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On mindset: being in the middle

An episode of In Between Visits, with Dr. Kristy

By Dr. Kristy
If we all want to live our best life, then why do we compromise, sabotage and distract ourselves from making choices that will raise us up?
The basic truth is even simple behaviour modifications are difficult to implement.
Hence the birth of this podcast, in these short and sweet shares I will:
Answer your questions about how to stay on track
Support, inspire and motivate you on your journey.
See you in your struggles.
Affirm you in the challenge,
Reassure you that you are not alone.
If we all want to live our best life, then why do we compromise, sabotage and distract ourselves from making choices that will raise us up?
The basic truth is even simple behaviour modifications are difficult to implement.
Hence the birth of this podcast, in these short and sweet shares I will:
Answer your questions about how to stay on track
Support, inspire and motivate you on your journey.
See you in your struggles.
Affirm you in the challenge,
Reassure you that you are not alone.
On mindset: being in the middle
Does this sound like you? You are starting something new perhaps a course, job change or fitness program. You are excited, highly motivated and focused.  It is very easy to do what needs to be done.   Life is a little brighter and the days move with certain ease with this newfound purpose.  Then at some point in the process, it starts to get harder and less exciting.   The days feel like a grind and the motivation much harder.   You start to question your why and feel overwhelmed with the work required to keep going.   This is because being in between the start and completion of a goal is difficult and boring.   We often sabotage, abandon or shift focus losing all the beautiful gifts and lessons that are part of the journey.  In this episode, I shed light on this normal tendency and offer a teaching to sit with this discomfort and allow the process to unfold without expectations. 
November 20, 2019
On mindset: what's your true intention?
What motivates you to start a new goal or make changes in your life?   So often we take on something new and big before ever questioning why or what are deeper motives are.   Most of us have a misguided belief that once we get the body, the recognition, the money (fill in the blank) we will be accepted and finally find peace and freedom.  We subconsciously set our goals based on old wounds that ultimately create more suffering instead of healing.  In this episode, I bring awareness to this seldom discussed topic by offering a way to shift perceptions, become honest about your true intentions (and deeper needs) and set goals from a centred and intuitive place. 
November 6, 2019
On mindset: the cost of comparisons
Do you compare yourself to others? If you say no, I am calling BS.   The reality is that we all do it and in this age of social media more than ever.  In this episode, I share my thoughts about the costs that mindless comparing to others is having on your overall health and happiness.  I discuss why I think that comparison is a natural part of being human and actually an evolved part of the thinking mind. I leave you with a strategy to shift from this negative pattern to one that has the potential to increase your intuition and create a deeper sense of connection with yourself and others.
October 30, 2019
On mindset: living from your values
If you want to improve your health and are searching for a different understanding based on internal vs. external knowledge, this is the episode for you.    In this show, I discuss how our personal values play a huge role in the lifestyle choices we make.  I share my belief that when we have clarity about our inner values feeding our mind, body and spirit happens with ease, confidence and conviction as it is reflective of a strong sense of self.     The opposite is true when we have misaligned values, our days will be filled with a series of choices that are based on the things we should do or things that we have deemed important because of external influences.   It is very difficult to sustain behaviour when it is based on external instead of internal choice.  I leave you with support and suggestions about how you can both identify and stay true to living from your own inner values.
October 23, 2019
On mindset: self-acceptance as the starting point
Oh la la, I am excited to be starting the series on mindset!  Things are getting juicy as I dive into the impact that our minds and emotions have on our lifestyle choices.  In this episode, I invite you to reframe your beliefs and intentions when embracing a new goal. I offer a different perspective around your starting point as being a cumulation of the many starting points you have made throughout your lifetime. I challenge you to shift your thinking around those well-meaning past exercise programs, nutrition plans and lifestyle changes not as failed attempts rather all part of your stepping stones to this next phase of your journey.   I leave you questioning what your process in achieving your goals looks and feels like if you wholeheartedly accept yourself with all the starts, stops and lessons you learned along the way.
October 16, 2019
On movement: of a different kind
In this episode, I discuss a different kind of movement.  Hint: it involves your bowels I can't tell you the number of people I see in practice who think having multiple loose and messy stools per day or going to the bathroom once a week is absolutely normal.  It is not normal, in fact, it is unhealthy and a message that there are imbalances in your body.  Listen in, to learn what healthy elimination looks like, the multiple reasons why your bowel function is abnormally functioning and some of the naturopathic approaches (including the most often over-looked factor) to resolve this issue.
October 9, 2019
On movement: and aging
I am closer to 50 than 40 and that has me thinking a lot about ageing well.    I have accepted getting older as a biological process and leaned into the wisdom that comes with age.  That being said, I still want to be my best self in mind, body and spirit.  In this episode, I share what I believe to be the #1 tip for ageing well. You will learn how to ease the transition into menopause/andropause, maintain lean body mass, prevent osteoporosis, support your nervous system and adrenal gland health all while building confidence and strength. I will teach you how moving smarter not harder as you age is the key to life long health.
September 25, 2019
On movement: too much of a good thing
Like anything in life, too much of a good thing can turn into a problem. In this episode, I share the consequences of my addiction to exercise as it became my only way to manage my anxiety and depression.  I offer what I have learned over the years and the limits that having only one remedy to manage difficult wounds, trauma and emotions has.  I discuss in detail the five flaws associated with over-exercise: -Missed opportunities -Further aggravation -Disconnection with self -Injury, illness and exhaustion -Loss of joy and pleasure And I provide fresh insight, awareness and ideas surrounding a healed relationship with movement.    
September 18, 2019
On movement: take your tired for a walk
Okay, we all get it.  Exercise is good for us. If we know this then why don’t we access it as part of our self-care routine especially when we are feeling blue? Of course, we don’t! Because we are tired and down and going to the gym or out for a run is the last thing we want to do.  Hence this vicious cycle, of needing to move our body but not being able to jump over these feelings (both mental and physical) to get the job done. We choose the donut instead of the yoga class that gives us short term relief but ultimately just perpetuates the negative state. In this episode, I dive deep into the real reasons why we can't access movement at the times we need it most as well as share with you the two key components required to shift this behaviour. I offer a practical and impactful strategy that will have you reaching for your shoes and getting your body moving as a way to provide ongoing support for your body and mind. Goodbye, mindless distraction! Hello, intentional movement!
September 11, 2019
On movement: why do you move (or not)?
In this episode, I share my story about what used to motivate me to exercise and how my relationship with movement has dramatically shifted since challenging unhealthy belief systems.  I ask you to take a moment to ask yourself why do you move? What brings you joy and what excites you about exercise?  I challenge you to let go of the "shoulds" and underlying negative thoughts so that you can set your intentions for movement based on your heart’s desire.  I ask you to choose to exercise from a place of worthiness and full acceptance so that you can fully experience the joy and self-care that comes from movement.   I offer the true gift of movement with its mental/emotional and physical benefits that is only available to us when it is received from a place of self acceptance. 
September 4, 2019
On nutrition: smoothie duty
Really, 10 minutes talking about smoothies? But wait...before you skip this episode let me share with you that smoothies literally changed my nutrition game and therefore deserve this amount of air time.  I want to eat nourishing foods but spending hours preparing is not a value for me.  I am more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal when it comes to our meals.  That being said, I do aim to eat well and with equal ratios of protein, fat, carbs and lots of fruits and veggies. One thing that has been a huge lifesaver for me (and my family) is our daily smoothies.  They are nutritionally dense, super tasty, kid-friendly and the best part… effortlessly easy.   Listen to this podcast to learn how to make the perfect macronutrient balanced smoothie or better yet share this podcast with someone in your house and put them on smoothie duty! 
August 28, 2019
On nutrition: what if you were not afraid to ask for what you want (and need)
Do you know what you need when it comes to your nutrition but are afraid to ask for it?  I know I was...for years!  This also shows up for patients in practice too many times to count.   Many people are challenged with the social and societal pressures of accepting what is presented despite how it makes them feel because they don’t want to appear needy or difficult or different.  In this episode I offer strategies as well as boost your confidence to embrace yourself and the wisdom that you have about your own needs.   You will be able to stand up in your truth to get what you want and be comfortable with your choices regardless of what other people think.  It's a good one! 
August 21, 2019
On nutrition: better than choice
In this episode, I ask you to create more space around your expectations for nutrition. So many people think that the only way to eat well is to come up with perfect meal plans and spend hours on the weekend meal prepping.   Unless you actually love to do this, I argue that you give yourself a break and stop expecting this from yourself.  Any lifestyle choice that comes from a place of "should" lacks sustainability and ultimately results in resentment,  boredom and follow through.   We end up with "all or nothing" syndrome, if we can't do it all then we do nothing.   Hence the vicious cycle of eating well and then not. I offer the "better than choice" nutrition philosophy that gives you health without all that extra pressure.  With this approach, you learn to trust your body and yourself to eat well in any given situation.  You are free to spend your time doing the things you love while also enjoying the benefits of healthy food choices.  Tune in to learn more! 
August 14, 2019
On nutrition: why I always have chips in the house
Is your strategy to eat healthy based on avoidance of "bad" foods?  Do you keep "junk" foods out of the house as a way to eat better? If yes, you are giving food way to much power and I don't think this is your best approach to eating well.   Cravings just don't go away because the food is not around.  In fact, often this denial has us wanting more and the avoidance ultimately results in binging on these forbidden foods. In this episode,  I argue that having junk food in the house is positive and necessary for the following reasons: a) you can satiate the craving with what you really want, therefore letting it go  b) you can eat it in moderation knowing it is their tomorrow c) you can get curious about if you even want or like it  d) it teaches our children to regulate food  Take a listen and let me know if I have changed your mind about this! 
August 7, 2019
On nutrition: letting go of the fads
After close to 2 decades supporting people as both a nutritionist and naturopathic doctor what I know to be true is that there is nothing sexy, edgy or trendy when it comes to healthy eating. We all want something exciting, new and quick when it comes to finding the perfect nutrition plan that will offer health, vitality and beauty.   The idea that all we need to do is to consume the 3 macronutrients -protein, fats, carbs in balanced ratios at similar times each day can seem quite boring.  Especially with all the promises from diets that we are being bombarded with on a constant basis.  In this episode, I help you to see that despite its simplicity and predictability these nutrition basics are the way back to optimal health and freedom from the vicious patterns of fad diets.  I share my journey and how I have come full circle to understand that everything I needed to know about nutrition I learned in grade 3 and my courage to let go of diets and lean into healthy and healed relationship with food. 
July 31, 2019
On stress: a gift for you
What if I told you that I had the most amazing gift for you?  Would you open it? In this episode, I chat about how we have gifts each and every day that if opened would give us more time, energy and pleasure.  These gifts involve re-framing the mundate, automatic activities of your day like your morning commute or your lunch break into an opportunity for self care and connection. So many of us rush from thing to thing with the intention of getting it all done so that we will ultimately have time for ourselves.   In this episode, (the last in my stress series), I share a few areas in my life that I "opened up" to find the gift of more time and less stress.   I invite you to do the same in your life! 
July 24, 2019
On stress: when good enough is enough
Why are we so hard on ourselves?  If you know the answer to this question, please do share.   I struggle with this in my own life and see the theme of "not enough" show up time and time again in patient care. Dear ones, sometimes you are not supposed to feel great, vital or relaxed.  There are seasons in our lives when feeling shitting is exactly what one would expect given everything that is going on.   So why do we continue to judge and shame ourselves because we are not doing enough? In this episode, I ask you to set realistic goals that are supportive and attainable given the situation you are in.   I invite you to challenge all or nothing thinking especially during particularly stressful times so that you can find the room to make choices that may not be perfect or even ideal but are still benefiting you in small ways. 
July 17, 2019
On stress: maybe you don't need more time!
If you just had a bit more time then you would feel less stressed.  Right?  Wrong! What if that is not the case? What if you have been chasing the wrong resource when it comes to wanting a less stressful life? In this episode, I discuss the concept of time versus stress and how these are two very separate influencers that are so often lumped into the same scenario.   I will have you reflecting on your own relationship with time and getting curious about the impact stress is having on your time.  My ultimate goal with this episode, is for you to walk away feeling empowered with for more space in your life.  
July 10, 2019
On stress: get your butt out of bed
Heads up:  I get a little bossy in this episode.    I just really, really want you to feel the difference getting out of bed earlier makes to your morning routine and ultimately less stress you feel throughout the whole day.   I offer suggestions, resources and do a little hand waving (although you can't see that) to get you to embrace the benefits of this simple (not easy) daily habit. I also discuss how getting in tune with your own personal values can have a huge impact on the stress you feel in your life.  Let's face it there are a lot of things that we have to do: going to the dentist, getting a mammogram, attending work meetings.... but there may be some things that you can let go of.  I share an example in my life and get super real around my own judgements and pressures and how I challenged these beliefs to create space for the things that bring me more joy! 
July 3, 2019
On stress: don't tell me to relax
I loved putting this one together as it hits so close to home for me.  Managing stress and anxiety has been a lifelong journey and hands down the biggest challenge that I see for people in clinical practice. In this episode, I will affirm that what you are experiencing is indeed a maladaptive stress response and despite not having a medical diagnosis is a real syndrome that can impact all aspects of your health. I will also share with you my experience when the volume on my nervous system is stuck at high and how telling me to relax or breath in this state is the worse possible advice you can give me!    Not to worry this one also offers some perspective and support on how to begin to calm your system and restore your adrenal glands!  
June 26, 2019
On sleep: permission and acceptance
In this last episode of my sleep series, I highlight the importance of quality versus quantity of sleep.  I offer a surprising recipe for improving the quality of your sleep that revolves around your values of self-permission and self-acceptance.  I share with you my own personal struggles to give myself permission to rest and restore.   While also discussing the importance of a 15-20 minute nap and how it may be more accessible than you think.    I provide hope for the person with an active nighttime mind and offer strategies to support quality sleep despite tendencies towards busy thinking.  It's a good one! 
June 12, 2019
On sleep: getting personal
In this episode, I get personal with you as I share a bit about my sex life and the sleep arrangements in my home. I challenge the scientific theory that sex improves our ability to fall asleep and ask you to start questioning if you are having sex at the best time for your body.  I also get super honest about my sleeping arrangements and the belief that we need to sleep with our partners in order to have a healthy relationship. It's a juicy one that you won't want to miss!
June 5, 2019
On sleep: two sides of the same coin
In this episode, I continue to chat lifestyle medicine with the focus on sleep.  I highlight two polar opposite sleep issues and discuss solutions to these common problems. You may be surprised to learn that you are not as good a sleeper as you think and that crashing at the end of the day is less restorative and more reactive in nature.  I offer simple yet highly effective solutions to shift your "passing out"  into "passive relaxation" that will result in improved sleep cycles, high energy and heightened health.  On the flip side, you may be in a season of your life where sleep is just not accessible.  There is no question about it, your sleep is suffering and there is nothing you can do to change that.   I discuss options to support your body during these times with the intention to minimize the damage as a result of disrupted sleep. Whether you think you are immune to sleep issues or you know you are in the trenches with disruptive sleep or perhaps somewhere in the middle -there is something here for you!
May 29, 2019
On sleep: two biggest sleep disruptors... you may be surprised!
A continued chat about sleep where I share the two biggest sleep disruptors and how shifting these two simple habits will have a huge impact on your quantity and quality of sleep.   After listening, you will be inspired, motivated and ready to shift patterns of behaviour.   The return from this behaviour modification being improved energy, mood and vitality.
May 25, 2019
More than just another health podcast!
In this first podcast, I chat about why I created this podcast, what you will get from it and why I am so passionate about lifestyle medicine and the impact it is having on your health and happiness.   I begin our discussion with a conversation about sleep and why it is the most important component of lifestyle medicine.  I ask you to reflect on your choices through the day and how they be a mirror to your challenges with sleep at night. Take a listen!
May 22, 2019
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