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kompass Podcast

kompass Podcast

By kompassinternational
The kompass team provides you with information on studying in Bremen in light-hearted conversations and more serious interviews. We hope you'll enjoy it and learn something at the same time.
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Studieren als Geflüchtete: Prüfungen, Pabo und Pausengespräche
Moin moin! In dieser Episode nehmen uns Mohammed, Ismail und Mahmoud mit in ihre Welt an der Hochschule. Wie sieht ihr Weg zum Erfolg aus? Was sind die Unterschiede zum Studium in ihrem Heimatland? Und wer ist eigentlich dieser Pabo? Viel Spaß beim Zuhören! Ihr habt Anregungen oder wollt in Kontakt mit dem kompass-Team treten? Dann schreibt uns über Facebook oder Instagram. Wir freuen uns, von euch zu hören!
July 20, 2021
How I met my WG - the culture of student living in Bremen
Why does Sarvesh feel like being part of a sitcom? What is so special about applying for an apartment in Germany? And where does the pile of shoes in Tarik's WG come from? In this episode Matej, Fiona, Tarik and Sarvesh chat away about their life in shared apartments in Bremen. Whether you listen to this podcast while taking a walk, doing your laundry or relaxing in the sun, we hope you'll enjoy their stories and take away useful tips for your stay in Bremen. You want to leave us a feedback or have questions? Get in touch with us on facebook or Instagram. We'd love to hear from you. 
June 08, 2021
International Family Affairs: Stories of homesickness, hope and help
Why does Zhang miss her piano? And why would Alonso close his eyes on a bicycle and Nizar become a non-professional German teacher? In this episode Zhang, Alonso, Nizar and Finn discuss the role their family plays during their stay in Bremen. What is it like to study while your family is on the other side of the globe and what is the difference to moving here with your whole family? Find out and enjoy this episode of the kompass Podcast. What are your thoughts on this episode? Do you have similar experiences? Drop us your feedback here, we're looking forward to it! This episode is a collaboration with the University of Bremen's Study Work Life Week '21.
April 27, 2021
Exam Period
It's here! Our very first podcast! Listen to Finn, Jules and Heleen as they discuss how they get through the exam period in Bremen. We also invited an expert from the "Lerncoaches" team at the University of Bremen to give us some tips on how to successfully prepare for exams.  Get in touch with the "Lerncoaches" here:
February 26, 2021