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Learn Thai By Kru Sulee

Learn Thai By Kru Sulee

By Kru Sulee
I am a Thai teacher in italki

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If you want to learn Thai sentences.I will be right here for you to listen to pronounce to correct way to make your conversation would be clear for daily life.
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Days of the week.
Days of the week. And how to say Today, tomorrow, yesterday, the day after tomorrow, the day before yesterday, "Today is..."
February 5, 2021
Listening Advanced level
Story time.
February 3, 2021
white, black, brown, red, yellow, light blue, green, pink, gray
February 1, 2021
THAI Number
1. 1-10 2.11-20 3.21-30 4.10,20,30,..90. 5. 1,11,21,31,...,91 6.Random the number.
January 28, 2021
Daily life conversation
Sulee and Peter meet each other. 1. Where have you been? I went to a coffee shop. 2. Where are you going? I will go to buy stuff. 3. Gonna go 4. see you.//Have you had lunch yet? 1.I ate already. And you? 2. I ate. Where are you going? 3. I will go to buy stuff. I have to go.4 ok see you.5.ok see you.//What kind of your job?(Kun tam ngan arai?) How old are you?(Kun a yu tao rai) 1.nice to see you here. 2.pls take a seat. 3.What kind of your job Peter? 4. I am a teacher. I'm teaching English. What about you? 5. I am a teacher too. I'm teaching Thai. 6.excuse me Peter how old are you? 7. I'm 35 excuse me how old are you. 8. I'm 42 you can call me "Pii Sulee" 9. okay "Pii Sulee".
January 22, 2021
Basic Greeting
It's a short sentence to learn basic greeting. 1.Hello my name is Sulee. Hello my name is Peter. 2. Hello my name is Sulee. What is your name? my name is Peter.3. I'm from Thailand. where are you from? I'm from England.4. nice to meet you.nice to meet you too.
January 20, 2021