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Kim McCaul's Multidimensional Evolution Podcast

Kim McCaul's Multidimensional Evolution Podcast

By Kim McCaul
Every day life is demanding. It is easy to forget that you are more than your physical body, that you are a consciousness using your body. In this podcast we will be talking about life beyond the physical and the subtle energies that connect us with each other and all of life across all dimensions. These conversations will inspire you, remind you that you are part of something bigger and offer you practical tools and understanding of how you can apply this knowledge in your life to make sure you live the life you came here for.
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053 - Bioenergetic Mastery with Marlon Muraro and Fabiana Cerato

Kim McCaul's Multidimensional Evolution Podcast

053 - Bioenergetic Mastery with Marlon Muraro and Fabiana Cerato
Imagine being able to transform yourself into someone whose simple presence can bring calm and balance to all kind of environments and social situations. In your family, at work, or anywhere in public. Someone who works hand in hand with the extraphysical helpers for whom you provide an intraphysical entry point for multidimensional assistance. This is a role we can all take on. Not through some mysterious spiritual practice or by becoming saintly, but by attending to our inner emotional life and by developing a consistent practice of working with our energetic body. It is this latter aspect that is the focus today. Understanding and consciously working with our bioenergies, also known as chi or vital energy, can have a bit impact on our life. It adds to our purpose in life, enabling us to assist many more people than we otherwise could, because our healthy energy is a resource that can support others who are struggling. Regular energy work also greatly enhance our quality of life, helping us have greater vitality, stay more focused and balanced, and generally grounded in life. Bioenergy work has been my passion for a long time now, but it is not a subject I often get to discuss in detail with people. So I was delighted when I was approached by today’s guests, Marlon Muraro and Fabiana Cerato who wanted to come on and talk about Bioenergetic Mastery. Marlon and Fabiana are volunteers with a conscientiology research organisation called Reaprendentia. If you are new here and don’t know about Conscientiology Marlon and Fabiana do give a brief explanation about it at the beginning of our chat. It is a framework for understanding multidimensionality that I have drawn in for over 2 decades and I still think it is one of the best ways for dissecting and understanding multidimensionality we currently have available to us. Marlon Muraro is an accountant, Cambrigde certified English teacher, barista, poliglot and world explorer currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. He has been a volunteer of conscientiology since 2008 and an instructor since 2015.  Fabiana Cerato is a polymath with backgrounds in architecture, Positive Psychology, Didactics and Methodology, Project Planning and Building. She has been a self-knowledge researcher and Conscientiology instructor since 1997. She is also a mother of two daughters. Currently she is an entrepreneur, interpreter and writer. Contact Marlon Contact Fabiana Reaprendentia Website Facebook Instagram Youtube Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here
July 16, 2022
052 - Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening Experiences with Jessica Corneille
Spontaneous spiritual awakening experiences (I would call them cosmic consciousness experiences), are subjective experiences characterised by a sudden sense of direct contact, union, or complete nondual merging or experience of oneness with a perceived ultimate reality, the universe, “God,” or the divine. They can arise in response to some kind of practice such as meditation, or as in the case of my guest today completely of their own accord. Jessica is a Research Psychologist specialising in spontaneous spiritual awakening experiences. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Psychology (Distinction) from the University of Greenwich, where she focused her studies on induced and endogenous exceptional human experiences. With a passion to bridge the worlds of science and spirituality, her mission is to challenge the default pathologisation of awakening experiences by helping to inform and encourage mainstream psychology to look beyond the current designated spectrum of ‘normality’, to encompass the transpersonal as something that is intrinsic to the human experience. She is also dedicated to helping individuals come to the realisation of their highest human potential, and fulfils part of this mission both as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and contracted leadership and empowerment coach. Jessica has presented her work at a number of academic conferences, including with the British Psychological Society. She also works for the Scientific and Medical Network, is a member of the Galileo Commission steering committee, and a collaborator of the Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium and Spiritual Crisis Network. She runs regular peer-support groups for individuals undergoing spiritually transformative experiences, in central London. -International Spiritual Emergence Network (ISEN): -The Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN, USA): -The American Centre for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE, USA): -Spiritual Crisis Network (SCN, UK): The Galileo Commission: If people would like to find an online community to discuss their spiritual experiences more openly, they can join the Blue Lotus sharing circles: Or Spiritual Awakenings International sharing circles: Please note: these sharing circles are not specifically designed around the themes of spiritual emergence / emergency, but rather welcome conversations around varying forms and degrees of spiritually transformative experiences. Jessica's in-person sharing circles in London, which she hosts with the Psychedelic Society: The article we discuss is here: Jessica is currently recruiting people for a study observing the effects of awakening on addiction. If you would like to participate in that or her other studies, or simply get in touch, you can do so via her email
June 18, 2022
051 - Homo Sapiens Serenissimus: our evolutionary future with Tony Musskopf
The evolutionary stages of consciousness are a big research focus in Conscientiology, which proposes a model of different steps that we move through on our way to the “top”. I am putting “top” here in quotes, because we have to assume that there are other stages beyond what we can currently grasp. At the pinnacle of this model of stages we can grasp is a category of consciousnesses called Homo sapiens Serenissimus. These consciousness are fully aware of the fact that they are in their last physical incarnations and are entirely committed to providing assistance to all of us. My guest today to discuss this evolutionary stage is Tony Musskopf, a psychologist, facilitator and writer. Tony has a master degree in Peace and Conflict Studies . For over 30 years, Tony has studied, run workshops and published his research findings in Conscientiology. His main focus of study is serenology, i.e. the study of the HSS. Tony is currently a volunteer for the international project BiblioAfrica. I first met Tony back in 1997 when I first started studying conscientiology in Rio de Janeiro and since then our life journeys have taken us both to Australia, with Tony now living in Cairns. It was a real pleasure to speak about this important topic with my evolutionary colleague, and I hope you get a lot from this conversation. Towards the end, Tony shares a technique he has developed to help him understand the workings of the HSS. I definitely encourage you to stick around for that. Finally, I would like to put out an appeal to you. As you will hear, identifying and studying living HSS is not easy as one of their key attributes is anonymity. And yet, if you are a student and explorer of multidimensionality, it is entirely possible that you have had some encounters with one. If you think you may have, I would love to hear from you here: Free Download of the book 700 Conscientiology Experiments here: You can contact Tony Musskopf here: Stay connected with the Multidimensional Evolution podcast and Kim McCaul here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read, purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here “Don’t believe in anything! Have your own experiences”
May 28, 2022
050 - Presential strength with Tathiana Mota
What is the role of charisma, or what my guest today calls presential strength, in our evolution. What are its values and its risks, how can we develop it and how does it relate to our relationship with multidimensionality. These are topics I discuss in this episode with Tathiana Mota, a Brazilian consciousness researcher, polyglot, writer and educator, who works with training and development and currently resides in Cairns, Australia. Interested in parapsychic phenomena from an early age, Tathiana has been a Conscientiology volunteer for over 2 decades. She was the first guest on my podcast back in 2019 when we spoke about her book on the Intermissive Course, the preparation we undertake for our current life. That book is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian. Our discussion today arises from her new book project on presential strength that she has been researching since 2005. Once Tathiana explained the concept of presential strength I started seeing its relevance to many different areas of life. This led to a very stimulating conversation, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Connect with Tathiana here: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here
March 26, 2022
049 - Empirical research of mediumistic communications with Dr Oliver Lazar
My guest today is the natural scientist, academic and mediumship researcher Doctor Oliver Lazar who spoke with me from his home in Düsseldorf Germany. I first became aware of Oliver’s work on mediumship through a YouTube video that has since gone viral in German - by which I mean it has had over 1 million views. That video now also exists with English subtitles - - and I am very happy to be able to make this small contribution to spreading his work in English. I then got Oliver’s book - currently only available in German - the title of which translates as: Beyond Matter: a scientist’s moving Experiences with the spiritual world and his afterlife research. Oliver’s personal experiences and research into mediumistic communication are indeed moving and scientific at the same time. This is a great combination and so I was delighted that he agreed to come and speak with me for this episode.  The focus of our conversation is mediumship, the kind of solid evidence it can furnish, but also some of its pitfalls and limitations. But Oliver’s book is much broader than that, as he really tackles the materialistic paradigm from a purely scientifically rational angle as well. So we also look at some complex issues undermining the materialistic argument that consciousness could have started from matter, or that life as we know it is a result of biological evolution only. If you want to find out more about Oliver’s work or participate in the mediumship study he is coordinating you can go to his website I really enjoyed my conversation with Oliver Lazar and I hope you do too. Find out more about Oliver Lazar here: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here
March 05, 2022
048 - The importance and limitations of personal multidimensional experiences
In this episode I talk about the importance of spiritual or multidimensional experiences to our evolution, but also their limitations, how they can be corrupted or even lead us to evolutionary stagnation. I think it is an interesting and important topic and I hope you appreciate the refections. Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here
January 30, 2022
047 - Where do our loved ones go after they die with Mariel Forde Clarke
Welcome to episode 47 of the Multidimensional Evolution podcast. My name is Kim McCaul and today I bring you a conversation about death, grief and the after life with the Irish counsellor and self-described spiritual midwife Mariel Clarke. Mariel spoke with me from Galway, Ireland and the influence of her Irish culture on her spirituality is woven through the conversation. Mariel speaks from the heart about her work assisting people transitioning to the extra-physical from the physical and shares a number of stories that transform the experience of death from something fearful and terrible, into an opportunity of beautiful connection with the person transitioning. Mariel describes her understanding of the transition process from the perspective of both the person dying and those staying behind. Speaking with Mariel reminded me of the wide gamut of spiritual beliefs and the fact that we often meet people with whom we share many common values and understandings, while other understandings are quite divergent. It is almost as if - in terms of our understandings of multidimensionality and the human condition - we exist in only partially overlapping circles akin to a ven diagram. In the case of Mariel for example, I feel totally on the same page with her when she shares her NDEs, talks about her experiences of the silver cord and understanding of OBEs, the importance of forgiveness and grieving while understanding that we do not really die or the support she receives from her deceased dad and other non-physical beings. But when at the very end she talks about ascended masters, Lemurian crystal cities, and archangels I notice a strong inner skeptic arise and realise we are operating on different paradigms. It is curious, because if you have read my book Multidimensional Evolution you will know that I also share some pretty out-there experiences with extra-terrestrials and other non-human beings as well as earth crystals. And yet, when I cannot relate to experiences shared by others I find myself treating the information with much caution. There are a number of reasons for this. One is that I know that there are people who simply make stuff up. I do not at all think this applies to Mariel, but it is something I have seen very clearly with several quite prominent self-proclaimed gurus. Another factor is that there are many factors that can lead us to misinterpret our own experiences. And finally I realise that these days my focus is much more on the practical every day significance of altered states of consciousness - I have seen more than one friend lose themselves in the magical realms that accompany a lot of new age beliefs. Of course this is very much in the spirit underpinning this podcast and my approach to consciousness research generally, which is don’t believe in anything, experiment have your own experience … and I would add, follow the data. Find out more about Mariel here: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here
September 25, 2021
046 - The new science of consciousness with Federico Faggin
My guest on this episode is the Italian-American inventor, entrepreneur and conciousness researcher Federico Faggin. Federico was one of the first scientists and inventors to work on the micro-chip and he played a crucial role in the development of technology we all rely on today. After years of developing important inventions for large companies, including INTEL, Federico founded his own enterprises. For anybody with an interests in the history of computing his new book “Silicon” will be fascinating. For us here of course it is the second part of that book that is of interest as Federico eventually had a spontaneous cosmic consciousness experience that shifted his focus from professional productivity to exploring consciousness. Given his particular scientific background, which includes quantum physics, that is the model he works with. I personally have a casual interests in quantum physics. The popular science texts I have read about it are as mind expanding to me as accounts from inter-dimensional travellers. But I am always a bit wary of people in the new age space who try to apply quantum physics to human consciousness without a proper grounding in the science. This is why I feel very fortunate to be able to have this conversation with someone who definitely knows what he is talking about on the science and who applies this to his own experiences. As Federico himself says, the only way to study consciousness is to experience it. If you want to understand the implications of quantum physics to the study of consciousness and the many altered states we can experience, this conversation is a good place to start. And if you like playing with different perspective on life I encourage you to use the information in this conversation for a little experiment. You can do that by spending a day reminding yourself that you and everyone you meet are “conscious quantum systems engaging with the physical dimension through your bodies”. If you do that experiment I’d love to hear how you feel. You can drop me a note on my Facebook Page, Multidimensional Evolution, or via the email on my website. As always, don’t believe in anything, experiment and have your own experiences. Find out more about Federico here Find Federico's book here Silicon: From the Invention of the Microprocessor to the New Science of Consciousness Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: Stay connected with the Multidimensional Evolution podcast and Kim McCaul here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness on Amazon.
September 18, 2021
045 - Mediumship with Joanne Adler
My guest today is Joanne Adler. Jo is a medium from my home town in Adelaide, which means we could record this conversation sitting in the garden. She is a friend of a friend and you won’t find Jo spruiking her services on the internet as her mediumship is just something she does on the side of a very demanding professional career. I find people who simply live their multidimensional connections to be in some ways more compelling than those of build their careers around this aspect of their life. When someone just practices mediumship on the side,It certainly undermines the common cynical skeptics view that psychics are elaborate fraudsters. For Jo, like quite a few people I know, mediumistic experiences are simply a part of their everyday life. Our common friend who had shared with me some of the remarkable cases Jo has been involved in. Due to her professional background many of them involved managing troubling extraphysical consciousnesses on construction sites. Not your everyday mediumistic work. I really appreciated learning a bit about Jo’s story, including her struggles of coming to terms with her multidimensional perceptions as a child, how she manages to lead a normal life today, the ancestral nature of her psychic abilities and some of the ways she has used her abilities to assist intra- and extraphysical people. If you are interested in mediumship I encourage you to check out previous episodes number 41, 36, 25, 14 and 5. If you want to get in touch with Joanne for a reading, you can email me on Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
May 16, 2021
044 - The power of past life regression with Steve Burgess
My guest today is the hypnotherapist and past life regressionist Steve Burgess. Our conversation is loosely focused on his new book, The Power of Past Life Regression as we explore many of the fascinating issues that emerge from past life work. We talk about types of evidence for the reality of past lives, the deep importance of healing traumas and their link to physical illnesses, past life regressions as a historical research tool, and much more. Steve has led regressions for thousands of clients over the past 29 years and brings a wealth of insight and experiences to the subject matter. If you want to explore the role of past lives further, and I strongly recommend we all do that as they are strongly shaping our present, you can go back to Episode 8 where I talk about the significance of our past lives with Viktória Duda.  You can find out more about Steve here: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
May 08, 2021
043 - How African shamanism shaped the life of award winning filmmaker Lionel Friedberg
My guest today is filmmaker and  author Lionel Friedberg. Originally from South Africa, Lionel spoke with me from his home in LA.  Lionel’s career in the film industry began in 1961 in South Africa and it has been nothing but remarkable including winning Emmy Award, Columbus Film Festival Award and American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Westinghouse Award. And beyond professional accomplishments, his profession has taken Lionel to the most remarkable places of this planet. The focus of our conversation is Lionel’s autobiography called Forever in My Veins: How film led me to the mysterious world of the African shaman. Lionel’s life has been incredibly rich and adventurous. It has include many remarkable experiences of African spirituality, including an early prophecy about  key events in Lionel’s life, which one by one have come true. Lionel is a compelling story teller and in this interview takes us from remote bush locations to prestigious research institutions sharing many experiences and understandings of consciousness, memory, race and racism and even his more painful experiences are surrounded by sense of magic in the world. The narrative of both his book and our conversation is loosely structured around a prophecy he received in his early twenties and has been witnessing unfolding throughout the years and his many adventures. Lionel’s enthusiasm for life is contagious and I hope our conversation leaves you with a sense of awe for the world we live in. Find out more about Lionel Friedberg here: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
March 06, 2021
042 - African spirituality in the world with Inpu Ka Mut
My guest today is Los Angles based autodidact and polymath Inpu Ka Mut. I invited Inpu to speak with me for this podcast after being a student in a training programme at which he was a master teacher. That training programme is called Heal Thyself and is specifically for people racialised as white to help us unpack our internalised racism and I would highly recommend it. Among other things, Inpu gave a fascinating lecture on the way  Ancient Egyptian and other African knowledge has been edited out of our dominant historic narratives. This is something I thought would be of interest to listeners to this podcast. You will hear a wide ranging conversation, in which Inpu offers a revisionary view of history and the role of Africa in the world of spiritual traditions, discusses African culture in America and how it has survived several centuries in a deeply hostile environment, and makes a powerful case for the importance of remembering our ancestral heritage so we can develop real universalism and expand our capacity to connect and unify with people across the world. If you are interested in OBEs and psychic perceptions make sure to stay till the end, when Inpu shares some really practical uses of these faculties that he employs in his everyday life.  Inpu Ka Mut is an inspiring speaker with a rich a diverse background of learning and experiences. He is a founding member of an association of independent Khemetic (Egyptian) priests, priestesses, and monks. As a Khemetic priest , he has provided spiritual and psycho-social counseling, house blessings, rites of passage and other traditional Afrakan spiritual services for many people on the East and West coasts of the US.  Seba Inpu incorporates T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Taoist, Hatha, Kundalini and Pranayama sema (yoga), Rekh Hati Khemeti (Khemetic Mind Science, a traditional meditation and healing system), and massage to work with individuals in clinical settings as a Mind-Body Health consultant, Self-Applied Health Enhancement Methods (SAHEM) practitioner, and alternative health practitioner. He is also a poet and a High Conflict Community Mediator. Find out more about Inpu Ka Mut here Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
February 09, 2021
041 - Channeling and Soul Awareness with Katherine Mackey
Welcome to Episode 41 of the ME podcast with me Kim McCaul and welcome to the first episode for 2021. If you have been following this podcast you will have noticed that there has been a bit of a gap since my last episode in 2020. Basically I took some time off and also focused a bit more on my writing, some of which you can find on the online writing platform Medium. However, apart from this excellent episode I already have a  couple of completed interviews waiting for you, and I am really looking forward to bringing your some more clarifying and thought provoking conversations as well as solo episodes this year.My guest today is Katherine Mackey, the author of Soul Awareness and the long term medium of an extraphysical consciousness called Gerod You may recall that I discussed Gerod  in some detail in  Episode 35 with clinical psychologist Tom Zinser. Working through Katherine, the medium, Gerod advised Tom Zinser for several years with his most complex clinical cases. The remarkable multidimensional therapeutic insights generated by that cooperation was what inspired me to invite Katherine onto the podcast. Ideally I would have liked to have interviewed her and also Gerod speaking through her, because I am really intrigued by what it is like for an extraophycial consciousness to work through a physical person. But as it turns out Katherine has retired from mediumship. In this conversation Katherine talks about how she learned about mediumship and her ability to communicate with Gerod. We explore what it feels like to be channeling another person and how you can be sure it is not just a part of yourself, we talk about the kind of obstacles there seem to be to inter-dimensional 

communication and by contrast what facilitates such communication Katherine explains the right way to ask questions from a helper, how she agreed her retirement from channeling with Gerod and why we ultimately don’t need to rely on channeled information at all and lots more. 
As I am publishing this episode I have just been considering a critique of channeled and other mediumistic information. That critique is centred on a range of channellers some of which seem very dubious indeed. It reminded me of the great importance of discernment and critical thinking when dealing with any kind of information that purports to be of multidimensional origin - including I might add the way we interpret our own experiences. The reason I am so interested in Katherine’s work is that so much of it was focused on assisting with complex clinical work, where the information provided by Gerod brought about profound healing events for some of the clients. As out interview makes clear, channeling was also never something Katherine did for fame or fortune, which adds additional credibility. In fact, I found Katherine to exemplify a kind of practical, grounded spirituality that seems to be quite rare. So I hope you enjoy this interview and of course as always approach everything with full discernment, don’t believe anything and ideally pursue your own experiences and studies. Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
January 24, 2021
040 - Conspiracy Theories About The Coronavirus: how we can understand their appeal?
In this episode I read and provide some additional commentary to my article about David  Icke's conspiracy theories about coronavirus.  While I focus on Icke,  the observations are relevant to conspiracy theories generally.    You can read the article this is based on here Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
December 20, 2020
039 - Escaping from Eden - the extraterrestrial origin of human life with Paul Wallis
My guest today is Paul Wallis. Paul is a speaker, researcher and author of books on spirituality and mysticism. The focus of our conversation today is his most recent book Escaping from Eden in which Paul re-examines the long standing idea that extra-terrestrial life forms may have played important roles both in the original creation of humanity on this planet and in subsequent cataclysmic events, which could perhaps be regarded as resets. What makes Paul’s contribution to this field especially interesting is that he has spent 33 years in the Anglican Church, including as a church Doctor and an Archdeacon in Australia. So to have someone from such a background question or rather reinterpret the biblical creation narrative is especially intriguing. And I say reinterpret the Biblical creation narrative because it was inconsistencies in the bible translation that alerted Paul to the fact that the word that is generally translated as God actually seems to have another meaning, which makes certain passages in the Bible much more coherent. From there Paul examines other ancient texts which all point towards “creation” events involving inter-galactic visitors. So in this conversation we discuss aspects of different mythologies, contemplate why we sometimes struggle to shift out of dominant paradigms even if we have data staring us in the face, consider what it might mean if our history includes a series of near-extinction events, and generally consider the range of evidence pointing towards human - extra-terrestrial interactions. Paul also explains how these explorations have influenced his understanding of God. There is of course a lot of room for alternative interpretations when reviewing big picture historic questions so as always - don’t believe in anything, experiment, research and always use discernment. Find out more about Paul's work here Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
December 06, 2020
038 - The Secret of the Alchemist with Colm Holland
My guest today is Colm Holland self-described alchemist and author of The Secret of the Alchemist a book. Colm first came across the idea of alchemy when he was a middle manager at Harper Collins Publisher where he assisted Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist break into the English market. HIs meeting with Paulo Coelho at the time had life changing implications as you will hear.  I almost did not interview Colm. When I first read his book I was struck by the strong echoes of his original Christianity coming through the text, and while I do not object to people’s religious beliefs there are many aspects of Christianity that I consider worthy of challenge. But that was not something I especially wanted to do on this podcast.  When I told Colm about this he suggested we just meet and have a chat. This chat showed me I would really enjoy recording this conversation for you, because I found Colm to be both inspiring and heart centred. Ever since meeting Paulo Coelho he really focused on living a life with purpose. This has involved shifting from traditional Christian background to embracing the alchemical pathway, exploring the role of human consciousness in creating magic in our life and living from a place of knowledge that we are unconditionally loved for who we are, not for what we do. Colm has, in a sense, made hi life his own heroes journey. At the end Colm explains a method he uses to transform his own life as well as those of others so stick around for that. And if you enjoy this go check out Colm’s Alchemy Lab podcast where you will find an interview with me. And as always don’t believe in anything, experiment have you own experiences and practice discernment. I hope you enjoy this conversation. Find out more about Colm here: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
November 21, 2020
037 - Sitting in the stillness with Martin Wells
My guest today is Transactional Therapist and long term meditation practitioner Martin Wells. Be aware - be aware of what? Be aware of your body! Those were the instructions of my first ever meditation teacher. From the simple practice he taught I learned that we can always ground ourselves and become present to the moment through awareness of our body, a lesson I still cherish. So I was very happy to have this chance to speak with Martin about his use of mindfulness in therapy.  Martin has several decades experience as a therapist in the English National Health service, a context in which he regularly gets to apply his practice in complex inter-personal interactions. Discussing Martin’s recent book, Sitting in the Stillness: Freedom from the personal story offered a good opportunity to explore both the benefits of mindfulness, as well as some of its potential risks or draw backs. Other topics we touch on include: The impact of our ancestors on our emotional life such as repressing anger and conflict among people with trauma background The jadedness that we can experience on our spiritual journey The benefits of approaching therapeutic work as a soul to soul or consciousness to consciousness connection  And the concept of Non-duality  We use the term Mindfullness quite a bit. Martin defines mindfulness as : Noticing and accepting whatever occurs - so keep that in mind when the term comes up, and as always don’t believe in anything, experiment and have you own experiences. I hope you enjoy this conversation. Find out more about Martin Wells here: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
November 01, 2020
036 - Wisdom from the spirit world with Carole Obley
My guest today is Carole Obley who spoke with me from her home near Pittsburgh Pensilvania. Carole is a long standing spirit medium who specializes in conveying information from extraphysical consciousnesses to people in the physical dimension and has done so in thousands of private and group sessions. Carole is the author of Embracing the Ties That Bind, I'm Still with You and Soul to Soul Connections as well as her latest book Wisdom from the Spirit World that we discuss today. Carole has earned a reputation in her geographical area as the real deal among psychic mediums and based on her work and our discussion I can see why. Her book is replete with examples of highly veridical communications by spirits and Carole places a strong focus on the ethical consideration of her work. As well as examples of some of the more remarkable communications she has received over the decades, we discuss some of the big picture questions around life and death, including issues such as our life purpose, free will, the paradoxical benefits of the human struggle and our evolution across life times. This interview was held as a Facebook live and Carole addresses one audience question at the end. I really enjoyed my conversation with Carole and I hope you do too.   Find our more about Carole here at her website and on her Amazon page: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
October 03, 2020
035 - Soul-Centred Healing with Dr Tom Zinser
My guest today is Tom Zinser who spoke with me from his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am really excited about being able to bring you this conversation as Tom’s work is incredibly important. Tom is a clinical psychologist who In 1987, was specializing in hypnosis and the treatment of dissociative disorders when he met Katharine Mackey who channeled a spirit entity named Gerod. Tom struck up a long term working relationship with Gerod who, through Katharine, assisted him in his clinical work on cases where Tom by himself was getting stuck. The result of this collaboration was an approach to healing which Tom called Soul-Centered Healing. Tom has documented the story of this collaboration, and the healing methods that emerged from it, in his book, Soul-Centered Healing: A Psychologist’s Extraordinary Journey into the Realms of Sub-Personalities, Spirits, and Past Lives.  What so excites me about Tom’s work is that he has developed a system that closely corresponds to my growing understanding of the complexity of consciousness through my own studies and personal healing. The power of Tom’s works is that he has been able to test and document this system through thousands of hours of clinical work and verifiable results with clients. This understanding includes the conventional psychological aspects of repressed aspects of ourselves, the impact of past life influences including from repressed parts from those lives, and intrusive energies by extraphysical consciousnesses. Tom’s work is full of leading edge distinctions and understandings and I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.  You can find out more about Tom's work here: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
September 18, 2020
034 - The Tao of the Dow with Nelson Abreu
My guest today is Nelson Abreu who spoke with me from the Neuma Mind Spa in Los Angeles that he runs together with his partner Manori Sumanasinghe who you can hear in Episode 32. Nelson is a returning guest after speaking with me in episode 9 about the kind of innovative technologies he and Manori have created to assist us in deepening our connection to consciousness. In this episode Nelson returns after completing a book called The Tao of the Dow in which he has compiled a number of articles and talks about the role of consciousness in the world of business. We talk about a range of topics, such as work place energy, the question of perpetual growth of consciousness vs perpetual economic growth, the way changes in consciousness shift the way we do politics and economics, how altered states of consciousness drive innovation and much more. Inadvertently, Nelson and I went from saying hello straight into the topic as Nelson explained how his company had to make adjustments to meet Coronavirus requirements, not because they weren’t already meeting them, but because they needed to manage public perceptions of how they were meeting them. So I quickly hit the record button and you are jumping into the beginning of our conversation mid-flow.  Find out more about Nelson's work here: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
September 13, 2020
033 - The magical mythical unicorn with Alfonso Colasuonno
My guest today its Alfonso Colasuonno who spoke with me from his home in Baltimore on the east coast of the US. Alfonso is a professional writer and the co-author with Vakasha Brenman of "The book of the magical mythical unicorn". This is not really a topic I thought I’d be talking about on this podcast, but the subject matter piqued the interest of my inner anthropology geek, who enjoyes research into the variety of life forms that either inhabited this planet a long time ago, exist in other dimensions or both. As it turned out I really enjoyed getting into some of Alfonso’s own multidimensional experiences, including with a unicorn, as well as discussing the historic evidence and geographic spread of those creatures in the record. The Book of the Magical Mythical Unicorn is available through and wherever books are sold. Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
September 01, 2020
032 - From battle zone to mind spa: an inspiring story of resilience, self-care, passion and commitment with Manori Sumanasinghe
My guest today is Manori Sumanasinghe who spoke with me from her Neuma Mind Spa in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Manori is a Sri Lankan – American Designer and Entrepreneur, with a background in architecture and business. She is co-chair of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) alumni council and has served as an assistant director at International Academy of Consciousness (IAC). Her husband is Nelson Abreu who I spoke with for episode 9 about the Neuma Mind Spa. While Nelson brings the technical expertise, Manori is the creative mind behind this project.  They combine their expertise in design and technology, with nearly three decades of experience in mindfulness and heightened states and a passion for community building. They have created technologies that are inspired by energy mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, lucid sleep states such as out-of-body experiences (OBE), lucid dreams, and other ancient heightened state techniques. These technologies empower creatives, professionals, change makers, entrepreneurs and first responders by facilitating creative, healing, and transformative altered states. In this interview Manori provides some insight into the remarkable journey that brought her from rural and war torn Sri Lanka to the US and to the kind of creative and assistential projects that she is realising now. It is an inspiring story of resilience, self-care, passion and commitment. Find out more about Manori's work here: Neuma Being Neuma Mind Spa The Cymatix Community Membership Booking Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
August 28, 2020
031 - Stories of growth, transformation and self-acceptance with Angela Legh
Originally from the US Anelela spoke with me from her home in the UK. I was introduced to Angela through a mutual friend who suggested I interview for her for this podcast. All I knew about her at that point was that she had written a few children’s books that conveyed some important philosophical and ultimately multidimensional life messages. Her most recent book is Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change; a 22-chapter fairy tale featuring consciousness concepts embedded into an engaging storyline - in this interview Angela shares the dramatic life changes that led her to writing such books only quite recently. A fire literally burned through her life and turned her from a self-described "muggle" into a "soul-listener". This was no easy journey and Angela describes the tools that helped her in this transformation in which she shifted from a place of victimhood to one of feeling empowered in the creation of her life. Along the way, we talk about the power of collective contributions to healing our community, the way children books can teach emotional resilience, breathwork, changes of the planet, and much more. Angela's Social Media and website: – Blog and Books - focused on books - - free children’s story videos; *meditations will be added soon Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
August 19, 2020
030 - A Transformative Near-Death Experience with David Ditchfield
My guest today is David Ditchfield, author of SHINE ON: The Remarkable Story of How I Fell Under a Moving Train, Journeyed to the Afterlife, and the Astonishing Proof I Brought Back with Me - the title of this book says it all. David is a near-death experience, (NDE)-inspired artist, composer, and author. He wants to use his NDE to make a positive difference to people's lives. In 2006, he was dragged under a speeding train in a freak accident. As the surgeons fought to save him, he had a profound NDE. When he woke up in hospital, he had acquired astonishing new abilities. He found he could paint dramatic paintings of what he had seen in the Afterlife, far beyond any artistic ability he had before. He then discovered he could compose classical music, having never received any training. To this day, he cannot read or write a single note of musical notation, and yet his debut NDE-inspired symphony, All fo these aspects are fascinating, but in addition the NDE helped David transform what was a very stuck life into one where he truly feels he is aligned with his purpose. I hope you enjoy this conversation. You can connect with David via email or on his website where you can also listen to his compositions Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
July 29, 2020
029 - Reviving our relationship with nature through psychedelics with Dr Sam Gandy
My guest today is Dr Sam Gandy. Sam has a PhD in ecological science from the University of Aberdeen and an MRes in entomology from Imperial College London. He is a writer, speaker, amateur mycologist and has a lifelong love of nature and wildlife. He has conducted field research in various parts of the world including the UK, Kefalonia, Almeria, Texas, the Peruvian Amazon, Vietnam and Ethiopia. Most relevant to our conversation, he also has experience of working in the psychedelic field, as a scientific assistant to the director of the Beckley Foundation, and currently as a collaborator with the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London. His research is focussed on the capacity of psychedelics to (re)connect our increasingly disconnected species to nature, for the potential betterment of humanity and the biosphere at large. In our conversation we explore the findings of a large study Sam participate in that explored how psychedelics impact on the user’s experience of connection to nature. If you’ve read my writing on this subject you will know that I have an ambiguous relationship with psychedelics. On the one hand I appreciate the way they can broaden our experience of life and help us transcend outdated paradigms. On the other I have had equally transformative expreriences without the use of any substances and I believe that there is in fact a risk that overuse of psychedelics can impede our innate capacity to access these transformative altered states. I was very happy to be able to explore this and other topics with someone as measured and experienced in this field as Dr Gandy. Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
July 27, 2020
027 - The power of our thoughts and emotions (thosenes) and the multidimensional repercussions of gossip with Simone Mucida
My guest for this episode is Simone Mucida who spoke with me from her home in Miami Florida. Simone has a degree in Psychology and has extensive experience as an organisational psychologists with different types of businesses and not for profit organizations. The focus of our conversation however, is around her research of consciousness under the conscientiological paradigm for over 2 decades. She has been a volunteer instructor of conscientiology since 2001. In case you haven’t listened to any of the previous episodes where we discussed conscientiology, it is a consciousness research discipline that originates from Brazil. Conscientiology has grown into a vast academic discipline.  Our discussion is centred on two entries Simone has written for the extensive Encyclopaedia of Conscientiology. The first (as yet unpublished) entry deals with her main specialisation, which is known as Thosenology a subdiscipline of conscientiology that, studies the interaction and all the multidimensional repercussions between Thoughts, Sentiments and Energies. In other words we examine the fundamental nature of our thoughts and emotions to our energetic manifestation in this dimension. Simone’s second entry is super practical, because it deals with the negative or detrimental effects of gossiping within individuals’ lives as well as in groups of different sizes. Considering the impact of gossip from a multidimensional perspective really made me appreciate the importance of integrity and directness in our communication. Simone provides consulting and counseling services and can be reached at Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
July 20, 2020
028 - The healing work of Bruno Gröning with Trevor Steele
In this episode I speak with Trevor Steele who  is the leader of the Adelaide chapter of the Circle of Friends of Bruno Göring. It is Bruno Göring we mainly talk about, although Trevor’s brief back story is also interesting. Bruno was a German spiritual healer who was most prominent in his practice after Word War 2 from 1949 through the 1950s when he attended what must have been hundreds of thousands of chronically ill, traumatised and wounded people. Trevor says the large grounds where Bruno saw the majority of the people became known as the field of misery, a really powerful image when you imagine 20,000 or 30,000 suffering people gathered together awaiting healing from all manner of afflictions, including paralysis, blindness and crippling pains.  By all accounts Bruno not only had an abundance of love for all the people in need but actually healed many thousands from conditions considered untreatable. It is a remarkable story that I would have had a lot of trouble believing if I hadn’t watched the documentary about him that you can find on YouTube. Trevor is an excellent person to narrate this story, himself having started and then stopped a catholic ministry, moving into atheism, before experiencing his own spiritual healing. The issue of spiritual healing raises many scientific, ethical and spiritual questions and I hope this account will inspire you to ponder these as it did for me. You can watch an extensive and fascinating 3-part documentary about Bruno on Youtube: You can get in touch with Trevor here: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
July 13, 2020
026 - Astral Projection with Florentin Ionita
My guest today is Florentin Ionita who spoke with me from his home in Barcelona, Spain. Florentin is a visual effects specialist with a background in movie making, including some big Hollywood blockbusters, but he has left that successful career to develop a business as an astral projection coach. That in itself is quite a remarkable life trajectory, and I think you will find the many synchronicities Florentin shares that marked out this path as fascinating as I did. If you have been listening to this podcast for a while you may have noticed that not everybody talking about OBEs seems to have exactly the same idea of what they involve. Florentin provides his perspective, which resonates closely with mine, and we explore what’s involved in getting out of the body with awareness and importantly why a person may want to do so. Of course Florentin also explains what approach he adopts to help people achieve that goal. I really appreciated Florentin’s inspiring vision of humanity awakening to our multidimensional nature and transforming our relationship with death and through that life. You can find out more about Florentin’s astral projection coaching practice here: Or join his Astral Projection Accelerator Facebook Group here Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
June 20, 2020
025 - Physical mediumship with Inge Crosson of the Wallacia Development Centre
My guest on this episode is Inge Crosson who owns and runs the Wallacia Development Centre in the Blue Mountain regions of New South Wales, near Sydney. As synchronicity would have it, she and I grew up in the same part of Germany in towns only about 20 km apart from each other. I say in the intro to the podcast that my intention here is to help expand your consciousness and this conversation certainly expanded mine. Physical mediumship is not something I have looked into in much detail before. Inge on the other hand has spent the past 10 years working with physical mediums around the world. She herself is a medium and she has sat in a few hundred seances with over 20 different physical mediums. She is also a successful businesswoman and her academic education includes Intensive Care registered nurse, Bachelor of Teaching, Masters in Education and Research. As a result she brings a very matter of fact and down to earth approach to the many remarkable stories she has to share from physical mediumship seances. Stories about the ways in which the non-physical dimension became tangibly present to her and others, and also ways in which extraphysical consciousnesses manipulate the physical dimension in both incredible and humorous ways. Versions of physical mediumship have been around for millennia among Aboriginal Australians and other indigenous and shamanic cultures around the world. It is also a field that is a popular target for skeptics and there seem to be few detailed studies of these phenomena. Of course what is presented here is also merely anecdotal. But If we treat the experiences shared by Inge, which are really just a snapshot of thousands of such experiences people report across the world, as data for the interface between physical and non-physical dimensions, they provide all manner of interesting detail about what is involved in communicating and interacting across dimensions of manifestation and how can we contribute to that process. This is a fascinating and important area of study and human life and so I hope you enjoy this conversation. Find out more about Inge and physical medmiumship in Australia here: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here
June 08, 2020
024 - Lucidity for all with Yuri Zaritski
My guest today is Yuri Zaritski who spoke with me from his home in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Yuri had a successful career in a large Oil and Gas company that he gave up following a profound dream with a black panther, a story he recounts in this interview. By following his dream, literally, Yuri has been led to a life in which he considers himself truly free. Yuri now teaches people lucid dreaming and astral projection under the banner of Lucidity 4 All. In this interview Yuri shares a bit about his main teacher the Russian OBE researcher Michael Raduga. We discuss how Yuri understands these experiences, which he calls “shifting”, the importance of memory to take full advantage of our night time experiences, healing through dreams, his understanding of the subconscious and unconscious and their role to lucid dreaming and how he works with people that he coaches. We conducted this interview while live streaming on Facebook which means we occasionally speak to questions people had asked in comments and touch on a range of practical issues about dream practice. Unfortunately the novelty of organizing the Facebook live also meant I missed recording the very beginning of the interview, but I promise that all the good parts are including in this recording. I hope you enjoy this conversation. Find out more about Yuri Zaritski's here Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
June 02, 2020
023 - Ecology, anthropology and the paranormal with Dr Jack Hunter
My guest on this episode is Dr Jack Hunter who spoke with me from his home in the hills of mid-Wales. Jack is is an anthropologist exploring the borderlands of consciousness, religion, ecology and the paranormal. in 2017 he received his PhD in anthropology for his study of spirit mediumship in the UK and despite still being a pretty young guy he is quickly becoming one of the leading scholars in the anthropology of consciousness. He is producing the kind of writing I would have loved to have existed when I was going through university and struggled to find suitable references to support my budding passion for an experiential anthropology of consciousness. I first discovered him when he brought out the Paranthropology Journal which is freely available online. He is the author of Why People Believe in Spirits, God and Magic and has published a range of edited volumes including Talking with the Spirits, Strange Dimensions, Damned Facts, Engaging the Anomalous and his most recent Greening the Paranormal. It is Greening the Paranormal that we discuss here, exploring topics such as the role of religion and spirituality in tackling the ecological crisis, how different belief systems influence our relationship with the land, animism and a relational ontology as ways to change the way we interact wth the Earth and much more. At a time where the future of our planet may very well depend on the relationship each one of us is able to foster with her, these topics are of the upmost importance and so I hope you enjoy this conversation. Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here
May 23, 2020
022 - Robert Monroe, binaural beats and The Triad Mind with Mark Certo
Mark Certo spoke with me from his home in Atlanta, Georgia. Mark has been studying meditation since 1977 exploring the mind, consciousness and the nature of self. He is a professional musician and sound engineer and worked with OBE legend Robert Monroe from 1988, until Robert's death in 1995, on the art of reverse engineering EEG readings into tangible binaural beat matrices to effect consciousness. During his years at TMI he continued his studies in consciousness from the many disciplines available and produced most of the recorded material in the Institute’s catalog. He has participated as a consultant in various clinical studies, testing the effectiveness of binaural beats to invoke brainwave responses. Because of Mark’s close association with Robert Monroe I took this opportunity to ask a few questions about this highly influential figure in the applied consciousness research field. I feel very lucky to have had this indirect presence of Bob on this podcast via Mark.  Mark is also ideally placed to explain the working of binaural beats to alter out consciousness and induce out-of-body travel, a process originally developed at TMI under the name hemi-sync and we discuss some of the interesting research on correlation between brain waves and states of consciousness. One of the things I really appreciate about Mark’s approach is to go beyond phenomena or remarkable states of consciousness to applying them practically in our life. The tagline for his consciousness development school The Triad Mind is “I know that I am more than my physical body. Now what?”, and that is a question we also explore.  Unfortunately there are a few occasions where Mark’s sound disappeared but it is only ever for a couple of seconds and should not stop you from getting a lot of value out of this episode. You can connect with Mark and sign up to his consciousness exploration programme the Triad Mind here: ​or on Facebook Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here: To support this podcast and get yourself a mind expanding read purchase a copy of Multidimensional Evolution: personal explorations of consciousness here Or make a donation to Auphonic who I use to provide great sound quality for you
May 09, 2020
021 - Death is not the end: understanding the transitions between lives with Ines Beyer
Ines Beyer spoke with me from her home in Düsseldorf, Germany. Ines is the author of the award winning book Death is not the end: understanding the transition between lives.  Having gone through a personal life crisis facing her own mortality, she started to explore out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, and the afterlife. She has volunteered at the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) from 2008 – 2018, and taught classes on out-of-body experiences. During 2019 she worked with Mosaic Wellness and Education focusing on death and afterlife. She also studied Metaphysical Sciences and Past Life Hypnotherapy, and she is passionate about human consciousness evolution.  When we spoke she was awaiting the imminent arrival of her first child. Reflecting on death and becoming fully conscious of our mortality is a key aspect of maturing as a consciousness and many spiritual traditions emphasise this. Ines’s approach is very evidence focused and we discuss the evidence that shows us that consciousness survives physical death, and indeed precedes physical birth. We explore what it means to die, and through that what it means to live. We consider how we can turn intellectual understanding of being more than our body into embodied knowledge and why many people who have Near Death Experiences struggle with their physical life subsequently. And as this interview took place against the current coronavirus pandemic, we also touch on whether a different perspective of death might give is a different perspective of what is happening. If you have been following this podcast you will notice that this episode is longer than usual. This is the result of me letting go of the aim of fitting into a given time slot and simply going with making sure we discuss all the topics I wanted to discuss. I really enjoyed my conversation with Ines and I hope you will too.
April 29, 2020
020 - Navigating the out-of-body experience with Graham Nicholls
My guest today is Graham Nicholls, who spoke with me from London, where he was under lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic like so many of us around the world at this time. This situation - of being cooped up at home - in some ways provides a great incentive to pursue out of body travel and the freedoms of experience that offers. And Graham is a perfect source of guidance for this experience. He is the Director of the Out of Body and Near Death Experience Society (UK), as well as a lecturer and advisory board member for The Rhine Research Center (US). He is a leading practitioner and researcher into out-of-body experiences. He is also an installation artist exploring psychology and consciousness through specially designed technological environments. His installations have led to immersive technology designed to induce OBEs, and later his Infra-liminal sound recordings, which help bring about the vibrational state (a key stage of the OBE) in the majority of those who use them. You can purchase downloads of those recordings on his website. Graham is the author of Avenues of the Human Spirit and Navigating the Out of Body Experience, which is the book we discuss today. One of the things I really appreciate about Graham’s approach is that it is very scientific in the true sense of the word. He seems confined neither by long-standing esoteric teachings nor by materialist science, but approaches the phenomenon of the OBE or astral projection with the mind of a true explorer - collecting data and looking for those aspects that can be replicated and find support in multiple sources across time. Graham also emphasises the importance of veridical OBEs. These are experiences where the experiences involves obtaining data that one could not realistically have obtained without being out of the body and he provides a number of compelling examples. Among other things we discuss healthy and unhealthy skepticism, the kinds of fears that can stop us from consciously leaving our body, the benefits of doing so and how to go about generating the experiences. Find out more about Graham's work on his website ​ H​ere is a link to the article about the differences between dreams and OBEs mentioned in the podcast Find out more about Kim McCaul at
April 14, 2020
019 - Metaphysics and tackling racism with Reverend Brig Feltus
My guest for this episode is Reverend Brig Feltus  who joined me from her home in Los Angeles. Reverend Brig is founder, CEO and visionary for The Intersection for Mankind and the Dean and creator, advisor, and Master Teacher for most of the curriculum offered through The Intersection for Mankind’s ReMember Institute.  She is an ordained minister of Metaphysical Science, having received Masters degrees of Metaphysical Science and Metaphysical Psychology from the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona.  Her qualifications and fields of activity are many, ranging from counselling in the areas of intimacy and sexuality to group education in the field of racism, always with an eye to the complex metaphysical nature of human life. It was her work in racism that first called my attention. It is not a topic that many so-called spiritual teachers venture into. In fact there is a lot of spiritual by-passing when it comes to racism with versions of the statement “I don’t see colour” being all too common, albeit couched in what seems like spiritually inclusive languages such as “we are all just spirit” - a sentiment that is meaningless unless the social reality of racism is fully acknowledged and tackled. So I greatly admire the direct way Brig tackles this reality in her online presence, and from about the 20 minute mark, after an explanation of metaphysics, this is the focus of our discussion. Brig explains how she works with racism and how this forms a key part of her spiritual practice. She shares the very moving story of the cruel death of a close relative and the reactions that followed that led her to this work. One of the reasons tackling racism is such a powerful spiritual practice is that racism is so deeply engrained in our culture. And we cannot by-pass our culture and the things that we learned as children. We need to bring consciousness to them, feel how they live in our body and then we can transform them. This is the work Brig helps people to do and why I am so happy to have her on this programme. ​Finally, as I am publishing this the world is shutting down due to a coronavirus crisis. This interview happened before this all began, so when you hear Brig struggling with a cough from time to time, that has nothing to do with Covid-19. However, given the current context, the passage from her that I used to introduce this interview seems more prophetic than it did at the time. To connect with Reverend Brig Feltus and find our more about her offerings go to Find her on Facebook or Patreon​ ​ Or email her: ​ Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here:
March 28, 2020
018 - Para-reurbanisation with Alexandre Balthazar
My guest in this episode is the Brazilian architect, urban designer and consciousness researcher Alexandre Balthazar. I first met Alexandre in 1998 when he played a key role in establishing the Centre for Higher Studies of Consciousness in Iguassu Falls Brazil. The Centre for Higher Studies of Consciousness is a multidimensional research campus, multidimensional in the sense that all of the workshops and self-research laboratories established there are designed with an awareness that extraphysical consciousnesses are involved at every step and in the sense that the purpose of the institution is to understand our multidimensional nature more deeply.  During the interview Alexandre uses the word Cognopolis a few time. The term cognopolis essentially means a city of knowledge and among conscientiologists is used to refer to conscientiology research campuses and the community of people who form around them with the intention of self-research and the completion of group existential programmes. Since helping start the CHSC Alexandre has been involved in the establishment of 3 other campuses across Brazil and this has strongly influenced his passions for the topic of our conversation today which is parareurbanisation.  In this interview we explore the significant changes occurring on our planet. Spiritual and religious groups for millennia have predicted major changes to the world - be it a second coming, a global flood, or the emergence of a so-called new earth. Conscientiology has its own theory of the evolution of consciousness on this planet. Rather than being brought about by a saviour figure or some sudden event, this theory involves the long term process of para-reurbanisation, which, it is suggested, our planet is currently engaged in. Para-reurbanisation is premised on the understanding that the state of consciousness in the physical dimension is heavily influenced by the states of consciousness in the extraphysical dimensions. So to improve and elevate life in our physical form, we need to transform and heal the conditions of the billions of consciousnesses who surround the planet in extraphysical form. As Alexandre puts it in the interview, this process will see the earth being transformed from a hospital-school to a school-hospital, i.e. from a space where most of us spend most time being sick and little bit of time learning, to a space where we prioritise learning and only need to take care of our sickness a little bit. Sound quality and the fact that English is not Alexandre’s first language may require a bit of effort on your part as listener, but there is a lot of rich information in this interview so I encourage you to stay tuned till the end. Apart from giving us a deeper appreciation of the scale of change that we are a part of, I really liked Alexandre’s practical advice about how we can all contribute to parareurbanisation through deepening our compassion and finding ways to assist each other grow in every day life. I also really enjoyed hearing Alexandre’s anecdote of para-diplomacy, i.e. diplomacy across dimensions, when it comes to establishing a cognopolis on the ancestral lands of other people whose ancestors are still present at the site. It is a message any of us living in colonised countries can apply in our own lives and it ties back nicely to Episode 15 of this podcast about ancestral healing. At some point Alexandre mentions a photo of a stone. You can find this on my website under the notes for this podcast if you want to check it out.  On my blog you can find a couple of articles about para-reurbanisation if you want to explore this concept more deeply
March 14, 2020
017 - The power of breathwork with Sabine Toh-Harrer
My guest today is Sabine Toh-Harrer. Sabine brings a rich background of long-standing yoga practice, NLP, breath-work, natural therapies and medical science. She runs the Kunadlini Yoga Studio in Adelaide and has taught yoga in many professional and public settings, including to large student and staff bodies at Adelaide’s major universities. Currently she is in the midst of a PhD on sleep and breath research. In this conversation she substantially focuses on the power of breathing techniques. I encourage you take notes of the techniques she introduces, because they are super practical and so quick to apply. Sabine introduces how we can use the breath as a portal to consciousness, whether it is to relax and help us sleep, or focus and energise us, expand our awareness or release emotions. There are different breaths for different outcomes. Sabine brings a great combination of deeply considered intellectual rigour, embodied learning and tangible enthusiasm for the power of the breath. I hope you enjoy the conversation and I encourage you to experiment with your own breath work. Connect with Sabine here: Find out more about me and my work here:
February 22, 2020
016 - Zephyrus: the para-identity of Waldo Vieira with Mabel Teles
What does it take to prepare for a highly productive multidimensional life? What is the relationship between our evolutionary efforts in physical lives and those during the periods when we are in the extraphysical dimensions? How does one develop a para-identity, an identity that outlives individual life times and the physical dimension? These and other fascinating questions are discussed in this conversation with Mabel Teles, author of Zephyrus: the intermissive paraidentity of Waldo Vieira. Through the case study of the prolific author and explorer of consciousness Waldo Vieira, Mabel sheds light on aspects of the evolution of consciousness that are relevant to us all. The topics we discuss are not understandings or ideas you find articulated and explored often and as such are truly at the leading-edge of consciousness research. About Waldo Vieira As the centre piece of this discussion is Waldo Vieira who was born in 1932 in Monte Carmelo Brazil. At a fairly young age he moved to Uberaba and became a medium in the Brazilian Spiritualist movement, something we touch on in our conversation. Professionally he became a dentist, medical doctor and plastic surgeon. But he his best known for his legacy as a prolific researcher of consciousness as well as the founder of a number of consciousness research organisations dedicated to the study and development of conscientiology. Among his many publications in this field are the treaties Projectiology: A panorama of experiences of the consciousness outside the human body, the most comprehensive volume on every aspect of out-of-body exploration produced to date,  and the 700 Conscientiology Experiments, both of which are available for free online here. Waldo left his physical body for the last time in 2015. That a person with his kind of productive output has worked their way up to this makes a lot of sense, and in Zephyrus, Mabel Teles sets out many of steps that this consciousness took across millennia to prepare for the most recent life.   About Mabel Teles Mabel is a teacher and specialist in the didactics of higher education and has an academic background in communications. Most relevant to our conversation, she has been a student and teacher of conscientiology for a long time, having taught classes and workshops since 1994 in Brazil, the US and Europe. She previously wrote the book Prophylaxis against Consciential Manipulation. She has spent most of her many years immersed in conscientiology working closely with Waldo Vieira. This opened the opportunity to interview him extensively for the book on Zephyrus.  You can contact Mabel at and purchase a copy of her book on Zephyrus here Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here:
February 01, 2020
015 - Ancestral Healing with Shannon Ledford
Shannon Ledford is a mother and an Ancestral Medicine Practitioner, trained in Daniel Foor’s method. Shannon spoke with me from her home in the ancestral lands of the Tsalagi/Cherokee in the mountains of Western NC near Asheville. Developing awareness of the ancestral background of the lands where we live is an important step in the Ancestral Healing method Shannon practices. We discuss what ancestral healing is and how we can all incorporate it into our life to make it richer. We touch on the relationship between past lives and ancestors, how to distinguish healthy from unhealthy ancestors and the relationship between place and our ancestral lineage. I loved hearing how Shannon’s life is informed by her ancestors and how the healing of her blood lineages has been a potent & enlivening journey and this really comes through in her passion for this work. This conversation took place against the background of an immense bush fire crises shaking my home country of Australia at the beginning of 2020 and we touch on how ancestral healing may also relate to that. Connect with Shannon here: ​ Website: Email: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here:
January 26, 2020
014 - From grief to reconnection with the deceased with Erin Chandler
My guest for this episode is Erin Chandler who spoke with me from her home in Ontario, Canada. Erin is a bereavement coach and speaker. She works one on one with clients and hosts Spiritual Connection Retreats for the bereaved around the world. Erin herself is a bereaved parent and guides others how to connect with and receive guidance from their deceased loved one's. She is the author of 'Love you Ava Baby - The truth about life after losing a child' and 'The Spirit Connection - The Bereaved Parent's Guide to Moving beyond the Grief and Communing with Your Child'. In this conversation we explore the reality and depth of grief that comes with losing a child and how in Erin’s case her grief over losing her baby daughter drove her to her darkest depth until an unexpected message from her daughter through a medium opened Erin up to the continuity of life beyond the physical dimension. Erin shares how she learned to see the subtle signs her now extraphysical daughter uses to communicate with her and how we can all connect with extraphysical loved ones in practical ways. We cover issues such as the challenge of accepting communications from non-physical people and sharing those experiences with others, the limitations of conventional religion to assist us in understanding death, and why it is unrealistic to expect getting all our answers from a medium. Finally Erin explains how she came to understand the purpose behind her daughter’s death. At the very end Erin shares a practical technique for how to connect with deceased loved ones. You can find Erin here: FB: @Erin E Chandler Email: Find out more about Kim McCaul and his work here:
January 19, 2020
013 - Truespeak and transformational meditation with Ell Graniel
Ell Graniel is a speaker, author, coach and trainer who has drawn on her background in NLP and Transformational Meditation to develop a modality she calls Truespeak. In this conversation we talk about the different voices we all have in our head and how to identify the one that represents our own inner benevolent leadership. We discuss how to create inner change to bring new scenarios into our life and connect with our inner guidance in difficult life situations. Ell invites us to broaden our idea of meditation and find how to do it in our own way. She explains how to use a dark journal to get negative self-talk out of your head and much more. At the end Ell does a short guided meditation for you to experience her modality of transformational meditation. About Ell Graniel Ell Graniel has a passion for motivation that began over thirty-five years ago when she became a certified group fitness instructor, manager, and key-note speaker for such influential companies as 24-Hour Fitness and Beach Body’s Chalene Johnson, as well as the local Oahu and Honolulu Clubs. In 1996 she began training with the International Academy of Self-Knowledge (IASK) where she earned her certification as a coach, in NLP, and Transformational Meditation™ (TfM) Facilitator. Shortly after that, Ell earned her B.A. degree in Communication and started Truespeak™, her unique business specializing in how to get what you want just by asking. Some of her diverse clientele includes University of Hawaii, Hawaii Health at Work Alliance, Houghton-Mifflin, Business Network International (BNI), and IDEA Health & Fitness association. The success of her coaching, speaking and trainings comes from the blend of the relationship between Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the different languages of learning styles, and quantum physics that has been gleaned from decades of research and documentation. Her forte is keynote speaking, as her approach is direct, and her humor and insight are refreshing and enlightening. Her motto is, “Say what you want. The truth is in you.” Ell’s book Get Happier & Healthier Now is a best-selling e-book on Amazon and her first book Chocolate Cake for the Thighs – the anti-diet book for women has been in print 14 years. She has also penned articles for several publications. In addition, Ms. Graniel is also a keynote speaker, podcast guest, blogger, and presenter on topics such as motivation, communication skills, healthy living, and NLP. She currently resides in Honolulu, Hawaii where she enjoys sunsets on the beach, reading, writing, and her infamous disco ball collection. She may be reached at: Website: and Email: Phone: 808-724-7814 And followed on: Facebook: IG: 4Truespeak YouTube: Ell Graniel Twitter: Truespeak@EllGraniel
January 10, 2020
012 - Conscious Explorers with Caz Coronel
In this episode I speak with London based international DJ and explorer of consciousness Caz Coronel. We talk about how Caz transformed her fear of the spontaneous out-of-body experiences she had as a child and started consciously exploring non-physical dimensions, the challenge to objective proof of out-of-body experiences, the reason why people may stop having out-of-body experiences, following your life purpose, the relationship between music, energy and consciousness, a therapeutic approach Caz developed and called Loop-busting, and much more. Professional DJ, producer, musician, improv pianist and singer. Founder of the Conscious Explorers group and speaker on matters of consciousness, lucid dreams, out of body experiences, philosophy, well-being, mindset, mindfulness, nature hacks, mental and physical health. Developer of a life changing, world changing, personal development app coming soon! ​ Stay connected with the Multidimensional Evolution podcast and Kim McCaul here: “Don’t believe in anything! Have your own experiences”
December 29, 2019
011 - Supporting the evolutionary changes of our planet through the Personal Energetic Task (PENTA) with Kim McCaul
In this episode I provide a basic introduction to an advanced form of energetic assistance known as the Personal Energetic Task or PENTA. PENTA involves the daily transmission of curative, beneficial energy to unwell physical and extraphysical consciousnesses. It sees the practitioner become a pivotal member of an multidimensional team and represents an important step in our evolution towards greater levels of assistance. A free copy of Waldo Vieira's book PENTA Manual can be downloaded here ( It goes into a lot more detail than I am able to in this podcast. I have also previously written about the practice in a couple of blog pieces ( and (
December 15, 2019
010 - Exploring the Afterlife with Gordon Phinn
For this conversation Gordon joined me from his home in Canada. Gordon  provides a lively narrative account of his understandings of our  multidimensional existence. We talk about out-of-body travel, the nature  of the afterlife, the power of our belief systems to determine our  experiences after death, the ways we can help people who have died and  much more. Some highlights for me were Gordon’s stories of being trained  for out-of-body travel by the helpers, the relationship between  morality and self-judgment - the potential impact of disturbed  extraphyical consciousnesses on our mental health and the importance of  staying grounded. I hope you will enjoy Gordon’s story telling as much  as I did. The first few seconds of our dialogue somehow did not get  recorded so I apologise that the beginning seems like you’re jumping in  mid-conversation. Gordon Phinn has been exploring mysticism and metaphysics  all his adult life. That's about 50 years. Absorbing the teachings of  Spiritualism and Theosophy and the Wesern Esoteric Tradition between  about 1970 and 1995 he found an opening to spirit through intimate  contact with the crop circles formations in England that seemed to  activate his own inner abilities and confidence. Thus he went from being  a scholar/researcher to being an experiencer and teacher/guide in the  1995-2000 period. Many obe/lucid dream experiences resulted in his first  book Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It, followed fairly quickly by More  Adventures In Eternity. A period of regular radio spots and seminars  followed, which, combined with internet visibility brought many from  around the world to his light. A third book You Are History completed  what he then called his Afterlife Trilogy. The novel An American In  Heaven took much of the same material and made it more entertaining. A  videoblog, The Word of Gord, on Youtube, became his main channel of  communication around 2007/8 and continues to this day. A text blog on  WordPress "anotherwordofgord" has resulted in four books of essays,  Confronting Your Immortality, Embracing Your Divinity, Laughing At The  Universe Of Lies & Consciousness, a Primer. Gordon resides in  Oakville, Ontario, Canada, where he continues to offer many  facilitations and services.
December 03, 2019
009 - Innovations in consciousness research with Nelson Abreu
In this conversation I talk with Nelson Abreu about beneficial and limiting aspects of our cultural conditioning to applied consciousness research, the benefits of a scientific mindset, the nature of consciousness as part of the cosmic ecology, how technology can be used to develop greater self-awareness, and much more. Along the way we touch on a phenomena documented in Nelson’s latest edited book, where a person claims to have received a song from the extra physical John Lennon. Nelson kindly provided me with a copy of the song and I include it at the end of the conversation. So if you want to hear the song - performed by the man who received it - and make up your own mind if John Lennon is still writing music on the other side, stay tuned to the very end of this rich conversation. I really resonated with this statement Nelson made during the conversation: “The only thing I fear is to live a life, to look back and think, I didn’t do as much as I could.” Find more information about this and other episodes at Nelson Abreu, BSEE, PE, MSc’20 is a Portuguese-American electrical engineer, innovation expert and consciousness author, educator and technologist based in Los Angeles. He lectures at International Academy of Consciousness and is a member of the International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) consortium. He has contributed to several books and publications, the latest of which is Ordinary People, Extraordinary Experiences. Nelson is a co-founder of design, technology, and well-being creative lab Neumascape Studio, where he co-created the world’s first Mind Spa & Showroom (Neuma Being). It features the Cymatix creativity and relaxation recliner. He began experiencing and studying transformative phenomena like out-of-body experiences (OBEs) in 1998. He has developed techniques and technologies to facilitate such states and presented at conferences and workshops in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.
November 23, 2019
008 - The significance of our past lives with Viktoria Duda
Viktoria is a spiritual anthropologist, hypnotherapist and writer. She conducts past life regressions internationally - mainly via Skye. She also runs workshops and has spoken at numerous international conferences focused on the multidimensional aspects of our existence. In this conversation she shares how she went from being a successful lawyer, to finding her calling in exploring past lives through hypnotherapy. Among other things we talk about the complexity of memory when considering past lives, the way trauma and guilt from past lives carry on in the present and hold us back from living our lives fully, the potential value of past life work to conditions of body integrity and gender dysphoria, and much more. If you are interested in researching your own multi-existential history, I encourage you to stay tuned until the end when Viktoria makes a very generous offer for people open to conducting research with her. If you want to understand the nitty gritty side of past lives you will get a lot of great information in this episode. If you are interested in getting in touch with Dr Duda to explore the possibilities of past life sessions, please visit her website at or have a look at her current research project which invites participants at This is the first episode with a new intro - a song by Axel Thesleff fittingly called Reincarnation, The outro is another tune by Axel called Akasha. Check out my book, blog and other episodes of this podcast at
November 12, 2019
007 - Para-phenomenology and cosmic consciousness with Ulisses Schlosser
In this episode I am talking with Ulisses Schlosser. Ulisses is a Brazilian psychologist who has been exploring consciousness through the Brazilian framework of conscientiology for more than 30 years.  He spoke with me from his home in Foz do Iguaçu or Iguaçu Falls. We had a few audio issues, including a neighbourhood dog who wanted to get in on the act, but if consciousness research is your thing I encourage you to listen to the end. Ulissess shares two of his research passions: paraphenomenology, ie the scientific study of phenomena related to psychic experieneces, and cosmoconsciousness, ie the experience of clear perception of our connectedness with the cosmos. Along the way we explore what science needs to  look like to account for non-physical experiences, the nature of perception and reality and much more.  If you want to connect with Ulisses you can email him:
November 03, 2019
006 - Spiritual awakening and energy healing with Peta Morton
In this episode I am talking with Peta Morton, author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern times, Reiki practitioner and explorer of energy healing about how she went from someone with a very materialistic and discontented experience of life to someone who dedicates her time to energy healing and enthusiastic exploration of all elements of the spiritual nature of life. Peta explains reiki, describes some of the visionary experiences that have come to guide her life, the study of cymatics in which energy frequencies are made visible, and much more.  I encourage you stay on after what seems to be the end, because we actually come back to demonstrate one of the phenomena discussed, which is sound effects captured by computers during distant healing via Skype. A couple of days after our chat, we connected again and Peta spent about 5 minutes sending reiki to me and anybody else who might be listening to this. While this is happening you can hear some enigmatic chirping sounds. So make sure you stay tuned till the very end.
October 16, 2019
005 - Walk-ins and the evolution of consciousness with Linda Allen
Originally from England, Linda Allen lives a quiet life in rural France with her family and numerous animals. Linda experienced a dramatic spiritual awakening in her 20s and eventually remembered that one of her tasks in this life was to leave her physical body prematurely to make it available for another consciousness - a "walk-in". This happened in 1992 and the other consciousness, known as Leia, occupied the body for 20 years until Linda was unexpectedly asked to return. Linda herself says that this is her final physical life. In this episode we explore this incredible story and how it relates to the evolution of consciousness.
October 05, 2019
004 - Hacking the out-of-body experience with Bob Peterson
Bob Peterson shares his extensive knowledge of out-of-body travel to help us understand how and why to pursue them.
September 27, 2019
003 - Intermissive Course with Tathiana Mota (Part 2)
I continue my conversation with Tathiana Mota about working out how to access information about our life purpose and any preparations for our current life that we may have made before our birth. We also talk about how best to support children who may have come to this life with big life projects.
September 14, 2019
002 - Intermissive Course with Tathiana Mota (Part 1)
Have you prepared yourself for this current life in the period between lives? In this episode I talk with Tathiana Mota, author of the book Intermissive Course, about the different ways we may have prepared ourselves for this life, why it matters and how we can connect more deeply with our life purpose. If you have the feeling that you are here for a reason but haven't quite worked out what that is yet, I encourage you to tune in.
September 01, 2019
001 - Introduction to the Multidimensional Evolution Podcast with Kim McCaul
This episodes introduces the podcast host, Kim McCaul, and his influences in exploring consciousness. We touch on why it is important not to believe in anything but instead pursue our own experiences, what Multidimensional Evolution means, and you have the chance to follow a guided meditation to connect with your subtle energy body and increase your vibrational frequency.
September 01, 2019