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The Feelcast

The Feelcast

By Kinda OK
Are you a human bean full of feelings? This might be the podcast to help you feel a little less alone. Ess is an illustrator hosting a series of conversations about what it means to exist, figuring out self-love, making friends as an "adult" and overall trying to create comfort and empathy in the company of other beans with lots of feels. It's okay to not be okay, it's more than okay to be kinda okay.
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POLY LOVE & PIGEONS (ft. Sophie Lucido Johnson)
This chat with Sophie Lucido Johnson was everything I could have hoped for and more. We talk about her books (Many Love and Love without Sex), polyamory, loving human beans, how roosters won't let people love them, internalized emotional responsibility for others, the safety of lying and of course, pigeons. Sophie is a dream to chat with and her books have felt like a gentle hand hold into the world of polyamory while giving me the knowledge and language to start exploring what Many Love looks like for me and my relationships. Note: I completely overshare about my personal life and my partner gave 100% consent for this episode to be published. Find out more information about Sophie's writing, comics and endeavours at  Remember to keep an eye out for Sophie's new book Dear Sophie, Love Sophie in 2022! If you're not following her on IG already, her handle is @SophieLucidoJohnson
August 10, 2021
SENSITIVE & SELF-EMPLOYED ft. Roseanna Morrell + Beth Symons
What does building a support network actually mean? What kind of botanical businesses grow out of times of sadness & depression? How do friends find out they are soulmates? Roseanna Morrell (founder of Belle Isle Botanicals - amazing soy candles!) and Beth Symons (founder of The Cove in Bristol and Botanical Boop) talk about how sadness has influenced their relationship, their connection and their independent businesses. We talk about the sadness that is the current loss of markets, how these entrepreneurs began and how to find support when it's needed. Join us for another weird and wonderful conversation about feeling kinda ok. To learn more about the Cove in Bristol visit To see more of Beth's work check her IG @BoopIllustration and @BotanicalBoop To find Belle Isle Botanicals visit @BelleIsleBotanicals
March 29, 2021
In this episode, Nōn Wels, host of You, Me, Empathy podcast & founder of the Feely Human Collective, reflects on what it means to be a human full of feelings. Content warning; this episode discusses eating disorders and self harm. This discussion about embracing our feely-ness made my whole heart swell. Nōn shares his experiences growing up, learning to embrace being feely, going to therapy, struggling with mental health and turning it all into a platform that exists as a safe space for others to explore their feelings, too. We ask the big questions like what are your limiting beliefs and what does healing look like? Is it the same for everyone?What a wonderful chat and I'm fully embracing my fannypack/bumbag after this.  You can find Nōn at and his podcast wherever you listen to podcasts You, Me, Empathy ( Original intro music created by Jason Stam.
February 12, 2021
A little classic overshare about some realizations and conversations I've had lately around compassion, the value of hair care & skin care, finding silliness, and my problems being stuck to my identity.  (Note: My mama letting me dye my hair when I was 11 was really cool and I'm glad she put that choice in my hands so if you listen to/read this, thank you!) If you liked this episode or any episode, find more comics & content at Special thanks to Jason Stam for the original intro music
January 22, 2021
PLANTS & PILLOWS ft. Jude Kamal
What’s the most important thing about a space? This episode features interior designer, Jude Kamal, who founded Sansa Interiors in Toronto, Canada. We talk about the most important things in a room (guess what Jude’s two desert island items are), how to make somewhere feel like home, Jude’s inspiration and philosophies towards design and all the intricacies of working for yourself and getting stuck every day! A huge thank you to Jude for this big conversation; a truly wonderful episode to kick off 2021 with the Kinda OK feelcast. Check out and follow @JudeKamal on Instagram! If you enjoyed the episode, check out or @ItsKindaOK on IG. Special thanks to Jason Stam for the original intro music on this podcast
January 5, 2021
Anni and I talk about self love, imposter syndrome, illustration, Bly Manor, and cups of tea. We chat about some big interview questions like "what are your limiting beliefs" along with discussing driving philosophies and themes behind Anni's artwork. Go check out Anni Jyn's flowy, feminine, sensual illustration style at or on IG @AnniJyn.  Special thanks to Jason Stam for the original intro tune
December 18, 2020
SMITTEN ft. Yolande Lomas
A conversation with Yolande about getting covid, travelling and identity, the value of doing something creative for 15 minutes a day and smittens. Such a wonderful chat with a good friend that I hadn't spoken to really in over a year. Check out @MoonFaceandMe to keep Yolande stoked on creating things.  A reminder in here to shop local, independent and small businesses this holiday season. Most importantly, support Black & Indigenous owned businesses and creators. We change our community from within from direct support. Look into donating food, goods and funds to your local shelters & support systems for people in need this December. December is going to be weird and small and not like the holidays we've ever known. So practice being soft, self compassion and gentleness with SOFTMAS over at @itskindaok on Instagram. A 31 day prompt list to take care of yourself while everything is weird xx There's a giveaway at the end of the month! It started Dec. 4th so there's some extra little exercises to catch up on, soz. Original intro tune music by Jason Stam
December 4, 2020
ON THE FRINGE ft. Mhairi Macaulay
Mhairi co-runs the Ventnor Exchange; an art hub on the Isle of Wight in the UK. She also helped start the Ventnor Fringe Festival when she was 17! We talk about her passion for creating spaces for experiences, the frustrations that come with being a womxn in business, the complications that come with trying to figure out what's going on with her body. The Exchange was the first place I ever distributed the Grow n' Pains zine, read my children's book, ran a workshop, saw live comedy performances, found good records and even met with some of my now good friends. I am so thankful spaces like this exist and human beans like Mhairi exist, getting louder, taking up space and becoming more "bossy" every day! Find out more about the Ventnor Exchange on instagram @VentnorExchange and watch for upcoming festivals @VentnorFringe ! Don't forget to check for what's happening in this space post-lockdown x Original intro music by the brilliant Jason Stam The books we discuss are Florence Given's Women Don't Owe You Pretty and Maisie Hill's Period Power.
November 16, 2020
VEG IS THE KEY ft. Charlie Jones
Talking with Charlie Jones (budding nutritionist, music creator, coffee maker, photograph taker) about self love, life lessons & unlearning, mental health wellness, healthy friendships and going sober.  To support the Fairy Creek Old Growth Blockade visit Original intro music created by the wonderful Jason Stam
November 4, 2020
THE BIG LOVE ft. Maggie
This episode is a journey through the life so far of Maggie; an incredible human who takes many shapes and roles in this existence. Going into her crone season as a woman, Maggie started rock climbing last year and has fallen in love with the magic of sport climbing both outdoors and indoors. Here in this episode we discuss everything from rock life lessons, abuse situations, miscarriages, spirituality, and the most important-- THE BIG LOVE. A warning that this episode contains content about physical/sexual abuse and eating disorders, so please know that before listening.  The final track is written and performed by our guest called Forget What You Were. Original intro tune created by Jason Stam at Find out information about zine submissions for issue 8 on the theme of unlearning at
October 13, 2020
An episode about exploring boundaries and what that means for me. Boundary setting is something I am only just really starting to do but here is an episode about everything I am learning and that my brain is examining. Want to talk about boundaries? Message me @itskindaok and let's have a conversation or reach out if any part of this episode meant something for you :) Zine submissions check out for more details.
October 1, 2020
Leo Wood is an incredible musician, vocalist, teacher, chef, bus-dweller and generally creative hooman bean. With a sparky energy, beautiful laugh and strong personality, Leo talks about everything from musical inspiration to mental health to living in a bus. A special thank you to Leo for sending us one of her UNRELEASED SONGS "Lions" which you can find at the end of this episode. Grow n' Pains Zine Issue 8 is still taking submissions on the theme of unlearning, so if you create art or write in any style, please send your submissions to or visit for more details. Stay weird and wonderful x
September 14, 2020
Welcome back to season 2 of the podcast! Things have been weird and it's been a bit of a struggle lately to keep up with telling myself nice things. This is a reminder that positive affirmations work because they literally change our brain and how we relate to ourselves. Missed you beans, thanks for the unintentional hiatus.
September 6, 2020
HELLO MOON - Classic Overshare
A little life update, a little recognition that I'm at my limit at the moment. I understand not everyone has an enjoyable period, heck I think enjoyable is even a stretch for me and I don't have additional health complications, but I do enjoy that it forces me to take stock of how I'm doing. This month? Turns out I'm overwhelmed.
August 3, 2020
CREATING JOY ft. Jim Elliott
Jim Elliott (Jimmy Tutti's) is an analogue animator, musical wizard and excellent mixologist. Everything he creates, he puts his whimsical style, playful nature and a lot of joy into it. Here we discuss Digital Dropout Media, which helps facilitate others to create in schools and workshops. We talk about growing up, his musical inspiration, his relationship with his kids and the importance of play in the role of our happiness. At the end of this episode, you can hear Jim's one-man-band Jimsomniac play the stellar tune, Gonna Fly. See more of Jim's work and If you like this episode, remember to review it wherever you listen to podcasts cause that will help other beans find it! Check out for the Grow n' Pains zine, t-shirts, and access to patreon. Original intro music created for this episode is provided by Jason Stam ! 
July 28, 2020
FUNNY BEANS ft. Sam & Darien Lanigan
In this episode, I chat about motherhood and parenthood with my very pregnant sister. We discuss our parents, her philosophies and growth and nervousness of new bean entering the world. Alongside Sam's interview, I also interviewed my 5 1/2 year old nephew about love languages, what scares him, what makes him sad and what he likes about himself. This episode was so wholesome to make and I'm so grateful for my family beans. Check out or to support the podcast, zine and comics OR review wherever you listen to your podcasts !
July 20, 2020
ABUN-DANCE ft. Abhilasha Vyas & Sleep Well
Abhi is a dancer and dance teacher on Vancouver Island and we're talking today about abundance, the importance of playing, how to have the presence to accept the presents of the present moment, and CAKE. Join us while we chat about the joys of self love and setting boundaries and end with a solo dance party to the jammy tune EVERYTHING IS OK by Sleep Well. Special thank you to Josh Mobaraki of Sleep Well for suggesting this podcast in the first place... He sparked the idea that has become this space for honest conversation. Original intro music by Jason Stam of who creates incredible music that perfectly depicts the chill vibes of KINDA OK. Check out for more content and to support the podcast! Better yet, take a moment to leave us a review wherever you listen. Stay weird and wonderful until next time beans x
July 13, 2020
BOG WOMAN ft. Shannon MacDonald
Shannon is an artist and art teacher in Toronto, Ontario. We grew up together with a lot of similarities but also tons of differences. In this episode, we talk about the classic "other girl" syndrome (very white, very privileged feelings of otherness) and about making friends. Shannon is into all things witchy and wonderful, so she did a tarot reading for me with the Golden Tarot deck at the end of this episode.  Big thanks to Shannon for sharing everything she has been unpacking during her isolation time and for embracing her inner bog woman. Find more of Shannon's artwork and teaching services @ShannonLeighMacD ! A special thank you to Jason Stam who created the original intro music for the Kinda OK Podcast; find more of his work at GROW N' PAINS ISSUE 7 IS OUT NOW AND SO ARE T-SHIRTS AND PREVIOUS ZINE ISSUES AT WWW.ITSKINDAOK.COM
July 8, 2020
The 7th issue of Grow n' Pains is now available online at ! This is Laiken Pratt's full interview which you can read in the zine. The Getting Intimate issue of Grow n Pains is the first version to be available for home-printinf because...yknow, lockdown. It was really beautiful to speak with Laiken about her views on intimacy; it's so different for everyone. I'm grateful to have such reflective conversations with the human beans in my life, and thankful I can share them with you beans! xx Big thank you to Laiken for this interview haha not our normal sign off as this interview was done back in March, hehe. Looking forward to carrying on this conversation with more kinda ok beans x
June 30, 2020
HAVE YOUR OWN BACK ft. Bridie Asprey
Today we're talking about everything from the wounded/sacred masculine and feminine energies we carry within us to how we carry ourselves in relationships to learning to love our inner selves and finding our tribes. Lots of stoke for this gem of a being, Bridie Asprey, who shared so much of her experience as an emotional bean in this episode.  Check out more Kinda Ok Content HERE. Original music created by Jason Stam - Some Black charities, creatives and businesses you can support today: Black Visions Collective Assata's Daughters Bianca Xunise (Comic Artist) Africa Brooke (Mindset Coach) Jeanetta Gonzales (Illustrator) Jungalow (Home Decor) Lolly Lolly (Ceramics Artist) - Bridie's Recommendations; Mark Groves / Create The Love Jake Woodard / Masculine Feminine Energies Course Dr. Nicole LePera / The Holistic Psychologist 
June 21, 2020
I'm so glad that you're here, that you've decided to come to a Kinda OK space right now. But this isn't where you need to be right now. In this short episode, I'm going to recommend a number of podcasts that are run by BIPOC creatives. Some of these recommendations are podcasts that cover similar topics of self-care, spirituality, emotional and mental health, etc. Some recommendations are focused on the topic of racism and how to actively engage with anti-racism. If you're someone who has experienced racism first hand, you may need a bit more self-care and emotional support right now. If you're someone who is non-black or has white privilege (and needs to be examining their whiteness), maybe you want to take a bit of time to educate yourself today. (The links below are for Spotify but you can search these podcasts wherever you stream/listen from) The Secret Lives of Black Women Black Girl Bravado Brown Girl Self Care Busy Being Black Seeing Color About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge Shine Brighter Together Beyond the Self
June 7, 2020
SPACE HUGGER ft. The New Normal
What does "holding space" mean? How do you practice empathy? A personal episode where I reflect on my growth as an emotional and empathic being. This podcast will always be in service to the support of honesty in times of difficult conversation. This includes racism. It was hard to record the first half of this episode without crying so there are some awkward cuts. I'm working, learning and unlearning. #BLACKLIVESMATTER You know what you need to do. If you are a person of colour, remember to practice self-care amongst your anger. If you are white, get to work. @blackvisionscollective @mnfreedomfund @reclaimtheblock Rachel Cargle: Rackel Ricketts: Me and White Supremacy: @goodancestorpodcast Minnesota Freedom Fund: Defund the Police: Sign the George Floyd Petition: Peoples City Council: Black Visions Donations: National Bail Project : Some incredible illustrators: ttps://
June 1, 2020
LOVE THROUGH OTHERS ft. Lucas Mckinnon
What is consciousness? How do we see ourselves and how do we observe our "self"? With Lucas, we discuss the intellectual self, inner monologue, reflect on our needs in relationships and some new realizations on coping with pain and trauma. Lucas runs Silverside Sound, a recording studio on Vancouver Island and write poetry which you can read at @loui.william on instagram. A longer, organic conversation style interview that we were able to have in person which was wonderful. Self acceptance is hard, compassion for our inner child is difficult and we are ever-changing beings. See the comic I made for Lucas on IG @itskindaok and go check out
May 24, 2020
Why does it seem like a secret to talk about periods, even with our partners? What if drugstores brought the Kotex box back for people who couldn't afford menstrual products? Why are period pants so expensive? What can partners do to help their bleeders feel more OK? I talk with @ArtbyRachelS in this episode about periods and the patriarchy. If you bleed, you might learn some stuff and feel like you're a little less alone. If you aren't a bleeder but have people in your life that menstruate, this is a nice episode to start being involved in the monthly cycle. Check out for more comics and the Grow n Pains zine!
May 18, 2020
A short episode this week to give you a sneak peek at the interview with Laiken Pratt (Many Moons Birth Doula) for the Getting Intimate issue of the Grow n Pains Zine. Then me, talking about moon cycles and menstruation and how amazing Period Power by Maisie Hill is (go read it!). This upgraded sound quality provided by the awesome supporters over at check it out for more content, access to the zines, all the comics and more.
May 11, 2020
What is radical self acceptance? Are the body and soul separate entities? Let's have some big chats about feeling okay with ourselves. I'm talking with Courtney Cook about her upcoming book, The Way She Feels, coming out from Tinhouse books in summer 2021.
May 4, 2020
FEELIN' GOOD - Classic Overshare
Let's talk about sex, beans. It's gonna get a little weird and we are opening up a whole new can of worms. This episode goes into some of the things that have influenced my sex femons and me figuring out my own sex positive outlook and sexual independence. It's the first time I'm talking about something that I'm still figuring out and I'd love to chat with you beans about it for a friends and femons series. Check out and Africa Brooke for some further insights on sexual liberation and if you or your partner have a vulva, go check out because it's so worth it.
April 27, 2020
GROWING UP - Zine Excerpt
The introduction from issue 3 of the grow n pains zine, an independent publication made by womxn and non binary creatives who submit rad content. People grow into their weirdness in the solitude of their bedrooms... Written 2 years ago this feels pretty relevant now. Visit to get a copy of the zine and a super smelly vegan candle while you're there (based out of Bristol, UK). Illustrations for this episode posted at !
April 20, 2020
The world is weird right now and it's okay. This episode is talking a little bit about mental health in this weird time, a little bit of permission to not be okay if you need it. Being self isolated isn't easy, no matter how chill we try to seem on social media. No amount of bread can make everything okay, so don't worry if you're not being productive today.
April 13, 2020
CONTRACEPTION (ft. vikiswonders)
This friends and femons episode features @vikiswonders who is a part time illustrator and full time midwife. We're chatting about trials and errors with contraception and figuring out what works. There's a big mental burden to consider and if you and your partner don't have these awkward conversations, maybe this will make it feel a little more okay.
April 6, 2020
CONTRACEPTION (ft. Sam Crossley)
Me and my sister, Sam, talk contraception and all about the weirdness of going on and off birth control pills. This friends and femons series is all about safe sex and not getting pregnant or at least not when you don't intend to. Sexual health and sex education are topics not everyone is comfortable talking about and so a lot of the negative side affects of birth control get glossed over. We're here to talk about it not being okay.
March 30, 2020
Your success isn't measured by how many likes, followers or patrons you have but why does it feel that way sometimes ? Feelings of validation can come from ourselves so why do we constantly seek them from other people? Here's me pretending not to care, anyway. Visit for details about submitting artwork or writing to the Grow n Pains zine all about Getting Intimate.
March 16, 2020
Spring is springing and it's time to start focusing on the feel good vibes again. We've spent time reflecting and self analysing now it's time to grow. This episode is about our mirror of a universe and shushing the femons. To see the comic with this episode visit
March 9, 2020
BODY LOVE (Part 4) - Friends and Femons
Learning to love your body is the ultimate revolution, every hair and every stretch mark. Sara B talks about a radical love for her mountain hiking body. To submit content to issue 7 of Grow n Pains please email or visit ! To send a voice message about this episode series just click here :)
March 2, 2020
BODY LOVE (Part 3) - Friends and Femons
Body love is hard sometimes but at least we're not alone. Learning to love ourselves is one of the biggest revolutions of our time. Visit to get your own personal digital doodle AND support the podcast. This episode featuring @ArtbyRachelS and @ShannonLeighMacD talking about loving their bodies. If you'd like to submit art, photos, stories or articles for issue 7 of the Grow n Pains zine, send submissions to xx
February 24, 2020
BODY LOVE (Part 2) - Friends and Femons
Growing into your body and into adulthood has its challenges. We hear from Maria about her experience growing to love her body and feeling perfect. Send us your thoughts and feelings at about BODY LOVE. This episode may contain triggering content related to eating disorders. Special thanks to @silversidesound for audio editing on submitted content. Big love to all the patrons at !
February 17, 2020
BODY LOVE (Part 1) - Friends and Femons
We're talking about body love, the differences between self love and body positivity, and Charlie reflects on her experiences with food allergies and nutrition. It's not always easy to love your body but at least we're not alone. Click this link to send in an audio message about your own experiences in learning to love your body and it may be added to a future episode;
February 10, 2020
ANXIETY FEMONS - A Classic Overshare
Ever catch yourself in a downward spiral? I keep trying to any way. Anxiety and depression aren't great to deal with and femons don't make it any easier. How you take care of yourself is important and recognizing that nobody has it all figured out. A Classic Overshare about my almost every month struggles. See the comic to go with this episode at
February 3, 2020
I spend a lot of time not feeling strong but drawing strength from the other women and non binaries in my life. That's what the Grow n Pains zine is all about, supporting artists and creators everywhere in times where strength seems to elude them. This excerpt is from issue 6 of the zine on Being Strong. To read the full issue, visit To get a printed copy and a vegan candle, visit To submit content for issue 7 on Getting Intimate, email
January 27, 2020
MAKING FRIENDS (Part 3) - Friends and Femons
Making friends as an adult is hard but at least we're not alone. Part three of the friends and femons episode talks about feeling at home with a group of people. Shannon tells her story about finding the right friends in university and how sometimes it's difficult to recognize who is authentic and who is networking. To see more content, read the grow n pains zine, support the podcast or contribute to the next friends and femons episode, visit
January 20, 2020
MAKING FRIENDS (Part 2) - Friends and Femons
Making friends as an adult is hard but at least we're not alone. This is part two of the friends and femons episode! Here we listen to Joey's story about meeting the boy next door and building a lifelong friendship together. To listen to part three right away or just access more content and support the podcast, please visit
January 13, 2020
MAKING FRIENDS (Part 1) - Friends and Femons
Making friends as an adult is really hard but at least we're not alone. This is part one of a 3 part segment about adulthood and making connections and building community. Listen to Dott's story of making a workplace more enjoyable and the struggles of making friends at a new job. To see the comics, support the podcast and listen to part two right away please visit!
January 6, 2020
COUPLE VIBES - A Classic Overshare
Another classic overshare episode about relationships, different vibes, cycles, synching up energies and being on the same page. It's not that we have to be stoked all the time but it helps to just be stoked at the same time. Listen to me ramble about relationships and talk about the struggles we have with being at opposite ends of the energy spectrum. To see the comic associated with this episode, visit !
December 30, 2019
Do the holidays spark your anxiety? I find I have spent so much time creating but not actually feeling the calming benefits of spending time making things. This zine excerpt is a nice reflection on the theme of "MAKING THINGS HAPPEN" from issue 4 of Grow n' Pains magazine (a submission based publication by women and non binaries). A nice time of reflection on how sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing at all. Want to read more of Grow n' Pains ? Find all the issues online through
December 23, 2019
WHAT IS A FEMON - An Introduction
Maybe you've been here since the beginning, maybe you've just discovered Kinda Ok, either way I'm glad you're here. Learn about how I started making femon comics, what a femon is and how shifting the conversation to something honest can change your friendships.
December 17, 2019
CYCLES AND BICYCLES - A Classic Overshare
The first audio recorded content of ITSKINDAOK comics. This episode covers some weirdness happening to me mid-cycle, some very real concerns about tiny beans, not freaking out and getting stoked instead. Listen for a short, classic overshare about what's going on with my body and my brain!
December 17, 2019