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Kleinversations: Teaching and Learning Podcast by Klein ISD

Kleinversations: Teaching and Learning Podcast by Klein ISD

By Klein ISD
Klein ISD’s teaching and learning podcast showcasing leaders and educators around the district who make a daily impact on others and are reflective, joyful, transparent, & apply their learning to transform the world.
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#33: Students Growing Leadership Skills through Involvement

Kleinversations: Teaching and Learning Podcast by Klein ISD

#33: Students Growing Leadership Skills through Involvement

Kleinversations: Teaching and Learning Podcast by Klein ISD

#34: Multipliers Book Dive: Chapter 3
Join us for this episode from the book Multipliers by Liz Wiseman as we discuss liberators vs tyrants, how they create an environment of space and intensity to help their people thrive.
November 5, 2021
#33: Students Growing Leadership Skills through Involvement
In this episode, we join the Fox Destination Imagination kids and their teacher, Lisa Mackey. We talk about what they enjoy about being involved in this club and how they've grown as leaders. This episode is full of creative, talented kids talking about their experience and is sure to bring a joy to your face!  Destination Imagination
October 15, 2021
#32: Multipliers Book Dive: Chapter 2
Join us for this episode from the book Multipliers by Liz Wiseman as we discuss the difference between Talent Managers vs Talent Magnets, how to make those your serve shine, and why it's so important for leaders to highlight their people's gifts to grow them for their futures.  We barely touch on the content in the chapter and highly encourage you to grab the book to dive deeper into your content! 
October 8, 2021
#31: Multipliers Book Dive
Come along with us this year as we dive into Liz Wiseman's book "The Multipliers". This chapter is called the Multiplier Effect and we dive into the five disciplines of a Multiplier leader in this episode. You can purchase the book here if you want more of the content that's rich in research. 
September 3, 2021
#30: Tackling Student Writing with an Innovative Podcast
In this episode, we have guests Ashley Huff and Grace Erkman, chat with us about how they tacked a student reluctance to writing by thinking outside the box. This teacher and librarian put their heads together to give students a platform to help them grow confidence and let their voices be heard. You will hear about Ashley's experience of being a still-new teacher when the pandemic hit, how Grace keeps an open mind after 21 years of being an educator, and how making this challenge into a success has helped them grow. 
April 16, 2021
#29: Onward Series: Riding the Waves of Change
In this episode, we sit down to discuss Riding the Waves of Change which is the next chapter in Elena Aguilar’s book Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators. This book is so timely and the chapter is no different as it addresses feelings about change, how to deal with it when it’s unwanted, the secret to leading the change, and how to have patience and perseverance through it all. Take a listen now! Onward by Elena Aguilar
April 2, 2021
#28: Student Perspective on Leadership Development
This episode has three high school students from our district who discuss how the SAT Opportunity Ambassador program has helped refine their leadership skills. However, this episode has SO much more content like what these students care about, their hopes for their futures, and how they've grown as individuals. You will be inspired and encouraged listening to these bright students. 
March 17, 2021
#27: Onward Series: Play & Create
In this episode, we dive into Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience for Educators Chapter 8 by Elena Aguilar. We focus on the different aspects of play and artistic expression, the health benefits they provide, and how they can make you more productive in everyday life. Another highlight of our conversation is how it takes courage to play and create, and how this can build our resilience in trying times. As stated in the beginning, we are in a large room, 20+ feet away from each other, and wearing masks so thank you for being flexible in your listening. :)
March 5, 2021
#26: Diving into Student Mental Health
The show guest for this episode is, Jennifer Matus, a Counseling and Student Wellness Coordinator in our district. We dive into pertinent conversation around how to incorporate emotional learning with specific methods, how to be a caring adult in a child's life, trends she’s seeing during this pandemic in connection to student mental health, and tangible ways to help kids while they process this ongoing pandemic.  Show Resources Where the Crawdads Sing book Permission to Feel book American School Counselor Association resources for helping students in troubling times
February 19, 2021
#25: Onward Series: Get Your Learn On!
In this episode, we talk about the next chapter from the book Onward by Elena Aguilar. We talk about chapter highlights like using inquiry and prof. Learning to recharge and reinvest in yourself, the implications of a conscious competence ladder, minding the learning gap, and a little about time management. Show Resources Onward by Elena Aguilar Permission to Feel by Marc Brackett
February 5, 2021
#24: Onward Series: Cultivating Compassion
In this episode, we dive into Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience for Educators Chapter 8 by Elena Aguilar. We do not get even close to all the amazing content in this chapter, but touch on the benefits of exercising compassion towards others, self-compassion, dealing with difficult people, and compassion fatigue.  As stated in the beginning, we are in a large room, 20+ feet away from each other, and wearing masks so thank you for being flexible in your listening. :)
January 8, 2021
#23: Teacher Perspectives in a Pandemic
Our guests, Jana Griffin and Danielle Williams, dive into the challenges and celebrations of being a teacher right now, how they stay flexible, what they do to stay positive and more!  Resources Smoky Night Book
December 11, 2020
#22: Onward Series: Focusing on the Bright Spots
In this episode, we dive into Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience for Educators Chapter 7 by Elena Aguilar. We do not get even close to all the amazing content in this chapter, but touch on why it's so hard to focus on bright spots, a few ways to train the brain (for more, read the chapter!), and how diving into sadness is beneficial. Come along with us as we explore retraining our brains.  As stated in the beginning, we are in a large room, 20+ feet away from each other, and wearing masks so thank you for being flexible in your listening. :) 
December 4, 2020
#21: Pivoting Education in a Pandemic World
Join the conversation with Principal Lauren Marti and Digital Learning Specialist Emily Noorduizen as we discuss ways educators have pivoted in our new landscape of education. You will be inspired about the creativity teachers have shown and how these guests stay focused on the bright side of the future.  Those Shoes kid's book
November 18, 2020
#20: Navigating Negative Mindsets (Onward Series)
Join this episode as we dive into Onward: Cultivating Resilience in Educators by Elena Aguilar. The book is broken up in chapters by the time of the year and the current month. The content includes the period of disillusionment, how we have a self-care crisis, to heck with martyrdom (and how it can kill you), learning to say no, diving into perfectionism and more!  There is an accompanying workbook if you do purchase the book. There are a ton of resources to help process the information. 
November 6, 2020
#19: What's Your Take? A Student Perspective on Learning in a Pandemic
In this episode, we sit down with Aaron Jordan, a current senior, to dive into his perspective of learning in a pandemic. We talk about his greatest fears, the parts of this new environment that are working, and how the implications of this pandemic are affecting student lives. 
October 15, 2020
#18: Moving Forward Together with Dr. Jenny McGown
Dr. Jenny McGown, Klein ISD's Superintendent, joins us to talk about moving forward together during these historic times, practicing both optimism and realism , having empathy with our engagement and more.  Show Resources Book: Forged in Crisis: The Making of Five Courageous Leaders by Nancy F. Koehn Peer Review Journal: Managing teamwork in the face of pandemic: evidence-based tips by Scott Tannenbaum, Allison Traylor, Eric Thomas, & Eduardo Salas
September 23, 2020
#17: Trauma Awareness for Educators
Today's guest, Rekina Romes, is no stranger to supporting students who've experience trauma. After you listen to today's episode, you will see that most educators aren't strangers either. One in four children will experience trauma with at least one trauma happening before the age of four. Rekina dives into the complexities of trauma and how educators can extend grace in the classroom to support them. We dive into the difference of opposition and trauma, how trauma literally and biologically alters the brain, and how listening without judgement can be so powerful (and more!).  Resources for the public: Foster Care Support and Services- CoVid 19 Resources Page Several mini sessions to assist in understanding regulation, trauma, coping and skills for implementation for adults and children who may experience emotional regulation and/or trauma. Neurosequential Network- Series on Trauma and Coping
May 6, 2020
#16: Processing a Pandemic
In this episode, we have guest Kayla Shaw, licensed counselor talk with us about navigating the processing of this pandemic, the effect it has on our lives, navigating trauma, and working through our grief as a result of our changed lives.  Show Resources You can call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746. Mental Health America World Health Organization Healthy Parenting during COVID-19 National Alliance on Mental Illness 10 Tools to Feel Stronger 31 Ways to Improve Wellness   Stress Reduction: Benefit of Laughter Benefit of Exercise Benefit of Sleep 18 Mindfulness Games Free Mindfulness Apps: Headspace Calm Aura Stop. Breath. Think. Smiling Mind
April 15, 2020
#15: Serving Others from a Student Perspective
On this episode, we made a change to our usual Klein ISD staff and heard from two of our seniors from Klein High School. Grace Judice and Connor Winston talk about a district-wide initiative that will help our community, their perspective on helping others, how educators made an impact on them, and more!  Show Resources Klein Serves Website
March 17, 2020
#14: Counseling, Character, and Nurturing the Heart
Our episode guest, counselor Meghan Blakey, talks about the world of school counseling, character education, nurturing hearts, and more. Listen to this episode to hear how to connect with others, learning the Nurtured Heart approach of resetting, and focusing on the whole child.  Show Resources The Nurtured Heart Approach Capturing Kids Hearts
February 19, 2020
#13: Lead from your Seat with Superintendent Dr. McGown
In this episode, we unpack the characteristics it takes to be someone who leads from your seat. Klein ISD Superintendent, Dr. McGown, joins us and shares examples of people that have touched her life with the qualities that we should all strive to have each day in our work to serve others.  I'm excited to welcome back our repeat guest Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown as she has deep roots in the Klein community. She is a dedicated leader who has also served Klein ISD in the roles of deputy superintendent, chief learning officer, executive director, principal, assistant principal, and classroom teacher. She first became an educator in Uzbekistan where many of her first students were girls who had never had the opportunity to attend school, and their resilience and tenacious desire to learn captured her heart.   Dr. McGown has recently been named the 2019 Outstanding Woman in Education by the American Association of University Women-North Harris County Branch for her contributions to the field of education. Additionally, she was recognized as one of the top 40 professionals under 40 across all sectors in the greater Houston area by the Houston Business Journal in 2017 and the Houston BizWoman Headliner in Education in 2018.  She also serves on the Google for Education North America K-12 Advisory Board, Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts Board, Northwest Assistance Ministries Board, Klein Education Foundation Board of Directors, and the Lone Star College Chancellor’s Advisory Council.  Dr. McGown completed her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University as a Dwight D. Eisenhower Scholar and received her Master’s and Doctorate in Education from Sam Houston State University. She is Currently engaged in a strategic data project fellowship at Harvard University.  Outside of professional life, Dr. McGown enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, and children, Joshua and Mary Claire, both Klein ISD students. She and her husband are members of Faithbridge Church, supporters of the Klein Education Foundation, and are involved in the work of Bridging for Tomorrow and Love 146. Show Resources Big Potential
January 22, 2020
#12: Student Strength Identification & Positive Effects
This episode dives into questions you can ask your students to generate their thinking about their strengths to later apply to post-secondary life and celebrating students' diverse strengths in your classroom. Gordon See, advanced academics program coordinator, dives into his experience working with youth and how to draw out their gifts to better serve them.  Show resources: BAWD framework Student Questions Student Strengths List Strength Chain Celebrating Students' Diverse Strengths 10 Ways to Celebrate
December 18, 2019
#11: Engaging Families in the Education Experience
In this episode, guest Allie Martin (Klenk Elementary Principal) brings her knowledge about family engagement on campuses and classrooms. We talk about the four components of the dual capacity framework, specific examples she's implementing that you can use, challenges around involving families, and advice she has for our listeners. Below are the resources mentioned in the episode.  Family Engagement Expert Karen Mapp Dr. Mapp's Family Engagement Workshop Series Dual Capacity-Building Framework
November 20, 2019
#10: PLC Success: Human Connection & Student-Focused
In this episode, we sit down with Julie Underwood, ELA Teacher, to discuss the components of a PLC "dream team". You will be surprised to learn there isn't a special magical answer and she gives the steps to achieve successful dynamics in your group today. Come along and listen as we talk about treating others respectfully, how to manage conflict in a PLC in a healthy way, and why it's important to build relationships on your team. You'll enjoy hearing about her favorites as we briefly discuss meditation and a scary book.  Show resources: Check in and Check Outs for meetings Best Practices for Professional Learning Communities Free Mindfulness Apps Worthy of Your Attention
October 23, 2019
#9: Culturally Responsive Teaching
On this episode, Maria Ovalle, Family Engagement Coordinator, talks with us about culturally responsive teaching. We dive into the definition, how to start a culturally responsive mind shift, finding a crew where you can have courageous conversations, and how to have an accepting environment for your students in your classroom.  Episode Resources Darla Deardove publications Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain by Zaretta Hammond Klein ISD Family Engagement page Raising Culturally Responsive and Responsible Children 2019 Fall Guest Schedule
September 24, 2019
#8: It Takes a Village and Positivity
Rocio Church, the 2019 Klein ISD Elementary Teacher of the Year, sits down with us to talk about the power of positivity, family engagement in student learning, keeping class fun, and staying connected to your why as a teacher.  Show Resources Be Real by Tara Martin The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor
May 30, 2019
#7: Leadership and Connection
On this episode, our 2019 Klein ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year, Tyrone Void, talks about why being cultural responsive is so integral to our teacher student relationships, how leadership forces those who lead to being more humble and pliable, how there are so many crossovers between teaching and coaching a sport, and more.  Resources from the show: Positive University: Kerri Walsh " Greatness" Positive University:  Lane Kiffin | Getting Beyond Ego to Make a Greater Impact   Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations That Matter by Will Wise
May 17, 2019
#6: Working Smarter, Not Harder
Our episode hosted guest Kelsey Amaya, a 5th grade teacher at Kuehnle Elementary. During the conversation, she talks about giving students choice, personal learning paths through content, letting go of some teacher control, and working on a high-functioning team to maximize time. 
May 1, 2019
#5: Visible Learning
In today's conversation, Lakita Combs, Metzler Elementary principal, joins us for a conversation centered around the Corwin Visible Learning evaluation and inquiry model. This model is based off of John Hattie's research and has the belief that every student should experience one year's growth each school year. You'll hear how her campus started making learning visible by implementing success criteria, using student voice in the buy in, how her teachers collaborate with each other to make learning meaningful, and how her students have cultivated a love of learning.  Overview of Visible Learning Model  John Hattie: 10 Mindframes for Visible Learning Webinar  Learning Intentions with Success Criteria Video with John Hattie  Corwin Website  Learning Challenge Animation (James Nottingham)   How to Start and Sustain a Visible Learning Implementation  3 Indicators of Assessment-Capable Visible Learners  Becoming by Michelle Obama 
April 18, 2019
#4: Empowering Students with High Expectations
In this episode, Antoinette Hernandez talks with us about building relationships to help students soar in class. We briefly talk about what AVID class is all about, we go into how teachers can and should incorporate relationship-building in their classes, how students can do goal setting (with self and peer editing!), and how keeping the general welfare of others will make a classroom culture be impact to students.  Resoureces For more about the AVID class, visit the Avid website. For more information about Antoinette's favorite book, visit Simon Sinek's website and purchase the book here.
April 4, 2019
#3: Leveraging Technology for Connection
Kim Sharp, digital learning specialist, is our guest for this episode and we talk about all things technology. In this conversation we talk about technology integration activities for the classroom, how to start small to keep from being overwhelmed when incorporating new digital tools in your lesson design, how to move from technology substitution to modification and redefinition, and more! 
March 20, 2019
#2: Intentionally Personalizing Learning with Learner Profiles
In this episode, I'm joined by Kalya Zitmann (intructional specialist) and we talk about how to create tangible personal learning paths for student academic growth, what creativity for technology usage looks like in the classroom, how the "why" of what we do is so important to the students we serve, and how using data to track progress will help our students retain the content we teach. There's so much more so come along and learn with us! 
March 7, 2019
#1: Innovative Culture
Welcome to our inaugural episode where we welcome our first guest, Dr. Jenny McGown, who is the Deputy Superintendent of Klein ISD. In this episode we talk about tangible examples of risk-taking in schools, suggestions for being innovative without forcing it and first focusing on the people, how important self-reflection is in the educational environment, and how we can teach our students to have all of these qualities to be more successful in their lives.  Resources: To get started using Google Keep, visit the website and log in. How to Use Google Keep in PD
February 22, 2019
Welcome to Klein ISD's first podcast about all things in education and leadership.
October 1, 2018