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Hello and Welcome to The Kinetik Fitness Show, where we inspire you to live a longer, healthier, happier and more joyful life. We cover everything you need to know to be optimally healthy in your mind, body and spirit.

Are you ready to become the ultimate version of yourself? Well let's dive in with your host and guide by your side, Ali West.

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The Power Of Music with Bill Protzmann

The Kinetik Fitness Show

The Power Of Music with Bill Protzmann

The Kinetik Fitness Show

Quantifying Your Health with Bob Troia aka Quantified Bob
Bob Troia aka Quantified is a New York City-based technology entrepreneur, biohacker, and self-quantification geek focused on the intersection of data-driven citizen science, health and wellness, human performance, longevity, and personal optimisation. Bob’s career in technology spans over 2 decades, from the earliest days of the World Wide Web (through the dot-com crash of the late 90’s), through the rise of online communities, social networks, and social media platforms, through the emergence of consumer-facing health and wellness, AI and machine learning, mobile apps, and data privacy. Bob has appeared in numerous magazines, on TV and on some top rated podcasts including:  CBS News Sunday Morning, PBS NewsHour Weekend, National Geographic Explorer, CBC (Canada), SBS-TV (South Korea), Fast Company, Men’s Fitness, and Outside Magazine,  Ben Greenfield Fitness, The Life Stylist Podcast, Ben Pakulski’s Muscle Intelligence Podcast, Extreme Health Radio, Quantified Body now... The Kinetik Fitness Show! Bob has given talks at a number of leading conferences, including Quantified Self (USA and Europe), Biohacker Summit (Helsinki), Health Optimisation Summit (UK), and the Superhuman Summit (Vancouver, Canada). In this episode you will learn: How Bob got started with quantifying his health Why Bob tracks so much data and areas of his health The benefits of quantifying your health The best ways to get started tracking and quantifying your health The key areas of your health you should be measuring The accuracy of certain wearable devices Genetic, DNA and Epigenetic testing How your environment affects your health and how you can improve your environment to improve your wellbeing The best FREE bio hacks and the best paid for bio hacks Plus much much more Connect with Bob: Connect with me: Watch The Podcast on YouTube: Book a coaching call: Get your DNA testing kit from Muhdo Health. Use discount code: ALDNA:
October 14, 2020
The Lost Art Of Running with Shane Benzie
Shane Benzie is a running technique coach, movement specialist and researcher. He is also the author of the best selling book The Lost Art Of Running.  Shane has travelled all across the world covering 6 continents, working, analysing and researching athletes and indigenous tribes. Shane has compiled a lot of this knowledge in his best selling book and now coaches runners from beginners to olympic level to improve their running performance.  In this episode we discuss: Shane's book His journey across 6 continents living, working and studying with athletes and indigenous tribes.  Analysing movement and what makes beautiful movement. The effects of how we are living our lives on our running and how we perceive movement. The difference between walking and running from a technique perspective. The fascial system. Shane's methodology for improving running and movement.  Why video analysis of your running is so powerful. Standing vs Sitting and weight bearing movement. The science behind what makes incredible athletes. Why your age has nothing to do with your running ability. Shane's top tips to improve your running immediately.  Plus much, much more!  Connect with Shane: Connect with Me: Watch on You Tube: Booking a coaching call:
October 7, 2020
Weight Loss & The Menopause with Pamela Windle
Pamela Windle returns for her 2nd appearance on the show to share her knowledge, wisdom and expertise on weight loss and the menopause. Pam is a Women's Health Coach & Hypnotherapist. Pamela helps women take control of their hormonal health and happiness. She guides women through the peri-menopause, the menopause and even through the childbirth experience so they can feel stronger, calmer and more empowered than ever before. She helps her clients to feel happier, healthier and stronger so they can start living life on their terms, instead of being a victim of their body. With Pam’s guidance and support, her clients glow with health, feel stronger, calmer and happier in their own skin. Pamela helps women to experience the peri-menopause and menopause without having to battle problems like unsightly belly fat and ‘middle-aged spread’, horrible insomnia, brain fog that makes you feel stupid, uncomfortable hot flushes, and crippling depression. She helps women to feel younger, sexier and thrive during this brand new stage of their life. Her expertise lie in menopause coaching: Invaluable support and guidance through this period of change and hypno-birthing coaching: Empowering pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. In this episode we discuss: The issues that women have during the menopause Hormonal imbalances and how to correct them Nutrition and supplementation for weight loss before, during and after the menopause Toxicity in the body Living a more natural lifestyle Stress reduction Pamela’s top tips for weight loss during the menopause Plus much much more Pamela's website: Pam's Instagram: YouTube Channel: Book a coaching consultation call:
October 1, 2020
Master Your Mind, Body & Spirit with Matt Belair
Matt Belair is A one of a kind author, speaker, conscious thought leader and podcast host. LIVING A LIFE DEDICATED TO ACQUIRING THE SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE TO HELP OTHERS ON THEIR PATHS TO GREATNESS, HAS BROUGHT MATT BELAIR TO A LEVEL OF EXPERTISE ATTAINED BY FEW. He has experience in fields ranging from mental fortitude, Zen, the pursuit of inner peace and positive living, martial arts, marketing, snowboarding, and travel to neuro-linguistic programming, meditation, sport psychology, life coaching, and conscious living, he is equipped to support you in whatever you aspire to achieve. He HAS TRAVELLED THE WORLD AND PUT HIMSELF IN THE FIRE TO TEST HIS KNOWLEDGE AND HIS LIMITS. He spent time in Nepal studying meditation with Buddhist monks and survived a near death experience while trekking Everest. He Travelled the world as a professional snowboard coach, trained mixed martial arts with pro fighters in Thailand. Matt has learned the secrets to becoming an effective and powerful leader, speaker and trainer under the guidance of mentor Michael Losier, the best selling author of the Law of Attraction, and spent time in China training with 34th Generation Shaolin Monks, just to name some of his incredible experiences. This wealth of experience and training have lead Matt to a high level of coaching proficiency in the fields of sport psychology, self development and awareness, marketing, the law of attraction, and meditation. In this episode we discuss: Matt's story Matt’s key takeaways from travelling the world and spending time with Buddhist Monks, Shaolin Monks, Thai MMA Fighters and Native American elders How Super Human abilities are ordinary but the work ethic of super humans is extraordinary Finding your true life purpose by asking the right questions Self directed empowerment Why writing your goals down is so important The power of journaling The manipulation of our minds and abilities Discovering your limiting beliefs and how to overcome them Living in the now Matt’s experiences with Meditation The power of doing 3 kind acts a day, going out of your way to do them and not telling anyone How you can raise your vibration and energy amongst all the fear and panic that is in the world at the moment Plus much, much more! Book a coaching call: YouTube: Matt's Instagram: My Instagram: Facebook:
September 24, 2020
The Power Of Freedom And Truth with Brendan D. Murphy
Brendan D. Murphy is the Truth Addict. A spiritual-intellectual and non-conformist, he is the Australian author of The Grand Illusion books. Brendan has (in his own words) a strange constellation of attributes, tastes, and talents— that are impossible to pigeonhole. Brendan has spent 20 years and some 15,000+ hours studying the fields of: Consciousness, spirituality, psychology, and religion Different healing methods, techniques, and systems Self-evolution and personal development (“human potential”) Conspiracy facts, geopolitics, and the Deep State Exopolitics, exobiology, and ufology Medicine, Big Pharma, and the war on natural health Suppressed history and technology… …and much more. For what? For Freedom! So he could figure out how to live freely, powerfully, vitally, and generously – and then help others do the same. In short, Brendan’s “business” is your transformation, embodiment, and freedom. In this episode we discuss: Reality & Human Consciousness Brendan’s book The Grand Illusion DNA Manipulation Personal development Plant Medicine and Shadow work Healing Trauma Closed Mindedness, awakening people, conditioning and brainwashing How to come unstuck Transformational experiences Freedom Truth Plus much much more Brendan's website: Subscribe on YouTube: Book a coaching consultation:
September 17, 2020
Mental Health, Substance Misuse and Choosing Your Struggle with Jay Shifman
Jay Shifman is a  Mental Health, Substance Misuse & Recovery Speaker. He is also a coach, advocate and host of the Choose Your Struggle Podcast. Jay strives every day to end the stigma around the topics of Mental Health and Substance Misuse & Recovery by telling his story and helping others tell theirs. Jay has certifications in Psychological First Aid, Drug Policy and the Social Contexts of Mental Health and Illnesses, Suicide Prevention, and Coaching, among others. Jay has decided to dedicate his life to making a difference around the topics of Mental Health and Substance Misuse & Recovery. After years of having his struggle chosen for him—to simply make it through the day—He finally chose what to struggle for. In this episode we discuss:  Jay's incredible story, a misdiagnosis, substance misuse, 2 suicide attempts and an overdose and his journey to recovery. Why there is so much stigma around mental health and substance use and misuse and how we can overcome it. Unhealthy Addictions. Legalisation of certain substances. Normalising conversations around mental health. Therapy and holistic health for mental health. Why health practitioners and therapists should drop the ego and work together to help more people. Sharing stories in the right way to the right people. Jay’s methodologies for helping others. Jay’s mantra of chasing your struggle. Plus much much more. Booking a coaching consultation:
September 10, 2020
Love, God & Ancestral Karma with Tara Bianca
Tārā Bianca ॐ is a love activist, spiritual luminary, speaker, and leader in transformation. Her mission is to awaken Love into the world, as well to inspire humanity to awaken and ascend to the power of Love, Joy, Peace and Equality, and to come home to the deepest, most Divine Truth of their being-ness. She is a friend to human-kind. She combines over 20 years of research, teaching, speaking, and private coaching experience with expertise in healing the mind, body, and soul to help people revolutionise their life for success. Tara’s clients have included pro-athletes, professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, couples, expecting parents, children and Academy Award-nominated actors. She writes and teaches about love, transformation, spirituality, consciousness, tantra, stress management, health & wellness, biohacking, neurohacking, nutrition, relationships, parenting, and pregnancy. In this episode we discuss: Tara's powerful story and her intimate connection with God. Her ability to channel and psychic powers. Ancestral karma. Various types of trauma and how to overcome it. How to love more and live in your own light. Forgiveness and forgiving yourself. Spiritual self mastery. Plus much much more.  Tara's website: Tara's Social Media: Book a coaching consultation call with me: Find me on Instagram: Like Us on Facebook:
September 2, 2020
The Best Morning Routine with Dr. Lunide Louis
Lunide Louis, is the host of the Best Morning Routine Ever! Podcast. The podcast is the first of its kind devoting a whole show discussing effective morning routine tips and chatting with entrepreneurs and thought leaders in their appropriate fields on how their healthy morning habits have contributed to their success. As a revered MBA professor, Lunide has taught Business Intelligence (BI) Data Mining, Project Management courses at CSPP in San Diego California for the past 5 years. In addition to being an esteemed Entrepreneur, MBA Professor and SAP Systems Implementor, Lunide runs full Marathons and Triathlon to keep physically fit and reads over 50 business books every each year to keep mentally fit. At the age of 32, Lunide completed a half ironman–a 70.3 mile triathlon. She had to learn to swim for that one! The race consist of a 1.2 miles swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.1 miles run. Dr. Louis embraces a challenge! In this episode we discuss: Why you need a morning routine. The importance of morning routine. What benefits a great morning routine will bring. The components of a great morning routine. How set up your environment for success. Creating positive habits and sticking with them. Lunide's HITSAVERS app which teaches you how to create a morning routine. Plus much much more.  Lunide's website: Book a consultation call with me for our 12 week coaching programme: Get up to 50% off your DNA testing kit with MUHDO health use code ALDNA at checkout:
August 27, 2020
Sound Therapy with Lyz Cooper
Lyz Cooper is one of the world’s thought leaders in the sound therapy field. She is the founder of The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST). Which was founded in 2000 following 6 years of research and development and was the first sound therapy training establishment in the UK to offer a professional qualification in sound therapy. BAST, now part of The International Academy of Sound Therapy has run a successful training programme in Australia for the past 3 years and will soon be running courses in other parts of Europe and the USA. Lyz’s compositions and music projects have received excellent feedback – listeners have reported becoming pain free, deeply relaxed and uplifted. The launch of the Radox Spa campaign in 2011 was a turning point – confirming that the mainstream was ready for consciously designed therapeutic music. The piece created by Marconi Union in consultation with Lyz was voted the ‘Most Relaxing Music Ever’ and came 11th out of 50 in Time Magazine’s Top 50 Best Inventions Awards and is still getting media attention today. Lyz’s music contains certain ‘sonic vitamins’ – formulae which are known to affect psychological states due to the way that sound and music is processed in the brain. The success of Weightless, and the independent research carried out by Mindlab has shown that Lyz’s techniques work. There is limitless potential for therapeutic sound and music! In this episode we discuss: What sound therapy is. The difference between sound therapy and sound healing. Lyz's techniques and methodology where she uses me as a case study. The healing and therapeutic benefits of sound and music. How different instruments, sounds and musical compositions affect the body. The ancient history of sound and how sound is encoded in us. The science behind sound therapy and what the research says in relation to health and wellbeing. How you can start to use sound to heal and help your health, simply and immediately. Plus much much more. Lyz's website: Find Lyz's music on Spotify here: My Instagram: Our Facebook: To apply for our 12 Week Online Coaching click here: To get 20% off your MUHDO DNA testing kit use code: ALDNA at checkout: 
August 19, 2020
Free Your Mind with Jake Carter
In this episode I am joined by global educator and holistic health coach Jake Carter.  This is a powerful and important episode and probably one of my favourite episodes so far. In this episode we discuss: Social media and the impact it is having on people's health. The programming and brainwashing from the mainstream media. Fake news and fake history.  How to do your own research and be a free thinker. Self awareness, purpose and being a spiritual being.  Psychedelics and 5 MEO-DMT.  The energy and power of words and etymology. Plus much much more. If you enjoy this episode please share it! Jake's website:  Jake's Instagram: My Instagram: Book a consultation for our online coaching programme:
July 20, 2020
10 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Body Fat
What to know why you're not losing body fat? Well listen to this episode. I expand on a video I put out on social media and go into more detail on the 10 reasons why you're not losing body fat.  Follow me on Instagram: Like the Facebook page: The original Instagram post: Info on hydration: To book a coaching consultation with me click here:
July 16, 2020
Breathe Away Your Stress with Leigh Ewin
Breath-work practitioner and great friend of mine - Leigh Ewin, joins me for the 2nd time to talk all things breathing. But mainly we discuss how breathing can reduce your stress levels. With everything that is going on right now there has never been a better time to focus on your breathing and take control of your breath. I am blessed to call Leigh a friend or more a brother of mine and I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did! The breath is everything! LEIGH EWIN, BREATH-WORK COACH Leigh coaches people all around the world in the art of conscious breath-work. He has trained trained with several of the world’s top recognised breath-work evangelists. He specialises in guiding group breath-work sessions and has a subtle yet powerful manner of which he brings people together. Leigh has spent years exploring breath-work techniques to aid in anxiety, pain and stress relief as well as sports and athletic performance enhancement. He is based in the cooler climate of Finland but hails from sunny Australia and represents a real life story of adaptation and resilience. He enjoys breath-work and the flow of energy that it creates in and for people, both physically and mentally. He is also trained in Bulletproof coaching and holds instructor certifications in several other breath-work methodologies, such as Wim Hof Method, Oxygen Advantage  and Breathology. In this episode we discuss: Masks - Good or bad? What is causing stress. Breathing practices for stress reduction. How you can take control of your breath. Spiritual breathing. Light, vibration, rhythm, frequency and sound. Blissfulness, relaxation, meditation. Letting go of trauma through breathing.  Tension, stress and trauma in the diaphragm. Controlling every bodily function with breathing.  Cold therapy. The vagus nerve and synapsis. Plus much much more.   Leigh's website: Nasal Clothing (use code VIP10 at checkout): Leigh's Instagram: My Instagram: Listen to our first episode here:
June 19, 2020
Health Longevity with Jonathan Clark
Prepare to have your mind blown in 60 mins! This is my most mind blowing episode to date! Personally I want to live a long, healthy, happy and joyful life. My guest on this episode is no different. Jonathan Clark is a Bio Hacker who helps people upgrade their biology and physiology to become the best version of themselves on a cellular level. Jonathan is the CEO of BioFast Health Global. BioFast Health Global is an Optimum Human Performance & Nutrition company that has developed and provides the most up to date cutting-edge Mitochondrial Health, Longevity, Fitness, Fat loss & Rejuvenation programs, along with the very best nutritional adjuvants available on the market today. His mission is to 𝑬𝑫𝑼𝑪𝑨𝑻𝑬, 𝑰𝑵𝑺𝑷𝑰𝑹𝑬 & 𝑬𝑴𝑷𝑶𝑾𝑬𝑹 individuals to take control of their health, by using the latest, most up to date research driven information to prevent & eliminate the top most crippling diseases in the world today. In this episode we discuss: How to live longer whilst remaining healthy. Mitochondrial and cellular health. Energy and metabolic dysfunction. Fasting. Ground/Earthing. Why where you live is important for longevity. Nutrition, sunlight, air quality and climates. Weight training and HIIT. Vibrational frequencies.  Plus much much more.  Find out more about Jonathan here: Follow us on Facebook: Instagram: Grab your DNA Kit here: Use code: MUHDO20 at checkout for 20% off your order. 
June 6, 2020
Endurance Running with Zach Bitter
Zach Bitter is an American ultra marathon runner. He holds world records for the 100-mile run (track) and the 12-hour run (track). Zach claimed both records with his performance during the Six Days in the Dome event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on August 24, 2019. His 100-mile time of 11 hours, 19 minutes and 13 seconds, bested Oleg Kharitonov’s 2002 world record by almost 11 minutes, and was more than 20 minutes faster than his own American mark of 11:40:55. After claiming the 100-mile record, Zach continued running for another 40 minutes and upped his own 12-hour distance world record to 104.8 miles, an improvement of more than three miles over the previous mark. Bitter attended the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point from 2005-2008 and was a member of the Track and Field and Cross Country teams. Zach regularly competes in endurance running events and also coaches other runners and athletes.  In this episode we discuss: How and why Zach got into endurance running. His world records, how he achieved them, how he felt when he achieved them. His mindset and discipline. Running nutrition. Running mechanics and technique. Tracking and measuring running.  Recovery and injuries.  Tips on how you can immediately improve your running. Plus much much more. Zach's contact details: My Instagram: Book a call to discuss our 12 week coaching programme: Buy your Muhdo Health DNA kit here (use code MUHDO20 for 20% off your DNA Kit) : 
May 28, 2020
Sleep Is A Skill With Mollie McGlocklin
Mollie is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill, a company that optimises how people sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioural change. The company was born from “scratching her own itch” after a lifetime of poor sleep habits culminated into a mega-challenging bout of insomnia for months without end. With a background in psychology & human behaviour, she went down the rabbit hole to solve her own sleep disturbances without sleeping aids. She became fascinated with chronobiology, and by extension, its practical applications to restore a state of homeostasis not only to her sleep but also to her life as a whole. She began sharing what she discovered with other sleep sufferers and became blown away by the power of this work at scale. Today, she’s worked with hundreds of people to improve their sleep by strengthening their circadian rhythm. She’s now spent the past three years traveling the world to test sleep quality in different environments across the globe and sharing what she’s discovered. Knowing the difference between a life with sleep and without, she’s now dedicated her life to sharing the forgotten skill set of sleep. In this episode we discuss: How sleep is a skill and anyone can improve and optimise their sleep. Circadian Rhythms. Tracking your sleep and how to tell if you are sleeping well. The things that are hindering your sleep including crappy light and stress. How to improve your sleep. How to maximise your sleep if you are shift worker, regular traveller or a parent with a new born. How sleep effects all areas of your wellbeing.  Plus much much more.  Mollie's website: Mollie's Instagram: My Instagram:
May 14, 2020
Spiritual Exploration & Mindset Development with Dan Tindall
Dan Tindall is a Martial Artist and self professed Mindset Pilgrim. Advocating Mindset Development to create a Lifestyle that supports both Mental and Physical Health. As a Martial Artist Dan tests his Mindset through the sport of MMA as well as running his own business and finding other ways to step outside of his comfort zone. Recently embarking on a spiritual journey of self exploration through the discovery of buddhist teachings and attending various  retreats. Dan has now rediscovered his passion to help others on their journeys. In this episode we discuss: MMA and what martial arts have taught Dan. Discipline and mindset. Mindfulness and spiritual exploration. What a Dan learnt on a Buddhist retreat in Thailand. Mental health. Daily habits to develop a strong mindset and outlook on life. Finding your purpose. Plus much much more. Follow Dan here: Find out more about Dan here: Follow me here:
May 7, 2020
Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy with Sarah Rose Bright
Sarah Rose Bright is a leading certified Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach empowering women and couples to discover and express their true sexual nature. A pioneer as the UK’s first certified sex coach and one of the first somatic sex educators Sarah is the founder of many transformative programmes. With over 15 years of training and education; 10 years running a highly successful practice, Sarah has since helped hundreds of women, men and couples release their stress, worry, guilt and shame around sex to unlock their sexuality and grow in self-confidence, creativity, health and vitality, relationships, work and have fulfilling lives. Sarah has been featured in The Times, Men's Health, The Huffington Post and Marie Claire. She has also featured on TV and radio channels such as The BBC, ITV and Heart Radio.  In this episode we discuss: Sarah's story The common issues and challenges people face when it comes to sex, pleasure and intimacy. How to improve your sex life, intimacy and relationships. How to overcome fear, low self esteem and shame. How to converse and speak openly with your partner about sex and desire. Jade eggs. Masturbation and pornography. Plus much much more. You can find out more about Sarah here: Sarah's Instagram: My Instagram: .
April 24, 2020
Dream, Believe, Achieve with The Bonnick Brothers
The Bonnick Brothers Akai (12) and Azae (8) are my youngest ever guests on the show. They are 2 brothers from Nottingham dreaming of becoming professional footballers. They are both viral sensations and there videos have been viewed millions of times. They currently have 50k+ followers on Instagram and hundreds more on YouTube. They have been featured on Sky Sports, The Nottingham Post and have modelled for some top global brands. But the best part is they are 2 of the most inspirational and positive young men I've ever met!  In this episode we discuss: Why they both love football so much. Some of their biggest challenges and how they've overcome them. How they keep positive, spread positivity and how you can become more positive. Who inspires them and their influences.  Their training regime on and off the football pitch.  How young people can use football to stay positive and out of trouble. How they balance football and school. Their biggest achievements so far. Plus much much more. This episode will inspire both kids and adults so make sure you listen and share! Bonnick Bros Instagram: Bonnick Bros YouTube: My Instagram: Email me:
April 15, 2020
Parkour and Free Running with Sydney Olson
Sydney Olson is a professional Parkour/Free Running athlete. Sydney shares her amazing skills via her Instagram and YouTube pages which currently have a combined following of 150,000 followers. She has been featured in films, TV ads, documentaries and in 2019 was crowned Red Bull Art of Motion champion making her one of the top and most recognised female Parkour athletes in the World. Sydney currently works from The Tempest Free Running Academy in California where she coaches individuals and groups in the sport.  In this episode we discuss: Sydney's story and how she got into the sport of Free Running. Sydney's training. Her mindset and how she stays focused. Some of the injuries she's had and how she overcame them. How Parkour is not as dangerous as many may think.  How people can get into the sport. How more females can take up Free Running and how Sydney is a female ambassador for the sport.  Her greatest achievements. Plus much much more.  Sydney's Instagram: Sydney's YouTube: My Instagram:
April 9, 2020
Beyond Nutrition with Teri Cochrane
Teri Cochrane is an nutritional counsellor and integrative practitioner that has developed her own methodology for helping people with their nutrition and health issues. The health of Teri's children led her to seek solutions to their health crises. They both recovered from life-threatening illnesses when she discerned the root cause of their imbalances and when they changed the way they ate to support their unique genetic blueprint. Teri applies this thinking and approach to each of her clients. As a result, Teri and her team have transformed thousands of people to better their health. Teri's approach is so effective that she coined it as the “The Cochrane Method” in honour of her children.  This method is also applied in her latest book The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended. This book has pioneering research that teaches us that there is no one health food for everyone and how pathogens, stress, and our environment can influence our genes and therefore our health. The diet is completely customized to your individual Wild Type. In this episode we discuss: Teri's story of how her sick children took her from being a risk manager to practicing nutrition full time and saving the life of her son.  The dangers of mould, oxidative stress and amyloid plaques. What should and shouldn't be on your plate. Killer chickens and killer corn. How energy and vibration effect the foods you consume. The Wildatarian approach and Teri's book. Top tips to put into practice straight away to improve your nutrition and overall health. Plus much much more. Access Teri's FREE PDF (usually $7.95) here: Teri's Instagram: Teri's website:
April 1, 2020
Nourished - The World's First Personalised Supplement with Nourished CEO Melissa Snover
Melissa Snover is the CEO of Nourished. Melissa is an award-winning entrepreneur and visionary in the food tech industry who has been launching innovative businesses for the last 15 years. Most recently she has brought Nourished exclusively to the UK market, which utilises patented 3D printing technology to create the world's first truly personalised nutrition product. In this episode we discuss: Melissa's story and how Nourished came about. The companies values and mission. What makes Nourished unique. The ingredients that are available in their supplements. The science and research that goes into producing their supplements. Plus much much more. To get your discount on Nourished supplements head over to and use codes: KINETIK50 for 50% of all personalised blends KINETIK20 for 20% off all life stacks Nourished Instagram: Melissa's Instagram: My Instagram:
March 28, 2020
Hypnosis For Health with Dr. Steve G Jones
Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., clinical hypnotherapist has been practicing hypnotherapy since the 1980s. He is the author of over 22 books on hypnotherapy. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy and president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists. Dr. Steve is a former member of the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association. In order to keep up with the very latest in hypnotherapeutic research, he regularly attends training conferences. Dr. Steve G. Jones sees clients for a variety of conditions. Among them are: weight loss, anxiety, smoking cessation, test-taking, phobias (such as fear of flying), nail biting, road rage, anger management, IBS, general wellness, pre-surgical and pre-dental pain control, natural childbirth, and many others. In business settings, he is regularly called upon by sales teams to boost salesperson motivation. His straightforward techniques have significantly and consistently increased sales. In this episode we discuss:  What hypnotherapy and hypnosis is. Wether or not everyone can be hypnotised. The common issues Steve deals with and his techniques for dealing with them. How quickly hypnosis can help people. What the science and research shows in relation to hypnotherapy. How to hypnotise yourself Plus much much more.  Also at the end Dr. Steve gives you a 10 minute guided hypnosis session to increase health, happiness and joy! Dr. Steve G Jones website:  Dr. Steve G Jones Instagram: My Instagram:
March 25, 2020
The Importance Of Play With Darryl Edwards
Darryl Edwards is a former investment banking technologist turned movement coach and author. He is the founder of the Primal Play Method and a physical activity, health and play researcher. After almost two decades working as a technologist in investment banking, Darryl transformed his health after adopting a back-to-basics approach to well-being. As a health and movement coach, Darryl now advises people on maintaining a healthy lifestyle—amidst the epidemic of obesity and other chronic lifestyle diseases. He regularly presents as a keynote and motivational speaker at academic, clinical, health promotion and corporate events worldwide. Darryl's April 2019 TED talk "Why working out isn't working out" discussing the issues with physical inactivity and why most humans hate to exercise—has now been viewed over 600,000 times! In this episode we discuss: Daryl's personal story from burnt out banker to movement coach, author and public speaker.  Why we have forgotten how to play and the importance of playing more. The wealth of benefits play and movement and having fun brings to us. The shocking stats on inactivity and why now it is more important than ever to move more. How we can help the next generation to incorporate more active forms of play.  Plus much much more.  Connect with Darryl: Darryl's Ted Talk: Connect with me:
March 18, 2020
Troy Casey Certified Health Nut
Troy Casey is obsessed with awakening the world to living a healthy, vibrant, and loving life. He now speaks publicly to help people Lose Weight, Cleanse & Detox their Bodies, and Love Themselves. In this episode we discuss: Troy's story from being a Versace model and actor to becoming Certified Health Nut. Troy's habits and non-negotiables for living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. Troy's brand new book 'Ripped at 50' How we can all lift the consciousness and vibrational energy of the planet.  Why we are all one and all responsible for not just our own health but the health of the whole planet.  Troy's 3 tips to improve all areas of your life and be a better human being. Plus much much more! This episode is jammed packed full of value so make sure you listen from start to finish! To get Troy's book: Troy's YouTube Channel: Troy's Instagram: My Instagram: Link to Icaros video played at Troy's wedding:
March 12, 2020
Internal Control For External Chaos with Ricky Warren
Ricky Warren is the founder of Bodyweight Gurus. He combines callisthenics, yoga and martial arts to help his clients and students to live holistically. Ricky's credentials:  BSc (Hons) Biology, Uni. London. REPs/ACE CPD educator. PT Level 3, Sports Masseuse Level 3. Osteopathic adjustments Grade 4. MMA Instructor . In this episode we discuss: How Ricky combines Callisthenics, Yoga and Martial Arts to be optimally healthy. Ricky's nutrition and how following a plant based diet has helped him. How we can have more internal control to deal with external chaos more effectively. How  we can help the next generation by educating and coaching young people on deeper practices. Ricky's values and ethics. Living your passion and purpose. Plus much much more.   Ricky's Instagram: My Instagram: Kinetik Fitness Show Facebook Page: Use code: PTWEST441 for up to 30 % discount on all supplements. 
March 4, 2020
World Travel For Your Mind, Body & Spirit with Shannon O'Donnell
Shannon O'Donnell is an American travel blogger, writer, speaker and World traveller. Shannon spent 10 years travelling the globe from 2008 until 2018 and in 2013 was named National Geographic Magazine's Traveller of the Year. Her travel blog 'A Little Adrift' has been viewed and read millions of times in over 160 countries. It is one of the top travel blogs on the internet which she started way back in 2008. She has been featured by media outlets that have included Daily Mail, CNN Money, BBC, National Public Radio and International Business Times. In this episode we discuss: How and why Shannon got started on her travelling journey. The lessons she has learnt about the world and herself whilst travelling. Why you should travel and how travel truly broadens the mind. How travelling can benefit your physical, mental and spiritual health. How to travel safely, affordably and sustainably. Top tips for first time travellers and seasoned travellers. Plus much much more. Shannon's website: Shannon's Instagram: My Instagram: Follow The Kinetik Fitness Show on Facebook:
February 10, 2020
The People Booster With Pam Burrows
Pam Burrows aka The People Booster is a high performance coach, master NLP practitioner, public speaker and has studied neuroscience with Dr. Lynda Shaw, accredited by The Royal Psychological Society. Pam helps businesses, organisations, entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and employees to perform to the best of their abilities in the work place by using her experience of over 30 years. In this episode we talk about stress, burnout, Pam's model for wellbeing, fear, mindset, tips to improve your wellbeing at work plus much much more. This episode is for any working individual from employee to business owner who wants to improve their wellbeing at work. Pam's Instagram: My Instagram: Kinetik Fitness Instagram:
January 31, 2020
The Power of Your Belief System with Paul Hughes
I sat down with my best friend Paul Hughes for a one of a kind podcast episode. We dive deep into so many different topics, subjects and areas. But heavily discuss the power of our belief systems, our words and creating our own reality. This is honestly one of the best episodes I have recorded so far. All I can say is just be open and give it a listen!  Paul's Instagram: Merkaba Meditation Link:
January 15, 2020
A 3 Step System To Achieve Your Goals
Welcome to 2020. It's January, it's time to set some goals and actually achieve them. How many times have you set goals, procrastinated, become overwhelmed and ended up giving up on your goals? Too many times right? Well no longer does that need to happen. In this episode I teach you a simple 3 step system that will allow you to achieve any goal in 2020 and beyond. Get your pen and paper, turn off your notifications and work through the system with me. Let's make 2020 your best year yet! Web: Follow me on Instagram: Like us on Facebook:
January 3, 2020
Free Diving Mastery with Gert Leroy
Gert Leroy is a Master Free Diver. Not only does he instruct people from beginners to advanced levels in the art of Free Diving but he also competes in the sport. Gert has used free diving to find his own inner peace and now looks to help others do the same. Gert originally from Belgium now resides in Panglao also unofficially known as the free diving capital of Asia and maybe even the World. In this episode Gert shares his knowledge and expertise in Free Diving and how it has helped him find and realise his purpose in life. Gert's motto is Peace in Every Breath We discuss: What makes free diving different to other forms of diving Free diving basics and health and safety Fears of beginners and more experienced free divers Training in and out of the water Breathing techniques and science Tips on how to get started  Plus much more Gerts Instagram: My Instagram: Join us in Finland:
December 27, 2019
The World's Greatest Formulator with Shawn Wells
Shawn Wells, MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN is an expert in the fields of performance nutrition, longevity, fitness and supplementation. He earned his master’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, where he studied nutritional biochemistry with a minor in exercise science. Shawn is a Registered Dietitian with a decade of experience as a Chief Clinical Dietitian in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. He is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist and has worked with celebrity clients and professional athletes. In this episode we discuss many different topics including: Following your dreams The Keto Diet Simple Bio Hacks to improve your health The negative impacts of words, phones and social media Relationships Taking action on improving your health Living with intent  Plus much much more Shawn's Instagram: @zonehalo Shawn's website: Like us on Facebook: @thekinetikfitnessshow Join me in Finland, February 2020: Wim Hof Workshop in Finland
December 9, 2019
The Power Of Journaling with Ollie Aplin
Ollie is the founder of Mind Journal. A unique journaling brand that was born from a lifetime of personal tragedy and recovery. Ollie has used journaling to bring himself out of the darkness and change his life for the better.  In this episode he shares his tragic story, how journaling changed his life, how you can start your journaling practice, the benefits of journaling for every area of your life, what makes Mind Journal different, how he launched the company in 2016 and has gone on to help tens of thousands of men worldwide start journaling plus much more. @mindjournal
November 28, 2019
Daily Routines, Relationships, Self Care and Overcoming Fear with Brendan Burns
Brendan Burns is an entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host and high performance coach. Brendan has completely turned his life around from a past filled with abuse, addiction and anxiety to coaching athletes and high powered corporates. As well as being a relationship coach to many men and women. His podcast has featured many inspirational guests including Jack Canfield, Jesse Itzler and Dr. Robert Glover. Brendan now coaches thousands of clients all over the world.  In this episode we go deep on many different topics including daily practices, relationships, self care, self love, compassion, spirituality and overcoming fear. This is one of my favourite episodes I have ever recorded and shared so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
November 21, 2019
The Dangers Of Breast Implants. Functional Medicine and Optimal Health of The Mind, Body & Spirit with Dr. Kayte Susse
My guest on this episode is Dr. Kayte Susse. Dr. Kayte is a chiropractor, functional doctor and an advocate in raising the awareness on the health dangers/issues than can arise from breast implants. She has extensive background in both allopathic and natural health, completed 1000+ hours of training in functional medicine, nutrition, immunology and epigenetics. Dr. Susse’s primary focus centers on supporting hormonal imbalance, anti-aging medicine, autoimmune disease, vitamin and mineral imbalances, thyroid health, fertility, and detoxification, as well as pre and post-operative surgery wellness. In this episode: Dr. Susse share's her powerful story and her own health journey. She highlights the dangers of breast implants and the health implications that can arise from them, including her own experience with breast implant illness. We discuss functional medicine and the host of benefits it can provide. We dive into the mind, body, spirit connection and how we can optimise our health on all fronts. Kayte also shares one powerful take away she has received from interviewing many health experts on her own show.  Plus much more! @drkayte @aliwestfitness
November 14, 2019
CrossFit Changed My Life with Sheli McCoy
My guest on this episode is Sheli McCoy. Sheli is a CrossFit athlete, gym owner, sports therapist and human movement expert. Sheli has faced many challenges in her life and has used CrossFit as a vehicle to improve her own life and help inspire others to improve theirs as well. In this episode Sheli shares how she went from being overweight and unhappy to getting in the best shape of her life and competing in the sport of CrossFit. She also shares how many difficult life experiences have helped shape her journey through life so far, including a near death car accident, losing her father at a young age, a difficult break up and more much. Sheli also lets us in to her training regime, nutrition protocols, how she recovers and what motivates her.  This is an inspiring and motivational episode. Enjoy!  @cfsheli @aliwestfitness 
October 24, 2019
My Experience with Magic Mushrooms
In this episode I share my honest experience of what happened on a recent Magic Mushroom trip. I share some info about psilocybin mushrooms,  how I consumed them, the dosage I took, the onset of the trip, what happened, the lessons that the mushrooms taught/showed me and how I've taken the lessons and messages from my trip and integrated them into my everyday life.  DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT IN ANY WAY PROMOTING THE USE OR CONSUMPTION OF PSYCHEDELIC  DRUGS OR ANY DRUGS WHATSOEVER. IF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE MAGIC MUSHROOMS OR ANY PSYCHOACTIVE DRUG, IT IS DONE SO BY YOU AND AT YOUR OWN RISK. ALI AND THE KINETIK FITNESS SHOW CAN NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY DECISIONS MADE BY THE LISTENER OR ANY ADVERSE EFFECTS THAT MAY OCCUR. TRIP SAFE! @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm
October 15, 2019
There Is No Magic Pill: The 5 Fundamentals For Health
In this episode I discuss what I believe to be the 5 fundamentals for health and how you can implement them into your life. There is no magic pill and if there were you wouldn't take it. So listen to this episode to find out the fundamentals and start becoming healthier today!
September 19, 2019
Bio Hacking Basics with Kayla Osterhoff
Kayla is the co-founder of the Womens Biohacking Collective, host of the BioCurious podcast, a health scientist at CDC, researcher, professional biohacker, nationally ranked athlete, and Doctoral student of integrative mind-body medicine. Kayla has dedicated her life to sharing useful knowledge, empowering people to take responsibility and control of their health, wellness and life. She employs a holistic approach across the spectrum of mind-body medicine, biohacking, naturopathy, neuroscience, and functional nutrition to harness their innate power and reach their full potential. In this episode we discuss: What Bio Hacking actually is What problems Bio Hacking can help with Kayla's top Bio Hacks Bio Hacking on a budget Bio Hacking tech How you can get started with Bio Hacking or take your Bio hacking game to the next level Plus much much more @biocurious_kayla @aliwestfitness Bio Curious Podcast
September 4, 2019
Lucid Dreaming For Health and Wellbeing with Dr. Clare Johnson
Dr. Clare Johnson is a Lucid Dreaming expert. She has been having lucid dreams for over 40 years and has been writing and teaching about them for 25 years. She has written 6 books a combination of both non-fiction and fiction centred around lucid dreaming.  Her expertise and passion in this field has taken her all over the world and she has spoken at conferences and international multi-media platforms on lucidity, sleep disorders, and the role of lucid dreams in healing and dying.  We talk everything lucid dreaming in this episode and how you can use it as a powerful tool to improve all areas of your life.
August 21, 2019
Passion, Purpose, Following Your Dreams & Travelling The World with Lucy West
My guest today is long time friend Lucy West. Lucy quit her full time job to follow her passion and live out her life's purpose. Back in 2012 she started a network marketing business with Arbonne which has allowed her to quit her corporate job, grow a team of passionate individuals, speak on stage in front of over 2000 people at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham and for the last 6 months, travel the globe, working remotely only a few hours per week. Lucy West has a background in performing arts and worked in the entertainment industry for 7 years before starting her own business. She’s worked for companies such as the BBC, Channel 4, Cambridge Arts Theatre & Nottingham Playhouse​.​ ​In 2012 she was introduced to ​Arbonne​, a company which introduces people to a pure, healthy lifestyle​ ​through botanically based skincare, nutrition and cosmetics. Not only have the products dramatically improved her skin and health, the business has allowed her to create a life by design. She quit the the corporate world in 2015 and is now able to travel the world full time with her husband, building her business virtually. Her biggest passion is seeing the transformation of people in her team and helping people realise that they were made for more. Social links:​ / @lucywestvp​ @aliwestfitness To book the Wim Hof fundamentals course: Wim Hof Fundamentals Course Nottingham UK
August 13, 2019
Half A Century... Time For My Life Story So Far
I made it to 50 episodes! I thought the best thing to do for this half century episode was to let you into my life and share my life story so far. 32 years of living condensed into 2 hours was a struggle but I believe that this episode is honest and transparent. Use it as inspiration, fuel for your fire and a chance to get to know me more intimately. I also wanted to say I'm so happy and grateful for getting to 50 podcast episodes, I couldn't of done it without the listeners. Thank you so much, if you have supported me and listened to this podcast. If this is your first episode listening to the show then you picked a great one to start on! In this episode: My birth and the early trauma it caused. Growing up, my parents, school, friends and football. The death of a loved one in my teenage years and drinking heavily at 14.  College, more football and my injury. Life decisions and the start of my career in fitness. Up skilling and increasing my knowledge  The transition to being my own boss and running my own business. Ending a long term relationship and meeting my wife Sarah. Going from a one man personal training business to opening and running my own gym. The struggles of the past 2 and half years, ups, downs and life lessons. Starting the podcast. How you are amazing, you are unique and how you can achieve your dreams. Plus loads more This is me... Enjoy the episode. @aliwestfitness To book Bio Hack Your Breath: Bio Hack Your Breath  
August 1, 2019
Lead With Love with Anja Chong
Anja Chong is a national short track skater and represents Malaysia. She became a 3 time SEA Games Gold Medalist at her debut performance in the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games. She clinched 3 golds in all her events - the 500m, 1000m and Ladies 3000m Relay.  In her efforts to empower women to believe that we really can do it all, she has decided to juggle a career in the financial industry, as well as one out on the ice! Anja is currently working on her own business. She also writes a newsletter in the hopes of helping to inspire other women out there and together discover how to be our best selves. In this episode we discuss: Her career and journey to where she is now. How Anja overcame depression and abuse, both physical and mental.  How leading with love and kindness for yourself and others can empower you and change your life. Her core values and purpose in life. The power of gratitude, forgiveness and the Law Of Attraction How everything in the universe vibrates and how you can be aware of your own vibration as well as other peoples. Plus much more Anja drops so much wisdom in this episode so give it a listen and we really had a great vibe during this interview . Enjoy! @anjachong @aliwestfitness
July 23, 2019
How To Live A Longer, Healthier, Happier and More Joyful Life With Megan Kearney
Megan is a creative vinyasa and thoughtful movement teacher who emphasizes the mind/body connection. Teaching vinyasa, yin and restorative, she integrates alignment and functional flow throughout her classes and always includes meditation and/or breath work. She has a combined degree in kinesiology, business and leadership. As a yoga teacher for over 15 years, she first entered the world of yoga via meditation more than 25 years ago. She has more than 6,000 teaching hours under her belt as a E-RYT and a 500-hour graduate of Yoga Medicine. She is a certified Yoga Medicine Registered Therapeutic Specialist and Yoga Alliance continuing education provider. She is specifically trained in myofascial release work, Thai massage, mindfulness-based meditation, yoga for traumatic brain injury resilience and mixed martial arts practice. She offers classes to all ages at her studio Ebb & Flow in metro-Atlanta and is proud to be a part of the Yoga Medicine teaching faculty. A recovering triathlete herself, Megan enjoys working with athletes, aging bodies with injuries and is specifically creating classes and curriculum for firefighters and other first responders, where she explores the ability to use yoga, meditation and breath work to build mental wellness in typically sleep deprived, chronic stress sufferers. In this episode we discuss: Yoga Medicine Megan's daily practices How Megan and her husband are helping first responders with their physical and mental wellbeing Megan's tips for living a longer, healthier, happier and more joyful life. Plus much much more @aliwestfitness @megankearney   @yoga_medicine
July 11, 2019
From Overweight Office Worker To Running a 10 K with Jon Munro
For the first time ever I interview one of my clients Jon and share his case study. Jon has achieved amazing results since he started working with us and in this episode he shares his story and journey from being overweight, depressed and having zero energy, to training 4 x per week, losing loads of fat and weight, increasing muscle, increasing his energy and confidence plus much more.  If you need my help click here: Get In Touch Instagram: @aliwestfitness To book Bio Hack Your Breath Event: Bio Hack Your Breath use code: Kinetik for discounted tickets Bio Hack Your Breath Facebook 
July 5, 2019
Colonics, Gut Health, Bowels and Digestion with Jane Bush MACH, RT, CNHC, NAMMT
Jane Bush is an ARCH registered colon hydrotherapist. She has her own practice where she currently has a 3 month waiting list for patients. In this episode we talk all about gut health, digestion and how colonic hydro therapy can help.  We discuss:  Gut issues and why they are occurring The gut/brain link Poo Food and supplements that will support your gut Colonics The benefits you will see and feel once you fix your gut Intolerance and allergy testing Tips and practices to improve your gut health and digestion immediately  Plus much much more Jane Bush Reflex Nutrition use code PTWEST441 for up to 30% off all your orders.  Bio Hack Your Breath event: BioHack Your Breath Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @aliwestfitness
July 2, 2019
Eat To Beat Disease With Dr. William Li
William W. Li, MD, is a world-renowned physician, scientist, speaker, and author of EAT TO BEAT DISEASE – The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself, which is a New York Times best seller. He is best known for leading the Angiogenesis Foundation. His groundbreaking work has impacted more than 70 diseases including cancer, diabetes, blindness, heart disease, and obesity. His TED Talk, “Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?” has garnered more than 11 million views, and he has appeared on: Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Voice of America; and in The Atlantic, TIME, and The New York Times. An author of over 100 scientific publications in leading journals such as Science, the New England Journal of Medicine, and The Lancet, Dr. Li has served on the faculties of Harvard Medical School, Tufts University, and Dartmouth Medical School. In this episode we discuss: How you can tell if what you're eating is beating or feeding disease The bodies 5 defence mechanisms and which foods can support each one How food is medicine and the science behind it Grand slam foods (foods that support all of the bodies 5 defence mechanisms) Action points you can implement straight away Plus much much more @aliwestfitness @drwilliamli To purchase Dr. Li's book click here: Eat To Beat Disease
June 13, 2019
How To Improve Your Nutrition with Eva Humphries aka Wholefood Warrior
In this episode I chat to Eva Humprhies also know as Wholefood Warrior.  Eva Humphries is a leading BANT registered nutritionist and the brains behind Wholefood Warrior. She even has some letters after her name: DipION, mBANT, CNHC. DipION - a degree equivalent in Nutritional Therapy from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition mBANT - member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) - a professional membership body for Registered Nutritional Therapists CNHC - member of the Complementary & Natural Therapies Healthcare Council (CNHC) - a regulatory body for nutritional therapists. As a nutritional therapist, Eva specialises in type 2 diabetes and cancer. In this episode we discuss: The common nutritional issues she comes across with her clients and in the general population How you can add rather than take away to improve your health The benefits you get from improving your nutrition  How to create healthy eating habits Some nutritional myths Tips and tricks you can put into practice straight away to improve your nutrition  Plus much much more @aliwestfitness @wholefoodwarrior kinetik fitness
June 5, 2019
The Power Of Music with Bill Protzmann
Did you realise that music can have a direct impact on your physical, mental and spiritual health?  In this episode I interview a very special guest Bill Protzmann. Bill has devoted his life to music and has harnessed his love for it as entertainment and therapy to help others. He coined the term 'Music Care' and has used music as medicine to help people suffering with varying conditions and illnesses. Which include: Alzheimer's, PTSD, Alcoholism, drug addictions, stress, physical and emotional injuries plus many more. What is even more powerful is that Bill has used the healing powers of music on himself, to help with his own conditions which include depression and schizophrenia.  We discuss: Common issues that people are dealing with How music can be used as a tool to improve health Some of the major benefits music can have on health What types of music, vibrations and frequencies can be most beneficial When and how music can be used in a negative way and how to make sure that doesn't happen Plus much more! We also have a surprise for you to finish the show, so make sure you listen all the way to the end!   @aliwestfitness   @billprotzmann
May 20, 2019
Setting Goals, Having a Vision & Being Niche with Chris Bailey (Bailey Image)
In this episode I speak to an old friend, Chris Bailey, owner of Bailey Image. Chris is a fitness photographer and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Eddie Hall,  Ashley Horner and Justin Gonzalez. Chris has done photography work for big brands including Gym Shark and PHD Nutrition. He has been an in house photographer for Flex magazine and Muscle & Fitness magazine and has also been the lead photographer at The Arnold Classic and The Olympia competitions.   In my opinion Chris is one of the top 5 fitness photographers in the world and in this episode we talk about his journey, his vision, how he sets small and large goals and where he see himself going in the future. If you need some inspiration today this is for you! @aliwestfitness @baileyimage @citizenbailey My email:
May 3, 2019
How Relationships Effect Your Health
In this episode I take a deep dive into relationships. You will learn:⁣ ⁣ - The definition of relationship⁣ - How a positive or negative relationship with someone or a group of people has an effect on your health⁣ - How relationships effect mental health⁣ - How relationships effect your body⁣ - How relationships effect your spirit and higher purpose⁣ - What the longest study on happiness showed⁣ - 3 tips to improve your relationships⁣ ⁣ @aliwestfitness The Longest Study On Happiness Podcoin
April 12, 2019
Travel Health Tips, What 2 Weeks In Bali Showed Me & How Travel Can Improve Your Wellness
I've just got back from a 2 week holiday in Bali and I wanted to share my experience with you. In this episode you will learn: How you can stay healthy whilst travelling How to overcome jet lag and dodge viruses  What Bali showed and taught me about myself and others How travel truly broadens the mind and how you can use travel to improve your overall wellbeing.  Plus some interesting stories and more... @aliwestfitness
March 27, 2019
The Power Of The Breath with Leigh Ewin
Most people don't breathe correctly. In this episode you will discover how to control your breathing, the right mechanics for breathing, how powerful the breath is, various breathing techniques plus much more.  There is nothing else that is as simple to implement which gives you the best health results in such a short amount of time.  My guest today is Leigh Ewin, Leigh is a Wim Hof Method instructor, a student of The Bullet Proof Method and Oxygen Advantage. He has been mentored by some of the top experts in breath work and human performance.  Leigh also has his own company called Flowness which teaches individuals how to best access that "flow state" and unlock their human potential.  Take control of your breath and take control of your life! @leighewin @aliwestfitness
March 7, 2019
How To Track & Improve Recovery
In this episode I go into the various ways you can track and improve your recovery. Recovery is vitally important for your overall well being and also to improve your performance in everything you do. In this episode I talk about: The various ways of tracking recovery including the various wearable technologies. The importance of sleep for recovery How to monitor and assess your heart rate so you can recover optimally. The various forms of heart rate, including resting hear rate, heart rate variability and working heart rate.  Why nutrition and hydration is vital for recovery. @aliwestfitness
February 27, 2019
The Master Adventurer with Noel Hanna
8 summits of Everest, the first Irish man to climb and descend K2, conquerer of the 7 summits, World Records, ultra marathons and the list goes on. Noel Hanna has achieved many feats in his life and in this episode you will learn about this man's incredible career and adventures. In this episode you will also learn: Noel's mindset and how to improve yours How Noel has overcome many obstacles and barriers What drives him to complete these amazing challenges How important it is to have a support system Plus much much more. @aliwestfitness
February 13, 2019
Intermittent Fasting with Iain Templeman
Iain is PhD student at the University of Bath focusing on nutrition and metabolism for health. He has over 10 years of research and experience in metabolic health and has done extensive research studies on intermittent fasting.  Including the paper: Intermittent fasting, energy balance and associated health outcomes in adults: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.  We discuss: What intermittent fasting is Different protocols and which is the best protocol to follow The health benefits of intermittent fasting Extended fasting Training whilst in a fasted state Tips to help you to stick to your intermittent fasting regime Plus much much more @iaintempleman Iain Templeman Research Portal @aliwestfitness
February 6, 2019
All About Calisthenics with Tim and Jacko from School Of Calisthenics
Tim and Jacko from School of Calisthenics share their story and expertise in the field of calisthenics.  We discuss: How they formed School of Calisthenics, some of the problems beginners face when starting calisthenics, how to push through obstacles, the importance of getting a coach and guidance, their future plans, plus much much more! 
January 30, 2019
Running Around The World: 196 Marathons in 196 Countries with Nick Butter
Nick Butter is a professional endurance runner and a man on a mission. Nick is on a mission to run a marathon in every single country in the world. That's right 196 marathons in 196 countries. He will set 8 World records along his journey all whilst aiming to raise a quarter of a million pounds for the battle against prostate cancer. I record this episode with Nick after he has completed his 102nd marathon in Bahrain.  Not only is Nick passionate about running he has an amazing story to share and is a true inspiration. This episode will give you a new outlook on life and inspire you to be healthier and move forward with purpose.  This is one of my best episodes yet, so go listen.  Ali West. @aliwestfitness @nickbutterrun Text 'NRTW89 £10' to 70070 Support Prostate Cancer UK
January 14, 2019
From A 90 Hour Per Week New York Banker To Champion Triathlete with Sarah Piampiano
Sarah Piampiano is a professional triathlete and Ironman triathlete. Sarah competed in her first amateur triathlon in 2009 off the back of a bet with a friend. Within in the space of 3 years she went from a 90 hour plus per week banker to a full time professional triathlete. She has gone on to win numerous races and achieve a 7th place finish in the World Ironman Championships. In this episode Sarah shares her incredible and inspirational journey, how she stays motivated, what her training regime looks like, her biggest successes and tips on how you can get started with triathlon. @spiampiano @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm
December 20, 2018
Meditation: How I Found It, How It's Helped Me & How It Can Change Your Life!
Meditation will change your life! It's certainly changed mine. In this episode I openly share my meditation journey and the benefits it's provided with me. I also share with you my practice and how you can implement meditation into your life. I share a lot of stuff that only the closest people in my life know about so I hope you enjoy it! @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm Links mentioned: - Jason Stephenson guided meditations over 1 million subscribers. - Merkaba guided meditation. (This is the very first one I did and the one that got me into meditation)
December 7, 2018
What It Takes To Be A Pro Athlete With Dave 'Tin Tin' Watts
Dave Watts aka Tin Tin former pro Basketballer turned teacher gives us an insight on what it takes to be a pro athlete. We discuss training methods, recovery, mindset and Dave's story of how he made it at professional level. Plus much more. @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm @tintinstagram10
November 28, 2018
Mother & Baby Health with Christian Bates
Christian is the owner and founder of The Perrymount Clinic based in West Sussex. Christian specialises in baby health and helps mothers and babies with a wide range of care services. Including calming colic, cranial osteopathy, birth trauma resolution, mother and baby nutrition plus much more. In this episode we discuss how mothers can support their child before, during and after pregnancy. What are the best nutrition methods to follow. How to reduce colic, how to reduce the amount of crying from your baby and how to help babies who can't sleep, plus lots more. If you are a parent, are planning on becoming a parent or are interested in baby health this is the episode for you. @calming_colic_by_christian @theperrymount @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm
November 7, 2018
Finding Your Why? How Athletes Can Inspire And The Legacy Of 2012 with Richard Whitehead MBE
In this episode Ali chats with Richard Whitehead MBE. Rich runs with prosthetic legs and is a 2 time Paralympic gold medalist, a 4 time World Championship gold medalist and a 3 time World Record holder. Rich is also a patron of Sarcoma UK the bone and soft tissue cancer charity. We find out his Why?, his training methods, what keeps him so dedicated to his sport, the responsibility athletes have to inspire others, the legacy of London 2012, plus much more. @richard_whitehead_mbe @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm
November 1, 2018
From Royal Marines Commando To Hollywood Stunt Man with Adam Collins
In this episode Ali chats with stunt man and actor Adam Collins. Adam has featured in big budget Hollywood films and TV Shows, he has also just premiered his very own film called Outlawed, which he wrote, stars in and co directed. We discuss Adam's journey, the hard work it took to get his film onto the big screen, transitioning from the military to acting, his training regime, plus much more. @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm @adamcollins_stunts
October 25, 2018
All About Vibration Training with Steve Powell from Powerplate
In this episode Ali speaks to Steve Powell, Director of Education for Powerplate about all things Vibration Training. You will learn what vibration training is and the science behind it, the benefits of using vibration and how you can integrate it into your own training regime. @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm @powell10steve @powerplateuk
October 17, 2018
My Experience On LSD
Ali tell his story of his first LSD trip. Ali shares all of experience. He highlights his experience whilst under the influence of LSD, his biggest takeaways and how you can use psycho active drugs safely and beneficially. Disclaimer: Ali does not promote or encourage the use of any illegal substances. Any usage of psychedelic/psycho active drugs or substances of any kind is at your own risk and your own choice. @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm Books mentioned: Tools Of Titans by Tim Ferriss The Psychedelic Explorers Guide by James Fadiman
October 12, 2018
Gratitude & How It Will Change Your Life
In this quarter of a century, landmark episode. Ali says thank you and explains how showing gratitude can change your life. He also shares some practices you can use to implement gratitude in to your day to day life. @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm
October 4, 2018
From Dog Attack To Vegan Body Builder with Charlotte Sims
In this episode, Ali speaks with Charlotte Sims, bikini body building competitor. Charlotte shares her amazing fitness journey. From knowing nothing about health and fitness, to being attacked by a dog and nearly losing her hand, to competing in a body building competition whilst following a vegan diet. Charlotte's story is truly inspiring. Use it to motivate yourself on your fitness journey. @aliwestfitness @foxyhotgirl @kinetiknottm
September 27, 2018
5 Health & Fitness Lies
You've been lied to! In this episode Ali debunks and deconstructs some common health and fitness lies and gives you the truth on these 5 LIES! After listening to this episode you will have the knowledge and ammo to combat the health and fitness liars when they start sprouting rubbish in your ear. @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm
September 19, 2018
Rapid Transformational Therapy with Philippa Bottrill
In this episode Master Mindset Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy Coach (RTT) Philippa Bottrill explains what RTT is all about and how it can help you to overcome any problem or issue in your life. You will learn what RTT is all about, the benefits, the speed at which Philippa gets results, skills you can put into practice to improve your life, plus much much more. @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm philippa__bottrill
September 12, 2018
How To Stop Worrying & Start Living with Bruce Van Horn
Worry... Does it effect you? Are you ever crippled by worry? Do you want to learn how to overcome worry and live out your best life? If you answered YES to any of these questions then this is the episode for you. In this episode Ali interviews inspirational coach, speaker, Life Is A Marathon Podcast host and best selling author Bruce Van Horn. You will learn: Why you are worrying, how to overcome worry, tips and tricks you can use to stop worry dead in it's tracks plus much much more. @bruce.vanhorn @aliwestfitness @kinetiknottm
September 5, 2018
The Psychology Of Mindset With Serena Simmons
In this episode Ali speaks to Chartered Psychologist and University lecturer Serena Simmons. We learn how mindset effects all aspects of our life, how we can change and improve our mindset, skills, tips and hacks for mindset plus much much more. @aliwestfitness @serenapemodel @kinetiknottm
August 29, 2018
IV Drip Therapy With Dr. Katherine Zagone
In this fascinating episode Ali interviews Dr. Katherine Zagone, Medical Director at Gentera Med about all things IV Drip Therapy. IV Drip Therapy and IV nutrition is on the rise in the well being sector and in this podcast you will learn: -What IV Drip Therapy is and how it works - Some of the health issues and deficiencies that IV Therapy can help combat - The benefits of IV Drip Therapy - Some amazing and powerful results Dr. Z has achieved with her patients Plus much much more. @drzagone @genteramed @ali_kinetik
August 22, 2018
Yoga With Victoria Louise
In this episode we speak with experienced Yogi Victoria Louise. Vicky has been practising yoga for over 10 years and has a wealth of expertise and knowledge on all things Yoga. You will learn about different types of yoga, the benefits of yoga, how you can integrate yoga with other forms of exercise plus much much more. Whether you are an experienced yogi or are just interested on how yoga can help you to be healthier, this is the episode for you. @iamvictorialouise @victorialouiseactivelifestylecoach @ali_kinetik @kinetiknottm
August 22, 2018
How To Find Your Life's Purpose
In this episode Ali explains how to find your purpose in life. Do you know your life's purpose? If I had to ask you what you're here for could you tell me? If you want to find out and get clarity on your purpose in life then this is the episode for you. Ali explains a simple practical, system you can use to discover your true life's purpose. Grab your pen and paper because this is a practical episode! @ali_kinetik @kinetiknottm
August 8, 2018
Sports Massage with Ben Cunnington
In this episode we speak to Ben Cunnington from Kinetik Fitness about everything sports massage. We discuss how sports massage differs to other forms of massage. How it can benefit you, how you can select the best therapist and much much more. @contourfitnesstherapy @kinetiknottm @ali_kinetik
August 1, 2018
Injury Rehab and Prevention with Dr. Claire Minshull
In this episode we speak to Dr. Claire Minshull from Get Back to Sport, about all things injury related. We find out why people get injured, how you can rehab properly and how to prevent injuries from occurring. @ali_kinetik @kinetiknottm @getbacktosport
July 26, 2018
Sleep with Nick Littlehales
In this episode Ali interviews world renowned sleep coach Nick Littlehales. Nick has worked with some of the top athletes and sports teams in the world. We find out how vital sleep is, some techniques and tips on how to improve your sleep and learn some interesting facts that you probably have never even heard of. @sportsleepcoach @ali_kinetik @kinetiknottm
July 7, 2018
5 Activities To Burn Fat If You're Short On Time
In this episode I talk about 5 activities you can do to help you burn fat even if you have limited time. These activities are simple, accesible and anyone can do them. Listen now to find out what they are. @ali_kinetik @kinetiknottm
June 27, 2018
Meditation with Jason Stephenson
Have you always wanted to get into meditation but don't know how or where to start? Or do you already meditate and want to take your practice to the next level? Either way this is the episode for you. In this episode we speak to Jason Stephenson about all things meditation. You will learn how to get started, the benefits, simple tips you can use to be mindful and much more. Jason Stephenson has 845,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and has celebrity fans such as Russel Brand. Dive in and learn more about meditation. @jasonstephensonmeditation @ali_kinetik @kinetiknottm
June 20, 2018
The Importance Of A Morning Routine with My Wife Sarah
In this episode Sarah interviews Ali West on why it's important to have a morning routine. @kinetiknottm @ali_kinetik @herfryness
June 14, 2018
Lauren Tickner - Online Entrepreneur
In this episode we dive into the mind of Lauren Tickner. A fitness entrepreneur and influencer. Lauren has 129,000 followers on Instagram, 29,000 subscribers on YouTube, her own podcast and multiple online businesses. She gives her tips on how to overcome health issues, fear, anxiety and some of her top tips on how to follow your dreams. @laurentickner @kinetiknottm @ali_kinetiknottm
June 14, 2018
Key Points To Success with Dave Meltzer
In this shortened episode Dave Meltzer of Sports 1 Marketing gives us his key points to bring success into your life. @davidmeltzer @ali_kinetik @kinetiknottm
June 13, 2018
Cold Therapy with Dr. Marc Cohen
In this episode we speak to Dr. Marc Cohen from The School of Health and Biomedical Sciences at RMIT University. We discuss the benefits of cold therapy, how to get started and some practical tips you can use to integrate the cold into your daily life and improve your overall well being. @kinetiknottm @ali_kinetik
June 13, 2018
Women's Health, The Menopause & Hormones with Pamela Windle
In this episode we speak to women's health coach and hypnotherapist Pamela Windle. We discuss the menopause, the importance of hormones and many other factors concerning women's health. @pamelawindlehormonecoach @kinetiknottm @ali_kinetik
May 30, 2018
The Movement Man with Stephen Braybrook
In this episode we speak to the founder of Brain Move, author of The Evolution of Bio-Mechanics and university lecturer, The Movement Man: Stephen Braybrook. We discuss how the brain influences and effects pain. How the brain works in relation to human movement. We also discover what steps can be taken to correct faulty movement patters and bring people out of pain. @brain_move_uk @ali_kinetik @kinetiknottm
May 23, 2018
The Importance Of The Foot & Bare Foot Running with Dr. Emily Splichal
In this episode we speak to Dr. Emily Splichal. Dr. Emily is a human movement specialist and expert in bare foot running. She travels all over the world teaching health and fitness professionals all about the importance of the foot. @kinetiknottm @ali_kinetik @dremilydpm
May 2, 2018
All About Physiotherapy with Kathryn Peden
In this episode we discuss everything physiotherapy with Kathryn Peden of Arcadia Physiotherapy. @kinetiknottm @ali_kinetik @arcadiatherapy
April 25, 2018
Holistic Health with Carley Mellors-Blair
In this episode we discuss everything holistic with Carley Mellors Blair. Carley cured herslef of MS and lost over 70 lbs in weight using various holistic techniques and therapies. She now helps others to become healthier and happier. @kinetiknottm @thehealingtouchacademy
April 11, 2018
Exercise & Nutrition For Golf Performance with Richard Dunsby
In today's episode Ali speaks to PGA professional and golf performance coach Richard Dunsby. We find out the critical role exercise and nutrition plays in golf and sports performance.
April 4, 2018
Why You Need A Coach with Coach Khayr
In today's episode our guest is Coach Khayr. Khayr is a life coach that has clients all over the World. We find out 'Why you need a coach'.
March 28, 2018