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The Krantesh Show | Digital Marketing Podcast

The Krantesh Show | Digital Marketing Podcast

By Krantesh Singh
Hi, I'm Krantesh, Independent Entrepreneur & Coach. I help knowledge givers and build their business online and on a mission to help 100,000 people live an Independent Lifestyle. The purpose of this podcast is to have a heart-to-heart talk with you on marketing and concepts that most people won't speak out on building businesses online. My core intention is to spark that "fire of freedom" in the core of your heart so that you go out there, take massive action and get massive results in every aspect of your life. Thanks for being here. Let's stay connected.
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Learning & Experiences of an MNS Aspirant | Krantesh Singh
In this podcast episode, I have discussed a lot of things with Akansha Yadav (an MNS Aspirant) In her 1st attempt in MNS (Military Nursing Service) She Scored 106/150 Marks. In this session, We have talked about her Preparation Strategy for MNS. A Must Listen for  School Students in 10th, 11th & 12th. Students Preparing for Military Services. Gain Clarity on How to Choose Streams? Gain Clarity on How to Prepare for Competitive Exams? 50+  Minutes of Amazing Insights for Every Student.
October 21, 2020
My Experience of Digital Pratik's 7 Days Podcast Roadmap Challenge | Krantesh Singh
65 Minutes of Learning and Experience from @digitalpratik 7 Days Podcast Roadmap Challenge. In this 65 Minutes, You will Learn about How You can start Your own Podcast Step by Step. From Creating a Positive Mindset to The Best Tools and Software You need to scale your Podcast Show. Go to My YouTube Channel to Experience this immense piece of Value. I hope this will help you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below - Best, Krantesh Singh
September 17, 2020
How to Scale and Promote Your Podcast? Organic & Paid Methods | Krantesh Singh
In this Podcast, I have shared my experience and learning from Digital Pratik's 7 Days Podcast Roadmap Challenge - Day 7 (Last Day) On this day, I learned about the various ways that you can promote and scale your podcast to a wider audience. You can use Instagram Story Ads to promote your Podcasts Episodes by Just creating a 15 - 30 Sec IG Story Video and Promote it. Also, You can share your Podcast with Friends & Family. He has exactly shown with templates How you can approach someone to be a guest on your podcast show. Exactly What He has used. In the Bonus Section apart from 7th Day Modules, He has shared about What are the best ways You can earn money through your podcast in short term and long term. And Later He has Published his consulting call with Winners of 0th Day to 7th Day experience. Listening to those Sessions was also an Eye Opener to Many Things. I hope this is helpful. Best Regards, Krantesh Singh
September 17, 2020
Right Platform to Host Your Podcast? | Krantesh Singh
Here is my experience and learning from Digital Pratik's 7 Days Podcast Roadmap Challenge - Day 6 On this day, I learned about choosing the best hosting platform to host your podcasts. 1. Anchor 2. Buzzsprout Anchor is completely free to start your podcast show, Whereas Buzzsprout has 90 Days Trials and then a Membership fee per month. So you can start your podcast journey by choosing either anchor or Buzzsprout. Create a free account on either Anchor or Buzzsprout and then Mention all the necessary details and also choose the Right Category of your Podcast. Creating Your Podcast Artwork To create your podcast display picture you can either choose it to do it by yourself or you can take the help of a designer. I choose to do it myself on Canva. It's a great tool for non-designers and has templates, to begin with. Now when you publish your first episode. You must take care of your Episode Title & Description, It will help you in ranking your podcast while people search for some keywords on any podcast platform. So choose the right set of words to mention in your episode title and description. You can use Co-Headliner, an online tool to create Catchy Headlines. The podcasting platform does provide a scheduling option that you can use to schedule your upcoming podcasts. If you're using then you have to submit your podcast to other podcast platforms such as Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, Spotify. But on the other hand, Anchor this cumbersome task is easily managed by Anchor. I hope this is useful. Krantesh Singh
September 17, 2020
How to Edit Your Podcast Professionally Before Publishing It? | Krantesh Singh
Here is my experience and learning from Digital Pratik's 7 Days Podcast Roadmap Challenge - Day 5 On this day He shared about various software that is available to edit your podcast show after you record your Pre-Roll, Intro, Main Episode, and Outro. Now you have to merge them all together and export your podcast episode. List of Software You can use - 1. Audacity (I Personally Use This) 2. Adobe Premiere 3. Final Cut Pro for Mac 4. Camtasia 5. iMovie 6. Active Presenter You can also Download Background Music for Your Podcast to make it more engaging. I'm mentioning some online platform from where you could download - 1. Audiio 2. Morning Light Music 3. Epidemic Sounds 4. Audio Hero 5. Envato Elements 6. YouTube Music Library 7. No Copyright Background Music on YouTube You can learn simple editing via YouTube Tutorials. I hope this is somewhat useful.
September 17, 2020
Essentials Sections of Your Podcast Episode | Krantesh Singh
Here is my experience and learning from Digital Pratik's 7 Days Podcast Roadmap Challenge - Day 4 On this day he shared about tools you need to start your podcast, So if you're doing it alone you just need a smartphone and a little silent place to record. And for an Interview based podcast session, you can use Skype and Zoom and then record your whole session, Skype and Zoom also provide the functionality to download the video and audio tracks which you can later use it to publish your podcast. A good podcast consist of various elements or sections - 1. Pre Roll - This is about a short overview of what you're going to get inside the podcast episode. This is usually about 10-15 seconds long. 2. Intro - After your Pre-Roll you have to introduce your podcast and little about yourself, a quick and crisp intro would be better, and then start your main episode. 3. Main Episode - Now after your crisp intro, Let your main episode can take over. 4. Mid- Roll Ads - These are bumper audio ads, alert messages, notices which you can incorporate between your main episode. Do it when you have an ample amount of subscribers to your podcast. 5. Outro - This is where you tell your audience to like, review, and share your content just like any youtube video's ending. You can even include a thank you note for listening to your podcast. These are the 5 essential sections of a podcast.
September 17, 2020
What are the Various Types of Podcasts You Can Start? | Krantesh Singh
Here is my experience and learning from Digital Pratik's 7 Days Podcast Roadmap Challenge - Day 3 On Day 3, I learned about what are the various format of a podcast and what are the various option you can choose to form your podcast. So it goes like this - 1. The solo or monologue format of a podcast - In this form of a podcast, there is one person who does the talking, creating and publishing. It is easy to implement you don't need any outside help but hard to continue (not for lazy people) You need to have consistency and patience, to begin with, this kind of format. 2. Co-Hosted style or partner style format of a podcast - In this form of a podcast, along with the host there is a conversation partner, and they talk over a topic and record the whole podcast episode. for e.g., Marketing School By Neil Patel 3. Interview format of a podcast - This is an easy way out for you to use somebody else influence for your podcast but difficult to approach if you are a newbie & if you don't have a good question list then you can't deliver an ample amount of value to your audience. 4. Live Session format of a podcast - In this type of format, generally to export the audio of your live session over social media and modify it in a manner that it takes the format of an episode over a topic. 5. Survey-based Q/A format of a podcast - In this type of format you gather all the FAQ around your brand and then make an episode over a generalize topic and answer the queries of your audience. But for this to happen you need some existence of your brand. 6. Create your own format - you can create your own type of format in which you could personalize things in your own way and give your personal touch such as you can record your podcast while resting on a bean bag, grass mat, etc This is about various types of formats you could choose from.
September 17, 2020
What Parameters That You Should Focus on Your Podcast? | Krantesh Singh
Here is my experience and learning from Digital Pratik's 7 Days Podcast Roadmap Challenge Day 2 So After Deciding the name of my Podcast and Planned out Content for my Podcast. Now is the time to decide about content parameters such as 1. How long should your podcast episode be? - Start with 5 min podcast episode and later increase as you master your niche and according to your potential to go for long hour sessions. It totally depends on your potential and quality of content. 2. What's the best time & day to post your episodes? - This is something you have to figure out according to the stats of your listeners and subscribers. In the starting do things consistently and observe the pattern of your audience. 3. Concept of Seasonal Podcaster - Those podcasts are active for a period of time just like the seasonal mango business. 4. How to write great Headlines for your Podcast Episodes? - Use CoSchedule - Headline Analyzer - To write effective and engaging titles for your podcast episodes. Best Regards, Krantesh Singh
September 17, 2020
How to Plan & Give Structure to Your Podcast? | Krantesh Singh
Here is my experience and learning from Digital Pratik's 7 Days Podcast Roadmap Challenge. Day 1 was about Planning & Designing the Podcast, He gave an overview of what's aligned for us. But before that, He told us to get clarity on the purpose of starting podcasts because it's really important to have a strong reason behind everything you do then only you would be able to accomplish your goals My purpose for starting a podcast is to build a Strong Personal Brand in the field of Digital Marketing and to become a Fantastic Communicator and on the way, I want to share my learnings, experiences with anyone who is trying really hard to create an impact in this world. Spreading the Happiness Formula i.e., Learn, Apply & Share then he talked about who is your targeted audience, according to your targeted audience you have to create content and further design your podcast's content. My targeted audiences include Students, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners. After gaining clarity on who are my targeted audience. Then he showed the way how to formulate and plan the first 10 episodes of the podcast. Here are my Next 10 Episodes - 1. What is Digital Marketing? An Overview 2. Why everyone should have a website? 3. The only 6 pillars of Digital Marketing 4. What is Blogging? 5. What are landing pages and why use them? 6. What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) An Overview 7. What is Email Marketing and Why should you care about it? 8. How to use YouTube Wisely as a Creator? 9. How Google Ads Works? 10. Why use Facebook Ads for your Business? He showed us the way to choose the best name for your podcast. There are three criteria by which you can choose the best podcast name and its really important. 1. Choose Intelligent Name - Six Pixels of Separation (No Idea of What's this Podcast will be about by its name) 2. Choose Detailed Names (The name itself suggest you and gives you an idea) 3. Choose Brand Names (Already know the name in the offline and online world.) I chose mine - The Krantesh Show Digital Marketing and Personal Branding Podcast
September 17, 2020
How to Start Your Own Podcast with Right Mindset? | Krantesh Singh
Here is my experience and learning from Digital Pratik's 7 Days Podcast Roadmap Challenge Experience. After enrolling into this challenge, I already knew that Digital Pratik's content is top-notch as I have gone through some of his courses available on his website. As a Digital Marketer, I was quite fascinated with PODCAST things and when it comes to learning some new skills it is better to consult someone who has done mastery over it, and for me, that person is Digital Pratik. Although it was 7 Days Challenge when it comes to providing value, Who can stop Digital Pratik, So he started with Day 0. And in his Day 0, He enthusiastically welcomed us and helped us in joining the Secret FB Group - 7 Days Podcast Roadmap Challenge It's a private Facebook community for this challenge. then he showed us 10,000 feet overview of what's lined up for us in this challenge. then before getting into the podcast thing he talked about Mental Success Activators, in which he taught us how you can reprogram your subconscious mind? and this is very important when it comes to learning new things and forming new habits. Also, he talked about How to form new Habits & What is a paradigm shift. How you can break the terror barrier between your fear and success. Also, he talked about How to gain powerful confidence in your communication through 5 Steps Self Confidence Formula from the very famous Think & Grow Rich Book by Napolean Hill You must read this book. (I have read this, Its an eyeopener) If you want 5 Steps Self Confidence Formula Ebook I can Give You Just DM me. Also, he talked about How to program your mindset towards positivity & achieve the state of awesomeness? You can do this by Positive Affirmations [e-Book] By Digital Pratik. [1st Recommended Video] Power of Imagination & Its Possibility By Bob Proctor [2nd Recommended Video] Happiness is the new Productivity from Vishen Lakhiani (Go to YouTube & Watch It Now) He then talked about a POWERFUL STATEMENT which is I AM ENOUGH.
September 17, 2020