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Breaking The Habit

Breaking The Habit

By Kristian Clark
An odyssey of addiction, sobriety and mental wellbeing.
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17 Minutes to Heaven
In this episode I explore how my enjoyment of alcohol steadily progressed into addiction and a means of coping with mental health. I look back on the cunning plans that I devised to source, consume and hide my drinking habits from loved ones and those around me, and how my once calculated method of drinking eventually spiralled out of control.
November 4, 2020
Here But Not Really Here
On this episode I catch up with a life long friend and fellow sufferer of mental health issues to discuss our ways of coping with the illness
September 27, 2020
A Heroin Addict and an Alcoholic Walk Into a Room
Breaking The Habit – A new podcast from me,  Kristian Clark exploring an odyssey of addiction, sobriety and mental wellbeing. Throughout the podcast, I’ll be detailing my journey from confident teenager, to a 20-something gripped by alcohol addiction and a crumbling mental wellbeing, to where I am now – a man in recovery who’s starting to live a better life.
August 30, 2020