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KIDO Family Ranch Podcast

KIDO Family Ranch Podcast

By KIDO Family Ranch
A living documentary of all things unschool, self-directed, permaculture design, business, self sustainability and natural health.
We're on a journey to make life work for us instead of us working to live.
A 2 Kid and 2 Adult Partnership set in Texas after driving 2,500 miles from New York City for a better life.
Host: Danii Oliver, Beverage Anthropologist, Creative Technologist and Unschool Mother.
Host: Ivy~D, Astronaut in training specializing in Wild Life Biology for a Xenology expertise and Jr Chef in training.
Co-Host Ollie~D, Explorer and Superhero Monster Truck Driver.

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"Danielle and David Discovers" - New Children's Book Series & Storytelling Podcast
Storytelling The Day's of Our Lives. As Ivy and Oliver grow up in our ever changing world they discover life for themselves and share the journey with children around the globe. Through Emotional Intelligence development, by Exploring their Environment and with a little Exposure assistance from their parents Ivy and Oliver learn about themselves and life on planet earth. Following our Principles of the Ease Methodology for unschooling they Engage the world, Experiment with findings and Endeavor to have adventures, make mistakes, discover new things and write an entire children's book series about it.  Join us for these stories, adventure inspirations and soon children's book page turners! 
April 29, 2021