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By Koncrete
Danny’s quest to become smarter.
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#136 Revealing the most Insane Alien Abduction Claim in History | Brad Abrahams
Brad Abrahams is a documentary filmmaker who investigates some of the worlds most odd & interesting characters for example he spent 3 years documenting David Huggins, a 72 year old man who claims he lost his virginity to an extra-terrestrial alien-woman hybrid and had multiple children with her. Brad also focuses a considerable amount of his work on conspiracy theory culture, dissecting the minds of people who believe in the most outlandish theories & ideas. Follow Brad:  help us make more money:  sponsors  Use code KONCRETE50 to save 50% off your personalized trial set from Geologie. -  Use code KONCRETE at checkout to get a free koozie 2-pack with a 12-pack purchase.   danny
November 19, 2021
#135 Unmasking The Man Behind QAnon | Cullen Hoback
Cullen Hoback is a documentary filmmaker who is responsible for the New HBO series titled “Q: Into the Storm”. Cullen spent 3 years filming behind the scenes with the guys responsible for the website where Q posts. #QIntotheStorm is about a bitter rivalry, the origins of QAnon and who is behind the operation. Also free speech and pigs.  The series examines the connections between QAnon, President Trump, and political and ex-military operatives. It also explores QAnon’s influence on American culture and politics and probes the consequences of unfettered free speech permeating the darkest corners of the internet. Follow Cullen here: help us make more money:  sponsors -  Use code KONCRETE at checkout to get a free koozie 2-pack with a 12-pack purchase.   danny
November 12, 2021
#134 Scam Artist Explains: What Americans Don't Understand about China | Matthew Cox
True crime author Matthew Cox returns to talk world domination and his new YouTube podcast about Florida strippers.  Check it out here:  help us make more money:  sponsors -  Use code KONCRETE at checkout to get a free koozie 2-pack with a 12-pack purchase.   danny
October 29, 2021
#133 Lawyer Defending Capitol Rioter Explains Freedom of Speech | Bjorn Brunvand
Bjorn Brunvand is a Florida criminal defense lawyer known for handling some of the most high profile drug cases and murder cases in the United States. On this episode we discuss one of his latest clients, Robert Palmer who was charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer on the capitol steps on January 6th 2021. We also discuss the War on Drugs, the federal Judiciary process, and the death penalty.  help us make more money:  sponsors -  Use code KONCRETE at checkout to get a free koozie 2-pack with a 12-pack purchase.   danny
October 14, 2021
#132 Real Life Pirate Explains How to Smuggle Weed into Florida from Colombia | Tim McBride
Tim McBride is a former marijuana smuggler/pot hauler living on the edge of the Florida Everglades.  From 1979 to 1989 Tim ran southern waters and the Caribbbean with a band of modern day pirates known by locals as Saltwater Cowboys.  Night after night we offloaded up to 20 tons at a time from any vessel that would make the trip from South America.  Like Mexico does now, Colombia supplied 42 percent of the marijuana consumed in the United States in 1984.  The major percentage of this traffic was controlled by Tim’s crews working with other smaller crews and several large Colombian organizations.  help us make more money:  sponsors -  Use code KONCRETE at checkout to get a free koozie 2-pack with a 12-pack purchase.   danny
October 8, 2021
#131 How I Exploited America's Opioid Crisis | Josh DocTV
Josh did 6 years in prison for doctor shopping and essentially exploiting the opioid crisis and selling a very large amount of prescription pain killers like oxycontin. His Channel is about prison and exposing corruption in the Florida Department of Corrections.  He does a very good job explaining his experience in the system and what needs to be changed not only in prison system but also in the legal system.  Subscribe to Josh: help us make more money:  sponsors -  Use code KONCRETE at checkout to get a free koozie 2-pack with a 12-pack purchase.   danny
October 1, 2021
#130 Is Gabby Petito's Fiancé a Psychopath? | Matthew Cox
On this episode we talk about Matts latest documentary being released in Europe, Matt give his take on the current trial taking place with Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos,  and towards the end we discuss the latest developments of the Gabby Petito murder investigation.  Matt's Channel -  help us make more money:  sponsors -  Use code KONCRETE at checkout to get a free koozie 2-pack with a 12-pack purchase.   danny
September 23, 2021
#129 Former LSD Kingpin Shares His Secrets | Seth Ferranti
Seth Ferranti spent twenty one years in federal prison after being convicted as an LSD kingpin. He had initially faked his suicide to evade law enforcement and was on the US Marshall's 15 Most Wanted list before his eventual arrest.  Being a first time, non-violent drug offender, the severity of his sentence garnished national attention and was covered extensively by The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and many other publications.  Ferranti received a bachelor's and master's degree in journalism while he was incarcerated and once he was released, Seth continued his career in journalism and made a transition into film, writing and producing White Boy, a documentary about legendary Detroit-based drug dealer White Boy Rick.   help us make more money:  sponsors -  Use code KONCRETE at checkout to get a free koozie 2-pack with a 12-pack purchase.   danny
September 16, 2021
#128 The Harvard Psychiatrist Obsessed with Alien Abduction | Ralph Blumenthal
Ralph Blumenthal was a reporter for The New York Times for 45 years, where he worked as an investigative journalist & crime reporter, and has written seven books based on investigative crime reporting and cultural history. His latest book The Believer: Alien Encounters, Hard Science, and the Passion of John Mack is the first biography of Pulitzer Prize-winning Harvard Psychiatrist John E. Mack who risked an esteemed career in psychology to investigate stupefying accounts of human abductions by aliens. help us make more money:  sponsors -  Use code KONCRETE at checkout to get a free koozie 2-pack with a 12-pack purchase.   danny  music  koncrete
September 8, 2021
#127 Is Time Travel Really Possible? | Jake Fox
Jake Fox is an artist and musician. He is also an encyclopedia on conspiracies and a music historian. On this episode Jake talks about the cryptic hidden messaging in music from bands like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana & Bob Dylan. We also talk about time traveling nukes, JFK, and Backwards matter. Towards the end Jake preforms some of his newest music from his band 'Catatonic Scripts'. Follow Jake - watch the full episode here: sponsors - Get a 2-year plan plus 4 additional months with a huge discount! -  Use code KONCRETE at checkout to get a free koozie 2-pack with a 12-pack purchase.   danny:
August 27, 2021
#126 How F*cked Up is Social Media? - Should We Be Afraid? | Jamie Kennedy
Jamie Kennedy is a hilarious comedian and actor who has had a marathon of a career in Hollywood.  He’s been in films & TV shows such as Romeo & Juliet, Malibu’s Most Wanted, Boiler Room, Scream, the Jamie Kennedy Experiment and I’de be here all day if I kept going.  On this episode we talk about Florida, the evolution of media & Hollywood, what it's like balancing a Hollywood career with comedy & social media, and much much more.
August 19, 2021
#125 Crystal Meth Addict: The Real Jesse Pinkman | Sean Dustin
Sean Dustin is a former crystal meth addict who spent time in Federal and State prison for drug trafficking and fraud. Sean hosts the "Nowhere to go but up" Podcast. Check it out here:
August 12, 2021
#124 Curing Autism with Stand Up Comedy | AJ Wilkerson
AJ Wilkerson is a stand-up comedian from Gainesville, FL. Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, his comedy reflects both his boisterous personality as well as the uniquely absurd way his brain works.
August 6, 2021
#123 Venezuela's Most Wanted Fraudster | Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez is a real estate con man who served nearly a decade in prison for committing $30 million in bank fraud. During his scheme he lost millions of dollars which he was supposed to be laundering for the Sinaloa cartel. As a result he was kidnapped by the Venezuelan government and barely escaped with his life.
July 28, 2021
#122 Was GOD an Astronaut? | Mike Hengstebeck
Watch or listen to the full episode on Patreon:
July 21, 2021
#121 Matt Cox is Going Hollywood | Matthew Cox
The FBI's most wanted con artist Matthew Cox joins the podcast to discuss John Mcafee, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, & prison conspiracy theories. Subscribe to Matt here:
July 13, 2021
#120 The Mysterious Connection between Owls & UFO Contact | Mike Clelland
Mike Clelland began his study of the UFO abduction phenomenon in 2006 as a way to better understand his own personal experiences. He has since collected a wealth of first-hand accounts in which owls manifest in the highly charged moments that surround alien contact. Mike has uncovered a mysterious connection between owls, synchronicities and UFO abduction.  By looking at these elusive and often ignored aspects of the abduction lore, something truly mystical seems to be revealing itself and points to a deeper reality at play in these mysteries.   It was his first-hand experiences with these elusive events that have been the foundation for his research.  Mike has published 3 books on the subject, his first one being "Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee" -
July 9, 2021
#119 The CIA's Secret Mind Control Experiments on Charles Manson | Tom O'Neill
In 1999, entertainment reporter Tom O'Neill accepted a three-month assignment from a film magazine to write a story about how the infamous Charles Manson  Tate–LaBianca murders that changed Hollywood. Tom missed his deadline but continued to investigate the murders, falling down a 20 year investigative rabbit hole that birthed his new book “CHAOS” which is the product of those two decades of meticulous research, hundreds of interviews, and falling-outs with publishers that led to financial and legal repercussions.  Tom’s book, 'Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties' presents his research into the background and motives for the Tate–LaBianca murders committed by the Manson Family in 1969. The evidence Tom has uncovered blows massive holes in the official narrative of the Charles Manson story and exposes corruption, & cover ups, and Manson’s connection to the CIA’s MK Ultra, LSD testing, & psychological warfare mind control programs. Toms book is the holy grail of true crime and on this episode Tom tells some shocking stories that had to be left out of the book. Get CHAOS here:
July 1, 2021
#118 I Farted on the Cops | Craig Conant
Craig Conant is a stand up comic based in Los Angeles who hosts a weekly podcast called "Community Service".
June 29, 2021
#117 The Highest Paid Drug Pilot in History | Roger Reaves
Roger Reaves is a former pilot and drug smuggler who employed Barry Seal & ended up in prison for 33 years in 26 different prisons, in 7 different countries spanning 4 continents.  His friends and associates spanned the globe. From Medellin Cartel kingpins Jorge Ochoa and Pablo Escobar; to "Mr Nice" Howard Marks and the infamous Barry Seal who was Rogers close friend and employee. In his early 30’s he was making over $1 million a day flying back and forth to Colombia and he eventually hired Barry Seal, and Roger gives vivid details to their relationship up to the very end of Barry’s life.  Roger escaped from prison on five separate occasions; was shot down in both Mexico and Colombia; and tortured almost to death in a Mexican prison. Get Roger's book here:
June 25, 2021
#116 Real Estate is the Answer to Your Problems | Bryon Aponte
Bryon Aponte is a real estate investor from New Jersey. On this episode of the podcast Bryon explains his strategy when investing in real estate and new construction.
June 20, 2021
#115 The Most Corrupt Cop of All Time | Michael Dowd
Michael Dowd is the dirtiest cop in the history of New York City.  In the 80s, Michael patrolled the streets of one of the toughest precincts in Brooklyn. He also headed a ruthless criminal network that stole money and drugs, ultimately resulting in the New York’s biggest corruption scandal ever. Mike was the subject of the explosive true crime saga "The Seven Five"  Where he tells all as he relives his days as a mobster with a badge.. Mike served 12 years in prison for his activities during that time and is widely considered as one of the most corrupt cops of all-time.
June 11, 2021
#114 I Slept with the Wife of the Mafia’s Most Dangerous Assassin | Larry Mazza
Larry Mazza is a former soldier, hitman and protégé of Colombo crime family captain Greg Scarpa who was also known as the Grim Reaper.  Larry has admitted to murdering four people and has allegedly participated in around 25 murders.  Mazza has since relocated to Florida and became a fitness personal trainer. He released a book titled "The Life: A True Story about a Brooklyn Boy Seduced into the Dark World of the Mafia."
June 3, 2021
#113 Former 'Bath Salts' Trafficker | Justin Smith
Justin Smith was sentenced to 12 years in prison for running the biggest bath salts trafficking ring in Florida. According to court documents, in 2011, Smith began purchasing Methylone, a club drug often referred to as “Molly,” in bulk from a source in China. Justin has since turned his life around and developed Contractor Plus, an app for contractors that skyrockets productivity and profitability.
May 28, 2021
#112 The Man Behind Jimi Hendrix’s Psychedelic Style | Michael Braun
Michael Braun is a legendary fashion designer best known for making flamboyant stage clothing for pop culture icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage. If you have ever seen the Macho Man in a wrestling video wearing a crazy outfit.. It was made by Michael Braun.  On this episode, Michael details his very close relationship with Jimi Hendrix especially towards the end of Jimi’s life, and how Jimi would always send him hand written letters.  This is a gripping look into the creative mind and business mind of someone who’s day job was making wearable art for the worlds most prominent super star performers.
May 25, 2021
#111 Former CIA Spy Explains Surveillance on US Citizens | Jihi Bustamante
Jihi Bustamante is a former covert CIA Intelligence Officer, specifically an operational targeter who’s job was collecting intelligence against one of the highest priority threats to U.S. security.  She operated and carried out intelligence operations with her husband Andrew Bustamante in Latin America, East and South East Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific.
May 17, 2021
#110 WallStreetBets Founder Explains Stock Trading & Corruption | Jaime Rogozinski
Jaime Rogozinski founded WallStreetBets in 2012 a large online community which yields a commanding presence in the world of finance. It has been featured in Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch as well as Bloomberg, CNBC, Money Magazine, Forbes, Vice, Business Insider and Fortune.  In 2019, WallStreetBets amassed over 800,000 subscribers and more than 3 million monthly unique visitors.
May 13, 2021
#109 Everybody Does Coke | Luke James
watch the full episode on Patreon:​ Luke James is a creative director, designer, and death metal enthusiast who helped create the Koncrete brand from its inception. Luke has also created work for Marlboro & PizzaSlime.  Follow Luke:​
May 7, 2021
#108 From Brooklyn Gangs to Ping Pong in The Most Dangerous Country in the World | Wally Green
Wally Green grew up in one of the most dangerous housing projects in Brooklyn, where all he knew at a very young age was gangs, guns, and violence. Until he met a man to taught him how to play ping pong in his early teens. From there, Wally went to become one of the best table tennis players in the world and went to represent the United States in over 40 international competitions in over 20 countries including North Korea.
April 30, 2021
#107 America's Alien Overlords | Mike Hengstebeck
Mike Hengstebeck is an American Veteran who works in the cannabis distribution & transportation, and security business. Mike is also one of the worlds leading "UFOlogists". On this Episode we break down all the latest UFO sightings across the world.  Watch the full episode here:
April 23, 2021
#106 Miami's Narco Economy | Billy Corben
Billy Corben is the Miami based documentary filmmaker who made the Cocaine Cowboys Documentary.  Since then he has created "537 Votes" on HBO Max, "Screwball" on Netflix, ESPN 30 for 30, The U, and "Broke". Follow Billy:
April 16, 2021
#105 Florida's King of Real Estate Arbitrage | Bryon Aponte
Bryon Aponte an entrepreneur & real estate investor based in Tampa, Florida. He also owns & trades millions of dollars worth of collectible trading cards.
April 9, 2021
#104 Humiliating Billionaires | Alex Hooper
Alex Hooper is a stand-up comic, professional roaster, and human cartoon. He has appeared on two seasons of Americas Got Talent,  and has a weekly podcast called “Achilles heel” which explores the darkest parts of peoples lives.
April 2, 2021
#103 Former CIA Super Spy Explains UFO's | Andrew Bustamante
Andrew bustimante is a former covert CIA intelligence officer & Air Force combat veteran who spent 7 years in the CIA as a clandestine operative.  He has circled the globe gathering intelligence for the Unites States government living in disguise and serving in the shadows. Today Andrew teaches international espionage tactics that benefit everyday life. On this podcast Andrew talks about the secrets once reserved for the world’s elite intelligence services which are designed to challenge conventional thinking by improving cognitive performance, logical reasoning, and emotional intelligence.
March 30, 2021
#102 Tow Truck Driver Turned YouTube Music Phenomenon | Marty Ray Project
Marty Ray is a musician & YouTube sensation who was born in Memphis, TN but grew up Arkansas driving tow trucks for a living. He was always the funniest, and scariest, guy in any room growing up, and still is. Marty makes YouTube videos where he covers popular songs like Old Town Road, No Woman No Cry, Simple Man, Ice Ice baby, and lots more.
March 23, 2021
#101 Con Man VS the People | Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a true crime writer who was sentenced to 26 years in Federal prison for identity theft and mortgage fraud. Tonight he joins a RARE Koncrete live stream to answer questions from the fans. Matt's channel:
March 17, 2021
#100 Miami's Darklord of Credit Card Scams (Part 2) | John Boseak
John Boseak is a notorious cyber criminal & the most prolific manufacturer of counterfeit credit cards in the international cyber crime industry.
March 15, 2021
#99 The Psychedelic Filmmaker Peeling back the Scab on Society | Sean Dunne
Sean Dunne is a filmmaker and psychedelic voyager who is responsible for some of the best documentaries on the internet. Some of which include 'American Juggalo',  'Florida Man' &  'Oxyana'. Sean has also done commercials for clients such as Google, Royal Caribbean, Bacardi, Delta and much more. Sean has a very unique perspective when approaching his work and the character studies depicted in his films.  For example, he tells the story of how a late night mushroom trip spawned the idea to create one of his most popular documentaries called 'Florida Man'. He also has his own podcast which is on his VeryApe YouTube channel as well as a radio show called the 'Church of Chill'.
March 7, 2021
#98 Investigating the Psyche of Ghislaine Maxwell | John Sweeney
John Sweeney is a writer, reporter, & journalist who famously tells the stories that power and money don’t want told. He worked for the BBC for 17 years, doing interviews with the likes of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, as well one of the first investigative pieces exposing scientology in 2007.  His latest project is a six episode series called “Hunting Ghislaine”  which investigates the life of Ghislaine Maxwell & tells how some of the richest & entitled people on the planet used their money and power to silence the abused.
March 1, 2021
#97 Online Courses & the Finesse of Fake Guru's | Patrick Bet David
Patrick Bet David runs the VALUETAINMENT Youtube Channel where he teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and personal development. On this podcast we talk about fake gurus on YouTube, Patrick's success in the insurance business, creating a media company, and much more.
February 23, 2021
#96 Ecstasy Kingpin Explains How to Scam the Stock Market | Shaun Attwood
Shaun Attwood is an author & activist who is banned from America for life. Shaun made millions in the stock market in his early 20’s, and by his 30’s he was running one of the biggest ecstasy rings in the US, smuggling more than $4 million worth of drugs into Arizona before he was raided and sentenced to 200 years in prison. Shaun’s biggest competitor in the ecstasy business was the mafia mass murderer “Sammy The Bull” Whom we talk about on this episode. We also talk about Shauns views on insider stock market trading as well as the recent events with Reddit, Robinhood & GameStop. Shaun has also done more research on the Epstein conspiracies than probably anyone, he’s done hundreds of interviews with his victims and acquaintances & he talks about the latest discoveries on the subject towards the end of this podcast.
February 16, 2021
#95 Harvard's Top Astronomer Believes Aliens are Trying to Contact Us | Dr. Avi Loeb
Professor Avi Loeb is an astrophysicist at Harvard. His new book “Extraterrestrial” The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth” which proposes that an interstellar object that passed through our solar system in 2017, may have been the creation of an Alien intelligence.
February 8, 2021
#94 Predator Drone Operator | Brandon Bryant
Brandon Bryant is a former MQ-1B Predator Sensor operator for the United States Airforce. He flew armed predator drones in Iraq, Afghanistan, & Yemen. He has since come forward with information from inside the U.S. military’s secret drone program specifically on the issues of civilian 'collateral damage' and the struggles of drone pilots with substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. The daily work of tracking and and taking shots as an operator took a psychological toll on Bryant & Since he left, he’s also been struggling with the pressures of going public as a whistleblower.  The drone program remains highly under wraps, even as the military continues to carry out targeted strikes around the world. Begun during the George W. Bush administration but massively expanded and normalized under Barack Obama, air wars waged by drone and conventional aircraft now continue in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Yemen.
February 4, 2021
#93 Uncovering the Murder of an LA Kingpin | Matthew Cox
Matthew B Cox Reveals an unsolved murder ordered by a member of the Sinaloa cartel. Matt uncovered the story while doing research on another true crime story while still in federal prison.  The murderer confessed and disclosed evidence to a jail house lawyer who was helping him work his case, and this jail house lawyer disclosed everything to Matt that proves this guy ordered the murder.  The murderer hasn’t been prosecuted because the LA homicide detectives witnesses are currently in federal prison and in fear for their lives. The US prosecutor is basically subverting the prosecution for whatever reason.  In addition the homicide detective verified that the murderer has confessed to multiple inmates that he committed the murder.
February 2, 2021
#92 America’s Most Notorious Jewel Thief | Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton is originally from the Bronx which is where he got his start in organized crime at the age of 12. From there he went to become known as the most notorious jewel robber in the history of the United States. Larry robbed more than $15 million of jewels until he was eventually tracked down by the FBI and hit with four 12 year sentences.  Once he was finally released, Larry reformed his ways and now helps and inspires younger people stay out of prison and change their life path. He also started his own YouTube channel last year which already has over a million subscribers. Larry's Channel:
January 26, 2021
#91 New York Firefighter who Survived 9/11 | Tim Brown
Tim Brown is a retired, decorated 20-year FDNY firefighter, a survivor of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, a first responder to the 1993 attack on the WTC and a veteran of the New York Urban Search & Rescue Task Force team that responded to the 1995 attack on the  Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City. Tim lost 93 of his friends on Sept. 11th, including his two best friends.  When Tim shared his experiences on the ground during the 9/11 attacks on the WTC… you stop breathing because It really makes you understand the real human experience of that day and the effect it still has on survivors like Tim almost 20 years later.  What Brothers Do:  Join Koncrete on Patreon:
January 22, 2021
#90 Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin in 2021 | Andreas Antonopoulos
Andreas Antonopoulos is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and highly sought after expert in Bitcoin and open blockchain technologies. He is known for making complex subjects easy to understand and highlighting both the positive and negative impacts these technologies can have on our global societies.
January 18, 2021
#89 Former CIA Super Spy Speaks Out | Andrew Bustamante
Andrew Bustamante is a former covert CIA intelligence officer, US Air Force combat veteran, and Fortune 10 corporate advisor.  He spent seven years in the CIA as a clandestine operative for the agency’s undercover arm, he’d not only lived, plotted and fought in dangerous spots around the world, he had to lie to everyone he knew – including his parents – and to everyone he met. Manipulation was all part of the job. His podcast “Everyday Espionage” teaches the psychology of being a covert spy.
January 15, 2021
#88 Matthew Cox Teaches Bank Fraud | MasterClass
Matthew Cox fans are begging him to teach mortgage fraud. He explains.
January 5, 2021
#87 Discovering America's Soft White Underbelly | Mark Laita
Mark Laita started his career as a world renowned professional photographer who’s clients include the likes of brands such as Apple, BMW, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Budweiser and the list goes on and on… But he decided to give all that up for his new passion, which is essentially doing character studies on the most unfortunate human beings in America, and publishing the interviews on his YouTube channel "Soft White Underbelly".  Mark is doing some extremely powerful work shining light  on one of the biggest problems in the United States which is raising our children.
January 3, 2021
#86 Finding the 'God Particle' | Mark Levinson
Mark Levinson is a trained particle physicist, getting a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, before going to Hollywood as a sound editor on films like “The English Patient” and “The Talented Mr. Ripley", "Se7en" & "House of Cards”. He is also the director of the documentary film "Particle Fever" which tells the story of the experimental discovery of the Higgs boson. The film covers the scientific process and the scientists behind the research.
December 20, 2020
#85 MK Ultra: The CIA's Secret Quest for Mind Control | Stephen Kinzer
Stephen Kinzer is an award-winning foreign correspondent who has covered more than 50 countries on five continents. His articles and books have led the Washington Post to place him “among the best in popular foreign policy storytelling, and he’s spent more than 20 years working for the New York Times.  On this podcast we dive deep into his most recent work studying the CIA’s secret drug and mind-control experiments, MK Ultra of the 1950s and ’60s, and the CIA’s “Poisoner and chief” Sidney Gotlieb who conducted brutal experiments with pills, powders, potions, and LSD in an attempt to control peoples minds of foreign leaders such as Fidel Castro.
December 16, 2020
#84 The Bitcoin Pioneer Serving Two Life Sentences | Lyn Ulbricht
Lyn Ulbricht is the mother of Ross Ulbricht, who created the deep web e-commerce platform called “Silk Road” which earned $183 million dollars, where its users could exchange a variety of goods, both legal and illegal, which was drugs in most cases.  At age of 26 Ross was arrested and handed a double life sentence plus 40 years without parole.  Put this into perspective.. a 26 year old first time offender with and all non-violent charges was given exactly TWICE the prison sentence as El Chapo.  Ever since Ross went to prison, his mother Lynn has been campaigning to expose the insane corruption within our judicial system and the draconian sentences handed down by prosecutors and judges.  Learn more at:
December 14, 2020
#83 LA Comedian | Shapel Lacey
Shapel Lacey is comedian based in Los Angeles.  You can check him out on his podcast "It’s Managed” and also on “Fighter and the Kid” with Brendan Schaub. Shapel Lacey Instagram:
December 6, 2020
#82 Miami’s Darklord of Credit Card Scams | John Boseak
At 26 years old John Boseak was one of the most prolific manufacturers of counterfeit credit cards in the international cyber crime industry. He Went from a homeless kid on the streets of Miami at 14 years old, to one of the most cunning scammers, counterfeiters, identity thieves and escape artists ever. He was even selling credit cards to the Russian mob at one point.  BENT: John's Channel: Matt's Channel:
December 2, 2020
#81 The KKK Consultant | Daryl Davis
How a random run in with a Ku Klux Klan leader led black musician Daryl Davis on a quest to discover the source of the hate.   Daryl Davis is a musician who plays blues, country & R&B, but his full time job is converting racists. Daryl has converted over 200 KKK members and Neo-Nazi’s. Mr. Davis has helped these white supremacists leave their ideologies behind which has lead to a greater understanding of race in America.
November 24, 2020
#80 How Cryptocurrency is Advancing Human Freedom | Rich Clarke
Rich Clarke is an expert in the Cryptocurrency & Austrian Economic theory. Rich is also the organizer of the Bitcoin Atlanta Meetup.  In 2012 he became one of the three insurgent delegates from Georgia for Ron Paul at the Republican National Convention. This experience of seeing the sausage be made in politics made him lose faith in the idea that political action was a viable solution to advance human freedom. It was at this point that Rich began to focus on Bitcoin as a possible tool of human liberation. In the following 7 years Rich has become an expert on the economic philosophies, functioning and landscape of the Cryptocurrency world.
November 16, 2020
#79 Bipolar Billionaire Plans to Become 'Emperor of the World' | Matthew Cox
Frank Amodeo is a megalomaniac hellbent on world domination. Amodeo is the founder of Mirabilis Ventures Inc, a conglomerate of over seventy companies in various industries—including consulting, corporate security, manufacturing, employee leasing and hotel ownership—with 40,000 employees and nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue.  The Story of Frank Amodeo is part Tom Clancy,  part Ian Fleming novel and one hundred percent insanity. Since childhood Amodeo claims he’s had voices in his head telling him he was meant to be emperor of the world. He is absolutely, certifiably mentally ill.   In particular, Frank is a unique high-functioning, sub-classification rapid-cycling axis-1 bipolar with narcissistic and antisocial, psychotic features. Simply put, his mood shifts constantly between manic and depressive episodes, during which he has delusions with manic themes.  Frank is also a highly successful attorney who managed to continue his law practice from behind bars, and in fact he was even able to knock 12 years off Matthew Cox’s prison sentence.   On this podcast Matt explains every detail from how Frank was about to purchase a fleet of f-16 fighter jets for $60 million dollars to how he almost took over the Congo in 2006.
November 10, 2020
#78 Humans are Creating Black Holes on Earth | Paul Looyen
Paul Looyen has been teaching physics for over 25 years in the United States & Australia.  On this podcast we talk about how scientists are creating black holes at The European Organization for Nuclear Research also known as CERN. We also discuss dark matter, dark energy, and how CERN has developed new ways to treat cancer with particle therapy or hadron therapy.
November 2, 2020
#77 Racist or Funny? | David Lucas
David Lucas is a comedian based in Los Angeles. David works at the world famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip.  He is also a regular on the number 1 live comedy podcast “Kill Tony” and is featured on the “Brothers in Cursive” podcast produced by Brian Redban.
October 26, 2020
#76 The Skyway Bridge Disaster | Robert Raiola & Mike Betz
Robert Raiola and Mike Betz are former Florida DOT divers who were in charge of inspecting thousands of water bridges over the span of their careers. Their job was to dive under every bridge and thoroughly inspect each piling for structural integrity below the waterline.  On may 9th 1980 At 7:38 in the morning, a freighter hit the Sunshine Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay. A 1,400 feet section of the bridge collapsed, killing 35 people.  My guests today, Bob & Mike were the first divers in the water that day to attempt to rescue and retrieve victims of what is known as one of the worst disasters in Florida’s history.
October 13, 2020
#75 Lies & Lambos: The Business Behind Fake YouTube Gurus | CoffeeZilla
Stephen AKA CoffeeZilla uncovers scams, fraudsters and fake gurus that are preying on desperate people on the internet.
October 7, 2020
#74 The Making Of David Miscavige | Ron Miscavige
Ron Miscavige is the father of David Miscavige who is the leader of the church of scientology.  Ron and his family joined Scientology in 1970, and he worked for the Sea Org for almost 27 years.  It's also worth mentioning Ron signed a Billion year contract with the church.  This is really a tragic story of how a father became disconnected from his son, and then you throw in the whole scientology aspect of it and how the family originally got into this mess which eventually led to a broken bond between father and son.
October 2, 2020
#73 What's Left of America? | David Pakman
David Pakman is a political commentator and YouTube personality. He hosts The David Pakman Show,  a nationally syndicated progressive talk show on TV and radio.
October 2, 2020
#72 The Economy, Real Estate, & Investing | John Hyre
John Hyre is an attorney, accountant & investor living in Puerto Rico for tax incentives.
October 2, 2020
#71 The Untold Truth: How the 2008 Financial Crisis Happened | Patrick Lovell
The Con is an in-depth investigation into the 2008 financial crisis nine years in the making,  Who did it, why it happened and how our country went from “of, for and by the people,” to “of, for and by the corporation.”  And what’s past is prologue: The heist of our democracy that includes fraudulent practices, massive credit card debt, student loans, auto loans, and the revolving door between finance and government, is still going on, and will become even worse than before.
September 18, 2020
#70 The Accidental Billionaire | Ben Mezrich
Ben Mezrich is a major international New York Times best selling author. He likes to write books about young prodigies who make tons of money. Many of his projects have been turned into feature films such as "The Social Network", and "21". One of his latest projects is called ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ about the Wilklevoss twins, who founded the "Harvord Connecton" website that Mark Zuckerberg eventually stole and turned into Facebook. This podcast is eye opening and gives a unique perspective on Zuckerberg and his way of doing business. Follow Ben:
September 16, 2020
#69 The Man Hunting Satanic Cults | Wilfred Wong
Wilfred Wong is an international human rights activist who has been investigating Satanic ritual abuse for 27 years.  SRA is a brutal form of physical and psychological abuse on children, youth & vulnerable adults.
August 14, 2020
#68 The #1 Threat to Scientology | Mike Rinder
Mike Rinder is a former senior executive of the Church of Scientology International (CSI) and the Sea Organization based in the United States.  From 1982 to 2007 Mike served on the board of directors of CSI and also held the post of executive director of its Office of Special Affairs, overseeing the corporate, legal and public relations matters of Scientology at the international level. Rinder left Scientology in 2007. From 2016 to 2019, he co-hosted the A&E documentary series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.
August 10, 2020
#67 Million Dollar Stolen Art Auction | Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a true crime writer who was sentenced to 26 years in Federal prison for identity theft and mortgage fraud. One of his most popular stories "Once a Gunrunner" was even turned into the feature film "War Dogs" starring Jonah Hill.  Mr Cox was also featured on his own episode of "American Greed" on CNBC.
July 28, 2020
#66 Exiled UK Millionaire Exposes America's Darkest Secrets | Part 2 | Shaun Attwood
Shaun Attwood is back to tell PART 2 of his life story!  Shaun is an author and activist based in London who is banned from America for life. In his early 20's Shaun was a stock market millionaire who had a side hustle selling ecstasy.  Before he knew it, he was importing and distributing so much that he was in direct competition with the Gambino crime family.  Finally on May 16th 2002 a SWAT team raided his house in Arizona which left him facing a 200 year prison sentence.  Attwood has since written over a dozen books, been featured on an episode of "Locked up Abroad" on Discovery channel, and runs a successful True Crime youtube channel.  Shaun's Channel - Shaun's books -
July 6, 2020
#65 The Biggest Narco Empire in US History | Jorge Valdes
Dr. Jorge L. Valdes is a Cuban-American Ex-Narco, Ex-Con, entrepreneur, and author.
June 26, 2020
#64 Big Baby Scumbag
Big Baby Scumbag raps about NASCAR, Bud Light and Waffle House. If that doesn’t get you excited about this podcast then you should get off our channel. We go beyond the music and discuss everything that makes up the Big Baby Scumbag® brand. From condoms to hand sanitizer and a small batch beer with a local brewery, anything that can have his logo on it will.
June 11, 2020
#63 The Fluid Nature of Truth, Reality and UFO'S | Mike Hengstebeck
Mike Hengstebeck is an American Veteran who works in the cannabis distribution & transportation business. Mike also has extensive knowledge of the history of UFO sightings & events around the world.
June 8, 2020
#62 If Florida Was a Person | Kyle Ruse
Kyle Ruse is a stand up comedian and tattoo artist from St. Petersburg Florida.  Follow Kyle:
June 8, 2020
#61 Porn | Maria Ahlin
Today’s episode is about Porn!  Maria Ahlin is a public speaker, author, and also the head of the youth organization 'Changing attitudes'. Maria’s goal is to challenge old beliefs and myths about porn, - a subject many would avoid discussing at almost any cost. As an expert on issues concerning pornography and sex-buying she has given more than 400 public talks, she’s met with more than 500 people in prostitution, as well as thousands of sex-offenders who have ended up in prison.  Follow Maria here:
May 19, 2020
#60 The Riddler of Real Estate | Matthew Cox
Con man & mortgage fraudster Matthew Cox answers questions from the fans while eating crab. Matt's new book:
May 19, 2020
#59 Seal Team SIX Member Battles The Endless War of Identity | Kristin Beck
Kristin Beck is a former U.S Navy Senior Chief, SEAL team operator, and decorated war hero. Kristin proudly served the United States as a Navy SEAL for over 20 years, serving on 3 different SEAL teams. She was deployed 13 times, serving in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq including 7 combat deployments, earning more than 50 ribbons and metals including the bronze star with valor and the purple heart. Following retirement from military service in 2011, Senior Chief Beck continued high level clearance work at the Pentagon working for the Secretary of Defense.  While in active duty, Kristin respectfully remained silent regarding her gender identity - following the the U.S military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy during her service but since retirement has announcer her decision to live openly and as authentically as possible, releasing her memoir "Warrior Princess" and starring in the CNN Documentary film "Lady Valor" where she recounts becoming totally detached from fear due to living through constant rocket and mortar strikes, and sometimes being more than willing to risk her own life the end the problems of having to face her gender identity issues. In this podcast Kristin shares her lessons from getting through Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training at the top of her class, to dealing with failure on the battlefield, specifically during a raid on Saddam Husseins palace.  She also specifically describes the courage it took to publicly display her true identity at the risk of not only losing the respect of her peers, but having to face bigotry and hatred as a result.
April 29, 2020
#58 Dead Or Alive, Wild Dolphins Fuel A Million Dollar Industry | Lincoln O'Barry
Lincoln O'barry is an activist / filmmaker who has dedicated his life to ending the captivity and slaughter of wild dolphin.  Lincoln has been traveling to countries all over the world releasing captive dolphin since the age of six, including a small coastal town in Japan called Taiji, which happens to be the birthplace of Japanese whaling.  In 2009 a documentary was created about Lincoln and his father's work titled "The Cove" which won the 2010 Oscar for 'Best Documentary Feature'.  The film is a call to action to halt mass dolphin kills, change Japanese fishing practices, and educate the public of the risks of mercury poisoning from dolphin & whale meat.  Lincoln also directed and executive produced the award winning Animal Planet series "Blood Dolphin$" which documents the lucrative captive dolphin trade in the Solomon Islands.  Follow Lincoln & The Dolphin Project here:
April 28, 2020
#57 'The Tsunami is Coming': Doctors Share Coronavirus Advice | Shaun Attwood
Shaun Attwood is a UK based author & activist who is banned from the United States.  Since the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in China, Shaun has been interviewing people on the front lines dealing with the worst of this pandemic.  He's talked to doctors & healthcare workers in Italy, Spain, Greece, as well as New York City.  He has also spoken with scientists who specialize in viruses including a Harvard doctor who believes this Coronavirus was accidentally leaked from a level 4 bioweapons lab in Wuhan. Shaun has been covering every angle of the current global pandemic and has vast knowledge of the history of disease epidemics and how they've effected the Human race & our ecosystem. Shaun's Channel -
March 31, 2020
#56 American Greed: Behind the Scams | Matt Cox
Con artist Matt Cox joins the Koncrete podcast to watch and break down his entire episode of American Greed 'The Bonnie & Clyde of Mortgage Fraud'.  Matt's new book:
March 23, 2020
#55 Starving to Live: How to Beat Cancer | Dom D'Agostino
Dominic D'Agostino is an associate professor in the department of molecular pharmacology & physiology at the University of South Florida, Morsani College of Medicine, and a senior research scientist at the institute of human and machine cognition.  Dom's primary focus is developing and testing metabolic therapies like the ketogenic diet, which can effectively treat many forms of cancer and epileptic seizures. In addition to being one of the smartest people I know, he is also one of the strongest.  Dr. D'Agostino has deadlifted 500 LBS for 10 reps immediately after a 7 day fast, as weight training & fitness have always been a big part of his life.  Much of his research has been funded by the department of defense, the office of naval research, and many other private organizations.
March 18, 2020
#54 The $500 Million FOREX Ponzi Scheme | Matthew Cox
This episode of the Koncrete Podcast tells the story of a kid in his mid 20's named Blayne Davis who managed to steal millions of dollars utilizing foreign exchange market trading, otherwise known as "FOREX" trading. Blayne was so slick, that once the market crashed in 2008 and the federal indictments started closing in, he was not only able to syphon millions of dollars offshore, he was able to shift all the blame onto one of his biggest victim investors by the name of Donovan Davis. Blaynes multiple ponzi schemes were ultimately rolled into the largest Forex ponzi scheme in history.  Read the full story of "The Gap" here:
February 28, 2020
#53 Exiled British Millionaire Exposes America's Darkest Secrets | Shaun Attwood
Shaun Attwood is an author and activist based in London who is banned from America for life. In his early 20's Shaun was a stock market millionaire who had a side hustle selling ecstasy.  Before he knew it, he was importing and distributing so much that he was in direct competition with the Gambino crime family.  Finally on May 16th 2002 a SWAT team raided his house in Arizona which left him facing a 200 year prison sentence.  Attwood has since written over a dozen books, been featured on an episode of "Locked up Abroad" on Discovery channel, and runs a successful True Crime youtube channel.  Shaun's Channel -
February 24, 2020
#52 Dulce Brito & Jessica Bell
Dulce Brito & Jessica Bell are former inmates at Coleman Federal Correctional Complex who joined the Koncrete podcast to express their first hand knowledge of the of the sexual abuse scandal at the Florida prison.  A lawsuit was recently filed on behalf of 14 female inmates at this complex which accuses the male staff of rape over a number of years.
February 12, 2020
#50 How to Fix Your Body Using Breath | Will Grant
Will Grant is a professional BMX racer, body builder, and content creator who sustained horrific knee and shoulder injuries during his racing career which nearly crippled him. Through the use of breathing exercises (breath work), meditation (mindfulness), fasting and strategic muscle balancing techniques, he not only healed his body, but he is racing bicycles professionally again.  If you are even remotely interested in optimizing your mind and body this podcast is for you. Will's Channel -
January 24, 2020
#51 Most Horrific Prison Experiences | Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is an ex mortgage broker turned fraudster who was featured on 'American Greed' and sentenced to 26 years in prison. During his prison bid, he began writing the true crime stories of his fellow inmates, one of which was turned into the movie 'War Dogs'. The first podcast we did together, Matt told the story of his personal journey through the real estate business, evading the FBI & secret service, and eventually getting busted. On this podcast Matthew joins the podcast to tell some of his craziest prison stories including how he conned his way out of paying any of his $6 million in restitution, spending many weeks in solitary confinement (the shu), and experiencing the 2016 election of Donald Trump behind bars.  Matt's Patreon: Matt's Channel:
January 23, 2020
#49 The Real Florida Man: Prescription Drugs & Heavy Metal | Jake James
Jake James is a former oxycontin addict who spent 7 years in prison for robbing a drug store with a syringe and attempting to commit suicide. Jake tells a couple terrifying prison stories and explains how reconnecting with his brother Luke, and being introduced to heavy metal music saved his life.  Follow Jake -  Follow Luke -
January 7, 2020
#48 The Real Life 'Breaking Bad' Case | Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox joins the podcast to tell the story of Los Angeles drug kingpin Pierre Rausini, who was wrongfully sentenced to 40 years in Prison for murder conspiracy in order to cover for multiple dirty DEA agents. US attorney Robert Mueller (who was in charge of the case) and the federal government have been covering it up to this very day. DEVIL EXPOSED is supported by over 120 exhibits — nearly 750 pages of documentation conclusively proving Mueller’s extraordinary efforts to obstruct justice.  These exhibits can be viewed on: Matt Cox YouTube Channel: Devil Exposed on Amazon:
December 26, 2019
#47 The Success Story of the 'Kutcher Brothers’ | Michael Kutcher
Michael Kutcher, who's fraternal twin brother is Ashton Kutcher, faced the first of several life-threatening medical conditions before he took his first breath. Kutcher was diagnosed with cerebral palsy before entering kindergarten and later underwent a heart transplant.  He works with Reaching for the Stars, A Foundation of Hope for Children with Cerebral Palsy and the Be the Gift donor registration campaign as an advocate and public speaker. Follow Michael here:
December 20, 2019
#46 Inside The Mind of a Pathological Liar | Matthew Cox (part 3)
Matthew Cox joins the podcast to tell the story of a pathological liar, Marcus Schrenker. Schrenker was a notorious money manager who ran a Ponzi Scheme and then faked his own death by parachuting out of his private plane after setting it to fly out over the Gulf of Mexico which led to a multi-state, three-day manhunt.
December 16, 2019
#45 Social Media Dope Dealer | Ed Latimore
Ed Latimore is a professional heavyweight boxer, physics major, philosopher, and writer, . He's the best selling author of "Not Caring What Anyone Thinks Is A Superpower",  "Sober Letters to my Drunken Self" and "Engagement is the New Cocaine."
December 9, 2019
#44 The Son of a Pitchman | Billy Mays III
Billy Mays III is a musician under the name 'Infinite Third',  and the son of American TV informercial icon Billy Mays. Follow Billy:
November 15, 2019
#43 The Florida Prison Real Estate Mogul | Matthew Cox (part 2)
This is Part 2 of the Matthew Cox podcast series. You can watch Part 1 here:  Matthew Cox is a true crime writer who was sentenced to 26 years in Federal prison for identity theft and mortgage fraud. One of his most popular stories "Once a Gunrunner" was even turned into the feature film "War Dogs" starring Jonah Hill.  Mr Cox was also featured on his own episode of "American Greed" on CNBC.  Matthews website:  Devil Exposed:
November 11, 2019
#42 John Gotti's Hitman | John Alite
John Alite is an Albanian-American former associate of the Gambino Crime Family.  John is now a motivational speaker and has published books such as "Darkest Hour" & "Gotti's Rules", which explore the treacherous, double-dealing and corrupt world of the American Mafia in the 21st century.
November 4, 2019
#41 Bushwhacker Luke
Bushwhacker Luke (Luke Williams) is a professional wrestler & WWE Hall of Famer from New Zealand.
October 30, 2019
#40 FBI's Most Wanted Con Artist | Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a true crime writer who was sentenced to 26 years in Federal prison for identity theft and mortgage fraud. One of his most popular stories "Once a Gunrunner" was even turned into the feature film "War Dogs" starring Jonah Hill.  Mr Cox was also featured on his own episode of "American Greed" on CNBC.  Matthews website:
October 16, 2019
#39 Making Millions & Drinking White Claw | Clayton Johnson
Digital marketing entrepreneur and INC 5000 business owner Clayton Johnson joined the podcast to talk ranking content on Google, YouTube, and the future of the freelance economy. Clayton grew his company 15x when he decided to move to Medellin Colombia and change his lifestyle. WARNING: We were hammering down White Claws in solo cups filled with ice and it gets overwhelming at times.
September 11, 2019
#38 One Step from Pablo Escobar | Anonymous
Get Skillshare free for 2 months: Discussion with a man who spent 10 years in prison for selling coke in Miami in the 80's. On this podcast we talk what it was like working close to Pablo Escobar, Miami drug business in the 80's, and spending 10 years in federal prison.
September 2, 2019
#37 The Strip Club King | Joe Redner
Joe Redner is the owner of the Mons Venus, one of the most infamous strip clubs in the world and the first full nude hands on adult club with "no rules" in Tampa, Florida. The clubs liberal touching policy enraged the local community so much, multiple raids have occurred along with Joe being arrested over 150 times. Recently Joe went into remission after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and has since become a huge medical marijuana activist. He is currently involved with two lawsuits against the state of Florida for medical marijuana rights.
August 8, 2019
#36 Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence | Nathan Crock
Nathan Crock is an expert in Computational Science with a focus in Machine Learning and Computational Neuroscience. Nathan joined the Koncrete podcast this week to discuss philosophical reasoning and how deductive arguments work, as well as the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) development.
August 3, 2019
#35 Tom duPont
Tom duPont is the 7th generation grandson of Pierre Samuel duPont who migrated to the United States from France a little over 200 years ago. Pierre founded a company that manufactured gun powder, dynamite, paints, plastics, and later invented Kevlar, Nylon and Teflon. This company "DuPont de Nemours, Inc" made the duPont family one of the top 15 richest families in America until this day. Tom is a local entrepreneur in the Tampa area who helped start the duPont Registry magazine in the 80’s, which he still publishes today.
July 28, 2019
#34 The Art of Underwater Cinematography | Pete Zuccarini
Pete Zuccarini is one of the most accomplished & talented underwater cinematographers in the world. Pete grew up on Key Biscayne, a barrier island just a few miles from downtown Miami and began taking photos and shooting film in Biscayne bay at a very young age. Today he is the go-to guy for the most challenging underwater camera work in Hollywood. Pete has also worked on many documentaries and TV shows including projects like 'Blood Dolphins' & 'The Cove with animal rights activist Richard O'Barry.
July 23, 2019
#33 How to Get Rich Playing Video Games | Tfue's Dad
Tfue's dad returns to the Koncrete podcast to talk how he raised his two sons Jack Tenney and Turner Tenney. He also speaks his mind on Tfue's rise to success as well as his relationship with the esports organization 'Faze Clan'.
July 15, 2019
#30 How 8 Years in Prison Created a Music Career | Seth Anthony
Seth Anthony is an American Country/ Country Rock/ Country Rap/ Country Pop Singer born in Florida. On this podcast Seth talks about how he got involved selling drugs at young age, spending a total of 8 years in prison, and how he started his music career. In 2018 Seth recently released one of his most popular hit country music songs “Roughnecks Fall in Love”, as well as “That’s What I Wanna Do” & “Ballad of an Outlaw”.
June 18, 2019
#28 The TFUE Podcast
Tfue (Turner Tenney) is one of the best professional Fortnite streamers in history. Tfue started gaming 6 years ago playing Halo & Call of Duty on Xbox, then joined Twitch and streamed games such as H1Z1, Destiny, & PUBG. Turner started playing Fortnite in late 2017 and has since gained 11 million YouTube Subscribers, and has the #1 most watched channel on Twitch. On this podcast Tfue explains the meaning of "TFUE", what it takes to achieve his level of success in online gaming, and his hopes for the future of the esports business after his lawsuit with Faze Clan.
May 31, 2019
#24 Life After the WWE | Lanny Poffo
Lanny Poffo, better known by his ring names "Leaping" Lanny Poffo and "The Genius" is a Canadian-American professional wrestler, motivational speaker, poet, and younger brother of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
April 12, 2019
#22 The Business Protecting Marijuana Cashflow | Mike Hengstebeck
Mike Hengstebeck is an American Veteran who works in the cannabis distribution & transportation business. Hard Car armored vehicles protect & transport millions of dollars for marijuana dispensaries. Mike also has extensive knowledge in the science of treating PTSD with CBD.
March 14, 2019
#18 The Real 'Aquaman' - Manny Puig
Manny Puig is a legendary wildlife expert, hunter, & fisherman who became widely known for his hands-on approach when dealing with deadly predators such as sharks, rattle snakes, black bears and alligators. He has made frequent appearances on the television shows Jackass and Wildboyz as well as the Animal Planet show Gator Boys.
January 19, 2019
#15 Bjorn Brunvand
Bjorn Brunvand is a criminal defense lawyer who is largely known for a case where he acquitted a Ukrainian ship captain and 14 crew members accused of smuggling 3.5 tons ($1 Billion worth) of cocaine from Columbia. Bjorn has also been involved in a large number of capital murder trials including that of Oscar Ray Bolin, who was convicted of 3 murders, and sentenced to the death penalty after spending 20 years on death row in Florida State Prison.
December 21, 2018
#12 Dylan Hubbard
The Hubbard family has been known for its roots in Gulf Coast fishing since the 1940's. Dylan Hubbard is the grandson of Wilson Hubbard, who purchased a dock in the early 1930's which is now one of the biggest fishing ports in Florida and also known as the "Grouper Capital of the World". Dylan is the vice-president and co-owner of the operation today known as 'Hubbard's Marina'.
November 27, 2018
#11 Nathan Crock
Nathan Crock is a neuroscientist specializing in machine learning & artificial intelligence (AI). Nathan joined the Koncrete podcast this week to discuss the future of digital super intelligence, neuroplasticity, and cyborg robots. You can visit Nathans website here:
November 23, 2018
#10 SPACE of Deck Hands
Space Lee has been a deck hand on commercial fishing boats in Madeira beach for over 50 years, and is one of the main subjects in our 'DECK HANDS' documentary series. Space joined the Koncrete podcast this week to talk everything from being locked up in a Bahamian prison, to robbing a church for weed money.
November 7, 2018
#8 Shane Lee
Shane Lee is a commercial fisherman in Madeira Beach, Florida and the star of Koncrete's 'DECK HANDS' documentary series. We had Shane Lee on the podcast this week to talk rock n' roll and what it's like being a drunk.
November 4, 2018
#7 Tampa Tony
Tampa Tony was sentenced to life in prison for possession of 21 kilos of cocaine with intent to distribute back in 2006. In 2016 Tony had his sentence commuted by President Barack Obama and he was released last week.
November 4, 2018
#6 Jack Tenney (JOOGSQUAD)
Jack Tenney is the creator of the JoogSquad, brother of Tfue, and son of Mike Honcho. Jack started making youtube videos pranking cops on Clearwater beach, and jumping off giant trampoline towers in his back yard on Indian Rocks Beach. Now days the Joogsquad is making videos on social and environmental issues like the current red tide epidemic in surrounding the Florida coast and Lake Okeechobee. Jack sat sown with us on the Koncrete Podcast to talk about what he's been doing to raise awareness on these issues.
November 4, 2018
#5 Omar the Director
We sat down with Hip Hop music video creator Omar The Director. His music videos receive millions of views on WorldStar Hip Hop and he works with recording artists such as Gucci Mane, Lil Pump, Kodak Black, Peewee Longway, Plies, and many more.
November 4, 2018