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Club Kidz Treehouse

Club Kidz Treehouse

By Kidz Treehouse
Nature is the best playground. At Kidz Treehouse Nature Campus, we provide a learning environment that nurtures nature-loving children and groom them into global changemakers. Join us in a lifestyle geared towards zero waste! If you are a green parent who is into a sustainable lifestyle and has pledged to save the Earth, this is the podcast for you.
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Ep #1: Student Care Centre Landscape with Ms Syazana
The Student Care industry has been evolving over the years in Singapore. Student care centres operating within primary schools and the community, provide essential academic and social support to children, particularly those with working parents. Not only they provide supervision for school children aged 7 - 14 years old, these centres also offer a mix of enrichment programmes and recreational activities, enabling children to benefit from greater social interaction and the experience of organised field trips and camps! Tune in to our first podcast and hear what the Head of Education from Kidz Treehouse have to say about the student care centre landscape!
September 6, 2019