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King,Queen,And Everything In Between!

King,Queen,And Everything In Between!

By King And Queen
We're here to talk about love, marriage,pain, heartache,bills,kids and all the in between!! You can judge us all you want but we are who we are!!

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My husband was ready to address this subject. WAP is deeper than just the the meaning,the lyrics,and the video and we discuss it on today's episode.
August 12, 2020
Bridging the Generational Gap.
We discuss different ways on how to bridge the gap between us and our elders. Communication and open-minded conversations are a must. Listen in and tell us what you think.
August 10, 2020
Sex talk with your mate.
No matter how much you love your partner sometimes the sex just isn't up to par🤷🏾‍♀️. We discuss how we handle that in this episode of King,Queen,and everything In between! Let us know what you think!
July 28, 2020
Black women are Exotic
Because of 50's and Lil Wayne's comments and laughter about black women,we decided to address that ignorance in this episode. Let us know what you think.
July 20, 2020
Do you defend your s/o against your family?
One of the toughest issues in a relationship is defending your s/o to your family. Depending on the family dynamic it can be hard to address your family but it has to be done. King Jay and I discuss out thoughts on this subject in this episode.
July 8, 2020
BLM:Teen Edition
This is a continuation of our podcast from yesterday. We decided to include our 2 older kids:our 18 yr old daughter and 17 yr old son about BLM, protesting, rioting, police brutality,and systematic racism.
June 23, 2020
Black Lives Matter!
It's been a while since we've done a podcast so we wanted to start back with a bang! In this episode we're talking about the frustrations of being black and dealing with the mindset of racist or ignorant white ppl.
June 22, 2020
Double Standards, Condoms,and The Handmaid's Tale
We discussed condom responsibilities, how women are held to a different standard, and how the small reminder of The Handmaid's Tale.
May 5, 2020
Blended Families
Blended Families can be so difficult for so many different reasons. We actually have a blended family and so we decided to to today's podcast about it.
April 28, 2020
Recap #3
Our recap was awesome. We talked about The Real Cosby Show,Roles in different Relationships,and Co-parenting. Tell us what you think!
April 26, 2020
We discussed co-parenting the good and the bad. It can be easy or hard but your kids should always be your first priority.
April 25, 2020
A member asked us what are the different roles in dating? In a relationship? In marriage? Listen in and tell us what you think!
April 24, 2020
The real Cosby Show
For the most part we all loved the Cosby Show but what we failed to realize as kids is,life isn't as simple as a 30 minute show. Listen in as we talk about our version of the Cosby Show.
April 21, 2020
Recap: #2
We did a recap of all our episodes from the week. We talked about everything from generational love to 18 yr old kids to falling out of love!
April 19, 2020
Small Circles and Date Night
We decided to give y'all a double subject for today's podcast! Small circles is about getting to know your in-laws on a deeper level cause you never know where it may led and Date Night is about our plans to enjoy each other even when doing an at home date night.
April 18, 2020
You're what?
These kids turn 18 and think they know it all! They know NOTHING!
April 16, 2020
How do you get over cheating in a relationship?
We had a member ask us this question so we decided to talk about it.
April 16, 2020
Why don't marriages/relationships last like our grandparents generation?
This was a really good one! We talk about the pros and cons that our grandparents had in their marriages/relationships.
April 15, 2020
Do you need or want your partner?
This is the 1st time we had a difference of opinion! Do you want? Do you need? Can both be intertwined with each other? Tell us what you think.
April 14, 2020
Can you outgrow being in love?
This question was asked in our Facebook group: And because of the responses we decided to talk about it. Tell us what you think!
April 13, 2020
Communicating with an ex?
We had a member ask us:in a relationship or married is it okay to communicate with an ex w/o letting your current mate know? The follow up question is:is it okay to reach out to an ex if they or someone in their family is going thru death,sick,or in another traumatic situation? We answer both questions!
April 10, 2020
Who won?
We all argue and disagree but what do we do to get past it? Jay and I talk about how we are learning to address our issues.
April 9, 2020
Parenting and Apologies
Do you give heartfelt apologies to your children? We have to get past the fact that they're our kids and focus on the fact that their feelings are valid.
April 8, 2020
Quarantine and Couple
We discuss some of the things we do to keep our relationship strong during this pandemic.
April 7, 2020
Unconditional love?
Is unconditional love realistic? Without boundaries are you setting yourself up for heartache? Listen to our thoughts on the subject.
April 6, 2020
Questions PT. 2
Today was Queen Cece's turn at bat!! She was asked questions that we all hope will benefit you either now or in the future!
April 5, 2020
Questions PT.1
We decided today's show would be me asking Jay some questions about love and men! We hope this helps someone to realize who they are and what they want to be!
April 4, 2020
If you're on a stay at home order than you're probably on edge and easily irritated by the ppl in your house! Jay and I definitely had a Coronavirus argument today!!
April 3, 2020
The ups and downs of Marriage
Marriage is never easy but taking the time to focus on who you are and what you want can definitely make a positive impact.
April 2, 2020
Welcome! Our names are Jay and Cece!
We just wanted to introduce ourselves and give some background info. This is out 1st podcast so of course perfection doesn't happen overnight. We hope you enjoy!
March 31, 2020