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Virtual Campfire with Krystal Kelley

Virtual Campfire with Krystal Kelley

By Krystal Kelley
It is times like these that our ancestors would have started telling stories around a campfire; Searching for meaning in our existence.
A time that seems so out of the ordinary, so important.
But, Why?
And Why now?

I’m Krystal Kelley.
I host my reality.
I listen to sounds and feel vibrations.
My biggest inspiration is Mother Nature.
The computer (or phone), can feel like a modern campfire; the warm glow we engage our evenings with.
I’m embracing this technology, this shift that is happening.
I’m going to listen,
with you,
to stories from all over the planet.
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Life Below Zero

Virtual Campfire with Krystal Kelley

Life Below Zero

Virtual Campfire with Krystal Kelley

Marylee Burman
I listen as Marylee shares her passion about nature and photography.  She talks about how she balances a busy life and her camera is just an extension of her adventures. Her adventures in nature help her stay connected to the memories of her childhood and her mother, who has passed from cancer.  Marylee has a beautiful, kind heart and it reverberates in her photographs. Definitely check out her IG, @maryleeburman
May 6, 2021
Peace Is In Pieces
This conversation is a co-creation with Karah Pino. Karah's gift is to apply whole-brain, holistic thinking in a modern world. Together we collaborate creatively to affirm the foundational principle of peaceful harmony with nature. In 2011, Karah orchestrated the global support effort while we were on our trek to Altai. She organized and facilitated groups participating through the Gold Star Meditation designed by Patricia Anne Davis with over 10,000 participants all over our planet in August of 2011. The intent was to manifest the humane-ness of humanity to co-create peace on Earth. Now, 10 years later, Karah and I revisit this intention through monthly full moon meditations in 2021. The first one is May 26th, 2021. To find out more about these Monthly Meditations and how you connect to Earth's High Mountain Energy grid and raise vibrations with us, click HERE To see more about Karah's work as a creative collaborator, artist and meditation instructor, visit her website,
May 4, 2021
Project PERU
This conversation is with four compassionate souls who spend their time helping others. Dissolving geographical boundaries, these four individuals have connected to help bring food, medical supplies, electricity and clean water to Peru.  Alicia Kozuch from Buen Power Peru, Nancy Rivard from Airline Ambassadors, Leon McLaughlin with Clean Water Foundation and Washington Gibaja Tapia in Peru. By bridging the heart and the mind in balance, we can have peaceful living. This group of lovely hearts is living the loving way everyday. This is an incredible conversation with no borders.  I hope that this episode encourages and inspires you to do one small thing today that can ripple to the future.  DONATE HERE
April 27, 2021
Are math and science discovered or invented? I listen as Rob Leonard, one of three founders of @Mathscaper tells the story of how math, technology, engineering and science have merged together to create a unique artform. Woven into his story are Rob's fun antics about circus performing and Krystal's dream about having fire jugglers in her backyard. This is an artistic confluence of math and science...a true oxymoron, yet natural flow of creativity makes for a fascinating concept. Learn what a "Tactile Fractal" is along with a geometry lesson explaining convex polyhedra. I included a small excerpt at the end that was "off camera" when Rob explains to Krystal what a vortex is in scientific terms and why they are in high mountain areas. Rob pulls from his experience as a paraglider and relates it to how winds move and create these areas that Krystal calls vortexes that she treks to find in high mountain areas. 
April 24, 2021
Clean Water 4 Hopi & Navajo
Episode 13: Tom Griffith is a Strategic Analyst for Clean Water Foundation. Together we are working on a team project to bring clean water to the Hopi & Navajo Tribes. Tom and I share stories about our connections to water and how we both ended up working on a project together, despite our different backgrounds. If clean water or this project resonates with you, please help us raise awareness and money for Hopi & Navajo tribes. Click here to see how you can help. #Noarsenic4Hopi
April 13, 2021
Rattie Uprising
Episode 12: Rattie Uprising I listen to how David Walega has intertwined his art and life around animal advocacy. David explains how his bond with his pet rat ignited a passion to spread the word of kindness, compassion and love to all animals, especially rats. He is currently working on his book, “Rattie Uprising” and we are releasing this episode on April 4th in dedication of World Rat Day. The conversation flows from rats, to water, to elephants, to telepathy, to BigFoot, to space exploration; and all back to rats. You can find David's Power Plant Apparel here.
March 25, 2021
Light Codes from a Water Shaman
Together, Anna-Katariina and I actively co-create the future to cleanse and heal water. I listen to special stories of Anna-Katariina Hollmerus, a water Shaman from Norway. Anna-Katariina talks about her journeys along Northern waters. The conversation encompasses vibrations, crystals and more. If you can open your mind to hearing about these realms, you might realize how important water is to humanity and our future. At the end, Anna-Katariina shares a healing song with her shruti box. "As much up as down .  As inside , so outside . Praying for the peace and love in the hearts of humanity ,  in the hearts of man and woman .  To bring balance and love into female and male. In the Mikro and Makro cosmos .  May the hearts in the world and the hearts in the universe open for peace, love ,healing and light. I give thanks to the water,  that calmed me down and brought me peace. May we work and come together for the highest good of all." by Anna-Katariina Hollmerus
March 19, 2021
Rebel Buddhist
Episode 11: The Rebel Buddhist I listen to Kevin McCormick’s story of how he somewhat accidentally immersed himself into a Buddhist Monastery in San Francisco in the early 1990’s. Kevin is a Mountaineer and Adventurer. Since Summer of 2020, I had planned to summit Mt. Shasta with a group Kevin climbs with. My trek has taken a turn and I am now trekking INSIDE Mt. Shasta. Kevin still plans to summit this year with his group. Kevin and I talk about how important music is in our lives and how much we miss live music. Our conversation travels backwards and forwards in time while we work through what creativity is and mental health. Kevin speaks anonymously about disaster relief work he currently does.
March 19, 2021
Finding Joy in IRELAND
In episode 7, I find Joy. Figuratively and in reality, I have a joyful conversation with Joy Booth. Joy is an International musician, singer and songwriter from from Navan, County Meath. County Meath is the heritage capital of Ireland. It is where the high Kings of Ireland lived. Joy and I talk about a spiritual journey to Peru and how that impacted her music. She explains the inspiration behind her new album and she plays us a lovely song called "Dead Man In Your Living Room." Joy's humor as well as her caring heart come through in her music and in our conversation. Joy's new album, "All You Were" is due out in 2021. I will put all of Joy's information on my website,
March 17, 2021
World Water Day #WATER2me
In episode 10, I listen to Neil Dhot from AquaFed, (International Federation of Private Water Operators) speak about the United Nations World Water Day. At first, I thought it was going to be somewhat of a dry conversation, but it turned into an inspiring conversation about water. I think, by the end, we each had some really small ideas that are attainable for a global issue. I encourage listeners to go on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and search #water2me I know the global narrative is about coronavirus, but I want to shift our thinking. I want to hear about something that is of the highest level concern….more than anything on our planet right now—clean water. If we are made up of 80% water, how do we survive if we are drinking poisoned water? Inspired by World Water day, March 22nd, this is a day to raise awareness. If this is the day that we realize that more than half of the world’s hospital beds are taken up from people sick from waterborne illness, then it’s a day to wake up to the real problems hurting humanity.  Neil would love to hear what you think about our conversation. Tweet @neil_dhot for comments
March 15, 2021
In episode 9, I hear Viv Smith in Australia and her business partner, Eric Nachtrieb in the US tell stories about their time all over the world. Their brainchild, 1iopen, is an Award winning adventure film and TV production company, specializing in remote environment and expedition content, on all 7 continents. Eric is both a molecular biologist and a producer. Viv is a digital media content producer and has worked on a range of projects from fashion, feature film production, corporate videos and music videos. Viv is also proficient in piano and trumpet. Both Viv and Eric use their whole brain and bodies to make their products come to life.
March 12, 2021
Tears of Reality
In Episode 2, I listen to Rena whole-heartedly pour her heart out. My special Guest, poet, Rena Riekena in Germany. This interview was done in pure Corona-style, from my car. I was stuck on the road with a drawbridge up and I decided to do the call anyway. I felt like Rena needed the support, she had spent the previous four days in a bit of hell. Rena is a poet and a writer. She takes us through her turmoil of a personal breakup and how she is turning her day and future around by talking about the struggles of being human. We talk about emotions, soul purpose and Rena shares her poetry. At the very end, Rena shares a beautiful, heartfelt poem “Tears of Reality”.  Tears of Reality  All these tears inside or outside of our bodies, held in or let go, in a seemingly infinite stream  can not change the chain of misfortunate events.  Yet make it felt, make it real and not a faded dream.  All these tears inside or outside of our bodies,  Held in or let go in a seemingly infinite stream  Make us see, it is not a faded dream  Make us see, it is not a faded dream.  This world we see is our immediate reality, never judgement free.  Our immediate reality, never judgement free.  All these tears inside or outside of our bodies,  held in or let go in a seemingly infinite stream,  Portray our own, very natural reality.  Hold it tight until fully seen, fully seen  When empty, unable to keep up this stream,  Let the very rest just flow, with every part of you.  When empty, unable to keep up this stream,  Let the very rest just flow, with every part of you.  So very naturally, able to confront oneself  with the present, unfiltered, raw reality,  let's us overcome and grow So vividly, so vividly.  All these tears inside or outside of our bodies, held in or let go, in a seemingly infinite stream  can not change the chain of misfortunate events.  Yet make it felt, make it real and not a faded dream.  So very naturally, able to confront oneself  with the present, unfiltered, raw reality,  let's us overcome and grow  So vividly, so vividly.  By Rena Riekena
March 12, 2021
Tulum Sound Temple
In episode 8, I catch up with Joey McCune. Joey is a sound healer and love-infused vibrational alchemist. Joey shares her unique and sacred vibrations deep in the jungle of Mexico. Ancient Mayan structures and even a meteor crater envelope her property. I listen to Joey’s heart-filled stories about manifesting her dream life and living her highest soul purpose. Follow her Instagram, @SoundHealingTulum for pictures and videos worthy of National Geographic.
March 10, 2021
“Where Are The Helpers?” From An Authentic NAVAJO Wisdom Keeper
In episode 6, I listen to the message that humanity has been waiting to hear from the ancient world. While living In Harmony Within a Natural Order, I hear special guest, Patricia Anne Davis deliver a message so special and so timely. The time is now. Patricia is an authentic Navajo Wisdom Keeper from New Mexico. It is a true gift and with heartfelt gratitude, I share this episode. Listen to this episode when you have time to slow down and absorb this message. To integrate these ideas into our modern life, it is important to slow down and listen. Our choices we make should steward EARTH, WATER, FIRE and AIR for the next SEVEN generations. Be the change; listen, love and live.
March 7, 2021
Life Below Zero
In Episode 5, I listen to Johnny Rolfe tell me about his “Life Below Zero” 70 miles NORTH of the Arctic Circle. National Geographic is documenting his adventure on their show, Life Below Zero--Next Generation, and Johnny shares some behind-the-scenes of what its really like out there. I'll post some of Johnny's pictures of the Aurora Borealis on my blog, I highly suggest taking a look at his pictures. It is UNbelievable and out of this world the light show that the Universe is shining on him--in both reality and conceptually. Life below zero for Johnny is a struggle and an exhilaration.
March 6, 2021
Synchronistic Spirits
In Episode 4, I hop on board a cosmic bullet train in Japan with Special Guest, Peter Van Hetzel. Peter is talking to me from Chiba, Japan, where he lives with his wife Rie. Peter and I originally met in a big city within a small world. Synchronistic events led up to and followed us all the way until now. From Shifting Circles, a documentary project that brought me to Altai to now; a time of significant interest. Peter and I could talk about anything in the universe, we have known each other for ions. Today, we decided to talk about mind shifts. Peter is a Global Leadership Course Instructor and writer.
March 5, 2021
In Episode 3, I listen to Special Guest Anna Laursen in DENMARK. Anna was my unexpected Foreign Exchange student just as Coronavirus hit America. As a result, Anna was sent home five months earlier than she thought that her “year” at an American High School would last. We catch up and I learn more about Denmark and Fairy Tales. Many world maps don’t even put Denmark as a location. We talk about sage, extraterrestrials and cosmic planetary alignments. I also get to hear about her new boyfriend and her job as a cashier at a grocery store. Since Denmark is a missing piece of geography, I’m calling this episode “Anna Puts DENMARK on the Map.” This is the link to the Costa Rica story Krystal referred to.
March 5, 2021
Coincidences, synchronicities, a natural order, music’s role in our lives. We all have our Corona stories to tell. Think of our phone as the warm glow of a virtual campfire. Each week, Listen to stories from all over the world about how we, as humans fit into the vibrations of Mother Nature and the universe. Collectively, lets co-create a future through conversation and storytelling.
March 1, 2021