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Kokoh Kokoh Kongkow

Kokoh Kokoh Kongkow

By Justin Hadinata and Brian Mulyadi
Ni Hao Bro! Join us, Justin and Brian every week in talking about things that are relevant to young adults and professionals. We'll talk mostly about current events and other topics that may interest us both, stay tuned!
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#5 Back at it again! WWDC 2021
We're back! Join Justin, Brian, and Andhieka in talking about the latest update in Apple event WWDC 2021 - on how the company is giving us all we need in dealing with the post-pandemic life! Follow our story at @kokohkokohkongkow
June 13, 2021
#4 ADULTING SERIES: Twerk at Work
Welcome back to another episode on our adulting series! This time we'll share about our experiences at work and some tips on how to enjoy our working life to the fullest, work it! Soundtrack: Rayne Drop
October 29, 2020
#3 Can I Have an Apple Juice? - #AppleEvent with Andhieka Putra
This week we'll talk everything about the Apple Event. With our guest speaker, Andhieka, a full-time iOS app developer, we'll discuss about 5G, magnets, machine learning, and more!
October 21, 2020
#2 ADULTING SERIES: Talking About Wedding
In this series, we are going to explore all those things that we encounter as we are adulting - from relationships, finance, career, hobbies, and more.. Stay tuned!
October 13, 2020
#1 Get well soon, Mr President!
Trump has it! New normal, vaccines, and more.. Join us in our morning chill discussing all things that happened this week || sounds by: Breakmaster Cylinder
October 4, 2020