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For Fundraisers

For Fundraisers

By Kristal M. Johnson
Live life boldly.
Make the Ask.
Prepare for the Pitch.
Communicate assertively.
I'll talk about it from a fundraiser's perspective.
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Fundraising Scripts Q&A-July 21, 2020
I'm continuing to answer your questions regarding virtual fundraising and the fundraising script. Here are a list of the questions covered in 2nd recording: Regarding the fundraising script: we have a few different communities: people with physical disabilities, people with mental health issues, at-risk youth, and veterans just to name a few. We provide the same service to all of them, but with different goals and expected outcomes. When I am explaining this to a potential donor, should I go through all our different communities and explain how each group benefits, or should I try to focus on a community the donor may be most interested in? I just feel like when I am explaining the organization, I need a shorter pitch! Would you use your fundraising script as a cold-call phone call or letter, or would I would use the script after connecting with the prospect? What is a video software for people who are not tech savvy? What resources are there for those of us unfamiliar with video editing? Can you repeat the Facebook resource that allows an org to test content? We have a Weekly News Bulletin and people come to depend/look forward to it. Is that too much? We have trained our donors and constituents to know that they will get it every Thursday. . .
July 21, 2020
Virtual Fundraising Q&A-June 30, 2020
I want to thank the 915 people that attended the Virtual Fundraisers webinar, hosted by Bloomerang. If you missed the webinar , here is the link to the replay: The webinar features a live Q&A session. Because of time restraints, I wasn't able to answer all the questions. Here are the questions answered in this recording: My org WANTS to highlight our donors to thank them, but are finding that many of them don’t want to be anonymous necessarily, but don’t want the extra attention. Is there a way to still highlight them? How can you take the conversation from a check-in call and thank you call to an ask? How much posting is too much? Is there a fine line between pushing the word out and annoying or discouraging potential donors? I would like to know how early prior to the event should I begin promotion? When you say "profile volunteers" what does that mean exactly? Like a social media post with a caption that's like a "get to know _____" with personal facts: fun and quirky....or a more professional capacity like _____ has been serving w/ us for X years and this is what they love about our org.....______ Do we make those profiles about them or about us? Does this make sense? What do you think about a themed and costumed home hosted virtual tables and posts with # of the guests in their social group? Any other ideas, additions to the posting excitement and engagement opportunities? Will we get a copy of this recording?
July 01, 2020