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The Christian Author Podcast W/ Kudabo Victory

The Christian Author Podcast W/ Kudabo Victory

By Kudabo Victory
Meeting real people, listening to life experiences, and connecting with real stories. The Christian Author podcast specializes in bringing creative authors across the world who are shinning their light towards the spread of the Gospel of Christ. We connect you with your favourite authors, and you get to meet new authors on this show.
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An Interview with Stephanie Miller- Episode 01

The Christian Author Podcast W/ Kudabo Victory

Heart-to-heart talk Episode 02
In this episode, I talked about consistency and Excellence. Do you want to publish your book? Then, consistently show up. Like this episode, subscribe and follow me on socials. Thank you ❤️❤️🎉
October 01, 2022
The Christian Author Podcast with Jason Alcott
The Sowing Principle is a framework for looking at all that God has blessed you with, all that He is calling you to, and how you can discern if you are moving towards or away from His will for your life. In this episode with Jason Alcott, I asked some questions as regards our thoughts as Christians, and how to discern God's will for our lives thus how we as Christians must sow rightly; if we want to read great fruits. To get Jason's book, navigate to his website at
September 23, 2022
Heart to Heart talk Episode 01
In this episode, I shared my fears of launching this podcast you are listening to; and how I was able to draw encouragement and hope from God. In eleven minutes or less, you will be done listening. This is a bonus episode, next  Saturday, I will be bringing in another exciting interview I had with an amazing author doing great things for God through writing; until then, let's use this to whet our appetite, shall we?
September 17, 2022
The Christian Author Podcast with E.C Hannah
Tune in and listen to The E.C Hannah's story: How a lawyer became a writer despite her fears. I had a wonderful time discussing with the author who recently published her new book: Hadizat. Hannah's story is filled with inspiring nuggets that edge out intending authors from the realm of perfectionism and inability to launch out because of fear. If you enjoy listening to this episode; don't forget to subscribe to the podcast for updates. Visit my website here to get the relevant links mentioned in this episode, thank you for tuning in today.  Ciao, Victory
September 09, 2022
Waiting to be Wanted: An Interview with Cheryl Shumake - Episode 07
In this episode, Cheryl shares with our audience her journey towards overcoming cancer, dealing with COVID, and starting out her business in 2020. This episode is so refreshing, Cherly shares her story about the waiting season, and how God's word is always there to reassure her, even in the dark moments. Are you in the waiting season, then this podcast is one you should listen to. Grab Cheryl's book on; you can also contact her via mail at
September 03, 2022
The Christian Author Podcast with Jennifer Elwood- Episode 06
In this episode, Jennifer the author of the book: Counting up to Christmas tells us about her visit to Israel, and how it formed up the title of her book. She also shares with us the reason for Christmas and what Christians can do to make Christmas special despite the COVID-19 restrictions. Jennifer also shares her experience with self-publishing, advising upcoming authors to thread this path and learn from her story
December 20, 2020
An Interview with James Iroro- Episode 05
In this episode with James Iroro, the Author of the Book On Eagle's wings and Diversion shares with us his thoughts and journey to becoming a writer and author. His Book, Diversion cast the limelight on the damaging effect of suicidal thoughts; this podcast is to encourage anyone who is currently feeling down, and it is a lovely time for all our listeners. 
November 04, 2020
An Interview with Jaachi Anyatonwu- Episode 04
In this episode, Jaachi Anyatonwu; the popular poet and author of the book; You are Loved, and you belong here takes us through the journey into becoming an author that he is; he also shares on how to maintain a good writing style; and finding your voice. Jaachi also shares about the importance of self-love and not giving in to suicidal thoughts. This is such an exciting interview, one you shouldn't miss.
November 04, 2020
An Interview with Ella Obans- Episode 03
In this episode, Ella Obans shares her story with managing her emotions, with valuable tips for Christians on managing our emotions and then embracing our personality. We shouldn't let our past hold us down, but know we are in control, as long as the Holy Spirit is our friend. Listen and enjoy this thrilling episode; Ella is the author of the book; Be the CEO of your Emotions, and Loveth Opeyemi interviewed her in collaboration with the Essence Challenge 2020. In this episode, the songs are: Whatever May Come by Jeremy Camp and The Words I would Say by the Sideway Prophets.
November 02, 2020
An Interview with Clarence Arute- Episode 02
In collaboration with the Essence Challenge, 2020, we are privileged to bring to your comfort an interview with Clarence Arute. She speaks openly about the common misconceptions about marriage and sexual purity. Haven written 2 books, Clarence has a lot to share about sexuality, marriage, singlehood, and business management for Christians.  What do you expect from this episode? We hope you enjoy listening... The music used in the episode are:  Your Word by Third Day and Hide your love away by Anthem Lights band.
October 20, 2020
An Interview with Stephanie Miller- Episode 01
Join Stephaine Miller in this episode as she shares her own transformative process to becoming a writer. She loves butterflies, and it is of no coincidence, her first book is centred on butterflies; and how it can be likened to growing spiritually as Christians. Are you struggling with your faith in God? Do you struggle with accepting people's compliments about you? Are you spiritually stuck? Then, this episode is just right for you. 
October 09, 2020
An Introduction to the Christian Author Podcast - What to expect from listening
The Christian Author Podcast brought to you by Kudabo Victory. In this episode, she introduces her listeners to what the podcast is about and what they should expect while connecting with her on every episode. 
October 08, 2020