In Between Visits, with Dr. Kristy

The two biggest sleep disruptors... you may be surprised!

An episode of In Between Visits, with Dr. Kristy

By Dr. Kristy
If we all want to live our best life, then why do we compromise, sabotage and distract ourselves from making choices that will raise us up?
The basic truth is even simple behaviour modifications are difficult to implement.
Hence the birth of this podcast, in these short and sweet shares I will:
Answer your questions about how to stay on track
Support, inspire and motivate you on your journey.
See you in your struggles.
Affirm you in the challenge,
Reassure you that you are not alone.
Permission and acceptance: A recipe for quality sleep
In this last episode of my sleep series, I highlight the importance of quality versus quantity of sleep.  I offer a surprising recipe for improving the quality of your sleep that revolves around your values of self-permission and self-acceptance.  I share with you my own personal struggles to give myself permission to rest and restore.   While also discussing the importance of a 15-20 minute nap and how it may be more accessible than you think.    I provide hope for the person with an active nighttime mind and offer strategies to support quality sleep despite tendencies towards busy thinking.  It's a good one! 
June 12, 2019
Getting personal with sleep
In this episode, I get personal with you as I share a bit about my sex life and the sleep arrangements in my home. I challenge the scientific theory that sex improves our ability to fall asleep and ask you to start questioning if you are having sex at the best time for your body.  I also get super honest about my sleeping arrangements and the belief that we need to sleep with our partners in order to have a healthy relationship. It's a juicy one that you won't want to miss!
June 5, 2019
Sleep issues: two sides of the same coin
In this episode, I continue to chat lifestyle medicine with the focus on sleep.  I highlight two polar opposite sleep issues and discuss solutions to these common problems. You may be surprised to learn that you are not as good a sleeper as you think and that crashing at the end of the day is less restorative and more reactive in nature.  I offer simple yet highly effective solutions to shift your "passing out"  into "passive relaxation" that will result in improved sleep cycles, high energy and heightened health.  On the flip side, you may be in a season of your life where sleep is just not accessible.  There is no question about it, your sleep is suffering and there is nothing you can do to change that.   I discuss options to support your body during these times with the intention to minimize the damage as a result of disrupted sleep. Whether you think you are immune to sleep issues or you know you are in the trenches with disruptive sleep or perhaps somewhere in the middle -there is something here for you!
May 29, 2019
The two biggest sleep disruptors... you may be surprised!
A continued chat about sleep where I share the two biggest sleep disruptors and how shifting these two simple habits will have a huge impact on your quantity and quality of sleep.   After listening, you will be inspired, motivated and ready to shift patterns of behaviour.   The return from this behaviour modification being improved energy, mood and vitality.
May 25, 2019
More than just another health podcast!
In this first podcast, I chat about why I created this podcast, what you will get from it and why I am so passionate about lifestyle medicine and the impact it is having on your health and happiness.   I begin our discussion with a conversation about sleep and why it is the most important component of lifestyle medicine.  I ask you to reflect on your choices through the day and how they be a mirror to your challenges with sleep at night. Take a listen!
May 22, 2019
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