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Kindle and Kerosene

Kindle and Kerosene

By Kenzie Presnell
Welcome to Kindle & Kerosene with Kenzie Presnell. Whether you just need a spark to get started or fuel to keep going, you're in the right place. Through this podcast, I share stories and strategies to inspire, encourage, and challenge you to ignite your life.
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The Refinement Process
Refinement.  I feel like this word is such a great illustration of the last year of my life, and as I did my 2020 review, the word really seemed to reflect so much of what happened in my life last year. Not only did it happen last year, but it continues to happen day in and day out.  We all need refinement in different areas of our life. But before we can refine anything, we must be willing to pull out a light and expose all of the areas that need changing.  Honestly, so many parts of last year did this for me. From workouts to challenges to circumstances I had no control over to trials to changes that we were forced to make…they all exposed something. Maybe it was a lack of skill, or a lack of planning, or a terrible response. That exposure brought out the need for improvement in various areas. As humans, we avoid things that are uncomfortable. It’s our human nature.  We want normal.  We want comfortable.  However, if we want to grow, we must be willing to expose ourselves to different things so that we can find our weaknesses. We’ve got to pull out a light, shine it brightly, and then we have to sit and take full responsibility for where we find ourselves in any given area. Start the process... Expose yourself.  Shine a light on different areas of your life.   Then, start refining. One area, one thing at a time. I promise, if you allow your weaknesses to be seen, you will make a change. You will be better. Enjoy!
January 14, 2021
Paralyzed by Perfection
Happy 2021!!!  As we start the new year, can we just let go of something?  That something is...the obsession with perfection. See, perfection is something that has plagued me for much of my life.  It has left me stuck and frustrated.  Over the years, I've slowly started to overcome my obsession, but it's definitely something I have to really pay attention to, especially as I am starting something new. Just because you don't know everything, you don't have the perfect plan, or your circumstances aren't aligning perfectly doesn't mean you can't chase your dreams.  If we wait to do something until we know we won't make any mistakes or that we will get it perfect, we are going to sit and wait for a long time. Action beats a perfect plan any day.  So often, we are terrified of what people might say, failure, or mistakes that we never take action. Join me today as I walk through how I am working to overcome my obsession with perfection. Enjoy!
January 7, 2021
2021 Intentions
As we approach January, I want to touch a little on goals / resolutions / intentions / whatever word you like to use as you think about all that you want to accomplish or work towards during the next 365 days.  If you didn’t have a chance to listen to the last episode {number 16} where I talked about my year end review, I highly suggest that you jump back and take a listen before you listen to me talk through goals today. Here's the hard pill to swallow...If you don’t like the way that 2020 went, it’s up to you to do something different to make 2021 better.  We aren’t going to wake up on January 1st in a difference situation or circumstance or with all of our problems magically gone. If you want something to change, you have to make a change.  So, here we go. Let’s chat about what changes you want to accomplish this year. Enjoy!
December 30, 2020
Taking a look back at 2020...
So, the end of 2020. What a year, right? Seriously, I can’t believe that January is basically staring us in the eyes. But, it is. The end of a year and the beginning of a new year tend to bring a lot of mixed emotions. How can we properly approach a new year, new changes, and new goals without looking back? How can you decide how to move forward if you aren’t sure where you’ve been? As I begin to look at and think about what I want to accomplish in the coming year, I start by taking a look back at the previous year.  By taking a look back, you can reflect, learn, and move on from last year as you prepare for a brand new year. In fact, if you are serious about change, I would argue that this is a 100% necessary process to go through for long term change to actually take place. Today, I want to walk you through the process that I use as I look back at the year. Get your pen out, open your journal, and start looking back.  Celebrate your wins, and be honest with your losses.  Allow yourself to learn from your year so that 2021 can be your best year yet. Merry Christmas!   Enjoy!
December 17, 2020
Let's talk...Discipline
Do you have the discipline that it takes to get the results you want? You don't need motivation.  You don't need to "feel" like doing what you need to do.   You need discipline. Discipline brings freedom. It takes work. But, it is worth it. If you want to change any area of your life, you have to be willing to suck it up and create a discipline. No one else is going to do it for you. It’s up to you. Make the choice. Own your choices and your actions. Embrace the suck. I encourage you to evaluate the areas of your life where you want to change.  Then, start nailing down the disciplines necessary to make the changes you want to make. Enjoy!
December 10, 2020
Unconsciously Competent
What does it mean to be unconsciously competent? I want to challenge you with this episode today.  I want you to find one thing that you want to improve or master. It can be big, it can be small, it really doesn’t matter. I want you to analyze it. I want you to look at what stage of competency you fall in. I want you to evaluate where your strengths are and where you can improve.  Map out some steps, drills, or routines. Do them with purpose. Practice. Practice more. Keep practicing. Practice with intention. Be dedicated to the process. You’ll begin to move from one stage to the next.  Over time, you’ll become unconsciously competent. You’ll no longer have to consciously think…you’ll simply execute. We’ve got just a few short weeks left this year. What if you made the commitment to make them count? You don’t need to wait for January. You don’t need to wait for a better time. You don’t need to wait for anything. It’s time to make the changes you want to make. It’s time to grow. Let's go. Enjoy!
December 3, 2020
Your Most Valuable Asset
What would you say is your most valuable asset? Time?  Health?  Relationships?  Wealth? While all of these are important, I believe you have an asset that is more valuable.  That asset is your..... Well, you have to keep listening to find out :). We allow things, people, circumstances, and random stuff to completely drain this asset dry without even thinking twice about it.  Then we wonder why we wake up feeling blah, tired, and then count down how many days we have until the weekend.  Life isn’t meant to be lived this way. We should feel good. We should be excited to get up.  We should feel full of purpose.   In today's episode, I want to focus on four things that we must consider when it comes to our most valuable asset. Clarity Scheduling Attitude Giving I hope you enjoy this one.  If you do, make sure you share this episode and then head over to iTunes to leave a review for Kindle & Kerosene. Let me know how you're doing...I love hearing from you guys. Let's go.
November 25, 2020
Since it is almost Thanksgiving, I wanted to spend a little time addressing gratitude today.  It’s been said that the greatest of human emotions is gratitude.  I don't know about you, but I always thought of gratitude as an action rather than an emotion. Gratitude involves much more than just a fleeting thought. Real gratitude practice means that you actually take the time to appreciate the moment, you find the joy in it, and you begin to lean in. When you begin to practice gratitude this way, it will change everything about your life. Gratitude. It will bring you joy. It will bring you fulfillment.  Each and every single one of us has so, so, so much to be grateful for. It’s crazy how much good we overlook and how much negative we focus in on. Let's reverse that.  Join me as I walk through the ways that I personally practice gratitude. Enjoy!
November 19, 2020
You've got a choice. Will you get up or stay down?
This week's episode is a bit of a personal one.  Last week, I took a few falls.  I had some good responses as well as some not so good responses.  I had to keep reminding myself to get back up, to move on, to make an effort to choose a story of gratitude. My experiences over the last week got me thinking about how so many of us fall and instead of getting back up, it’s like we sit there and wait…and then wait….and then wait some more. Then, eventually, we’ve waited so long that we just crawl off and don’t get back up. We get out of rhythm, out of sync.  So, we resolve to just “take a break” and start again later. The most important thing you can do when you fall is to get back up. Do not get stuck in your story of feeling bad for yourself. Yes, I know that’s hard, but it’s a long road to go down, and the climb out of that story is way harder than just changing the story to begin with. Choose your story, and choose how you will move forward…but, you must decide to move forward. See, it’s not the fall that stops us. It’s the inability to get right back up that keeps us stuck. Join me today as I walk through the process of getting back up. Enjoy!
November 12, 2020
You don't need more willpower.
What if you stopped blaming your choices on your lack of willpower? What if willpower is not your problem? You are not weak. You don’t suck. It’s not that you don’t have willpower or that you need more willpower.  You simply need to set yourself up for success. Here’s the deal…we are humans. Humans are wired to take the easy route. We will almost always take the path that seems easier….the path of least resistance.  We must set ourselves up for success by making the changes that we want to make fall onto the path of least resistance.. In order to make a change, you must establish positive habits that align with the changes you want to make.  Habits and change are not built on inconsistency. You have to be consistent. This is why you need to make them easy. The easier you perceive them to be, the more likely you are to continue to do them. It’s not a matter of willpower. Willpower is a limited resource that we should not be relying on. Set up your day to work for you. Set up your actions so that each positive action takes the least amount of decision making possible. Don’t blame your choices on willpower. Don’t wait to make positive changes until you have more willpower. Get your habits set. Once you do, the positive things just become your default. Let's go. Enjoy!
November 5, 2020
The Harvest
The harvest. We are entering the harvest season.  So often, we look at the harvest, we say thanks for the harvest, but we never actually think about all that went into the crop. But the reality is, there is a time of preparation, a time of planting, a time of growing, and finally, a time of harvest.  Throughout your life, you will go through many seasons. You will produce a harvest.…in fact, you will have the opportunity to produce many harvests.  The question is….what will your harvest be?  How are you preparing for it?  What seeds are you actually planting?  What care are you giving to that harvest that you are hoping to grow?  How are you pulling the weeds in your life?  What is it that you want your life to produce? Enjoy!
October 29, 2020
What are you waiting for?
Waiting. Waiting is a part of life. We will all enter seasons where we are called to wait. However, just because you are waiting for something doesn’t mean that you should be idle. How we wait and why we wait matters. Just because you are waiting doesn’t mean you stop working. In fact, in a season of waiting, you have to be even more intentional about taking action. What we cannot do as we wait is simply sit there and wait. Wait for someone to tell us what to do, wait for circumstances to change, wait until we know more, wait until we have more time, wait until we have the perfect plan, or wait for affirmation from someone else. We must never be caught in the trap of waiting…we must always be doing. Your breakthrough will come when you decide to take full ownership of everything in your life, when you decide to stop waiting and start doing, and when you do what you know you should do for you, not to gain approval from anyone else. Let's get to work. Enjoy!
October 22, 2020
The Three R's
The 3 R’s. Welcome to another episode of Kindle and Kerosene. It’s hard to believe that we are in the middle of October.  This year continues to be a wild and crazy ride, but here we are.  We are overcoming, we are learning, we are getting better. I have to allow myself to be grateful for the challenges that this year has presented…the storms certainly haven’t been fun while we’ve been in them, but on the other side, I can find so many things that I’ve learned, so many ways that I’ve grown, and I know that if you look, you’ll find those too. Throughout the roller coaster ride that is known as 2020, I'm sure you've felt the 3R's.  As you grow and learn, you will continue to experience them. Resistance. A necessary force, but one you can totally reckon with.  Rejection. We’ve got to stop letting it have power over us.  Reaction. The one thing that you can absolutely always control. Enjoy today's episode!
October 15, 2020
Comparison is a Thief
Comparison.  It's something that I have dealt with throughout my life, and I'm guessing you've dealt with it too. The truth is, comparison is a thief.  It will rob you of joy, of confidence, and that feeling that you have done a job well.  You focus and work so hard on something, and you accomplish it, but instead of allowing yourself to be excited about the fact that you did what you set out to do, you look around and see that someone did it better, faster, or with less effort. All of a sudden, your bubble bursts, and you forget about all of the amazing changes and wins you’ve had…you’re now worried and consumed with what someone else is doing. That's comparison. Be on guard. Comparison comes in many different forms. Success is not a lottery ticket. It requires a long climb, many ups and downs, and a drive to keep going. Don’t discount someone else’s climb. Know what season you are in. Ask yourself…are you focused growth or glory? "Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today." - Jordan B Peterson Enjoy!
October 8, 2020
Dealing with the Doldrums
What is a doldrum?  By definition, a doldrum is a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression. In other words, if you are dealing with the doldrums, you’re in a funk. Today, I’ve got three actions for you when it comes to snapping out of a funk. Life is full of peaks and valleys. The key to success is how you handle the valleys…the times when things aren’t going your way. It’s easy to do the right things when everything seems to be going for you. It’s much harder to do the right things and keep pressing forward when you feel like things are crashing down.  So…what can you do when you find yourself in a funk? 1 - Be successful at little things 2 - Don’t replay failure 3 - Know what you want Enjoy this one!
October 1, 2020
The Road to Awesome
The road to awesome.  It's exciting.  It's full of twists and turns.  It's an adventure. See, I'm pretty sure that no one starts life with the intention of being average or mediocre.  Deep down, I think we all want more.  We want to live an awesome life. I know that you aren’t average. Do you? It’s easy to fall into the slump of average. On the average road, you will likely find yourself sitting in the backseat riding along. If you find yourself in that slump, make a commitment to get out. Get in the drivers seat and start living an awesome life. Step away from average and step into awesome. Get uncomfortable. Shut down fear. Invest in you. Do the reps. It's time to get on the road to awesome. Enjoy this episode!
September 24, 2020
Be the ONE
I want to challenge you this week to show up as the ONE is at least one area of your life. Maybe it’s at work. Maybe it’s with your family. Maybe it’s in the gym. Maybe it’s at church. Stop waiting for someone else to step in. Stop waiting to be motivated. Stop waiting for your situation to change. Decide that you have complete control over your life and how you decide to live it. And then go do something. Strive for excellence, not average. Keep learning and perfecting your craft. Find someone that can help you. Be the hardest worker in the room. Keep finding new challenges to pursue so that you continue to grow. Enjoy this episode!
September 17, 2020
Where are you?
Welcome to episode 002. Where are you?  Knowing this is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to setting and actually making progress toward your goals. You have to know where you are before you can figure out where you are going and how you’ll get there. So…how do you figure out where you are. What things should you look at? How can you best set yourself up for success? When I start to do a reflection to really see where I am, I ask myself three questions. 1 - Who am I right now? 2 - What type of language am I using? 3 - What does my environment look like. So...where are you?
September 10, 2020
What lens are you looking through?
Welcome to episode 001. What lens are you looking through? Are you looking at yourself as someone who is strong, capable, confident, happy, excited, successful, worthy, and thriving? Or, do you see yourself as a victim, powerless, unworthy, guilty, struggling, or a failure? Join me as I walk through perspective as it relates to your self image, your environment, and your circumstances. “A human being always acts and feels and performs in accordance with what he imagines to be true about himself and his environment.”  -Maxwell Maltz Change your perspective....change your life.
September 7, 2020
Welcome to Kindle and Kerosene
Welcome to Kindle and Kerosene! I’m Kenzie Presnell, and I’m so glad you’re here.   If you’re ready to ignite your life, you’re in the right place.  I look forward to growing together.  I’m excited to share with you, teach you, and encourage you through this platform.  I wanted to take a few minutes to do a little introduction….tell you a little about myself as well as why I finally decided to launch this podcast. Enjoy this introduction episode of Kindle and Kerosene.
September 3, 2020