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The Kingdom Community Podcast

The Kingdom Community Podcast

By Kingdom Community
The teachings of the Kingdom Community family. For more information about us, visit KingdomCommunity.Global
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Session 7 - The Kingdom Conference - Rediscovering Your Kingdom Identity | Glenn Bleakney
Session 7 - The Kingdom Conference - Rediscovering Your Kingdom Identity | Glenn Bleakney 
October 5, 2021
Session 6 - The Kingdom Conference - World Changers | Ps. Arthur Guice
Session 6 - The Kingdom Conference - World Changers | Ps. Arthur Guice
October 5, 2021
Session 5 - The Kingdom Conference - Resurrecting the Body of Christ | Glenn Bleakney
Session 5 - The Kingdom Conference - Resurrecting the Body of Christ | Glenn Bleakney 
October 5, 2021
Session 4 - One Body Perfectly United | Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo
Session 5 - One Body Perfectly United | Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo 
October 5, 2021
Session 3 - The Kingdom Conference - The Spirit Empowered Church | Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo
Session 3 - The Kingdom Conference - The Spirit Empowered Church | Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo 
October 5, 2021
Session 2 - Discerning the Time of Your Visitation | Bishop Arthur Guice
Bishop Arthur Guice teaches on recognizing the season and times we are in and living with a Kingdom perspective.  Learn more about the Kingdom Community by visiting KingdomCommunity.Global/connect
October 5, 2021
Session 1 - The Work of an Evangelist | Jacqui Ford
Jacqui Ford of Australia shares on the calling and the work of an evangelist and challenges believers of Christ to step out and be a bold witness of Christ.  Learn more about us by visiting KingdomCommunity.Global  Follow us on Watch the 
October 5, 2021
The Power of the Prophetic Sound | Interview with Roma Waterman
Join the convo with Roma Waterman as she shares on, "The power of prophetic sound: why your worship matters." Whether you consider yourself musical or not, your worship is a vital component and war strategy for victory in the spiritual realm.
September 17, 2021
The City Church with Derek Dunn
Derek Dunn shares critical lessons he learned while serving on staff at one of the fasted growing churches in Asia. This church though seeing powerful manifestations of God's Spirit was not growing. Then they made a shift and grew to over 30,000 people! Listen as Derek delineates the steps taken to impact thousands of lives in this city. 
September 11, 2021
The Lord of the Silence, Interview with Shaneen Clarke
In this edition of Kingdom Community TV, we welcome Shaneen Clark sharing about her new book, “The Lord of the Silence.” Can silence be found amid the noisy mayhem of everyday life? A rare commodity, now more than ever, the search for silence is sometimes born out of desperation. If you long for such a place of perfect peace and rest, there’s no better time to begin your journey with The Lord of the Silence than this very moment! He’s waiting for you! SHANEEN CLARKE is a best-selling author and international speaker at conferences, churches, corporate events, schools, and universities across the globe. As an extraordinary communicator and student of the Bible, her message is very relevant for today. Watch the interview Friday, September 10 at 8AM Central Time. I will be talking with Shaneen about her new book, The Lord the Silence. Watch on YouTube Watch on Facebook You may also watch on the Kingdom Community iOS App, and our channels on Amazon TV, Roku TV, and Google TV.
September 10, 2021
Glory Warfare | Interview with Becca Greenwood
Rebecca Greenwood says, “It’s time to engage in spiritual battle - and win! When it comes to spiritual warfare, many Christians have thrown in the towel after repeated defeat. But take heart! You can be victorious! Rebecca Greenwood offers a powerful revelation on waging spiritual warfare from the place of triumph, God's manifest Presence. #beccagreenwood #kingdomcommunity #awakenations #glennbleakney #revival #miracles #kingdomcommunitytv
September 10, 2021
Apostolic Architecture | Interview with Paul Tothill
For those of you who have a vision for the emergence of apostolic centers, my guest tonight, Paul Tothill is a brilliant apostolic practitioner who has unusual insight into apostolic architecture. Paul is one of the most brilliant and humble men I know. I’m looking forward to interviewing him tonight at 8 PM central time in North America.  Download the Kingdom Community apps on the App Store, Google Play, Roku, Amazon fire TV, Google TV. Visit
September 10, 2021
Prophetic Perspectives Interview with David Balestri
Join the chat with David Balestri. David will be speaking into what he is seeing and discerning within the prophetic expression of Kingdom realities for the body of Christ today and for the next decade.   About My Guest: David Balestri is a seasoned prophet who functions with a dynamic prophetic anointing in the realms of church governance, leadership, and marketplace ministry. David and his wife Nicole operate several successful businesses. David also functions as the executive pastor at Hope Unlimited Church on the Central Coast of Sydney Australia under Senior Pastors Mark and Darlene Zschech.  David is recognized as a governmental building prophet to the body of Christ and works with senior pastors, networks and denominations in building functional prophetic architecture and strategies for the extension of the Kingdom of God.   Learn more about us by visiting and   Download the Kingdom Community Channel on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google TV.  Download our app on Google Play and the App store.
September 10, 2021
New Season & Encouragement | Stephen Lewis
Relevance For Today Episode 158 New Season & Encouragement The world is in turmoil and we need to be about the Father’s business. I started Relevance for Today over 3 years ago and I went from sitting in my car doing short videos, to now having a podcast show, videos on social media and Now TV! Words cannot express how thankful I am for the opportunities God has given me as I continue to be a light for Him. Some of you are sitting on gifts and even ministries that the world needs right now. It’s time to step up and get started in your call, don’t worry about your needs to get started, pray and get started. My prayer is that this show will cause you to kick things into gear and step into the plan that God has on your life. Blessings and Love to You ALL! *New watch all our shows on Kingdom Community TV - Watch Kingdom Community TV on Roku, Google TV, Amazon Fire, and on our iOS and Android apps! Interested in more shows? Visit and Subscribe to all my free content by following this link:
September 10, 2021