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We can save the world

We can save the world

By Kora Sustainability
This is the We can save the world Podcast with Kora.

Kora is creating a new economy that rewards sustainable actions.
To prevent and eventually reverse climate change, we need to drastically reduce our carbon emissions. That means motivating as many governments, companies, and individuals as possible to act with the planet in mind.

This podcast uncovers Kora’s unique solution and gives insight into the most effective tool we have to reverse climate change: empowering the individual.

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What does the future look like?

We can save the world

What does the future look like?
Our actions matter. Our actions define the future. So what kind of future do we want to live in?  Everything discussed in the first 2 episodes leads towards a new and revolutionary “Kora economy”. If we all together change our behavior and our choices, the Kora Community can create a new economy. In this episode, you will learn why a new economy is crucial to shaping the future.  The more people join the mission the more impact we can have on the system and on the future.  Download the app now and share it with your friends.
June 16, 2020
Rewards instead of punishment
In this episode of the We can save the world podcast you get to know the people behind Kora and find out why we believe in rewarding instead of punishing.  The most common methods currently include international organizations punishing governments, and governments punishing companies through carbon taxes. This is not effective as companies just see it as an additional cost to doing business, rather than motivation to make changes. So why not reward positive actions instead? Only by changing individuals’ habits companies will adapt. Changing demand means changing the supply.  Download the app now and get paid for saving the world:
June 09, 2020
So what exactly is Kora?
In the first episode of the We can save the world podcast with Kora you will learn more about the unique approach that the Kora app offers to save the world. What it is, the why behind it all, how it works, and how it can help YOU to solve the climate challenge. There’s currently no way to know or measure your personal carbon emissions, Kora is changing that. The app not only helps you to measure and track your personal CO2 footprint but also rewards you with Koras for reducing it! You can redeem these points for real items in the Kora marketplace.  Did you know that for roughly every 6,600 steps you take, you avoid a kg of carbon emissions? Make sure to download the app if you haven't yet, and see for yourself:
June 02, 2020