Awkward Raps.

Episode 1- In the begining...

An episode of Awkward Raps.

By /kill-see-ray/v.
A Hip-Hop perspective on life... Sort of.

Deep thoughts, interviews, analysis and music w/ Chris "KILLcRey" Reyes. M.C., host, photographer, director and internet guy. Editor-At-Large at

Episode 2- Love and money in the time of Kanye.
KILLcRey and Hip-Hop Eddie are back! This episode is all about mental slavery and a little bit about Kanye. Music by Self Provoked, Jook The First, Cam Gnarly, 2Mex
May 15, 2018
Episode 1- In the begining...
The very first episode of Awkward Raps! KILL c Rey makes proper introductions and tells the story of how Hip-Hop saved him... like really. Music by Kahlee, AWOL ONE, 2Mex, Reverie and more. Brought to you by
April 24, 2018
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