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i think differently

i think differently

By Krystal
This is for those holistic-minded souls who feel that they don't really 'fit' anywhere - especially now. We think differently about our food, our relationships, and even how we give birth and raise children. Holistic, conscious living means we're in for a grand re-envisioning of what we've been told is 'the good life'. Why a podcast? Because it's time to use my voice!
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Doulas just don't get Freebirth
Why doulas are trained to distrust birth  Ancestral wisdom whispers, and fear drowns it out Freebirth doens't need to mean ALONE How to balance professional liability with trust in birthing women Freebirth isn't radical, it's simply a response to how the system treats women
July 06, 2021
Sovereign beliefs, Catholic bloopers, and "New Age" means what, exactly?
Does religion inform your beliefs, or do your beliefs come first? My grandma was Catholic, but not the normal kind. Am I a 2nd generation "new ager"? How the concept of oneness is getting co-opted by hate
July 03, 2021
Why "dressing appropriately" is a BS concept for girls and women
Who's REALLY sexualizing your child? Fashion and makeup as art  Teaching discernment Releasing victim mentality Internalized shame is not protection
July 02, 2021
Unschooling as a lifestyle: 4 ways we parent differently!
We've unschooled for 17 years now, and it's had the greatest impact on (not just education, but) our entire worldview... Innate curiosity is meant to be nurtured, not micromamanged Your child isn't 'behind' anything - it's all made-up and arbitrary!  How grades encourage us to stick to safe, boring topics Why I don't call it "child-led" learning {can you say BURNOUT?} Why modelling boundaries is the best thing you can do as a parent
June 05, 2021
Storytime Pt 2: OMG wheat is an allergy? Mystery illness and reclaiming our health
Meeting my cancer-survivor friend who ate 'clean dairy' and avoided grains rocked my world, and THEN my husband's wheat allergy took over: Misadventures in solving your own mystery illness through food Registering my shock that meat is part of a 'health-promoting' diet for Celiac Ahimsa, the Wiccan rede, and WTH those have to do with nutrition... Spoiler alert: everything is connected!
June 04, 2021
Viral fear and fuckery! My holistic-doctor BFF's radical pivot (and how 2020 changed us both!)
Okay, we all know that the-year-that-must-not-be-named did a number on society...but did it make you rethink pretty much everything? Yeah. When we blogged about immune support, her medical board told her to stop When the rest of America and Canada were not worried yet, we were already cautious! How the goalposts keep moving, but you're an asshole if you talk about it What if the emperor has no clothes? (except for a cloth mask, just in case!)
June 04, 2021
BirthAwakening: Five babies, from teen mama to birth trauma, homebirth, and freebirth
I had five kids over 12 years - and THEN I became trained as a doula and birth pro! At age 18, I was one of the youngest clients to deliver at my small-town birthing center I had two hospital births, one so-so, and one that traumatized me (details left unsaid in this podcast - but check the links below) Writing to re-live my trauma as purge-therapy - unkind, but it helped My husband's fears around unassisted birth (whose body is this? mine!) My first doula birth was a Cesearan, and it was...not what I expected--!
June 03, 2021
Storytime! Teenage vegan-warrior to apathy in my 20's (and healing it)
This is part one of my food journey, from militant vegan teen to apathetic mama in survival mode: healing my views around eating-as-drudgery, and learning to find joy in food the effect of epigenetics and how we can influence our gene expression brain-retraining - i.e. what you THINK about your food while you're eating it /matters/ it helps to have a hawt husband who's also an epically talented chef + foodie
June 03, 2021
WTF Does 'Holistic Health' even mean? Paradigm shifts, mostly
Welcome! Today I'm jamming on a Terence McKenna quote and following rabbit-trails of... Nourishment from the Earth vs. vitamins and shortcuts Permaculture's influence on our lifestyle Katy Bowman's 'Nutritious Movement' and why interconnectedness is key My mama's ethical vegetarianism - and blind spots (we all got 'em!) Stressful jobs and how meditating for 5 minutes a day won't fix it all
June 03, 2021
Oh sh!t it's the first episode, ready or not!
in which i explain a teeny bit about who i am and what this gig is all about! was hippie before the internet existed unschooling and how that term has been co-opted by chaos emotional space-holding, doula work, and freedom to speak truth into being not much cursing but definitely will be using my fucking voice in this show! you've heard it here first
June 03, 2021