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By King's High School
This is KHS Radiocast, Voice of the Knights. Season 2, Spring 2020
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Summer Jobs, Summer Games
In this double episode, staff writer Saben Seitz talks about where to find good summer jobs, with added tips for successful job hunting. His round up is followed by staff writer and gamer Tristen Spengler’s playlist of the “Top 5” video games for summer. His #1 may surprise you. Remember to keep up a good balance this summer!
July 02, 2020
Students Still Spreading Kindness on the Front Lines
On King’s “Serve Day” last March, junior Kat Kirkpatrick announced she’d deliver students’ notes of encouragement, on cards made in Mrs. Gale Riley’s art classes, to caregivers at University of Washington Medical Center. Staff writers Elli Kimball and Gavin Kanzaki interview a UWMC caregiver, along with Kat, to follow up. Turns out, students are still making and sending the cards—and Chief Nurse Practitioner Dr. Laurie Soine says their thoughtfulness has deeply touched many UWMC doctors and nurses on the front lines of the pandemic.
June 29, 2020
Senior Farewell: Class of 2020 Edition
Staff editor Eunice Ko commemorates the years of hard work the Class of 2020 has invested into King's. She interviews four seniors: Naeha Geogy, Ramiro Deo-CampoVuong, Carson Sharpe, and Megan Bowman. With the anticipation of graduation, the seniors recollect their favorite high school memories and share advice on how to thrive in King's. Congratulations, Class of 2020. All of your achievements are appreciated and praised in King's community. As your chapter in high school closes, have the best of luck in your next phase of life. Picture credit to the first photo @khs_seniors ever posted. Song credits: "Viva La Vida"-Coldplay cover by Young K "What Am I"-Why Don't We cover by Young K "My Wish"-Rascal Flatts
June 20, 2020
Top TV: Our Picks, Your Favs
Staff writers Mark Hatch and Saben Seitz review the shows they say are worth your time this summer. Do their picks line up with the “binge-worthy viewing” students named in our school-wide survey? Tune in to this episode of KHS Radiocast to hear the results.
June 18, 2020
Corona Cast Lockdown
In this podcast staff writers Oliver Clark and Axel Macharia talk about the 2nd phase of the state’s stay-in-place laws. They explain the rules and why it is so important for the public’s health to follow them.
June 12, 2020
Sports TV 2020: "Last Dance,” Legacies
Without live sports, TV coverage focused on famous players and games from the past. Sports writers Carlos Bautista and Carter Cox dish up a few of their favorite legacies including MJ, the New England Patriots and Coach John Wooden. Music, Sound and Photo credits: 1969 UCLA Bruins Photo Patriots Audio Clip Bulls Intro-
June 08, 2020
Class of 2023’s Novel Transition to HS
High School’s predictable first year got turned upside down this spring when learning went remote. In Episode 23, freshman staff writer Axel Macharia catches up with classmate Gage Smith to talk about how the new experience changed everything for the class of 2023.
June 03, 2020
Playlists for Summer 2020
Staff editor Eunice Ko explores different songs that are worthy of being in everyone's playlists. Sydney Bivins (junior) and Josh Cui (senior) share their favorite songs to chill and rock to. Tune in to find your next favorite tunes. You may find a new favorite as you gear up for the summer!
June 02, 2020
Election Results Today
Despite a few glitches along the way, the ASB election returned unscathed. Students vote today for next year's leaders after viewing the video that came together after a week's delay. Staff writer Tristen Spengler reports on how the election came back together and interviews a few candidates. Watch for today's results!
May 28, 2020
eSports: A Virtual Uprising
King's is joining the momentum of a worldwide eSports movement now that Mr. Yount plans to lead a KHS eSports team. In this episode, freshman staff writer Tristen Spengler asks him what it will take to become gaming champions.
May 27, 2020
Student Spotlight: KHS’ Fortnite Celeb
Reporters Oliver Clark and Sam Dahlin ask gaming star Tristen Spengler how he has managed to win thousands—$35K to date—competing in Fortnite tournaments. What does it take to become a pro? Listen to find out!
May 27, 2020
Cheating Culture Unwrapped
Cheating, scandals, and scams to beat the system. Staff writers Gavin Kanzaki and Elli Kimball take up this topic in a conversation about how big the problem has become--from scandals like the Houston Astros' sign stealing to students finding websites with test answers for online school.
May 26, 2020
Quarantine Grind
Workouts for Lock-ins? Sportswriters Carlos Bautista and Carter Cox get some tips from local athletes on how to stay in shape during the Coronavirus lockdown and want to know from you what you're doing to stay fit. Send them a DM @KHS-Radiocast to let them know your workout routine. In this episode, they interview Josh Roof, a fellow athlete from Cox's baseball team.
May 23, 2020
Hey Anabel!
Keith Wheaton spends time learning about a student at King's High. You could appear the topic of the next podcast, make sure to tune in!
May 19, 2020
Meet Emil
Keith Wheaton spends time learning about a student at King's High. You could appear the topic of the next podcast, make sure to tune in!
May 19, 2020
First Student Spotlight: Meet Taryn
Keith Wheaton spends time learning about a student at King's High.  You could appear the topic of the next podcast, make sure to tune in! 
May 19, 2020
Tik Tok: Ticking up Followers
Juniors Duncan Angiuli and Will Pohland, two of several King’s “celebs” on Tik Tok, chat with KHS-Radiocast staff writers Elli Kimball, Benji Jantz, and Gavin Kanzaki about their followers and why the social media site is such a draw, especially while we “shelter-at-home.”
May 15, 2020
What to Do During Quarantine
The quarantine has brought with it so many chances to learn a hobby, take up a musical instrument, try a new recipe--you name it. What are King's students doing with all that extra time at home? KHS-Radiocast staff writers Saben Seitz and Mark Hatch investigate. They also give a few suggestions on what to do with the time. Hear what they have to say in this short podcast.
May 13, 2020
Read Readily
Staff editor Eunice Ko delivers the fresh scoops on what books to read to defeat the boredom at home. Paul Lai (junior) and Faith Hollinrake (senior) discuss their current reads. Where do YOU want to go today? Find it in a book. 
May 08, 2020
Tribute to Epic Wins and Normalcy
It may feel like a lifetime ago, but it’s only been two short months since King’s won or placed in many regional and state championships. KHS-Radiocast freshmen staff writers Saben Seitz and Mark Hatch set out to pay tribute to all the winning teams, but while putting together their mosaic of those whose chance to advance was blocked by coronavirus cancellations, they found something more to honor: the resilience of students who are determined to work even harder as they look forward to a different “big” event—a return of normalcy.
May 06, 2020
Teachers Teams Teaching
Schools across the state went online with stay-home orders due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and King’s is set to ride out the rest of the year in remote learning. Most students have adjusted to it, but freshman staff writer Axel Macharia was curious about how teachers are doing with the big switch to Teams. In this episode, he asks Mr. Jablon to tell us how it is to be a teacher during this difficult time and how he has adjusted to it. 
May 06, 2020
Stay-at-home with a Screen
Staff editor Eunice Ko describes the various ways students virtually entertain themselves in the midst of the stay-at-home order: podcasts, music, games, and shows. She interviews Allyson Walworth and Leo Hong, both seniors, to get an in-depth look. Tune in to hear show recommendations and musical favorites!
April 24, 2020
March Sadness
Picture from title-Photo by John Locher of The Associated Press. KHS-Radiocast Sports Writers Carlos Bautista and Carter Cox, both freshmen, talk about ways COVID-19 mitigation efforts have affected organized sports. Their story features former King's basketball star Corey Kispert, who starts for Gonzaga University. The team was slated to play in the NCAA tournament, which was unfortunately cancelled last month.
April 17, 2020
Soccer Season
Staff reporters, Axel Macharia (Freshman) and Samuel Dahlin (Freshman), talk about the new soccer season. In this podcast, they interview the coach on new plans for the new season and methods to improve as a team. 
April 13, 2020
Path to Citizenship
Student editor Eunice Ko (Senior) explains her family's journey in attaining the United States citizenship. She recounts how the citizenship ceremony was influenced by the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Listen in to learn more!
April 13, 2020
Jablon's Strategy for Speech & Debate
Staff reporters Oliver Clark and Tristen Spengler caught up with Mr. Jablon's Speech and Debate team about the state tournament and how it was postponed. They will report on what Mr. Jablon does as a Speech and Debate coach.
March 27, 2020
King's Grounded but Not Out
Staff sports writers Carlos Bautista and Carter Cox preview the Knights’ 2020 Baseball season Interviews: Coach Keller(Head Coach) Elisha Sergeant (Senior) Tyler Durbin(Senior)
March 20, 2020
Black History Month
Staff editor, Eunice Ko, discusses the importance of BHM. She interviews Mr. Rudatsikira, Mrs. Leach, and Kennedy Thompson (Senior) to get a perspective into the discussion of racial diversity in the United States and King's. 
March 08, 2020
Kobe and King's Lady Knights Basketball
Staff reporters, Elli Kimball and Elijah Chacón, interview various individuals involved in Lady Knights Basketball: Coach Taylor, Gwyn Siers (Freshman), Ashley Gray (Senior), and Claire Gallagher (Junior).  Listen in to find out Kobe Bryant's impact on women's sports and how it influences our own basketball team. Produced by Eunice Ko.
March 07, 2020
Welcome back to KHS-Radiocast
Introducing the first podcast episode of Season 2, Spring 2020, with many more to come! Send us a message with story ideas and tips. We're your voice--KHSRadio cast, Voice of the Knights!
February 28, 2020
Final Farewell
A final farewell to all of our listeners from the KHS Radio staff. See you next year!
June 14, 2019
Teachers Leaving
Staff reporters Brighton Schott and Olivia Vos interview the seven teachers that are leaving King's next year and some students about their memories of the teachers. To all the teachers leaving, we will miss you very much and hope you come to visit!
June 11, 2019
Student Spotlight: Julia King
Staff reporter, Elisha Sergeant interviews freshman, Julia King. Learn more about her past business and high school experience by listening in!
June 10, 2019
Weekly Bulletin 6/10
Dalton Schwab and Olivia Vos present the final weekly bulletin. Listen to find out what's happening in our last week of school!
June 10, 2019
Washington State High School Photography Competition
Pamela Rodriguez interviews Pierce Papke and Daylee Peterson, just two of the many students who entered their work in the Washington State High School Photography Competition. Listen in to find out how they placed!
June 10, 2019
Mock Trial is going to Vegas!
Reporter Elisabeth Kelly gets a preview of the prestigious and upcoming mock trial competition in Las Vegas this summer, and gets the opinions of team members Duncan Angiuli and Kat Kirkpatrick on the case and process.
June 10, 2019
Staff Spotlight: Mr. Skeen
Reporters Dalton Schwab and Emma Storkson interview Mr. Skeen to see what his interests are outside of school and how we can make his difficult job much easier.
June 07, 2019
What to do with your Summer
Staff reporters Jada Wynn and Ezra Stanley talk about some fun things to do with your summer vacation this year. 
June 06, 2019
State Track
Staff reporters Emma Storkson and Casey Needham interview Naomi Smith and Pierce Papke about state track this year and how track has impacted them.
June 06, 2019
Where Do I Even Start??
Golden advice from seniors going to college! Editor in Chief, Ali Davenport, interviews Lauren Blair, Dominique Kirton, Jeffrey Weber, and Cristina Cavero who all share their experiences with the college admissions process. This podcast is dedicated to helping underclassmen be proactive in applying to college and understanding their futures. These seniors have a variety of upcoming experiences. From community college to college athletics, all of the seniors interviewed share great advice that will surely calm your stress around college.
June 06, 2019
This Shrektacular Musical is Not Ogrerated!
Eunice Ko interviews the cast, crew, and orchestra of the Shrek musical. Learn about the joy and struggles of the musical season. Hear from lovely people such as Lauren Blair (12th), Joshua Cummings (12th), Leo Hong (11th), and many more to see how our performing arts department has accomplished this feat!
June 05, 2019
Does One Size Really Fit All?
Freshman reporter Brenna Hart interviews SadieMae Wolf, Anabel Chacon, and Peri Welch to get their opinion on popular clothing brand: Brandy Melville. Find out if they can all come to a consensus on whether or not Brandy Melville needs to improve their brand. 
June 05, 2019
Boba Spotlight
Staff Reporter Kimberly Ho finds out what the most popular spot to get boba is from the King's student body and does a review on some of the most popular places in the area. 
June 04, 2019
James Charles and Cancel Culture
Reporters Anika Poulsen and Elisabeth Kelly explain what has been going on with James Charles the past few weeks, and get King's student's opinions on cancel culture.
June 04, 2019
Weekly Bulletin 6/3
Reporter Dalton Schwab talks about what's going on at King's this week.
June 03, 2019
Weekly Bulletin 5/21
Reporters Jada Wynn and Brenna Hart talk about all things going on at KHS this week. 
May 21, 2019
Mental Health Awareness Month
Reporter Pamela Rodriguez interviews students and classmates on how they manage their mental health during such a tough time of the year. Learn some new ways on how to practice self care and stabilize your mental health. 
May 17, 2019
Top Off-Campus Lunch Spots
Staff reporters Elisabeth Kelly and Dalton Schwab report on the top spots to visit during lunch, and interview Duncan Angiuli about his experience at the PCC Deli. 
May 17, 2019
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Reporter Eunice Ko educates King's High School on the importance of Asian American culture and the diversity it brings within our community. 
May 16, 2019
High Schoolers and Dating Apps
Reporters Emma Storkson and Casey Needham interviewed senior Olivia Schoenfeld about her experience and opinions on dating apps.
May 15, 2019
Weekly Bulletin 5/13
Reporters Olivia Vos and Brighton Schott talk about the happenings at KHS this week.
May 15, 2019
Mr. Little Spotlight
Staff Reporter Elisha Sergeant interviews Mr. Little, our Community Resource Specialist, about his new job at Crista and how we can keep our campus safe.
May 15, 2019
Part Time Jobs
Staff Reporter Kimberly Ho interviews students Tyler Zastrow, Maricella Ragudos, and Logan Marshall-Inman about their part time jobs and advice about how to balance school and work.
May 14, 2019
Girls On The Run
Reporter Anika Poulsen talks about the international program of Girls On The Run. Where they inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Hear interviews from the head coach Ms. Voss, and interviews from some of the girls on the elementary team. 
May 14, 2019
Crista Camps
Staff reporter Brenna Hart interviews Mrs. Denton and Andrew Siu about their experience with Crista Camps.
May 13, 2019
JSB Fashion
Reporter Hailey Burdett talk all things fashion during this prom season. Hear interviews from upperclassmen on who their wearing, what their wearing, and why they wear it. Check at the KHSRadio website ( to see photos from the night and vote on the KHSRadio instagram (@khsquill) on who you think is best dressed. 
May 10, 2019
Avengers: Endgame Review (Spoiler Free!)
Staff reporter Olivia Vos interviews Mr. Jablon about his thoughts on the latest Marvel movie: Avengers: Endgame.
May 08, 2019
Student Spotlight: Campbell Wright
Reporter Brighton Schott interviews freshman Campbell Wright on football, photography, and his new ASB position, Tech Coordinator.
May 08, 2019
Weekly Bulletin: May 7
Reporter Dalton Schwab takes you through the events of this week here at KHS.
May 08, 2019
Spotify Playlist Showdown
Reporters Anika Poulsen and Brighton Schott interviewed multiple members of the student body to find out which teacher has the best Spotify playlist.
May 06, 2019
Spring Break Trip: Jamaica
Reporters Dalton Schwab and Casey Needham discuss the culture of the nearby island, Jamaica. Over the week of spring break 26 students and supervisors headed to Jamaica on a mission trip to serve the community of Oracabessa. Listen to hear all about the adventures of that week! 
May 01, 2019
Instagram is Doing What?!
Editor in Chief, Ali Davenport, interviews Alli Hansen, Baily McCutchen, and Anna Hochstein to hear their thoughts on Instagram's new idea: discarding like and follower counts. 
April 26, 2019
Priscilla Wood Spotlight
Staff Reporter Emma Storkson interviews Priscilla Wood about her influence on the Crista Campus and King's Athletics. 
April 26, 2019
ASB Elections
Staff reporters Ezra Stanley and Jada Wynn talk about the upcoming ASB elections and gives a sneak peak into the candidates running. 
April 25, 2019
Weekly Bulletin: April 25th
This weeks news reported by staff reporters Brenna Hart and Emma Storkson.
April 25, 2019
King's Family Restaurants Part 4: Spud's Fish and Chips
Staff Reporter Elisha Sergeant interviews King's Students Mac Morgan (Freshman) and Luke Marion (Junior) about the hit local restaurant, Spuds Fish and Chips. 
April 24, 2019
Teachers Getting Degrees
Reporter Kimberly Ho interviews Mr. Dotson and Mrs. Borrero on their experience of simultaneously being a teacher and a student. Gaining insight on the everyday struggles of learning, grading papers, and trying to maintain a healthy social life. 
April 24, 2019
Student Spotlight: Kennedy and Kayln Thompson
Reporter Brenna Hart interviews Junior Kennedy Thompson and Freshman Kayln Thompson to gain insight on what it's like being a new student at King's. Talking about Saudi Arabia, King's Clique Culture, and how to adjust to a new environment. Meet Kennedy and Kayln today! 
April 23, 2019
Earth Day
Reporter Pamela Rodriguez interviews Mrs. Archer and Megan Bowman to learn more about earth day and how King's contributes to saving the earth!
April 22, 2019
Spain Spring Break Trip
Follow reporter Hailey Burdett on her trip to Vigo, Spain with Mrs. Morris and Mrs. McCormick. 18 other students also joined Hailey on her week long journey of exploring Vigo, Portugal, The El Camino, and much more. Listen and learn a few Spanish words along the way! 
April 22, 2019
Unrecognized Artists
Editor Elisabeth Kelly talks to three artists about their experience in their fields and how they have been recognized. 
April 22, 2019
Spring Dance
Staff Reporters Anika Poulsen and Olivia Vos interview students at King's about Spring Dance this year and how we can improve dances at King's in the future. 
April 21, 2019
Weekly Bulletin
4/19/19  Listen in to find out more about upcoming events such as Spring Fest and JSB!
April 19, 2019
Kings Family Restaurants Part 3: Red Twig
Staff Reporter Brighton Schott continues our Kings Family Restaurant series with an episode on Edmond's cafe, Red Twig. He interviews the owner of Red Twig, LaFon Jantz, as well as sophomore Elise Grass about the cafe. 
April 17, 2019
"Who is God to You?"
Staff reporter Eunice Ko interviews people in the community about who God is to them.
April 15, 2019
Student Spotlight: Dmitri Abramson
Freshman reporter Ezra Stanley gives the student body an insight on the life of senior Dmitri Abramson.
April 11, 2019
Drama State
Junior Casey Needham interviews Lauren Blair and Josette McClurg on their experience at the state drama competition.
March 27, 2019
What it's like to live in America
Reporter Kimberly Ho, sophomore, reflects on her time as an international student in Korea and talks with our international and first generation students at King's to find out what it's like being an American student. With interviews with International Coordinator Ms. Tang,  and students Andrew Siu, Elizabeth Ng, Ralen Kovara, Elma Lu, Jessica Yoon, Bethelhem Temesgen, Elsie Macharia.  
March 27, 2019
College Admission Scam
Sophomore reporter Pamela Rodriguez investigates the hot topic of scamming your way into college through fake test scores, paying off college admissions and faking your athletic ability. Pamela interviews seniors Robin Cheung, Alexandra Christophilis, and college counselor Mrs. Lewis. Find out what it takes to get into college, and the price you pay when you cheat your way in.
March 27, 2019
The Art Award
Junior Elisha Sergeant interviews junior Elma Lu on her recent art accomplishment in textiles.
March 27, 2019
Spring Sports Attendance
Sophomore reporters Anika Poulsen and Olivia Vos dive into the issue of spring sports attendance, and how it impacts the athletes.
March 27, 2019
Weekly Bulletin March 27
Hello King's Knights! Listen to your Weekly Bulletin to make sure that you stay up to date with the happenings at school. Sophomore Dalton Shwab reports.
March 27, 2019
Being Recruited for College Athletics
Freshman Jada Wynn reports on the details of being recruited for college athletics! She interviews King's students Colin Hamilton (Junior), Dominique Kirton (Senior), and Jody Wynn (Head Women's Basketball Coach at the University of Washington). Tune in for these important perspectives! 
March 26, 2019
Senior Lot
Senior Sabina Etscheid reports on the controversy of the Senior Lot. In an attempt to get a well-rounded perspective on the issue, Sabina interviews Atley Shapiro (KHS 2018 graduate), Acadia Wong (Senior), Jameson Ward (Senior), and El'kahn Thompson (CRISTA Corporate Security Supervisor). Give this podcast a listen to hear what Principal Ruhlman and ASB have been discussing in regard to resolving the issue.
March 25, 2019
State Mock Trial
Sophomore reporter Elisabeth Kelly reports about the ups and downs of this year's mock trial season and their victories at districts and state competitions, and interviews senior Diego Lomba and sophomore Kathryn Morris.
March 25, 2019
Speech and Debate
Reporter Dalton Schwab goes behind the scenes on King's High School's Speech and Debate state competition. Find out the realities of competition through interviews with sophomores Victoria Smith and Sam Hutmacher. Get insight from coach Andrew Shimer on working with both Mr. Jablon and the students. Listen to find out what makes King's Speech and Debate team so good. 
March 25, 2019
Senior Feelings in Second Semester
Editor in Chief, Ali Davenport, interviews five seniors: Lauren Blair, Adair Rosenau, Anthony Hart, Zoe Graff, and Alex Grimm, about how they are feeling at this point of the school year. She finds that some seniors are more motivated than others and a majority are ready for college. Listen in to learn more!
March 22, 2019
Spring Break Stay-Cation
Sophomore Brighton Schott reports on what you can do to fill your time during Spring Break! He interviews Olivia Vos about her favorite hiking spots and also lists some fun activities in Seattle for spring break. 
March 21, 2019
Weekly Bulletin March 20
Hello King's Knights! Listen to your Weekly Bulletin to make sure that you stay up to date with the happenings at school. Senior Sabina Etscheid reports. 
March 20, 2019
Spring Sports
Reporters Casey Needham, Elisha Sergeant, and Ezra Stanley interview Emma Storkson, Anthony Scherrer, Catherine Jones, Ian Richards, and Ramiro Deo-Campo Vuong to get their take on a new season, attendance, and what they love about King's sports.
March 20, 2019
St. Patrick's Day
Sophomore reporter Hailey Burdett interviews fellow sophomores, Sydney Bivins and Ella Hamilton, on their Irish heritage's and St. Patrick's Day experiences. 
March 18, 2019
Weekly Bulletin Mar 15
Tune in for all the happenings at King's this week. Dalton Schwab, sophomore reports. 
March 15, 2019
King's Family Restaurants Part 2: Five Bistro
Brighton Schott, sophomore reporter, continues our King's family restaurant series. He interviews Gibson Marshall-Inman (freshman) about his family's popular eatery, Five Bistro. Brighton also interviews Isaiah Bullock, a sophomore. 
March 14, 2019
Daylight Savings: good or bad?
Sophomore reporters Pamela Rodriguez and Anika Poulsen wonder why we have Daylight Savings and whether it's worth the lost sleep each spring. With interviews with freshman Mason Bloeser, senior Otto Harcrow, and math teacher Mr. Stiglets. 
March 14, 2019
King's Family Restaurants Part 1: Colonial Pantry
King's families make our community more delicious! Reporter Eunice Ko, a junior, interviews junior Hannah Te about her family's restaurant in Firdale Village. Photo courtesy My Edmonds News. 
March 12, 2019
Student Spotlight: Zaid Flores Carlos
Reporter Olivia Vos, sophomore, interviews international student Zaid Flores Carlos, a junior from Guadalajara, Mexico. Zaid reflects on his Seattle adventure and adapting to King's culture. 
March 08, 2019
DECA State
Reporter Hailey Burdett, sophomore, follows King's DECA students through their State weekend and gives listeners a taste of the fun, competition, nerves, and personal successes. Freshman Marie Ward, sophomore Lena Nguyen, and junior Gabby King weigh in. 
March 07, 2019
Welcome to KHS Radio!
Advisor Joanna Roddy and Editor-in-Chief Ali Davenport, King's senior, discuss our new journalism adventure: podcasting! What's coming up on KHS Radio, what we're excited about and where you can listen. And we're taking on the Senior Lot gate! Listen in. 
March 05, 2019