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The Kimberly and Coach Show

The Kimberly and Coach Show

By Kimberly and Coach
Upgrade your team dynamics with practical tactics with Kimberly and Coach! They'll talk through practices of value that you can implement today.
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Episode 6: The Leadership of Art with Franque Bains
Franque Bains, community organizer in Salt Lake City, joins Kimberly and Coach to talk about her work with Utahn Conversations and the mural recently revealed on the Patagonia store in SLC. She brings beautiful wisdom on the topic of Black Joy and the impact of art that brings about change.   To engage with Franque and Utahn Conversations, follow these links:    ** Conversation guide: The mural artist Blondine Jean-Packard: The About the Mural pdf that Coach referenced in the episode:  Link to Toni Morrison interview that Franque referenced this episode: -- Jump to time 50:18 to listen to the quote referenced
August 18, 2021
Episode 5: The Team Map
What if, as a leader, you had some way to know your team’s motivations? What if you had a little window into their souls?  Or at least how they collaborate? We love a good team map because it’s so visual and akes it easy to see at a glance a quick bit about how we relate to each other as we tackle the tasks at hand.   In this episode we discuss mapping teams according to:    * Communication Style (VAK) * Myers-Briggs * Enneagram * CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) * The MPACT Quotient   Catch us over at to learn more
August 11, 2021
Episode 4: The MPACT Quotient with Joe Shannon
Joe Shannon, Program Director for the MPACT Assessment at Newton Institute, hangs out with Kimberly & Coach to talk about a new team dynamics tool that helps leaders and team members elevate and collaborate.   To learn more about the MPACT Quotients and discover your own secret team super powers, visit , and don't forget to book a consult with Kimberly & Coach at In this WORLD PREMIERE podcast with Joe Shannon, we closed out by endorsing shout singing 80's classics in your kitchen while cooking. And to celebrate the Kimberly & Coach Show's availability on Spotify, we, along with friends Rachel Lou, Kristina Donley, and Eric Legeer, have put together a Spotify playlist with songs from a variety of musical genres and eras that are perfect for singing at the top of your lungs in your kitchen while cooking: (Extra bonus internet points to Rachel Lou for bringing in songs that were Friday Night favorites from the Culbertson's Skating Rink!)
July 30, 2021
Episode 3: And We're Back
Kimberly & Coach bring you up to speed about what's been going on in the pandemic season, and also bring you The Three Question Setback Check-in that you can use today.   Also in the episode, they mention:    * Pre-pandemic: Episode 2 with Abi Robins: * FREE 9-video Language of Value course:  * The MPACT Quotient assessment:
July 29, 2021
Episode 2: The 80/20 Trick with Abi Robins
What is a "practice" and how is it useful in the working world? Yoga therapist and Enneagram teacher Abi Robins joins Kimberly and Coach to open up whole new techniques to leaders.  In this episode you'll learn:  What is a "practice" and what can be a practice? (The answer will surprise you) What are the three things that make up a practice?  The 80/20 trick and how it can revolutionize your interaction style You can find out more about Abi and her work at and 
March 2, 2020
Episode 1: The Marker Trick
Join Kimberly and Coach for a very special first episode! Kimberly will introduce you to the marker trick, and Coach will say many words.  You can watch Kimberly's TEDx talk they reference in the show here: 
February 17, 2020