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WOMEN of the Kingdom of Heaven, called for such a time as this; are now being prepared and equipped by God for the end time glory movement soon to come when the end time GLORIOUS OUTPOURING is released in this generation. In Christ, Women are being united by the Holy Spirit with the Spirit of the times and with the Body of Christ in all the nations of the World. is a prophetic voice for such a time, and an equipping resource ministries, uniting women through this network of the Kingdom. Let's connect, and let's mark history! :) Visit:
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Women of God - Heroes of the Faith

My Beloved - Christ Jesus
My Beloved is mine and I am His! Songs of Solomon 2:16 In this season, the Holy Spirit is revealing Jesus Christ as the Beloved Husband of the Glorious Bride - The Church, because His return is very near. He is calling His Bride to come into intimacy with Him. May you fall in love with your Beloved, Jesus Christ, THE KING! PL-Faith Feb.14, 2020
February 15, 2020
Just Start NOW!
Just Start NOW! It's time to get up to the times and speed of the Holy Spirit's moving, and begin to be mobilized, and on our way to fulfilling our destiny! Arise Kingdom Woman of God, and just start now! PL-Faith Feb.7, 2020 
February 15, 2020
Powerful Prayer Warriors - Kingdom Woman
Powerful Prayer Warriors - Kingdom Woman Strong, Resolute, Bold, WOMEN Prayer Warriors ARISE & ESTABLISH DOMINION! YOU ARE STRONG IN CHRIST, CHOSEN FOR SUCH A TIME WOMAN OF GOD! Jan.31 2020
February 15, 2020
Women of God - Heroes of the Faith
Women of God - Heroes of the Faith We are being cheered on by a great cloud of Witnesses. We are the new Heroes of the faith, now in the making! Powerful PROPHETIC VISION - REVELATION Jan.24, 2020  PL-FAITH
February 15, 2020
Kingdom Woman ARISE!
Kingdom Woman ARISE! God is summoning the Women of the Kingdom of God to ARISE, because for such a time we were brought to the Kingdom! Psalms 68:11 We are the END TIME HOST of WOMEN who are being UNITED, EQUIPPED for THE FINAL HOUR, and SENT to our communities, nation, nations, Globally, TO TAKE GOD'S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD, TO ANNOUNCE THE GOOD NEWS, and TO ESTABLISH  THE KINGDOM of HEAVEN before His return!The final hour will begin when He releases the end time GLORIOUS OUTPOURING, which He is announcing through this Precursor Messenger and Prophetic Voice, PL-Faith - &  Jan.17, 2020 1st KW Event LET'S CONNECT & ARISE A POWERFUL GENERATION OF KINGDOM OF HEAVEN WOMEN, and LET'S MARK HISTORY! 
February 15, 2020
Welcome Kingdom Woman! 💕Psalms 68:11
Welcome to our podcast Kingdom Woman! 💕We are being prepared for the end time move of God, and He is connecting the Body of Christ for the final hour before His return. The hour that will begin when He releases tge GLORIOUS OUTPOURING! 🇺🇸 PL-FAITH 💕
February 15, 2020