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The Kimberly and Coach Show

The Kimberly and Coach Show

By Kimberly and Coach
Upgrade your team dynamics with practical tactics with Kimberly and Coach! They'll talk through practices of value that you can implement today.
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Episode 2: The 80/20 Trick with Abi Robins
What is a "practice" and how is it useful in the working world? Yoga therapist and Enneagram teacher Abi Robins joins Kimberly and Coach to open up whole new techniques to leaders.  In this episode you'll learn:  What is a "practice" and what can be a practice? (The answer will surprise you) What are the three things that make up a practice?  The 80/20 trick and how it can revolutionize your interaction style You can find out more about Abi and her work at and 
March 2, 2020
Episode 1: The Marker Trick
Join Kimberly and Coach for a very special first episode! Kimberly will introduce you to the marker trick, and Coach will say many words.  You can watch Kimberly's TEDx talk they reference in the show here: 
February 17, 2020