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The Klasshour Prep Podcast

The Klasshour Prep Podcast

By Klasshour
The Klasshour Prep Podcast discusses a host of easy-to-implement academic performance tips that help students write well in exams, share interesting news happening on college campuses including scholarship updates and lifestyle experiences that help students gain valuable skills necessary for independent and decent living on campus.
5-Powerful Tips That Are Guaranteed To Improve Students Academic Performance
A lot of students complain of poor academic performance and low grades In this special episode, we considered 5-powerful tips that if implemented would move students from low grades to amazing academic performance. Lydia interviewed Mr. Kolawole Olawunmi, the Chief Marketing officer for klasshour, also an education enthusiast who spent considerable years studying why students fail 
April 19, 2022
Where Are We?
In this episode, Lydia our cohost takes you through the sequence of ASUU strikes with the intention of identifying common patterns, and behaviors exhibited by both the FGN and ASUU and she also looks at what has changed in about 21 years of industrial actions.
April 05, 2022
The Genesis
They say for every end there’s always a beginning. In this maiden episode of the Klasshour prep podcast, Pelumi speaks of the genesis of the ASUU strike, the time analysis of the strike, and their demands from 2001 up to date. 
March 29, 2022