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Live Our Truth. Speak Our Truth.

Live Our Truth. Speak Our Truth.

By Kitty Yeung Downer
International Speaker, Mentor & Author. Kitty keeps it short and simple. She uses daily conversations to explore how we can have crystal clear clarity to live the liberating and fulfilling life we all desire, to calmly and quietly live and speak our truth. It is all about differentiating our internal voice from the external noise. Only when we give ourselves the space to BE can we truly tune in and listen to what we need to hear and already know deep within us.
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#SSKL Ep.13 - 2020 A Year in Review
Last episode this year. We reviewed the topics we covered this year and how we responded to our current environment by sharing insights and secrets to support and sustain our success as defined in #SSKL Ep3. Many things happened this year. Instead of using our mind to review what we have achieved/not achieved or what's gone well or not so well, let's take a moment to just sense how we feel. How do we feel? And what do we feel we need to help us recharge and be ready for the new year? Thank you for joining and supporting us this year. Wishing you all a joyful and tranquil holiday no matter where you are and how you choose to spend your time! #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #lifemessages #wellness #yearend #happyholidays Photo by Denise Karis on Unsplash
December 17, 2020
#SSKL Ep.12 Winter Solstice - Embracing The Dark
A great episode as we explored what Winter Solstice means in the West (U.S.) and East (Hong Kong).  Winter Solstice is on 21st Dec. Spend a moment to think about how we can:   🌙 Ride with the energy of wintertime to go IN and WITHIN ourselves.  🌙 Make use of this time to cosy up to heal, nourish and nurture ourselves to get ready to blossom again in Springtime.  🌙 Keep the light within us even though we have less daylight around us    🌙 Recharge, refresh and rejuvenate ourselves (sit in front of a fireplace, breath in the fresh cold air...) with the moonlight and its energy.  🌙 Change our perspective of DOING. Many of us feel we need to be doing something in action. But Being IS doing; it is a passive form of doing. Giving the space for BEING can have more profound results than Doing we are accustomed to.   🤔 How are you going to embrace and make use of this wintertime and its heavier energy to succeed in life?     #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #lifemessages #wintersolstice #cosyup #embracethedark #lifemovingforward #wellness #mindset #foodforthought
December 3, 2020
#SSKL Ep.11 - Thanksgiving - Are we Taking Gratitude for Granted?
Thanksgiving is coming up. It provides us with a great opportunity to look at the meaning behind it and also exactly what we are celebrating given our lives are so different from its origin. #SSKL Ep.11 - Thanksgiving - Are we taking Gratitude for Granted, explored Thanksgiving at different angles, including how we can cultivate a practice and be grateful on a daily basis, the importance of having a clean and clear space for Self, questions we can ask to gain clarity and take actions to move forward in our lives. Many origins of our celebrations are no longer aligned with our modern lives. It is our responsibility to look at our actions to traditions, not traditions to actions. To receive is a blessing. To give is a gift. Give thanks to what we have. More importantly, give thanks to our ability to give, be it big or small, no matter how much or little we think we have. Here is the link to the article I wrote on the back of the show.  Happy Thanksgiving! #thoughtleaders #foodforthoughts #selfdevelopment #thanksgiving # #gratitude
November 19, 2020
#SSKL Ep.10 - Be the Eye of the Storm
We're living in a stormy world: Covid, protests, civil unrest, weather-related storms... and the uncertainty of the US election. Lisa and I explored how we could stay calm and grounded in the midst of it all and how we could still move forward with the changes we want to make, win or lose. Here is a recap of the highlights and replay. We may not have control of everything in the world but we certainly have control in how we respond and behave in our world. When done mindfully with intentions, as small as the impacts may be, we are still making history. Have compassion and curiosity when speaking with someone who has an opposing viewpoint from ours. Have "the conversation" only when there is space for it. Like training for a marathon or any competition, we need to train our mind to stay calm and centred. Dwelling on the negative doesn’t help. Pointing the fingers at others only create more negativity. If we focus on Self and take action from there, little by little we can make the shifts we want to see. Collaborations vs competitions. When we work together, not against each other albeit our differences, progresses and changes can still be made. Losing doesn’t mean we lose our say. We only lose our say when we stop speaking and living our truth. The Eye of the storm is where all the calmness and true power is. If we don't want to be swept away by it, we need to learn to be the eye of the storm and ride through it each time we are in one. #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #lifemessages #mindset #USElection #ridethewaves #betheeyeofthestorm 
November 5, 2020
#SSKL Ep.9 - De-Stress with a Cuppa!
From what a cuppa is to a 3-tier high tea set, #SSKL Ep.9 - De-Stress with a Cuppa covered great points on how we can turn our time for a cuppa to an ultimate sanctuary for self-care in our daily life.     Key points:  ☕️ Is our cuppa time a habit or a ritual?  🍵 Habit is something we do regularly with or without awareness. Ritual is something we do with intentions and purposes.  ☕️ We can turn our habit of a cuppa into a ritual that helps us destress and be centred, and then turn that ritual into our habit 🙂  🍵 Choose a place where we can be "alone" and feel centred to tune OUT from the external world in order to tune IN to our internal world.  ☕️ Write a journal, listen to music, watch the world go by or better yet, what our thoughts and let them wander and wonder during our cuppa time. 🍵 The goal isn't to suppress or silent what's in our mind. It is to gain clarity. Anything goes. Any method works. The point is to find the one that works for us.    #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #lifemessages #mindset #mindfullness #selfdevelopment #wellness #cuppa
October 22, 2020
#SSKL Ep. 8 - Let's Eat: nourishment, pleasure and success!
This episode talks about the 6 Ws of eating for nourishment, pleasure and success! Every way of eating is a success if it aligns with our goal and body. The question is, "Do we pay enough attention to Self and how we respond to the food we consume?" Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash
October 9, 2020
#SSKL Fear - Living With it or In it?
No one was born with fear. Yet, we all have it. Whenever fear turns up, do we ask ourselves, "Is it mine?" We can easily pick up the energy of fear from others and think it is ours. This is more relevant than ever given what is happening globally. Living WITH or IN fear is our choice, a choice that we can make when we are clear about fear - where it comes from, what that fear is and why it is present. Fear has a bad image. But if we choose to embrace it, it gives us an opportunity to grow and transform fear into fuel. Being clear with our "why", passion and desire are paramount. When they are clear and strong, we are more able to move forward, dive into the unknown and embrace life challenges albeit fear. So do the work and be clear with Self. A great deal was explored in this episode of #SSKL. What's your biggest fear? Where does it come from? Why do you have it? And more importantly, what are you doing about it?
September 21, 2020
#SSKL Ep.6 - Friends for Success (FFS)
Friend - a simple word with a lot of substance.    A lot was covered in the show. And a big thank you to those who joined us LIVE. We surely felt the support.   Key points are highlighted below.     The first and foremost friend we need to make is with SELF. If we rely on friends around us, we are in fact putting ourselves and our lives on "life support".   People often come and go. As we grow, we'll change and so will our friends. Learn to detach. Don't be afraid to let go when it no longer feels right.  Friends can be with us for a reason, a season or for life. What matters is CONNECTION, not Duration.  FFS are not fixers. They are good listeners and our cheerleaders. They are NOT here to tell us what we want to hear. Rather, they are here to tell us what we need to hear.  FFS isn't about being nice. It is about being TRUE to each other, no matter how ugly the truth may be. Being nice is good but being true is even better.    FFS give us space and courage to step up, grow and be WHO we are in good and uncertain times, which takes us back to SELF. Know WHO we are and then know who our FFS are.   SHARE WITH US:  How do you define your FFS? And have you had any revelation with any connection recently, especially this year with all the social and political issues going around in different parts of the world? Do share with us in the comments.   ✨✨✨✨✨  SERVICES  DM Kitty if you are ready and willing to challenge and examine yourself and your life, looking for tailor-made workshops or seminars for groups on self-development or a Truth speaker for your next inspiring events.   DM Lisa Murphy if you are ready to improve your health and wellness, looking for group workshops or tailor-made corporate programmes. Do check out Lisa's online yoga classes and retreats.    #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #lifemessages #wellness #mindfulliving  #toolsforsuccess #healthcoach #friendsforsuccess #friendships
September 3, 2020
#SSKL Ep. 5 - Yoga and Success
We managed to share some key messages we acquired in the last 45 years of practising yoga (combined!) in half an hour. Here are the key points from the show: Yoga works differently for different people. It works magic for us because we feel there is a CONNECTION. As our life journey evolves, so do our tools for success. Does the same yoga style still work for us? Do we need to increase or decrease the intensity or frequency of the practice? Don't do yoga or anything simply out of habit. Do it only when it serves and that it serves well. Yoga is more than asanas. Don't dismiss the power of chanting, pranayamas or any other type of yoga. As we experience different stages in life, we may find other tools more relevant and useful. If we love yoga, or whatever it may be, we will find time to do it even if it means getting up at 5 am! Time never comes to find us. So find time to do the things we say we love. Yoga is great for aligning with our emotion. If we leave our emotion behind or unattended, unlike time, it will come and find us. SERVICES DM Kitty if you are ready and willing to challenge and examine yourself and your life, looking for tailor-made workshops or seminars for groups on self-development or a Truth speaker for your next inspiring events. DM Lisa if you are ready to improve your health and wellness, looking for group workshops or tailor-made corporate programmes. Do check out Lisa's online yoga classes and retreats. ------------------------------------------------------ About Secrets to Success w Kitty & Lisa #SSKL Join KITTY YEUNG DOWNER, an International Speaker, Mentor and Author based in Bangkok, Thailand and LISA MURPHY, a Health and Wellness Coach based in Kansas City in the US, as they share and explore a new meaning of success. Learn their secrets, from how to mindfully nourish our bodies to live healthily, to being clear with our minds and hearts to authentically live and speak our truth. #SSKL is a bi-weekly show, created during Covid-19 as life brought Kitty and Lisa together after what seems like a lifetime after they first met in Dubai in 2005 and subsequently in New York in 2009.
August 6, 2020
#SSKL Ep.3 - A New Meaning of Success
What does success mean to you? And what does it look like? “Success" is often defined by companies whose interest isn't necessarily in our success. Rather, they want us to buy what they offer so that we can feel and appear to be successful. Can success really be bought? Success can have a whole new meaning if we are willing to own it and take a look at what truly makes us successful, happy and fulfiled as WHO we are, not what's defined for us. What do we want that money can't buy? What do we have that we may not be aware of which can be our new meaning of success? Can they be our measurement of what success is? Great points and thoughts are shared in episode 3. Do let us know your thoughts and your new meaning of success in the comments below as we are here to support each other in our journey and indeed share our secrets to success.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Secrets to Success w Kitty & Lisa #SSKL Join KITTY YEUNG DOWNER, an International Speaker, Mentor and Author based in Bangkok, Thailand and LISA MURPHY, a Health and Wellness Coach based in Kansas City in the US, as they share and explore a new meaning of success. Learn their secrets, from how to mindfully nourish our bodies to live healthily, to being clear with our minds and hearts to authentically live and speak our truth. #SSKL is a bi-weekly show, created during Covid-19 as life brought Kitty and Lisa together after what seems like a lifetime after they first met in Dubai in 2005 and subsequently in New York in 2009. Join #SSKL on Kitty's FB Page or be a part of the conversation on zoom You are invited to join Kitty and Lisa no matter where you are or where you come from. Do send in your questions before or during LIVE. LIVE every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month: 8pm Bangkok | 5pm Dubai 2pm London | 8am Chicago
July 16, 2020
#SSKL Ep.4 - Struggles and Failures
Success is often highlighted and celebrated. How about putting struggles and failures under the spotlight for a change? After all, they are the gateways to success, self-development and life transformation. Failure - what does it even mean to us? 4 KEY messages to share with our friends from Ep. 4: To understand and define what failure truly is. Don't just take on what's defined for us. To learn and understand our own mechanism in addressing our struggles and perceived failures - any pattern? Is it even working? Trust our feelings and feelings don't lie. Define our experiences and stories. Put meaning on them that work for us. Don't let them define us. Focus on our Path, not our Past. Move on physically but don't leave our feelings and emotions behind as unattended baggage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ About Secrets to Success w Kitty & Lisa #SSKL Join KITTY YEUNG DOWNER, an International Speaker, Mentor and Author based in Bangkok, Thailand and LISA MURPHY, a Health and Wellness Coach based in Kansas City in the US, as they share and explore a new meaning of success. Learn their secrets, from how to mindfully nourish our bodies to live healthily, to being clear with our minds and hearts to authentically live and speak our truth. #SSKL is a bi-weekly show, created during Covid-19 as life brought Kitty and Lisa together after what seems like a lifetime after they first met in Dubai in 2005 and subsequently in New York in 2009. Join #SSKL on Kitty's FB Page or be a part of the conversation on zoom You are invited to join Kitty and Lisa no matter where you are or where you come from. Do send in your questions before or during LIVE. LIVE every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. 8pm Bangkok 5pm Dubai 2pm London 8am Chicago
July 16, 2020
Life in Lock-down: Collective Reflection On Human Nature
Many of us are in the lock-down. This period is GIFTing and GIVing us the time and space to do some serious collective reflection on our thoughts and beliefs, as well as how we live our lives. I am sharing some very common, minor and trivial comments and thoughts that I often see and hear. Given where we are globally and collectively, I want to highlight and share them with you. As trivial and small as they may be perceived, they are, in fact, a reflection of what and how we think fundamentally. The term "human nature" is often misused if not abused by us. We are human. If we pay attention and be mindful, we can change our nature. We are human with and in nature. We are IT. We may not have control of everything in life but we do have enough control to make a difference in our lives and in the world we live in. #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #thecode #humannature #collectivereflection #weareit 
March 30, 2020
Coronavirus - Turning A Challenging Time Into A Positive One
What a global event we are going through. Is it going to bring us closer or divide us further? When I look behind what I see, the situation is not asking us to panic as dangerous as the virus is. Rather, it's asking us to take stock of our lives. Go Back To Basic People rushing for toilet rolls (as relevant as they may be) and food, not the next iPhone. Need vs Want. We have become smart and informed consumers but are we aware that we are being consumed by consumerism? Look Deep Within Many of us will possibly be given the ”unwanted but much needed time” to look at ourselves with the slow down in the global economy. Use it to do the things we say we want to do but never have the time for or take a step back at looking deep within ourselves - to align and re-align our lives to the one we are connected to, not just the one we are living as it is. I often start my workshops and seminars by asking the audience a few questions. - When was the last time you examined and challenged your thoughts and beliefs?.....usually a quiet response. - If you have never examined or challenged them, how do you know if they are true?.... more quietness - Even if they are true, do you know if they align with your truth as WHO you are? - We make decisions daily based on thoughts and beliefs, can you imagine what impact it has on your current life if they are not your truth? Life is full of the unexpected. The way to ensure we are in the best position to embrace it is to be absolutely clear with what's in our mind and heart, and to have them work together, not against each other. Time to look within. Reset, refresh and resurface to become better, clearer and stronger in lives. Practise Kindness And Look Out For Each Other The world is full of people and yet we make each other strangers. Where we are globally, it requires individual and collective action. Be the support for each other. The virus doesn't carry or spread fear or panic. Human does. Crisis in Chinese is 危機. 危 means danger. 機 means opportunity. Whether we can turn this challenging time into a positive one depends on the perspective we take and the actions that follow. Is it a danger? Or is it an opportunity? We may not have full control of the virus yet but we do have the full control over the choices we make. Together, we will ride out from this challenging time. Be kind. Be safe. Be truthful. #coronavirus #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #outbreak #bestrong #togetherisbetter #danger #opportunity #bekind #betruthful (Photo by CDC on Unsplash)
March 16, 2020
The ART in transforming "I don't know" into "I do know"
Whilst it is okay to say “I don’t know” when we don’t know about something when it comes to self-development and personal growth, we simply can’t stop at “I don’t know”. “I don’t know” is, in fact, the sign that tells us it is time to find out how to be “I do know”. After all, the only person who has the power to stop us from developing ourselves is no one else but ourselves. The ART to transform “I don’t know” into “I do know”: Awareness – are we even aware we are saying it? Or is it out of habit? Reasons – do we know why we say it? Is it really because we don’t know or does it have more meaning behind those words? Truth – are the reasons our truth or simply excuses or laziness? No major breakthrough or transformation in life can happen without us digging deep within and asking ourselves the challenging questions. Don’t stop there when ”I don’t know”. Let’s begin when ”I don’t know”. Only when we create the space to self-inquire and explore can we transform “I don’t know” into “I do know”. #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #clarity #awareness #truth #thecode #reasons #idontknow #idoknow #stepup  (Photo by Mr TT on Unsplash)
March 3, 2020
The Code From NO to KNOW
Ever noticed the NO in the K-NO-W?   Changing our mindset from a focus on limitation to a focus on opportunity and possibility is a crucial step if we are to truly live and embrace life.   When we are uncertain, we tend to say NO until we KNOW enough. However, unknown and uncertainty is always a part of the equation in making life changes.  Sometimes, we only get to truly KNOW how capable, able and courageous we are and can be by not saying NO to new things or changes in life even when we don't know much about them.  I shared how I have been using the code from NO to KNOW to guide me through life changes after life changes in this clip.   What are your tools in embracing life changes? Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
February 19, 2020
Success Or Failure - What Stories Are We Feeding Ourselves?
When someone has made a bold step in life, we say “they are so brave”. Deep down, many of us also want that bold step in life. But somehow we believe we CAN’T because of thousands of reasons. These reasons are often not legitimate. They are nothing but self-limiting beliefs. The truth is we CAN. We can all CAN. – We CAN try. – We CAN do our best. – We CAN give it a go. – We CAN take the first step. The challenge isn’t if we CAN. The real challenge is if we WILL: – WILL we overcome our own inner fear? – WILL we step out from our comfort zone? – WILL we do whatever it takes to realize that goal and dream in life? – WILL we continue even when we hit obstacles after obstacles? If we WILL NOT, we will never CAN. Setbacks and life challenges will always be there. Where do you set your baselines? And what stories are you feeding yourself? #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #thecode #motivations #inspirations #watchyourthoughts #crystalclearclarity #success #baselines #personaldevelopment #selfhelp #leadership #training #coachingandmentoring Photo by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash
February 3, 2020
Wellness With Mindfulness And Awareness
The January Blues Campaign organized by Chalk + Ward, highlighting the importance of mental wellness gives us a great start to address our wellbeings for this new year, this new decade and the new cycle of the Chinese zodiac.   When addressing our wellness, we need to do so wholesomely and holistically given our mental wellbeing is so intricately and tightly connected with our physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Whilst we can focus on one at a time, we can never look at them isolatedly.   MENTAL - we may be positive but do we have the drive, motivations and inspirations to propel us forward?  PHYSICAL - we may have the perfect 6-pack but do we feel as good about ourselves as the 6-pack looks?  EMOTIONAL - life may look good but are we truly happy?  SPIRITUAL - we may be busy but do we feel fulfilled with a sense of self or purpose?   Wellness can only stay well when it is cultivated and nurtured constantly with mindfulness and awareness.  How well would you like to be for this new year, this new decade and this new cycle of the Chinese zodiac?   (Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash) #selfhelp #training #mentorandcoaching #emotionalintelligence #mindfulness #leadership #mentor #personaldevelopment
January 20, 2020
A New Year. A New Decade. And A New Cycle.
The year 2020 is the beginning of a new year, a new decade as well as a new cycle in the Chinese zodiac. It is indeed a good time to set our intentions for this year. Before doing so, I find it very useful and insightful to review last year AND the last decade. Trivial events and tasks often go unnoticed. However, when we group them together, they may reveal powerful and important insights, such as patterns or themes, to help us transform and evolve as we move forward. We are not here to be or play small. We are here if we want, to live and experience our true potential and truth. How do you want to live this new year? And more importantly, how do you want your life to transform and evolve in this new decade to come? Have a fulfilling, transformational and inspirational new year, a new decade and a new cycle! #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #newbeginning #2020 #newdecade #intentions #newcycle #selfdevelopment 
January 8, 2020
Year End Self Reflection
We do quarterly, bi-annual or annual review at work. But how many of us will set the time aside to review and reflect on how we have grown and developed as individuals? Have we stepped up to be who we want to be? Have we done our best to fulfil ourselves and our intentions? Have we been totally truthful and honest with ourselves? As the year is coming to an end, take some time out to Sit and Feel, and Review and Reflect. “How would we like to have the Year 2019 wrapped up and remembered?” Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #thecode #clarity #mentor #selfdevelopment #mindset #yearendreview #feel #selfreflection #sit #review
December 2, 2019
Death And Love - The Keys When Grieving
Death is inevitable and yet no one will ever be prepared enough for it to happen, be it to ourselves or those we love. When it comes to death, love isn't about grieving with self-blame, regrets or guilts (I wish/I should have...) which many of us tend to do. Those thoughts serve no one and aren't necessarily true. Rather, it is about giving ourselves permission, time and space to feel, reflect and process with self-love and self-care, mindfully and truthfully. There is no "too short a life." There is no "poor him/her." There is no "dying too quickly." We don't know if the otherwise would have been better. It's a self-created mind game. No one wants to die with regrets. To do that, we need to LIVE life with NO regrets. Be clear with our thoughts and beliefs. Don't wait until something happens or someone passes away to "wake up" to live our lives. Life waits for nobody. LIVE life with no regrets. #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #clarity #death #griefing #bangkok #fb #thecode #alliswell #valuelife #crystalclearclarity #mindheartsoul #afterlife #livelifewithnoregrets (Featured Photo credit: Mat Reding on Unsplash)
November 18, 2019
The Key In Dealing With Negative Comments/Judgments
This talk is inspired by The Game Changers Movie and the people who are making changes to a plant-based diet. When we make significant changes in our lives, it would be nice to be supported by those around us. But what happens when they don’t? What is the best way to deal with negative comments or judgments? The best way isn’t about finding a way to deal with them. And it certainly isn’t “just ignore them” which is a very commonly given advice. First and foremost, we need to understand WHY we feel the need to deal with those negative comments. Often, the need stems from a “discrepancy” between our heart and mind, which is what we need to address, not what people say or think. When our heart and mind are in alignment, we will never feel the need to address what others think or say about us, let alone to deal with them. #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #judgments #clarity #thecode #alignment #thegamechangers #plantbaseddiet #changes #mindandheart #advice (Featured Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)
November 5, 2019
Finding Motivation In Life
What we are good at and what we love doing/being can be totally different things. Many of us get that confused if not mixed up. Some may think what we are good at is what we are meant to do or love to do. When we get bored or find it hard to be motivated to do it any longer, we feel lost because we don't know where and what to look for next as we think we are good at nothing else. What we are good at can be skills that we learn or tasks that we do repeatedly. What we love doing/being may not be what we are good at, yet. When we are clear with that, we can then see why sometimes we run out of motivation to do what we think we love doing. Is our heart in it? With true passion and love, we will always find motivation within us to move forward, being good at it or not just yet.
October 18, 2019
Living Our Truth - A Luxury Or A Necessity?
Many people believe that only when they are stable financially can they have the luxury to live and speak their truth, to pursue their love and passion, to truly be who they are. Our life is shaped by every decision we make. Where we are is shaped by the decisions we made in the past. Where we will be, will be shaped by the decisions we make from now onwards. Truth is not a LUXURY that we can't afford to have. Truth is a NECESSITY that we can't afford NOT to have. Your thoughts? (Photo by Rohit Guntur on Unsplash) #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #aligenment #foodforthought #livinglife #harmony #thecode #necessity #luxuryinlife #decisions
October 7, 2019
Losing Passion Or Losing Sights?
Are you losing your passion in your profession? With the world changing so quickly, at times we feel how we have been operating is no longer valid. We may lose our passion for our profession. We may feel we need to move on or change our job. If we allow ourselves to examine closely, it may not be the passion that is being lost, Rather, it's our thought and belief. Changes can cloud our judgements. Changes can cloud our thoughts and beliefs. It is important that we give ourselves the time and space to be and stay clear with what's in our mind, and more importantly, what is in our heart. Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash #passion #profession #judgement #thoughts #belief #lifechanging #selfdevelopment #mentor #clarityinlife
September 23, 2019
Are We Aware How We Are Influenced By Our Culture?
It is very easy for us to say, "I am like this because I am Chinese" or "He is like that because he is American". We are all somewhat culturally influenced. But how aware are we in terms of the way we speak, act or behave? Is it truly who we are or is it just how we are brought up? It is easy to go into auto-pilot mode to live our life as it is, as we know it. But if it isn't a true representation of who we are regardless of our culture, what are we doing about it? Culture can shape us but it doesn't have to make us. #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #mindset #mentor #growth #thecode #mindfulness #awareness #influence #culture (Photo by Lauza Loistl on Unsplash)
September 10, 2019
How To Master The ART In Being And Doing
 Living an authentic life means we truly live our life – we draw our own map, we write our own stories and we define our own experiences. There is no blueprint unless we want someone else to tell us how to live our life. The ART in Being and Doing lies in being: – Aware of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, energy – Release what doesn’t serve us; and – Transform the negative to positive for us to move forward   #metime #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #art #aware #release #transform #thecode #be #do #alignment #beyourownmaster #liveourlife #mindset #mentor (Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash)
August 13, 2019
How To Change Our Thinking When We Feel We Need To "Fit-In"
"Am I fitting in?" Have you been asking yourself the question because of a new job, new home, new community or a new country? It is never about fitting in. It's always about being WHO we are. Why do we allow ourselves to think we have to "fit-in"? And why do we allow ourselves to think we are not good enough as WHO we are? Act locally. Think globally. Metime. It all helps us diminish the need of having any company, supporting group or answers in life in living and speaking our truth on a daily and practical basis. Food for thought. #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #selfdevelopment #mindset #mentor #alignment #personalgrowth #bewhoweare #weareenough #challengeourthoughts  Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash 
July 17, 2019
Stability In Life - What Does It Really Mean?
We all want to live a truthful and authentic life. However, our focus on stability is often on the external issues, such as job, home or relationship. What about being stable with our truth and being stable and true to WHO we are? Will we stick with and live by our own truth when we are asked to step out from our comfort zone and make drastic changes? How truthful, externally and internally, a life are you living?  Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash 
July 2, 2019
Living Our Truth - How To Make Important Life Decisions Better
What sort of life do we want to lead? Our current mindset, attitude and approach in life may be good for the life we have been leading but are they good enough for the fulfilling and truthful life we so want to live? Do we make our important immediate life decisions with the big picture in mind? Or do we just want to get them dealt with so that we can move on? #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #life #mindset #attitude #approach #fulfillinglife#alignment
June 19, 2019
The Power Of 5 Mins A Day
How can we help ourselves to be clear with our thoughts and desires when we have yet to find that right mentor? All it takes is 5 mins a day to start off with.   We all have that 5 mins. The question is, ”Will we give ourselves that 5 mins daily to be still to tune in, mentor or not?”   The mind requires reasons, justifications, logics, rationales...  The heart requires nothing other than a knowing.    A knowing without having to be understood.  A knowing without needing any reason, logic, rationale or justification.   Ever wonder why we only say "peace of mind" but never "peace of heart"?  #logic #rationales #reasons #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #mentor #knowing #trustlife #trustyourself #desire #clarity #powerwithin #selfdevelopment 
June 3, 2019
The Skills To Look For In A Mentor
Following the theme on The Key In Finding A Mentor, this session talks about the skills I would look for in a mentor. It isn't about holding me accountable to achieve the tasks I set out to do, nor is it to inspire me to take the necessary action to develop and grow myself as who I am. It is more than that. What skills do you look for in your mentor? #skills #mentor #mindandheart #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #impact #footprint #lifechange 
May 21, 2019
The KEY In Finding A Mentor
Whether we are going through changes in life or not, it's always good to have someone to talk to, to sound out all thoughts, to have someone hold up a mirror so that we can see what we can't see but need to see and to hear what we need to hear but can't hear. There are many mentors out there. Many of us will check on their experiences, qualifications or reputations when choosing one. However, there is one important element which most people don't pay attention to when choosing a mentor and this one element plays a crucial part in the success of it all.
May 6, 2019
The Importance Of Understanding The Truth Behind Our Thoughts
When we are not mindful about what we say and how we think, we can easily lead ourselves into believing that we have no choices in life. But is it true? And is that our truth? When we choose to step up and look at our thoughts and words, peeling off the layers one by one, soon enough we will see there are more choices than we think there are. The truths which we need to embrace to live that truthful life we all want, is often what we are running away from. #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #thoughts #feelgoodaboutourselves#peeloffthoselayers #runningawayfromlife #whathonestcanyoube
April 18, 2019
What We Sense Vs What Makes Sense
Does living a life that is aligned with who we are require a lot of thinking? If yes, what exactly do we need to think about? Life is about experiencing and experimenting. It isn't always about logic, rationale and reasons. Do we look for them because we truly need them? Or do we look for them because we need to satisfy our minds, justify our actions and quiet down the chatters? If we need to ask questions, there is only one I would ask.  (Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash) 
April 8, 2019
Selfish Vs Selflove
What is selfish? And what is self-love? The fine line between selfish and self-love is indeed very fine. When we focus on what we love doing before attending to others, some may say we are selfish. But is it truly that wrong that we take care of ourselves first before others? Another common yet sensitive and interesting topic arising during the shooting of RTHK 想點. - Whose life are you living? - Who gets to decide where that fine line is between selfish and selflove in your life?
March 25, 2019
Who Are We Without Our Job?
Is what we do for living our job or our life? Are we even clear what that difference is? In this episode, I discussed and explored what that difference is and what it takes to become the so-called "few lucky ones" who love what we do and are inspired by what we offer to others. I also talked about why so many of us lose our self-confidence when we lose our job and what we can do to help us rise above the job title and the salary we are given. Another reflection from filming for RTHK 香港電台, a programme called RTHK 想點 which is currently being aired every Tue at 8pm on Channel 31. Don't miss the opportunity to watch this thought-provoking programme. (Note: Cantonese speaking programme) (Photo credit: Smit Patel 557346 unsplash)
March 11, 2019
How Our Age Can Cripple Us From Living A Fulfilling Life
Many of us celebrate our birthdays every year. But what does birthday truly mean to us? What do we use our age for? Does our age truly matter in living a fulfilling life? Age is nothing but a number. In this session, we explore how we knowingly and unknowingly let our age define, limit and condition us in living a full life. #age #life #excuse #condition #limit #truth #fulfillment
February 22, 2019
Life Before And After Having Kids - Live A Fulfilling Life As A Parent
As parents, we are never too busy or tired for the things we love if they truly matter to us. We can have it all. It just isn’t always right here right now. The key isn’t about making sacrifices; it is about knowing what is truly important to us. In this episode, I talked about what the common issues many parents face and how we can resolve them to live a more fulfilling life as WHO we are, not simply being as parents.
February 11, 2019
Make Meaningful Impacts with Our Intention
We are more than who we think we are. Our intention can be bigger than we intend it to be. Personal development isn't all about ourselves. It's collective. True meaning and development come from putting what we have learned and grown from into practice on ourselves as well as those around us. We don't grow by putting our learning into the cupboard or our library of certificates. Small gesture based on our intention can have a profound impact on someone we may or may not know. Never underestimate our influence or power. #rippleeffect #intention #power #collective #together#personaldevelopment
January 25, 2019
New Year - Intentions, not Resolutions
As the new year has begun, many will have new year resolutions. New year resolutions usually are task-based and often get forgotten as we go further along into the year. It is because they aren't that important to us. Intention/intent setting is more meaningful and relevant if we are serious about our personal development and growth. It is broader in terms of the possible tasks to be included and yet a lot more focused as far as personal growth is concerned. In this session, we explored how having an Intention/Intent for the year could benefit us far more than resolutions. Let me know what your intention is for the year and feel free to leave me your thoughts and comment.
January 14, 2019
Year End Self Review - How Do We See Ourselves?
We often have an assessment at work each year. But what about a self-assessment done by ourselves? How we see ourselves is just as if not more important as how we are perceived at work. As the year 2018 is approaching the end, it’s a good time to do one ourselves. In this session, I will share what I look at when I review my year in 2018. It isn’t about what we have or haven’t achieved based on our To-do list if there is one. There is a lot more to it and yet it is of great significance to our truth and personal growth and development. (Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash)
December 10, 2018
How To Trust Life When We Don't Have All The Answers
More and more of us find ourselves at a crossroad, waiting and wanting to make changes to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. But making new changes often means stepping out from our comfort zone and stepping into the unknown. And no, many of us don't like that and yet it is so crucial for us to step up and forward. In this episode, I will talk about why we find it so difficult to step up and forward even for the happy and fulfilling life that we so want to have; what "trust life" truly means and; how we can start trusting life and, more importantly, in ourselves especially when we face big life challenges. There is only one more episode left before the year-end. Do drop me a line if there is a topic that you'd like me to cover. #lifejourney #lifechallenges #sharingtruth #community #supportgroup #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #trustlife #trustyourself
November 26, 2018
This Is Why The Best Advice Never Comes From Others
We all love giving our advice even when they are not asked. There has been an amazing amount of resources out there such as articles telling us what is good for us. The titles of such articles include, "These 4 rituals will change your life", "The 5 Keys to....." or "The 7 craziest ideas to...." Do they really work? They must do if someone has written about it, no? If so, why so many of us are still looking and searching for the answers? Let's explore in this episode. #talk #live #chat #articles #advice #information #happiness #goals #motivation #people #communicationn #amazing #resources #connection #attention #devotion #action # affection #choice #inspire #spirit #truth #liveourtruthspeakourtruth #thecode (Photo by Kent Pilcher on Unsplash)
November 12, 2018
How To Sustain The On-going Transformation Of Our Journey
Change after change can be very tiring indeed. Living a truthful and authentic life may entail lots of changes or adjustments along the way. Once the process has started, it doesn't stop. And simply, we don't want it to stop. So how best do we deal with it? More importantly, how do we deal with ourselves in the midst of it all? #life #talk #truth #livethetruthspeakthetruth #change #authentic #process #journey #thecode #mindfulness (Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash)
October 29, 2018
Finding Our Path - This Is Why It Is Important We Don't Label It As Right Or Wrong
Many of us have been searching, be it our path or the meaning of our life. When we feel we have found a connection with someone or something, we hope that it is the right path for us. Every path will lead us to a spot. It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong. What matters is that we feel that there is a strong connection and that we allow the magic to happen in its own space. (Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash)
October 15, 2018
TRUTH - This Is Why It Is Important To Know Our Truth
What is the truth? What are the common misconceptions? And more importantly, why is it important and how do we connect and uncover our truth? Our truth is instrumental in building and shaping our confidence, trust and faith in ourselves as well as in our lives. Explore it with me in this session.
September 26, 2018
Why is meditation so hard for people working in offices?
Meditation doesn't require us to do anything other than sitting still. Yet, so many of us find it difficult. Let's explore some of the misconceptions on meditation and how we can all find our own ways to have a calm mind as well as a calm heart without necessarily sitting down with our eyes closed.
September 25, 2018
Finding the gifts in our relationships
Not all relationships are created or meant to be equal. We can be more of a taker in some and a receiver in others. When we want a bit of everything if not all of everything from each and every relationship we have, it be with our partners, friends or family members, we are putting tension and strain into it. By understanding and knowing what gift each relationship has in store for us, we become more allowing and accepting of those around us, and more importantly, with and within ourselves. Only when relationships are given the space to be cultivated and nurtured, can they become mutually beneficial even when we are the sole giver.
September 10, 2018
Supporting Each Other In Our Journey
We are so accustomed to giving our advice, comments or self-help materials to those who are going through tough time. At times, the best way to support each other in our journey is to simply give time and space to allow us to grow and be.
August 27, 2018