast If you want to share your story email me:
July 16, 2020
Episode 23: Professional opera singer and jewelry expert || Sara Duchovnay
In this episode of women with stories we're chatting with a true girl boss, she is a professional opera singer and jewelry expert.  She is a member of one love foundation, a non-profit organization  that helps adults to learn about healthy relationships in order to prevent relationship abuse and violence  Sara learned the importance of  taking time for herself to create her own journey after an abusive relationship, she started to create her niche divorce ring /marketing and also to travel the world in a camper van with her husband  Keep up with us: @womenwithstoriespodcast Be sure to follow Sara at @songbirdsarajewelry,
June 23, 2020
Episode 22 : How to hustle a healthy lifestyle with Audrey Archambault
Another Sunday and another episode on women with stories podcast !! Today we are chatting with  Audrey Archambault, she is an online nutritionist and health coach who wants to empower you to feel confident and good in your own skin and create for you a body and lifestyle you love  She spent 12 years abroad in London and southeast Asia, she changed her career from a banker to  an online nutritionist coach  She has experience in combining Nutritional therapy, health coaching and functional medicine principles but also NLP, sports therapy, timeline therapy  Her inspiring journey will make you think about what truly makes you happy and fulfilled in this life and how to become mentally strong to ditch old habits and old environment  Keep up with Audrey: Facebook: Insta: Website: Keep up with us on Instagram or Facebook: @womenwithstoriespodcast If you want to share your story email me:
June 07, 2020
Episode 21 : Corporate job to teaching yoga with Shivani
Thinking about taking new opportunities, stand up for what you want or leaving the rat race, after the lockdown these questions might pop into your head, in this episode I chatted with beautiful yoga teacher Shivani  during the lockdown in France, her story  could help you understand what really means meditation, how we can define success and what truly means to be happy   Shivani  is from Sri Lanka she lived in Australia, she left her corporate job and  moved to the south of France to pursue her journey as a yoga teacher To keep up with Shivani: on Instagram @shivanijeyendren Keep up with us on Instagram or Facebook: @womenwithstoriespodcast If you want to share your story email me:
May 28, 2020
Episode 20 : Nice girls dont get the corner office with DR.Lois P Frankel
I am so excited to welcome DR Lois on the podcast! she is best known as the New York Times bestselling author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office.  She released a new audible book " Nice Girls don't speak up or stand out". DR. Lois is an internationally recognized expert in the field of female corporate success and leadership, and through both her own executive coaching company, Corporate Coaching International, and non-profit organization, she’s helped thousands of women and girls achieve their career aspirations. In this episode you will hear :  Dr .lois's story  How to step up and lead in the corporate world  Can women lead effectively  Salary negotiations Power of introverts Working hard it's not enough Selling ideas  To visit Dr.Lois website:  Keep up with us on Instagram/Facebook: @womenwithstoriespodcast If you want to share your story email me:
May 18, 2020
Episode 19 : "Never Eat Alone " with Marie schneegans
In this episode of women with stories we're chatting with a true girl boss who is killing the TECH industry game. Marie is the founder of the app never eat alone,  a cofounder of workwell firm. She grew up in Switzerland and worked in small jobs but she had big-city aspirations even as a young girl. Marie quickly learned the power of networking while doing an internship in a bank which lead her to create the app  "Never Eat Alone " to gather people and create a happier place at work inside large corporations. she studied at the university Paris-dauphine where she expanded her professional career into becoming a "student entrepreneur" Marie saw an opportunity to support people at work and take care of their wellbeing by providing them multiple services. Keep up with us Instagram, Facebook:@womenwithstoriespodcast Email me at 
April 27, 2020
Episode 18 : Expat women's vision with Janeen Sonsie
New Sunday, New Episode  Janeen is from Australia, she moved to France to pursue her journey and her dream, she faced obstacles, setbacks  but she did not give up on her dreams   she hosts workshops for clients  to help them improve  their communication and relationships  skills  We talked about how to overcome the "can't do" mindset and the importance to commit to your goals  To learn more about Janeen  Club MojoCircle: Janeen’s Blog: Expat Women in France Facebook group: Keep up with us on Instagram/Facebook: @womenwithstoriespodcast  If you want to share your story email me:
April 19, 2020
Episode 17 : Mastering creativity with Natalia Langsdale
Today's episode is all about what it takes to be creative, Natalia shared her interesting journey about her life and career  and how she stood out from the crowd and launched her own business  Natalia is an entrepreneur, international woman she talked about tips on how to start  your business, dealing with haters, social media distraction and ways to be creative  Keep up with Natalia: Keep up with us Instagram, Facebook:@womenwithstoriespodcast Email me at 
April 10, 2020
Episode 16:Power of determination with Vanessa M. C. Williamson
Another episode and another inspiring conversation with an archeologist, businesswomen Vanessa  shared her story about her different challenges and how she ended up running an original hotel in the northwest of France with her partner  Her bloody determination and her vision  led her to find  her life dreams and goals  To learn more about Vanessa: Keep up with us Instagram:@womenwithstoriespodcast  Email me at
April 09, 2020
Episode 15: Powerful female veteran | Kia baker
We are back and better than ever !!! In this episode with women with stories we are chatting with an inspirational fighter, a veteran, a speaker, and an advocate, her journey is full of challenges but she did not give up, she has done a complete life renovation for herself and for her family  Her struggle, illness and her years in the military lead her to be stronger, to pursue her goal and to make a positive change in the life of females veterans  To know more about Kia check out her  podcast: keep up with us: Instagram or Facebook on @womenwithstoriespodcast  iTunes:
April 05, 2020
Episode 14 :Unfinished journey with Giota pimenidou
Welcome back to women with stories podcast! Today's episode I had an interesting chat with a wonderful greek woman who opened up about her journey  , we talked about seeking validation, self-appreciation and how we need to explore more ourselves  Be sure to follow our lovely guest below: @Giota pimenidou | podcast: Global greek influence  Keep up with us: @womenwithstoriespodcast 
March 29, 2020
Episode 13 : You Comfortable in Your Own Shoes with Anne-christine Giraudy
Today's episode is about feeling great in your own skin and how dressing up could affect you in a positive way, Anne-Christine  is the founder of  "Parisian chic trottershared" , she is an Image style consultant, she shared her story about helping people feel good about themselves, she is an elegant woman, her past doesn't define her, she defines herself   Her favorite quote " Without elegance of the heart, there is no elegance" Keep up with us: @womenwithstoriespodcast @khaoula_900 Facebook page:
March 17, 2020
Episode 12 : Understanding women's cycle and psychedlic with DR.Jonathan
This episode I won't share a woman's journey but I am sharing great insights with a very special guest and the first man in the podcast. DR.Jonathan is a medical doctor, researcher, and a psychedelic therapist, he helps people to connect more with themselves by the therapeutic work with ayahuasca and huachuma , he shares knowledge about the ancestral medicine  Keep up with us: @womenwithstoriespodcast twitter:@bencheikhkhaoul Facebook page: @womenwithstoriespodcast You can also learn more about his work on the Pacific coast of Ecuador:
March 08, 2020
Episode 11 : The power of perseverance with Super Imane
Another Monday, Another episode on women with stories podcast !! Today we are chatting with my friend Super Imane  Imane is an IT engineer, life coach, hard-working woman, she went through many setbacks  during her childhood  Her story will inspire you to be determined and have more perseverance in your journey  Check out Imane's website: Imane's insta:@super.imane Imane's book (french version): Keep up with us: @womenwithstoriespodcast  twitter:@bencheikhkhaoul Facebook page: @womenwithstoriespodcast 
March 03, 2020
Episode 10 : "Where focus goes energy flows" with Limor
This episode typically focuses on how you fight resistance, sincere sorrow and how you should practice profound gratitude in our lives. Limor's journey will enlighten you about self-love and how her journey as a life coach started from her own journey  To reach out to limor:    Facebook: Limor Lihi Debby   Instagram: @outstandingmentor 
February 16, 2020
Episode 9 : Education and Women's wellbeing with Carla Magdalene
This episode talks about the importance of good education and wellbeing for children and the benefit of cultivating women's wellbeing in early age  lets listen to Carla, an intellectual professional educator, and a public speaker, she shared her story about her struggles and the reason she is committed to  the education field  
February 09, 2020
Episode 8 : Journey to self discovery with Matilda
If you fear of taking new decisions and start a new life in a new country this episode is for you, matilda shared her journey in different cities and how she found her own journey 
February 04, 2020
Episode 7 : "My problems are not my identity "| Marwa naji
I am very proud to have this guest today, she opened up her heart and shared her story, her  self journey, and her struggles  She is a relationship coach and her legacy is  to spread kindness and awareness in any relationship
January 30, 2020
Episode 6 : Queen of meditation , Marijana May
My guest today is a meditation expert, she traveled to Thailand to study meditation and for the past 3 years she has been sharing her knowledge with people from all over the world, she has meditation retreats and she teaches women  to be independent and powerful  Her voice is comforting and her story is very inspiring 
January 25, 2020
Episode 5 : Its all about the journey with Amber
My guest has inspired me through her journey to Costa Rica where she hit the restart button in her life to find her own path and her own self-journey
January 25, 2020
Episode 4 ; Networking in paris with Michel
Today, I had a special guest that talks about connecting with people from all over the world she hosts event ex-pats in Paris  so hit replay and hear her interesting journey 
January 25, 2020
Episode 3 : How to fight body image with Cliona byrne
In this episode I had an amazing  guest," Cliona Byrne" she is an expert coach on body confidence, she coaches women from all over the world to change their lives, accept their bodies, unleash their inner badass power and make magic happen, she is from Ireland, she lived in different countries in the USA , Italy and now she lives in France
January 23, 2020
Episode 2 : Work is her passion with nihad chhaibi
In this episode I had a special guest, she is a real wonder woman, she lives in different countries and she has her own business so let's hear her journey.
January 17, 2020
Introduction : Women with stories
I believe that we are all born with a purpose , we are present in this life to enjoy it and to be a better version of ourselves , we have the power to change , this podcast will help you look at life in a different way  by hearing real stories from real wome
December 31, 2019