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By Korem Podcast
KORE’M Podcast is a platform that aims to empower, educate, motivate and inspire young Haitian millennials all throughout the world to press towards their version of success. This podcast acknowledges the disparities and disproportionate amount of knowledge, life-changing information and useful resources that are not being shared in creole to advance the Haitian community. Given this reality, KORE’M Podcast is committed to being a catalyst and podium for equipped and knowledgeable individuals in the community to share their journey, hacks to thriving and greatest lessons learned in creole.
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S3:E3 | Merline Raymond | Making Passive Income through Airbnb | Business
S3:E3 | Merline Raymond | Making Passive Income through Airbnb | Business
March 14, 2022
S3:E2 | Lovely Merdelus | Reasons your business isn't growing | Business
Continuing with the business pillar of our podcast, for S3E2, the Korem Podcast hosts sat down with business consultant Lovely M. Her passion is helping small companies unlock growth and provide solutions to complex problems, helping them to scale and scale up. Lovely is the CEO of Eleven59 and is a brand strategist helping the Haitian community see past just creating a business and thinking long term. Topics discussed: Scaling Businesses that can recirculate money. Self Development Driving sales Operating at scale Where Haitians go wrong foundationally when starting a business. Fixing the wrong problem??? Business resources that may be available Entrepreneur Playbook Summit IG: @lovelymerdelus
February 28, 2022
S3:E1 | Serge Louis | How to properly structure your business | Business
What a better way then to start this new season, season 3 with a bang. This first episode of the season is at the requests of our fans that wanted to know the necessary involvements of business. For episode 1, Mac and Luther interviewed the founder and CEO of LFG Accounting services. Serge Louis has a plethora of knowledge on how to effectively “business” your business. Topics discussed: -This conversation revolved around the best ways to lay the right foundation of a business - The dos and don'ts for new entrepreneurs -Tips and Tricks to legally pay less taxes as one gets started as a new business owner. Take a listen, share, and subscribe
February 14, 2022
Season 3 Intro - Luther Estyl & Mac Jean
Season 3 is here and KORE’M Podcast is back and We Are Striving for More. In this Intro, Mac and Luther discussed the seasonal nature of the podcast, spoke about the community aspect of season 3,  and what is in store for this season. Nou retounen ak nouvo sezon Podcast la. Mesi ak tout moun ki te rann 2eme sezon an possib.The mission is still the same, highlighting success stories of Haitians around the globe in Business, Career, Personal Finance, Personal Development, and Investing. We are here to encourage. This season is going to be Epic! New guests, giveaways, and more so like, subscribe and share with a friend. As we return with a new season, the hosts of the Korem podcast welcomed the suggestions and compliments. Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Become a supporter: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
February 07, 2022
Bonus | Dominique Henderson | Surround yourself with like-minded individuals | Personal Finance
Bonus | Dominique Henderson | Surround yourself with like-minded individuals | Personal Finance
October 04, 2021
Season Finale | Luther & Mac | FinCon RECAP, Season 2 Recap, Season 3 coming soon, Thank you!
Season Finale | Luther & Mac | FinCon RECAP, Season 2 Recap, Season 3 coming soon, Thank you! 
October 04, 2021
S2:E13 | Alainta Alcin | Haitian Millionaire in the making | Personal Finance
Over the past 5 years, Alainta Alcin has increased her net worth by 35%, eliminating consumer debt, investing, and becoming a first time home buyer. She has leveraged her education and global dynamic experience teaching others financial literacy tips and strategies. Her story on going from less than $3,000 in retirement savings to a positive net worth of over $230,000. Alainta was featured on CNBC,,, Ask Lovely Podcast, and The Haitian American media publication website. Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
September 20, 2021
S2:E12 | Luther & Mac | Mental Health Break, #FINCON Scholarship, Situation in Haiti | Special Episode
S2:E12 | Luther & Mac | Mental Health Break, #FINCON Scholarship, Situation in Haiti | Special Episode
September 13, 2021
S2:E11 | Marcus Bo | Get comfortable with being uncomfortable | Business
Marcus Boereau, is a businessman and television personality originally from Port-au-Prince, Haïti. After residing in Asia for over 12 years, Marcus created IMAR Business Group, a leading international import and export company where he serves as the Founder and CEO. Over the past few years, IMAR has grown into a robust team of trade experts with 15+ years of experience who directly work with suppliers to guarantee fast access to the Asian market for the best and most competitive prices. Prior to IMAR Group, Marcus served as the Director of Facilitation at Center for Facilitation for Investments (CFI) where his efforts and creative ideas have produced high quality results in that governmental institution such as insuring investors are given the right support they need while setting up their businesses and building strong relationships with foreign embassies in order to attract more foreign investments in Haiti.  He currently holds a Masters degree in Economics with a focus in International Trade from Shanghai University. Through his work he aspires to lead young entrepreneurs on how to engage with the Asian market in order to create a safe ecosystem of business collaborations where people can share knowledge and identify key opportunities for growth. Follow Marcus on IG: marcusbo08 Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
July 26, 2021
S2:E10 | Patrick Monfiston-Desir | The road to become an airline pilot | Career
Pat Monfiston-Desir Stopped by KOREM Podcast for a nice story-telling edition of how his dreams with enough intention, acceleration, and speed took off-- at the height of the 2008 economic crash leaving behind a high paying job in Wall Street. Mac and Luther sat with Pat the pilot to travel through his journey of a dream being presented with doubt, obstacles, and sheer determination. In a field that sees very few minorities, let alone Haitians, Pat has reached prominence as a private jet pilot and commercial airline pilot. He is now the Vice-president of OBAP and is an Ambassador for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. @pattheairlinepilot Some of the topics discussed: The source of his passion Handling rejection The how-to guide to become a pilot Most rewarding thing as a pilot Most Challenging thing as a pilot Complacency vs A Dream? Books: Outlier by Malcom Gladwell Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
July 15, 2021
S2:E9 | Sandra Florvella | Mistakes to avoid when starting a business | Business
The CEO of @Haitianbusinesses  Co-founder Haitea sat down with Luther and Mac to travel through her journey from unintentionally stumbling on a problem to finding a solution that led to one of her many successful businesses. Her goal/calling is to empower Haitian businesses around the world. The winner of  YOPRO Top 20 under 40 Young Professionals, Sandra has many accolades and serves as one the pride of Haitian Diaspora. Some of the topics discussed: The source of her passion Personal struggles and life lessons How haitian businesses expand and scale up? The problem with Haitian Businesses today Opportunities that exist for Haitian and minority businesses Actionable steps for Haitian women interested in starting a business. Book Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
June 28, 2021
S2:E8 | Chris Jeanty (SeeJeanty) | 101 Ways to Make Money In Haiti | Business
In Episode S2E8, Christherson Jeanty aka SeeJeanty came on the podcast to chat with KOREM about the best ways for the diaspora to move, operate, grow, and ultimately find monetary success in Haiti. In his new book entitled 101 Ways to Make Money in Haiti: Lucrative Business Ideas, Insightful Success Stories, and Interesting Business Opportunities for Visionary Entrepreneurs, Christherson details case studies, conversation, and opportunities with its readers. This conversation was a jam packed discussion full of insights regarding the need to understand Haiti, removing the negative stigma being portrayed about Haiti, and reaping the reward that can at times seem bittersweet in Haiti. This dialogue was more than a book promo, it was a heart to heart discussion about how to invest in Haiti by formulating a new outlook on the country. Topics Discussed: - Practical approaches to starting a business in Haiti. - Current processes and sometimes lack thereof in Haiti - Top 3 profitable business in Haiti - What you need to know before you move back to Haiti to start a business Books: Tax Free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright IG:@seejeanty Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
May 31, 2021
S2:E7 | Pierre Stanley Baptiste | Adopting a flexibility of mind as an Underdog | Motivation
KOREM Podcast S2E7 is all about overthrowing the notion that being an underdog is not the limit for anyone in this world. In this 21st century, the sky is not the limit if we are empowered, use the resources available, learn to channel the pressure that is in our environment, and most importantly have the flexibility of mind to balance reality and the ideal world. In this episode, author, blogger, podcaster Pierre Stanley Baptiste sat with KOREM to discuss his new book: The Underdog Revolution. Pierre S. Baptiste splits his time between Haiti and the States. Topics Discussed: Inspiration behind the book. The true meaning of the Underdog Revolution. Steps that can help an underdog achieve greatness Is it only winners and losers, or the winner's gene in this life? The mindset of an underdog A Handout or a Helping Hand? Book: The war of Art steven Pressfield Website: Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
May 17, 2021
S2:E6 | Mohamad Merilan | Live a life of mission rather than focusing on occupation | Motivation
In this episode, Luther and Mac had a distinctive conversation with Mohamad who shared  passionately about overcoming obstacles, his upbringing, and helping his mom be the head of household. Mohamad is now working professionally in the technology sector on Wall street after growing up around violence, gangs, and in the environment of drug dealers. He is keen on helping others and believes that you can never lose knowledge by sharing it with others. His journey is something to Listen to Episode 6 as Mohamad drops a plethora of gems and gives an insight to his journey. Topics Discussed: The skewed or lack of knowledge that exists in our community. The importance of forgiveness Practicing the KAIZEN strategy in life Book: Originals By Adam Grant Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
May 03, 2021
S2:E5 | Tracy Vertus | How can the Diaspora create sustainable impact in Haiti | Business
Episode 5 was an introduction to a paradigm shift for our haitian diaspora. Our guest Tracy offered an informative perspective to make an impact in Haiti. Tracy Vertus is  a Non-Profit Professional who advocates for sustainable empowerment of underrepresented communities in the U.S and abroad. She has a strong background in International Relations, diplomacy, and demonstrated skills relating to NGOs, Homelessness, Philanthropy, and Volunteerism. This haitian born power house is the founder of Reach Beyond Relief, an organization serving to empower young people of Haiti globally to build permanent resources to solve Haiti’s most challenging issues. Through her educational and professional endeavors, she developed a unique knowledge on the challenges facing Haiti. She advocates for more sustainable ways to address Haiti’s issues through her organization. Topics Discussed: How to go beyond sending food to relatives in Haiti. How to Partner with the right organization in Haiti. The issue of the “Brain Drain” in Haiti. Book: The fortune at the bottom of the food chain. Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
April 19, 2021
S2:E4 | Luther Estyl & Mac Jean | 5 practical steps to find a new job | Career
Episode 4 was a conversation about experiences between the host and co-host. This episode will serve as a guide to help listeners land the next big job opportunity. Luther and Mac discussed five steps to landing the right job. Topics discussed include: Setting your goal How to approach your resume. How to understand and set your network. Mastering the art of interviewing Make an informed decision Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
April 05, 2021
S2:E3 | Ley Nezifort | From Delmas to Wall Street | Career
Ley Nezifort was born and raised in Haiti, he moved to the United States when he was 14 right after the devastating earthquake. Upon entering the states, he finished his primary education at Lake Worth High School, got his A.A at Palm Beach State College and then pursued a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Central Florida. He was able to land multiple internships opportunities at some of the biggest names in tech such as Dell, and Intel while at UCF. Which ultimately helped him land a full time position at Goldman Sachs as software Engineer. Outside of his career, Ley enjoys discussing topics such as Real Estate investing, personal finance and overall money management, he actually host a show called LajanTalks where he teaches everything finance related to the Haitian community in Haitian Creole. Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
March 22, 2021
S2:E2 | Widlin Dieujuste | Paid off 35k of debt in 14 months | Personal Finance
This episode was full of gems. Widlin has a background in Education. He worked at one of the public universities in Florida. Some of the topics discussed was how he and his wife were able to overcome 35,000 dollars in debt in as little as 14 months. He went one to get his Real Estate license to help families get into Homes but stumbled across the financial industry where he has become a financial professional. Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
March 08, 2021
S2:E1 | Luther Estyl | Overcoming Self-doubt | Personal Development
Description: In this special episode, We felt it necessary to give a little background information on Luther the Host of the Podcast. The new co-host, Mac interviewed Luther to provide insights on his background, influence, and much more. Some of the topics discussed were Self-Awareness, Overcoming self-doubt,  & breaking through obstacles of self-limiting beliefs. Listening to this episode will not only tell you about Luther but also provide insights that may be beneficial if you've ever had similar experiences.  Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Support the Show: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
February 22, 2021
Season 2 Intro - Luther Estyl & Mac Jean
Description: KORE’M Podcast Season 2 Intro We’re back! Nou retounen ak nouvo sezon Podcast la. Mesi ak tout moun ki te rann 1er sezon an posib. Misyon an pa chanje, nap retounen pou’n vinn motive, ankouraje youn lot. Let us welcome our New Co-Host Mac Jean on the Show. This season is going to be Epic! Anpil chanjman, anpil nouvote! Pa bliye like, subscribe and share with a friend. Become a supporter: ************************************************************************************************ Follow, Like & Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: ************************************************************************************************* Listen on: Apple Podcast: Spotify: Google Podcast:
February 08, 2021
Epizod Final | Luther Estyl | Satisfaksyon total kapital | Thank you
Epizod Final | Luther Estyl | Satisfaksyon total kapital | Thank you 
November 02, 2020
Ep. 29 Didier Pierre Noel | Koman pou'n entegren'n nan domèn teknoloji a | Career
Nan dènye dyalog sa, Luther pataje kek sijè ak Jean Didier. Didier ap travay ak yon sistem SAP ki konstwi sistem pou envantè, kontwole finans, e ede konpayi retire ansyen sistem pou mete sistem modènn. Didier bay anpil konsèy nan zafè pasyans ak ògèy ki ka fè yon moun pèdi kèk opòtinite. Topics/Sijè: Kreyòl: -Talan ki nesesè pou rive jwenn kalite travay sa yo. - Youn nan bagay ki enpòtan se konnen politik travay la - Leson ke lavi bay JP (Pasyans, Odas) - Liv Prefere ak liv ki rekòmande tankou: Rich Dad- Poor Dad, Unf*ck yourself English: - Skills necessary to develop acquire in order to gain entry as a consultant - The importance of people skills or knowing the politics of the field. - Importance of an Internship  - Lack of Haitians in Tech -Favorite Books and recommended readings like: Rich Dad-Poor Dad, Unf*ck yourself. Didier was born and raised in Haiti. He went to “SLG” Saint Louis Gonzague from first grade to 12th grade.  He came in the US in 2003 (NY). He is an SAP consultant with over 13 years of extensive cross-module experience specially in Supply Chain Management PE(Production and Execution)/WM(Warehouse Management)/QM(Quality Management)/SD(Shipping and Distribution/TM(Transportation Management) as well as hands-on Technical Delivery and Project Management. Didier brings extensive hands-on experience in Business Process, training and go live support as well. Didier is currently working for Tenthpin Management Consultant. He did a project in France, Fegersheim with them and currently working in project in US. He  worked as an independent contractor for last 5 years (DidBiz): During this time he worked with Accenture as partner for an SAP role out in North America, Canada and Mexico. He  also worked  for TCS as partner in Memphis TN.  Prior to be a freelancer JP had experience in the Food industry working for Sabra Dipping Company. He also worked in health industry for Teleflex and Drive Medical. Didier  lives in Memphis TN with his family.  Prior to This he lived in NY, and VA. When he’s not doing SAP work, he enjoys sport, specially soccer, American football and basketball (top 3). He spends time coaching his son’s soccer team, and Football team. He also play and coach volleyball at his son’s school. Follow Didier: Follow KOREM:
October 19, 2020
Ep. 28 Patrica Belfort | Koman pou'w jere lajan'w nan mariaj | Marriage & Money management
Short Bio: Patricia Belfort was born in Petion-ville, Haiti and immigrated to America at age 5. She was raised in Miami and graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor's degree in Finance with certificates in Sales and Customer Relationship Management as well as in Bank Management.  She is passionate about healthy marriages,  financial literary,  and her cat, Romeo
October 12, 2020
Ep. 27 Varnek Bazile | Kisa'l mande pou'w rekomanse a zero | Motivasyon
Yon ti chita avek Varnek Bazile ki se yon IT Engineer. Nou te gen chans pale de koman li te arive rebati la vi li aprè li te pedi tout sa li te posede aprè 12jan. Topics: Dealing with trauma Overcoming obstacles Process of rebuilding Being a good steward
October 05, 2020
Ep. 26 Anith Benjamin | Take advantage of your resources | Career
Yon ti chita pale Avek Anith Bejamin ki se founder Golden Vie. Li explike istwa li, poukisa li kreye platform e resous ki disponib pou Elev nan Highschool/University.  Topics:  Golden Vie's Mission First Generation College Students Challenges Lack of Scholarship opportunities from Haitian Businesses  Bio:  Anith currently works as a Family Service Specialist at Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County. She received her bachelor’s degree at Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University and is currently a Public Administration Graduate Student at Barry University. Furthermore, Anith is the founder of Golden Vie Inc a small nonprofit that aims to provide resources to low income high school students in South Florida. The Golden Vie Glass Slippers project sponsors a low income graduating seniors prom expense. The Golden Ticket Supply Drive provides college supplies and dorm necessities to a low-income Haitian descent graduating senior. And Golden Vie provides College Readiness workshops to ESOL students. Golden Vie Inc has also focused on providing resources to Undocumented Immigrant Students in the Haitian Community by connecting them with information and scholarships. Anith vision is that Golden Vie Inc can be a place where the underrepresented Haitian, first generation, and or immigrant high school students would be targeted for college resources, scholarships and career opportunities. Anith has a passion in social services, and public policy. She has high aspirations in continuing her work in serving low income students. She also has high hopes of being an advocate for immigrant high school students in the Haitian Community and providing them with more resources to strive for higher education after high school.
September 28, 2020
Ep. 25 Ralphe Jean-Poix | Koman pou'w jwenn "purpose" ou | Motivasyon
Nan Epizod sa nou te chita pale avek Ralphe Jean-Poix ki tap explike poukisa li te arive chanje karyè pwofesyonel li, lesson li aprann, e koman li arive jwenn "purpose" li.  Topics:   Ability to Pivot Career Change Finding your Purpose Dealing with Low self-esteem Bio:  My name is Ralphe Jean-Poix and I am a Senior Leadership Development Specialist for Suncoast Credit Union. My passion is developing leaders to reach their full potential through seminars and workshops to create alignment while identifying your why. I was born in Cap-Haitien and moved to the states at the age of 9. I gained my Finance degree from the University of South Florida with the hopes of becoming a Financial Advisor. After working for a mutual fund investment firm for two years, I realized that I was not fulfilling my why. It’s definitely ok to pivot and come up with a new plan and that’s exactly what I did. I am currently facilitating courses on Public Speaking, Critical Thinking, Communication, Coaching, Strategies, and Motivation. I take joy in helping our staff discover and fine tune what’s already inside of them. We all are capable of far more than we are currently doing and my goal is to turn potential energy into kinetic energy. Follow Ralphe: Follow KOREM:
September 21, 2020
Ep. 24 Lawrence Gonzalez | Paying off debt & bridging the wealth gap | Personal finance
 Nan epizod sa, nou te chita pale ak Lawrence Gonzalez kote li tap explike koman li arive peye $125k nan debt e kreye strateji pou’l pase a $350k nan networth. Started off with -$125k in debt to $350k networth. Is it possible to build wealth during this economic downturn? Eskel posib pou’w bati riches padan ekonmi an ap efonfre? Topics: Paying debt Lifestyle creep Bridging the wealth gap Strategies to start building wealth Bio: Raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Lawrence is a proud Haitian-American with distant Brazilian roots in Sau Paulo, Brazil. Over the past 7 years, Lawrence has served as an Auditor for the US Department of Treasury, Office of Inspector General but still finds time to play an active role in his community. Lawrence disseminates financial literacy education through articles, worksheets, and speaking engagements aimed at providing solutions to socio-economic disparities affecting Black and Brown communities.
September 14, 2020
Ep. 23 Youline Silgnena | Koman pou'w devni yon Realtor | Motivasyon
Yon ti chita ak Youline sou koman ou ka vinn yon Realtor, ki difikilte ki gen ladanl, e ki preparyon ou ka fe pou’w entegre’w. Topics: How to deal with rejection Power of being persistence Importance of a great mentor Link in bio: Apple Podcast, Spotify and YouTube Youline Silgnena has been a resident of Florida since 2001, immigrating from the island nation of Haiti with her family to pursue better life opportunities. After graduating from high school in the state of Florida, she went to college in Miami and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business with an emphasis in the Fashion Industry. After finishing school, she quickly realized that her love of business couldn’t be restricted to the Fashion Industry and got her license to pursue Real Estate. After actively working in the Real Estate Industry in Miami for several years, Youline moved back up to the Tampa Bay Area to be closer to her family and for a change of scenery. She continues to have that same passion in Real Estate as she did in Miami, and the same passion has grown into different areas of Real Estate and the education and resources it provides.
August 31, 2020
Ep. 22 Alexander Clerville | Koman pou'w fè siksè nan karyè profesyonel ou | Career
Alexander Clerville, the founder of SeizeIT, an alumnus of the illustrious Florida A&M University. He spent four years pursuing my bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Now, he's currently working for Lockheed Martin as a system engineer. His purpose is to create and deliver products that will impact the lives of others.   SeizeIT is the best way for students to find out what their major entails, demands, or produces. Our features allow you to discover, apply to, and attend all the life changing opportunities your major has to offer. More importantly, SeizeIT provides you with resources like organizations, conferences, career fairs, scholarships, and internships that will mold you into a well rounded student and professional. With the help of SeizeIT, you can navigate through college with ease and take control of your future with just the click of a finger.    Follow Alex: Follow SeizeIT: Follow KOREM Podcast:
August 24, 2020
Ep. 21 Emmanuel Geffrard | Aprann de move experyans yo | Motivasyon
Emmanuel Geffrard was born and raised in Haiti. He moved to the United States to further his education for a better future, after surviving from a devastating earthquake that destroyed Port of Prince in 2010. He earned his Bachelor degree of Economics at St. John's University in 2016. While at St. Johns, he was able to make positive impacts on and off campus. He was working and going to school full-time, while highly involved on campus. He was a Resident Assistant and President of the Haitian Society. He’s now working at Société Générale in New York City as an Analyst. Emmanuel always dreams to become a very successful entrepreneur where he’s able to help the fight against kids facing hunger around the world, especially in Haiti. Visit, a nonprofit organization he founded in 2017. Follow Emmanuel:  IG: @Talk2e FacebooK: Emmanuel Geffrard
August 17, 2020
Ep. 20 Luther Fleury | Difikilte ki genyen nan domèn medikal la | Career
Nan epizod sa Dr. Luther Fleury tap explike pakou li e difikilte li te jwenn nan domèn medikal la. Bio: - Born and Raised in the West Palm Beach area - Attended Lake Worth High School (member of the Medical Magnet Program) - Attended University of South Florida: B.S. in Biomedical Sciences & Masters in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences - Attended Meharry Medical College: M.D. degree - Currently working at Brigham & Women's Hospital as a resident physician in Internal Medicine Hobbies - Rap: towards end of High School into Undergrad, he put out 3 different mixtapes in the genre of Christian Hip-Hop - Theology: Has been gradually learning independently about theology, particularly in the area of what is considered Classical Arminiansim and/or Weselyan-Arminian Theology. Hopes/Dreams - Become a great doctor (but not necessarily well-known) - Help to produce a Haitian Movie - Create a family owned Haitian Restaurant - Take over Father's orphanage (improve upon it) - Give Back to Haiti (Unsure how - create a business that could create jobs while helping to improve Haiti at the same time) - Create a U.S. based 501(c)3 organization focused on the pursuit of socioeconomic mobility of black people.  Follow Luther: IG:
August 10, 2020
Ep. 19 Bethsy Plaisir | Rezon nou dwe li plis | Motivasyon
My name is Bethsy Plaisir, I am a Christian woman, married, and an avid reader. I am also a bookstagrammer and booktuber. I started posting the books I read on my personal IG towards the end of 2018, and in 2019 I would do reviews of books I read on my IG stories. Concurrently, I found a corner of youtube called booktube, where there was an underground world of people who basically review, and recommend books. After watching my favorite booktuber for a whole year, I decided to join in and create my own space. I mainly read books by people of color, and since I'm Haitian, during the month of May and June I read books by Haitian authors or books on Haiti. I started this in 2019, and continued it when I created my own bookstagram (bethsysreadingjourney) with the hashtag Haitian Reads.
August 03, 2020
Ep. 18 Cherna Cherfrere | Strateji pou'w antre nan Medical School | Career
Hey Korem family, my name is Cherna Cherfrere. I graduated from Florida A&M University with a bachelors in Molecular and Cellular Biology and I’m currently a 4th year medical student at Howard University College of Medicine. I was born in Saint Luis Du Nord Haiti and raised in Florida. My love for medicine began on a mission to Haiti with my church. As we walked around praying for the sick, I found myself wanting to do more. Rather, I wanted to heal with medicine. My journey to medical school however, was filled with many obstacles. After college, I struggled to score well on the MCAT (a test required to apply to medical school) which delayed my entry into medical school by 2 years. During this time, my confidence took a huge hit. I doubted myself, and started to think I wasn’t smart enough to actually get in. Thankfully, I had a praying family and friends encouraging me every step of the way. My advice to those hoping to go into medicine is 1) Put your hopes in the Lord, trust me you’ll need him, 2) Find a mentor, 3) Persevere, 4) Believe in yourself. Many of us are first generation college students trying to do something that’s never been done in our family which can be a bit intimidating. However, with proper guidance, faith, and hard work you can accomplish anything. Follow me on ig @chunbun
July 27, 2020
Ep. 17 Johnson Napoleon | Strateji pou'w fè masiv siksè | Motivation
Nan epizod sa, Luther youn na host KORE'M podcast la te fè yon ti chita pale avek Johnson Napoleon, ki se direkte Azure College. Johnson explike istwa lavi li, leson li aprann le li te vini etazini, koman li soti kom yon security guard pou'l vinn direkte Azure college, e kek strateji ou ka anplwaye pou'w fè siksè nan lavi'w.   Pa bliye subscribe e kite yon review sou Apple Podcast ak Youtube @korempodcast Follow Johnson Napoleon:  Facebook: Jhonson Napoleon IG: JohnsonNapoleon  
July 20, 2020
Ep. 16 Jude Tranquille | Koman pou'w gen kontwòl lajan'w | financial freedom
Jude is a Financial coach, for the past few years i’ve helped hundreds of people from nurses and other medical professionals to lawyers, engineers, business owners, internet marketers to map out financial plans for their family, achieve financial independence and retire early. I educate them on how to play offense and defense in their finances, and how to understand the rule of the game of money. Follow: ig: judetranquille
June 29, 2020
Ep. 15 Steven Delizin | Pa janm rete twò konfotab | Career
Nan epizod sa Luther te chita pale avek Steven Delizin ki se yon Cyber Security Network Engineer. Li tap explike koman apre li te vinn gradye nan inivesite li te difisil pou li pou'l te jwenn yon job nan domèn li a. Li te vinn arive al travay nan yon bank, malgre li tap fe bel progrè nan bank la, li te vinn jwenn yon gwo opotinite poul retounen nan domè li kise Information Technology. Malgre sete yon desisyon ki te difisil, li te deside fel paske li pat vle rete konfotab.  Follow Steven:  Linkedin: IG Page:
June 22, 2020
Ep. 14 Garcindy Registre | Pa janm minimize tet ou | Career (Electrical Engineering)
Garcindy se Jenn ayisyen ki grandi an provens Haiti kote ki pat gen elektrisite, se li menm ki te konn mete batri ansanm pou'l jwenn limye pou li ka etidye. Li vinn arive vinn etazini apre 12 janvier, li explike koman Kounyea lap travay kom yon enjenye nan youn nan pi gwo konpayi ki bay elektrisite nan florid. Nan epizod sa, li rakonte tout opotinite ak tout difikilte li te gen sou rout li, e koman yon jenn kapap aprann de yo.  IG:
June 15, 2020
Ep. 13 Richard Richardson | Koman pou'w konbat adiksyon | Mental Health
Richard Richardson is speaker and an author of a new book called “Functioning Addict”. His primary areas of focus are self love, motivation, and inspiration. Through his life experiences and mentorship of others he is able to impact the lives of others. IG: Grab his latest book:
June 08, 2020
Ep. 12 Gael Beauboeuf | 10 strateji pou'w jwenn job nan USA | Career
Nan Epizòd sa Luther ak Jude fè yon ti chita pale ak yon envite speysal Gael ki se yon enfòmatisyen. Gael gen yon platfòm ki rele kozetek. Kòm yon ayisyen natif natal, Gael eksplike wout li pase pou li rive isi e kòman li te rive jwen pozisyon li ye kounye a ozetazini. Li eksplike tou kòman lew jwen travay la pou ou ka bay bon sèvis ak kliyantè/itilizatè (customer service) pou ka jwenn plis moun an kontank avè yon antanke travayè. Gael eksplike diferans ki genyen nan moun kap kode, moun kap entèaji ak kilyan, e moun kap bay sipò ak sistèm.  Nan peripesi Gael pase anvan li vin jwenn yon travay, Gael rive devlope 10 etap bagay pou fè pouw ka rive jwen yon travay. Koute epizòd sa pou w tande 10 konsèy kritik ke Gael bay pou avanse e jwenn travay nan yon fason jeneral. Links: Social Media: Books:
June 01, 2020
Ep. 11 Synthia Josma | Aprann konnen tet ou | Singleness done right
Synthia Josma is an Author and founder of Precious Heart, an organization that focuses on helping women know their identity and purpose in Christ. You can learn more about her and her recent book titled Singleness Done Right at @_preciousheart_ Get a copy of Synthia's new book Singleness done right -
May 25, 2020
Ep. 10 Sebastien Beauboeuf | Koman pou'w jwenn libete finanyè | Financial Freedom
Nan nouvo epizòd sa, Korem Podcast fè yon ti dyalòg ak Sebastien B.Sebastien se yon enjenyè chimik men ki gen yon pasyon pou finans pèsonel ak imobilye (real estate). Sebastien bay bèl konesans sou konman pou jere lajaw e ki enpotans ki genyen nan jere laja w. Daprè Sebastien, anvan yon moun panse konman yo ka fè plis lajan e ki biznis ou ka fè, li enpotan pou fè kek analiz sou sa ou genyen deja. Li enpotan pou konn sa kòb ou genyen deja yo ap fè e sa ki depanse ki enpòtan. Sebastian pale de diferans ki genyen nan dèt. Tout dèt pa menm. Gen dèt ki bagay benefis e gen dèt ki ka gache laviw. Nan dyalòg sa tou Sebastien bay resous pou konn konman pou soti nan move dèt. Sebastien fini dyalòg la ak 7 pwen pou genyen yon finans endepandan. Link: Afford anything Podcast By Paula Pant Episod 39: 7 steps to financial independence with Joshua Sheats Social Media: @psebastienb (Instagram) Books: The millionaire real estate investor
May 18, 2020
Ep. 9 Melissa Lucien | Aprann renmen tet ou | Motivasyon
Nan nouvo epizòd sa a, Luther chita ak rèn pajan defile ki gen pou rèv pou chanje kominote ayisyèn nan kòm yon bòn egzamp. Melisa grandi Okay, Ayiti ki gen selman 4an ozetazini. Kòm yon moun ki konn motive lòt moun, Melisa la pou li asiste nenpòt moun ki bezwen sipò moral pou arive abouti ak siksè. Nan selman 4an isi, Melisa eksplike kòman li  li te konmanse nan domèn  motive moun espesyalman ayisyen ak ayisyèn parèy li, leson ke li aprann, ak konsèy pou lòt ki vle rive la. Melisa pale de pwoblèm ke jèn jounen jodia ap trepase e solisyon li pwopoze pou pwoblèm sa yo. Moun ki gen gwo enpak sou Melisa se yon kokenn moun ki gen enfliyans nan mond la ak yon moun ki pwòch ak li menm. Melisa gen sit sou entènèt la pou motive e enspire. Link: Social Media: @mel_speaks_inspirit (Instagram)
May 11, 2020
Special Episode | Men kisa lockdown sa aprann mwen | KORE'M is back
Nan epizod spesyal sa. Youn nan animate KOREM Podcast yo explike poukisa li te pran yon ti poz e kisa li aprann pandan tan sa.  Connect with us:  Instagram: Korempodcast Facebook: Korem Podcast Youtube: Korem Podcast
May 04, 2020
Ep. 8 Daphney Pierre | Komansman pa janm fasil | Career
Ep. 8 Daphney Pierre | Komansman pa janm fasil | Career
March 02, 2020
Ep7. Mac Jean | Li enpotan pou'w pa viv pou moun | Motivasyon
Nan setyèm epizòd Korem nan, Luther entèvyu Mac, Mac travay nan zafè Sante piblik kòm yon kòdinatè entevansyon nan zafè Sante piblik. Nan epizòd sa Mac ak Luther fè yon ti dyalòg sou kèk leson ki enpòtan nan lavi a pou moun prete atansyon ak yo. Yo diskite sou enpòtans ki genyen lè ou konnen tèt ou e benefis ki genyen lè ou pa doute de kapasite ou genyen anndan w. Mac Pale de teknik pou apran chèche e itilize enfliyans ki pozitiv pou ou ki pèmèt ou avanse nan yon nivo ke ou vle ye. Epizòd sa konsantre sou devlopman pèsonel ak devlopman relasyonèl. Link: Social Media: @mac_overachiever_j Books:
February 17, 2020
Ep6. Marcus Elestin | Koman pou'w jere lajan'w e envesti nan stock market | Investing
Nan Epizòd Jounen Jodia, Luther fè yon ti dyalòg ak Marcus C. Marcus se yon pwofesyonèl nan envisti kòb ou e misye ede moun ak finans pèsonèl tou. Marcus gen degre li nan finans. Ak lanmou li genyen pou finans ak biznis, li rive vinn adopte finans poul ka ede moun nwa parèy li envesti nan stòk. Marcus pale de enpòtans fè bidjè ke seswa ak papye, ou aplikasyon sou telefòn ou. Marcus pale tou de sa ki stòk la, kòman ou ka achte stòk la, e ki aplikasyon ki ka edew achte e van stòk ou. Stòk ak envestisman se yon gwo pa nan vin viv sa grate tèt pou lajan. Link: Social Media: Books:
February 03, 2020
Ep5. Tuan Pham | Failure is your best teacher | Special Episode (English) | Motivation
Nan senkyèm epizòd Korem nan, animatè Luther Estyl te fè yon ti chita pale ak yon Vyetnamyen ki soti lwen nan peyi ki pa devlope e ki rive apran tèt li kode enfòmatik (software developer) e kòmanse travay sou li a 18an. Tuan rive pasyone de koding e fè anpil rechèch sou entènet, apran tèt li anglè e li liv poul ka konprann koding. Tuan explike ke li gen anpil gratitid pou moun ki bal opòtinite poul arive travay nan domèn nan san degre. Tuan pale de anpil bòs ki te kitel fè echèk e kitel  aprann de yo poul ka devni yon bon developè. Koute kòman mizè misye pase fèl devni moun li ye a. Link: Social Media: Books:
January 20, 2020
Ep4. Merline Raymond | Achte e viv nan yon kay gratis (Real Estate Investing) | Investing
Pou Epizòd 4 la Luther Estyl, PDG pòdkas la, fè yon lòt rankont ak Mme. Merline Raymond pou pale de biznis li andeyo de kote lap travay. Merline pale de rezon ki fè li antre nan biznis kay, konman pou achte yon kay, ak kiyès pou ou konekte, ki minimòm pri ou ka achte yon kay. Merline patisipe envesti nan kay e jwenn diferan kredi pou ranje kay li achte a. Koute konman Merline fè achte yon kay e viv nan kay la gratis pandan ou mete kay la nan lwaye, jwenn moun ki ap viv nan kay la tou ( house hacking). Merline pale de eksperyans li nan achte kay la e ki gwo obstak li jwenn. Links: Social Media: Podcast: Books:
January 06, 2020
Ep3. PGmix | Soti kom yon dishwasher pou devni yon software Developer | Motivasyon
Pou Epizòd 3 pòdkas Korem Luther, youn nan animatè yo dyaloge ak software Engineer PGmix. PGmix fèt e grandi siite solèy Ayiti, vinn isi etazini konmanse travay kòm moun kap lave asyèt nan restoran pou rive jouk nan devlope zafè lojisyèl. PGmix menm gen opòtinite fè klass nan 46 pi gwo inivèsite etazini yo. PGmix eksplike konman li te ka lavi li te ka vire nan bandi men chans ak yon laptop li jwenn vinn enspire li pou konnen plis d fabrikasyon laptop la ak sa ki ladanl. Isi PGmix gen sèlman 5 lane Etazini, li fè GED pandan li ap dyòb lave veso. Ak sa lè li gen titan, li travay sou laptop li pou li aprann devlope lojisyèl enfòmatik. PGmix rive jwenn yon bous akademik pou 6 mwa nan Georgia Tech nan eta Georgia. Ak sa li li jwen papye jwenn piblisite pou pèfòmans li e jwenn vinn jwenn chans pou li anseye. Pgmix pat satisfè ak kote li te soti men se kote li te vle rive a ki te esansyèl. Siw pa gen vizyon, siw renmen tande sa moun ap diw pou ye moun kap bloke vizyonw, Siw kat la pat bat nan bò paw, siw pa finn renmen dyòb wap fè a, tande epizòd sa. Links: Social Media: Podcast /books:
November 29, 2019
Ep2. Emerson Lormeus | Enpotans yon internship | Career
Pou Epizòd 2 youn nan animatè e fondatè pòdkas Korem nan Luther fè yon ti chita pale ak Emerson Lormeus, sou wout li travèse pou li ka rive kom travayè nan zafè lodit enfòmatik. Emerson te kwaze ak Luther  kòm etidyan nan gwoup Management Information Systems Association (MISA) nan lekòl Florida Atlantic University (FAU) an 2014. Emerson pale de enpòtans moun ki rele zanmiw e moun ou frekante, konman sa ka afekte lavi pwofesyonèl ou, lavi kouranw e lavi relasyonèl, Nan epizòd sa Emerson pale de pwofesyon li kom moun li analize e asire lojisyèl enfòmatik gwo konpani. Emerson eksplike fason li rive chwazi pwofesyon sa san ke li pa pase pran yon seri de klass ke li pat renmen nan inivèsite. Nan moman ke li ap pran klas yo tou Emerson pale de enpòtans staj e nan ki klas li ta rekòmande elèv konmanse fè staj e enpòtans staj te genyen nan jwenn travay li, konman moun kap chwazi travayè yo gade w le w devan yo. Piti Ayiti natif natal, Emerson ap aprann yon lòt lang lè li pap travay e aprann Martial Arts. Links: Social Media: books: - lifeonaire
November 28, 2019
Ep1: Merline Raymond | fanm nan tech | Career
Pou Epizòd 1 an youn nan animatè e fondatè Korem Luther fè yon ti chita pale ak youn nan fyète lagonav, Ayiti Merline Raymond. Nan Epizòd sa Merline Pale de youn nan pasyon li genyen nan teknoloji, konman li rive ladanl e konman li ka ede fanm nwa jwen vwa yo nan domèn sa. Merline spesyalize li nan PHP ki se yon pwogramasyon (yon lang) pou kominike e kode teknoloji. Nan epizòd sa Li eksplike premye pa li fè pou li antre e aprann domèn nan ak yon staj, pi gwo leson ke li aprann, moun ki fè plis efe sou li. Merline pale danse ti konpa li ak renmen Jaden Lòt lang pwogramasyon: Java, Python, C pro, Links: Social Media: Podcast:
November 28, 2019
Intro: Jude and Luther - Rezon Podcast Kore'm nan
The goal is to empower, educate, inspire & motivate Haitians around the world in their own native language (kreyol)
November 28, 2019