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Kink and Coffee with Mistress Lillith

Kink and Coffee with Mistress Lillith

By Lillith Valor
This is Mistress Lillith serving up a little kink with your coffee. A podcast series that offers you some enlightenment and sexual growth – a conversation that can take place over the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee…or a good stiff drink.

The most casual of conversations is over a cup of coffee. How do you like yours? Strong or perhaps with some additives to spice things up?

*18+ to listen ~ or not easily offended by sexuality and freedom of others*
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Kink and Coffee - More on Exposure. Are you even that interesting?
Time for another little discussion on exposure. I love exposure. I don’t hide that. Any kind of research oon me would quickly having you realizing that I am over heel in love with exposing my attention whores, sissies, and humiliation addicts. Those being exposed always want to know how many people can possibly see their photos, how is reading, who can see it? It’s the internet, this isn’t coded on some secret dark web set up. ANYONE can see it.  The more interesting a sissy is will directly link to how many people read their story. Sissies gossip and giggle and pass along stories and news like bitches in a locker room. Anyone that appreciates a good humiliation story will pass it along to others that like to laugh and pass it along. BUT, you have to be interesting... For a partial transcript visit: *Content*  Clips4Sale-   *Content and Contact*  NiteFlirt-  *Follow and Subscribe*  AVN:
January 15, 2020
Kink and Coffee: Sissy Beginnings
Kink and coffee is a podcast for those interested in some sexual growth and enlightement. You must be 18+ / 21  in some areas to listen to this adult podcast.  On today's Kink and Coffee we will dive into sissy beginnings. Spoiler alert - it starts AFTER your pair of panties, not with.  In terms of being a sissy – sissy girls always want to know where to start. Most are hoping I would say go buy your first pair of panties but that is actually ground zero. If you haven’t even done that how can you POSSIBLY say you are interested in sissification? You can’t even classify your curiosity as fem curious or sissy if you have never slipped into a pair of panties.  If you haven’t tried on a pair of panties, never felt that smooth silky fabric run up your legs and hug your hips…if you don’t know the luxurious feel of panties wrapped around your clit stick – you aren’t a sissy…you’re a curious panty whore. You are so far behind the learning curve right now and You need to catch up. SO first things first, get yourself a pair of panties and then settle in with your coffee and enjoy a little kink and a little lesson in sissification - the beginnings and where to start.  Follow me on: Twitter: @MistressLillith AVN Stars: Mistress Lillith Niteflirt: Mistress Lillith AND you can find a partial transcript of this episode at
November 21, 2019
Kink and Coffee - Fun with Food and Masturbation
You must be 18 or older, 21 in some jurisdictions to enjoy this podcast if you are under that, or easily offended by the sexuality and freedom of others please have a seat in the back with the other juice box drinkers – and the rest of you can have a seat with me and enjoy the discussion. On todays kink and coffee ~ We are going to sip and stroke into the topic of fun with food. ‘Tis the season for foodies right? Does this sound like a ridiculous fetish? I guess it really depends on what your definition of ridiculous is. For me, Mistress Lillith. I fucking love it. It is one of my favorite guided masturbation calls – guiding my stroker boys to the edge and beyond, time and time again using a plethora of different items from their own kitchen. Follow me on:  Twitter: @MistressLillith AVN Stars: Mistress Lillith  Niteflirt: Mistress Lillith AND you can find a partial transcript of this episode at
November 12, 2019
Kink and Coffee: Sissy Exposure
I LOVE sissy exposure. Exposing my sissies is something I’ve always taken great pride in.  It's nothing to pop up a picture or two of you dressed in pretty pink panties or a sexy little teddy. Some are dressed to show off, others are dressed and ready for service - whatever your definition of SERIVICE may be. The point is, exposed sissies are always dressed in all of their sissy glory. These posts take place on my own self hosted websites or a variety of other link/file dump sites (social media, different lists, lots of fun places) Why do I enjoy exposing my sissies, why do THEY want to be exposed, and HOW do I expose them? All of this discussed on today's episode of kink and coffee.  Partial Transcript can be found on Follow me on twitter: @mistresslillith Today's episode highlights sissy exposure from
August 07, 2019
Kink and Coffee: Mind Manipulation and Games
On Today's Kink and Coffee we are going to take a little test drive with Mind Fuckery and Manipulation Mind fuckery seems like a deliciously deviant way to lure you into the ever winding rabbit hole that is male submission and servitude – and you’d be right. Some subby pets that have it all twisted and wrong will come to me and say 'do your think mistress. I want you to mind F*** me' and that isn't how it works. MY brand is not the in your face, obvious game where YOU hold the cards. Oh no my dear, I am the one holding the cards and only I know what the hand will look like and how the game will be played. You are a puppet on strings and I am the puppet master.   The only rules we play by are MY rules. You will obey and be a good pet. Your mind is my favorite play thing.  Transcript of this podcast can be found at: Until next time my pets,  Mistress Lillith
June 11, 2019
Blog Read: Importance of an ABDL Mommy
In this episode of Kink and Coffee - I read a blog I wrote and posted on my abdl specific website, The Importance of an ABDL Mommy We all know the importance of mommies in the vanilla world - but when you are an ABDL (Adult Baby, Diaper Lover), it is even MORE important to have an ABDL Mommy. Why? Because she already knows your secret life and STILL wants to get to know you. She KNOWS you wear diapers, she KNOWS you live an adult baby lifestyle and sees that as just a part of you. But, not a part of you that needs to be fixed.  NOTHING ABOUT YOU NEEDS TO BE FIXED. I hope you find your ABDL Mom. In person, online, or in some form or fashion so you can engage, release and live your best life.   
May 10, 2019
You have an urge you need me to control
 Masturbation is one of those urges that you can only get rid of by giving into it.  The more you give in, the more you want it…but for a moment it provides at least an ounce of relief.  When you start to feel the urge you begin to notice everything about your surroundings and all of your senses become heightened.  With an Expert Masturbatrix you can close your eyes and grip a hold – and let her take you for a ride through all of your senses…I will lead your story, and guide your masturbation. Mistress Lillith Twitter: @mistresslillith 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9417125
May 07, 2019
Masturbation on the brain
 You find yourself with that all too familiar itch. The sweat starts to gather on your brow and your eyes dart from side to side. You bite your lower lip hoping you can find a place to dash to for some peace and quiet.  Your mind opens up the conversation, but your finger tips click the mouse to feed your eyes with sexy and erotic imagery. Something that sparks some creativity. Just enough…to get you through. To get you through until you are bursting at the seems and must find relief.  Can you find someone to help you with that relief? What about an expert masturbatrix, a Mistress that knows more about that cock than you do. Find some relief from your frustrations – find me…Mistress Lillith, of – you can find me on twitter and connect with me live on niteflirt. Enjoy the month that celebrates masturbation. Masturbation May. 
April 30, 2019
Welcome to Mistress Lillith's Playground
You have to have a place to start ~ one could argue that this is the place. To pull you into a rabbit whole of mind manipulation and kink foolery. You have to have a taste before you can know of my intoxicating abilities. Enjoy some kink along with your coffee break and find your mind opened to a whole new world. Welcome to my playground ~ let's have a little fun shall we? 
April 25, 2019