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A Novel Thought

A Novel Thought

By Kimberly Mckay
Author and Screenwriter, Kimberly Mckay, interviews those in and outside the writing & entertainment industry for a comprehensive look at the world, highlighting people who are trailblazers in their fields. A Novel Thought will focus on a variety of topics, but all will be thought-provoking and uplifting.
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David Kelso, Broadcast Journalist & Radio Personality
David Kelso, Broadcast Journalist & Radio Personality, discusses his broadcast background, interviews with some big names and how he's healing 'one day at a time' after his diagnosis. 
September 16, 2020
Actor, Director & Musician, John Schwab
John Schwab, an American actor in London gives insight to the industry, the steps he's taken along the way, tips for hopeful actors, and more. My brother from another mother is a delight as he gives heartfelt insight into his view on life, including how we grew up in a melting pot of culture and how it affects him and his family today. Find him on Twitter at @johnschwab and tell him you heard him on A Novel Thought. #anovelthought
September 7, 2020
Toby Rowland, The Voice of the Sooners
Toby Rowland, a friend from college and a broadcast super-star, joins me to talk about his journey as he rose from a sports fan to become the Voice of the Sooners. He's also a new author of a delightful children's book that encourages children to pursue their dreams. Toby epitomizes humbleness and is awe-inspiriting - well worth the listen. #theuniversityofOklahoma #tobyrowland
August 31, 2020
Author, Jill Cox, talks about her steps to becoming an author and give tips to those wanting to write a novel.
Author, Jill Cox,  talks about her steps to becoming an author and give tips to those wanting to write a novel. Check out how Paris shaped her journey and what she says to do and not to do for aspiring writers. Find her at ... #SMU #SNU #authors #writingcommunity #anovelthought
August 29, 2020
Diana Bishop, Brand Ambassador for Okinawan food talks about bringing a heritage together through cuisine.
Recently retired Lt. Col. Diana Bishop connects Americans with Okinawan backgrounds to their heritage through food. Find out about her passion project to turn the light on for Oki-Americans who are looking to broaden their horizons. Diana, also a friend of mine from Kubasaki High, gives insight on her cooking. Follow her at #okinawa #okinawanfood #okinawanamerican #american #japan
August 20, 2020
Interview with professor, writer, poet, and screenwriter Jeff Vande Zande
A quick 30-minutes with Jeff Vande Zande to discuss his start in the writing industry and the experiences which have shaped him. He even gives a bit of helpful instruction to those new writers out there than need a place to start. Thanks, Jeff! www.
August 18, 2020