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K-Pop & Beer is a podcast where Jen and Linz talk about anything even remotely related to K-Pop and K-Dramas. In every episode we talk about what we love (or… don’t love). You can find us at and you can email us at We’d love to hear from you, and we hope you enjoy our show!
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#021: Jay Park can't lose

K-Pop & Beer

#039: That's how Zico-ish it is
Jen and Linz talk about: where the heck we've BEEN; the Dynamic Duo concert at the Vic in Chicago; a relatively recent release by Zico; Hong-Zi and Chikko have more flow than anyone from Unpretty Rapstar; Cider was the best song on Yezi’s recent mini-EP release; Rap Monster is a genius who raps like a house on fire; Tablo can write songs that will make you cry yourself to sleep; Taemin has some very SHINee-like recent releases; Monsta X did a 6-episode variety show that is adorable AF; Oh My Ghostess is bizarre and funny, much like the superstition that the plot revolves around.
March 30, 2016
#038: I want to like everything that Tablo does
Jen and Linz talk about: how K-pop videos always seem to get shortened for Japan; Linz has some really WTF FU (follow-up); we're on the fence about Yezi's tamed version of Crazy Dog; Linz talks about some of the odd ways she found music for this week, including songs by some of the guys from Running Man; Linz shows some restraint and only talks about two of the songs from Verbal Jint's latest album; a new song by Jessi and Dok2; Giriboy has a lot of stuff that's just been released on YouTube; we'll listen to anything that has Tablo (at least once); they did a sneaky reveal for the final winner of King of Masked Singer; and Jen actually watched something!
January 27, 2016
#037: Batshit loonball crazy doesn’t NEED subtitles
Album spotlight: Dynamic Duo's Grand Carnival! Jen and Linz also talk about: new songs by Zico, including a live version of Pride & Prejudice that’s especially awesome; the incredibly rare occasion where we like every single song on an album; Gaeko’s voice is way more amazing than we previously realized; Linz has been digging on something by Song Mino from Show Me The Money 4; we’re both really curious about this whole King of Masked Singer show; we also need to watch SMTM4, even if it’s only for Black Nut’s craziness; Basterd’s song “All”; 45RPM’s “Boombox” is so old school, Linz had to triple-check the release date; UP10TION has another song that caught our ears; we have even more love for Yoon Mirae; Linz did some K-Drama watching: She Was Pretty, Oh My Venus, and Moon that Embraces the Sun (yes, again).
January 13, 2016
#036: Best of 2015 (It’s cuz he got dat ass)
Jen and Linz talk about their top pics of songs released in 2015, with songs ranging from Block B and Black Nut, to Super Junior and Zion.t; we also talk about which groups and individuals we would like to hear more from in 2016; and a brief discussion of what Linz has been watching lately. Everyone have a safe and happy New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!
December 30, 2015
#035: If we haven’t earned our explicit tag by now, we’re not doing it right
Spotlight: things we haven’t talked about before! Jen and Linz talk about: Jay Park (surprise!); PSY’s song “Daddy”; Zico’s new EP, “Gallery"; the new Zico Rule that we have created; a song by Wa$$up; as much as we’ve talked about Epik High, we haven’t talked much about Tablo’s solo stuff; the story of how Linz came to like KARA’s song “Step”; IU’s “Sogyeokdong”; Jen busts out one of her first K-Pop purchases ever; “Beautiful Night” by BEAST; BOA’s attempt at an American release; a song by EXO that never gets talked about; Linz enjoyed the G.I. song “Beatles” without the video; the same could be said about LC9’s “MaMa Beat”, even if it is a really cool song; M.I.B.’s breakout song, “Men In Black”; Linz doesn’t know why she didn’t check out Nu’est sooner; TVXQ’s “Humanoids”; and Remi sent us a question about Jessi’s performance on King of Masked Singer.
December 16, 2015
#034: Not everyone can be Tablo
Jen and Linz talk about: Jen got a lot of music recently; we got to meet superfan Liz at the recent Block B show in Chicago (there was a Tiki bar involved); we talk a LOT about the Block B show, by the way; Liz is our hero because of what happened on her way home; Linz is entertained by what Autocorrect thinks of her music; something may have gotten lost in translation with the name of Unpretty Rapstar; CL finally dropped a new song; Verbal Jint came out with a new album, which makes Linz happy; the new VIXX song, “Chained Up”; EXID’s “Hot Pink” video; a beer ad that Yoon Mirae did is pretty damn sweet, actually; Linz does not need a Cha Cha beat, boy; we review the new Jay Park album "Worldwide" and compare it with his earlier works; Linz has been watching a poorly named show called “Bubblegum” and a delightful show called "Oh My Venus."
December 02, 2015
#033: They’re just doing a lot more acid at SM
Jen and Linz talk about: going to see Block B again; an awesome hangover remedy; Unpretty Rapstar 2 is on Dramafever; Jen is really digging on Monsta X; Jay Park goes freestyle on Tablo’s Dreaming Radio, and he has a new video released from his latest album; f(x) has a new album out with some pretty sweet songs; Zico has a new song with a very colorful video; Linz likes a fair bit of stuff from Unpretty Rapstar 2; Linz finally learned how to pronounce “Dok2”; we need more full songs from Yezi; Yoon Mirae is probably one of the best female rappers in K-pop; Linz has gotten back into watching K-dramas with Bubblegum; Jen found a hysterical Jay Park skit on Korea SNL.
November 18, 2015
#032: Unfortunate mental images of Optimus Prime
Artist spotlight: SHINee! Jen and Linz talk also about: Jen's k-pop shoes; we want your artist spotlight ideas; we hope the new Bigbang album comes out anytime soon; a new song by Topp Dogg; Zico's "Yes or No"; some robot noises by McOther; Linz might be a fan of Zion.T (just a little); an awesome but oddly-named song by NS Yoon-G; the dance version of "Solo" by Jay Park; Jay Park on Korea SNL; G-Dragon as a silly underwear model; and a video of Zion.T without his sunglasses.
November 04, 2015
Happy anniversary to us!
For our one-year anniversary, we decided to put together a mini-episode of nothing but outtakes and bloopers. Special thanks to Jen's friend Don for doing most of the editing on this one.
November 02, 2015
#031: We’re talking pussy drive-by, here
Jen and Linz talk about: Linz nerds out about the name of a Jessi song; HyunA has a new mini-EP out; Linz has a new way of organizing her playlists; Jen found an article where Jessi was upset agency promotion issues; is Luhan the Justin Timberlake of EXO?; we answer a listener question from tumblr: what are the craziest things we have done (or would do) for k-pop? (Linz has problems); a neat song by Heize, and we still can’t get enough of Jessi; the many versions of the song “My Type”; Monsta X does some fabulous rooftop dancing; Jay Park convinces Jen to like a slow song; Linz’ cute K-pop girl group side shows up for Red Velvet; Jen busts out some UP10TION; UNIQ has the most amazeballs dance practice videos; Choo Sarang does what we all want to do in front of G-Dragon on Return of Superman.
October 21, 2015
#030: I got chills so hard I think I lost a nipple
Jen and Linz talk about: going back to a winter schedule; Jen bought a song she said she wasn't going to; feedback from listeners is the actual best; K-pop groups that appeal more to Spanish-speaking countries; we checked out a few K-indies; Black Nut is maybe the best name for a rapper; Linz can't explain her recent crush on Verbal Jint; we need more music from Jessi; Verbal Jint and Sanchez get their Prince on; Jen got a new Luhan song stuck in her head; Monsta X is too cute for us to even handle; Epik High posted an astounding fan made video; a song by BTS; CL did a radio interview in California; Linz talks about what she's been watching lately.
October 07, 2015
#029: A gaping maw at my crotch is exactly what I need
Artist mini-spotlights: San-E, and BTS! Linz and Bizarro Jen also talk about: Jen bought a song that she didn't originally like; Dandi's "Myunchichosedae" is perfect for airports; Linz' new obsession with San-E; an awesome song by Gaeko, Primary, Simon D and Choiza; "Dark Panda" by Hyolyn, Zico, and Paloalto and a token white drummer; Monsta X's new mini-EP is out; Linz figures out why she could never find "Bangtan Boys" in the iTunes Store; how Linz fell down the BTS rabbit-hole; an homage to the first Apple commercial; Rap Monster's "Do You"; Mino and Zico's "Okeydokey" from Show Me The Money 4; the Infinite Challenge album with a song by Kwang Hee, Taeyang and G-Dragon; Jen may have found this show's new theme song; a teaser video for iKON; a lot of K-Pop idols are headed in for their mandatory military service; and you can watch KCON footage now on Dramafever.
September 23, 2015
#028: Clearly I have to look under "Ho"
Jen and Linz talk about: Jen bought a song she used to not like; Linz’s dad isn’t a fan of K-Pop; Jessi’s diss rap on Unpretty Rapstar (and Jang Do Yeon’s near-perfect imitation of it on Running Man; recommendations from listener Matt: an entire Pe2ny album, a song by Lee Moon Sae, and a song by Infinite Flow; VIXX LR’s song ‘Beautiful Liar’; two new songs by Girls’ Generation, and how one of them reminded Linz of a Kyary Pamyupamyu video; and some new songs by JJCC, Simon Dominic, HyunA, and Jace.
September 09, 2015
#027: ZICO also can't lose
Jen and Linz talk about: a mini artist spotlight on Primary; “Respect” by Loco, Grey and DJ Pumkin; The Legend’s “I Wanna Know”; Jen found another song by So Ji Sub; a bunch of songs by Primary, most of which have awesome videos; we’re both pretty fond of Jessi and hope to see more from her soon; a very entertaining video by Dandi; a song that we desperately wished we could say good things about; everything ZICO touches is probably gold; and Linz decided to start rewatching a drama because of So Ji Sub.
August 26, 2015
#026: I've given up the Haterade when it comes to HyunA
Jen and Linz talk about: an actual buttload of non-K-Con related music; the group Core Magazine; new songs from TVXQ; Primary’s “Don’t Be Shy” video; the complete lack of subtlety in Kye Bum Zu’s “Give It 2 U” video; the latest releases by Big Bang; Cheetah should totally rock her own style; we both bought a song that we used to hate; Linz bought SO MUCH MUSIC; new SHINee song; the new Wonder Girls release; Jen finds someone that Linz completely freaks out over; did Rap Monster really do a song for the Fantastic Four soundtrack?; Jen fell down a rabbit hole on YouTube.
August 12, 2015
#025: Siwon has the best a** in all of K-Pop
Jen and Linz talk about their trip to Los Angeles for K-CON 2015, including: the odd stage setup and bad sound setup at Staples; “ignite your feelz”; the performances by: Monsta X, GOT7, SISTAR, Roy Kim, Super Junior, Red Velvet, Block B, AOA, Zion.T and Crush, Shinhwa; what else we did (or didn’t do) in L.A.; why we dislike LAX; and why our instagram account is so neglected.
August 06, 2015
#024: GOT7? or HOT7!
Artist spotlight: everyone at K-CON LA! Jen and Linz also talk about: the real reason Jen brought up a song by Crayon Pop last week; and do a minor deep dive on almost everyone who’s going to be at K-CON in Los Angeles… AOA, Block B, GOT7, MONSTA X, Red Velvet, SHINHWA, Roy Kim, SISTAR, Super Junior, and Zion.T and Crush; Jen doesn’t hate ALL girl groups, honest; what the name Shinhwa means, and why we need to do a real deep dive on them; Block B kind of can’t lose; Six Degrees of Epik High; more details about where we’re going to be at the concert and what we’ll be doing in LA this weekend; Linz is a terrible person because she sucks at email; a neat fanvid that Jen found.
July 29, 2015
#023: The connoisseur of booty
Artist spotlight: Girls Generation! Jen and Linz also talk about: Hotshot; Linz might like the new GOT7 song; two nifty songs by Verbal Jint; Kim Tae Woo's "Resemblance" is an awesome video; Crush and ZICO's "Oasis"; Super Junior's "Devil" has an amazing video; we can't stop talking about Jay Park because he keeps releasing new stuff; SISTAR's "Shake It" is everywhere; Jen realized why Zick Jasper looked familiar; Crayon Pop has some delightfully bizarre videos; the "making of" video for Bigbang's "SOBER" video; Yoo Jae Suk does a damn funny impression of Bigbang's BAE BAE; and Jen and Linz are already getting excited for the upcoming trip to K-CON in Los Angeles!
July 23, 2015
#022: Jackson Pollock Dick
Jen and Linz talk about: why we won't have an episode next week (but who we're talking about the week after); Epik High has ruined Jen, too; Jimin's songs from Unpretty Rapstar; "Dali, Van, Picasso" and Beenzino's porny appreciation of art; Bigbang's July releases (SOBER and IF YOU); Crayon Pop's "Ra Ri Ru Re"; the laid-back chillness of Eluphant; two different songs by HOTSHOT; POTEN's "Go Easy"; the iTunes Store is actual balls; and DramaFever now has period British dramas, for whatever reason.
July 08, 2015
#021: Jay Park can't lose
Jen and Linz talk about: Epik High has ruined Linz and turned Jen to the Hip Hop side of K-Pop; Kim Tae Woo’s song with Jay Park; so many questions about 2NE1; we only just found out about the kpop subreddit; sometimes videos just exist for us to make fun of them; the “Best High School Bluffer” episode of Running Man with Verbal Jint, San-E, Jay Park, and Jessi is a damn riot; there’s a clip of Daesung and TOP on Family Outing that Linz thought was hysterical; Yankie’s heading up our list of faves; aaaaaaaand we have a special announcement!
July 01, 2015
#020: Like a screen door in a hurricane
en and Linz talk about: canceling Dramafever; Seungri's song "White Love"; MBLAQ's new song; Jen has confession to make; more Epik High; Jen has a super-long list of songs to review; Linz only has one because she had the plague (not really, but that IS why we didn't record an episode last week, sorry!); some videos should really come with a drug/epilepsy warning; Linz likes painfully adorable things; Bigbang on Running Man, their dance practice videos, and their tour diaries; songs with the background music removed; Linz has NyQuil-induced ideas for SHINee; Jen discovered another active K-Pop podcast!
June 24, 2015
#019: Like Jon Snow, I know nothing
Concert spotlight: EPIK HIGH! Jen and Linz were lucky enough to get to see Epik High play at the House of Blues in Chicago, so naturally we have to talk about how crazy awesome it was. We also talk about: Block B’s Japanese version of HER; recently purchased music (Jinusean, EXID, Yankie, and Jay Park); the new video/song by EXO; Linz nerds out about Yankie’s name; Tablo’s daughter and her crush on G-Dragon; Park Bom’s voice; the diversity at the Epik High concert.
June 10, 2015
#018: Ix-nay on the ooty-bay
Artist spotlight: MBLAQ! Jen and Linz also talk about: more misheard lyrics; artists need to release their songs sooner because we are impatient; Ailee and Amber’s amazing cover of Uptown Funk; JYP’s soul version of Who’s Your Mama and the profound lack of booty in K-Pop; Jay Park’s new song MOMMAE; SNSD’s Chocolate Love and SM’s horrible product placement; SHINee has a new album out; we are less than impressed with CL’s Dr Pepper; our favorite new IG.
June 02, 2015
#017: Stick it in me hole!
Artist spotlight: Super Junior! Jen and Linz also talk about: Linz watched the Sex Trip video and re-reviews LOSER and BAEBAE; the Maxstep video; GOT7 was in Chicago; Epik High WILL BE in Chicago; K-Pop concerts in Chicago; Monsta X’s debut song; Linz tries (and fails) to catch up on Roommate.
May 29, 2015
#016: A**hole up!
Jen and Linz also talk about: Linz’s latest purchase from the K-Pop store in Chicago’s Chinatown; YouKnowDan’s awesome cover of EXO’s Call Me Baby; LU:KUS’s cover of “As Long as You Love Me”; Jen did her Epik High homework; Jay Park’s new song, “Sex Trip”; the new Bigbang songs, BAE BAE and LOSER; Linz’s interest (not obsession!) with Kim Jong Kook.
May 16, 2015
#015: Where all the plastic surgery things are
Artist spotlight: Epik High! Jen and Linz also talk about: the BIGBANG tour trailer; Linz's two year k-pop-iversary; Jen's unhealthy obsession with BASTARZ's Zero for Conduct; Linz bought a LOT of music; slow jams are not Jen's thing; YouKnowDan does amazeballs dance covers; Jen's new favorite drink; it is not acceptable to miss any Jay Park.
May 07, 2015
#014: I was that kid on the playground
Jen and Linz talk about the BIGBANG teaser from April 1st; Jay Park is also teasing us pretty badly; the new EXO song; the end of Roommate; Jen watched Tazza 2; Linz finished Moon that Embraces the Sun; Crayon Pop’s FM video; Block-B Bastarz new song Conduct from Zero; the Talk to Me in Korean podcast; the calm before the BIGBANG storm.
April 23, 2015
#013: Party like a Timelord
Artist spotlight: BIGBANG! What with all of the talk of a BIGBANG comeback, Jen and Linz could not resist doing a deep dive on all of their favorite BIGBANG songs and side projects. Also mentioned: the ever-popular Jay Park; Clazziquai Project; the drama Misang; the movie The Prince (with RAIN).
April 01, 2015
#012: Special guest edition!
We have a special guest this week, joining Jen and Linz to we talk about: what she likes (or doesn't) about K-pop; dating Korean guys; K-dramas, variety shows, and reality shows; working in Korea; holidays in Itaewon; favorite alcohols; coffee shops; and how common plastic surgery is in Korea.
March 28, 2015
#011: Historical Dramas Do Not Fuck Around
Jen and Linz talk about: when k-pop members go missing; roller coaster karaoke; Jen bought a HyunA song; Linz started watching a new show and geeks out over the outfits; how we organize our k-pop music in iTunes; Linz revisits Angel Eyes.
March 12, 2015
#010: An allergic reaction to clothing
This episode, Jen and Linz finally settle the Dirty Cash debate. (Maybe. No promises.) We also talk about new music we've purchased by Jay Park, Amber, BTOB, and Topp Dogg; concert ticket prices; and which alcohols we associate with different K-Pop groups.
March 05, 2015
#009: That thing with the light sticks
This episode, Jen and Linz talk about Jen's first full K-pop album purchase (who IS IT!?); Linz's latest musical obsession; and K-pop concerts and merchandise in America. With random cameo by Linz's roommates (they say hi). (NOTE: The original release of this episode had some static... sorry about that! It has been fixed.)
February 22, 2015
#008: Sexy K-Pop Vampires? Yes please!
This episode’s artist spotlight is Rain! Jen and Linz answer some listener questions and talk more about: ships and more ships; adjusting to Korean cultural differences with K-Pop and K-dramas; Rain vs. Stephen Colbert; Return of Superman; and Clazziquai Project.
February 05, 2015
#007: There's no Kenny G in K-Pop!
This episode’s artist spotlight is 2NE1! Jen and Linz also talk about: Wonder Girls’ K-Food Party; another podcast settles a dispute; K-Pop fandom ships; Jen watched her first episode of Running Man, and is now hooked on Inkigayo; and Jen tries to kill Linz with a triumphant song.
January 22, 2015
#006: Jesus those some mighty peanuts!
This episode’s artist spotlight is the Wonder Girls! Also, Jen and Linz revisit BIGBANG in drag, a creepy Christmas video with Park Bom and Lee Hi, and chat about new music —and various ways of finding it— and Jen gives a wrap-up on Blue Blazes.
January 11, 2015
#005: Top 5 for 2014!
Jen and Linz each give two separate top five lists: one for music released in 2014, and one for music they purchased in 2014. With a wide range of songs from groups galore, from AKMU and BIGBANG to VIXX and U-Kiss.
December 28, 2014
#004: Life is too short for bad K-dramas
This episode’s artist spotlight is G.O.D.! Jen and Linz also talk about: how to purchase music through the Japanese iTunes store; the VIXX concert in Chicago (yes, again) as it relates to bringing K-Pop concerts to the Midwest; the insanity that is the variety show Running Man (because Linz is obsessed with it now); Jen finished To the Beautiful You and Athena and gives her thoughts on both; an intriguing movie (not yet seen by either host) called Lady Daddy; weird glitches in the Dramafever apps; and a Japanese show called Blue Blazes.
December 14, 2014
#003: The first rule of Voodoo Doll is we don’t talk about Voodoo Doll
This episode’s artist spotlight is VIXX! Jen and Linz also talk about: Daesung’s “Old Diary” song was a cover; H.O.T.’s song “Warrior’s Descendant”; To the Beautiful You; Answer Me 1997; and Zico dropping the f-bomb in “Tough Cookie.”
November 30, 2014
#002: This guy is like the Korean Richard Marx!
Jen and Linz talk about: SHINee's "Juliette" vs. Corbin Bleu's "Deal With It"; Daesung a.k.a. D-LITE and the return of trot; VIXX's song "Error"; girls pretending to be boys ("To the Beautiful You" vs. "Coffee Prince"); and the fact that one of the members of MIB recently had a bank balance of $3.
November 16, 2014
#001: People for the Ethical Treatment of K-Pop Stars
In the first episode, Jen and Linz talk about how they found out about K-Pop; how they named the show; 2NE1, BIGBANG, Block-B, Lee Min Ho; and the gateway drug that is Boys Over Flowers.
November 02, 2014